TM :: Volume #49

#4815: Settlement

Haydn follows Zi Chen to come back, he at this moment, has admired to Zi Chen. 海顿跟着紫宸回来,此刻的他,对紫宸已经十分的佩服。 13 inn. 十三家客栈。 13 storekeepers. 十三个掌柜。 Zi Chen has not read the account book, only said some words, made them go back. 紫宸没有看账本,只说了一些话,就让他们回去了。 Believes and other people tomorrow time, account book with today's certain different. 相信等众人明天来的时候,账本跟今天的一定不一样。 Naturally, if some people dare to brave hardships and dangers, probe the component of Zi Chen words, it is estimated that Zi Chen will certainly take the opportunity to punish one as a warning to others. 当然,如果有人胆敢涉险,试探紫宸话语的份量,估计紫宸一定会借机杀鸡儆猴。 Haydn follows Zi Chen, really cannot bear, curious asking: You following, how plans to manage these inn?” 海顿跟着紫宸,实在忍不住,好奇的问道:“你接下来,打算怎么管理那些客栈?” Zi Chen looked at Haydn one eyes, wants to know?” 紫宸看了海顿一眼,“想知道?” Haydn nods, as a businessman, he naturally must take a look. 海顿点头,作为一个生意人,他自然要瞧瞧。 If nothing else, that 13 inn, the extra income every year, will have, these do not need to give to encircle Luo. 别的不说,就那十三家客栈,每一年的外财,就会有很多,这些都是不用交给围罗的。 Although that street is dirty , noisy and disorder, may gain the ability of light of law, is not weak. 那条街虽然脏乱差,可赚法之光的能力,却一点都不弱。 Because there are does not have the tomorrow's person is too many today! 因为有今天没明天的人太多! Otherwise, will not have so many people greedy. 要不然,也不会有那么多人眼馋。 Tomorrow looks.” “明天看吧。” Returns to the inn, the small bamboo is still building up to melt the light of law. 回到客栈,小竹还在炼化着法之光。 Actually normally, Zi Chen should find a place, making her consume oneself energy, then refining up. 其实正常情况下,紫宸应该找个地方,让她消耗自身能量,然后再炼化。 However temporarily did not have this time. 不过暂时还没这个时间。 Next day, 13 storekeepers came, very early in the morning on outside inn. 第二天,十三位掌柜都来了,一早就等在客栈之外。 After small two see these people, the heart is obviously startled. 小二见到这些人后,心头明显一惊。 In his eyes, these are the great people! 在他眼里,这些都是大人物! Zi Chen from the building, he looked at 13 people, said: I think, you can come.” 紫宸从楼上走了下来,他瞧了一眼十三人,道:“我以为,你们会一个一个来。” 13 storekeepers, salute immediately. 十三位掌柜,立刻行礼。 Regarding this Sir, the necessary respect must have. 对于这位大人,必要的尊重还是要有的。 Zi Chen looked at 13 people of one, said: You are the people in Galler, actually I hit at heart, does not want to use you.” 紫宸看了十三人一眼,道:“你们是加勒的人,其实我打心里,不想用你们。” When Zi Chen said these words, Haydn also came, he stands in the distant place, has not come to disturb. 就在紫宸说这些话的时候,海顿也来了,他站在远处,没有过来打扰。 13 people of complexions, slightly change. 十三人的脸色,微微一变。 Zi Chen continues saying: Because of my operation concept, with your beforehand conduct, will then be incompatible. But your 13 people to the dismissal, you will definitely toss about something, I, actually can also kill you taking advantage of these things.” 紫宸继续说道:“因为接下来我的经营理念,会跟你们以前的做派,格格不入。可是就这么把你们十三人给开除,你们肯定会折腾一些事情,我呢,其实也能借着这些事情把你们打死。” 13 people of complexions, immediately become pale. 十三人的脸色,立刻变得苍白起来。 They can hear, this Sir was not warning, but is saying this matter very much at will. 他们听得出来,这位大人不是在警告,而是在很随意的说这件事。 This also means, this matter may happen very much. 这也就意味着,此事很有可能发生。 But then, I must look for some storekeepers again, but must look at their conducts, is too troublesome, first uses you simply, perhaps are you very obedient?” “但是如此一来,我还要再找一些掌柜,还要看他们的品行,实在太麻烦,索性还是先用你们,说不定你们都很听话呢?” Zi Chen looked at their one eyes, said: With turning over to use, actually I hope, your among has such 2-3, can do something to me, making me kill, can warn others while convenient, this also convenience following management.” 紫宸看了他们一眼,道:“不过用归用,其实我还是希望,你们当中有那么2-3个,能给我搞出些事情,让我打死,顺便也能警告其他人,这样也方便接下来的管理。” Punish one as a warning to others! 杀鸡儆猴! Said straightforwardly. 就这么直白的说了出来。 13 people of in heart one suddenly, even more could not completely understand this Sir. 十三人心中一突,愈发的看不透这个大人了。 Small two stand, after hearing these words, he is a face is admiring. 小二站在旁边,听到这些话后,他则是一脸钦佩。 Worthily is the great person, is so in a moment direct. 不愧是大人物,说话就这么直接。 Zi Chen continues saying: When I read the account book, you can propose when necessary some of your viewpoints, for example thought the above number was short, can add the integer again. Before then, I did not investigate, but if was discovered by me afterward, sorry, that must die! You must die, your family members must die!” 紫宸继续说道:“在我看账本的时候,你们可以随时提出一些自己的观点,比如觉得上面的数字少了,可以自己再加个数。在这之前,我不予追究,可若是事后被我发现,抱歉,那就得死!你们得死,你们的家人也得死!” Believes me, I kill a Galler, does not wink the eye, killing you is also so.” “相信我,我杀一个加勒,连眼睛都不眨,杀你们也是如此。” Zi Chen smiles, what is main, kills Galler I not to obtain other advantage, may kill you to be different, I will search your dwellings, all your wealth, brings.” 紫宸笑了笑,“最为主要的是,杀死加勒我没得到其他好处,可杀死你们不一样,我会搜查你们的住处,把你们所有的财富,都拿过来。” This saying is not only the threat, is the fact. 这话既是威胁,也是事实。 13 people of complexions change again and again, on two faces had the panic-stricken color. 十三人脸色一变再变,有两人脸上更是有了惊恐之色。 Zi Chen looks to one of them, said: Gives me the account book, first since you look, others continue to consider.” 紫宸看向其中一人,道:“把账本给我,先从你看起,其他人继续考虑。” That storekeeper knelt down directly, said panic-stricken: Sir, the above number, some are not right, extra must add on the light of 4800 law again.” 那位掌柜直接就跪下了,惊恐道:“大人,上面的数字,有些不对,额外还要再加上四千八百点法之光。” 4800 points, can exchange the light of 480 magic arts. 四千八百点,可以兑换成四百八十道法之光。 Zi Chen has not spoken, opened the account book, starts to examine above. 紫宸没有说话,打开了账本,开始在上面查看。 Above not detailed illustration, but has many of room and size, charging criterion. 上面并没有详细的注解,不过却有房间的多少以及大小,还有收费标准。 And other personnel expenses, with various disbursements. 以及其他的人员开支,和各种支出。 According to the Zi Chen calculation strength, can figure out a general idea. 依照紫宸的算力,还是能够算出一个大概的。 Calculates sketchily, in addition these numbers, were similar. 粗略一算,再加上那些数字,就差不多了。 Naturally this has not calculated, harvest that they plunder. 当然这并没有算,他们打家劫舍的收获。 Zi Chen turns head, looks at two slightly, said: Come, helping me add on this number.” 紫宸扭头,看着小二,道:“来,帮我把这个数字加上。” Small two hurry slightly to run over, is adding some digits toward above. 小二赶紧小跑过来,往上面加着一些数字。 Then, Zi Chen looks to leftmost one person, to you.” 接着,紫宸看向最左侧一人,“到你了。” The opposite party dispatch the account book, then said: Sir, I just considered as finished, adds appropriately, additional 1353 points.” 对方递出账本,然后说道:“大人,我刚刚又算了一下,也得适当加一些,加一千三百五十三点。” Zi Chen has not spoken, first has looked at the above digit, thought that after does not miss are too many, is lets little two in addition above. 紫宸没有说话,先是看过上面的数字,觉得不差太多之后,便是让小二加在上面。 13 people, one was one, Zi Chen one by one has read the account book. 十三个人,有一个算一个,紫宸一一看过了账本。 The above digit, is also increasing. 上面的数字,也在增加着。 Most, reaches as high as 6000 points. 最多的一个,高达六千点。 Other is 1,000-2,000 points, equivalent to the light of 100-200 magic arts. 其余的都是1,000-2,000点,折合100-200道法之光。 Zi Chen looks at the last person, to you.” 紫宸看着最后一人,“到你了。” That person has handed over the account book, later has not then spoken. 那人递过账本,之后便没有说话。 Zi Chen carefully looks, discovered that the above each disbursement, remembers very in detail. 紫宸仔细看着,发现上面的每一笔支出,都记得很详细。 Has seen finally, does not see the opposite party to report on own initiative. 一直看到最后,也不见对方主动上报。 „Do you name?” Zi Chen shot a look at opposite party one eyes slantingly. “你叫什么名字?”紫宸斜瞥了对方一眼。 That person said: Returns to the Sir, I called Lauren special.” 那人说道:“回大人,我叫劳伦特。” Zi Chen puts down the account book, then nods, after 13 account books have looked, he discovered that above law quantity light/only, surpassed 300,000 points unexpectedly, is 30,000. 紫宸放下账本,然后点了点头,十三个账本看过之后,他发现上面的法之光数量,竟然超过了三十万点,也就是三万道。 So amount, makes him be startled very much. 如此数额,还是很让他吃惊的。 This has not calculated, these that they snatched in those days. 这还不算,他们往日间抢来的那些。 Zi Chen said: According to custom, with original 30% turning.” 紫宸说道:“按照规矩,拿原先的30%上缴。” 13 people nod. 十三人都是点头。 Haydn knits the brows slightly, because according to before said, must put out half. 海顿则是微微皱眉,因为按照之前所说,得拿出一半来。 Zi Chen looks suddenly slightly to two, asked: How do you feel that mouse road street?” 紫宸忽然看向小二,问道:“你觉得那鼠路街怎么样?” Small 21 stare, obviously has not thought, Zi Chen will ask. 小二一愣,显然没有想到,紫宸会这么问。 The Zi Chen smile said: Said casually, does not use anxiously.” 紫宸微笑道:“随便说说,不用紧张。” There person of many, said that is the liveliest street is not overrated, is only environment slightly some are not quite good.” “那里人很多,说是最热闹的街道也不为过,只是环境稍稍有些不太好。” Small two think to say. 小二想了想说道。 Zi Chen asked: You felt, if there road, recuperation, the light of how many laws needs again?” 紫宸问道:“那你觉得,若是把那里的路,重新休整一下,需要多少法之光?” Small two said: It is estimated that 100-200.” 小二说道:“估计得100-200道吧。” Zi Chen looks to that named Lauren special existence, „do you feel? If builds roads, the light of how many laws needs?” 紫宸看向那个叫劳伦特的存在,“你觉得呢?若是修路,需要多少法之光?” If fills in simply, the light of 100 magic arts have more than enough. If does well slightly, probably 300. If just like this street, it is estimated that 1000 also insufficient.” “若是简单填一填,一百道法之光都用不了。若是稍稍弄好一些,大概得三百道。若是跟这条街道一样,估计一千道也不够。” Here belongs to the good place, Zi Chen lives in an evening here, needs the light of two magic arts. 这里已经属于好地方了,紫宸在这里住一个晚上,就需要两道法之光。 Changed mouse path street, then can live in 20 evenings. 换了鼠路街,则是能住二十个晚上。 Zi Chen is pointing at Lauren special, said: Meets to arrange by you, each inn puts out the light of 50 magic arts, restores the road of entire street.” 紫宸指着劳伦特,道:“接下来由你来安排,每家客栈拿出五十道法之光,把整条街道的路重新修缮。”
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