TGR :: Volume #15

#1491: Eternal Immortal Body present world

Bang! 轰! The silver-colored mighty current passes through the world, short after counting breaths, then in that countless people shock vision, wreaked havoc with that the black White Dragon volume storm hit that came in one. 银河般的洪流贯穿天地,短短数息之后,便是在那无数道震动的目光中,与那肆虐而来的黑白龙卷风暴撞击在了一起。 The shock-wave that the instance of hit, unable described swept away, the entire earth was razed, under 100,000 li (0.5km), only has that dark red mountain to be entirely still, other all, all destruction under that shock-wave... 撞击的瞬间,无法形容的冲击波横扫开来,整个大地都是被夷为平地,下方100000里内,唯有着那座暗红大山纹丝不动,其余一切,皆是在那种冲击波之下毁灭... All vision, tight is looking at the place of that collision, there space crazy avalanche, silver-colored mighty current disruption fast, powerful Spiritual Energy impact of unable imagination. 所有的目光,都是紧紧的望着那碰撞之处,那里的空间疯狂的崩塌,银河般的洪流飞快的碎裂,无法想象的强悍灵力冲击而出。 But under the impact of this terrifying, that as if no speed of black and white storm super revolving may prevent , started to present slowing down, obviously was contain strength by silver-colored mighty current rapid counter-balance. 而在这种恐怖的冲击下,那仿佛无可阻挡的黑白风暴高速旋转的速度,也是开始出现了减缓,显然是其中所蕴含的力量在被银河洪流迅速的抵消。 The silver-colored mighty current becomes at naked eye obvious speed thin, so after several minutes, that contain Mu Chen this sovereign / True Body, Avatar as well as true dragon, true phoenix complete Spiritual Energy, dissipated in this time completely... 银河洪流以肉眼可见的速度变得稀薄,如此数分钟后,其中那蕴含牧尘本尊,化身以及真龙,真凤的全部灵力,都是在此时消散殆尽... ! 嗤嗤! originally passes through the mighty current of world, changes into the luminous spot, falls gently under. 原本贯穿天地的洪流,化为光点,飘落而下。 However, when the silver mighty current dissipation, the black and white storm of that revolving, exudes the sound of grating creaking unexpectedly, then idle time gradually, just likes together the black and white wind column, between static standing erect and world. 不过,在银色洪流消散时,那旋转的黑白风暴,竟然也是发出刺耳的嘎吱之声,然后渐渐的停歇下来,犹如一道黑白的风柱,静静的矗立与天地间。 . 咔嚓。 Suddenly, has the crack to reappear from that black and white storm, then spread fast, has filled each corner, but black and white storm, exudes the sound in this time, in the vision of that innumerable [say / way] shocking, the disruption avalanche gets down... 忽然间,有着裂纹自那黑白风暴上浮现,接着飞快的蔓延开来,弥漫了每一个角落,而黑白风暴,也是在此时发出咔嚓之声,在那无数道震骇的目光中,碎裂崩塌下来... Unexpectedly... Resisted...” “竟然...抵挡下来了...” Outside Eternal Pagoda, the sounds of shocks resound, numerous powerhouse look at each other in shock, all feel difficult believing, must know that by Mohe You strength, displays this rank the technique of Divine Ability, may be under basically Saint Level is difficult to seek the rival, but unexpectedly, Mu Chen as before was resists. 万古塔外,一道道震撼的声音响起,众多强者面面相觑,皆是感到难以置信,要知道,以摩诃幽实力,施展出这种等级的神通之术,基本可算是圣品之下难觅敌手,但出人意料的是,牧尘依旧是抵挡下来了。 Above that stage, Mohe Tian complexion slightly pale is looking at this, in the eye full is the color of hidden in the shade, in its behind, these Ancient Mohe Clan Elder is look at each other in shock, difficult believes the present brutal fact. 那高台之上,摩诃天面色略显铁青的望着这一幕,眼中满是阴翳之色,在其后面,那些摩诃古族长老更是面面相觑,难以相信眼前的残酷事实。 No matter they are willing to believe that fact puts at present. 然而不管他们愿不愿意相信,事实都摆在了眼前。 Your this son, is a little fierce...” Futu Xuan is looking at present this, finally sighed, said to Qing Yanjing. “你这个儿子,是有点厉害...”浮屠玄怔怔的望着眼前这一幕,最后感叹了一声,冲着清衍静说道。 On the cheeks of Qing Yanjing same is the somewhat surprised color, obviously anticipated regarding this result same contrary , but hears the Futu Xuan sound, she also cannot help but shows a faint smile. 清衍静的脸颊上同样有些惊讶之色,显然对于这个结果同样出乎意料,不过听到浮屠玄的声音,她也是不由得微微一笑。 How possible...” “怎么可能...” When outside that Eternal Pagoda raises the difficult situation, that Mohe You I am also look gloomy looks at this, on the forehead the blue vein is beating unceasingly, the move of his so destruction, even if Ye Qing they must defeat without doubt, but at present, actually do nothing Spirit Level Late Phase Mu Chen?! 在那万古塔外掀起惊涛骇浪时,那摩诃幽本人也是眼神阴沉的望着这一幕,额头上青筋不断的跳动着,他这般毁灭之招,就算是叶擎他们都必败无疑,可眼下,却奈何不得一个灵品后期牧尘?! This bastard boy!” The Mohe You five fingers grip tightly, exude the sound of creaking, when that Ancient Buddha Clan, Mu Chen wants to contend with Xuan Lineage Mo Lineage two Lineage Head, actually can only rely on the Clan Protecting Great Formation strength, but then the short about 1-2 years, this fellow, able directly received his strongest offensive. “这个混蛋小子!”摩诃幽五指紧握,发出嘎吱之声,在那浮屠古族的时候,牧尘想要抗衡玄脉墨脉的两位脉首,却是只能凭借着护族大阵的力量,但这才短短一两年左右的时间,这个家伙,就已经能够正面接下他的最强攻势。 When the Mohe You look fluctuates, the distant place flies high vertical Mu Chen, complexion is also obviously pale, his look quite tranquil, raise one's head is looking at Mohe You of distant place, said: Also wants to continue?” 摩诃幽眼神变幻的时候,远处凌空而立的牧尘,面色也是微显苍白,他的神色相当的平静,抬头望着远处的摩诃幽,道:“还想继续吗?” In the Mohe You eye flood the cold brightness, the whole body is also being has tyrannical Spiritual Energy to well up, although formerly that and other killing move had consumed massive Spiritual Energy, but he after is Immortal Level Late Phase, Spiritual Energy is abundant, at present still has the strength of fight. 摩诃幽眼中泛着寒光,周身又是有着强横的灵力涌起来,虽然先前那等杀招消耗了大量的灵力,但他毕竟是仙品后期,灵力雄厚无匹,眼下依然有着战斗之力。 Bang! 轰! However, in the Mohe You not willingly plan again wartime, that distant place suddenly has the deafening sound to get up, then he is pupil micro sight, that dark red mountain is broken in this time thorough jumping, 1 million zhang (3.33 m) huge ancient light beam, shoots up to the sky from that shattered mountain body in together... 不过,就在摩诃幽不甘心的打算再战时,那远处忽有震耳欲聋之声响起,然后他便是瞳孔微缩的见到,那座暗红大山在此时彻底的蹦碎,一道1000000丈庞大的古老光柱,自那破碎山体中冲天而起... In the ancient light beam, as if has together the partly visible light, is looking at that light image, the Mohe You look immediately becomes incomparable is greedy. 古老光柱之中,仿佛是有着一道若隐若现的光影,望着那道光影,摩诃幽的眼神顿时变得无比的贪婪起来。 Eternal Immortal Body!” 万古不朽身!” The Mohe You heart jumps crazily, then his look very ruthless has swept Mu Chen one, did not pay attention in him again, but is falling to the distant place, look scalding hot is staring at that ray of light column. 摩诃幽心脏狂跳,然后他眼神狠辣的扫了牧尘一眼,再没有理会于他,而是对着远处落去,眼神灼热的盯着那道光柱。 Mu Chen looks at Mohe You to go far away, in that sleeve grasps the palm that gathers together just now loosening slowly, seems like tranquil face, is actually relaxing of quietly, because of this time his within the body, Spiritual Energy almost dries up, does not have the strength and Mohe You again battles. 牧尘望着摩诃幽远去,那袖中握拢的手掌方才缓缓的松开,看似平静的脸庞,却是悄悄的松了一口气,因为此时他的体内,灵力几乎枯竭,再没有力量与摩诃幽作战。 Formerly under Mohe You Mohe Immeasurable Tribulations for impediment, Mu Chen was almost presses out to do all Spiritual Energy in within the body. 先前为了阻挡下摩诃幽摩诃无量劫,牧尘几乎是榨干了体内的所有灵力 If Mohe You formerly must launch offensive again, he also can only rapid far draw back, but so, without doubt also will lose seizes the Eternal Immortal Body opportunity. 若是摩诃幽先前要再发动攻势的话,那他也只能迅速的远退,但如此的话,无疑也会失去夺得万古不朽身的先机。 But fortunately, Eternal Immortal Body in this time present world, making Mohe You unable divert attention. 但所幸的是,万古不朽身在此时现世,让得摩诃幽无法分心。 This Mohe You, after all underestimated him, even if present I step into Spirit Level Late Phase , can only force to contend with it, wanted to defeat, feared that must step into Immortal Level to be good.” “这摩诃幽,终归还是低估他了,如今的我即便踏入灵品后期,也只能勉强与其抗衡,想要战胜,怕是就得踏入仙品才行了。” In the Mu Chen heart sighed one, at once the sleeve robe wields, several million Sovereign elixir howled, finally was swallowed into within the body by its one, Vajra Pagoda is sending out light beam, rapid purified absorbed it... 牧尘心中感叹一声,旋即袖袍一挥,数百万的至尊灵液呼啸而出,最后被其一口吞入体内,浮屠塔散发着光芒,迅速的将其净化吸收... Feels Spiritual Energy that within the body gradually is restoring, Mu Chen tight body just now relaxation gradually, then figure moves, fell on hill of distant place. 感受着体内逐渐恢复的灵力,牧尘紧绷的身躯方才渐渐的放松,然后身形一动,也是落在了远处的一座山丘上。 His vision is sweeping to other places, sees only besides Mohe You, that Ye Qing, Tuoba Cang is also is away from some distances to stand erect, obviously, when he and Mohe You fights, Ye Qing and Tuoba Cang no one can how anyone, therefore also to evenly receive the bureau finally. 他目光对着其他的地方一扫,只见得除了摩诃幽外,那叶擎,拓跋苍也是彼此间隔着一些距离矗立,显然,在他与摩诃幽交手的时候,叶擎拓跋苍谁都未能奈何得了谁,所以最后也是以平手收局。 Realized that the arrival of Mu Chen, Ye Qing and Tuoba Cang also looked at his one eyes by an unusual vision, formerly former fight with the Mohe You, they looked in the eye, therefore looks at this time to former's vision, is having one prudent and wariness. 察觉到牧尘的到来,叶擎拓跋苍也是以一种奇特的目光看了他一眼,先前前者与摩诃幽的战斗,他们都是看在眼中,所以此时看向前者的目光,都是带着一丝慎重与忌惮 Eternal Immortal Body, finally present world?” 万古不朽身,终于现世了吗?” Mu Chen raise one's head, stares at distant place that [say / way] to cross the giant light beam of world, in the light beam is sending out incomparably ancient with the mysterious aura, in that light beam center, visibles faintly together the ancient light. 牧尘抬头,凝望着远处那道横贯天地的巨大光柱,光柱之中散发着无比古老与神秘的气息,在那光柱中央,隐约可见一道古老的光影。 Looks at that [say / way] ancient light, Mu Chen body is shaking slightly, Immortal Golden Body is the fuzzy appearance in behind, just likes received some irresistible attraction. 望着那道古老的光影,牧尘身躯微微一震,不朽金身便是模糊的出现在身后,犹如是受到了某种不可抗拒的吸引。 Blazing, reveals from the Mu Chen eye. 一丝炽热,自牧尘的眼中流露出来。 But in the distant place Mohe You three people of looks, same boiling hot lights the air sufficiently. 而在远处摩诃幽三人的眼神,同样是滚烫得足以将空气点燃。 Outside that Eternal Pagoda, is a peace, the innumerable [say / way] blazing vision, look at that [say / way] to stand erect in the ancient light beam between world, Eternal Immortal Body, that is in entire Great Thousand World one of the only five original Body Skill, if able obtains, inevitably also will become in this Great Thousand World one of the most peak existences. 在那万古塔外,也是一片安静,无数道炽热的目光,望着那道矗立在天地间的古老光柱中,万古不朽身啊,那可是整个大千世界中仅有的五座原始法身之一,若是能够得到,必然也将会成为这大千世界中最巅峰的存在之一。 Bang! 轰隆隆! In that innumerable [say / way] fiery vision gaze, giant light beam, after continuing for a long time, finally started to present the contraction . Moreover the range of contracting, took a ancient light in that for the source... 在那无数道火热的目光注视中,巨大的光柱,在持续了许久后,终于是开始出现了收缩,而且收缩的范围,正是以那之中的一道古老光影为源点... That [say / way] ancient light, as if in absorbed in light beam contain Spiritual Energy. 那道古老光影,仿佛是在吸收着光柱中所蕴含灵力 The vast light beam getting smaller, to finally, finally is thorough submerges that [say / way] ancient silhouette within the body, but at this moment, that silhouette, exposed in all boiling hot vision. 浩瀚的光柱越来越小,到得最后,终于是彻底的没入那道古老身影的体内,而此时此刻,那道身影,也是暴露在了所有滚烫的目光之中。 The eyes of all people open in this time, after all original Body Skill, even if Heavenly Sovereign difficult sees the portrait. 所有人的眼睛都是在此时睁大起来,毕竟原始法身,就算是天至尊难以一睹真容。 Under that innumerable line of sight focus, sees only in that boundless world, one roughly about ten zhang (3.33 m) body, static standing erect in the sky, that said body, all over the body just liked the dark golden color, the color was motley, incomparable ancient, as if had been through repeatedly a millions and millions fight. 在那无数视线聚焦下,只见在那苍茫天地间,一具约莫十丈左右的身躯,静静的屹立在天空上,那道身躯,通体犹如暗金的色彩,色彩斑驳,无比的古老,仿佛是历经了亿万次的战斗。 In its body surface, has the trace that lives from the world, each is mysterious incomparable, seems the marvelous strength that contain unable was describing. 在它的身躯表面,有着源自天地而生的纹路,每一道都是玄奥无比,似乎是蕴含无法形容的奇妙力量。 When it stands erect there, although has not had an action to perform, but has one to make the fluctuation of person palpitation send out. 当它屹立在那里时,虽未有所动作,但却是有着一股令人心悸的波动随之散发。 „Is this Eternal Immortal Body?” Mu Chen looks at that mysterious dark golden body, muttering of somewhat doubts. “这就是万古不朽身吗?”牧尘望着那具神秘暗金身躯,有些疑惑的喃喃道。 Rustling! 唰! In he has doubts, that Mohe You actually changes into a stream of light passing over gently and swiftly horizon, glittering then appeared in the body of front dark golden, the big hand has grasped, said with a smile: Ha Ha, Eternal Immortal Body, follows me, I am your newownership!” 而在他疑惑间,那摩诃幽却已是化为一道流光掠过天际,一个闪烁便是出现在了暗金之体前方,大手抓去,笑道:“哈哈,万古不朽身,跟我走吧,我就是你的新主!” Ye Qing, Tuoba Cang, the Mu Chen three people see that the look changes, is suddenly violently shoots. 叶擎,拓跋苍,牧尘三人见状,神色微变,都是陡然暴射而出。 But in the palm of Mohe You will soon move that to say when the body of dark golden, the body of that as if dying thing dark golden, suddenly has opened the dark golden color double pupil, in the pupil, does not contain the slight emotion. 而就在摩诃幽的手掌即将碰触到那道暗金之体时,那仿佛死物般的暗金之体,忽然睁开了暗金色的双瞳,瞳孔之中,不含丝毫情感。 The dark golden double pupil, looks to Mohe You, then it stretches out the dark golden palm, light to the latter racket, however, seems like does not have a strength palm, when it wields, the surrounding area the space within ten thousand li (0.5km), is the avalanche gets down. 暗金双瞳,看向摩诃幽,然后它伸出暗金手掌,轻飘飘的对着后者拍了出去,然而,看似没有力量的一掌,在其挥出时,方圆万里内的空间,都是崩塌下来。 The Mohe You complexion drastic change, a low roar, vast Spiritual Energy surges, body changes into gem spirit body, Spiritual Energy changes into the innumerable heavy Spiritual Energy defenses in the whole body. 摩诃幽面色剧变,一声低吼,浩瀚灵力涌动,身躯化为宝石般的灵体,灵力更是在周身化为无数重灵力防御。 Bang! 砰! However, such many defenses, when that dark golden palm falls, is actually instantaneously all collapse, that said falling that the dark golden palm does not hinder directly on the Mohe You chest. 但是,如此之多的防御,当那暗金手掌落下时,却是瞬间尽数的崩溃,那道暗金手掌直接是毫无阻碍的落在了摩诃幽胸膛上。 puchi. 噗嗤 The blood spurts crazily, Mohe You was patted to shoot by a palm directly but actually, body delimits together several thousand zhang (3.33 m) trace on that earth, the entire chest caved. 鲜血狂喷,摩诃幽直接是被一掌拍得倒射而出,身躯在那大地上划出一道数万丈长的痕迹,整个胸膛都是塌陷了下去。 Hissing. 嘶。 The body fierce stop that Mu Chen, Ye Qing, Tuoba Cang three people of running out, they are looking at palm caused heavy losses Mohe You, is holds breath an cold air/Qi, is looking at that [say / way] dark golden body shade that the look shocks. 牧尘,叶擎,拓跋苍三人冲出的身体猛的停顿下来,他们望着一掌就被重创的摩诃幽,都是倒吸一口冷气,眼神震骇的望着那道暗金身影。 Because their faint from that [say / way] dark golden body shade, realized that although was slight, but made their absolutely terrified ice-cold killing intent. 因为他们隐隐的从那道暗金身影身上,察觉到了一丝虽然细微,但却令得他们毛骨悚然的冰冷杀意 But when their heart shocks, the shade of that dark golden does not have the emotion double pupil to lift once again, has locked them slowly, then it opens the mouth, resembling has the machinery and indifferent sound, along with it resounding. 而就在他们心头震骇时,那暗金之影没有情感的双瞳再度抬起,缓缓的锁定了他们三人,然后它张开嘴巴,似是有着机械而漠然的声音,随之响起。 Remains... Merges into one organic whole with this place...” “留下来...与此地融为一体吧...” In that flickers, shade of violently shoots that dark golden the sound falls, changes into golden light suddenly, points to three people. 就在声音落下的那一瞬,暗金之影陡然暴射而出,化为金光,直指三人。 ... ... .... ....
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