SIMW :: Volume #30

#1756: Jumping from an upper story

The dark cloud of space has covered up the moonlight, let should void to be covered a shadow that the moonlight perfused likely. 天上的乌云遮掩了月光,让原本应该被月光洒遍的虚空像是笼罩了一层阴影。 However, modern human has invented many lighting attachments, even if no moonlight, the light neon of ground can also make the entire earth fill the light. 不过,现代的人类已经发明了诸多的照明设备,哪怕是没有月光,地上的灯光霓虹亦能让整个大地充满光明。 In the night wind, walked on road Ye Xuan that wants to go home, suddenly in the heart does not have one of the reason bothersomely dry, made his state of mind have ripples with that aunt's talk a moment ago. 夜风之中,原本走在路上想要回家的叶玄,突然心中没来由的一阵烦燥,刚才与那张婶的谈话还是让他的心境起了一丝涟漪。 After having hesitated a while, he in one toward void cross, at present is void immediately flood ripples, then imitates such as the time reversal to be ordinary, the next quarter, his silhouette then presents a roof in building. 沉吟了一会儿之后,他向着虚空中一跨,眼前虚空顿时泛起一阵涟漪,而后仿如时间转换一般,下一刻,他的身影便出现在一处大楼的楼顶。 Stands proceeds to look in the roof, sees only the front tall building to stand in great numbers, the innumerable neon lights are glittering in the night, under heavy traffic, continuous, is very lively. 站在楼顶往前一看,只见前面高楼林立,无数的霓虹灯在夜间闪烁着,底下车水马龙,川流不息,好不热闹。 This is a city of non- night, even if already at nightfall, but compares daytime, more people appear in each corner of this city, is filling the void and crazy of this city. 这是一座不夜的城市,哪怕已经入夜,可是相比起白天,更多的人出现在这个城市的各个角落,填充着这个城市的空虚与疯狂。 Here is distanced in the beforehand small town had 100 kilometers fully, is in the Ye Xuan front, this distance any significance, has not taken his present cultivating as, thinks of Earth any corner only in instant. 这里相距于之前的小镇已经足有100来公里,可是在叶玄的面前,这点距离已经没有任何意义,以他现在的修为,想到地球任何一个角落都只在一念之间而已。 But under the building, it can be said that one of the city terrestrial references, fully 108, stand above bird's eye view, if there is the person of acrophobia, scares to death one pile sufficiently. 而底下的这座大楼,可以说是这座城市的地标之一,足有108层,站在上面俯瞰而下,若是有恐高症之人,足以吓死一堆。 Ye Xuan naturally cannot be perhaps high, he found above an advertisement building sign that rooftop extends at will, then like this sat. 叶玄自然不会恐高,他随意的找到天台延伸出去的一个广告楼牌之上,然后就这样坐了下来。 Above this upper air, even if were under the dry and hot night wind becomes cold, but present Ye Xuan does not have any feeling. 在这高空之上,哪怕是底下燥热的夜风都变得寒冷了起来,可是现在的叶玄却没有任何感觉。 Under looks vehicles and stream of people that communicated, in his hand turned, beer of one can of cans appeared in his hands. 看着底下来往的车辆与人流,他手中一翻,一罐易拉罐的啤酒出现在他的手中。 ! ~~ 喀!~~ The mouth of can was opened, wisp of water vapor gushes out along with the pulling mouth, the thought moves, the beer temperature in pot in drop rapidly, then has cold air continuously to raise afterward. 易拉罐的拉口被打开,一缕水汽随着拉口喷薄而出,意念一动,罐中的啤酒温度在急速的下降,随后便有缕缕寒气升起。 Beer, tastiness that ices. 啤酒,还是冰镇的好喝。 Took to drink one iced beer in hand conveniently, inflow abdomen of an ice cold cold current from the mouth, made his Spirit inspire immediately slightly. 随手将手中的冰镇啤酒拿起来喝了一口,一股冰寒的寒流从口中流入腹中,顿时让他的精神微微一振。 Puts the beer in the one side, both hands backs-up, Ye Xuan like this sits there, the mind blows off gradually, immediately, under automobile quarrelled the mixed sound, music the sound of clamoring, yelling of human whispers 11 to spread to his ear. 将啤酒放于一旁,双手后撑,叶玄就这样坐在那里,心神渐渐放空,顿时之间,底下汽车的吵杂之声,音乐的喧哗之音,人类的喊叫低语都11传入他的耳朵之中。 These quarrelled the mixed sound to hear, not only has not harassed his state of mind, instead let in his state of mind originally that bothersome dry ablation gradually, restored gentle. 这些吵杂的声音入耳,不仅没有扰乱他的心境,反而让他心境中原本那点烦燥渐渐的消融,恢复了平和。 Perhaps, he is not the immortal who an unfeeling wants certainly, even if his present cultivating to be called the deity is not overrated, but has the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures as before, although along with cultivating for the profoundness was lighter, but never has actually cut off. 或许,他就不是一个绝情绝欲的仙人,哪怕他现在的修为被称为神仙也不为过,可是依旧有着七情六欲,虽然随着修为的高深已经淡薄了许多,不过却从未断绝过。 He always believes, the person must have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures is a person, no matter the immortal or the sage, are avoidless, but or is really heartless not wants, that can only be the stone. 他总是认为,人要有七情六欲才算是人,不管是仙人还是圣人,都无法避免,而或真是无情无欲,那只能算是石头了。 If heart floating cotton wool, body if floating clouds, whatever the cold wind of upper air is swaying his clothes sleeve with sending the tree top, Ye Xuan felt the body and mind elusively all of a sudden. 心若飘絮,身若浮云,任由着高空的寒风在吹拂着他的衣袂与发梢,叶玄感觉身心一下子空灵了下来。 Here was not his first time came, when just started also to open the bookstore, he cause had come one time, after all was one of the city terrestrial references, the field of vision was open, was a good place of observation entire city. 这里并非他第一次来了,在刚开始还开书店的时候,他曾经因缘来过一次,毕竟是这个城市的地标之一,视野开阔,是一处观察整个城市的好地方。 Naturally, this is only regarding the average person, if Ye Xuan really earnest, the ice in void that is also only the commonplace, moreover this building, although is only one of the entire city terrestrial references, but actually is also only one, this city also has another two compared with the it higher estate, separately is 111, 126. 当然,这只是对于普通人来说的而已,若是叶玄真的较真,凌于虚空那也只是等闲,而且这座楼虽只是整个城市的地标之一,但是却也只是之一而已,这座城市还有另外两座比之更高的楼盘,分别是111层,还有126层。 But reason that he chooses here, were also many a custom, he was the person of comparison keeping old friendships in mind, will otherwise not be seeing that with Lin Xiyan of that world were, but also specially paid attention turns. 而他之所以选择这里,亦不过是多了一个习惯罢了,他算是一个比较念旧之人了,否则也不会在看到与自己所在的那个世界的林汐颜,还特意的去观注一翻。 !!! ~~~ 咔嚓!!!~~~ When the Ye Xuan state of mind wanders abroad, suddenly that side the tower transmits the sound of metal crash, was pushed by the iron gate of fastening suddenly, then a silhouette appears in the staircase entrance. 就在叶玄神思外游的时候,突然楼台那边传来一声金属相撞之音,原本被关紧的铁门突然被推了开来,而后一个身影出现在楼梯门口。 Does not need to turn the head, Ye Xuan then can clearly know that future appearance, this is one looks like the 40-50 years old middle-aged person, because usually perhaps maintains not badly, in addition the clothing is magnificent and expensive, seems like a riches and honor people. 不用转过头,叶玄便能清楚的知道来者的容貌,这是一个看起来四五十岁的中年人,因为平常或许保养得不差,再加上服饰华贵,看起来是一个富贵中人。 Now this middle-aged person, although is wearing the western-style clothing leather lead(er), but actually whole body liquor air/Qi, on face glowing red, the tie on neck was pulled to draw to harass, both eyes is bringing the blood threads, in the hand also took one bottle to drink several foreign wines, staggered has stepped onto rooftop. 只是,现在这个中年人虽然身穿着西装革领,但却满身的酒气,脸上红通通的,脖子上的领带被扯得拉扰了下来,双眼带着血丝,手中还拿着一瓶似喝了几口的洋酒,一路踉跄的走上了天台。 Un?” After seeing clearly the facial features of this drunkard, Ye Xuan has selected the eyebrow, because this middle-aged person he actually also knew, before he is, that late he Lin Xiyan father Lin Zhenxiong that sees outside the villa. “嗯?”只是,在看清了这个酒鬼的面容之后,叶玄又挑了挑眉,因为这个中年人他竟然还认识,他就是之前那晚他在别墅之外见到的林汐颜的父亲林镇雄 That late he outside villa, is only a wall, how can also isolate his line of sight? 那一晚他只是在别墅之外,可是只是一堵墙,又如何能隔绝他的视线? Now this time, this point, will Lin Zhenxiong suddenly so be drunk the appearance that smokes here? 只是,现在这个时间,这个点,林镇雄又怎么会突然如此醉熏熏的出现在这里? Although he has had, if has is paying attention to Lin Xiyan that resembles not to have in secret, but that is also restricted in Lin Xiyan in the school, moreover only she, as for her family member even is willow Jiayan, he does not have what interest to pay attention, the nature is unable to know to the matter. 虽然他一直都有若有似无的在暗中观注着林汐颜,可那也只是限于林汐颜在学校的时候,而且也只她一人而已,至于她的家人甚至是柳佳妍,他都没有什么兴趣去关注,自然对许多事情也无从所知。 Looks that once for a while big mouth pours liquor down the throat, Lin Zhenxiong that while staggering walks, Ye Xuan knitting the brows head. 看着一路一边时不时的大口灌酒,一边踉踉跄跄走过来的林镇雄,叶玄不由皱了皱眉头。 Well, what's wrong...... How here also...... Also there is a person?” Arrives at rooftop, Lin Zhenxiong saw suddenly sat above the billboard the person, had a scare slightly, some doubt say/way. “咦,怎……怎么这里也……也有人?”走到天台边上,林镇雄突然见到了坐在广告牌之上人,微微吓了一跳,有些狐疑的道。 This person naturally is Ye Xuan, he has not covered up oneself silhouette, otherwise takes his cultivating as, if intends, do not say that to so far, is they are then near at hand, Lin Zhenxiong possibly has not discovered him. 这人自然便是叶玄,他并没有遮掩自己的身影,否则以他的修为,若是有意,不要说离得如此远,便是两人近在咫尺,林镇雄也没有可能发现他。 Hears the Lin Zhenxiong words, Ye Xuan has not gone to pay attention to him, even has not moved continually, sits as before under looks at the scenery same place. 听到林镇雄的话,叶玄并没有去理会他,甚至连头都没有动一下,依旧坐在原地看着底下的景色。 The sudden person, making Lin Zhenxiong that a face was drunk to smoke receive one slightly startled, feeling of being drunk has also scattered. 只是,突然出现的人,让原本一脸醉熏熏的林镇雄微微受了一惊,身上的醉意也驱散了一些。 After the feeling of being drunk has scattered, that lingered the heavy burden again second rolling on heart, lets he cannot bear and holds up the beverage bottle big mouth in hand fill one. 只是,醉意驱散了之后,那原本萦绕在心上的重担再次压了上来,让他忍不住又举起手中的酒瓶大口的灌了一口。 Belch! ~~~ hit liquor belch, the Lin Zhenxiong double pupil has covered the feeling of being drunk once more, saw that Ye Xuan had not replied, walked before once more, two steps, have then been drunk the opens the mouth that smoked saying that you, who you were, how can...... Can here?” “嗝!~~~”打了个酒嗝,林镇雄双眸再次蒙上了醉意,见到叶玄没有回答,又再次走了前了两步,而后又醉熏熏的开口道,“你,你是什么人,怎么会……会在这里?” Annoyed, looks at the scenery!” Ye Xuan has not turned head as before, but is the light say/way, you, why also comes to here?” “心烦,看风景!”叶玄依旧没有回头,而是淡淡的道,“你呢,又为什么来这里?” I? Heh...... Belch ~~ I, jumps from an upper story, hehe! ~~ Lin Zhenxiong bleary eyes dim say/way. “我?嘿……嗝~~我,来跳楼,嘿嘿!~~”林镇雄醉眼朦胧的道。
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