TME :: Volume #18

#1776: Difficult of transformation

Liangzhu, chaotic Liangzhu. 良渚,乱糟糟的良渚。 The innumerable Yu Clan aristocrat also struggles to snatch for the power and influence and benefit, the innumerable Jia Clan aristocrats in start to plot secretly mutually, similarly kills the rivers of blood for the power and influence and benefit. 无数虞族贵族还在为了权势和利益争来抢去,无数伽族贵族更是在暗地里相互下手暗算,同样为了权势和利益杀得血流成河。 Every night, in Liangzhu City the association are many many fresh corpses, into thin air that or many people can be quietly, thanks to private statute book, not discovered has not existed, everybody turns a blind eye to these corpses, but starts secretly more made a determined effort to burn several points. 每天夜里,良渚城中总会多出好些新鲜的尸体,或者有好些人会悄无声息的人间蒸发,托私密法典的福,没被发现的就没存在过,大家对这些尸体视若无睹,只是暗地里下手的时候越发狠辣了几分。 To this time, the ordinary Yu Clan aristocrat has not dared to approach Liangzhu City, only then these regardless of individual strength or the family influence greatly strengthened alien race, has the courage to blatantly seek publicity in Liangzhu City. The bad risk ruthless spicy competition method, one like Lang Tao Sha verse, already has repelled from this game these strength or the courage insufficient person. 到了这个时候,普通的虞族贵族已经不敢靠近良渚城,只有那些无论个人实力还是家族势力都极强的异族,才有胆子在良渚城招摇过市。凶险狠辣的竞争手段,一如大浪淘沙,已经将那些实力或者胆气不够的人从这场游戏中排斥了出去。 Outside the city an area not big manor, master originally does not know that which ice-cold moist earth pit lay down, Jia Clan Warrior guarding in groups in manor the places of various strategic points, the cold and gloomy vision was gazing at all around vigilantly. 城外一栋面积不大的庄园,原本的主人已经不知道躺在了哪个冰冷潮湿的土坑里,成群结队的伽族战士驻守在庄园的各处要害之地,森冷的目光警惕的注视着四周。 Outside the manor is an occupying land area enormous military compound, the intercourse of human form biology that the innumerable statures comprised of the precise steel work in the camp walks randomly, the serious body pressed out big holes in the ground. 庄园外是一处占地极大的军营,无数身躯由精密的金属构件组成的人形生物在营地中往来游走,沉重的身躯在地面上压出了一个个大坑。 Center the manor in an exquisite castle, a skin is superficial the light metallic luster Yu Clan man to sit on throne that in an alloy casts, the vertical stroke item of his forehead is beating fiercely, the innumerable all colors dim light wind to flow out from vertical, slowly jabbed into his about both eyes. 庄园正中一座精巧的城堡中,一名皮肤泛着淡淡金属光泽的虞族男子坐在一张合金铸成的宝座上,他眉心的竖目剧烈的跳动着,无数条五彩幽光从竖目中蜿蜒流出,慢慢的刺进了他的左右双眼中。 The cold sweat drops from this Yu Clan man forehead unceasingly, his body is shivering slightly, a strange fluctuation of energy unceasing sets upright the item to proliferate from his forehead. This strength extremely formidable and evil different, other furniture and furnishings in room slightly shivered, was having from the lignin that the most furniture was quietly turned into the metal quality of material. 冷汗不断从这名虞族男子额头上滴落,他身体微微颤抖着,一股奇异的能量波动不断的从他眉心竖目扩散开来。这股力量极其的强大而邪异,屋子里的家具和其他陈设品微微的颤抖着,已经有大半家具悄无声息的从木质变成了金属质地。 Dozens Yu Clan aristocrat stands in the corner in room cautiously, is the worry pleasantly surprised looks at this Yu Clan man light shining in all directions the eye pupil. The defense rare treasures of their supplement send out the light dim light, resists Yu Clan man forehead to set upright the fluctuation of energy that the item spreads with hardship. 数十名虞族贵族小心翼翼的站在房间的墙角里,又是担心又是惊喜的看着这虞族男子光芒四射的眼眸。他们身上配搭的防御秘宝散发出淡淡幽光,苦苦抵挡着虞族男子眉心竖目扩散开的能量波动。 Yu Clan youth both hands are gripping tightly the fist, stubbornly is staring in Yu Clan man forehead vertical that group of blurred multi- color rays, unceasingly in a low voice was muttering: Success, must succeed father, so long as you have succeeded, I 一名虞族青年双手紧握着拳头,死死的盯着虞族男子眉心竖目中那一团迷离的多彩光芒,不断低声的咕哝着:“成功,一定要成功父亲啊,你只要成功了,我” Not stuffy, Yu Clan man yawn has spat a blood. The steaming hot blood plasma just spurted liquid, landing time turned into a colorful alloy block. Blood clot in ground dingdong the beat several, Yu Clan man has opened the eye fiercely, about in both eyes a wisp cold and gloomy such as the cold brightness of blade dodges to pass. ‘唔’的一声闷哼,虞族男子张口吐了一口血。热腾腾的血浆刚刚喷出来的时候还是液体,落地的时候就已经变成了一块五彩斑斓的合金块。血块在地面上‘叮叮当当’的跳动了几下,虞族男子猛地睁开眼睛,左右双眼中一缕森冷如刀的寒光一闪而逝。 Father!” Just Yu Clan youth impatient has trod forward one step. “父亲!”刚刚的虞族青年迫不及待的向前踏了一步。 Yu Clan man frowns silent for a long time, his forehead sets upright an item of ray to past, he suddenly to one rack one finger in room corner, four full jade Fang Ding who above arranges biting a sound, transforms from the White jade quality of material as the pure gold stiffly. 虞族男子皱着眉头沉默了许久,他眉心竖目光芒流转,他突然向屋子角落里的一个架子一指,上面陈设的一口四足玉方鼎‘叮’的一声响,硬生生从白玉质地转化为纯金。 „Did you succeed?” Yu Clan youth hurried to closely examine one. “您成功了?”虞族青年赶紧追问了一声。 Success?” Yu Clan man puts out a hand to trace the forehead to set upright the item, he frowns silent one, nodded slowly: From now henceforth, I can say as Yu Hu. My strength has carried out thoroughly transformation, each part of my blood, my marrow and my body, is flooding ‚the plate jin world principle aura.” “成功?”虞族男子伸手摸了摸眉心竖目,他皱着眉头沉默了一阵,缓缓点了点头:“从今以后,我可以自称为‘虞囫’。我的力量已经彻底完成了转变,我的血液、我的骨髓、我的身体的每一个部分,都充斥着‘盘琻世界’的法则气息。” But is really because the bloodlines of our family are too humble?” Yu Hu man strokes the forehead of shining to set upright the item, quite a little worried sighing of: Soul transformation was defeated. Because of me in the reason of Pangu world? The clansmen of our these inferior families, said with them are really same, want to melt go to the forehead to set upright the item, making the soul transformation sublimate, must draw support “但是真的是因为我们家族的血脉太低贱么?”虞囫男子抚摸着流光溢彩的眉心竖目,颇有点苦恼的叹了一口气:“灵魂蜕变失败了。是因为我在盘古世界的缘故?还是,我们这些下等家族的族人,真的和他们所说一样,想要化去眉心竖目,让灵魂蜕变升华,就必须借助” Plate Yu Shengxue?” Yu Clan youth looks at Yu Hu cautiously: Father, that Yu Shengxue grasps merely in their hands!” “盘虞圣血?”虞族青年小心翼翼的看着虞囫:“父亲,那盘虞圣血仅仅掌握在他们手中!” Yu Hu stands up, he has arrived at the window, has shoved open the wooden window, looked to the manor the area general military compounds, looked that varied to these lusters, the human form biology of various different steel work comprised. 虞囫站起身来,他走到了窗边,推开了木窗,看向了庄园外占地面积广大的军营,看向了那些色泽各异,由各种不同金属构件组成的人形生物。 The plate jin world is a mysterious world, that world was ruled by the metal strength thoroughly, the indigenous inhabitant of world, is these * tyrannical, the battle efficiency astonishing metal biology. What is more attractive, this world is rich in various rare and precious metalliferous ore materials, even many precious incomparable innate materials, can the top material of casting innate Lingbao. 盘琻世界是一个神奇的世界,那个世界被金属力量彻底统治,世界的土著居民,就是这些*强横、战斗力惊人的金属生物。更诱人的是,这个世界盛产各种珍稀的金属矿材,其中甚至不乏珍贵无比的先天材料,可以铸造先天灵宝的顶级材料。 So may know the plate jin world the value, occupied the plate jin world, Yu Hu family is doomed to have boundless prospects. 如此可知盘琻世界的价值,占据了盘琻世界,虞囫的家族注定前途无量。 Yu Hu own intelligence also is very good, under his command, his family has only used for short over ten thousand years, has completed to conquering of plate jin world, he was the successful contact the main road source of plate jin world, comprehended a basic principle of plate jin world. 虞囫自身资质也很是不错,在他的统帅下,他的家族只用了短短上万年时间,就完成了对盘琻世界的征服,他更是成功的接触到了盘琻世界的大道本源,领悟了一丝盘琻世界的根本法则。 His strength can let the nonego metallization, has been able to control all metal divine creative force, his * transformed completes, comprehended the world principle, he can have Yu automatically title. 他的力量已经能够让外物金属化,已经可以控制身边的一切金属造物,他的*已经蜕变完成,领悟了世界法则,他就可以自动拥有‘虞’的头衔。 However a forehead pupil does not have the words that the transformation sublimates, the most important soul is unable to complete the transformation 但是眉心道眸没有蜕变升华的话,最重要的灵魂无法完成蜕变 To high on the 3rd in nine months on, although after I died makes my soul your part to the high glory, but why don't I pursue the eternal life? So long as lifts the hand to trace the forehead to set upright the item, Yu Hu clenches teeth cold -ly snorted and said: With the aid of plate Yu Shengxue, I can indeed complete the soul transformation directly however, but, you know their conditions.” “至高的三日九月在上,虽然在我死后让我的灵魂成为你们的一部分是至高的荣耀,但是我为什么不追求永恒的生命呢?只要”抬手摸了摸眉心竖目,虞囫咬着牙冷哼道:“借助盘虞圣血,我的确可以直接完成灵魂蜕变但是,但是,你们知道他们的条件。” Wanted to control on plate Yu Shengxue family from these, gained least bit help to go to the forehead to set upright the item, plate Yu Shengxue who let the soul thorough sublimation, means that Yu Hu must completely let loose the plate jin world to some top respected family, demonstrated to give them all information of this world, the plate jin world also will be henceforth same as other colonizing world, becomes some respected family plunders, the object of squeezing recklessly. 想要从那些掌控了盘虞圣血的家族手上,获取一丝半点帮助化去眉心竖目,让灵魂彻底升华的盘虞圣血,就意味着虞囫必须向某个顶级大家族完全放开盘琻世界,将这个世界的一切信息展示给他们,从此盘琻世界也将和其他所有的殖民世界一样,成为某个大家族肆意掠夺、压榨的对象。 How many incomes will they take away plate jin world? 他们会拿走盘琻世界多少收益? 99%? 98%? Not is slightly greedy, according to the most preferential 95% proportions, takes away the plate jin world every year 95% incomes? For drop of plate Yu Shengxue, must betray the world of entire family laborious ten thousand years of conquering! 99?98?或者,稍微不怎么贪婪的,按照最优惠的95的比例,拿走盘琻世界每年95的收益?就为了一滴盘虞圣血,就要出卖整个家族辛苦万年征服的世界! Perhaps, I must look for the condition that Yu Meng he puts forward, seems very good.” Yu Hu a lower jaw: „Do you think? In order to monopolize the benefit of plate jin world, we as if indeed need some allies.” “或许,我要去找虞蒙他提出来的条件,似乎很不错。”虞囫吧嗒了一下嘴:“你们认为呢?为了独占盘琻世界的利益,我们似乎的确需要一些盟友。” Yu Hu as if to encourage to oneself, he thought aloud: Before today, I do not dare they to form an alliance with Yu Meng, is afraid by their one is swallowed, but now, I had and their equal dialog strength, then why not?” 虞囫似乎是为了给自己鼓劲,他自言自语道:“在今天之前,我不敢和虞蒙他们结盟,是害怕被他们一口吞下但是现在,我拥有了和他们平等对话的力量,那么为什么不呢?” After the quarter, a horse car dealership left the manor, speeds away to go to the military compound direction that Yu hoodwinks.( To be continued.) 一刻钟后,一架马车行出了庄园,向虞蒙的军营方向疾驰而去。(未完待续。)
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