TCS :: Volume #13

#1235: Ran away the birth day

Relax, Martial-Uncle your own leaves by all means is, as the matter stands, I can calmly deal, I can run away absolutely, my master, kept several Random Transmission Talisman lu to me just before leaving, so long as there is this thing, I can successfully escape absolutely, because they are binding Divine Soul, can only my own use, therefore......” sees some bright moon Daoist immortal vitality/angry, Luo Xiu knows that he misunderstood, the hurried opens the mouth answered. “放心,师伯您只管自己离开就是,这样一来,我才能从容应对,我绝对是可以逃走的,我师父在临走的时候,给我留了几枚随机传送符箓,只要有这东西,我绝对可以成功逃脱的,只是因为它们是绑定的神魂,只能我自己用,所以……”见皓月真君有些生气,罗修知道他误会了,急忙开口解释道。 At this moment, in the Luo Xiu heart understands, the circumstance is quite critical, own must make the decision as soon as possible, these days of after all merely passes message, two Divine Ability between he and day star old ancestors collide, makes his almost whole body break, so under the situation, Luo Xiu looks forward to be separated from the fight as soon as possible, obviously, drags very much again, his situation can only the bad risk. 此时此刻,罗修心中明白,情势极为危急,自己要尽早做出决定,毕竟仅仅只是传音的这段时间,他和天星老祖之间的两次神通碰撞,就让他差点全身散架,如此情况之下,罗修巴不得尽快脱离战斗,很显然,再这么拖下去,他的处境只会更加凶险。 But at the same time, move of a bright moon Daoist immortal who drives back town/subdues mountain king listened to Luo Xiu saying that the turning the head doubt swept Luo Xiu one, saw Luo Xiu to nod to him, then has not said anything, then attention centralized on the scene fight. 而与此同时,一招逼退镇山王的皓月真君听罗修这么说,转头狐疑地扫了罗修一眼,见罗修对他点头,便也没开口说什么,然后便将注意力集中在场中的战斗。 The bright moon Daoist immortal at this moment naturally is clear the situation to be critical, regarding present Luo Xiu and him, without doubt the time is most precious, therefore, almost while Luo Xiu is ready, the bright moon Daoist immortal also rumbled the own full power to strike, repelled town/subdues mountain king at the same time directly, then in his hand magic arts changed, the powerful aura flooded this stretch of the world again. 此时此刻的皓月真君当然明白局势有多么危急,对于现在的罗修和他而言,无疑时间才是最宝贵的,所以,几乎是在罗修做好准备的同时,皓月真君也直接轰出了自己的全力一击,打退镇山王的同时,接着他手上法诀一变,强大的气息再次充斥这片天地。 Executes Immortal Sword four swords to unite, changes into huge flying sword, then, under the control of bright moon Daoist immortal magic arts, huge flying sword cut void directly to town/subdues Queen mountain the Formation Law barrier of side, seemed because made an effort excessively, is unable to take back own Divine Ability to be the same, that huge flying sword hit Formation Law at the same time, the bright moon Daoist immortal one step took, the hand grasped this sword hilt of sword, looking like to want grasping to be the same flying sword this, did not wait for town/subdues mountain king to go forward, the bright moon Daoist immortal poured into the strength full power, simultaneously agitated the whole body strength, tore the front Formation Law barrier instantaneously. 紧接着诛仙剑阵四剑合一,化为一把巨大的飞剑,然后,在皓月真君法诀的操控下,巨大飞剑划破虚空直接扎向了镇山王后方的阵法屏障,仿佛是因为用力过度,无法收回自己神通一样,紧接着那巨大飞剑命中阵法的同时,皓月真君一步迈出,手握这把剑的剑柄,就像是想要把这把飞剑给抓回来一样,紧接着不等镇山王上前,皓月真君全力灌入力量,同时鼓动全身力量,瞬间撕裂了面前的阵法屏障。 Completed all these bright moon Daoist immortals then to look at Luo Xiu one, sneaked in the middle of this crack directly, then the aura vanished instantaneously does not see, Luo Xiu saw that the bright moon Daoist immortal has fled successfully, was clenches teeth to spout a blood, then the double fist sent out the big Yin-Yang magnetic force artillery full power, the whole body strength is stimulated by him full power, compelled to back up directly half step the day star old ancestor, was these half step time, his line start the delimitation compass, the body turned into a lightning instantaneously, that crack that broke open from the bright moon Daoist immortal drilled directly. 做完这一切的皓月真君回头看了罗修一眼,直接钻进了这道裂缝当中,然后气息瞬间消失不见,罗修见到皓月真君已经成功逃离,也是咬牙喷出了一口鲜血,然后双拳全力发出大阴阳磁力炮,周身力量被他全力激发,直接将天星老祖逼得倒退半步,就是这半步的时间,他直接启动了定界罗盘,身子瞬间化成一道闪电,直接从皓月真君破开的那条裂缝当中钻了出去。 Just before leaving time, Luo Xiu also put an aggressive statement, because is just places the dimension void middle, his words have not passed on, completes all these Luo Xiu, escaping time, although is somewhat distressed, but also security truly ran away . Moreover the speed also wants on quickly compared with the bright moon Daoist immortal many. 临走的时候,罗修还放了一句狠话,只不过因为是身处次元虚空当中,他这话语根本就没传出来,做完这一切的罗修,逃跑的时候虽然有些狼狈,但也确确实实的安全逃了出来,而且速度比皓月真君还要快上不少。 Must know the bright moon Daoist immortal, when breaks open Formation Law, overdrew the energy in within the body, the eruption, can break the Formation Law defense cover full power, although in later, he also flew full power for three days, in these three days, his speed is just getting more and more slow, finally stopped directly. Fortunately, Luo Xiu has followed in the side of bright moon Daoist immortal, when he discovered bright moon Daoist immortal lacking strength, then comes directly, then with having him turns toward the white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to accelerate to fly directly to go. 要知道皓月真君在破开阵法的时候,就透支了体内的能量,全力爆发,才能打破阵法的防御罩,虽然在之后,他也全力飞行了三天,只不过在这三天当中,他的速度越来越慢,最后更是直接停了下来。所幸的是,罗修一直跟在皓月真君的身边,当他发现皓月真君力量不足的时候,便径直现身,然后带起他直接向着皓月城加速飞行而去。 All the way, in the Luo Xiu heart unavoidably some fear, the situation was really some bad risks, if were not the decisiveness that he acted according to circumstances, at this moment, two people have not known can be any result! Two days later, the bright moon Daoist immortal had restored some vitalities, the complexion like that was not pale like before, he somewhat helpless forced smile, looks at Luo Xiu saying: You! Oh! This time almost built the short remaining life there, really without thinking of such depth of town/subdues mountain king old fogy hidden, the old man suspected unexpectedly, by the great strength of dark green cold palace, why so easily was given to extinguish, originally were all reasons because of that nine orifices Exquisite Tower, this thing really so important? For Innate Spiritual Treasure, ruined unexpectedly counted the 100,000 disciple! This old fogy heart is absolutely black!” 一路上,罗修心中不免有些后怕不已,刚才的情况着实是有些凶险,如果不是他见机行事的果断,此时此刻,两人还不知道会是个什么结果呢!两天后,皓月真君已经恢复了一些元气,脸色也不像之前那般惨白了,他有些无奈的苦笑,看着罗修说道:“你!唉!这次差点就把老命搭在那里了,真没想到镇山王这老家伙竟然隐藏的如此之深,原本老夫就怀疑,以苍凛宫的强大,为什么会如此轻易的就被人给灭了,原来一切的缘由都因为那九窍玲珑塔,这东西真的有那么重要吗?为了一件先天灵宝,竟然葬送了数十万门人!这老家伙心绝对是黑的!” Hears this word, Luo Xiu cannot help but stares, he looks to the bright moon Daoist immortal, sees the old fogy not to crack a joke, cannot bear the somewhat curious opens the mouth ask: Martial-Uncle, you said that what meaning this saying to be? Hard to be inadequate, the destruction in dark green cold palace has the reason, what town/subdues mountain king is hard to be inadequate is really that plans the behavior, is not right, if that was true, what does he achieve the bottom attempts? Is only that anything nine orifices Exquisite Tower that you said that should be insufficient, Innate Spiritual Treasure, cannot succeed in obtaining by his cultivation level fine, does that with his least bit advantage does not have!” 闻听此言,罗修不由得一愣,他看向皓月真君,见老家伙不是开玩笑,忍不住有些好奇的开口问道:“师伯,您说这话是什么意思?难不成,苍凛宫的覆灭是有原因的,难不成真是那什么镇山王算计所为,不对吧,如果真是这样的话,那他这么做到底是图什么?仅仅只是您说的那什么九窍玲珑塔,应该不至于吧,一件先天灵宝,以他的修为又不是必须要得到手,这么做与他半点好处也没有啊!” Without the means that being beyond control Luo Xiu is not shocking, is really these words of bright moon Daoist immortal, the content that middle contains were too many, somewhat lets the Luo Xiu recovering consciousness god, if really as he said so, that this town/subdues mountain Wangke on hidden was too deep, even Luo Xiu at this moment does not dare to believe simply, why this fellow must do that does that what advantage to him has? 没办法,由不得罗修不震惊,实在是皓月真君的这番话,当中包含的内容太多了,有些让罗修缓不过来神,如果真如同他所说的这般,那这镇山王可就隐藏的太深了,甚至于此时此刻的罗修简直不敢置信,这家伙为什么要这么做,这么做,对他来说有什么好处吗? Hehe, the boy, you thinks was too simple, the old man can affirm, now that nine orifices Exquisite Tower estimate has fallen in the town/subdues mountain king hand, even this old fogy must perform in such a play, to put aside the own responsibility, I suspected that dark green cold palace was extinguished, is this old fogy to silence a witness of crime does, what is main, regarding the present white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, our existences, seriously had hindered this person of planning, even for the present town/subdues mountain king, this old fogy fundamentally on had overstated, you think these days. Matter, day star that fellow opens the space channel, or is other, has the complicated relations with this fellow! The old men even suspected that demon teaches Cult Master strict Jingtian is he camouflages, otherwise, is unable to explain this many thunderbolts, the extremely coincidence of this matter! Moreover most critically, I realize very much clearly, under the present aspect, this old fogy wants to do!” Shaking the head, the bright moon Daoist immortal is resigned-looking bitterly and astringently, looks at Luo Xiu, opening the mouth answers. First round “呵呵,小子,你想的太简单了,老夫敢肯定,如今那九窍玲珑塔估计已经落在了镇山王的手中,甚至于这老家伙之所以要演这么一出戏,就是为了撇开自己的干系,我怀疑,那苍凛宫被灭,也是这老家伙为了杀人灭口才这么干的,更加主要的是,对于现在的皓月城而言,我们俩的存在,已经严重的阻碍了这人的算计,甚至于对于现在的镇山王来说,这老家伙根本就已经走火入魔了,你想想这段时间发生的事情,无论是天星那家伙打开空间通道,亦或者是其他的,都和这家伙有着千丝万缕的关系!老夫甚至怀疑,那位魔教教主严景天就是他本人伪装的,不然的话,无法解释这许多的突发事件,这事情的发生太过巧合了!而且更加关键的是,我很清楚的认识到,如今的局面之下,这老家伙到底想要干什么!”摇了摇头,皓月真君一脸无奈,略带苦涩的看着罗修,开口解释道。首发 https:// https:// https:// https:// Heard these words of bright moon Daoist immortal, the Luo Xiu corners of the mouth pulled out, but he has not actually approved these words of bright moon Daoist immortal, after all something, he was unable to explain, however the judgment of system will not make a mistake, therefore, regarding the judgment of bright moon Daoist immortal, Luo Xiu only believed was so little, for example taught the Cult Master rigorous day about the demon something, Luo Xiu on other ideas, as for other, he was the least bit does not believe. 听到皓月真君的这番话,罗修嘴角抽了一下,不过他却没有认同皓月真君的这番话,毕竟有些事情,他无法解释,但是系统的判断是不会出错的,所以,对于皓月真君的这番判断,罗修只信了那么一点点,比如说关于魔教教主严谨天的一些事情,罗修就有些其他的想法,至于其他的,他是半点都不相信的。 Two people fell into silent, regarding the present aspect, the bright moon Daoist immortal or Luo Xiu knew clearly this town/subdues mountain king has the strangeness, moreover relates to the pattern of the whole world, they have to be prudent, what is main, regarding the bright moon Daoist immortal at this moment, present all these is such is not real, but at the same time, regarding Luo Xiu, the Luo Xiu feelings is especially profound, the previous good mood to be at this moment nothing left, what is main, even if carries the great quantity resources now, he does not know how should solve the present difficult position. 两人陷入了沉默,对于现在的局面来说,无论是皓月真君还是罗修都清楚的认识了这镇山王有古怪,而且关系到整个世界的格局,他们不得不慎重,最最主要的是,对于此时此刻的皓月真君来说,如今的这一切都是那么的不真实,而与此同时,对于罗修来说,罗修感触尤为深刻,先前的好心情此刻荡然无存,更加主要的是,哪怕如今身负巨量的资源,他也不知道该如何解决眼下的困境。 No matter first so many, since we run away, that is impossible to fall into their controls again, regarding the present aspect, we are helpless, but actually does not hinder us to pass to other other influences this news, I think that they are certainly interested in the town/subdues mountain king scheme, hehe, the old man does not believe that by nine big influence several other that processing modes that works to resort to all means that possibly ignores town/subdues mountain king so will be how unscrupulous, hehe, what if makes them know true understanding was the town/subdues mountain king or is its behind dark green cold palace trained strict Jingtian, I want. Did not need the old man to say anything, it is estimated that had greatly the person wanted tearing to shreds this fellow!” Seeing Luo Xiu is stern-faced, the bright moon Daoist immortal actually smiles slightly, a relaxedness of face, his loss at this moment thoroughly has actually restored, does not lose previous weak. “先不管这么多了,既然我们已经逃出来了,那就不可能再落入他们的掌控,对于现在的局面,我们无能为力,但是却不妨碍我们把这个消息传给其他其他势力,我想他们一定对镇山王的图谋感兴趣的,呵呵,老夫就不信了,以九大势力另外几家那种做事不择手段的处理方式,怎么可能会放任镇山王如此肆无忌惮呢,呵呵,如果让他们知道真的是镇山王或者是其背后的苍凛宫培养了严景天,我想不用老夫多说什么,估计有大把的人想要把这家伙给碎尸万段!”见罗修一脸凝重,皓月真君却微微笑了笑,一脸的轻松,此时此刻的他身上的损耗其实已然彻底恢复,再也不负先前的虚弱。 But regarding Luo Xiu, hears these words of bright moon Daoist immortal, the information that particularly in the middle of the bright moon Daoist immortal these words language mentioned, to him, truly is to make him at present one bright. Regarding Luo Xiu at this moment, but also is this means is really most credible. 而对于罗修来说,听到皓月真君的这番话,尤其是皓月真君这番话语当中提到的信息,对于他而言,确确实实是让他眼前一亮。要知道,对于此时此刻的罗修而言,还真就是这种办法最靠谱。 Even wants to solve or delay the footsteps that town/subdues mountain king and the others retaliated temporarily, own and bright moon Daoist immortal two people really doesn't handle matters, but several other of nine big influences may in addition not necessarily, other first did not say, solely was only the dragon tiger gates and four Saint palace these two big influences can make that town/subdues mountain king unable to eat to capture. 甚至于想要解决或者是暂时拖延住镇山王等人报复的脚步,自己和皓月真君两人还真不办什么事,但是加上九大势力的另外几家可就未必了,别的先不说,单单只是龙虎门和四圣宫这两大势力就可以让那镇山王吃不了兜着走。 To understand after curved circles, Luo Xiu thorough relaxed, to him, but also really relaxes greatly, in his heart at this moment is very happy, originally depressing mood also instantaneous on good many, to him, has not really compared this better resolution format, although makes some risks, since can pass the burden the risk, why not? 想明白了这其中的弯弯绕绕之后,罗修彻底的放松了下来,对于他而言,还真就是大松了口气,此时此刻的他心中无比舒畅,原本压抑的心情也瞬间好上了不少,对于他而言,实在是没有比这更好的解决方式了,虽然这么做有些风险,但是既然可以把风险转嫁出去,那何乐而不为呢? A main point is, regarding present aspect, the town/subdues mountain king or the day star old ancestor, they do not have the decisive advantage, although can control to stay in a brothel overnight the surface temporarily, but Luo Xiu believes, this is also only temporary. 更加主要的一点是,对于如今的局面,无论是镇山王还是天星老祖,他们都不具备决定性的优势,虽然暂时可以控制住局面,但是罗修相信,这也只是暂时罢了。 Two people lead the way, quick returned to the white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, but the seeing institute and place, let two people complexion big change, the white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate thick smoke at this moment rose from all directions, what was main, at this moment the large crowd is attacking to protect city formation, Luo Xiu sees this, could not bear the corners of the mouth twitch, even his complexion at this moment was somewhat ugly. 两人一路前行,很快就重新返回了皓月城,只不过入目所及之处,却让两人脸色大变,此时此刻的皓月城浓烟四起,更加主要的是,此刻正有一大群人在攻打护城大阵,罗修见到这一幕,忍不住嘴角直抽搐,甚至于此时此刻的他脸色有些难看。 Must know two people talked a moment ago, he has promised the bright moon Daoist immortal, white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate all calm and steady, he hurrying along of so slow Youyou, however, present, has not thought that quite the same as will apply makeup unexpectedly face to face, so the situation also makes on the Luo Xiu face very unattractive. 要知道刚才两人交谈的时候,他可是向皓月真君保证过的,皓月城一切安稳,他才会如此慢悠悠的赶路,然而没想到,眼前的这一幕,浑然没想到竟然会被当面打脸,如此情形也让罗修脸上很不好看。 Regarding Luo Xiu at this moment, he is not really able to endure the present aspect, beforehand time but is actually indifferent, however present that at present sees, makes him feel that really the anger, must know to him, before had guaranteed to the bright moon Daoist immortal, how long this passes, these fellows dare to hit his face face to face, where this makes the face of Luo Xiu toward put, therefore does not wait for the bright moon Daoist immortal to respond, Luo Xiu then direct instantaneous soars, the tyrannical fluctuation of energy fills the sidereal revolution, the inexhaustible wild energy, almost instantaneous locked. these black-clothed person 对于此时此刻的罗修来说,他实在无法忍受现在的局面,以前的时候倒无所谓,但是现在的眼前看到的这一幕,着着实实的让他感觉到了愤怒,要知道对于他而言,之前可是对皓月真君保证过的,这才过去多久,这些家伙就敢当面打他的脸,这让罗修的脸往哪放,所以不等皓月真君有所反应,罗修便直接瞬间腾空而起,强横的能量波动弥漫周天,无穷无尽的狂暴能量,几乎瞬间锁定了场中的这些黑衣人。 Although he has not been promoted to the high sovereign level, but by his present sage the peak powerful strength, in addition the particularity of his within the body meridians, enabling Luo Xiu definitely to display generally to the high sovereign boundary powerhouse terrifying strength. 他虽然还没有晋级的至高皇者层次,但是以他现在圣人巅峰的强悍实力,加上他体内经脉的特殊性,让罗修完全可以发挥出一般至高皇者境强者的恐怖实力。 Therefore, the instance when his form flies, does not wait for others to respond, then fights with the fists, the wild energy mighty current is coercing the surrounding all instantaneously, bang to that more than ten teams of people who attack Formation Law, these over a hundred individuals almost instantaneous, was hit by the sneak attack of Luo Xiu directly spits blood flying upside down, several ill-fated guys were rumbled directly the fragment powder. new ~ ( 8 ) ~ 1 ~ Chinese net ωωω. χ ~ 8. ~ 1 z щ. cò м 所以,当他身影飞起的瞬间,不等其他人反应过来,便一拳打出,狂暴的能量洪流瞬间裹挟着周围的一切,轰向了攻打阵法的那十多队人,这上百个人几乎瞬间,便被罗修的偷袭直接打得吐血倒飞,有几个倒霉蛋更是直接被轰成了齑粉。ァ新ヤ~⑧中文網ωωω.χ~⒏~1zщ.còм More black-clothed person are the complexion crazily change, particularly might that after noticing Luo Xiu this to strike, Luo Xiu acts full power, drained all world's spiritual energy within surrounding hundred kilometers scopes directly, lets understand that the person of secret, complexions, makes a move to sneak attack to powerhouse of high sovereign boundary pallidly instantaneously, the destructiveness that brings is above the imagination absolutely, in the field these fellows have one are, almost all people are the complexion are pallid. 更多的黑衣人更是脸色狂变,尤其是注意到罗修这一击的威力以后,罗修全力出手,直接抽干了周围百公里范围内的所有天地元气,更是让一些懂得这其中隐秘之人,一个个脸色煞白不已,至高皇者境的强者瞬间出手偷袭,所带来的破坏性绝对超乎想象,场中这些家伙有一个算一个,几乎所有人都是脸色煞白煞白的。 But at the same time, Luo Xiu regarding the attack of own , felt very satisfied, but he has not therefore relaxed vigilantly. To him, of present, is completely as he expected, after bang flies these to attack the person of Formation Law, Luo Xiu whole person imposing manner full, stands in the white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate above, the gaze that coldly is encircling in the surrounding that group of people, in the middle of these people have loose cultivator to have the people of major influences , some the black-clothed person of wearing a mask, attacked Formation Law a moment ago is this group of black-clothed person. 而与此同时,罗修对于自己的这一次攻击,也感觉到很是满意,不过他并没有因此放松警惕。对于他而言,现在的这一幕,完全就是在他的意料当中,轰飞这些攻打阵法之人之后,罗修整个人气势全开,站在皓月城的上方,冷冷的注视着围在周围的那群人,这些人当中有散修有各大势力的人,也有一些蒙面的黑衣人,刚才攻击阵法的就是这群黑衣人。 At this moment, these black-clothed person also seem very terrified, saw that the Luo Xiu vision looks, has to plant the impulsion that turns around on running, without the means that was really Luo Xiu that separates the spatial palm to be extremely terrifying, the almost instantaneous second killed a big piece, more than 3000 person unexpectedly more than 700 individual at the scene severe wounds, even some fellow direct flesh body collapses. 此时此刻,这些黑衣人一个个也都显得很是惊恐不安,见到罗修目光望来,更是一个个都有种转身就跑的冲动,没办法,实在是罗修刚才的那一记隔空掌太过恐怖,几乎瞬间秒杀了一大片,三千多人竟然有700多个人当场重伤,甚至于有些家伙直接肉身崩溃。 It can be said that in a short time, Luo Xiu grasped on own initiative, but at the same time, the bright moon Daoist immortal has not made an appearance, he does not find out the surface actually not, but is Luo Xiu intends to make the bright moon Daoist immortal hide, this is also Luo Xiu one strategy, he wants to probe, some actually many people want to be disadvantageous to his white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate. 可以说是在极短的时间内,罗修就掌握了主动,而与此同时,皓月真君并没有露面,倒不是他不想出面,而是罗修有意让皓月真君躲藏起来,这也是罗修的一种策略,他想试探一下,究竟有多少人想对他皓月城不利。 After all, dared at this time to the influence that the white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate acted, its back definitely had to high sovereign boundary powerhouse assumes personal command, this was the indisputable fact, almost can say, without sovereign boundary powerhouse supported, no influence dares to come to here to look for trouble. 毕竟,敢于在这个时候对皓月城出手的势力,其背后肯定有至高皇者境强者坐镇,这是不争的事实,几乎可以说,如果没有皇者境强者撑腰的话,没有哪个势力敢来这里找不自在。 At this moment, without Luo Xiu of danger wants to have a look but actually, is who is so bold, dares to come the white semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to look for trouble unexpectedly. Naturally, sees this Luo Xiu, his first response thinks strict Jingtian who the demon teaches. 此时此刻,没有了危险的罗修倒想看看,到底是何人如此胆大包天,竟然敢来皓月城找不自在。当然,看到这一幕的罗修,他第一反应就是想到了魔教的严景天。
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