SS :: Volume #12

#1187: Inviting the wrath of the emperor of dragon, touching must die

Anping King! 安平王 Along with the Lu Xuan start to talk, the entire Fish Dragon Gang conference site starts a great unrest immediately! All people or the shock, or with amazement, everybody look varies. 随着陆轩开口,整个鱼龙帮会场顿时掀起一阵轩然大波!所有人或震惊,或骇然,人人神色各异。 Regarding most 9 Dragons Dynasty people, Anping King is almost only one has the character in story. They mostly have listened to Anping King something , helping 9 Dragons Dynasty to put down a rebellion, is cured by Evil Demon severe wound first emperor at one fell swoop, contributes to the distinguished merit repeatedly, must bestow Dong Tai City is the manor, becomes 9 Dragons Dynasty is in recent centuries only to have the opposite sex king in manor, got married has taught other people by attention Hundred Grass Hall only Su Ye, is present Anping Concubine. 对于大多数九龙皇朝的人来说,安平王几乎只是一个存在于故事中的人物。他们大多都听过安平王的一些事情,助九龙皇朝平叛,一举医好被魔煞重伤的先帝,屡立奇功,得赐东泰城为封地,成为九龙皇朝近百年来唯一一位拥有封地的异性王,更是迎娶了饱受关注的百草堂唯一传人苏叶,也就是如今的安平王妃 So all sorts, all fire imagination, envy. 如此种种,无一不让人神往,心生羡慕。 What what a pity is this Anping King as if shortly after accepting the manor is thorough vanished the trail, then gave a Anping Concubine female to handle including the manor, many people think in secret actually Anping King had any accident, was only for the calmness and steadiness of Dong Tai City, had not announced. 可惜的是这位安平王似乎在接受封地之后不久便是彻底的消失了踪迹,便是连封地都交给了安平王妃一介女子来打理,私下里其实许多人都以为安平王已经出了什么意外,只是为了东泰城的安稳,才没有公布。 Including Xiong Wei also so thinks that he underwent many strict investigations, discovered that Su Ye one person, simply had not contacted with so-called Anping King for these years, he then can conclude that Anping King not in city, and has planned to the murder of Su Ye. 包括向威也是这般想的,他经过了许多严密的调查,发现苏叶这几年来一直都只有一个人,根本没有跟所谓的安平王接触过,他这才敢断定安平王并不在城中,并策划了对苏叶的谋杀。 Has not actually thought that in this crucial point, Anping King that should not present, brings Su Ye to come suddenly, but also threatened the domain murder of Fish Dragon Gang. 却没想到就在这个节骨眼上,根本不应该出现的安平王,突然带着苏叶现身,还扬言来鱼龙帮的地盘杀人。 Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xiong Wei Xiong Wei, Anping King you did not know that also dares to rebel in Dong Tai City unexpectedly? Really is laughed by knowledgeable people, no wonder after northern wisdom bitter experience beast tide, collapses completely! Coughs a weak laughter to transmit, actually partly lies down in place Lu Qihong sends out. “哈哈哈哈,向威向威,连安平王你都不认识,竟然还敢在东泰城中作乱?真是贻笑大方,怪不得北般若遭遇兽潮之后一败涂地!咳,咳咳咳”一阵虚弱的笑声传来,却是半躺在地的陆麒洪所发出。 Saw only Lu Qihong to stand to say under supporting by the arm of Flying Clouds Castle disciple forcefully: Obsolete Flying Clouds Castle Lu Qihong, has seen Anping King.” 只见陆麒洪飞云堡弟子的搀扶之下强行站了起来道:“老朽飞云堡陆麒洪,见过安平王。” Then, Lu Qihong also wants to salute, actually by the Lu Xuan gently cradling, showed a faint smile saying: Land Laobao main was polite, the Flying Clouds Castle conduct is always honest, I am also the admiration, must see the land Laobao host, really lives up to reputation.” 说罢,陆麒洪还欲行礼,却是被陆轩轻轻托住,微微一笑道:“陆老堡主客气了,飞云堡行事向来正派,我也是钦佩不已的,如今得见陆老堡主,果然名不虚传。” Immediately Lu Xuan is puts out a hand to grip the hand of Lu Qihong saying: This time because of the negligence of this king, made the North Bo Ruo so villain do so the incident, has implicated the land Laobao host, but also looked at Laobao main should not be offended.” 随即陆轩又是伸手握住陆麒鸿的手道:“此次因为本王的疏忽,才让北波若这般小人搞出了这般事端,连累了陆老堡主,还望老堡主不要见怪。” During the speeches, Lu Qihong only felt in one Zhengping and energy transmitted from the hand of Lu Xuan, crossing slowly into own body, what making him shock to be incomparable, he just by the internal injury that Xiong Wei hit, unexpectedly was instantaneously good 70-80%! 说话间,陆麒鸿只感到一阵中正平和的能量陆轩的手中传来,缓缓的渡入自己的身体,令他震惊无比的是,他刚刚被向威打出来的内伤,竟是瞬间好了七八成! Lu Qihong does not know Lu Xuan, cannot affirm the young people who this braves suddenly are actually real Anping King, reason that he just so the affection, was then thinking starting out insincerely but ending up seriously, at least first blew Xiong Wei by the Anping King reputation. 陆麒鸿并不认识陆轩,也不敢肯定这个突然冒出来的年轻人究竟是不是真的安平王,他刚刚之所以这般作态,便是想着假戏真做,至少借由安平王的名头将向威先镇住。 But that now Lu Xuan shows suddenly, makes Lu Qihong hold in high esteem immediately, at this moment he had 78 affirmation, at present this young people, most likely are real Anping King, is bad, that also absolutely is the strength surpasses own powerhouse. 而如今陆轩突然展现出来的这一手,顿时让陆麒鸿刮目相看,此刻他已经有了78分的肯定,眼前这年轻人,十有八九是真的安平王,再不济,那也绝对是实力远超自己的强者。 Good, good, today can see the Anping King elegant demeanor fortunately, obsolete was also this lives not to.” Lu Qihong have not realized, aura that he spoke at this moment, already before no longer weak, but was the air/Qi is full, contained Tree of Life aura the strength of Second Wood, its cure effect can it be that general? “好,好,今日有幸能一睹安平王风采,老朽亦算是此生不许了。”陆麒鸿自己都没有察觉到,他此刻说话的气息,早已不复之前的虚弱,而是中气十足,蕴含了生命之树气息的乙木之力,其治愈效果又岂是一般? looks at Lu Xuan and Lu Qihong exchanged greetings mutually, acted in a completely informal or uninhibited manner, the Xiong Wei complexion was cloudier, stepped up to a footpath forward: „Really is your excellency Anping King? As far as I know, Anping King already vanished for many years, may maybe the generation of contributing no work but be undetected because of others!” 看着陆轩陆麒鸿相互寒暄,旁若无人,向威的脸色更加阴沉了,向前跨上一步道:“阁下真是安平王?据我所知,安平王早已消失多年,可别是滥竽充数之辈!” Lu Xuan turns the head to smile lightly: Letter with does not believe in you, you thought that is, is not not. However, do you believe are for me unimportant.” 陆轩转头淡淡一笑:“信与不信在你,你觉得是就是,不是就不是。不过,你信不信对我来说都不重要。” Then, Lu Xuan looks all around, bodies of vision all people in the conference site has swept, leaves the sound track slowly: Because of today, I must trample flat this place, I must let in the world, does not have North Bo Ruo again!” 说罢,陆轩环顾四周,目光在会场中所有人的身上扫过,缓缓出声道:“因为今日,我要踏平此地,我要让世上,再无北波若!” Ha!” The Xiong Wei anger instead smiles extremely: Your excellency big tone! Even if you are really that nuisance Anping King, how my Xiong Wei will fear you? However is one 9 Dragons Dynasty one reveals only part of the truth, the prince of playing tricks, I looks forward to you to walk into a trap actually, happen to gets it over and done!” “哈哈哈!”向威怒极反笑:“阁下好大的口气!就算你真是那劳什子安平王,我向威又岂会惧你?不过是一个九龙皇朝一个藏头露尾,装神弄鬼的王爷罢了,我倒是巴不得你自投罗网,正好一劳永逸!” Sees Xiong Wei as if not to dread that the Lu Xuan status, the Lu Qihong cannot help but sinking sound reminded: „The prince has been careful, this Xiong Wei was under the past North Bo Ruo place third, perhaps the strength has entered into Great Void Realm , cancould be underestimated.” 向威似乎根本不忌惮陆轩的身份,陆麒鸿不由得沉声提醒道:“王爷小心了,这向威乃是昔日北波若座下第三尊者,实力恐怕已经迈入太虚之境,不容小觑。” Many thanks the Laobao hosts reminded, but trivial Great Void Realm 1-layer small role, but also cannot turn any wave to come.” “多谢老堡主提醒,不过区区一个太虚境一重的小角色罢了,还翻不起什么浪来。” Snort.” Xiong Wei sneers: Human is not big, the tone was actually big breakthrough horizon, Fish Dragon Gang obeyed orders respectively, encircled to me! A fly cannot let out to me, today was the date of Fish Dragon Gang grand ceremony, then took this Anping King to offer a sacrifice to the flag, quite made 9 Dragons Dynasty know our fierce!” “哼。”向威冷笑一声:“人不大,口气倒是大得突破天际了,鱼龙帮所属听令,给我围起来!一只苍蝇也不许给我放出去,今天乃是鱼龙帮大典之日,便拿这安平王祭旗,好让九龙皇朝知晓我们的厉害!” As Xiong Wei issues an order, person of the audiences Fish Dragon Gang all moved immediately, everybody grasps the pointed weapons, has encircled the entire yard, at the same time, on all around roof towering emits one batch to grasp the arbalest cultivator, the arrow already the palate, neat aiming in institute people. 随着向威一声令下,一众鱼龙帮之人顿时全都动了起来,人人手持兵刃,将整个大院都围了起来,与此同时,四周的屋顶上突兀的冒出一批手持劲弩的武者,箭已上膛,齐刷刷的瞄准了院中众人。 Sees this, before these, does not know that the inside story immediately all becomes by the person complexion that Fish Dragon Gang invited white, clearly, Xiong Wei this was early has to prepare, simultaneously was surrounded by these many cultivator, in addition had a Xiong Wei Great Void Realm powerhouse to assume personal command, even if took a broad view at entire Central State, besides three big Rank Four Influence, but also really unmanned can slightly its point. 看到这一幕,那些之前不知内情而被鱼龙帮邀请过来的人脸色顿时全都变得唰白,很明显,向威这是早有准备了,同时被这么多武者包围,再加上有向威一个太虚境强者坐镇,哪怕放眼整个中州,除了三大四品势力外,还真无人能略其锋芒。 Is enjoying this space underground conceited feeling, in the Xiong Wei heart ambitious, but lets is, these cultivator that only he is not feeling well just surrendered, do not have one to have the sound unexpectedly. 享受着这种天上地下唯我独尊的感觉,向威心中雄心勃勃,不过唯一让他不爽的便是,刚刚投诚过来的那些武者,竟是没有一个有动静的。 Xiong Wei decides to take the Huangfu Shan operation once more cold and gloomy, the vision from Huangfu Shan has swept, leaves the sound track: Huangfu Valley Lord, wants to join my Fish Dragon Gang, now is the time that the payment throws describes, your other people are also same, take up weapon, is my Fish Dragon Gang true brothers, if there are to dare the non- follower, that then did not take it ill me to bide one's time for punishment!” 向威决定再次拿皇甫山开刀,目光森冷的从皇甫山身上扫过,出声道:“皇甫谷主,想要加入我鱼龙帮,如今便是交纳投名状的时刻,你们其余人也一样,拿起武器者,便是我鱼龙帮真正的兄弟,若有胆敢不从者,那便休怪我秋后算账了!” Saw Xiong Wei to say so transparent the words, all was compelled to look at each other in blank diamay in the people who in the name register signed the character, cannot make up mind, if before , was forced, still had the escape route, once that present takes up the weapon to face Anping King, may draw back really does not have to draw back, thorough tied up with Fish Dragon Gang on a ship. 向威已经将话说得这般明了,所有被逼在花名册上签下字的人都面面相觑,拿不定主意,如果说之前还只是被逼无奈,尚有退路的话,那如今一旦拿起武器面对安平王,可真就退无可退,彻底的跟鱼龙帮绑在一条船上了。 Naturally, all people subconscious went to Huangfu Shan the vision, how wants to have a look at him to choose, after all he is existence of bearing the brunt, but presents in this in every way influence, Scarlet Flame Valley is also biggest one. 自然而然的,所有人都下意识的将目光投向了皇甫山,想看看他如何抉择,毕竟他是首当其冲的存在,而在场这多方势力中,赤焰谷也是最大的之一。 Sees Huangfu Shan as if also in hesitant, Lu Qihong shakes the head to say slightly: Huangfu Shan, as the Central State person of same belief, I advised politely your one, at this moment turns head also with enough time, otherwise Scarlet Flame Valley will certainly welcome the total destruction.” 皇甫山似乎还在犹豫,陆麒鸿微微摇头道:“皇甫山,作为中州同道,我奉劝你一句,此刻回头还来得及,否则的话赤焰谷必将迎来灭顶之灾。” Huangfu Shan chest unceasing fluctuating, is making the difficult choice obviously, finally, he looks up said suddenly to Xiong Wei: Xiang Gang Master, I want the position of Fish Dragon Gang vice- master! In the future status only under your, above ten thousand people!” 皇甫山胸膛不断的起伏,显然正在做艰难的抉择,终于,他猛然抬起头看向向威道:“向帮主,我要鱼龙帮副帮主之位!日后地位仅在你一人之下,万人之上!” Good! My Xiong Wei effective and influential word, so long as you cope with this Anping King along with me together, you now are Fish Dragon Gang vice- master!” Xiong Wei is the heroic spirit is unexpectedly incomparable, complies at the scene, the daughter buys the meaning of horse bone, it goes without saying. “好!我向威一言九鼎,只要你随我一起对付这安平王,你现在便是鱼龙帮副帮主!”向威竟是豪气无比,当场答应下来,千金买马骨之意,不言而喻。 , Huangfu Shan has pulled out along the blade of matching, Scarlet Flame Valley is not only good at controlling the technique of fire, one set of scarlet flame knife skill is also quite well-known, is not inferior the scud palm of Flying Clouds Castle. 唰的一声,皇甫山抽出了随身所配之刀,赤焰谷不但擅长控火之术,一套赤焰刀法亦是相当闻名,丝毫不逊于飞云堡的飞云掌。 Saw that Huangfu Shan chose followed the Fish Dragon Gang same place, Lu Xuan shows a faint smile as before, he must have a look but actually, many people can be agitated by Xiong Wei, although he was not the person of bloodthirsty, but this Xiong Wei actions already thorough has touched his inviting the wrath of the emperor, as long as the choice stood on the side of the Fish Dragon Gang human, must die! 看到皇甫山选择了跟随鱼龙帮一起,陆轩依旧是微微一笑,他倒要看看,有多少人能被向威鼓动,他虽然不是嗜杀之人,但此次向威的所作所为已经彻底的触到了他的逆鳞,但凡选择站在了鱼龙帮一边的人,全都得死! Perhaps was infected by the choice of Huangfu Shan, one after another, some people have extracted the pointed weapons, made the similar choice with Scarlet Flame Valley, the Xiong Wei daughter has bought Ma Gu, won initial success. 或许是被皇甫山的选择所感染,陆陆续续的,又有人抽出了兵刃,与赤焰谷做出了同样的选择,向威的千金买马骨,已经初见成效。 cultivator on the scene by the choice of Huangfu Shan as reference, but these chambers of commerce represented look to Azure Wood Chamber of Commerce association president Ding Sai, this moment Ding Sai intertwined incomparably, he does not want dead, may not want to oppose with 9 Dragons Dynasty. 在场的武者皇甫山的选择作为参考,而那些商会代表则是看向了青木商会的会长丁赛,此刻丁赛纠结无比,他不想死,可也不想跟九龙皇朝作对。 He looked up one sidelong glance light Yun Dan Lu Xuan one eyes, finally clenched teeth the sound track: Prince, the villain does not dare to oppose with you, if today I am difficult to run away this disaster, but also looks at the prince to look that in share that the villain would rather die than surrender, saves the villain wife and children, the villain does not have the tooth to be unforgettable!” 他抬头看了一眼风轻云淡的陆轩一眼,终于咬牙出声道:“王爷,小人不敢与您作对,今日我若是难逃此劫,还望王爷能看在小人宁死不屈的份上,救下小人妻儿,小人没齿难忘!” Xiong Wei hear that is angry immediately, today came these many people, he most regards as important is Flying Clouds Castle, Scarlet Flame Valley, with Azure Wood Chamber of Commerce. But Flying Clouds Castle Lu Qihong ate the steelyard weight iron core is not willing to betray 9 Dragons Dynasty, was good to win over Scarlet Flame Valley successfully, has not thought that the trivial humble merchant, dares to defy itself unexpectedly! If he has let off Ding Sai today, that will conform in the future also with other firms, gives Fish Dragon Gang to provide the great quantity fund? 向威闻言顿时大怒,今日来了这么多人,他最看重的便是飞云堡,赤焰谷,与青木商会。可飞云堡陆麒鸿吃了秤砣铁了心不肯背叛九龙皇朝,好在成功拉拢了赤焰谷,可没想到区区一个低贱的商人,竟然也敢违抗自己!若是他今日放过了丁赛,那日后还怎么整合其余的商行,怎么给鱼龙帮提供巨量的资金? Under the anger, Xiong Wei points to the Ding Sai anger to shout to clear the way: Gave me to kill directly! If some people defy this master again, has such case!” 愤怒之下,向威直指丁赛怒喝道:“给我直接射杀了!若再有人违抗本帮主,有如此例!” The roof crossbowmen lift the crossbow arrow instantaneously, points to Ding Sai, immediately deducts the trigger suddenly. 屋顶众弩手瞬间抬起弩箭,直指丁赛,随即猛然扣下扳机。 Whiz! Arrow arrow sound from out of the blue gets up, Ding Sai looks at flies neatly to own arrow arrow, in the mind, only then a thought that does not have to think one must die in deep sorrow under 嗖!箭矢破空之音响起,丁赛看着齐刷刷飞向自己的箭矢,脑海中只有一个念头,没想到自己要死在万箭穿心之下 The eye looks at numerous arrow arrows shoot, approaches the Ding Sai crowd immediately dispersing fast, for fear that was injured accidentally, to Xiong Wei murders decisively fearful and apprehensive, Ding Sai Azure Wood Chamber of Commerce is in them a biggest chamber of commerce, the business proliferates Central State, but Xiong Wei was said that killed kills. 看着众多箭矢射来,靠近丁赛的人群顿时飞快的散开,生怕被误伤,同时也对向威的杀伐果断胆战心惊,丁赛青木商会可是他们中最大的一个商会,生意遍布中州,但向威却是说杀就杀。 But at this moment, the Lu Xuan right hand slowly lifts, during the people are dumbfounded, mysterious appeared, all arrow arrows, unexpectedly were all the static stagnation in the midair, but recent, was away from Ding Sai head three feet remote. 而就在此刻,陆轩右手缓缓抬起,在众人目瞪口呆之中,神奇的一幕出现了,所有的箭矢,竟是全都静静的停滞在了半空之中,而最近的一根,距离丁赛的脑袋不过三尺之遥。 The people incredible carry over Lu Xuan vision, the left hand that particularly Lu Xuan raises high, did the arrow arrow of this everywhere, raise hand to lift in the feet then by Lu Xuan to stagnate unexpectedly? Actually is this what kind terrifying strength? 众人不可置信的将目光移向陆轩,尤其是陆轩高高举起的左手,这漫天的箭矢,竟是被陆轩举手抬足之间便停滞了下来?这究竟是何等恐怖的实力? The Lu Xuan left hand lifts up high as before, but is actually the light start to talk, in sound clear introduction people ear: Starting today, Scarlet Flame Valley removes from Central State, Azure Wood Chamber of Commerce, becomes the 9 Dragons Dynasty serving as a tool chamber of commerce.” 陆轩左手依旧高举,但却是淡淡的开口,声音清晰的传入众人耳中:“从今日起,赤焰谷中州除名,青木商会,成为九龙皇朝御用商会。” Then, the Lu Xuan left hand wields suddenly, inconceivable appears once again, waves in Lu Xuan instantaneous, all arrow arrows turn around instantaneously, by compared with was projecting quicker speed a moment ago, returns suddenly! 说罢,陆轩左手猛然挥下,不可思议的一幕再度出现,就在陆轩挥手瞬间,所有箭矢瞬间掉头,以着比刚才射出更快的速度,骤然返回! Sound of the bitterly disappointing pitiful yell resounds one after another, squats in the crossbowman of roof, the flash is killed violently completely, dies under the arrow arrow that oneself project.( ~^~) 一阵令人心寒的惨叫之声接连响起,蹲在屋顶的弩手,一瞬间全部毙命,死于自己射出的箭矢之下。(~^~)
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