ELN :: Volume #3

#164: Remaining

A train of thought revolution, Jiang Baimian sincere said: 思绪一转,蒋白棉正色说道: This has two issues. “这有两个问题。 One is your sect fond illusion protector possibly also 2-3 talents, the middle likely has the accident/surprise at any time, causing us to defend the expiration ; “一是你们教派的‘迷梦保护者’可能还有2-3天才到,中间随时可能发生意外,导致我们防御失效; Two are we were not clear that higher having no interest which also has to change, perhaps he only remains several days of lives, therefore wants to enter southern Tal rigid, found the Nake view, the important information will inform with the letter/believes.” “二是我们不清楚那名‘高等无心者’还有哪些变化,也许他只剩几天的生命,所以才执着地想进入塔尔南,找到南柯观,将至关重要的情报告知同信。” Zhou Yue hears the slight nod, but has not taken a stand as before. 周玥听得微微点头,但依旧没有表态。 Jiang Baimian continues saying: 蒋白棉继续说道: Moreover we do not use too adventurous, but contracts the defense circle. “而且我们也不用太冒险,只是收缩防御圈。 Even if we guessed the mistake, will not affect following processing.” “就算我们猜测错误,也不会影响后续的处理。” Zhou Yue opened the mouth finally: 周玥终于开口了: How do you want to do?” “你们想怎么做?” Heard these words, Long Yuehong cannot bear look at Shang Jianyao. 听到这句话,龙悦红忍不住看了眼商见曜 He suspected team leader Shang Jianyao inferred clown learned! 他怀疑组长把商见曜的“推理小丑”学会了! Actually quickly close to convincing Zhou Guanzhu! 竟然这么快就接近说服周观主了! A Shang Jianyao face is heavy, selected to Long Yuehong, as if in saying was, was this right. 商见曜一脸沉重,对龙悦红点了下头,仿佛在说“是,就是这样没错”。 Jiang Baimian seizes this opportunity, strikes while the iron is hot said old accent group plan: 蒋白棉抓住这个机会,趁热打铁地说出了“旧调小组”的计划: After dawn, removes west of the river southern Tal everyone, deploys troops for defense there. “天亮之后,把塔尔南所有人撤到河西,在那里重新布防。 „ The present is in the winter, so long as everyone takes the valuable cargo, does not need to be worried that can have anything to lose, that higher having no interest will not damage the house, tramples the farmland, the damage utensil, but west of the river some maintains the good empty house. “现在是冬天,大家只要把重要物资带上,就不用担心会有什么损失了,那名‘高等无心者’可不会破坏房屋,践踏农田,损毁器物,而河西有的是维护得不错的空房子。 In the east of the river, we leaves behind 2-3 viewers, under the protection of mirror, confirmed that higher having no interest actually the goal is some southern Tal place, is southern Tal somebody. “在河东,我们留下2-3个观察者,于镜子的保护下,确认那名‘高等无心者’的目标究竟是塔尔南某个地方,还是塔尔南某个人。 In brief, even if confirms is defeated finally, will not affect the safety of southern Tal, can wait till your sect as before higher having no interest arrives.” “总之,哪怕验证最终失败,也不会影响塔尔南的安危,依旧可以等到你们教派的‘高等无心者’抵达。” She cannot affirm that higher having no interest observes to Nake, if river Xiaoyue is also living, and hidden in southern Tal? 她不能肯定那名“高等无心者”就是冲着南柯观来的,万一江筱月还活着,并且就隐藏在塔尔南呢? After so many years, her appearance affirmation had had very sweeping change, is hard to recognize normally. 时隔这么多年,她容颜肯定已经发生了很大变化,正常是难以认出来的。 Zhou Yuean listened quietly these words language, nodded the head gently said: 周玥安静听完了这番话语,轻轻颔首道: This must attain Chief Nava's permission.” “这得拿到格纳瓦长官的许可。” We will attempt to convince it.” Jiang Baimian responded without hesitation. “我们会尝试说服它。”蒋白棉毫不犹豫地回应道。 It is our friends.” Shang Jianyao made up one. “它是我们的朋友。”商见曜补了一句。 Friend?” Zhou Yue has doubts to repeat this noun. “朋友?”周玥疑惑地重复起这个名词。 She does not have to ask, then said: 她没有多问,转而说道: I must report to the headquarters, above looks is what meaning.” “我得向总部汇报,看上面是什么意思。” Please.” Jiang Baimian said sincerely. “请。”蒋白棉诚恳说道。 Careful telegram content was twisted.” Shang Jianyao deliberately reminded one. “小心电报内容被扭曲了。”商见曜刻意提醒了一句。 In the telegram content as for what situation had been twisted, that definitely is clam dragon teaches not to support old accent group the plan. 至于什么情况下电报内容是被扭曲过的,那肯定是“蜃龙教”不支持“旧调小组”的计划。 Zhou Yuewen said that smiles: 周玥闻言,笑了笑: Relax, our sect has the means of confirmation genuine and fake.” “放心,我们教派有验证真假的办法。” Then, she has transferred the body, walked into the hall side door. 说完,她转过身体,走入了大厅侧面一扇门。 Old accent group one line of four people of patience start the waiting. “旧调小组”一行四人耐心做起等待。 Really is, is not polite.” Several minutes later, Shang Jianyao complaint said, at this time, should not offer one cup of hydromel, to several small cakes why?” “真是的,一点都不礼貌。”过了几分钟,商见曜“抱怨”道,“这种时候,不是应该送上一杯蜂蜜水,给几块小饼干吗?” Long Yuehong swallowed a saliva subconsciously, then a miraculous glow lightning channel: 龙悦红下意识吞了口唾液,接着灵光一闪道: „Is the illusion, why everywhere earnest?” “处处幻梦,何必认真?” Hou, the small Hong studies will counter-attack...... Jiang Baimian to hear a funniness. 嚯,小红学会反击了……蒋白棉听得一阵好笑。 Her corner of the eye split vision found that Bai Chen slightly not obviously chin under head, seems a little gratified. 她眼角余光发现白晨微不可见地颔了下首,似乎有点欣慰。 Shang Jianyao nods, expressed the support: 商见曜点了点头,表示赞同: Also yes.” “也是。” He then said: 他转而说道: I with Gu knowledge the brave this name, represented you ate glorious balance ’ the exploding chicken wing before ‚, you then remember that joins their, fulfills the duty.” “我之前用顾知勇这个名字,代表你吃了‘荣耀天平’的炸鸡翅,你回头记得加入他们一下,履行义务。” „Is wait/etc, why I?” Long Yuehong asked back startled. “等等,为什么是我?”龙悦红愕然反问。 Eats explodes the chicken wing obviously is you! 吃炸鸡翅的明明是你! Shang Jianyao swept his one eyes with a smile: 商见曜笑着扫了他一眼: „Is the illusion, why everywhere earnest?” “处处幻梦,何必认真?” The retaliation heart strives to excel, this fellow...... Long Yuehong closed the mouth, no longer provokes Shang Jianyao. 报复心好强,这家伙……龙悦红闭上了嘴巴,不再招惹商见曜 Also waited for several minutes, Zhou Yue returned to the main hall, four people said to old accent group: 又等了几分钟,周玥回到了大殿,对“旧调小组”四人说道: Above indicated that can attempt.” “上面表示可以尝试一下。” It seems like clam dragon teaches fond illusion protector also wants to know that higher having no interest will transmit what information...... Jiang Baimian to relax, shows the smile: 看来“蜃龙教”的“迷梦保护者”们也很想知道那名“高等无心者”会传递什么情报……蒋白棉松了口气,露出笑容道: „Do we look for Chief Nava together?” “那我们一起去找格纳瓦长官?” At this matter, she has the enthusiasm, because this likely involves old accent group one of the primary missions, this is also one of her ideal clarifies does not have worry the aetiological agent and dissemination mechanism, will hang to pick in human top of the head the sword of destruction. 在这件事情上,她相当有积极性,因为这很可能牵涉“旧调小组”的主要任务之一,这也是她的理想之一弄清楚“无心病”的发病原因和传播机制,将高悬于人类头顶的毁灭之剑摘下来。 Moreover, perhaps this time can also take advantage of opportunity to solve the hidden danger that higher having no interest brings, completes Nava's request, obtains with source brain the qualifications of telephone conversation. 而且,这次说不定还能顺势解决掉那名“高等无心者”带来的隐患,完成格纳瓦的委托,取得和“源脑”通话的资格。 When the time comes, in investigating Old World destruction reason, old accent group could go a step further. 到时候,在调查旧世界毁灭原因上,“旧调小组”或许能更进一步。 Zhou Yuexiang evil ways: 周玥想了下道: Do not be first anxious, who keeps the east of the river, takes on the responsibility of viewer?” “先别急,谁留在河东,承担观察者的职责?” She finishes speaking, sees opposite squad big that young people to reply with a smile: 她话音刚落,就看见对面小队高高大大那个年轻人笑着回答道: I.” “我。” It seems like has...... Zhou Yue to ask back very much self-confidently subconsciously: 看起来很有自信嘛……周玥下意识反问道: „Didn't you fear?” “你不怕?” Shang Jianyao sincere nod: 商见曜正色点头: He is the friend of mine.” “他是我的朋友。” „?” Zhou Yue was blurry, „before you, knew?” “啊?”周玥迷糊了,“你们以前认识?” Just became the friend.” Shang Jianyao answered. “刚成为朋友。”商见曜解释道。 Zhou Yueyue listens is vacant, eventually gave up the inquiry, everywhere the illusion, why is in any case earnest. 周玥越听越是茫然,最终放弃了询问,反正“处处幻梦,何必认真”。 She considered evil ways: 她斟酌了一下道: I also stay behind. In the Nake view, I have to hold the year to bless, have the mirror protection, did not need to be worried about death experience.” “我也留下。在南柯观,我有执岁庇佑,有镜子保护,不用担心‘死亡体验’。” Jiang Baimian looked at eye own left arm: 蒋白棉看了眼自己的左臂: I.” “还有我。” She says to Long Yuehong and Bai Chen at once: 她旋即对龙悦红白晨道: You as the reserve forces, provide the support when necessary.” “你们作为预备队,随时提供支援。” This is higher having no interest in the huge illusion of manufacture to Long Yuehong comfort excuse that her idea is can motionless motionless. 这是对龙悦红的安抚性说辞那名“高等无心者”制造的庞大幻境里,她的理念是“能不动就不动”。 This equivalent in Zhouyue does wrong, little does wrong little. 这等效于周玥的“多做多错,少做少错”。 ............ ………… west of the river, Nava family/home. 河西,格纳瓦家。 Jiang Baimian and Zhou Yue coordinated observation plan saying that before reason, that several. 蒋白棉和周玥配合着将“观察计划”说了一遍,理由还是之前那几个。 Put on Georgia Nevoy Station of military uniform as before, back and forth walking slowly and aimlessly footpath: 依旧穿着军装的格纳瓦站了起来,来回踱步道: Truly, the time drags for a long time, more likely to have the accident/surprise. “确实,时间拖得越久,越有可能出现意外。 But organizes so many people to remove west of the river, is not a simple matter, the middle may also have the accident......” “但组织这么多人撤到河西,不是一件简单的事情,中间也有可能发生变故……” This silver black intelligent robot is silent a say/way: 这位银黑色的智能机器人沉默着走了一阵道: Ireport tosource brain.” “我向‘源脑’汇报一下。” Then, it stands there, motionless. 说完,它就立在那里,一动不动。 Also is 1-2 minutes, Nava opens the mouth, sends out mellow baritone who synthesized the feeling: 也就是1-2的时间,格纳瓦张开嘴巴,发出了略带合成感的醇厚男中音: Source brain reply can attempt, but needs me to take all consequences.” “‘源脑’回复可以尝试,但需要我承担一切后果。” Jiang Baimian opens mouth close to, tries to persuade, finally has not actually made the sound. 蒋白棉张了张嘴巴,试图劝说,最终却没有发出声音。 She looked at Shang Jianyao, discovered that this companion also has similar performance. 她看了眼商见曜,发现这位同伴也有类似的表现。 At this matter, makes Nava do to make a decision quite well. 在这种事情上,还是让格纳瓦自己做决断比较好。 Nava looked all around, looked at outside the eye piece to bathe the dim light of night lawn, the sinking sound was saying: 格纳瓦环顾了一圈,望了眼窗外沐浴着夜色的草坪,沉声说道: You try.” “你们试一试吧。” At this moment, Jiang Baimian, Long Yuehong and the others felt some trust from this intelligent robot unexpectedly. 这一刻,蒋白棉龙悦红等人竟从这位智能机器人身上感觉到了某种信任。 Shang Jianyao set out without hesitation, made the response: 商见曜毫不犹豫起身,做出了回应: Relax.” “放心。” ............ ………… After the recuperation of over night, next morning, southern Tal local area residents, the external hunters and caravan members under the organizations of large number of robot, bring the corresponding commodity, removes to west of the river, brings in temporary housing that allotted. 经过一夜的休整,第二天清晨,塔尔南本地居民、外来猎人和商队成员们在大量机器人的组织下,带着相应的物资,撤至河西,搬进了分配到的临时住房。 This matter has been busy at ending to noon. 这件事情一直忙到中午才结束。 Later, the responsible team of each defense area contracts, spent some time to restructure the defense line. 之后,各个防区的负责队伍收缩回来,花费一定的时间重构了防线。 The Nake view entrance, Zhou Yuewang the street of nobody left, is sighing with emotion heartfeltly: 南柯观门口,周玥望着空无一人的街道,由衷感慨道: With compared with, looks like an illusion in the past now.” “和往常相比,现在就像是一场幻觉。” Beforehand Tal Nanhedong, although many regions are unpopulated, empty silent, but here is very lively, crowded, continuous. 之前的塔尔南河东,虽然有不少区域无人居住,空荡寂静,但这边还是很热闹的,人来人往,川流不息。 But now, the fallen leaf flutters with the wind, becomes the only lead. 而现在,落叶随风飘荡,成为了唯一的主角。 How you know that in the past wasn't the illusion? Perhaps now is real.” Shang Jianyao asked one. “你怎么知道往常不是幻觉?说不定现在才是真实。”商见曜问了一句。 Zhou Yue frowns: 周玥皱了下眉头: Also yes.” “也是。” She corrects Shang Jianyao at once: 她旋即纠正起商见曜: Is the illusions, is the fond illusions.” “都是幻觉,都是迷梦。” Jiang Baimian moved under the left arm say/way: 蒋白棉活动了下左臂道: We go.” “我们进去等吧。” At this time, the weather is a little dim, that higher having no interest soon came. 此时,天色已有点黯淡,那名“高等无心者”快要过来了。 During the daytime under the sunlight shines, southern Tal has too many constructions to have the mirror surface result, therefore Zhou Yue believes that the opposite party can wait for a better time, without elects. 白天阳光照耀下,塔尔南有太多的建筑具备镜面效果,所以周玥相信对方会等一个更好的时机,除非没得选。 Entered the Nake view, because did not have that rows of black chairs, therefore Jiang Baimian and Shang Jianyao looked for a rush cushion to sit cross-legged to sit down respectively. 进了南柯观,因为没有了那一排排黑色靠背椅,所以蒋白棉商见曜各找了一个蒲团盘腿坐下。 Zhou Guanzhu, now like this is actually good, why must build the illusion before, makes arrangement that some and here style does not tally?” Jiang Baimian looks with a smile to Zhou Yue, spoke thoughtlessly to chat. “周观主,其实现在这样挺好的,为什么之前要营造幻境,弄一些和这里风格不太符合的布置出来?”蒋白棉笑着望向周玥,随口闲聊起来。 The present Nake view only then the pillars, shrines, rush cushions and three people, the pinnacle emptiness carried over a noble feeling. 现在的南柯观只有柱子、神龛、蒲团和三个人,极致的空荡带出了一种神圣感。 Zhou Yue sighed: 周玥叹了口气道: On the one hand practices own ability, excavation small skill, on the other hand yes, yeah, now many followers are not that devout, I must do for show, appearing clam dragon teaches person to be many, is worth joining.” “一方面是练习自己的能力,发掘其中的小技巧,另一方面是,哎,现在很多信徒不是那么虔诚,我得摆摆样子,显得‘蜃龙教’人很多,值得加入。” Her feeling quite deep appearance. 她一副感受颇深的模样。 Shang Jianyao proposed suggested: 商见曜提出了建议: I thought what needs to reform is the holy communion, the hydromel and small biscuit are good, but only suits works as the dessert......” “我觉得需要改革的是圣餐,蜂蜜水和小饼干是不错,但只适合当点心……” Zhou Yue is not offended, said with a smile: 周玥也不见怪,笑着说道: Glorious balance ’ the lane on the street explodes the chicken wing each time ‚, I want to line up, may fear that was recognized.” “每次‘荣耀天平’在街上弄炸鸡翅,我都想去排队,可又怕被人认出来。” Can wear the mask.” Jiang Baimian snatches before Shang Jianyao said. “可以戴面具。”蒋白棉抢在商见曜之前说道。 „It is not good, this buried head in the sand.” Zhou Yue shakes the head. “不行,这太掩耳盗铃了。”周玥摇了摇头。 Three people chatted, sky little dark, wind also slowly cold. 三人闲聊间,天空一点点暗了下去,风也慢慢寒冷了起来。 Jiang Baimian, Shang Jianyao and Zhou Yue stopped the speech as if by prior agreement, gathers the attention. 蒋白棉商见曜、周玥不约而同停止了说话,集中起注意力。 Also after a while, the day becomes dark, the wind is even more big, with the Jiang Baimian guts, the spirit also tied tight much. 又过了一会儿,天愈发黑,风愈发大,以蒋白棉的胆量,精神也紧绷了不少。 Zhou Yue half is supine the body, the slightly both arms, are looking void, talked to oneself: 周玥半仰起身体,微张双臂,望着虚空,自语了一句: Clam dragon Zhigao!” “蜃龙至高!” Prayed, she saw Shang Jianyao to look, heard him to smile to inquire: 祈祷完,她看见商见曜望了过来,听到他微笑询问: Can sing?” “可以唱歌吗?” Ok, but......” Zhou Yuehua has not said, sits cross-legged Shang Jianyao that sits to tap own thigh, snort/hum song. “可以,但……”周玥话未说完,盘腿而坐的商见曜就轻敲起自己的大腿,哼起了歌谣。 The strong winds , the Jiang Baimian ear bank will resound the broad-minded broadminded melody at night: 狂风呜啦,黑夜将至中,蒋白棉耳畔响起了旷达豁然的旋律: „A sea voice smiles, torrential cross-strait tide......” ( 1 ) “沧海一声笑,滔滔两岸潮……”(注1) Note 1: «Sea One Smiling», Mr. Huang Zhan. 注一:《沧海一声笑》,黄霑先生。
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