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#3971: Guess

In Saint Spirit World, did not have the immortal stone, was excavated since the immortal territory, the immortal stone also became existence of similar currency. 在圣灵界里,原先是没有仙石的,自从仙域被发掘,仙石也成了一种类似货币的存在。 The moon/month surveys heavenly bodies this time to trade ten prices, makes many people be moved. 月步天此次以一换十的价格,还是让不少人为之动容的。 This means to lose the resources in the world, possibly is ten times of immortal territory. 这意味着失落世界里的资源,可能是仙域的十倍之多。 Naturally, this may also be the Saint moon/month clan the admission price that seizes the chance to demand, contained the expense of admission. 当然,这也有可能是圣月族趁机索要的入场价,包含了入场的费用。 Naturally no one has the opinion. 自然没有人有意见。 Because has the opinion, the Saint moon/month clan will certainly not listen. 因为就算有意见,圣月族也一定不会听。 Moreover regarding the numerous influences, these immortal stones can take, the quantity are not many. 而且对于众势力来说,这些仙石还是能拿出来的,数量不算多。 „, Loses the day crystal to prepare for everyone, later everyone then can according to come the person determination quantity respectively, with the aim of exchanging.” “诸位,失落天晶已经为大家准备好,稍后大家便可以按照各自来人确定数量,以便兑换。” The conference to here, then must end, in this period the moon/month surveyed heavenly bodies the polite inquiry people, may have other to say. 会议到了这里,便是要结束了,期间月步天客气的询问了一下众人,可有其他要说的。 Everyone is shaking the head. 大家都在摇头。 Zi Chen is not first walks, but is not last, he walks, the people of Five Elements clans and another three clans also in inside. 紫宸并不是第一个走出来的,但也不是最后一个,他走的时候,五行氏族以及另外三族的人都还在里面。 Zi Chen guessed, should exclude the Saint Thunder Clan person, they have the important matter to consult. 紫宸猜测,应该是把圣雷族的人排除在外,他们有要事相商。 Zi Chen.” 紫宸。” The sound conveys from the rear area together, Zi Chen hears sound turns head, is a strange man from shining Saint Clan. 一道声音从后方传来,紫宸闻声回头,是一个来自耀圣族的陌生男子。 My name was shining the crown.” “我叫耀冠。” The opposite party arrive at the near, introduced on own initiative. 对方来到近前,主动介绍起来。 Has the matter?” “有事?” Zi Chen unexpected asking, according to his guess, the present several clans should discuss the matters concerned are. 紫宸意外的问道,依照他的猜测,眼下的几族应该都在商议着进去的事宜才是。 These days you have not gone out of the room, wants to see you is not at the same time easy, whether today to accept this invite, please drink one cup?” shining crown said with a smile. “这几日你都没有走出房间,想要见你一面可是不容易,今日可否赏脸,请你喝一杯?”耀冠笑着说道。 Zi Chen nods, the opposite party this act naturally has the matter. 紫宸点了点头,对方此举自然是有事。 Not far away has an inn, I have eaten one time, the flavor is very good.” “不远处就有一家馆子,我去吃过一次,味道很不错。” shining crown is Zi Chen guides, two people walk toward the tavern. 耀冠为紫宸带路,二人向着酒馆走去。 Cui Liang stopped the step, original she, planned that looks for Zi Chen. 崔靓止住了步伐,原本的她,也打算去找紫宸 Along the way many people toward two people of the vision that throws the difference, at this time, everyone's idea went back to discuss that with the clansman entered the matter of place of losing, simply did not have two people of leisurely and carefree mood. 沿途不少人都是向着二人投来异样的目光,在这个时候,所有人的想法都是回去跟族人商议进入失落之地的事情,根本没有二人的闲情逸致。 Arrives at this tavern, shining crown wanted a theater box, obviously solely is not drinks such simply. 来到这家酒馆,耀冠要了一个包厢,显然不单单是喝酒这么简单。 Enters the room, ordered the vegetable/dish with the liquor, shining crown waved, a light cover of isolation sound appeared. 进入房间,点好了菜跟酒,耀冠挥了挥手,一个隔绝声音的光罩出现。 „The Zi Chen brother, can you know Guangyao?” shining crown asked. 紫宸兄,你可认识光耀?”耀冠问道。 She is the friend of mine, we risk one's life, arrives at this time together, how can not know?” “她是我的朋友,我们出生入死,一起来到这个时间,怎能不认识?” Zi Chen unexpected saying: What's wrong, does shining crown brother know Guangyao?” 紫宸意外的说道:“怎么,耀冠兄认识光耀?” Zi Chen is very accidental/surprised, initially the thunder delivered everyone leaves, everyone's Realm is very mean, should not be remembered by the Holy Ghost of this level. 紫宸是真的很意外,当初雷地送大家离开的时候,所有人的境界都很低微,本不该被这种级别的圣灵记住。 But this time arrived here, first heard the Yue'er name, heard Guangyao, it seems like these years, their growth are quick. 可是此次来到这里,先是听到了月儿的名字,又听到了光耀,看来这些年,她们的成长都很快。 As for is because the appearance was remembered, Zi Chen was not worried, because in Saint Spirit World the pretty person were too many, but finally can be remembered, is these extraordinary talents. 至于是不是因为容貌才被记住,紫宸一点都不担心,因为圣灵界里貌美之人太多了,而最后能被记住的,都是那些了不起的天才。 I and Guangyao chatted, she has mentioned you, said some of your all sorts of legends, can arrive today this step, you also were really extraordinary.” “我与光耀聊天的时候,她说起过你,也说了一些你的种种传奇,能够走到今天这一步,你还真是了不起。” shining crown held up the bowl in hand, the liquor in bowl had filled to the brim. 耀冠举起了手里的碗,碗中的酒已经倒满。 „Can she be good in Yaozu?” “她在耀祖可好?” Is good , the talent is good, the person is also good, which good.” “好得很,天赋好,人也好,哪哪都好。” Mentioned Guangyao, but pulled closer two people of relations, this time shining crown called Zi Chen, naturally had the matter to discuss. 说起光耀,只是拉近二人的关系,此次耀冠把紫宸叫来,自然是有事要商议的。 Regarding losing world one line, what view do you have?” One bowl of liquor get into the stomach, shining crown asked. “对于失落世界一行,你有什么看法?”一碗酒下肚,耀冠问道。 Zi Chen shakes the head, said: Besides crisis on top of crisis, no other views.” 紫宸摇了摇头,道:“除了危机重重之外,没什么其他的看法。” „Aren't you accidental/surprised the Saint moon/month clan so to be why natural?” shining crown also asked. “你就不意外为什么圣月族如此大方?”耀冠又问。 This I am not accidental, what I am accidental, why you will drink with me here, rather than several side influences sit together discussed.” Zi Chen filled to the brim the liquor to oneself. “这我不意外,我意外的是,为什么你会跟我在这里喝酒,而不是几方势力坐在一起商谈。”紫宸给自己倒满了酒。 shining crown said with a smile: You thought that we do relate well? Did this matter possibly discuss? However looks in the Guangyao face, I offered your news to be good free of charge, this place Saint moon/month clan discovery already have several hundred years.” 耀冠笑道:“你觉得我们关系有多好?这种事情可能商议吗?不过看在光耀的面子上,我免费赠送你一条消息好了,这个地方圣月族发现已有数百年。” The Zi Chen expression changed, determination?” 紫宸的表情变了变,“确定?” Naturally!” “当然!” shining crown said: Appeared in the immortal territory, has soon after discovered this place it is said that but the attention of all influences, placed the exposed that side at that time the immortal territory, therefore no one cared about here unusuality. In addition a Saint moon/month clan has a mind to keep secret, no one knows.” 耀冠说道:“就在仙域出现不久之后,据说就已经发现了这个地方,但当时所有势力的注意力,都放在暴露的仙域那边,故而没有人在意这边的异常。再加上圣月一族有心保密,也就无人知晓。” Since has crossed for several hundred years, why must take, wasn't the exploration slowly good?” “既然已经过了数百年,为何还要拿出来,慢慢探索不就好了?” Zi Chen feels somewhat strangely. 紫宸感到有些奇怪。 As far as I know, inside is very dangerous, the Saint moon/month clan takes to share with everyone, is unable to bear this loss.” “据我所知,里面是真的很危险,圣月族之所以拿出来与大家共享,也是无法承担这种损失。” shining crown said: Recently we investigated secretly, these for several hundred years, the Saint moon/month clan vanished many expert, although declared to the outside is closing up, but the population were too rather many.” 耀冠说道:“最近我们秘密的调查了一下,这几百年来,圣月族消失了不少的强者,虽然对外宣称是在闭关,但是人数未免太多了些。” Zi Chen knits the brows: You meant, these for several hundred years, they have never given up the investigation, but announced the opening to the outside world suddenly.” 紫宸皱眉道:“你的意思是说,这几百年来,他们从未放弃过探查,但是忽然宣布对外开放。” shining crown nods. 耀冠点头。 Zi Chen said: Encountered some powerful threat?” 紫宸说道:“难道是遇到了某个强大的威胁?” shining crown shakes the head, expressed that does not know. 耀冠摇头,表示不知。 Knitting the brows Zi Chen, said suddenly: You thought that loses the day crystal to exchange ten immortal stone Gui together?” 皱眉的紫宸,忽然说道:“你觉得一块失落天晶兑换十块仙石贵吗?” shining crown never imagined, to say directly: Must say expensively, is naturally expensive, after all immortal stone can/but is not cheap, moreover must be used to compose transmission, even these small influences, must pay the prices of several hundred immortal stones. However, must say the small advantage, is naturally cheap, because after going, resources obtained, will be itself obtained, is the respective influence. These several hundred immortal stones, were the admission.” 耀冠想都没想,直接说道:“要说贵,自然是贵的,毕竟仙石可不便宜,而且还要用来组成传送阵,就算是那些小势力,也得付出几百颗仙石的代价来。但是,要说便宜,自然也是便宜的,因为进去之后得到的资源,都会属于自己所得,属于各自的势力。这几百颗仙石,算是入场费了。” Zi Chen said: If sold to you to lose the day crystal together, the prices of 100 immortal stones, you are also willing to go in?” 紫宸说道:“如果卖给你们一块失落天晶,一百颗仙石的价格,你们还愿意进去吗?” Naturally wants! At the worst little enters some people.” shining crown said. “当然愿意!大不了少进一些人。”耀冠说道。 „The person of going are many, the harvest are also more, instead also wants is so cheap, you said why this is?” “进去的人多,收获也就越多,反而还要的这么便宜,你说这是为什么?” Zi Chen looks at shining crown, you said that these for several hundred years, actually did the people of Saint moon/month clan do what in? What also obtained, why suddenly becomes so natural?” 紫宸看着耀冠,“你说这几百年来,圣月族的人在里面究竟干了些什么?又得到了些什么,为何忽然变得如此大方?” The eye of shining crown stares suddenly in a big way, loses the sound said: Your meaning is, did they monopolize all losing day crystals? Therefore after going, isn't able to be lost the day crystal? To take to sell, is impossible?” 耀冠的眼睛忽然瞪大,失声道:“难道你的意思是,他们垄断了所有的失落天晶?所以进去之后,是无法得到失落天晶的?想要拿出来售卖,更是不可能?” Zi Chen drank the liquor in bowl, I am only such a guess. In particular, when must wait has a look.” 紫宸喝了碗里的酒,“我只是这么一猜。具体是不是,还要等进去时看看。” Obviously this guessed that the real probability is enormous, only this can explain, why Saint moon/month clan so natural. 显然这个猜测成真的几率还是极大的,也唯有这样才能解释,为何圣月族如此的大方。 Once grasped all losing day crystals, then the sole transmission expense, is an extremely huge income. 一旦掌握了所有的失落天晶,那么单单的传送费用,就是一笔极其庞大的收入。 Collects the road toll, the Saint moon/month clan can gain full. 只是收过路费,圣月族就能赚个盆满钵满。 Moreover these for several hundred years, send people to enter inside unceasingly, believe the resources that these are easy to obtain, had been explored to take away by them. 而且这几百年来,不断派人进驻里面,相信那些容易得到的资源,早就被他们发掘拿走了。 This time losing is good place, is not easy. 这一次的失落之地行,一点都不容易。 This liquor drank here, shining crown needs to reconsider one matter. 这顿酒就喝到了这里,耀冠需要重新考虑一下进去的事情。 Originally to him, is not anything's admission, may with only be able to enter one time, that somewhat was expensive. 原本对他来说,还不算什么的入场费,可随着只能进入一次,那就有些贵了。 Because want to enter two times, still the purchase loses the day crystal, wants to obtain from inside, is almost is impossible. 因为二次想要进入,依然得购买失落天晶,想要从里面得到,几乎是不可能了。 shining crown also wants to understand finally, why this time Saint moon/month clan, does not have any discussion with them, does not have the plan of alliance. 耀冠也终于想明白了,为何此次的圣月族,不与他们有任何探讨,也没有联盟的打算。 It seems like that they are only gain the everyone's admission of iron core. 看来,他们是铁了心的只赚大家的入场费。 Zi Chen returned to own dwelling, he only brought more than ten people, but these people are only five-star Saint rune/symbol master, all actions listen his, wants to discuss no one. 紫宸回到了自己的住处,他只带来了十几人,而这些人都只是五星圣符师,一切的行动都听他的,想跟人商量都没有人。 But he has not worried, but treats in own room. 但他也没有着急进去,而是待在自己的房间。 Entire the day passes by, the entire Moon star becomes very lively. 整整一天过去,整个月亮星变得十分的热闹。 The Zi Chen door was sounded, thunder Mang walked. 紫宸的房门被敲响,雷吂走了进来。 Sir, just obtained the news, many people had entered the place of losing. The meaning in clan is, making us also pass as soon as possible, the immortal stone has also delivered.” thunder Mang said. “大人,刚刚得到消息,已经有很多人进入了失落之地。族里的意思是,让我们也尽快过去,仙石也已经送过来了。”雷吂说道。 „Is this meaning in clan?” Zi Chen looked at thunder Mang one eyes. “这就是族里的意思?”紫宸看了雷吂一眼。 thunder Mang nods. 雷吂点头。 In clan hasn't said other? For example reinforcements what?” “族里没说其他的?比如援兵什么的?” Some Saint Thunder Clan foothold Zi Chen know here, in thunder Mang and clan relate, is he incites, but this result may be interesting. 圣雷族在这里有据点紫宸知道,雷吂与族中联系,也是他授意的,但这个结果可就有意思了。 thunder Mang shakes the head, expressed these. 雷吂摇头,表示就这些。 Good, Acquired us.” Zi Chen light saying. “那好吧,后天我们出发。”紫宸淡淡的说道。 Acquired?” 后天?” thunder Mang stares, said: So is why late, others went, even the thunder family's people also went.” 雷吂一愣,道:“为什么这么晚,其他人都进去了,甚至就连雷正家族的人也进去了。” How many people you do not have a look at us to have, a little person also wants to go in sooner, wants to go, when the cannon fodder does bring death?” “你也不看看我们有多少人,这么一点人还想早些进去,是想去当炮灰送死吗?” Zi Chen beckons with the hand, hints thunder Mang to leave. 紫宸摆了摆手,示意雷吂离开。 So long as he did not speak, others do not dare to have movement(s). 只要他不发话,其他人都不敢有所动作 Right, first bought the need losing day crystal, so as to avoid the matter changed, some people seized the chance to increase price!” “对了,先把需要的失落天晶买下来,免得事情有变,有人趁机加价!” Yes.” “是。” The thunder mang front leg leaves, Cui Liang then walked. 雷吂前脚离开,崔靓便是走了进来。 „Haven't you gone in unexpectedly?” “你竟然没有进去?” Regarding the Cui pretty arrival, Zi Chen many are somewhat accidental. 对于崔靓的到来,紫宸多少有些意外。 „Do we form an alliance to be good?” Cui Liang said directly. “我们结盟可好?”崔靓直接说道。 My such little person, allies to be no good with me.” “我就这么一点点人,跟我结盟可没什么好处。” Zi Chen light saying: „After perhaps goes, but also needs your person to protect?” 紫宸淡淡的说道:“说不定进去之后,还需要你的人来保护呢?” This you do not need to worry, needs us to strive, we naturally can do everything possible.” “这个你不需要担心,需要我们出力的时候,我们自然会尽力而为。” Cui Liang obviously with sincerity, „, if you agreed, this your transmission expense, will come by us.” 崔靓显然是带着诚意来的,“如果你同意,此次你们的传送费用,将由我们来出。” Ok, walks respectively various was good, my enemy has much, moreover this Saint Thunder Clan has not sent others, after going , can I protect oneself am a saying. Zi Chen suggested: „ If you really must form an alliance, can look for Lei Zheng Hongtian, that idiot wholeheartedly is thinking expands the thunder family, I thought that he should agree allies with you.” “算了吧,还是各走各的好了,我的敌人有着不少,而且这一次圣雷族又没有派来其他人,进去之后我能不能自保还是一说。紫宸建议道:“如果你真要结盟,可以去找雷正弘天,那个蠢货一心就想着壮大雷正家族,我觉得他应该会同意跟你结盟的。” Cui Liang looks at Zi Chen, really didn't consider?” 崔靓看着紫宸,“真不考虑?” Helpless Zi Chen said: Is has a mind to be incapable.” 紫宸无奈道:“是有心无力。” Cui Liang also asked: When do you go in?” 崔靓又问:“那你们什么时候进去?” Acquired!” 后天!” Zi Chen has not concealed. 紫宸并未隐瞒。 „The place of our losing sees again.” “那我们失落之地再见了。” Cui Liang walked, Zi Chen does not agree to form an alliance, she also no longer waited. 崔靓走了,紫宸不同意结盟,她也就不再等下去了。 ps: One. ps:一更。 ( https://) (https://) «Thunder Martial» only dismounts the sincere viewpoint on behalf of the author, such as discovered that its content is contrary to the content that the state law conflicts, please make deletion processing, the standpoint of https:// only devotes to providing the healthy green reading platform. 【】, Thank you! 雷武》仅代表作者中下马笃的观点,如发现其内容有违国家法律相抵触的内容,请作删除处理,https://的立场仅致力于提供健康绿色的阅读平台。【】,谢谢大家!
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