SOM :: Volume #10 Sky Wizards Academy

#1425: „Extends the hand.”

In the training ground, attacks the fresh breeze to sweep across, making the intermittent sand dust not live to fill the air. 训练场内,冲击劲风一直在席卷,令得阵阵沙尘不住弥漫。 Rozen and Lecty form is flies upside down from the sand dust respectively, spread out, each other stands. 罗真蕾克蒂的身影则是分别从沙尘中倒飞而出,拉开了距离,彼此站立。 two people is then facing each other across a great distance. 两人便遥遥相对着。 shortly afterwards... 紧接着... Bang!” “嘭!” Lecty as before unemotional building Magic Dual Swords, making hand Rune on Magic Dual Swords engrave to become the burning hot, finally, unexpectedly was the combustion, making the flaming roaring flame appear, wraps the sword blade. 蕾克蒂依旧面无表情的架起魔双剑,让手中的魔双剑上的符文刻印变得炙热了起来,最后,竟是燃烧而起,令得熊熊的烈焰出现,包裹住了剑身。 Seeing that... 见状... „It is not good!” “不好!” Sees this, Rozen secret shouted "Shit!". 看到这一幕,罗真暗暗叫糟 Confronted Eisenach Style Magic Dual Swordsman Rozen naturally to know, Lecty actually next one struck is what. 曾经对阵过艾森纳赫流魔双剑士罗真自然知道,蕾克蒂的下一击究竟是什么。 That cannot the thing of casual here use. 那可不是能够随随便便在这里使用的东西。 Naturally, does not refer to Rozen not being able to receive, but is that move of might is good, even received, this training ground only feared must the overhaul. 当然,不是指罗真接不下,而是那一招威力不俗,就算接下了,这一片训练场只怕都得大修了。 Rozen does not want to handle such matter. 罗真可不想做那样的事情。 Therefore... 因此... Stops.” “到此为止吧。” Rozen so decided. 罗真如此决定。 Pā! 啪! the next moment, Rozen direct snapped the finger. 下一刻,罗真直接打了一个响指 In this instantaneous... 就在这瞬间... Eh? 唉? The Lecty in the eyes appearance starts to restore, the expression on face also restored. 蕾克蒂眼中的神采开始恢复,脸上的表情也恢复了过来。 I... I just... Woah...!” “我...我刚刚...呜哇...!” No longer Lecty of unemotional attack first is helpless, shortly afterwards saw astonishing Magic Power that on own Magic Dual Swords gathers unceasingly, exudes one to call out in alarm immediately, gave to throw Magic Dual Swords unexpectedly. 不再面无表情的攻击的蕾克蒂先是一阵不知所措,紧接着看到自己魔双剑上不断汇聚的惊人魔力,立即发出一声惊呼,竟是将魔双剑都给扔了。 thanks to this, Magic Dual Swords lost power, engraving of on the sword blade dimly, the flame is also follows to vanish. 拜此所赐,魔双剑失去了力量,剑身上的刻印黯淡了下去,火焰亦是跟着消失。 This... this...” “这...这到底...” Lecty then not only shock and at a loss. 蕾克蒂便既震惊又茫然 Obviously, the matter that just had, Lecty had not forgotten, actually cannot believe that does. 显然,刚刚发生的事情,蕾克蒂并没有忘记,却不敢相信那是自己做出来的。 Let alone is Lecty, is Misora and Rico does not believe. 别说是蕾克蒂,就是美空莉子都不相信。 You... you just amazing! Lecty!” “你...你刚刚好厉害啊!蕾克蒂!” Misora then rushes to the Lecty front, make a fuss about nothing danced with joy. 美空便冲到蕾克蒂的面前,大惊小怪似的手舞足蹈了起来。 „Is that Eisenach Style? No wonder will be called strongest Magic Dual Swords Technique, but also is pretty good.” “那就是艾森纳赫流吗?难怪会被称为最强的魔双剑术,还不赖。” Rico walked similarly, a Divine Aura appearance, the vision is actually shooting a look at ground Magic Dual Swords, in the eyes is completely looking pensive. 莉子同样走了过来,一副神气的模样,目光却瞥着地上的魔双剑,眼中尽是若有所思。 I... I do not know what's the matter...” “我...我也不知道是怎么回事...” Lecty also looks at on the ground Magic Dual Swords, picks hastily it, while is puzzled is excited. 蕾克蒂同样看着地面上魔双剑,一边连忙将其捡起来,一边又是困惑又是激动。 Puzzled naturally was don't understand just Status/condition what's the matter. 困惑自然是不明白自己刚刚的状态是怎么回事。 Excited is because successfully used Battle Skill finally. 激动则是因为自己终于成功的使用了战技 Before then, although Lecty has cultivated Eisenach Style's Magic Dual Swords Technique Battle Skill, because of the personality issue, is actually not able to succeed to use. 在此之前,蕾克蒂虽已修得了艾森纳赫流魔双剑术战技,却因为个性的问题,一直无法成功使用出来。 Today, Lecty finally success put forth Battle Skill of school, her impossible is not certainly excited. 今天,蕾克蒂终于成功的使出了流派的战技,她当然不可能不激动。 only, makes Lecty come again one time, perhaps she is unable to succeed to use Battle Skill. 只是,再让蕾克蒂来一次,她或许还是无法成功使用战技 Without interfering with your mind/energetic and innermost feelings, you could not display just the strength of that degree?” “要是没有干涉你的精神和内心的话,你是发挥不出刚刚那种程度的实力的吧?” Rozen then slowly walks. 罗真便缓缓的走来。 Three young girl then feels shocked. 三个少女这才惊觉 could it be that you did something?” 难道是你做了什么吗?” Misora astonishedly spoke. 美空讶异的出声 Lecty just Status/condition, should be the effect of some Magecraft?” 蕾克蒂刚刚的状态,应该是什么魔术的效果吧?” Rico is concluding. 莉子则是断定着。 Rozen shows a faint smile immediately. 罗真顿时微微一笑。 „Very effective, don't tell me it's not?” “很有效,难道不是吗?” Simple a few words, making young girls one after another have nothing to say in reply. 简简单单的一句话,让少女们纷纷无言以对。 But this is Rozen can give these three things of young girls. 而这就是罗真能给这三个少女的东西。 It looks like in Rozen, subordinates has various conditions in the Squad E601 three people respectively. 罗真看来,隶属于e601小队的三人就各有各的状况。 Misora misses the point, in the domain that is unable to be returned diligently, has caused the strength to be very low finally. 美空是不得要领,一直在无法得到回报的领域努力,结果导致实力很低。 Rico is the talent is remarkable, is talented, but is bad, although is competent, does not have the enthusiasm, extreme laid-back. 莉子是天分卓越,才华横溢,但性格恶劣,虽有实力,却没有热情,极度随性 Lecty has very good bottom, the strength is in three people highest, only because of the relations of character, is unable complete displays. 蕾克蒂则是本来就有着很好的底,实力更是三人中最高的,只是因为性格的关系,根本无法完好的施展出来。 Taking this into consideration, Rozen makes different making up to three people. 有鉴于此,罗真给三人做出不同的弥补。 Misora gives its main point, making her be able to display oneself that excellent Magic Power, makes up domain that does not excel, realizes to operate the possibility that Magic Cannon Sword battles. 美空是给予其要领,让她得以发挥自己那过人的魔力,补足不擅长的领域,实现操纵魔炮剑来作战的可能。 Rico further draws out its talent, strengthens to the ability that she had, making her be able to become stronger. 莉子是进一步的引出其天分,对她本来就拥有的才能进行强化,让她得以变得更强。 but if it's Lecty, so long as corrects the weakness in her personality, that can display the good strength. 而蕾克蒂的话,只要将她性格方面的弱点纠正,那就可以发挥出不俗的实力。 Facing Lecty this condition, generally speaking should slowly conducts the psychological guidance to it, making her strong, becomes brave. 面对蕾克蒂这个状况,一般来说应该慢慢的对其进行心理上的引导,让她变得坚强,变得勇敢。 But, this is really the fee/spent time, extremely in trouble. 可是,这实在是太费时间,太过于麻烦了。 A timid person wants to become brave, that is not casual can realize. 一个胆小之人想变得胆大,那可不是随随便便就能实现的。 Perhaps, from the long-term perspective, making Lecty overcome the psychological weakness, that is the correct path, but Rozen is Magus, is a man, wants him to look at Lecty to fight goes all out to endure patiently to fear and anxious, some do not want to do. 或许,从长远的方面来看,让蕾克蒂自己克服自己心理上的弱点,那才是正道,可罗真魔术师,更是一个男人,要他看着蕾克蒂为了战斗得去拼命忍耐恐惧和不安,着实有些不太想做。 Taking this into consideration, Rozen makes Lecty overcome own psychology by Magecraft simply directly. 有鉴于此,罗真干脆以魔术来让蕾克蒂直接克服自己的心理。 Just I for am suggestion Magecraft that you used, in the middle of all Magecraft was simplest one, generally was used for the hypnosis average person to use, but the words of your condition, I believe, with this Magecraft, just can overcome.” “刚刚我对你使用的就是一种暗示的魔术,在所有的魔术当中都是最简单的一种,一般是用来催眠普通人用的,但你的状况的话,我认为,用这种魔术,刚好可以克服。” Rozen was saying to Lecty. 罗真这么对着蕾克蒂说道。 Through suggestion Magecraft, your frightened and anxious will vanish, did not serve as like me just the degree, the direct hypnosis you, making you lose all sentiments, but only needed to eliminate anxious and frightened then, in that case, you can put forth you to have the strength that even regarded the degree of use, you can the elimination that hesitant, was at a loss and so on, only achieve that degree the words really like just, turned only knows the fight the machinery, therefore, you grasped the good degree, this Magecraft will give to practice well.” “通过暗示的魔术,你内心的恐惧及不安会消失,不用做到像我刚刚那样的程度,直接催眠你,让你失去所有的感情,而是只需要消除不安及恐惧即可,那样一来,你就能使出你本来该有的实力,甚至视使用的程度,你可以将犹豫、迷惘之类的去除,只是做到那种程度的话就真的会像刚刚那样,变成只知道战斗的机械,所以,你得自己把握好程度,将这个魔术给练好。” As the matter stands, Lecty can rely on this Magecraft directly, eliminates own weakness. 这样一来,蕾克蒂就能直接凭借这一魔术,消除自身的弱点。 Moreover, had once after truly fought, Lecty can also overcome own psychological barrier gradually, finally is separated from the help of Magecraft. 而且,一度确实的战斗过以后,蕾克蒂也能渐渐的克服自己的心理障碍,最终脱离魔术的帮助。 The people are this, will be afraid about the unknown matter, if after having attempted, the courage can increasing bit by bit. 人都是这样,会对未知的事情感到恐惧,但一旦尝试过以后,胆子就会一点一点的变大。 Lecty is also so, can overcome under the function of suggestion temporarily fears and hesitates, as fights unceasingly, Lecty can also custom gradually, get out of this condition finally. 蕾克蒂也是如此,在暗示的作用下能够暂时克服恐惧及犹豫,而随着不断战斗,蕾克蒂亦是能够渐渐的习惯,最终摆脱这一状况。 This is a work of need patient and persistent work. 这是一个需要水磨工夫的作业。 Just, before completion, Rozen first can arrive in the key of result to give Lecty directly. 只不过,在完成之前,罗真先把可以直接抵达结果的钥匙给了蕾克蒂 Come, extends the hand.” “来,把手伸出来吧。” Rozen took out one to carve Rune character row of rings. 罗真就取出了一枚刻着符文字列的戒指。 This precisely for exercising suggestion Magecraft Mithril. 正是用于行使暗示的魔术魔装炼金 Lecty's hand that Rozen extend the hand, will not then have responded pulling. 罗真便伸出手,将还没反应过来的蕾克蒂的手给牵了过来。 At once, to put on the ring to height short many Lecty, Rozen knelt down on one knee. 旋即,为了给身高比自己矮上不少的蕾克蒂戴上戒指,罗真单膝跪下 Such Rozen had not detected completely, the present actions, have astonishingly how. 这样的罗真完全没有发觉,自己现在的所作所为,有多么的惊人。 Wai... wait...!” 等...等等...!” Hey...!” “喂...!” Misora on called out, even Rico stunnedly spoke. 美空叫出了声,连莉子愕然的出声了。 Carefully looks, Rozen present posture, happen to kneeling on one knee Lecty front, but also is pulling Lecty's hand, put out the ring. 仔细一看,罗真现在的姿势,正好单膝跪在蕾克蒂的面前,还牵着蕾克蒂的手,拿出了戒指。 This scene, how regardless to see sufficiently scare people. 这场景,无论怎么看都足以吓坏人 But Rozen actually completely unconsciously, in astonishment of Misora and Rico, to respond Lecty, put on the ring. 罗真却全然不觉,在美空莉子的惊愕中,为反应不及的蕾克蒂,戴上了戒指。 Just, wore on Lecty's ring finger. 刚好,戴在了蕾克蒂的无名指上。 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” ~~~~~~~!” Lecty responded finally. 蕾克蒂终于反应了过来。 Then, a face becomes red. 然后,一张脸变得通红。
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