TM :: Volume #49

#4817: Causing trouble

These goons who in 13 inn, raised initially, were all disbanded. 十三家客栈里,当初养的那些打手,全部被遣散。 Hence mouse road street declares Cheng, can guarantee that outward the property safety of everyone, will not have to lose the goods again, as well as robbed danger. 至此鼠路街对外宣承,可以保证每个人的财产安全,不会再有丢失物品,以及被抢夺的危。 This news, triggered a big vibration. 这则消息,引发了一场不小的震动。 Initial mouse path street was what welldoing, everyone was clear. 当初的鼠路街是什么德行,所有人都清楚。 But on worldly body some savings, so long as lives there, can in the evening by the spear/gun light. 凡身上有些积蓄,只要住在那里,一个晚上就能被枪光。 Even if issues the statement now, still few believes personally. 即便现在发出了声明,也没有几个人相信。 However the mouse path street change, the people watch actually. 不过鼠路街的变化,众人倒是看在眼里。 The street is still narrow and small, but the road surface again recuperation, becomes incomparably clean. 街道依然狭小,但是路面重新休整,变得无比干净。 With original dirty , noisy and disorder, widely divergent. 与原先的脏乱差,大相径庭。 Matter that Zi Chen makes a move to deter, blew other to have the crooked thoughts storekeeper. 紫宸出手威慑的事情,也镇住了其他拥有歪心思的掌柜。 Killed the storekeeper, was not finished, Lauren caught the family member of dead storekeeper especially. 杀了掌柜,并不是结束,劳伦特又抓来了死去掌柜的家人。 That is a woman, a face is vicious, was you killed my family man? When Sir Coty comes back, you died!” 那是一个妇人,一脸凶狠,“就是你杀了我家男人?等科迪大人回来,你就死定了!” Coty will certainly kill you! Now, you best let off me!” “科迪一定会杀了你!现在,你最好放过我!” The opposite party look is vicious, facing Zi Chen, has not feared intent. 对方眼神凶狠,面对紫宸,没有丝毫惧意。 Zi Chen nods, gratified saying: Thanks.” 紫宸点了点头,欣慰的说道:“谢谢。” A woman face is ignorant, oneself are threatening him, does he also want to thank itself? 妇人一脸懵,自己在威胁他,他还要谢谢自己? Can it be that silly inadequate? 莫不是傻了不成? The next quarter, the woman then did not have the head. 下一刻,妇人便是没了脑袋。 Zi Chen that previously also some did not endure, saw the so arbitrary opposite party immediately, did not have the psychological burden again. 先前还有些不忍的紫宸,当下看到如此蛮横的对方,再没有心理负担。 Yes! 是啊! Dares still to commit a crime, how could right and wrong mortal? 敢顶风作案,岂能是非凡人? Who as for that Coty is, Zi Chen does not care. 至于那个科迪是谁,紫宸并不在意。 He only knows, here called the Aokang pure land. 他只知道,这里叫奥康净土。 Can make him dread that only, was lord of Aokang pure land. 唯一能让他忌惮的,就是净土之主奥康了。 This punishing one as a warning to others, daunted other storekeepers without doubt. 这个杀鸡儆猴,无疑吓住了其他的掌柜。 Because Zi Chen achieved truly, a person makes mistakes, the family member association, quick has three people to propose leaves. 因为紫宸真正做到了,一人犯错,家人连带,很快就有三人提出离开。 Zi Chen has not detained, according to the commitment gave them three months of wages. 紫宸没有挽留,依照承诺多给了他们三个月的工钱。 Merry gathering and happy parting. 好聚好散。 Then Lauren promotes three storekeepers especially temporarily. 接下来劳伦特临时提拔了三位掌柜。 All the stepping onto right track slowly, all as if are very in this period smooth. 一切正在慢慢的走上正轨,期间一切似乎都很顺利。 However as we all know, everyone is just waiting. 但是所有人都知道,大家只不过是在等待。 Waits for some great people to come back. 等着一些大人物回来。 Zi Chen still lives in Haydn's inn, regarding the mouse path street development, he does not have excessively to participate. 紫宸依然住在海顿的客栈里,对于鼠路街的发展,他没有过多参与。 In an evening, Aokang came back, he received the heavy wound. 在一个晚上,奥康回来了,他受了不轻的伤。 Enters the pure land, he then returned to the deep place, later starts to close up. 进入净土,他便是回到了深处,之后开始闭关。 In the matter regarding pure land, has had no time to take into consideration. 对于净土中的事情,已经无暇顾及。 Aokang with Coty who comes back together, first is to then know the death news of Galler. 跟着奥康一起回来的科迪,第一时间便是得知加勒的死讯。 Big courage!” “好大的胆子!” His complexion some gloomy, what qualifications he encircles Luo to have, gives a bystander our industries casually?” 他的脸色有些阴沉,“他围罗有什么资格,把我们的产业随随便便送给一个外人?” Next day, outside Haydn's inn, came an unexpected visitor. 第二天,海顿的客栈之外,来了一个不速之客。 Who is Zi Chen, rolls!” The indifferent sound resounds. “谁是紫宸,滚出来!”冷漠的声音响起。 Heard this sound, Zi Chen opened the eye, he knows that the trouble came, walked toward downstairs. 听到这则声音,紫宸睁开了眼睛,他知道麻烦来了,向着楼下走去。 „Are you Zi Chen?” “你就是紫宸?” Coty is casting aside Zi Chen slantingly, was you killed Galler? Snatched his mouse path street?” 科迪斜撇着紫宸,“就是你杀了加勒?抢了他的鼠路街?” Zi Chen said: Galler indeed is I kills, but mouse path street is encircles to make me handle.” 紫宸说道:“加勒的确是我杀的,不过鼠路街是围罗让我打理的。” He guessed correctly that this should be Coty, meaning that but the opposite party has not raised one's head for that storekeeper obviously. 他猜到这位应该是科迪,但是对方显然没有为那个掌柜出头的意思。 Storekeeper woman of dying, if knows that this, does not know will make what feelings. 死去的掌柜妇人,如果知道这一幕,不知会作何感想。 Mouse path street, you do not have the qualifications to manage!” “鼠路街,你没有资格管理!” Coty cold sound said: Again matter that if dares to meddle mouse path street, I will twist your head.” 科迪冷声说道:“若是再敢插手鼠路街的事情,我会拧下你的脑袋。” Zi Chen tone light saying: Mouse path street is encircles to make me handle, if you have the different opinions, can look to encircle Luo to chat, if he conveys a message, I naturally can leave.” 紫宸语气平淡的说道:“鼠路街是围罗让我打理的,如果你有不同意见,可以去找围罗聊,如果他传了话,我自然会离开。” Coty's eyes narrow the eyes, how, my words your here, no matter uses?” 科迪的眼睛一眯,“怎么,我的话在你这里不管用?” I do not know you, therefore your words naturally are no matter uses. At mouse road street matter, I only recognize encircle Luo!” “我不认识你,所以你的话自然是不管用的。在鼠路街这件事上,我只认围罗!” „Do you want dead?” In Coty eyes, flashes through wipes the murderous intention. “你想死吗?”科迪眼中,闪过一抹杀机。 The Zi Chen expression has no change, facing the threat, is the eye has not even winked, before you have not convinced encircle Luo Shouhui orders, mouse path street by me will manage, therefore they must carry out the custom that I set.” 紫宸的表情没有任何变化,面对威胁,更是连眼睛都没眨一下,“在你没有说服围罗收回命令之前,鼠路街将由我来管理,所以他们必须得执行我定下的规矩。” Good, very good!” “好,很好!” Coty coldly said: Your rule? I must have a look but actually, actually your there has what rule!” 科迪冷道:“你的规则是吧?我倒要看看,你那里究竟有什么规则!” Then, Coty turns around to leave. 说完,科迪转身离开。 Zi Chen followed, naturally was not delivers him, but went to mouse path street. 紫宸跟着出去了,当然不是去送他的,而是去了鼠路街。 In the half-way, he sees Haydn who caught up with. 在半道,他见到了赶过来的海顿。 Haydn arrives at side Zi Chen, said in a low voice: Coty is spirit law Sixth Layer Realm, has followed side Aokang Sir, is deep his trust. However does not participate in the management of pure land actually, all by encircling Sir Luo are decided.” 海顿来到紫宸身边,低声说道:“科迪是灵法六重境界,一直跟在奥康大人身边,深得他的信任。不过倒是不怎么参与净土的管理,一切都由围罗大人说了算。” Zi Chen nods, has not said anything. 紫宸点了点头,没有说什么。 This time, he aims at you, should be related with the death of Galler. Until now, is he is sheltering Galler.” “此次,他之所以针对你,应该跟加勒的死有关。一直以来,都是他在庇护加勒。” Zi Chen nods again, still has not spoken. 紫宸再次点头,依然没有说话。 However after walking several, Zi Chen asked suddenly: That Coty, then must do the matter, you ask that encircles Sir Luo, keeps half life to him, makes him die directly?” 不过走了几步之后,紫宸忽然问道:“那个科迪,接下来明显要搞事情,你去问问围罗大人,是给他留半条命,还是直接让他死?” Is Haydn complexion big change, so confident? 海顿脸色大变,就这么有信心吗? I go back to ask.” “我回去问问。” This matter, is important, he does not dare to neglect, brought to encircle Luo there the words directly. 这件事,事关重大,他可不敢怠慢,直接把话带到了围罗那里。 Encircles Luo to sit there, looks at Haydn, you thought that he is really confident, is in scary?” 围罗坐在那里,看着海顿,“你觉得他是真有信心,还是在唬人?” Haydn said: „It is not quite clear, but this matter, we rather believe its have not credibly its do not have. If by some chance Zi Chen really has this strength, Sir Coty there......” 海顿说道:“不太清楚,但这件事,我们宁可信其有不可信其无。万一紫宸真有这个实力,那科迪大人那里……” Actually Haydn is believes that Zi Chen will not crack a joke, but cannot say at present, because this has the length others spirit meaning. 其实海顿是相信紫宸不会开玩笑的,不过眼下不能说,因为这有长他人志气的意思。 You told Coty, asking him do not impulse, said the mouse road street I, since gave Zi Chen, from now on will be Zi Chen. Therefore, do not look for the trouble of Zi Chen again, so as to avoid lost the life. Does the words belt/bring to the line, listen as for him, does not need to manage.” “你去告诉科迪,叫他不要冲动,就说鼠路街我既然给了紫宸,今后就是紫宸的。所以,别再去找紫宸的麻烦,免得丢了性命。话带到就行,至于他听不听,则不用管。” Haydn had the words in the past, the tone was more tactful. 海顿把话带了过去,语气更加委婉。 Coty sneers, how, I also feared that he is inadequate? Only outcomer, can he my what?” 科迪冷笑起来,“怎么,我还怕他不成?区区一个外来者,他能奈我何?” Zi Chen assumes mouse path street personally, prepares to deal with the following trouble. 紫宸亲自坐镇鼠路街,准备应对接下来的麻烦。 In that night, suddenly had to yell resounds. 就在当天晚上,忽然有喊叫响起。 „The light of my law lost!” “我的法之光丢了!” Who stole my light of law!” “谁偷了我的法之光!” Did not say, matter that here did not steal again happened, why did the light of my law lose?” “不是说,这里再没有偷盗的事情发生吗,为何我的法之光丢了?” The sound is very loud, all the people of sleeping soundly, awakened by noise. 声音很大,把所有熟睡的人,都吵醒了。 Zi Chen also hears sound arrived at this inn, saw that raucous person. 紫宸也闻声走到了这家客栈,见到了那位大喊大叫的人。 The storekeepers are processing this matter, but that person does not listen obviously, he points at the nose of storekeeper to shout abuse, damn, you did not say that won't lose the thing?” 掌柜正在处理此事,可那人明显不听,他指着掌柜的鼻子破口大骂,“他妈的,你们不是说不会丢东西吗?” Now, the light of my 100 magic arts lost, how did you say?” “现在,我一百道法之光丢了,你怎么说?” That is I gains laboriously, you discover the thief now immediately, otherwise you compensate to me!” “那可是我辛辛苦苦赚来的,你现在立刻找出小偷,要不然你就赔给我!” The opposite party are put on a high and mighty act, the attitude is very rampant. 对方趾高气昂,态度十分嚣张。 The storekeepers somewhat worry, clearly is causes trouble, where looks the thief? 掌柜有些犯难,分明是来闹事的,去哪里找小偷? If usually, these goons, let alone they have not thrown the light of law, was loses also met obediently to shut up. 要是平日间,那些打手都在,别说他们没丢法之光,算是丢了也会乖乖闭嘴。 You determined, you do have the light of 100 magic arts?” “你确定,你有一百道法之光?” In the storekeeper feels helpless, the together/one path faint sound resounds. 就在掌柜不知所措之时,一道淡漠的声音响起。 Zi Chen walks forward. 紫宸向前走来。
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