TOTM2 :: Volume #4

#387: The heart of champion, hand of shivering

The heart of Chapter 387 champion, hand of shivering 第387章冠军的心,颤抖的手 Possibly useless the audience is not quite clear, this difference looks like the difference that beforehand automatic shifting and manual keeps off, the rise of machine armor, the fighter aircraft wants to operate each time at night many together.” Both players are in the final debugging stage, the silver soul Lancer confrontation at night saber. “可能没用过的观众不太清楚,这区别就像是以前的自动挡和手动挡的区别,每次机甲的起落,黑夜战机都要多一道操作。”双方选手进入最后的调试阶段,银魂Lancer对阵黑夜saber。 Jokes aside, I, if model/pattern strength Vetter, I do not know how to lose!” “说真的,我要是范力维特,我都不知道怎么输了!” Can have a possibility, his night machine will armor very be still fierce in the lunar shadow battlefield?” “会不会有一种可能,他的黑夜机甲在月影战场依然会很厉害?” You know that top player showdown, many are together operations how painful matters?” “你知道顶尖高手对决,多一道操作是多么痛苦的事儿吗?” If by some chance...... I am the eventuality, he doesn't care?” “万一……我是万一,他不在乎呢?” Has saying that Moon audience all of a sudden was relaxed much, how this is quite favorable for model/pattern strength Vetter, wins no matter how, if won, the opportunity came, but Li Hao of failure for own stupidly and pays the price conceitedly, every so often the big reversals of some historically classics start from a avalanche of detail. 不得不说,现场的月球观众心情一下子放松了不少,无论怎么样这都是对范力维特极为有利的,不管怎么赢,如果赢了,机会就来了,而失败的李昊为自己的愚蠢和狂妄自大付出代价,很多时候一些历史上经典的大逆转就是从一个细节的崩塌开始的。 The hot male watched among live broadcasts, after Li Hao confirmed at night the fighter aircraft, the direct popularity broke through 8.5 billion, this was almost unbelievable at an eight strong contest, as for another, had the both sides related city besides the audience, almost quick no one looked, but thinks numerously eight competed for not the too intense audience also to flood into abundance, these paced back and forth were looking that with puts down matter that on hand did not look, some went to bathroom, the spread of outstanding class had having diarrhea, instantaneous skipped classes...... 火男看了一眼直播间,当李昊确认黑夜战机之后,直接人气突破了八十五亿,这在一场八强争夺战几乎是难以置信的,至于另外一场,除了现场观众还有双方相关的城市,几乎都快没人看了,而众多认为八强争夺不算太激烈的观众也纷纷涌入,那些徘徊着看与不看的都纷纷放下手头的事儿,有的上厕所,有的拉肚子,瞬间逃课的翘班的蔓延起来…… The lunar shadow battlefield, hits the silver soul at night, the entire universe only then the puppet god dares to do that but this is not the live broadcast exhibition match, this is the S match, the rubber game...... 月影战场,黑夜打银魂,整个宇宙只有木偶神敢这么做了,可这不是直播表演赛,这是S赛,决胜局…… Two mobile soldiers arrive at the lunar shadow battlefield, here is also maintaining the original ecology of Moon, bleak spacious, blue Earth is hanging at present, the satellite provided the dim ray to make here withers this solitary one coldly, a deathly stillness. 两架机动战士降临月影战场,这里还保持着月球的原生态,荒凉空旷,蓝色的地球就在眼前高悬,人造卫星提供了昏暗光芒让这里变得更加孤冷肃杀,一片死寂。 This, is familiar regarding each Moon soldier, kind, but under the low gravity the control with auxiliary gravity governing system help, is the necessity of each month ball pilot, completely relaxed free, this has carved in the gene of Moon soldier. 这,对于每一个月球战士都熟悉的,亲切的,而低重力下在辅助重力调节系统帮助下的操控,更是每个月球机师的必备,完全的轻松自如,这已经刻在了月球战士的基因里。 However regarding an earthman? 但是对于一个地球人呢? Can train, can adapt, but can the thing in this type of gene, what degree be in? 可以训练,可以适应,但这种基因里的东西,能到什么程度? Wooden sauce must pay the price for his arrogance, does the crazy military, come?” The waiting for hot male has said suddenly. “木酱要为他的傲慢付出代价了,狂武,来一下?”一直在等待的火男忽然说道。 Comes?” Crazy martial Daren gawked staring, the hot male always likes making a move in the bewildered time. “来一下?”狂武达人愣了愣,火男总喜欢在莫名其妙的时刻出手。 I considered, satisfies your desire, we press only this, the old rule, this time 10, you must lose donated to the ROM charity foundation.” The hot male thought that was the time, safe, gaining a point was, he just in the earnest consideration and analysis, considered all possibilities, this, the Son of Heaven must win, opportunity must not be lost time won't come again! “我考虑了一下,还是满足你的愿望,咱们就单压这一场,老规矩,这次十,你要输了就捐给ROM的慈善基金会。”火男觉得是时候了,稳妥一点,赚回一点是一点,他刚刚一阵在认真思考分析,考虑了所有的可能,这一场,天王必胜,机不可失时不再来! 20!” Crazy martial Daren shakes the head, he must counter-attack, cannot the hot male say that anything is anything, exerts pressure. “20!”狂武达人摇摇头,他也必须反击,不能火男说什么是什么,施压。 Crazy military, prudent, sees clearly the aspect!” The hot male urged, you was different from me, I did after all for many years, the background was thick.” “狂武,慎重,看清楚局面!”火男劝道,“伱跟我不同,我毕竟干了好多年,底子厚。” All right, shows the kindness not to count the cost for the little friend, again many also good.” Crazy martial Daren blinks to say with a smile. “没事,为小朋友献爱心不计成本,再多也行。”狂武达人眨眨眼笑道。 50 hot male immediately categorical saying, waited is your words! “50”火男立刻斩钉截铁的说道,等的就是你这句话! Crazy martial Daren's indifferent shrugging, such as you hope.” 狂武达人无所谓的耸耸肩,“如你所愿。” I remember a matter suddenly, in order to be fair, you want 100.” “不过我突然想起一件事儿,公平起见,你要100。” Although is an anchor, but two people base numbers are different, the crazy martial Daren definitely having no way ratio, after previous time finished up, the hot male responded that suffer a loss, therefore a waiting such overturning opportunity, first has enticed, the opposite party is never so expected that easy to swallow the bait. 虽然同是主播,但两人的基数是不同的,狂武达人肯定没法比,上次完事儿之后,火男就反应过来自己吃了大亏,所以一直等待这么一个翻盘的机会,先勾引一下,没想到对方这么容易就上钩。 Good!” Crazy martial Daren nods without hesitation, can sit here, participated in this grand occasion, the expedition of testimony idol he has satisfied, other was unimportant, not wanted just. “好!”狂武达人毫不犹豫点头,能坐在这里,参与这个盛况,见证偶像的征战他已经满足了,其他的不重要,无欲则刚。 Seeing the opposite party is so happy, hot male on the contrary a little empty, but point of no return has to send, dry/does! 见对方这么痛快,火男反倒有点虚,不过箭在弦上不得不发,干! This beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people and destiny as one opportunity, model/pattern strength Vetter, if the can be victorious wooden sauce, retires to consider as finished simply, the person do not do. 这种天时、地利、人和、气运于一体的机会,范力维特要是都打不过木酱,干脆退役算了,人都不要做了。 Choking...... 呛…… With the clear spear/gun cry, the silver dragon spear/gun starts, the silver soul fighter aircraft holds the silver dragon spear/gun, fierce shakes, the silver brilliance irrigation silver dragon spear/gun, the fighter aircraft is grasping the blood moon/month at night, the meaning without drawn a sword. 伴随着清脆枪鸣,银龙枪入手,银魂战机抓住银龙枪,猛的一震,银色光焰灌注银龙枪,黑夜战机则是握着血月,并没有拔刀的意思。 The silver soul fighter aircraft center of gravity pulls down, the silver dragon spear/gun pulls open, on guard, the lance point aims at night the fighter aircraft slowly, an explosive, the silver dragon spear/gun moves high-speed, the gravity assistance system automatic control, lets the change of silver soul fighter aircraft whole equilibrium gravity, goes easily and freely, the machine armor silver light charges into the night likely together. 银魂战机重心压低,银龙枪拉开,托枪式,枪尖缓缓指向黑夜战机,一声爆响,银龙枪高速移动,重力辅助系统自动控制,让银魂战机完全平衡重力的变化,如履平地,机甲像一道银光冲向黑夜。 ...... 噌…… Silver dragon spear/gun silver glow kills to night saber, instantaneous becomes everywhere spear/gun shadow imaginary, covers at night the fighter aircraft directly, at night the fighter aircraft engine thunders, machine armor swings in everywhere spear/gun shadow unceasingly, in an instant, all attacks hit spatially, under the silver soul fighter aircraft hanging silver dragon spear/gun overhead approves, the scabbard standard keeps off, shakes one, the silver soul fighter aircraft is separated, the next second, treads at night the previous step, just had the situation of advance, a silver soul fighter aircraft antelope jumps the step, about returns to drawing, makes the night counter-attack idea fail directly. 银龙枪一点银芒杀向黑夜saber,瞬间幻成漫天枪影,直接笼罩黑夜战机,黑夜战机引擎轰鸣,机甲在漫天枪影中不断摇摆,刹那间,所有攻击打空,银魂战机悬空银龙枪当头批下,剑鞘格挡,一震一顶,银魂战机被弹开,下一秒,黑夜踏前一步,刚有突进的态势,银魂战机一个羚羊跳步,左右回拉,直接让黑夜的反击想法落空。 Silver dragon spear/gun rotation attack, unceasing from each angle puncture, in this environment, the silver soul fighter aircraft has the enough superior mobility, completely free regarding the night fighter aircraft crazy revolving attack, each angle is to attack the opportunity, but share that at night only then defends. 银龙枪回转攻击,不断的从各个角度穿刺而出,在这种的环境中,银魂战机有着足够优越的机动性,完全自如的围绕着黑夜战机疯狂的旋转打击,每个角度都是进攻机会,而黑夜只有防御的份儿。 Ding-dong...... 当当当当…… The silver dragon spear/gun and blood moon/month scabbard unceasing collision, the silver dragon spear/gun is at the offensive completely,...... 银龙枪和血月剑鞘不断的碰撞,银龙枪完全处在攻势,噌噌噌噌…… Does not pursue to hit hard, but is the spear/gun fast seeks for the flaw, finally a slippery spearplay, has not blocked at night finally completely, the next second pulls out the spear/gun to return to silver dragon fighter aircraft one of the drawing to turn over/to stand up the screwing down back thrust to kill directly to the night head, at night after fighter aircraft, makes way supinely, where model/pattern strength Vetter will miss such opportunity, the silver pupil light shining in all directions, a sonic boom roar, the machine armor side spin, a lance point place, a maneuver kicked to swing. 不追求重击,而是枪速寻找破绽,终于一个滑枪术,黑夜终于没有完全挡住,下一秒抽枪回拉的银龙战机一个翻身下旋回马枪直接杀向黑夜的头部,黑夜战机一个后仰让开,范力维特哪儿会错过这样的机会,银瞳光芒四射,一声爆吼,机甲侧旋而起,枪尖点地,一个回旋踢荡了过去。 Bang...... 轰…… Center night saber, if the conventional gravity, such attack is good to guard, but in the lunar shadow battlefield, the friction is insufficient, to a great extent must depend upon the internal force coordination of operation and engine of pilot reduces and solves, at night the fighter aircraft swung directly. 正中黑夜saber,如果是常规重力,这样的攻击还是好防的,但在月影战场,摩擦不够,很大程度要依靠机师的操作和引擎的内动力配合化解,黑夜战机直接荡了起来。 The silver dragon Lancer flash of landing unites the strength, machine armor thunders, the body shivers suddenly, the entire silver dragon fighter aircraft same place ejection, the silver dragon spear/gun same kills like the shell to the night. 落地的银龙Lancer一瞬间凝聚力量,机甲一声轰鸣,机体猛然颤抖一下,整个银龙战机原地弹射,银龙枪如同炮弹一样杀向黑夜。 Hundred martial flow- chases the dragon flashes! 百武流-追龙闪! The repelled night has the protection early, the scabbard prepares for the standard keeping off directly, but the strength is not right, the ignition pursuit that the silver dragon fights is actually the arc flashes, the attack is completely the empty move, in the staggered instance, silver dragon Lancer has fallen, but this wrong strength, lets be delayed at night. 被击退的黑夜早有防备,剑鞘直接做好格挡准备,但力道不对,银龙战的闪击追击其实是弧线闪,攻击完全是虚招,在交错的瞬间,银龙Lancer已经下落,而这个错力,也让黑夜被延误。 After falling to the ground the silver soul fighter aircraft, burns instantaneously the wild silver brilliance, like the dim nighttime sky only god. 落地之后的银魂战机,瞬间燃烧起狂暴的银色光焰,如同昏暗夜空唯一的神。 Hundred martial flow- silver dragon hundred dodge air-splitting! 百武流-银龙百式破空闪! Clip clop dá dá dá dá ...... 哒哒哒哒哒哒哒…… Silver dragon spear/gun crazy killing to the night, that is one type has the wild attack that the day pierces greatly, but without the night fighter aircraft of auxiliary gravity system wants to fall obviously slowly for a half second, but these a half second has missed the best opportunity, can only defend such attack in hanging. 银龙枪疯狂的杀向黑夜,那是一种大有把天都捅破的狂暴攻击,而没有辅助重力系统的黑夜战机想下坠明显慢了半秒,而这半秒就已经错过了最佳机会,只能在悬空中防御这样的攻击。 But this does not have the drawback that the gravity regulator system brings. 而这就是没有重力自动调节系统带来的弊端。 ...... 噌噌噌噌…… Everywhere silver light blooms, but at this time the night fighter aircraft can only in the in the air unceasing swing, dance with joy, the engine thunders, at night the fighter aircraft tumbling takes off and lands, in a small boat like angry sea raging waves, can the ship destroy the person to perish momentarily, the silver soul fighter aircraft felt the opponent in a panic and desperate, the brilliance ruptured, the attack was fiercer, along with model/pattern strength Vetter's roaring, 漫天的银光绽放而出,而此时黑夜战机只能在空中不断的摇摆,手舞足蹈,引擎轰鸣,黑夜战机翻滚起落,如同怒海狂涛中的一叶小舟,随时都会船毁人亡,银魂战机感受到了对手的仓皇和绝望,光焰更加爆裂,攻击更加凶猛,伴随着范力维特的咆哮, Kills ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 杀杀杀~~~~~~~ He must all shames, all being unwilling, all desires hit, this is the heaven bestows his opportunity, defeats the Li Hao best opportunity! 他要把所有的耻辱,所有的不甘,所有的欲望都打出来,这是上天赐给他的机会,是击败李昊最好的机会! At night machine armor does not have other choice, at this time the even/including had/left the blade not to have the opportunity, machine armor only to be able in the air to swing in various types flashes, the arm leg swung carelessly, the silver dragon spear/gun was getting quicker and quicker, exploded continuously flashes 18 spears/guns to block night all migrations to be possible directly, the blood moon/month scabbard was also selected, at night finally could not withstand, the machine armor shoulder in a flash, the center of gravity moved ahead, an engine bang, will soon ignite. 黑夜机甲没有别的选择,这个时候连出刀都没有机会,机甲只能在各种空中摇闪,胳膊腿胡乱摆动,银龙枪越来越快,连续爆闪十八枪直接封锁了黑夜所有移动可能,血月刀鞘也被点开,黑夜终于承受不住了,机甲肩膀一晃,重心前移,引擎一轰,即将闪击。 model/pattern strength Vetter pupil enlarges suddenly, this detail, held, he and others are at this moment! 范力维特瞳孔陡然放大,这个细节,抓住了,他等就是这一刻! The silver soul fighter aircraft shoots up to the sky, the silver dragon spear/gun of full of lofty aspiration acts full power, model/pattern strength Vetter sentenced the night movement in advance. 银魂战机冲天而起,气贯长虹的银龙枪全力出手,范力维特预判了黑夜的动作。 Bang...... 轰…… The silver soul fighter aircraft shoots up to the sky, but empty shook the night to fall to the ground, the silver dragon spear/gun gripped a loneliness, flew more than 30 meters to control to fall to the ground. 银魂战机冲天而起,而虚抖了一下的黑夜已经落地,银龙枪扎了个寂寞,飞出去三十多米才控制落地。 ??? ??? ...... Was model/pattern strength Vetter shaken flies? ……范力维特被晃飞了? At night the fighter aircraft does not seem like the pursuit intention, as if looks at model/pattern strength Vetter very much accidentally/surprisingly, Li Hao regarding this quite anticipated, the old friend hits one few one, „should not be anxious, takes your time.” 黑夜战机似乎并没有追击的意图,似乎很意外的看着范力维特,李昊对于这场还是相当期待的,老朋友打一个少一个,“别紧张,慢慢来。” ??? ??? Audience completely silent...... 全场鸦雀无声…… Everyone thinks the one who accomplishes a task with ease is model/pattern strength Vetter, who can think that unexpectedly is the night fighter aircraft. 所有人都认为游刃有余的是范力维特,谁能想到竟然是黑夜战机。 Fellow audience, aircraft carrier Marine Corps low gravity S skill- weightlessness swings,” crazy martial Daren makes a fist a roar, sometimes manual keeps off can display the human compared with automatic shifting the strength, this is also the charm of pilot, the charm that machine armor fights!” “各位观众,航母陆战队低重力S技能-失重摇,”狂武达人握拳一吼,“有的时候手动挡就是比自动挡更能发挥人类的力量,这也是机师的魅力,机甲战的魅力!” Among the live broadcasts in hot male also a little has a parched mouth, this son of a bitch same puppet what of can, earthman unexpectedly such exquisite spacewalk, but solemn model/pattern strength Vetter unexpectedly by feigning movement shaking, is this anxious? Dedicated? 直播间里的火男也有点口干舌燥,这狗子一样的木偶怎么什么都会,一个地球人竟然会这么精湛的太空漫步,而堂堂范力维特竟然被假动作给晃了出去,这是得有多紧张?多专注? This is a person who has won the champion should by mentality? 这是一个拿过冠军的人应由的心态吗? Who is Challenger! 到底谁才是挑战者啊! The hot male a little compels ignorant, which probably which is not a little right, but this is model/pattern strength Vetter, if model/pattern strength Vetter cannot believe, this world also has anything can believe that the wooden sauce, do not do the matter, this is not the net red match, this is the S match, please give a net to have the normal level that red! 火男有点懵逼,好像哪儿哪儿有点不对劲,可这是范力维特啊,如果范力维特都不能相信,这世界还有什么能相信的呢,木酱,不要搞事情,这不是网红赛,这是S赛,请给与一个网红应该有的正常水平! ...... He pressed the net worth, his home loan, his big wave younger sister, his vacation is leaving him to go far away! ……他可是压了身家的,他的房贷,他的大波妹,他的假期正在离他远去! model/pattern strength Vetter also somewhat is obviously annoyed, this type was shaken flies to play jokes upon really a little loses face, the combustion consciousness arrives in the apex instantaneously, but fights with Li Hao cannot absolutely above, the silver dragon fighter aircraft engine thundered charged into night saber instantaneously. 范力维特显然也有些恼火,这种被晃飞戏耍实在有点丢脸,燃烧意识瞬间抵达顶点,只是跟李昊交手绝对不能上头,银龙战机引擎轰鸣瞬间冲向了黑夜saber。 Bang...... 轰……
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