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#1182: Peaceful Wang Luxuan

Lu Xuan at this moment, although facial expression as before widow who does not remarry, the cloudy cooling aura that but the whole body lends made the atmosphere of entire room fall into the freezing point. 此刻的陆轩,虽然神情依旧古井不波,但浑身散发出来的阴冷却气息让整个房间的气氛都陷入了冰点。 Xia Cao does not dare to talk too much, before the manner of that friendly prince suddenly transformation, making her experience the Lu Xuan other aspect, although this time she does not have what mistake, but makes the princess place oneself in the strategic place, is her mistake, if not this time is the Lu Xuan prompt detection, perhaps at this moment she and Su Ye died. 夏草根本不敢多言,之前那个和和气气的王爷突然转变的态度,让她见识到了陆轩的另一面,虽然这次她并没有什么过错,但让王妃置身于险地,就已经是她的过错了,这次若非是陆轩及时察觉,恐怕此刻她与苏叶都已经死了。 She timid nod, turns around to probably immediately immediately leave, but was stopped by calling out by Lu Xuan immediately. 她当即怯生生的点了点头,随即转身欲要离开,但随即就被陆轩叫住了。 Wait / Etc., I go personally as you like, you possibly have the danger.” “等等,我亲自随你去,你一个人可能有危险。” I go with you together.” Su Ye also stands up. “我跟你一起去。”苏叶也站起身来。 No need, you are waiting in this on the line.” “不必,你在这等着就行。” Su Ye stubborn looks at Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan can only hold the volume saying: Good, you with me together.” 苏叶倔强的看着陆轩,陆轩只能扶额道:“好吧,那你跟我一起。” After one line of three people immediately trend kitchen, Xia Cao, in the front leads the way, looks at her gingerly appearance, obviously is disturbed incomparable, Su Ye spoke the comfort saying: Xia Cao, do not worry, this time is not your mistake, said again, has not had an accident.” 一行三人当即走向后厨,夏草在前方引路,看她战战兢兢的样子,显然是忐忑无比,苏叶出言安慰道:“夏草,别担心,这次也不是你的过错,再说,也没有出什么事。” Concubine Xie forgave, the servants were, was felt that was unfair to prince princess, the prince good intention has a mind to cultivate me, has not thought that such quickly caused the matter to come.” 谢王妃体谅,奴婢就是,就是感觉对不起王爷王妃,王爷好意有心栽培我,没想到这么快就弄出事情来了。” looks at this little girl poured down the appearance that wanted to sob, Lu Xuan some does not endure to speak the ruthless words, but was the cold sound leaves to say as before forcefully: Therefore I give you ancient book, making you quite practice, if in the future will run into such matter, even if will be I am not, you can also not realize right.” 看着这小丫头片子泫然欲泣的模样,陆轩也有些不忍说狠话,不过依旧是强行冷声出言道:“所以我才给你典籍,让你好生修行,日后若碰到这样的事情,即便是我不在,你也能察觉不对。” The Xia Cao numerous nods, this matter has made the quite profound impression in her heart obviously, in the future is nobody supervises, will practice absolutely attentively. 夏草重重的点头,显然这件事在她心中留下了相当深刻的印象,日后便是没有人督促,也绝对会用心去修炼。 Prince.” Xia Cao after the kitchen entrance, calmed down to say. “王爷,到了。”夏草在后厨门口,定了定神说道。 The gate is opening, Lu Xuan can perception arrive in the room two female cooks both also. 门是开着的,陆轩能够感知到房内两个厨娘都还在。 Called them.” “把她们俩都叫出来。” Xia Cao nods, bears fearing intent in heart walk, the female cook who looks at two bustled about said: Aunt Zhang, Sister Wang, princess is invited.” 夏草点点头,忍住心中的惧意走了进去,看着两名正在忙碌的厨娘道:“张大娘,王大姐,王妃有请。” „The Xia Cao girl, what does the princess ask us to make?” A slightly fat middle-aged kitchen woman has doubts to say. 夏草丫头,王妃找我们做什么?”一名微胖的中年厨妇疑惑道。 Xia Cao shows a faint smile, does not reveal slightly the [say / way] of flaw: Aunt Zhang, the princess said that wants to consult to make the cakes and pastries to you method.” 夏草微微一笑,不露丝毫破绽的道:“张大娘,王妃说想向您请教一下做糕点的方法。” Oh, the princess studies this doing, wants to eat anything to tell that our these servants did were good, princess body precious as gold, where can be these heavy manual labors.” “哎哟,王妃学这个干嘛,想吃什么吩咐我们这些下人做就行了,王妃身体金贵,哪能做这些粗活。” Xia Cao looks the difficult color: This is the princess tells, the aunt you do not feel embarrassed me, when the time comes you told the princess on the line.” 夏草面露难色道:“这个是王妃吩咐下来的,大娘您就别为难我了,到时候您跟王妃说就行了。” At this moment that looks like the age is not quite seperately big, the female cook of young married woman general appearance has also turned around, said with a smile genially: Xia Cao, did the princess suddenly remember this to come? Right, did the cakes and pastries princess who was just eat? Had saying that the flavor was what kind of?” 此刻另外那名看起来年岁并不太大,少妇一般模样的厨娘也转过身来,和煦一笑道:“夏草,王妃怎么突然想起这个来了?对了,刚刚做的糕点王妃吃了吗?有没有说味道怎么样?” Is because the flavor is good, the princess asked me to invite your two.” “就是因为味道不错,王妃才叫我来请你们二位的。” This, that cakes and pastries I studied have been doing several times, Aunt Zhang taught me, the aunt was inferior that you went to be good with Xia Cao, I tidied up the kitchen again.” “这样啊,那糕点我才学着做了几次,还是张大娘教我的,大娘不如您跟夏草去就行了,我把厨房再收拾收拾。” Also good also good, we walk the Xia Cao girl.” Aunt Zhang puts down the cleaning rag in hand, scratched the hand to say. “也好也好,那我们就走吧夏草丫头。”张大娘放下手中的抹布,擦了擦手道。 Xia Cao also wanted to say anything again, the form entered the kitchen together, Xia Cao has turned head to look at one, has fallen back on hastily one side, since Lu Xuan has acted, that then did not need her to make anything. 夏草还欲再说什么,一道身影已经走进了厨房,夏草回头看了一眼,连忙退到了一边,既然陆轩已经出面,那接下来就不需要她做什么了。 That aunt sees Lu Xuan to appear actually, looks disgruntledly, blamed toward Xia Cao: „The Xia Cao girl, who is he? Your courage was also very big, dares to receive the backyard the strange man unexpectedly, must make Commander Wang know that must press you to hit the board!” 倒是那张大娘看到陆轩出现,面露不悦,朝夏草责备道:“夏草丫头,他是谁?你胆子也忒大了,竟然敢把陌生男人领到后院来,要让王统领知道,非得摁着你打板子了!” Lu Xuan shows a smiling face, but is mixing with cold meaning, said: Aunt Zhang is patient, I am look for this Sister Wang.” 陆轩露出一丝笑容,不过其中夹杂着一丝冷意,说道:“张大娘稍安勿躁,我是来找这位王大姐的。” Immediately he then carried over in that name light to flood a surprised young married woman the vision, in the look cold intent was more abundant: Sister Wang? Follows me.” 随即他便是将目光移向了那名目光中充斥着一丝惊疑的少妇,眼神中冷意更盛:“王大姐是吧?跟我走吧。” The Lu Xuan expression too does not suit, even if Aunt Zhang also realized that has not suited, the anxiety look looked that to young married woman who that is old yet still graceful, this moment this Wang young married woman actually refuses to budge in same place, the idea of slightly not having left. 陆轩的语气太不对劲,哪怕是张大娘也察觉到了一丝不对劲,疑虑的眼神看向那风韵犹存的少妇,此刻这名王姓少妇却是僵持在原地,丝毫没有动身的想法。 Lu Xuan sneers to make noise: Is it possible that also wants me to use strongly?” 陆轩冷笑出声:“莫非还要我用强吗?” This little elder brother, here, but City Lord's Mansion, cannot allow to act unreasonably, you have any dispute with Little Wang, should not make to here comes.” Aunt Zhang tries to ease up the atmosphere, she as if has treated as that young married woman the role in cohabitant Lu Xuan. “这位小哥,这里可是城主府,容不得乱来,你与小王有什么纠葛,也不应该闹到这里来。”张大娘试图缓和一下其中的气氛,她似乎是将陆轩当做了那少妇的姘头之内的角色。 However when Aunt Zhang just said that the Wang young married woman as if suddenly under decided some determination to be common, in an instant began, before body suddenly, flushed, a claw buckle to the throat of Lu Xuan, looked at the skill, obviously was not weak. 不过就在张大娘刚说完之际,那王姓少妇似乎是突然下定了某种决心一般,刹那间动手,身体骤然前冲而出,一爪扣向了陆轩的咽喉,看身手,显然不弱。 Sees this, suddenly Xia Cao and Aunt Zhang were surprised have opened the mouth, was together such for a long time, they actually do not know that this young married woman had martial arts! 看到这一幕,一时间夏草与张大娘都惊讶得张大了嘴,相处这么久,她们竟然都不知道这名少妇身怀武艺 Sees Lu Xuan not to dodge facing own attack does not hide, this young married woman look flashes through a vicious color, for a penny and for a pound, wants to come is that princess has had an accident, such being the case, killed this person also to retire after meritorious service, not in vain several-month long being dormant. 陆轩面对自己的攻击不闪不躲,这少妇眼神闪过一丝狠毒之色,一不做二不休,想来是那王妃已经出事了,既然如此,那自己杀了这人也能功成身退了,不枉自己长达数月的蛰伏。 Eye looks at this claw then can lock in the throat of Lu Xuan, actually unexpectedly this young people palm light gaining ground, seems like slow, the regulations are fast, was the backhand covered her wrist unexpectedly. 看着她这一爪便能将陆轩的咽喉锁住,却不料这年轻人一只手掌轻飘飘的抬头,看似缓慢,实则迅捷无比,竟是反手扣住了她的手腕。 ! 咔嚓! A sound of bone break conveys, the young married woman cannot bear send out a pitiful yell, she has not thought completely the Lu Xuan strength unexpectedly is such! 一声骨头断裂的声音传来,那少妇忍不住发出一声惨叫,她完全没想到陆轩的实力竟是如此之强! But her response also stems from the expectation of Lu Xuan, this young married woman as if practices some supple merit, oneself covered her wrist obviously, but this young married woman puts forth a supple vigor to work loose unexpectedly in an instant from his hand. Although said that Lu Xuan at will gets rid, but this young married woman can work loose from his hand, had proven the strength is absolutely good. 但她的反应也是出乎陆轩的预料,这少妇似乎是修炼某种柔功的,自己明明已经扣住了她的手腕,但这少妇竟然刹那间使出一股柔劲从他手中挣脱开来。虽然说陆轩只是随意出手,但这少妇能从他手中挣脱,已经证明了实力绝对不俗。 But the next quarter, after realizing drop pricks the hand, this young married woman does not dare to stay, the both legs catch up to soar suddenly, all of a sudden directly solid roof dislodging big hole, dilapidated house. 而下一刻,意识到点子扎手之后,这少妇根本不敢多加停留,双腿发力猛然腾空而起,一下子直接将坚实的屋顶给撞出一个大洞,破房而出。 However wants to run away in front of Lu Xuan, is not he is proud, perhaps entire Central State cannot discover such person! 不过想在陆轩面前逃走,不是他自负,整个中州恐怕都找不出这样的人! Sees only the Lu Xuan right hand to stretch out, grasps void, drinks a sound track severely: Gives me to get down!” 只见陆轩右手伸出,虚空一抓,厉喝一声道:“给我下来!” Just escaped from the room, the young married woman who was wanting to flee, suddenly felt that an invisible strength coerced itself suddenly, keeping her definitely from moving, but the next quarter, along with this gang of strength, she was the stone that was similar to that tenesmuss generally loudly pounds to fall suddenly, with one pile of tiles threw down before she just fled in position. 刚刚从屋里遁出,正欲逃离的少妇,突然感到一股无形的劲气猛然间裹挟住了自己,让她完全无法动弹,而下一刻,随着这股劲气猛然一拉,她便是如同那下坠的石头一般轰然砸落,伴随着一堆瓦片摔倒在了她刚刚逃离前的位置上。 Aunt Zhang by this sudden fought to be shocked, gingerly asking: Xia Cao girl, this, is this?” 张大娘被这突如其来的打斗惊呆了,战战兢兢的问道:“夏草丫头,这这,这是?” Xia Cao pursed the lips saying: He is our princes, just surnamed Wang wants to poison our princesses, was discovered by the prince.” 夏草抿了抿嘴道:“他便是咱们王爷,刚刚姓王的想毒害咱们王妃,被王爷发现了。” Lu Xuan crosses the hands behind the back to stand, the looks at hair is scattered in disorder, the corners of the mouth reveal the blood thread Wang young married woman, occupies a commanding position to ask: Said that who sends you to come. If you want to commit suicide, I do not block, you died, I naturally can also know.” 陆轩负手而立,看着头发散乱,嘴角露出血丝的王姓少妇,居高临下问道:“说吧,谁派你来的。你若想自尽,我也不拦,你死了,我自然也能知道。” Who are you?” The Wang young married woman stares at Lu Xuan to clench teeth to make noise, she ponders her strength not to be weak, in addition took Medicine Pill of concealment aura strength, gets rid to sneak attack suddenly, the truth that the average person has not escaped by luck decidedly, but before this young people, the leeway that has not revolted against unexpectedly. “你是谁?”王姓少妇盯着陆轩咬牙出声,她自忖自己的实力不弱,再加上服用了隐匿气息实力的丹药,骤然出手偷袭,一般人断然没有幸免的道理,但在这年轻人面前,竟是没有丝毫反抗的余地。 Lu Xuan sneers, leaves sound track: Being probable makes you know that I called Lu Xuan, Anping King Lu Xuan!”( Not 陆轩一声冷笑,出声道:“须得让你知道,我叫陆轩,安平王陆轩!”(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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