TME :: Volume #18

#1783: Long Muxue blade

Cold!” “冷!” The minute is flying to escape to heaven with Ao Bai, haughty Bai Hunshen is fighting the shiver, just liked receives the mortal of cold same to groan in a low voice. The cold sweat seeps out from his bluish white skin unceasingly, he behind almost deducts in two wounds not to have the blood plasma to brave the blood of his within the body his upper part almost to fall in torrents! 分身带着敖白向天庭飞遁的时候,敖白浑身打着寒战,犹如一个受了风寒的凡人一样低声的呻吟着。冷汗不断从他青白色的皮肤中渗出,他身后几乎将他的上半身劈成两段的伤口内已经没有血浆冒出来他体内的鲜血几乎都倾泻一空! By tyrannical vitalities of Zulong nine child bi xie, the blood almost time of haughty white within the body, his huge Blood Essence energy cannot give his body supplement unexpectedly, even if newborn blood! 以祖龙九子之一赑屃的强横生命力,敖白体内的鲜血几乎流光,他庞大的精血能量居然没能给他的身体补充哪怕一滴新生的血液! Ji Hao does several things at the same time by the wound that Ao Bai carries on the back, can see the internal organs in his chest cavity clearly. Wound flood white, just likes the dead fish eye same blanch, the Ji Hao finger has pressed the wound nearby body gently, the tentacle ice-cold, the muscle bubble is greasy, probably had been soaked half a month corpse by the sewage of Yingouli. 姬昊分身透过敖白背上的伤口,能够清楚的看到他胸腔中的内脏。伤口泛白,犹如死鱼眼睛一样的发白,姬昊手指轻轻的按了一下伤口附近的皮肉,触手冰冷、肌肉泡腻腻的,就好像被阴沟里的污水浸泡了半个月的尸体。 What witch Bi uses is what ghost thing?” The Ji Hao startled sound shouts a question: Is Tu Long technique that is also the mystique that the voodoo mixes to make incantations becomes, but that handle blade “巫弼用的是什么鬼东西?”姬昊惊声喝问:“就算是屠龙术那也是巫毒混合巫咒而成的秘法,但是那柄刀” Ao Bai has opened the eye reluctantly, he clenches teeth to mutter in a low voice: In brief, is not good thing, damn makes them retreat!” 敖白勉强睁开了眼睛,他咬着牙低声咕哝道:“总之,不是好东西,该死的让他们撤退!” Ao Bai and Ji Hao escaping light is too quick, they clash from heaven, has hit in Pu Ban, following the dragon clan armies who Ao Bai comes to arrive at the halfway. Ji Hao brings to withdraw heaven haughtily in vain, happen to the overhead bumped into these dragon clan Warrior, Ao Bai the hurried hissing screamed: Retreats, retreats, one group of scoundrel bastards, this matter, you cannot mix!” 敖白和姬昊的遁光太快,他们从天庭冲出来,已经在蒲阪打了一场,追随敖白而来的龙族大军才到了半路。姬昊带着敖白撤回天庭,正好当头撞见了这些龙族战士,敖白急忙嘶声尖叫起来:“撤退,撤退,一群混账崽子,这事情,你们掺合不得!” The Ji Hao brow selects, Ao Bai the saying somewhat is quite mysterious. 姬昊眉头一挑,敖白的这话颇有几分玄妙。 What is called this matter, ‚can't they mix? A little meaning, really a little meaning, listens to this saying, what Ao did Bai as if know? 什么叫做这事情,‘他们掺合不得’?有点意思,真的有点意思,听这话,敖白似乎知道了一些什么? Ji Hao turned head to look, happen to saw that Wu Bi Jie Jie was grinning fiendishly, grasped that handle scarlet long blade, swung the innumerable remnant shades, bringing everywhere black smog to pursue tightly. Wu Bi's escaping speed is only astonishing, just likes the ghosts and demons same has delimited void, during several twinkles pursued Ji Hao behind, in the hand the long blade swung the blood light to divide together maliciously. 姬昊回头望了过去,正好看到巫弼‘桀桀’狞笑着,手持那柄血色长刀,荡起了无数条残影,带着漫天黑色烟雾紧追了上来。巫弼的遁光速度惊人,犹如鬼魅一样划过虚空,几个闪烁间就追到了姬昊身后,手中长刀荡起一道血光狠狠劈下。 The Pangu clock swung slightly ripples, chaos aura that just the relaxed severe wound Ao Bai the scarlet long blade and Pangu clock emitted fierce was dashing. Ji Hao narrowed the eye, he in the blood light that can emit from this long blade has not felt any pressure! 盘古钟荡起了微微涟漪,刚刚轻松重伤了敖白的血色长刀和盘古钟放出的混沌气息剧烈的冲撞着。姬昊眯起了眼睛,他没能从这长刀放出的血光中感受到任何压力! Wu Bi's blade, compared with common Emperor Wu where strikes not to snatch to go fully, how so relaxed severely wounded Ao Bai? 巫弼的这一刀,比起寻常巫帝的全力一击也抢不到哪里去,怎么会如此轻松重伤敖白? Go away!” Ji Hao cried loud and long, the yawn has spouted a golden flame. With the aid of the huge strength that holding a Sangmu branch contains, the golden flame of Ji Hao blowout has covered surrounding area several thousand li (0.5km) void of instantaneously. Wu Bi Dai the big piece remnant shade vanished by flame one volume immediately without a trace, has the big piece golden color flame to attach on his main body, burns his whole body black air/Qi to fill the air, on the skin split the big piece blister. “滚!”姬昊长啸一声,张口喷出了一道金色火光。借助扶桑木一条枝桠蕴藏的庞大力量,姬昊喷出的金色火焰瞬间覆盖了方圆数千里的虚空。巫弼带起的大片残影被火光一卷顿时消失得无影无踪,更有大片金色火焰附着在他本体上,烧得他浑身黑气弥漫,皮肤上裂开了大片水泡。 „The Ji Hao young child, always one day makes you attractive!” Wu Bi eats the pain, is not angry, he looks fierce smiled several to Ji Hao strangely, the body had the enormous arc, during the twinkles to cross Ji Hao and Ao Bai in a flash suddenly together, intrudes in dragon clan armies who came enormously and powerful. 姬昊小儿,总有一日让你好看!”巫弼吃痛,却并不恼怒,他龇牙咧嘴的向姬昊怪笑了几声,身体一晃骤然带起一道极大的弧线,闪烁间越过了姬昊和敖白,闯入了浩浩荡荡而来的龙族大军中。 Over a thousand wear heavy Armor Flood Dragon to face upward the long and loud cry, their group forms an army to rush to witch Bi, clear water golden long halberd is leading innumerable Lei Guang, gathers the electricity dragon that reaches the hundred zhang (333m) thickly to rumble maliciously on Wu Bi. 上千头身披重甲的蛟龙仰天长啸,他们组成军阵向巫弼冲了上去,清一水儿金色的长戟带着无数条雷光,汇聚成一条粗达百丈的电龙狠狠轰在了巫弼身上。 Wu Bi's body blasted out, changes into the big piece black air/Qi to bind the innumerable remnant shades to crash in these Flood Dragon armed forces, the electricity dragon blasted out, actually cannot bump into his body, in Wu Bi hand the scarlet long blade wields, blood rainbow tearing was void, over a thousand minimum self-torture ten thousand years and Magic Power abundant * tyrannical Flood Dragon with one voice wail, their bodies just liked the bean curd are ripped open by the blade light equally, over a thousand leading Qi Qifei got up. 巫弼的身体炸开,化为大片黑气裹着无数条残影冲进了这些蛟龙的军阵中,电龙炸开,却没能碰到他身体,巫弼手中血色长刀一挥,一条血虹撕裂虚空,上千头起码苦修万年、法力雄厚*强横的蛟龙齐声哀鸣,他们的身体犹如豆腐一样被刀光撕开,上千颗龙头齐齐飞起。 Damn, damn, damn, retreats, retreats, retreats!” Ao Bai cried loud and long fierce, he turned the head to roar fiercely toward Ji Hao: Ji Hao, blocks Wu Bi, saves my clan soldier, calculates after my brother nine owe you a favour, my Long Zuquan clan, whatever you dispatch nine times at will!” “该死,该死,该死,撤退,撤退,撤退!”敖白厉声长啸,他猛地转过头来朝姬昊咆哮道:“姬昊,挡住巫弼,救下我族儿郎,算我兄弟九个欠你一份人情以后我龙族全族任凭你随意调遣九次!” Nine times?” Ji Hao looks at Ao Bai with amazement, then he had a scare by the haughty white words fiercely: Your brothers nine? Zulong nine, is it possible that all “九次?”姬昊骇然看着敖白,然后他猛地被敖白的话吓了一大跳:“你兄弟九个?祖龙九子,莫非全都” Haughty white looked at Ji Hao one, cold sound shouted to clear the way: My Long Clan has plundered the Pangu world innumerable years, acquired all can the talent treasure of precise law body pound completely, making our brothers nine re-enter in society to be very difficult?” 敖白森森的看了姬昊一眼,冷声喝道:“我龙族搜刮了盘古世界无数年,收集到的所有能够凝炼法体的天才地宝全部砸了进去,让我们兄弟九个重回世间很难么?” Your dragon clan plans to suffice big good, you owe me a favour, whatever entire Long Clan I expel nine times!” Ji Hao looks at Ao Bai fiercely, by the haughty white condition was made heart liver and lungs is shivering all over. Actually that handle scarlet long blade in Wu is Bi hand what origin? Is worth the haughty white under such big qualification? “你们龙族谋算可真够大的好,你们欠我一个人情,整个龙族任凭我驱遣九次!”姬昊龇牙咧嘴的看着敖白,被敖白的这个条件弄得心肝肺子都在乱颤。巫弼手中的那柄血色长刀究竟是什么来历?值得敖白下这么大的本钱? If not face the disaster of extermination of the clan 如果不是面临灭族之灾 Ji Hao startled has fought a shiver spirit, scarlet long blade in Wu the Bi hand, possibly created the disaster of extermination of the clan to the dragon clan? How possible? Actually is this scarlet long blade what origin? Looked that Ao Bai the meaning he knows, but visits him now the worn out countenance, he will not tell the Ji Hao truth obviously. 姬昊激灵灵打了个寒战,巫弼手中的血色长刀,可能对龙族造成灭族之灾?怎么可能?这血色长刀究竟是什么来历?看敖白的意思他是知道的,但是看他现在有气无力的嘴脸,他显然是不会告诉姬昊真相的。 Suddenly together is much stronger, is extremely ancient and fills the beastly nature dragon air/Qi to drop from the clouds, a whole body is densely covered the sincere green scale, the main item, but the person, about 12 ten feets in height dragon clan robust mans treadonned the floating clouds to fall side Ji Hao, nodded to Ji Hao with deep veneration: „The Ji Hao Great Emperor, asked to be small eight junctions in me is.” 骤然间一道强得可怕,极其古老、充满兽性的龙气从天而降,一头浑身密布着厚重的青色鳞片,龙头而人身,身高12丈左右的龙族壮汉脚踏浮云落到了姬昊身边,肃然向姬昊点了点头:“姬昊大帝,拜托了将小八交于我就是。” Ji Hao looked at this whole body densely covered green Long Lin dragon clan robust man, has a look at Ao Bai who feels relieved again, threw him conveniently: May I ask you are?” 姬昊看了一眼这浑身密布青色龙鳞的龙族壮汉,再看看如释重负的敖白,随手将他丢了过去:“敢问您是?” Imprisons the cow!” The robust mans received Ao Bai, pulls out has the common number of people size pill pill to force in Ao Bai the mouth, very earnest saying: This male servant gave you or, so long as you snatched that handle blade, I will let beginning this witch [lineage/vein] small mixed - knows broken the whole body bone was ground froth is any taste!” “囚牛!”壮汉接过敖白,掏出一颗足足有寻常人头大小的‘丹丸’塞进敖白嘴里,很认真的说道:“这厮就交给您了或者,您只要抢了那柄刀,俺会让这初巫一脉的小杂-碎知道浑身骨头被碾成沫儿是什么滋味!” Imprisons is that scarlet long blade that the cow and Ao Bai dread! 囚牛和敖白忌惮的都是那口血色的长刀! Ji Hao looks up, Wu Bi has blamed to intrude in the dragon clan army formation with a smile, in his hand the long blade wields, is several main items soars high. These time was cut by him is not hybrid Flood Dragon that kills, but is pure blood Long Clan, several ancient Dragon King of leading was grieved shouts abuse, the vulgar language emerges one after another incessantly. 姬昊抬头望去,巫弼已经怪笑着闯入了龙族大军队列中,他手中长刀一挥,又是十几颗龙头高高飞起。这一次被他斩杀的不是混血蛟龙,而是纯血龙族,带队的几头古龙王已经心痛得破口大骂,污言秽语层出不穷。 What did that blade call?” Ji Hao blasts out, changes into everywhere Mars to rush to witch Bi, simultaneously he inquired that loudly imprisons the origin of cow blade. “那刀叫什么?”姬昊炸开,化为漫天火星向巫弼冲了上去,同时他大声询问囚牛这刀的来历。 Imprisoned the cow hesitant for a long time, when Ji Hao rushed to Wu Bi Shenbian, after changing into the big piece sea of fire Wu Bi twined stubbornly, imprisons the cow to think aloud that generally said: If right, perhaps and dragon mother related, but, she was suppressed appropriately how can, how be able 囚牛犹豫了许久,等到姬昊已经冲到了巫弼身边,化为大片火海将巫弼死死缠绕住后,囚牛才自言自语一般说道:“若是没错的话,或许和‘龙母’有关吧但是,她被镇压得妥妥当当的怎会,怎会” Long Mu? 龙母? Ji Hao stayed, the sea of fire has stagnated suddenly the flash, almost made witch Bi Chenji chop a blade.( To be continued.) 姬昊呆了呆,火海骤然凝滞了一瞬间,差点让巫弼趁机又劈出了一刀。(未完待续。)
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