TME :: Volume #18

#1778: Human Race messenger

In Pyramid, by circular conference site, over a hundred Yu Clan aristocrat static standing out of respect. 金字塔内,圆形的会场旁,上百虞族贵族静静的肃立。 Innumerable thumb sizes, all over the body glittering and translucent carving black quartz scorpion rustling sound climbed up the wall, in their scarlet pupils spouts faint trace extremely thin red light, changed into a big net to camouflage the entire conference site. 无数拇指大小、通体晶莹剔透的黑色水晶蝎子‘悉悉索索’的爬上了墙壁,他们猩红色的眸子里喷出一丝丝极细的红光,化为一张大网将整个会场遮蔽了起来。 Yu Hu curious has bumped together careful red light with the finger, listens to scoff at a sound, his index finger nail was hit crushes, a fearful violent poisonousness just likes the flood equally from the nail place of disruption to his body invasion. Yu Hu knit the brows, his entire palm changes into the silver-white metal material quality suddenly, the dark green toxic gas has twined one on his palm, finally diverges slowly. 虞囫好奇的用手指碰了一下一道细细的红光,就听‘啪嗤’一声响,他的食指指甲被打得粉碎,一股可怕的剧毒犹如洪水一样从碎裂的指甲处向他身体侵入。虞囫皱了皱眉,他的整个手掌骤然化为银白色的金属材质,墨绿色的毒气在他手掌上缠绕了一阵,最终缓缓散去。 Really fearful Yu Hu signals by nodding to several curious Yu Clan aristocrats, cautiously has replied the original condition the right hand. Sees him to be exquisite the smooth shining white flesh became the withered atrophy, on the skin split the innumerable extremely thin gaps, faint trace residual toxic gas spreads unceasingly from the opening, in the air fills the flavor that a faint trace is irritating the nose. “真可怕”虞囫向身边几个好奇的虞族贵族点头示意,小心翼翼的将右手回复了原状。就见他原本细腻光滑的莹白肌肤已经变得干瘪萎缩,皮肤上裂开了无数极细的缺口,一丝丝残留的毒气不断从裂口中扩散开来,空气中弥漫着一丝丝刺鼻的味道。 Yu Hu Yu Clan aristocrats pupil simultaneously concentrates, they to feel the heart that these small crystal scorpions have violently poisonously startled, to Yu Hu strange feels to envy the ability of body instantaneous metallization, enough inside story that because also Yu Meng displays felt felt relieved. 虞囫身边的虞族贵族们瞳孔同时一凝,他们对这些小小的水晶蝎子拥有的剧毒感到心惊,对虞囫奇异的将身体瞬间金属化的能力感到羡慕,同时也因为虞蒙表现出的足够底蕴感到了放心。 This colonizing alliance, can stand the human very much obviously in this conference site is not simple. 这个殖民联盟,很显然能够站在这个会场的人都不简单。 Brothers, very happy everybody can appear here.” The skin was superficial, exchanges one set of gold to fight Armor, Yu Meng who grasped the huge scepter appeared center the conference site, he raised slightly to express best wishes to all around Yu Clan aristocrats, temperate saying: Everybody or has represented himself, or has represented some association since however arrived here, showed that we have the common interest demand!” “兄弟们,很高兴大家能够出现在这里。”皮肤泛黑,换上了一套黄金战甲,手持巨大权杖的虞蒙出现在会场正中,他向四周的虞族贵族们欠身致意,温和的说道:“大家或者代表了自己,或者代表了某个团体但是既然来到了这里,就证明我们有共同的利益诉求!” Benefit! ‘利益’! In Yu Clan aristocrats pupil none remaining twinkle, strange and formidable strength fluctuations unceasing spreads from their bodies. These come from many strange colonizing world, contained the strength fluctuation of different principle rhyme to attack to collide mutually, swung one * the naked eye obvious ripples in the air. 虞族贵族们眸子里精光闪烁,一道道奇异而强大的力量波动不断的从他们身体内扩散开来。这些来自诸多奇异的殖民世界,蕴藏了不同法则道韵的力量波动相互冲击碰撞,在空气中荡起了一*肉眼可见的涟漪。 Yu Hu body rocked slightly, he felt all around to be extremely formidable, the fearful oppression strength. His cannot help but peak however changes countenance, he just broke through the strength limit today, the feelings to the main road source of plate jin world. These Yu Clan aristocrats of his side, many people enter this boundary to have many years, their strengths compared with Yu Hu formidable ten times and hundred times 虞囫的身体微微晃动了一下,他感受到了四周极其强大、可怕的压迫力。他不由得耸然动容,他在今天才刚刚突破力量极限,感触到了盘琻世界的大道本源。他身边的这些虞族贵族,许多人进入这个境界已经有很多年,他们的力量比虞囫强大了十倍、百倍 In brief, very formidable, Yu Hu the strength in these veterans Yu front, seems the baby equally is immature. 总而言之,非常的强大,虞囫的这点力量在这些老资格的‘虞’面前,就好似婴孩一样稚嫩。 „A more formidable strength, has represented bigger interests!” In Yu Huxin flood mighty waves, he has been smiling nod, to colonizing these representatives of alliance demonstrated the strength that expressed satisfaction. “越强大的力量,代表了越大的利益!”虞囫心中泛起了点点波澜,他微笑着点了点头,对殖民联盟的这些代表展示出的力量表示满意。 We have the formidable strength, occupied the territory of length and breadth, our subordinates have are brave in battle innumerably, and loyal reliable Warrior, our armies, if gathers in together, covers several hundred world sufficiently the sky, overspreads several thousand world the earth.” Yu Meng voice is very resonant, is passing a strange flavor. “我们拥有强大的力量,占据了广袤的领地,我们麾下有无数英勇善战且忠诚可靠的战士,我们的军队若是汇聚在一起,足以遮盖数百个世界的天空,铺满数千个世界的大地。”虞蒙的声音很嘹亮,透着一丝奇异的韵味。 What is, lets our living secretly here? The benefit, only has the benefit!” Yu Mengchen sound shouted to clear the way: We need to protect our interests, protects we are fair and reasonable benefit. Exactly said that we must from certain be decayed and greedy in the person hand, brings back our invaded benefits.” “是什么,让我们偷偷的聚居在这里?利益,唯有利益!”虞蒙沉声喝道:“我们需要保护自己的利益,保护我们‘合情、合理’的利益。确切的说,我们要从某些‘腐朽而贪婪’的人手中,取回我们被侵占的利益。” In not the big conference site, over a hundred Yu Clan aristocrat also gasped for breath. 不大的会场内,上百虞族贵族同时喘了一口气。 We are the plate Yu's descendants, on us is flowing similarly the plate Yu's bloodlines.” Yu Meng very powerful saying: Why we laborious, laugh in the face of death the benefit that comes, can be taken away the major part by certain the people of sitting idle and enjoying the fruits?” “我们都是盘虞的子孙,我们身上同样流动着盘虞的血脉。”虞蒙很有力的说道:“为什么我们辛辛苦苦、舍生忘死得来的利益,要被某些坐享其成的人拿走绝大部分?” Yu Clan aristocrats pupil optical scintillation, in abundance nod. 虞族贵族们眸光闪烁,纷纷点头。 They have monopolized too many authorities, they monopolized too many resources in Yu Meng hand the scepter to refer to the forehead on the scene setting upright Yu who’ the item has not melted one by one: What do they use to control us? Threatens us? Um?” “他们垄断了太多的权力,他们垄断了太多的资源”虞蒙手中权杖逐个指了指在场的眉心竖目还没有化去的‘虞’:“他们用什么控制我们?威胁我们?嗯?” Our ancestors, or we, we do not have according to wretchedly when the road of stepping expedition, they have not given us any assistance. When we have conquered and two and a three new world with great difficulty, when we saved a wee bit family properties with great difficulty, why we must have no alternative our benefits and our wealth initiative gives to them?” “我们的先祖,或者我们自己,我们孤苦无依的踏上远征之路时,他们没有给我们任何的协助。当我们好不容易的征服了一个、两个、三个的新世界,当我们好不容易积攒了一丁点的家底,我们为什么要无可奈何的将我们的利益、我们的财富主动的献给他们?” Monopoly, they have monopolized plate Yu Shengxue!” Yu Meng exclaimed loudly: Plate Yu Shengxue, makes our these so-called bloodlines are inferior small family clansman goes to the forehead to set upright the item, lets the soul sublimation and transformation, lets plate Yu Shengxue who we are separated from the life limit.” “垄断,他们垄断了盘虞圣血!”虞蒙大声吼道:“盘虞圣血,让我们这些所谓的‘血脉低劣’的小家族族人化去眉心竖目,让灵魂升华、蜕变,让我们脱离寿命局限的盘虞圣血。” So long as grasped this, they absolutely do not need to be afraid us to be separated from their control nobody not to think eternal immortal, but we eternal immortal price, is we must lowly kneeling before them, offers our family major part the wealth.” “只要掌握了这个,他们就绝对不用害怕我们会脱离他们的掌控没人不想永恒不朽,但是我们永恒不朽的代价,是我们必须卑贱的跪在他们面前,献上我们家族绝大部分的财富。” This is inappropriate!” Yu Mengleng sound said: This is inappropriate, this is inappropriate. Perhaps they should gain part of benefits, but should not be these many. Perhaps they should obtain an authority, but should not be these many.” “这不合适!”虞蒙冷声说道:“这不合适真的,这一点儿都不合适。他们或许应该得到一部分利益,但是不应该是这么多。他们或许应该得到一点权力,但是也不该是这么多。” We! Now occupied Yu Clan integral force majority of us, should have!” Yu Mengchi - bare - bare saying: We colonize the brothers of alliance, we should hold our benefits, we should gain a bigger authority, we should have a higher status, are least, we must treat as an equal with these damn top respected families, this is just!” “我们!如今占据了虞族整体力量大部分的我们,应该拥有更多!”虞蒙赤-裸-裸的说道:“我们殖民联盟的兄弟们,我们应该保有我们的利益,我们应该获取更大的权力,我们应该拥有更高的地位,最少,我们要和那些该死的顶级大家族平起平坐,这样才是公平合理的!” The Yu Clan aristocrats in conference site greatly have simultaneously drunk one, they applaud to approve of Yu Meng words in abundance. 会场内的虞族贵族们同时大喝了一声,他们纷纷鼓掌赞同虞蒙的话。 For example, that precious plate Yu Shengxue, we should also gain enough share again.” Yu Meng smiles was looking that had set upright Yu who’ the item exists as before to Yu Hu and other forehead: In brief, the entire Yu Clan authority constitution and benefit division, need to obtain enough change.” “再比如,那珍贵的盘虞圣血,我们也应该获取足够的份额。”虞蒙微笑着看向了虞囫等眉心竖目依旧存在的‘虞’:“总而言之,整个虞族的权力构成、利益划分,需要得到足够的改变。” Shrugs the shoulders, Yu Mengwei said with a smile: For this change, we had the preliminary motion therefore previous time, the allies of our other families, is everybody knows, God Ji Hao of Pangu world, Pangu world Yu, he has carried on a perfect and astonishing raid, with our help, this motion gained the enormous success!” 耸耸肩膀,虞蒙微笑道:“为了这个改变,我们已经有了初步的行动所以上一次,我们的某位外族的盟友,也就是大家都知道的,盘古世界的天帝姬昊,盘古世界的‘虞’,他进行了一次完美而惊人的突袭行动,在我们的帮助下,这次行动获取了极大的成功!” But this success is insufficient, the motion of Ji Hao is only the method, is we delays certain person steps the method we, if wants in the Pangu world, in the Pangu world gain decisive victory, we need a more formidable ally, the method of need violence, the need is more decisive and effective motion.” “但是这点成功还不够,姬昊的行动只是手段,是我们延缓某些人步伐的手段我们如果想要在盘古世界,就在盘古世界获取决定性的胜利,我们需要更强大的盟友,需要更暴力的手段,需要更加果断而有效的行动。” Welcome we most honored guest, from Human Race messenger person 18 your excellency!” “欢迎我们最尊贵的客人,来自人族的使者人18阁下!” Yu Meng has referred to toward the corner of conference site, numerous Yu Clan aristocrat noticed that wears the homespun cloth long unlined close-fitting gown, the appearance is ordinary, in a manner terse Human Race youth's walked from shadow leaf of door.( To be continued.) 虞蒙向着会场的一角指了过去,众多虞族贵族就看到一名身穿粗布长衫,长相普通、神态精悍的人族青年从阴影中的一扇小门内走了出来。(未完待续。)
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