SOD :: Volume #10

#965: These miss

Setting sail will attract this star from the universe deep place, is so-called chaotic foreword background pulse- this very possible is only then setting sail some clear topical glossary, but about its origin, Gawain was actually quick then wants to understand. 将起航者从宇宙深处吸引到这颗星球的,是所谓的“乱序背景脉冲”-这很可能是只有起航者自己才明白的某种专业词汇,但关于它的来源,高文倒是很快便想明白了。 On this star, large-scale Gods arrives with the war conflicts. 正是发生在这颗星球上的、大规模的神明降临与战争冲突。 They arrive at this star time, the whole world already almost incurable, bloodthirsty Gods coerced frantic Holy See to turn into the giant offering sacrifices field the entire planet, but the average person on such as treated the domestic animal that butchered in the offering sacrifices field, Tull Lund seemed like only pure land, however also depended upon the blockade border and Gods solidification achieves the self-preservation. “他们来到这颗星球的时候,整个世界已经几乎不可救药,嗜血的神明裹挟着狂热的教廷将整个行星变成了巨大的献祭场,而普通人在献祭场中就如待宰的牲畜,塔尔隆德看上去是唯一的‘净土’,然而也只是依靠封锁边境以及神明固化来做到自保。 Facing this situation, setting sail chose the most intense involvement method...... demolishing on this star the god who lost control is the structure.” “面对这种情况,起航者选择了最激烈的介入手段……‘拆毁’这颗星球上已经失控的神系结构。” dragon God, shakes the head at this point slightly. 龙神说到这里,微微摇了摇头。 „ The matter about setting sail, actually even I also understands very little, therefore I was not clear that they on other star faces the different situations will adopt what method, was not clear whether they have other means to guide civilization and ‚the Gods shackles separate, I only know, they used most effective means...... to attack on this star directly. “关于起航者的事情,其实连我也知之甚少,所以我不清楚他们在别的星球上面对不同的情况时都会采取什么手段,不清楚他们是否还有别的办法来引导一个文明和‘神明枷锁’脱钩,我只知道,他们在这颗星球上用了一种最行之有效的办法……就是直接进攻。 In during that time, because Myriad Gods interferes with the present world frequently, the Divine Attribute strength penetrates the barrier between present world and God's Kingdom repeatedly, caused the Gods the world boundary of the world and mortal is fuzzy, everywhere completely sky over the star cannot close up deep cavity and crevice, setting sail then started fiercely attacking from these channels to all God's Kingdom. “在当年,由于众神频繁干涉现世,神性力量反复穿透现世和神国之间的屏障,导致了神明的世界与凡人的世界界限模糊,星球上空到处都是未能完全合拢的‘深界空洞’和裂隙,起航者便从这些通道对所有神国发动了猛攻。 even now, in my memory also remained then many scenes...... that is being fearful battle, setting sail to the impression that I made except for powerful, was resolute and callous. They as if are fulfilling some lofty mission to destroy this star to say as god rapidly existence, and left behind massive monitoring and protection facilities in this star- they make these facilities go into hiding, or the establishment is far away from the place of civilization home, at first, we think that they to seize this star thoroughly prepare, however they do not have...... after completing that all, they then not yearned for leave. 时至今日,我的记忆中还残留着当时的许多景象……那是可怕的战斗,起航者给我留下的印象除了强大,便是果决与冷酷。他们仿佛在履行某种崇高的使命般迅速摧毁了这颗星球所有自称为‘神’的存在,并在这颗星球留下了大量的监控与保护设施-他们让那些设施隐匿起来,或设置在远离文明生息地的地方,起初,我们以为他们是在为彻底占领这颗星球而做准备,然而他们没有……在做完那一切之后,他们便毫无留恋地离开了。 Leaves with them together, on this star fortunately survived at that time each race that population has sharply fallen- except for Tull Lund's dragon.” “和他们一同离开的,还有当时这颗星球上幸存下来的、人口已经锐减的各个种族-除了塔尔隆德的龙。” dragon God stopped at this point temporarily, Gawain then asks immediately: They before Myriad Gods of dragon clan acts...... the reason is you had not mentioned that dragon Zuhe own Myriad Gods has bound together, causing them unable to meddle?” 龙神说到这里暂时停了下来,高文便立刻问道:“他们也没有对龙族的众神出手……原因就是你之前提到的,龙族和自己的众神已经‘绑在一起’,导致他们无从插手?” „...... Actually this is only our guesses, after” two seconds of silence, dragon God opens the mouth in a soft voice, „ setting sail has not left behind the explanation. Their perhaps is cares about the stable relation between dragon clan and Myriad Gods, but has not acted, possibly determines dragon clan to join their ship group stemming from some consideration unqualified, the god who also or...... they will only eliminate these to fall into crazy or have the bloodthirsty tendency actually, but Tull Lund's dragon clan in their judgement rules is does not need to meddle the goal. “……其实这只是我们自己的猜测,”两秒钟的沉默之后,龙神才轻声开口,“起航者没有留下解释。他们或许是顾及到龙族和众神间的稳固联系而没有出手,也可能是出于某种考量判定龙族不够资格加入他们的‘船团’,亦或者……他们其实只会消灭那些陷入疯狂的或产生嗜血倾向的神,而塔尔隆德的龙族在他们的判断标准中是‘无需插手’的目标。 But what reason, is finally same...... “但无论是什么原因,结果都是一样的…… Setting sail left, without carrying off Great Dragon, Tull Lund civilization was kept this already on the star of sores all over the eye, dragon Zucheng at that time this star only ruler, was locked King on throne like one, is gazing at this piece of wasteland lonely, pitifully. 1.87 million years pass by, dragon Zumen obtained anything, lost anything...... not to talk clearly again.” “起航者离开了,没有带走巨龙,塔尔隆德文明被留在这颗已经满目疮痍的星球上,龙族成了当时这颗星球唯一的‘统治者’,就像一个被锁在王座上的国王般,孤独地、可悲地注视着这片废土。一百八十七万年过去,龙族们得到了什么,失去了什么……再也说不清楚了。” This phase of ancient history launched its mysterious veil in the dragon god's narration to Gawain slowly, however that glorious time had left the traces of innumerable wind erosion in the history, the during that time truth therefore becomes slurred, therefore heard so many things even, in the Gawain heart still remained the doubts, about setting sail, Myriad Gods about dragon clan, about that lost antiquity age...... 这段古老的历史在龙神的叙述中向高文缓缓展开了它的神秘面纱,然而那过于悠久的时光早已在历史中留下了无数风蚀的痕迹,当年的真相因此而变得模糊不清,因此即便听到了如此多的东西,高文心中却仍残留疑惑,关于起航者,关于龙族的众神,关于那个早已失落的上古年代…… He believes that also has certainly more details in the history that loses, has can explain setting sail and dragon clan present situation detail, however dragon God has not told Him perhaps is It intentionally conceals for some reasons, perhaps is this ancient Gods does not know the complete detail. 他相信在那失落的历史中一定还有更多的细节,有更多能够解释起航者以及龙族现状的细节,然而龙神没有告诉他-或许是祂出于某种原因刻意隐瞒,也或许是连这古老的神明都不知道全部的细节。 After all, It is not completely dragon clan Myriad Gods, but one that after is only Myriad Gods has great change, produces...... to suture the successor. 毕竟,祂并不完全是龙族的“众神”,而只是众神发生巨变之后生成的一个……缝合继承者罢了。 Long time, Gawain broke again silent: Then that stretch of battlefield in eternal storm......” 良久,高文再次打破了沉默:“那么永恒风暴里的那片战场……” That was the later matter, setting sail left for many years later,” dragon god said calmly, „ after setting sail left, Tull Lund experienced short chaos and stunned, but dragon clan must survive, even if the whole world sores all over the eye...... they have trod the close front door, such as the junkman started generally on this abandoned star explores, they found a lot of ruins, found a few seemed like not willing to leave, the small sanctuary that the losing people of star established, however in the bad environment, these sanctuary had not fortunately survived at that time...... “那就是之后的事了,起航者离开多年以后,”龙神平静地说道,“在起航者离开之后,塔尔隆德经历了短暂的混乱和错愕,但龙族仍然要生存下去,哪怕整个世界已经满目疮痍……他们踏出了封闭的大门,如拾荒者一般开始在这个被遗弃的星球上探索,他们找到了大量废墟,也找到了少数似乎是不愿离开星球的遗民所建立的、小小的庇护所,然而在当时恶劣的环境下,那些庇护所一个都没有幸存下来…… Later passed many years again, the world still a desolateness, Great Dragon temporarily gave up the vitality that seeks for the rest of the world, then starts to concentrate on to the development of Tull Lund. The appearance of setting sail as if opened a leaf of window for the dragon clan, leaf of window to...... an outside world, it stimulated the explorations and seeking knowledge spirit of many Great Dragon, lets......” “再之后又过了很多年,世界仍然一片荒芜,巨龙们暂时放弃了寻找世界其他地方的生机,转而开始把全部精力投入到塔尔隆德自己的发展中。起航者的出现仿佛为龙族打开了一扇窗口,一扇通往……外面世界的窗口,它激发了许多巨龙的探索和求知精神,让……” Gawain hears the howling sound and bellow outside Shrine suddenly becomes violent, even a moment ago the sound maximum time is more violent, he could not bear left the seat slightly, wanted to have a look at the situation outside temple, however dragon God the voice broke his movement: Do not care, is only...... the wind sound/rumor.” 高文听到神殿外的呼啸声和轰鸣声突然又变得猛烈起来,甚至比刚才动静最大的时候还要猛烈,他忍不住微微离开了座位,想要去看看圣殿外的情况,然而龙神的声音打断了他的动作:“不要在意,只是……风声。” Gawain looks to the opposite party, what seen is like the deep pool profound eye pupil, later he sits, shouted the tone, replaces the dragon god to say downward: Great Dragon curious desire develop rapidly in the exploration the obligation of heart and, however actually met the rebound of Gods shackles, because cannot summarize the rule of chains swiftly, cannot find the means of working loose, eventually caused that war of eternal storm deep place.” 高文看向对方,看到的是如渊般深邃的眼眸,随后他重新坐下来,呼了口气,代替龙神向下说道:“巨龙们在探索心和好奇欲的驱使下飞速发展起来,然而却遇上了神明枷锁的反弹,由于未能及时总结出锁链的规律,未能找到挣脱的办法,最终导致了永恒风暴深处的那场战争。” dragon God nods gently. 龙神轻轻点了点头。 The howling sound and bellow outside temple returned to normal slightly. 圣殿外的呼啸声和轰鸣声稍稍平复了一些。 You mentioned a moment ago, setting sail did carry off on this star most survivors excluding dragon clan?” Gawain listens to the sound outside temple, the line of sight to fall on Enya, why do they do that?” “你刚才提到,起航者带走了这颗星球上除龙族之外的大部分幸存者?”高文听着圣殿外的动静,视线落在恩雅身上,“他们为什么这么做?” To be honest, dragon clan had also used for many years to guess the motive that setting sail do that has suspected to the dangerous plot from the lofty goal, however has no reliable logic to explain the motive of setting sail...... in limited several contacts that in the dragon clan and setting sail have, they excessively have not described oneself hometown and tradition, had not explained that in detail their long long-distance voyages- is also called sets sail expedition- has what goal. They as if have navigated for hundreds of thousands of years to be even longer in the universe, moreover there is incessantly a fleet in group inter-satellite roaming, they left the trail in many stars, but after leaving a star, they then would hardly return again...... “说实话,龙族也用了很多年来猜测起航者们这么做的动机,从崇高的目的到险恶的阴谋都猜想过,然而没有任何可靠的逻辑能够解释起航者的动机……在龙族和起航者进行的有限几次接触中,他们都没有过多描述自己的故乡和传统,也没有详细解释他们那漫长的远航-亦被称作‘起航远征’-有何目的。他们似乎已经在宇宙中航行了数十万年甚至更久,而且有不止一支舰队在群星间漫游,他们在许多星球都留下了足迹,但在离开一颗星球之后,他们便几乎不会再返航…… As for takes away the survivor...... they as if also to handle similar matter from the star more than once. They have one huge ship group, but by the ship group deep place of setting sail battleship strict protection, there are many, in sets sail expedition in process to mount the ethnic group of fleet, some of them are the refugees of other stars, some join civilization of fleet on own initiative, some even...... in the ship group most ancient the member in the running free travel had navigated it is said several tens of thousands years of setting sail, but unfortunately dragon clan and misses to see these come from the foreign land passenger- they were detained in the outer space at that time, is responsible vault of heaven that’ constructs has not finished, not in this star. Landing.” “至于从星球上带走幸存者……他们似乎也不止一次做类似的事情。他们有一支庞大的‘船团’,而在被起航者战舰严密保护的船团深处,有许许多多在‘起航远征’过程中登上舰队的族群,他们有的是其他星球的难民,有的是主动加入舰队的文明,有的甚至只是在顺风旅行……据说船团中最古老的成员已经和起航者一起航行了数万年之久,但可惜的是龙族并无缘见到那些来自异域的‘乘客’们-他们当时滞留在太空,负责建造尚未完工的‘苍穹’,并未在这颗星球登陆。” dragon God the gentle low and drawn out voice is recounting slowly, her line of sight as if fluttered gradually far, in the double pupil became a nihility- her perhaps sank to that ancient memory, perhaps is sad dragon clan once the thing of error, possibly by god status in ponder race and civilization future, no matter because of anything, Gawain has not broken It. 龙神柔和低缓的嗓音慢慢述说着,她的视线似乎渐渐飘远了,双眸中变得一片虚无-她或许是沉入了那古老的记忆,或许是在感伤着龙族曾经错失的东西,也可能只是以“神”的身份在思考种族与文明的未来,不管是因为什么,高文都没有打断祂。 Because Gawain have also immersed in a marvelous train of thought that immerses, in he has not thought that about star sea and in palpitation of the world arcane. 因为高文自己也已经沉浸在一种奇妙的思绪中,沉浸在一种他未曾想过的、关于星海和世界奥秘的悸动中。 This world......, this universe, is not silent, even has the periodic magic tide threat, even has the Gods regularity shackles, in the group stars of that twinkle, still had the fire of civilization to wander. 这个世界……不,这个宇宙,并不是寂静无声的,即便是有着周期性的魔潮威胁,即便是有着神明的规则性枷锁,在那闪烁的群星之间,也仍然有文明之火在漂流。 Huge setting sail ship group, other stars civilization, expedition between star sea......, when he wakes up in an ancient tomb, when facing perishing magic middle ages, he is impossible to think oneself can hear these concepts in this world unexpectedly, however today, these things actually spread out all over at present in him, spreads out all over in the way of history. 庞大的起航者船团,其他星球的文明,星海之间的远征……当他在一个古老的墓穴中醒来,面对一个沉沦的魔法“中世纪”时,他根本不可能想到自己竟可以在这个世界听到这些概念,然而今天,这些东西却在他眼前铺展开来,以历史的方式铺展开来。 Most inconceivable, is told all these person...... unexpectedly is one Gods. 不可思议的,是讲述这一切的“人”……竟然是一个“神明”。 Tull trip to Longde, trip has not been made in vain. 塔尔隆德之旅,不虚此行。 In this indistinct inspired mood, Gawain could not bear break finally silent: Setting sail won't really come back?” 在这种隐隐约约的振奋情绪中,高文终于忍不住打破了沉默:“起航者真的不会回来了么?” Dragon clan had waited for 1 million years,” Enya said calmly, setting sail has not come back...... them to keep crowd of inter-satellite these things again the automatic performance, and in process of automatic performance gradually decayed, such matter perhaps had happened in other stars more than once- I think, setting sail leaves behind these things is not comes back to take over control of this common rock small ball for some day, although I was not clear that they leave behind these facilities for anything, but they will not really come back probably again.” “龙族已经等了一百万年,”恩雅平静地说道,“起航者再也没有回来过……他们留在群星间的那些东西都在自动运转,并在自动运转的过程中渐渐腐朽,这样的事情或许在其他星球已经发生了不止一次-我想,起航者留下那些东西并不是为了有朝一日回来接管这颗不起眼的岩石小球,虽然我也不清楚他们留下那些设施是为了什么,但他们大概真的不会再回来了。” In the Gawain heart somewhat is suddenly moved. 高文心中突然有些怅然若失。 He as if understood why the initial dragon clans will carry out that cultivation cross tide the plan, why will want to build another powerful mortal civilization with the heritage of setting sail. 他仿佛理解了当初的龙族们为何会执行那个培植“逆潮”的计划,为何会想要用起航者的遗产来打造另一个强大的凡人文明 However something...... missed really missed, blind actually invalid recovery measure, made a futile effort eventually. 然而有些事情……错过了就是真的错过了,盲目却无效的“补救”措施,终究徒劳无功。 dragon God visits him, after a while, It shows a smile: You are yearning for crowd of stars, outside territory straggler?” 龙神看着他,过了一会,祂露出一丝微笑:“你在向往群星么,域外游荡者?” In the past many years, I have placed among crowd of stars,” Gawain leads to sigh, to me, this star...... is not very truly spacious.” “在过去的很多年里,我一直身处群星之间,”高文带着一丝感叹,“对我而言,这颗星球……确实不够宽敞。” Yes......” dragon god said impartially, later she long shouted the tone suddenly, slowly stands up, „is really one happy spoke freely that...... we come here, outside territory straggler, time already not early.” “是么……”龙神不置可否地说道,随后她突然长长地呼了口气,慢慢站起身,“真是一场愉快的畅谈……我们就到这里吧,域外游荡者,时间已经不早了。” „, We had truly discussed probably is very long,” Gawain also stands up, he pulled out the mechanical watch in bosom to look at one, then looked to the entrance of Shrine hall, but before taking a step to leave, he stopped suddenly, the line of sight returned to the dragon god, right, if you did not mind that- I also had an issue.” “确实,我们好像已经谈了很久,”高文也站起身来,他掏出怀中的机械表看了一眼,接着又看向神殿大厅的门口,但在迈步离开之前,他突然又停了下来,视线回到龙神身上,“对了,如果你不介意的话-我还有一个问题。” Please say.” “请讲。” Black pitfall...... causes many civilization after developing to be prosperous the black pitfall of suddenly exterminating, what is?” “黑阱……导致许多文明在发展到鼎盛之后突然灭绝的黑阱,到底是什么?” dragon God silent several seconds, slowly said: Still remembers that stretch of battlefield of eternal storm deep place?” 龙神沉默了几秒钟,慢慢说道:“还记得永恒风暴深处的那片战场么?” Gawain nods: Naturally remembers.” 高文点点头:“当然记得。” After short peace, dragon God has a solemn and respectful voice to spread to the Gawain ear temperately: „ In the Myriad Gods fusion is one, the last minute of shackles radical solidification, dragon clan chose gave up the freedom, they lower the head, became my nourishment and servant-, therefore they stopped in the black pitfall edge, has a foot to be stranded in the black pitfall. 短暂的安静之后,龙神温和却带着一丝肃穆的嗓音传入高文耳中:“在众神融合为一,枷锁彻底固化的最后一刻,龙族选择了放弃自由,他们低下头来,成为我的养料和奴仆-所以他们停在了黑阱的边缘,却已经有一只脚被困在黑阱中。 However these are not willing to lower the head, will then face the dead end. “而那些不愿低头的,便会面临末路。 Faces directly invincibly ‚the god of Myriad Gods, by the belief strength annihilation that own civilization millennium ten thousand years accumulates, civilization creates, awe perish together with all cultures, legends and myth that. civilization strong, Gods strong, but these two collide ‚the civilization sympathatic detonation that’ mutually produces...... are the black pitfalls.” “直面不可战胜的‘众神之神’,被自己文明千年万载所积累的信仰力量湮灭,与自己文明创造出来的所有文化、传说、神话、敬畏同归于尽文明有多强,神明就有多强,而这两者相互碰撞所产生的‘文明殉爆’……就是黑阱。” Gawain stared in a big way the eye, when this he thought with hardship for a long time answer front surface threw finally, he almost turned very quiet, started bang bang the beat until the heart, he could not bear the tone open the mouth rapidly: Before wait/etc., you had not said ‚the third story, also means has one......” 高文瞪大了眼睛,当这个他苦苦思索了许久的答案终于迎面扑来时,他几乎屏住了呼吸,直到心脏开始砰砰跳动,他才忍不住语气急促地开口:“等等,你之前没有说的‘第三个故事’,是不是意味着还有一条……” You said a moment ago you have one issue,” dragon god interrupted the Gawain's words, her tone was still temperate, the look faint smile, this was second.” “你刚才说你还有‘一个’问题,”龙神打断了高文的话,她语气仍然温和,神色似笑非笑,“这是第二个了。” Gawain was choked, he also wants to open the mouth again, however present Gods actually silent shakes the head to him. 高文被噎了一下,他还想再次开口,然而眼前的神明却对他无声地摇了摇头。 A moment later, Gawain shouted the tone: Good, I understood.” 片刻之后,高文呼了口气:“好吧,我懂了。” Then he drew back backward one step: Thank your entertainment, thanked your patient explanation, this truly was happy speaking freely. I think that I should leave, the friends of mine are still waiting.” 接着他向后退了一步:“感谢你的招待,也感谢你的耐心解答,这确实是一次愉快的畅谈。我想我是该离开了,我的朋友们还在等着。” Does as you please,” dragon god nods gracefully, Hera Gore in the entrance, he will deliver you to go back.” “请便,”龙神优雅地点了点头,“赫拉戈尔就在门口,他会送你回去的。” The Gawain slight nod thanked, later turns around, moved toward the exit|to speak of temple hall with stride. 高文微微点头以示感谢,随后转过身去,大步走向圣殿大厅的出口。 He can feel that has vision together to fall behind oneself, drops down there, had not taken back. 他能感觉到有一道目光落在自己背后,一直落在那里,一直没有收回。 In the entrance of temple hall, that high level dragon priest who has the pale gold/metal hair and serious face really still waited for on the corridor, as if one step has not left. 在圣殿大厅的门口,那位有着淡金头发和严肃面孔的高阶龙祭司果然仍然守候在走廊上,仿佛一步都没有离开过。 He once was dragon clan some leader. 他曾经是龙族的某位领袖。 He once was rose spiritedly to revolt against the Myriad Gods soldier. 他曾经是奋起反抗众神的战士。 He the hand grasped the heritage that setting sail stays behind, perhaps...... he has also yearned for the group star. 他曾经手握起航者留下的遗产,或许……他也向往过群星。 Hello, high level priest.” “你好,高阶祭司。” „Does guest, need me to deliver you to go back?” “客人,需要我送你回去么?” Many thanks, good work.” “多谢,辛苦了。” Does not need to be polite.” “不必客气。” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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