TCS :: Volume #12

#1143: Zhao Hongwu warning

At this moment, in the field in all person hearts somewhat is deserted, has to plant not third dimension, feels dreamlike, they are unable to imagine, present, took to their impulse somewhat to be really big, letting everyone to feel the tremendous blow strength from mind. 此时此刻,场中所有人心中不免有些空落落的,都有种不真实感,都感觉到如梦如幻,他们根本就无法想象,眼前的这一幕,带给他们的冲击力委实有些大了,让所有人都能感受到来自心神的巨大冲击力。 In any event, they cannot believe, matter will be solved in the so relaxed way unexpectedly, must know that this was they struggled matter for a lifetime, in their ancestors by person when the domestic animal same slaughtered, they have known, they also inevitable will return to their ancestor's road. 无论如何,他们也不敢相信,事情竟然会以如此轻松的方式被解决,要知道这可是他们奋斗了一辈子的事情,在他们的祖先被人当牲畜一样屠杀的时候,他们就已经知道,他们也不可避免的会重蹈他们祖先的覆辙。 However, what making everyone not think, the appearance of Luo Xiu let all these radical vanishing into thin air, was only this point, can enable everyone to straighten up the back life in this world, did not need to be worried with no reason at all by person, when the domestic animal same slaughtered. 然而,令所有人没想到的是,罗修的出现让这一切彻底的化为乌有,只是这一点,就能让所有人都可以挺直了脊梁生活在这个世界,再也不用担心无缘无故的被人当牲畜一样屠杀。 But at the same time, everyone feels suddenly, Sun of their top of the head that warm, can feel the excitement from heart, in field this bloody scene, in their opinion, that lovable. 而与此同时,所有人都猛然间感觉到,他们头顶的太阳是那么的温暖,也能感受到来自心底的激动,就连场中这血腥的现场,在他们看来,也是那么的可爱。 Even then the terrifying explosion, still the skeletons of some experts preserve, now these people must do, is seeks to look also does have living the person exists, has to live, makes up several blades, Luo Xiu, although also roughly searched, actually cannot achieve like nine big aristocratic families so, launches search inch by inch directly. 即便是那么恐怖的爆炸,也有部分高手的尸骸留存,如今这些人所要做的,就是寻找一下看还有没有活着的人存在,有活着的,就补上几刀,罗修虽然也大致的搜寻了一下,却不能做到如同九大世家这般,直接展开一寸一寸的搜查。 Ok, do not sigh with emotion here, fans out in two groups, few people clean up here mess, the remaining people go to respective family's Treasury immediately, thing that Young Master Luo can use, delivers entirely to me, this time is also lucky others, since promised him before, that do not go back on word, after all no one knows, the green pines send following are anything plan, if there is expert to arrive again, needs Young Master Luo to act, therefore, at this time, we may do not want getting rid of a helping hand as soon as the job is done, who dares to offend Young Master Luo, should not be strange my Zhao, when the time comes to you. Disadvantageous, the foreign enemy does not have in any case now, dies the expert, cannot be regarded anything!” Zhao Hongwu clapped, gave to attract after the past everyone's mind, coldly opens the mouth to tell. “好了,就不要在这儿感慨了,兵分两路,一部分人收拾这里的烂摊子,剩下的人立刻去各自家族的宝库,把那位罗公子能用到的东西,通通给我送过来,这次还多亏了人家,既然之前答应了他,那就不要食言,毕竟谁也不知道,苍松派后续是个什么计划,万一再有高手降临,还是需要人家罗公子出手的,所以,这个时候,我们可千万不要想着卸磨杀驴,谁敢得罪罗公子,别怪我赵家,到时候对你们不利,反正如今外敌已经没有了,死上个把高手,也算不得什么!”赵洪武拍拍手,将所有人的心神都给吸引了过去之后,冷冷地开口吩咐道。 In front of numerous aristocratic family Patriarch, Zhao Hongwu these words, just like loud and clear, ignores the expression that in the field these person of facial expressions vary, to him, existence of Luo Xiu, relates to the life and death of entire day dark green mainland, therefore cannot have the least bit to lose, even cannot existence of Luo Xiu, place in the same position with the life and death of these people. 当着众多世家的家主的面,赵红武的这番话,犹如掷地有声,根本就不顾场中这些人神情各异的表情,对于他来说,罗修的存在,关系到整个天苍大陆的生死存亡,所以不能有半点损失,甚至于根本不能将罗修的存在,跟这些人的生死放在同一位置上。 An especially essential point is, because he is very clear, regarding Luo Xiu, the entire day dark green mainland, besides these practice resources, other bases on no attraction, because of the Luo Xiu status origin issue, he is impossible to use force the method to intimidate Luo Xiu. 尤为关键的一点是,因为他很清楚,对于罗修来说,整个天苍大陆,除了那些修炼资源之外,其他的根本就没有任何的吸引力,而且因为罗修的身份来历问题,他也不可能采用武力的手段来威逼罗修 Most critically, even to use strongly to Luo Xiu, they put together, still estimate insufficient Luo Xiu kills, did in the middle of that giant sound that from previously Luo Xiu, can look, actually Luo Xiu had how terrifying strength. 更加关键的是,即便想要对罗修用强,他们这些人加在一起,也估计不够罗修杀得,从此前罗修搞出来的那番巨大动静当中,就能看得出来,罗修究竟有多么恐怖的实力了。 Zhao Hongwu must be in front of so many people, so straightforward brought to light the matter said that behavior nothing but stresses the Luo Xiu status, and his powerful threatening nature, making them care this matter, after all searched for the resources, was not the matter of forcing someone to do something against his will. 赵洪武之所以要当着这么多人的面,如此直白的将事情挑明了说,所为的无非是强调一下罗修的地位,以及他的强大威胁性,让他们把这件事情放在心上,毕竟只是搜寻资源罢了,又不是什么强人所难的事情。 Regarding Cultivator of entire day dark green mainland, so long as can satisfy Luo Xiu, even if were turns the sod three chi (0.33 m) also to help him find, this was the Zhao Hongwu straightforwardest idea, hoped in the field these families to be able the passive coordination his idea. 对于整个天苍大陆的修士而言,只要能够满足罗修,哪怕是挖地三尺也会帮他找到的,这是赵洪武最直白的想法,也希望场中这些家族能够无抵抗的配合他的想法。 Gazes after the people to go far away, only keeps Zhao does the clan old on the scene, a complexion wax yellow man looks at Zhao Hongwu, the somewhat curious opens the mouth asked: Patriarch, you do that can cause the repugnance of these people, if Ji they and we do against, more troublesome, after all is only we words, although we can also be able to suppress these people, if? Must know that they and we are the same, under without foreign enemy oppression, if really turns into enemies with us, very big trouble, moreover I had studied before, that Young Master Luo should adopts the exterior method, tears this space gate directly, with the aid of the external object, could not represent his real battle strength after all, can cause coveting of others!” A Elder tone scruple opens the mouth said. 目送众人远去,只留赵家的一干族老在场,其中一个脸色蜡黄的男子看着赵洪武,有些好奇的开口问道:“家主,您这么做,会不会引起这些人的反感,万一季家他们和我们对着干,岂不是会更麻烦,毕竟只是我们一家的话,我们虽然也能压得住这些人,但是万一呢?要知道他们和我们一样,在没有了外敌的压迫下,真要是跟我们反目成仇,岂不是很大的麻烦,而且我之前研究过了,那位罗公子应该是通过外部的手段,来直接撕裂这道空间门的,借助外物,毕竟代表不了他的真实战斗力,会不会引起其他人的觊觎!”一个长老语气迟疑的开口说道。 The words of man just fell, on Zhao Hongwu the imposing manner rose suddenly suddenly, that combative facial expression, direct pressure on: the opens the mouth that these people, coldly said Your several listened to me, went back to urge family's these juniors to me one by one, do not try to provoke that Young Master Luo, your old fogies, I, no matter you had any idea, thing to that Young Master Luo had anything to attempt, I can understand told you, do not call his idea me, especially do not anger this person, when the time comes, if you dare to violate old man's order, your own courted death, do not implicate the old man and Zhao, therefore, my, understood what is heard not!” 男子的话语刚刚落下,赵洪武身上气势陡然间暴涨,那杀气腾腾的神情,直接压向了场中的这些人,冷冷的开口说道:“你们几个给我听好了,回去把家族的那些小辈挨个给我叮嘱一遍,不要去试图挑衅那位罗公子,还有你们这些老家伙,我不管你们有什么想法,对那位罗公子身上的东西有什么企图,我都可以明白的告诉你们,不要给我打他的主意,尤其不要惹怒此人,到时候,如果你们敢违背老夫的命令,你们自己找死,不要拖累老夫和赵家,所以,我的话,听明白了没有!” In the field these people are the backbones of Zhao, at this moment listened to Zhao Hongwu to warn seriously, looked at each other in blank dismay, without the means that who made the Luo Xiu age too light, in addition he previously also truly drew support from the external object to tear that space gate! This enables in the field these people to look distinctly, sees clearly, therefore, although in heart some all kinds of ideas, but Zhao Hongwu, since has opened the mouth to warn seriously, for family's face countenance, must obey. 场中这些人都是赵家的顶梁柱,此刻听赵洪武如此严肃的警告,也都一个个面面相觑,没办法,谁让罗修的年龄太轻,加上他此前也确确实实借助外物来撕裂那道空间门的呢!这让场中这些人都能看得分明,看得清楚,因此,尽管心中有些各种各样的想法,但是赵洪武既然已经开口如此严肃的警告了,为了家族的颜面,也必须听从。 Yeah! I know that in your heart is not possibly convinced, even other ideas, but you, so long as to me being clear, do not try to provoke this person, other, you want to do, the old men do not manage, even if you use the resources, with Spirit Stone, goes to trade with that boy, so long as he agreed, the old man does not make the intervention, who dares to have the crooked thoughts to seize, your own looks at the office,...... the old man told you, first did not say that you can be victorious this person, even that old man of his side, were not the old man can contend, not to mention your fellow, therefore. Do not anger this person to me, if he also comes on such several times to us, we have the means of livelihood!” Zhao Hongwu looks at these people in field, sees uncomfortable of their face, was on the face revealed ice-cold killing intent, the opens the mouth that the tone coldly then said. “哎!我知道你们可能心中不服气,甚至于有些其他的想法,但是你们只要给我记清楚了,不要去试图挑衅此人,其他的,你们想干什么,老夫都不管,哪怕你们用资源,用灵石,去跟那小子换,只要他同意,老夫也不作干预,但是谁敢动歪心思强抢,你们自己看着办,还有……老夫告诉你们,先不说你们能不能打得过此人,即便是他身边的那位老者,都不是老夫能够抗衡的,更不用说你们这些家伙了,所以千万不要给我惹怒了此人,万一他对我们也来上这么几次,我们还有活路可言吗!”赵洪武看着场中的这些人,见他们一脸的不爽,也是脸上露出了冰冷的杀意,语气冷冷的开口接着说道。 He knows certainly that the urogenouses of own Zhao these people, depend the Zhao powerful overall strength, have these clansmen abused power? Suddenly one day, has the huge advantage to be placed in their front, but can also make this thing run inadequately, therefore, Zhao these unproductive ideas, Zhao Hongwu was clear, but he may fully realize that strangeness of Luo Xiu, was not they can covet, therefore, regarding Luo Xiu, Zhao Hongwu is holding the deep alert. 他当然知道自己赵家这些人的尿性,仗着赵家强悍的整体实力,这些族人早已作威作福惯了吗?突然有一天,有天大的好处摆在他们的面前,还能够让这东西跑了不成,所以,赵家这些徒劳的想法,赵洪武一清二楚,但是他可深知罗修的诡异,根本就不是他们这些人能够觊觎的,因此,对于罗修,赵洪武是抱着深深的戒备的。 Patriarch, we understood what is heard your meaning, how prepared as for other aristocratic families dry/does, we may be unable to manage, but, you determined, some Luo Xiu that boy really you said was so terrifying, that person that his side followed although a little strength, but I also had to experience, his strength was also only the immortal peak, even somewhat unusual Divine Ability, it is estimated that Supreme Elder in our clan, can still suppress with ease! As for the origin of this person, the green pines that in his mouth said sends and cloud Cang Big World, really also two said that since this person of this time has helped us solve this problem, his value is so also important, did you who might not have you to think feel?” Zhao Hongwu these words, cannot give to convince everyone, in the middle of the crowd has several people to look at each other one, an old man, being able to bear stands to say. 家主,我们听明白您的意思了,至于其他的世家准备怎么干,我们可管不着,只是,您确定,罗修那小子真有你说的那么恐怖,他身边跟着的那人虽然有点实力,但是我又不是没见识过,他的战力也只是地仙巅峰罢了,即便有些奇特的神通,估计我们族中的太上长老,也能够轻松压制!至于此人的来历,他口中所说的苍松派以及云苍大世界,到底是不是真的还有两说,既然此人这次已经帮我们解决了这个问题,那他的价值也有可能没你想的那么重要,您觉着呢?”赵洪武的这番话,并不能将所有人都给说服,人群当中有几个人对视一眼,其中一个老者,忍不住站出来开口说道。 His voice just fell, Zhao Hongwu facial expression instantaneously became ugly, the look was gloomy many, in the hand the ray flashed, direct Palestinian long-handled fan to this old man, simultaneously his side 34 people , the racket flew together, in the field only stayed behind does the clan that kept silent to be old, these people looked at each other in blank dismay, but truly does not dare to have the idea of beforehand that recklessly unseemly behavior again. 只是他的话音刚刚落下,赵洪武神情就瞬间变得难看至极,神色更是阴沉了不少,手上光芒一闪,直接一巴掌扇向了这老者,同时将他身边的三四人,也一起拍飞了出去,场中只留下噤若寒蝉的一干族老,这些人一个个都面面相觑,但也确确实实不敢再有之前的那种肆意妄为的想法了。 Probably handles the disciple juniors to be the same at will, Zhao Hongwu clapped, the severe vision observed the situation the surroundings, in the pressed field these people, kept silent, satisfied nod, opened the mouth to explain: Do not blame me, this King throws the words here, regarding Luo Xiu that person, you cannot hold any lucky idea, really thinks that a that boy city mansion does not have, he dares to be in front of so many people, puts out that precious thing to use, has definitely taken advantage, the most essential point is, you had not discovered, extreme tranquility that the boy displays from beginning to end, after that even if he makes in our opinion shocks the terrorist explosion of common custom, displays very tranquilly? Obviously, this boy the first time was not did, has to experience, I was you, among us, who discovered when that boy started to begin, when also finished? No! Even if he uses the external object, however the defense of Formation Law, is our own arrangement, may in our own control area, why not you have the induction to assume the post right, the old man not to discover that in any case any deficiency, this is the strangest place! Even if using all kinds of magical amulet rare treasures, only Formation Law that after tearing us will arrange, can be effective, but you think, happened these, absolutely will not have! Therefore, do not despise that person, he definitely has the terrifying means that we do not know! Furthermore, has not known, behind that space gate has attacks the abilities of our world again? If, when if we solved this boy, has these terrors plane to come again, we should deal with anything!” 像是随意处置门下子弟一样,赵洪武拍拍手,严厉的目光环视周围,压的场中这些人,一个个噤若寒蝉,满意的点点头,紧接着开口解释道:“你们别怪我,本座把话撂在这里,对于罗修那人,你们不能抱任何的侥幸想法,真以为那小子一点城府都没有,他敢当着这么多人的面,拿出那么珍贵的东西来使用,肯定有所依仗,最关键的一点是,你们难道没发现,那小子自始至终都表现的极为平静,哪怕他做的那种在我们看来震撼世俗的恐怖爆炸以后,也表现得十分平静吗?很显然,这小子不是第一次这么干了,早就有经验了,无论是我还是你们,我们所有人当中,有谁发现那小子是什么时候开始动手的,又是什么时候结束的吗?没有!哪怕他使用外物,但是阵法的防御,可是我们自己布置的,可在我们自己的控制范围内,你们有没有感应到任何不对劲,反正老夫是没有发现任何的不妥之处,这才是最诡异的地方!要知道,哪怕是使用各种各样的灵符秘宝,也只会在撕裂我们布置的阵法之后,才能见效的,但是你们想想,有没有发生这些,根本就没有!所以,不要小看了那人,他肯定是有着我们不知道的恐怖手段的!再者说了,还不知道,那空间门背后有没有再次进攻我们这个世界的能力?万一呢,万一当我们把这小子解决了,再有那些恐怖的位面来着,我们又该拿什么来应对!” At this moment, with Zhao Hongwu these words, just like together bolt from the blue simply, cut in the field directly the mind of these people, let in the field everyone's complexion pallid at the same time, showed the panic-stricken facial expression, one was the fear, previous all impulsive, all ideas, at this moment appeared that pale, in the face of the absolute strength, their petty actions, wants to come at this moment, rejoiced, fortunately they before no deviant behavior, otherwise, at this time, how death does not know. 此时此刻,随着赵洪武的这番话,简直犹如一道晴天霹雳,直接划破场中这些人的心神,让场中所有人脸色煞白不已的同时,一个个都露出了惊恐的神情,一个更是后怕不已,先前的所有冲动,所有想法,此时此刻都显得那么的苍白,在绝对的实力面前,他们的那番小动作,此刻想来,不禁庆幸不已,还好他们之前没有任何的异常行为,不然的话,这个时候,怎么死的都不知道。 Spoke these words, Zhao Hongwu saw that they had realized the gravity of matter, then, he then no longer spoke any idle talk, brings family these people to return to the family directly. To Zhao, this time they can by the smallest loss, gain the biggest benefit, it may be said that is the harvest. 说完这番话,赵洪武见到他们已经认识到了事情的严重性,然后,他便不再多说什么废话,直接带着家族当中的这些人返回家族。对于赵家而言,这次他们能以最小的损失,得到最大的利益,可谓是丰收。 These person of one of the Zhao have not been the fools, depending on a Zhao Hongwu domineering oppression, was only impossible to achieve this being sincerely convinced, therefore everyone also admired Zhao Hongwu at this moment from the bottom of the heart, after all can make use of the competitor's strength, but let their these, when Elder broadened the outlook. 赵家的这些人没有一个是傻子,仅凭赵洪武的一番强势压迫,根本不可能做到这种心服口服,所以此时此刻所有人也都打心底里佩服赵洪武,毕竟能够借力打力,可是着实让他们这些当长老的都大开眼界。 Zhao Hongwu knew certainly in Dao Temple the ideas of these people, but he also thought little, returned among family him, started to assemble the resources, simultaneously all young one generations, and all the fellows of causing trouble gave to close entirely. 赵洪武当然知道场中这些人的想法,不过他也不以为意,返回家族当中的他,就开始调集资源,同时将所有的年轻一辈,以及所有惹是生非的家伙通通给关了起来。 He is very clear, once Luo Xiu if really because of them, but had anything to misunderstand, regarding the entire Zhao and Zhao Hongwu plan for the aftermath, was the worst influence, therefore, to avoid having this situation, ceased the possibility of this matter from the root radically. 他很清楚,一旦罗修真要是因为他们这些人,而发生了什么误会,对于整个赵家和赵洪武的后续计划来说,是最不利的影响,因此,为了避免发生这种情况,根本就是从根源上杜绝这种事情发生的可能性。 In the middle of the crowd seems extremely peaceful, particularly as we all know, Zhao Hongwu at this moment is under the extreme violent anger condition, is nothing individual dares to touch his brow, that killing intent that most critically, Zhao Hongwu previously displayed, does not crack a joke absolutely, but is the true wish murder. 人群当中显得极为安静,尤其是所有人都知道,此刻的赵洪武正处于极度暴怒状态下,更是没有哪个人敢触他的眉头,更加关键的是,赵洪武此前表现出来的那种杀意,绝对不是开玩笑,而是真正的想要杀人。 Therefore, these people in family, even if in the heart is not clear, but still had no individual to dare at this time to open the mouth to dispute anything, after all the families have made the decision, they only needed to comply and that's the end, if had not figured out at this matter, that these people on the scene, did not match is side Huashi a person. 因此,家族里的这些人即便心中不明白,但是却也没有哪个人敢在这个时候开口辩驳什么,毕竟家族都已经做出了决定,他们只需要照做就是了,如果在这种事情上还拎不清,那在场的这些人,也都不配成为一方话事人了。 At this moment, these Elder of Zhao, thorough took seriously Luo Xiu to come in the heart truly, without means that that Zhao Hongwu the repeatedly urging severe warning, or previously Luo Xiu did earth-shaking, the destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth scene, showed all Luo Xiu was hard to annoy the degree. 此时此刻,赵家的这些长老们,一个个都彻底的在心中真正重视起罗修来了,没办法,不论是赵洪武的这种千叮万嘱的严厉警告,亦或者是此前罗修搞出来的那番惊天动地的,毁天灭地的景象,无不说明了罗修的难惹程度。 A more essential point is, everyone fully realized, this is also not main, what is main, that words that Zhao Hongwu previously spoke, Luo Xiu looks like a bottomless pit to be the same, no one knows that he has how big subsequent hand, even if his taking advantage is the foreign affairs, however in without thoroughly clarifies, before these external object also many that he depends on, everyone must put to cultivate the behavior. 更加关键的一点是,所有人都深知,这还不是最主要的,最主要的是,赵洪武先前所说的那番话,罗修就像是个无底洞一样,没有人知道他到底有多么大的后手,哪怕他的这种依仗是外务,但是在没有彻底弄清楚,他所倚仗的这些外物还有多少之前,所有人都必须夹起尾巴做人。 Gazes after each Elder to go far away, a Zhao Hongwu person stood in same place, separated looks spatially to the position that the former space gate was, in the middle of the facial expression, the look on face was inexplicable, as if in hesitating, seemed like confirming anything, long time he took back the own strange facial expression, in the middle of the vision filled firmly. 目送各个长老远去,赵洪武一个人站在原地,隔空望向之前空间门所在的位置,神情当中,脸上的神色莫名,似乎在迟疑,又像是在确认什么,良久他才收回自己怪异的神情,目光当中重新充满了坚定。
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