SS :: Volume #12

#1184: Hongmen banquet

East Dong Tai City, an occupying land area enormous big house indefinitely, here was the new promote faction Fish Dragon Gang headquarters. 东泰城城东,一处占地极大的三进三出的大宅子,这里便是新晋帮派鱼龙帮的总部。 In recent years, Dong Tai City was depending upon the support of 9 Dragons Dynasty, in addition the Hundred Grass Hall headquarters were situated in this, the intercourse population was extremely numerous, develops even more fast, in addition a while ago the beast tide attack, the innumerable refugees emerged, making in Dong Tai City the price land price soar, wants to set to buy a big house in the commercial lively east, must spend absolutely is not a small number. 近年来,东泰城依靠着九龙皇朝的扶持,再加上百草堂总部坐落于此,往来人口极多,发展得愈发快速,再加上前段时间兽潮来袭,无数流民涌入,使得东泰城中物价地价飞涨,想在商业繁华的城东置购一间这般大的宅子,所需花费绝对不是一笔小数目。 The only this big dwelling, can see Fish Dragon Gang absolutely is not a piece of work faction, the strength is absolutely superior. 单凭这一间大宅院,便可看得出鱼龙帮绝对不是一个小打小闹的帮派,实力绝对雄厚。 In fact also indeed is so, since Fish Dragon Gang was established, has spent three days of time merely, then thoroughly has conformed with east every large or small influence, although is not on existence of floor, but the lower currents have the place that the lower currents excel. 事实上也的确是如此,自从鱼龙帮成立以来,仅仅花了三天时间,便是彻底的整合了城东这一片大大小小的势力,虽然都不是什么上的了台面的存在,但下九流也有下九流所擅长的地方。 Since the Fish Dragon Gang establishment, passes merely half a month time, is has become in Dong Tai City the biggest unofficial influence, does not have one, the so strong tendency, has to make one look askance. 鱼龙帮成立至今,仅仅过去半个月的时间,便是已经一跃成为了东泰城中最大的非官方势力,没有之一,如此强劲的势头,不得不令人侧目。 Now in Fish Dragon Gang, there is a strength strong lyeopodium complanatium, has the familiar Dong Tai City every bit of property local bully, has the local non- local businessman giant, unknowingly has formed a not too big nor too small ecosphere, moreover is quite stable, the increasing number of people start to hire oneself it, further expanded, has formed a positive cycle. 如今鱼龙帮中,有实力强劲的过江龙,有熟悉东泰城一草一木的地头蛇,有本地的非本地的商贾巨头,不知不觉中已经形成了一个不大不小的生态圈,而且相当稳固,以至于越来越多的人开始投靠它,进一步壮大,形成了一个良性循环。 Today, is Fish Dragon Gang convenes the day that the major chieftains hold the faction grand ceremony, first to invite the head of each domain comes to participate to witness the establishment of Fish Dragon Gang, and to them demonstrated the Fish Dragon Gang strength, had better be able thorough wins over them, two plans the following Fish Dragon Gang development route, and decides that a minute of law of this big cake, by the resources that Fish Dragon Gang has now, nobody does not want to slice. 今天,是鱼龙帮召集各大头目举行帮派大典的日子,一来是为了邀请各个领域的首脑前来参与见证鱼龙帮的成立,并向他们展示一下鱼龙帮的力量,最好能彻底的拉拢他们,二来则是规划接下来鱼龙帮的发展路线,并商定一下这块大蛋糕的分法,以鱼龙帮如今所掌握的资源来看,没有人不想从中多分一杯羹。 Azure Wood Chamber of Commerce Ding Sai President Ding!” 青木商会丁赛丁会长到!” Oh, President Ding accepts this invite to come unexpectedly, is really the infrequent visitor, in a big hurry, in requests personally requests personally!” “哎哟,丁会长竟然赏脸前来,真是稀客,快快,里面请里面请!” Scarlet Flame Valley Huangfu Shan Huangfu Valley Lord!” 赤焰谷皇甫山皇甫谷主到!” Huangfu Valley Lord, the greeting on first meeting greeting on first meeting, Scarlet Flame Valley the technique of controlling fire excels by far Central State, Huangfu Valley Lord in recent years was well-known, today sees, really lived up to reputation.” 皇甫谷主,久仰久仰,赤焰谷的控火之术冠绝中州,皇甫谷主近年来更是闻名遐迩,今日一见,果真名不虚传。” Flying Clouds Castle Lu Qihong Castle Lord Lu!” 飞云堡陆麒鸿陆堡主到!” Oh, has worked unexpectedly the land senior undercarriage, really folds the ghost local guild, is in a big hurry invited, comes the human, invited the Castle Lord Lu seat of honor!” “哎呀,竟然劳动了陆前辈大架,实在是折煞本帮,快快有请,来人,请陆堡主上座!” Fish Dragon Gang vice- master He Zhenbo stands in entrance, greets with a smile, is receiving each by all elder brothers who the Fish Dragon Gang written invitation invited. And has financial group rich Jia, there is a martial arts powerhouse. 鱼龙帮副帮主何震波站在门口,笑脸相迎,接待着每一位被鱼龙帮的请帖邀请过来的各方大佬。其中有财团富贾,也有武道强者。 looks at these person of put on a high and mighty act entering yards, on the He Zhenbo face reveal sneering of not easy detection, today all people, entered this leafed door, do not want to walk again easily! 看着这些人一个个趾高气昂的走进大院,何震波脸上露出一丝不易察觉的冷笑,今天所有人,进了这扇门,就别想再轻易走出去了! When the tumultuous times use the severe laws! Leaves time of Fish Dragon Gang North Bo Ruo preparation not to be or many, this time, they must tie up all people on Fish Dragon Gang this ship, or from Fish Dragon Gang, either died! 乱世当用重典!留给鱼龙帮或者说北波若准备的时间已经不多了,这一次,他们务必要将所有人都绑在鱼龙帮这艘船上,要么从了鱼龙帮,要么死! Along with to noon, guest gradually was scarce, after the He Zhenbo again entrance waited for one, sees unmanned arrives again, then turns back the backyard. 随着时至中午,来宾渐渐的稀少了,何震波又再门口等了一阵之后,见再无人到来,便是折返回了后院。 Reply the master, Chuixue Aristocratic Family, Covering Moon Temple, the Clean Sky Trading Company three people have not arrived.” He Zhenbo bows toward one person slightly reports the report, this person, is Fish Dragon Gang master Xiong Wei. “回禀帮主,吹雪世家,掩月殿,乾天商行三家的人还没有到。”何震波微微躬身朝一人禀报道,此人,便是鱼龙帮的帮主向威 His has planned the establishment of Fish Dragon Gang, is successful fortunately survived in the beast tide, wants to be based on Fish Dragon Gang, reconstructs North Bo Ruo. Today this Fish Dragon Gang faction grand ceremony, is manages by him. 正是他一手策划了鱼龙帮的成立,更是成功的在兽潮中幸存了下来,欲要以鱼龙帮为基础,重建北波若。今天这一场鱼龙帮的帮派大典,便是由他主持。 Hears the reply of He Zhenbo, Xiong Wei to nod gently, reveals one to sneer saying: Proposes a toast does not eat, eats to be made to drink as a forfeit. They will regret decision that today makes.” 听得何震波的回复,向威轻轻点头,露出一丝冷笑道:“敬酒不吃,吃罚酒。他们会后悔今天所做的决定的。” That is natural.” He Zhenbo thinks highly saying: „The master your strategy is absolutely safe, today, this Dong Tai City will then become our North Bo Ruo new base, when the time comes who also dares to neglect us?” “那是自然。”何震波恭维道:“帮主您的计策万无一失,今天过后,这东泰城便会成为咱们北波若新的根据地,到时候谁还敢忽视咱们?” Um? North Bo Ruo?” Xiong Wei knits the brows discontentedly looked at He Zhenbo one. “嗯?北波若?”向威皱眉不满的看了何震波一眼。 Was such swept by the Xiong Wei vision, the He Zhenbo whole body quickly grasps the meaning of something, immediately then understood the meaning of Xiong Wei, changed a statement instantaneously: Is our Fish Dragon Gang headquarters, when the time comes master your on, ten thousand people below, can it be that can Chuixue Aristocratic Family this grade of influence compare?” 向威的目光这么一扫,何震波浑身一个激灵,顿时便明白了向威的意思,瞬间改口道:“是咱们鱼龙帮的总部,到时候帮主您一人在上,万人在下,又岂是吹雪世家这等势力能比的?” Xiong Wei hear that, this satisfied nod, his mood also somewhat surges, the death that North Bo Ruo many high levels die, is the wound wound, his big opportunity? When he has conformed with the North Bo Ruo remnant forces, combined threats with inducements to draw in many chambers of commerce and Sect again, when the time comes the important person had the human, asked for money richly, what worried that the important matter was outmoded! At the appointed time he then can with 9 Dragons Dynasty, South Bo Ruo, Seven Evils Church , etc. the Fish Dragon Gang first person that treated as an equal! 向威闻言,这才满意的点点头,他心情也有些激荡,北波若诸多高层死的死,伤的伤,何尝不是他的大机遇?待他整合了北波若的残余势力,再威逼利诱收拢诸多商会与宗门,到时候要人有人,要钱有钱,何愁大事不兴!届时他便是能够与九龙皇朝,南波若,七煞教等平起平坐的鱼龙帮第一人! The He Zhenbo looks at Xiong Wei supine head length smiles, the heart somewhat inexplicable excitement, he has not thought that Xiong Wei really has such ambition, the picture wants to open sect Lipai taking advantage of North Bo Ruo remnant shell. Can as the matter stands, similarly not be his opportunity? When the time comes Xiong Wei has become the Boss, but this vice- master, naturally also along with when production costs rise , prices rise too. 何震波看着向威仰头长笑,心头也有些莫名的激动,他没想到向威竟然有如此野心,景象想借着北波若的残壳自己开宗立派。可这样一来,同样不也是他的机遇么?到时候向威成了老大,而他这个副帮主,自然也就随着水涨船高了。 Was good, since the human arrived similarly, we also exited, so long as this matter became, our Fish Dragon Gang leapt to turn into a dragon is the matter of being settled.” Xiong Wei reorganized under the front piece, gradually walked. “好了,既然人到得差不多了,咱们也出去吧,只要这次事成,咱们鱼龙帮一跃成龙便将是板上钉钉的事情了。”向威整理了下衣襟,缓步走了出去。 Welcomed the master!” As Xiong Wei appears, the Fish Dragon Gang people completely all bow the head. “恭迎帮主!”随着向威出现,鱼龙帮众人尽皆俯首。 Ha Ha, does not need to be overly courteous, everybody later was a whole family. Our does Fish Dragon Gang build up these many heroes, who the world can also prevent our footsteps?” Xiong Wei puts out a hand to press downward, laughs to make noise. “哈哈,不必多礼,大家以后便是一家人了。咱们鱼龙帮集结这么多英雄豪杰,天下又还有谁能阻挡我们的脚步?”向威伸手向下压了压,大笑出声。 Hears the Xiong Wei words, the Flying Clouds Castle fort to advocate Lu Qihong to knit the brows slightly, listens to Xiong Wei this meaning, as if Fish Dragon Gang attempts really in a big way, immediately coughs a sound track: Xiang Gang Master, Lu hears expensively helps newly-built, comes to congratulate, may not be is the whole family.” 听得向威的话,飞云堡堡主陆麒鸿微微皱眉,听向威这意思,似乎鱼龙帮所图甚大,当下咳嗽一声道:“向帮主,陆某只是听闻贵帮新建,前来祝贺,可还算不上是一家人。” Xiong Wei looked that said with a smile to Lu Qihong: Land seniors have spoken discreetly, since can come here, naturally is my Fish Dragon Gang friends, is away from home, depends is the friend, many friend many road. The land seniors might as well have a look, now my Fish Dragon Gang built up numerous chamber of commerce elder brothers, as well as the martial arts senior, is this Dong Tai City City Lord's Mansion, is dreads to us incomparably, why not do the land seniors carry Flying Clouds Castle to join Fish Dragon Gang together? Had Flying Clouds Castle to assist, Fish Dragon Gang can on surely again a yet higher goal, why must also to look at other people's complexion again?” 向威看向陆麒鸿笑道:“陆老前辈言重了,诸位既然能来到这里,自然都是我鱼龙帮的朋友,出门在外,靠的便是朋友,多一个朋友多一条路。陆老前辈不妨看看,如今我鱼龙帮集结了众多商会大佬,以及武道前辈,便是这东泰城城主府,对我们也是忌惮无比,陆老前辈何不携飞云堡一起加入鱼龙帮么?有了飞云堡相助,鱼龙帮定能再上一层楼,又何须再看他人的脸色?” Xiong Wei these words said straightforwardly incomparable, Lu Qihong hear that changes color shamelessly immediately slightly, sinking sound track: „The Xiang Gang Master cautious word, I and others submits to 9 Dragons Dynasty eventually, if Xiang Gang Master said again this grade of words, did not take it ill the old man not to show due respect for the feelings to leave ahead of time.” 向威这番话说得直白无比,陆麒鸿闻言老脸顿时微微变色,沉声道:“向帮主慎言,终究到底,我等都是臣服于九龙皇朝的,若是向帮主再说这等话,就休怪老夫不给面子提前离开了。” In the Xiong Wei heart sneers, in the surface said as before warmly: Land seniors word is bad, you have not thought makes the status of expensive fort to bring it up a level? When my Fish Dragon Gang Daxing, why bother when the time comes again does look at the 9 Dragons Dynasty complexion? At the appointed time we then with 9 Dragons Dynasty same level existence!” 向威心中冷笑,表面上却依旧热情道:“陆老前辈此言差矣,难道您就没想过让贵堡的地位更上一层楼吗?等我鱼龙帮大兴,到时候又何苦再看九龙皇朝的脸色?届时我们便是跟九龙皇朝同等的存在!” Lu Qihong immediately by Xiong Wei these words startled, taishou points at him to shout to clear the way: Xiong Wei, are you are revolting you to know? Early knows your Fish Dragon Gang really to have the idea of this grade of treason and heresy, I then should not come today!” 陆麒鸿顿时被向威这番话惊得不行,抬手指着他喝道:“向威,你这是在造反你知道吗?早知你鱼龙帮竟然有这等大逆不道的想法,我今日便根本不该来!” PS: Fellow book friends, everybody Happy New Year! Thank all accompanies Sword Spirit to bridge over for one year two years of even three years of friend, perhaps this year, the kid soon the full-time employment, the new book will have been arranging, when the time comes, hopes that everybody can support the kid as before! Other were not many said that in the new year first day, three offered!( ~^~) PS:各位书友,大家新年快乐!感谢所有陪伴剑灵跨过一年两年甚至三年的朋友,今年,小宝或许即将全职,新书已经在筹备了,到时候,希望各位依旧能支持小宝!别的不多说了,新年第一天,久违的三更奉上!(~^~)
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