TM :: Volume #49

#4810: Can go into debt

Spirit law Fifth Layer. 斯杰,灵法五重 Takes a broad view at the pure land, absolutely is side tyrants. 放眼净土,绝对是一方豪强。 This opposite party can come , because storekeeper put out the light of five hundred magic arts to solve this matter. 此次对方之所以能来,就是因为掌柜的拿出了五百道法之光要解决此事。 Otherwise, status so noble he, how also to come to this place? 要不然,身份如此高贵的他,又怎么会来这种地方? Has not thought, so expert, a move defeats unexpectedly! 可不曾想,如此强者,竟然一招就败! With the Luo three similar fates. 跟罗三同样的下场。 Even is more miserable, instantaneous faint! 甚至更惨一些,瞬间昏厥了! Side, Luo three was almost scared. 旁边,罗三几乎吓傻了。 He thinks that Sir, copes with him sufficiently, has not thought...... 他以为斯杰大人,足以对付他,没想到…… Did this pure lands, when come such expert? 这片净土,什么时候来了这么一位强者 All around spreads calls out in alarm, everyone is shocked. 四周传出惊呼,人人震惊不已。 The storekeepers frightened the paralysis quickly. 掌柜都快吓瘫了。 Famous, one move of defeat. 就连大名鼎鼎的斯杰,都一招败了。 Clearly, his these kicked the sheet iron time! 很明显,他这一次踢到了铁板! Zi Chen walks up, tries to find out on, then discovered a cloth sack, after opening, saw the light of five hundred magic arts. 紫宸走上前去,在斯杰身上摸索起来,然后发现了一个布袋,打开之后,看到了五百道法之光。 He turns head to look around Luo three, where do these are come?” 他扭头看着旁边的罗三,“这些是哪里来的?” The Luo middle finger the storekeeper, he is giving, said that makes us process the Sir!” 罗三指着掌柜,“他给的,说让我们来处理掉大人!” Zi Chen turns head, looks at the pale storekeeper, „, for the light of only dozens magic arts, are worth?” 紫宸回头,看着脸色苍白的掌柜,“为了区区几十道法之光,值得吗?” Sir, this is the misunderstanding!” “大人,这是误会!” The storekeepers were scared, knelt on the ground directly. 掌柜吓傻了,直接跪在了地上。 First did not say that he can find expert, was only this expenditure may too be big. 先不说他能不能找到更强者,只是这花费可就太大了。 The light of five hundred magic arts, is the extreme limit strength that he can mobilize. 五百道法之光,是他所能调动的极限力量。 This is he with the boss, has in the situation of particular relationship. 这还是他跟老板,有特殊关系的情况下。 Zi Chen receives the light of these laws, then looks around Luo three, his life, value how many?” 紫宸收起这些法之光,然后看着旁边的罗三,“他的命,值多少?” Luo 31 stare, does not know that does not dare to answer this issue. 罗三一愣,不知也不敢回答这个问题。 Think that looked for me.” “等想好了去找我。” Zi Chen entrains foot, walks toward the distant place. 紫宸拽起斯杰的脚,向着远处走去。 After walking several, he then looks at that storekeeper. 走了几步之后,他回头看着那位掌柜。 The storekeepers have collapsed thoroughly on the ground. 掌柜已经彻底瘫倒在了地上。 Zi Chen smiles lightly, „, since you have the custom of deference, that used your custom to come.” 紫宸淡淡一笑,“既然你有遵循的规矩,那就用你的规矩来好了。” The voice falls, Zi Chen stamps the feet. 话音落下,紫宸跺了跺脚。 Bang!” “轰!” An impulse, fell above the front inn. 一股冲击力,落在了前方的客栈之上。 Inn that this opens in the narrow lane, loudly collapsing. 这个开在窄巷的客栈,轰然坍塌。 Immediately, calls out in alarm sound one piece. 顿时,惊叫声一片。 All around thick smoke starts to tumble fiercely. 四周浓烟开始剧烈翻滚。 Luo three were scared thoroughly, a foot on collapsing an inn, this need what Realm strength? 罗三彻底被吓傻了,一脚就震塌了一家客栈,这需要什么境界的力量? The inn is actually not anything, can stabilize all truly, is inn among array. 要知道,客栈其实并不算什么,真正能够稳定一切的,是客栈当中阵法 That is also the construction cost highest thing. 那也是造价最高的东西。 Zi Chen that the preparation leaves, turns head to look at the inn suddenly. 准备离开的紫宸,忽然扭头看着客栈。 Sees only collapsing the place, has the ray twinkle, composed strange array. 只见坍塌的地方,有光芒闪烁,组成了一种奇异的阵法 Really gathers spirit.” “果然是聚灵阵。” Zi Chen then sees through, gathering spirit that but with met in Sky Martial Continent initially, is different. 紫宸一眼便是看穿,只是跟当初在天武大陆遇到的聚灵阵,有所不同。 Said accurately, this did not call to gather spirit, is called slightly gathers Rule Formation. 准确说,这不叫聚灵阵,叫做小聚法阵 The technique is extremely rough. 只是手法太过粗糙。 Zi Chen has obtained the inheritance of Divine Pattern together/one path, that inheritance came from initial Immortal Law World. 紫宸得到过神纹一道的传承,那种传承来自当初的仙法界 With this place array, mostly the same except for minor differences. 与此地的阵法,大同小异。 Clear! 一目了然! Zi Chen holds to leave. 紫宸托着斯杰离开。 The small bamboo follows on the heels immediately, she at this moment, in heart has shocked the extreme. 小竹立刻跟在后面,此刻的她,心中已经震撼到了极点。 She even more believes that Zi Chen from upper boundary. 她愈发坚信,紫宸来自上界。 Ended, was then complete!” “完了,这下全完了!” Wishing one could of storekeeper to oneself several people mouths, for the light of only dozens magic arts, reduce to so the position unexpectedly. 掌柜的恨不得给自己几人大嘴巴,为了区区几十道法之光,竟然沦落到如此境地。 This is penny-wise and pound foolish! 这才是因小失大! Now was good, made contact with the light of five hundred magic arts not saying that even the inn also collapsed. 现在好了,搭上了五百道法之光不说,连客栈也坍塌了。 Moreover this matter, has not terminated obviously. 而且这件事,显然还没有完结。 After Zi Chen leaves, Luo three looks at the storekeeper, is the good deeds that you do!” 紫宸离开之后,罗三看着掌柜,“都是你干的好事!” Zi Chen is dragging faint past, walks in this dirty place, the place visited, brings in look that many look askance. 紫宸拖着昏厥过去的斯杰,走在这肮脏的地方,所过之处,引来诸多侧目的眼神。 After some people recognize, is shocking. 待有人认出斯杰之后,更是震惊不已。 They know, must be the big deal. 他们知道,要出大事了。 Zi Chen towed to return to the inn, he lost in the entrance conveniently, like throwing trash, threw in side. 紫宸拖着斯杰回到了客栈,在门口他随手一丢,如同丢垃圾一样,把斯杰丢在旁边。 On the opposite party, is sending out the odor at this moment, obviously cannot bring to the inn. 对方身上,此刻散发着恶臭,明显不能带到客栈里面。 All around has surrounded many people, here person experiences is broader, immediately recognizes. 四周已经围拢不少人,这里的人见识更广,立刻就认出了斯杰。 Customer......” “客官……” Small two hears sound walked, sees this secretly, the complexion changes, immediately says: Sir, is your......?” 小二闻声走了出来,看到这一幕后,脸色不禁一变,立刻说道:“大人,您这是……?” Immediately changes a statement. 立刻就改口了。 Handles something, you help me pour water.” “处理一些事情,你帮我倒杯水来。” Zi Chen enters the inn, sits down in a building. 紫宸走进客栈,在一楼坐下。 The small bamboo arrives at side Zi Chen, followed to sit down. 小竹来到紫宸身边,也跟着坐下了。 She is lowering the head, maintains total silence. 她低着脑袋,一语不发。 Zi Chen looked at her one eyes, said: Said your true feeling.” 紫宸看了她一眼,道:“说说你的真实感受。” The small bamboo has not opened the mouth, the tears flowed directly. 小竹没有开口,泪水直接流了下来。 Yesterday evening, just entered the inn, her clothes were dug up by these women. 昨天晚上,刚刚进入客栈,她的衣服就被那些女人扒了。 If Zi Chen does not set up the prestige finally, it is estimated that the fate is more miserable. 如果不是最后紫宸立威,估计下场更惨。 She obviously overestimated herself. 她明显高估了自己。 Leaves Zi Chen, perhaps she including for day unable to live. 离开紫宸,她或许连一天都活不下来。 Zi Chen will annoy this matter, is because light of that small bag of law. 紫宸之所以会惹来这件事,也是因为自己那一小袋法之光。 Zi Chen said: Actually, you can be like me, with own fist life, using the body is better than?” 紫宸说道:“其实,你可以跟我一样,用自己的拳头生活,比用身体好吧?” The small bamboo said: First did not say that I do have that talent, now I basically survive cannot achieve, how with fist?” 小竹说道:“先不说我有没有那个天赋,现在我连基本的生存都做不到,如何用拳头?” The Zi Chen smile said: I can borrow you!” 紫宸微笑道:“我可以借你!” The small bamboo looks at Zi Chen. 小竹看着紫宸 Zi Chen continues saying: But a little, I must talk clearly. Must give the IOU, you used my many laws light/only, must return me in the future many, moreover must even/including this/Ben have the breath.” 紫宸继续说道:“但是有一点,我要说清楚。必须得打欠条,你用了我多少法之光,在未来就要还我多少,而且还得是连本带息。” Small two have stood in not far away, his in heart is very anxious. 小二一直站在不远处,他的心中十分紧张。 But that person, spirit law Fifth Layer, absolute great person! 那人可是斯杰,灵法五重,绝对的大人物! But today, was actually regarded the dead dog to tow. 可是今天,却被当成了死狗拖了回来。 Two people of dialogues, he heard, then the vision sees that girl, in the eye filled envying. 二人的对话,他都听到了,然后目光看着那个女孩,眼中充满了羡慕。 This good deed, hit the lantern probably unable to find. 这种好事,打着灯笼可都找不到。 This acts the natural Sir, rather good. 这位出手大方的大人,未免太好了。 He also thinks, between two people have anything, or the Sir has any special fondness. 他原先还以为,二人之间有什么,或者说大人有什么特殊癖好。 Now looks like, was he wants. 现在看来,是他想多了。 This Sir is the pure heart is good! 这位大人就是单纯的心好! This person, in this pure land, almost vanished! 这种人,在这净土,几乎绝迹了! ****** ****** ****** ****** Was hit, this news travelled quickly. 斯杰被打,这则消息很快就传开了。 Therefore, the upper-level great person of pure land, gathers is discussing this matter together. 于是,净土的上层大人物,都集聚在一起商讨此事。 Absurd, simply is absurd!” “岂有此理,简直是岂有此理!” A figure thin man gets angry: „Can we also make a bystander bully? This matter, no matter you can swallow, in brief my Galler cannot swallow!” 一位身形消瘦的男子怒道:“我们还能让一个外人欺负了?这件事,不管你们能不能咽下,总之我加勒咽不下!” Side, a person said lightly: You cannot certainly swallow, what others pound is your inn, is not others. Also, was your not providing lodging subordinate, annoyed should not existence of provoking.” 旁边,一人淡淡说道:“你当然咽不下,人家砸的是你的客栈,又不是别人的。再说,是你没有管住手下,惹了不该招惹的存在。” Card alligator, your what meaning?” Galler coldly is staring at the person of opens the mouth. “卡鳄,你什么意思?”加勒冷冷的盯着开口之人。 „No interesting, felt, you should come to apologize to others. After all, the news that since I hear looked, others exercise forbearance everywhere, is your person is aggressive.” The card alligator said: Therefore, made a mistake, gives the person to apologize, wasn't good?” “没什么意思,就是觉得,你应该上门去给人家道个歉。毕竟,从我听到的消息看,人家处处忍让,是你的人咄咄逼人。”卡鳄说道:“所以,错了,去给人道个歉,不好吗?” Puts your mother's fart! Do not think that encircles Sir Luo to cover you, you can act in a self-serving manner, making I apologize, does his outcomer, what qualifications have?” Galler is angry. “放你娘的屁!别以为有围罗大人罩着你,你就能为所欲为,让我道歉,他一个外来者,有什么资格?”加勒大怒。 The card alligator said: Right? You recover the gathering place, he lives in Haydn's inn. Right, I urged you to make the best use of the time, if, head feared late must be reduced by others!” 卡鳄说道:“是吗?那你去找回场子呀,他就在海顿的客栈住着。对了,我劝你还是抓紧时间,要是晚了,斯杰的脑袋怕是要被人家砍掉了!” Galler cold snort, then looks to nearby silent man, „does Haydn, how you see?” 加勒冷哼一声,然后看向旁边一位默不作声的男子,“海顿,你怎么看?” He lives in my inn, has not destroyed anything, I cannot catch up with the person.” “他在我客栈住着,又没有破坏什么,我总不能去赶人。” Haydn looks at Galler, said: I felt, this matter indeed is you do not occupy the principle, apologizes.” 海顿看着加勒,说道:“我觉得,这件事的确是你不占理,去道个歉吧。” Makes me apologize with a bystander, good, very good, it seems like you want to let unable to raise the head in the Aokang pure land.” “让我跟一个外人道歉,好,很好,看来你们是想让在奥康净土抬不起头来。” Galler coldly said: Isn't an outcomer? Looked how I cope with him!” 加勒冷道:“不就是一个外来者?看我如何对付他!” Galler angry departure, leading the person to arrive at outside the inn. 加勒怒气冲冲的离开,带人来到了客栈之外。
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