TWO :: Volume #11

#1044: Change of Hidden Text Pavilion

In May 22 date, Xia Palace. 五月二十二日,夏宫 The Handan City incident was put down by Ouyang Shuo gently, because that is expected the matter. 邯郸城一事被欧阳朔轻轻放下,因为那本就是预料之中的事情。 In Imperial Study, Ouyang Shuo with the Cabinet Chief-of-Staff discussion to Ouyang Xiu, Lu Xiufu as well as Wen Tianxiang three Civil Minister arranged. As for Yue Fei with Zhang Shijie two Military General, according to convention, they will take advanced courses in Army Lecturing Military Hall first for one month, then presents one's credentials arranged to Imperial Guard Army, when next time army reorganization again arranged appropriate post. 御书房内,欧阳朔正在跟内阁首辅商议对欧阳修陆秀夫以及文天祥三位文臣安排。至于岳飞张世杰两位武将,按例,他们将先在陆军讲武堂进修一个月,再安排禁卫军挂职,待下次军队整编时再安排合适的岗位。 Year ago, in the year examination of Officials Bureau arranged, the examinations of five County Overseer reluctantly pass an examination, was included by Ouyang Shuo momentarily replaces in the list. 年前,吏治署安排的年度考评中,有五位郡守的考评只是勉强及格,被欧阳朔列入随时撤换名单之中。 How because does not have the appropriate successor, has delayed. 奈何因为没有合适的接任者,就一直耽搁下来。 The meaning of Jiang Shang is, can the arranged three people take over the duty of County Overseer. Ouyang Shuo has thought that has not accepted the opinion of Jiang Shang completely, only agrees to release Lu Xiufu with Wen Tianxiang they. 姜尚的意思是,可以安排三人接任郡守之职。欧阳朔想了一下,并未完全采纳姜尚的意见,只同意下放陆秀夫文天祥两人。 Ouyang Xiu places Imperial Court, just may display it in the Song Dynasty influence.” Ouyang Shuo said. 欧阳修还是放在朝中吧,正可发挥其在宋朝的影响力。”欧阳朔说道。 Jiang Shang is startled, he has not actually thought these many, said ashamed: Your Kingship considers Zhou auspicious, old minister is ashamed.” 姜尚一怔,他却没想这么多,惭愧说道:“王上思虑周祥,老臣惭愧。” Ouyang Shuo beckoned with the hand, Council Elder thinks that which position places to be quite appropriate Ouyang Xiu? Although this person of fame is big, actually also embarrassedly appointed greatly, must choose an appropriate post.” 欧阳朔摆了摆手,“阁老以为,将欧阳修放在哪个位置比较合适?此人名气虽大,却也难堪大任,需选一个合适岗位。” This is also the private talk between rulers and ministers, will put outside Ouyang Shuo not to say so straightforward. 这也就是君臣之间的密谈,搁外面欧阳朔可不会说的这般直白。 Control of Jiang Shang to deliberation hall already quite precise, all sort of human affairs understand clearly in Xin, slightly thinks that then opens the mouth saying: Old minister submitting report, may award a Ouyang Xiu Science, Education, Culture, and Health Bureau Executive duty with great courage.” 姜尚对朝堂的掌控已经颇为精到,诸般人事了然于心,略一想,便开口说道:“老臣斗胆启奏,可授予欧阳修科教文卫署署长一职。” Ouyang Shuo has thought slightly, nodded satisfied, the Science, Education, Culture, and Health work of King Dynasty has taken the stock rail under Su Zhe preside over, does not need again the bold and decisive innovation, appropriate Ouyang Xiu this literary arena Alliance Lord. 欧阳朔略微想了一下,满意地点了点头,王朝科教文卫工作在苏辙主持下已经走上正轨,无需再大刀阔斧地革新,正合适欧阳修这位文坛盟主 The Jiang Shang personnel really has one set. 姜尚用人确实有一套。 To Su Zhe, how should also arranged?” Ouyang Shuo asked. “对苏辙,又该如何安排?”欧阳朔问。 Su Zhe wields Science, Education, Culture, and Health Bureau, performs high service through hard work, naturally cannot like this kick aside. If releases the place Su Zhe, according to Su Zhe from the Third Class grade, except for Viceroy is the degradation uses. 苏辙执掌科教文卫署,劳苦功高,自然不能就这样一脚踢开。倘若将苏辙下放到地方,按苏辙三品的品级,除了总督就都是降级使用。 This somewhat worries. 这就有些犯难。 Jiang Shang actually already calculated clearly, returns saying: Old minister suggested that calls in Hidden Text Pavilion Su Zhe, takes the post of Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder, although the grade fell half level, may also calculate that the center, actually clearly fell rises darkly.” 姜尚却是早已盘算清楚,回道:“老臣建议将苏辙调入秘文阁,出任秘文阁学士,虽然品级降了半级,可也算进了中枢,实为明降暗升。” Ouyang Shuo at present one bright, the proposition of Jiang Shang conforms to his thoughts very much. 欧阳朔眼前一亮,姜尚的这个提议很是符合他的心思。 As the King Dynasty business is arduous day after day, presses is also getting more and more heavy in Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder Cyan Garments shoulder pole, although around Hidden Text Pavilion supplemented four Secretary Official to assist Cyan Garments, may be still unbearably busy. 随着王朝事务日渐繁重,压在秘文阁学士青衣身上的担子也越来越重,虽说秘文阁前后增补了四位秘书郎协助青衣,可依然忙不过来。 Adjusts Su Zhe to enter Hidden Text Pavilion without doubt is a wonderful chess. 苏辙进入秘文阁无疑是一步妙棋。 Su Zhe in literary talent, although is inferior to is brother big literary giant Su Shi, may be has the keen insight as well as the practical action in the political view very much, very suitable Hidden Text Pavilion. 苏辙在文采上虽不及乃兄大文豪苏轼,可在政见上很是有着敏锐的洞察力以及务实的举措,非常适合秘文阁 Has the Su Zhe assistant manager, Cyan Garments can be more relaxed. 苏辙协理,青衣就能轻松很多。 Has thought that Ouyang Shuo asked suddenly: Performance of Feng Qingyue in Shu Land Province how?” 想了一下,欧阳朔突然问道:“风清月蜀地行省的表现如何?” Assists Shu Land Viceroy Tian Wenjing to eliminate the Shu Land hidden danger from Feng Qingyue, the time of passing more than half a year, Ouyang Shuo has been thinking that the test on Feng Qingyue should also come to the end. 距离风清月协助蜀地总督田文镜肃清蜀地隐患,已经过去大半年的时间,欧阳朔在想,对风清月的考验也该告一段落了。 Feng (wind) Family this line, Ouyang Shuo does not want such to pull apart. 风家这条线,欧阳朔并不想就这么扯断了。 Jiang Shang returns saying: Looked according to the government gazette that Shu Land Viceroy Tian Wenjing transmits every month that he is satisfied to Feng Qingyue, between the lines is liberal with the praise, a while ago Tian Wenjing also proposed Dynasty Court, hope Dynasty Court appoints Feng Qingyue officially is Viceroy Yamen is an officer.” 姜尚回道:“据蜀地总督田文镜每月传来的邸报看,他对风清月还是非常满意的,字里行间不吝溢美之词,前段时间田文镜还提请朝廷,希望朝廷正式任命风清月总督衙门属官。” „?” “哦?” Some Ouyang Shuo also really surprise. 欧阳朔还真有些诧异。 Tian Wenjing is position grim Viceroy, since mentioned this matter on own initiative, sufficiently showed that the work of Feng Qingyue more than half a year obtains the approval of Tian Wenjing very much. 田文镜是位冷面总督,既然主动提及此事,就足以证明,风清月这大半年的工作很是得到田文镜的认可。 Said that Feng Qingyue also really can endure, more than half a year, Ouyang Shuo almost to her, no matter did not ask that Feng Qingyue is not disgruntled unexpectedly, but fulfills duty to fulfill responsibility in Shu Land silently. 说起来风清月也真能忍,这大半年来,欧阳朔几乎对她不管不问,风清月竟然也不闹情绪,而是默默地在蜀地尽职尽责。 Really a wonderful female. 真是一位奇女子。 Ouyang Shuo cracks a joke saying: It seems like our grim Viceroy are the surface is cold-hearted.” 欧阳朔开玩笑说道:“看来我们的冷面总督是面冷心热啊。” Jiang Shang smiles stiffly, he cannot listen to the meaning in Your Kingship words is to praise or censures, thus does not dare to respond directly, asked cautiously: „Is the meaning of Your Kingship?” 姜尚僵硬一笑,他听不出王上话中的意思到底是褒还是贬,因而不敢正面回应,小心翼翼地问道:“王上的意思是?” The Ouyang Shuo restraining smiling face, said lightly: Since Feng Qingyue obtains the boss to approve, that truly cannot such hang, instantly under the aim, calls in Hidden Text Pavilion Feng Qingyue, for the time being holds the post of a Secretary Official duty.” 欧阳朔收敛笑容,淡淡说道:“既然风清月得到上司认可,那确实不能就这么挂着,即刻下旨,将风清月调入秘文阁,暂且担任秘书郎一职。” To Feng Qingyue, Ouyang Shuo prepares to inspect again, not anxiously drawing a conclusion. Feng Qingyue comes six big Household after all, to this kind of Status sensitive person, how to be again discrete is not overrated. 风清月,欧阳朔还是准备再考察一下,不急着下结论。风清月毕竟出身六大家族,对这样一位身份敏感之人,再怎么谨慎都不为过。 Naturally once used right this person, to Great Xia is milestone -type event. 当然一旦用对了此人,对大夏而言将是一次里程碑式的事件 „!” “诺!” Jiang Shang nods, he then understands why Your Kingship asked Feng Qingyue suddenly. 姜尚点头,他这才明白王上为何突然问起风清月来。 Taking advantage of supplementing Su Zhe with the Feng Qingyue opportunity, Ouyang Shuo has made small adjustment to Hidden Text Pavilion, appoints Cyan Garments officially is Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder In-Charge, being clear is the heads of Hidden Text Pavilion various Wielder, quite therefore organization senior yamen official. 借着增补苏辙风清月的机会,欧阳朔秘文阁做了一次小的调整,正式任命青衣秘文阁掌印学士,明确为秘文阁学士之首,相当于是机构堂官。 Naturally, the Cyan Garments grade is still Fourth Class. 当然,青衣的品级依然是正四品 The Hidden Text Pavilion nature, was doomed Ouyang Shuo unable to grant its high grade. 秘文阁的性质,注定了欧阳朔不能赐予其过高的品级。 In addition, the Ouyang Shuo also under aim further expands Hidden Text Pavilion, supplements six Secretary Official one time, besides assistant manager Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder, each Cabinet Council Elder provides full-time Secretary Official, hangs in Hidden Text Pavilion. 除此之外,欧阳朔还下旨进一步扩充秘文阁,一次性增补六位秘书郎,除协理秘文阁学士之外,每位内阁阁老配备一位专职秘书郎,挂在秘文阁 Different from Four Great Institutes, Cabinet except for three Council Elder, under not processes the officer in archives, Cabinet one needs three Council Elder own strength to kiss on the business is. 四大院不同,内阁除了三位阁老,底下并无处理文案的文员,内阁一应事务都需要三位阁老亲力亲为。 How Council Elder to arrive the extreme old age, the energy was unavoidable. 奈何阁老们都已到了耄耋之年,精力难免不济。 Ouyang Shuo this time provides Secretary Official to Cabinet, must be Council Elder shares sorrow, assisting Council Elder to process correspondence, simultaneously hangs Secretary Official in Hidden Text Pavilion, was equal to that strengthened in disguised form to the control of Cabinet. 欧阳朔此番给内阁配备秘书郎,正是要为阁老分忧,协助阁老们处理文书,同时将秘书郎挂在秘文阁,又等于变相地加强了对内阁的掌控。 It may be said that kills two birds with one stone. 可谓一举两得。 Jiang Shang naturally is not good to express any view, but thanked King's Favor freely. 姜尚对此自然不好发表任何看法,只是不住地叩谢王恩 ............ ………… In the afternoon, Dynasty Court has promulgated a series of appointing and dismissing. 当天下午,朝廷就颁布了一系列任免。 Appoints Ouyang Xiu is Science, Education, Culture, and Health Bureau Executive, appoints Lu Xiufu is Annan Province Viceroy Yamen Executive of Administration, appoints Wen Tianxiang is Northern Border Province Fengtian County County Overseer. 任命欧阳修科教文卫署署长,任命陆秀夫安南行省总督衙门行政署长,任命文天祥北疆行省奉天郡郡守 Under Lu Xiufu Annan, showed sufficiently Ouyang Shuo its takes seriously the degree. 陆秀夫安南,足以证明欧阳朔对其重视程度。 This time taking the adjustment County Overseer opportunity, disperses into Northern Border Province Wen Tianxiang, except for trusting the Wen Tianxiang talent, there is Ouyang Shuo to care to balance Wu Fu in the Northern Border Province influence intention in inside. 此番借着调整郡守的契机,将文天祥排入北疆行省,除了信任文天祥的才干,也有欧阳朔意欲平衡碔砆北疆行省影响力的意图在里面。 Since the Seeking Dragon Hitting Pressure Point incident has occurred, Ouyang Shuo profoundly understands that a truth, the will of the people will change. Must of subordinates not to break faith, the best means not to the opportunity that he breaks faith. 寻龙点穴一事发生以来,欧阳朔就深刻明白一个道理,人心都是会变的。要让麾下之人不变心,最好的办法就是不给他变心的机会。 Before the enticement has not shown the symptom, cuts off decisively. 在诱惑还没露出苗头之前,果断掐断。 Uses Wu Fu as an example, as former Stubborn Stone City Landgraf, Wu Fu has done farm work four years in Northern Border Province, the will influence already seep to the Northern Border aspects. 碔砆为例,作为前顽石城领主,碔砆北疆行省耕耘了四年之久,早已将影响力渗透到北疆的方方面面。 If Ouyang Shuo does not keep in balance, even if Wu Fu did not have that thoughts, gradually, under the subordinate as well as the friends and relatives direct or indirect influence, will create gradually also the tail in Northern Border Province greatly the potential. 倘若欧阳朔不加以制衡,就算碔砆原本没那个心思,久而久之,在下属以及亲戚朋友直接或间接的影响下,渐渐也会在北疆行省造成尾大不掉之势。 When at that time, to Great Xia, even to Wu Fu this person, is not considered as that the good deed. 等到那时,对大夏,甚至是对碔砆本人,都不算是好事。 This time calls in Northern Border Province Wen Tianxiang, is not only to the balance of Wu Fu, to a Wu Fu protection in disguised form. Ouyang Shuo believes that by the intelligence of Wu Fu, when can estimate to understand meaning. 此番将文天祥调入北疆行省,既是对碔砆的制衡,也是对碔砆一种变相的保护。欧阳朔相信,以碔砆之聪慧,当能揣摩明白这其中的意味。 Besides three newly arrived Civil Official, Dynasty Court also has other appointing and dismissing. 除了三位新来的文官,朝廷还有其他任免。 Promotes Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder Cyan Garments is Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder In-Charge, removes the Su Zhe Science, Education, Culture, and Health Bureau Executive duty, transfers Hidden Text Pavilion Wielder, is transferred to Feng Qingyue officially is Hidden Text Pavilion Secretary Official. 擢升秘文阁学士青衣秘文阁掌印学士,解除苏辙科教文卫署署长职务,转任秘文阁学士,正式调任风清月秘文阁秘书郎 Meanwhile, should the life of Your Kingship, Cabinet also organize an interior to select, disposable is Hidden Text Pavilion chooses Secretary Official that six have both ability and integrity. 于此同时,应王上之命,内阁还将组织一次内部选拔,一次性为秘文阁挑选六位德才兼备的秘书郎 News, the government and people are shocked. 消息一出,朝野震动。 As closest Your Kingship central organ, Hidden Text Pavilion, although the grade is not high, is actually the tall ladder that the youth government official promotes. Can be assigned Hidden Text Pavilion holds the post of Secretary Official, means that obtains the dual approvals of Your Kingship and Cabinet. 作为最接近王上的中枢机构,秘文阁虽然品级不高,却是青年官吏晋升的天梯。能被选调进秘文阁担任秘书郎,意味着得到王上内阁的双重认可。 In addition the Hidden Text Pavilion special function, in this holds an office not only can gain the experience, contact deliberation hall core confidential, but also has greatly the opportunity contacts with Imperial Court Chancellor. 再加上秘文阁特殊的职能,在此任职不仅可以增长见识,接触朝堂核心机要,而且还有大把的机会跟朝中大臣接触。 As long as can in the Hidden Text Pavilion informed and experienced 1~2 year, manifestation County Overseer that be issue does not have. 但凡能在秘文阁历练个一两年,外放郡守那是一点问题都没有。 Then, how can not cause the stir in the government and people, suddenly, the countless youth talents show special prowess, is ordinary like eight immortals crossing the sea, asks around the news, asks somebody to ask for leniency, to seek a position. 如此一来,怎能不在朝野引起轰动,一时间,无数青年才俊各显神通,就像八仙过海一般,四处打探消息,托人说情,以谋取一个职位。 Regarding this matter, Ouyang Shuo is actually the plenary powers junction by Cabinet, no longer inquired about. 对于此事,欧阳朔却是全权交由内阁,不再过问。 3 : 00 pm. 下午三时。 After signing and issuing appointing and dismissing decree, Ouyang Shuo summoned High Court Pavilion Great Wielder Zhang Liang in Imperial Study. 签发任免旨意之后,欧阳朔御书房召见资政阁大学士张良 Along with the change of Hidden Text Pavilion, Imperial Study structure with adjustment, Cyan Garments will also take the Hidden Text Pavilion senior yamen official, no longer directly in the Imperial Study work, but separately a arranged room by Imperial Study. 随着秘文阁的变动,御书房格局也将跟着调整,青衣作为秘文阁堂官,将不再直接在御书房办公,而是在御书房旁边另行安排一个房间。 That region is also Hidden Text Pavilion Yamen, has the front door of independent turnover. 那片区域同时也将是秘文阁衙门,拥有独立进出的大门。 Between two regions keeps a leafed door, Ouyang Shuo can already enter Imperial Study from the main entrance, can enter the Hidden Text Pavilion office district across this leafed door, leaves from there again. 两个区域之间留着一扇门,欧阳朔既可以从正门进入御书房,也能穿过这扇门进入秘文阁的办公区,再从那里离开。 So had guaranteed Cyan Garments and the others can enter into recognizances, has guaranteed the Imperial Study privacy. 如此即保证了青衣等人能随传随到,也保证了御书房的隐私。 At present, big Imperial Study except for Ouyang Shuo this person, only then follows in the court lady who side Ouyang Shuo takes care his personal habits. 眼下,诺大的御书房除了欧阳朔本人,就只有一位跟在欧阳朔身边服侍他饮食起居的女官。 Out of the door is standing one team of Divine Military Guard, momentarily waits for orders. 门外则站着一队神武卫,随时候命。 General of the Guard Xu Chu was determined to stand guard personally, was overruled by Ouyang Shuo, Xu Chu now is Fourth Class Great General, how daily stands guard is a truth. 原本卫将军许褚执意要亲自站岗,被欧阳朔否决了,许褚现在好歹是正四品大将,天天站岗是怎么个道理。 Although so, frank Xu Chu has supposed drill grounds in Imperial Study partial courtyard, assumes personal command in that personally. Once there is any situation, Xu Chu may bring Divine Military Guard to rush to Imperial Study in five minutes. 虽如此,直性子的许褚还是在御书房偏院设了一个校场,亲自在那坐镇。一旦有什么情况,许褚可带着神武卫在五分钟内赶到御书房 Because Ouyang Shuo is familiar in Imperial Study discusses official business with Chancellor, discussed that the matter often involves the Dynasty Court top secret, court lady who takes care as on the scene only bystander, must have absolute loyalty to Ouyang Shuo. 因为欧阳朔习惯在御书房大臣们议事,所谈之事又往往牵扯到朝廷最高机密,服侍的女官作为在场唯一的“外人”,就必须对欧阳朔有着绝对的忠诚 Moreover the mouth must especially strict, cannot reveal half character outward. 而且嘴巴还要格外的严,不能对外泄露半个字。 At present had not found the appropriate candidate, can only serve in Imperial Study by Zi Su personally. 眼下还没找到合适人选,只能由紫苏亲自在御书房伺候着。 Ouyang Shuo takes back the train of thought that puts down the teacup, to sitting Zhang Liang under hall said: Hidden Text Pavilion has adjustment, High Court Pavilion must move.” 欧阳朔收回思绪,放下茶杯,对坐在堂下的张良说道:“秘文阁调整,资政阁这边也要动一动。” No one has thought that Ouyang Shuo why adjustment two centers. 谁也没想到,欧阳朔为何调整两个中枢。
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