SQRIJWTFIP :: Volume #5

#428: Martial arts intuition

To be honest, the back doors on these five spirit plant really have its originality, even if attains the immortal cultivation macrocosm, that was still the lake makes small some spirit planter. 说实话,这五株灵植上的后门确实有其独到之处,就算拿到修仙大世界去,那也是湖弄一小部分灵植师了。 In front of Lin Yi that but these things in inheriting the Qingmu honorable people remembered, is really not anything. 但这些东西在继承了青木真人记忆的林易面前,真的不算什么。 The so-called back door , like the front door, opened wide directly in his front. 所谓的后门,就跟大门一样,直接敞开在了他的面前。 The back door under oneself arrange/cloth including spirit planter that cannot look , can also count on that they can have the big skill. 那些连自己布下的后门都看不出来的灵植师,又能指望他们能有多大的本事呢。 ...... ...... Another side, the military third-order took spirit plant that is trading to be far away from the bs city several hundred kilometers away with Zhou Yuquan, the military third-order then clenched jaws made Zhou Yuquan stop. 另一边,军方三阶和周玉泉拿着交易来的灵植远离了bs市数百公里远,军方三阶这才咬牙切齿的让周玉泉停下。 Next time you will have anything to act, can first inform us.” “下次你们有什么行动,能不能先通知一下我们。” Military third-order really infuriated, originally thinks very simple duty, almost by Zhou Yuquan stirring yellow. 军方三阶真的火冒三丈,本来以为很简单的任务,差点被周玉泉给搅黄。 This time is the exceptional case, later cannot absolutely.” “这次是特例,以后绝对不会了。” Zhou Yuquan responded hastily, at heart but thought was actually: Your military and Qingmu Sect relations are so good, tell you, has not handed over our Super Administration Bureau selling. 周玉泉连忙回应,但心里想的却是:你们军方和青木宗关系那么好,告诉你们,还不转手就把我们超管局给卖了。 Since Qingmu Sect free gives the military white Hongshu and color glaze seed cultivating method, the military the attitude to Qingmu Sect is very up and down friendly. 自从青木宗免费将白虹树和琉璃子的培养方法交给军方后,军方上下对青木宗的态度就十分友善。 After all two types of therapy efficacious medicines, when the spiritual energy density is not high, will save did not know the future prospects and even the lives of many soldiers. 毕竟两种疗伤灵药,在灵气浓度还不高的时候,挽救了不知道多少军人的未来前途乃至生命。 Military third-order also know, in facing the Qingmu Sect issue, two influences have certain conflict, but by such pit, makes him very uncomfortable. 军方三阶自己心里也知道,在面对青木宗问题上,两个势力存在着一定的冲突,但被这么坑,还是让他十分不爽。 However things have gotten to this point, the means of also not having recalled. 不过事已至此,也没有挽回的办法。 What therefore you do probe? spirit plant that except that five were inspected, your several hadn't spirit plant been checked?” “所以你们到底试探出来什么没有?除了那五株被检查出来的灵植,你们还有几株灵植没有被查出来?” Had been a foregone conclusion by the pit, the military third-order also produced curiously to the result of probe. 被坑已经成了定局,军方三阶对试探的结果也产生了一点好奇。 Hears this saying, on the Zhou Yuquan face obstructs, sighs: Only prepared five, without other, the preparation are too many, if were all discovered, is not good to explain.” 听到这话,周玉泉脸上一窒,叹了一口气:“只准备了五株,没有其它的,准备太多,如果全被发现,不好解释。” Five were also many, “五株也不少了, That looked. ” 那就是都看出来了。” The military third-order hears this result, is very surprised. 军方三阶听到这结果,也很是惊讶。 Does not need to ask knows, since Super Administration Bureau dares to probe, definitely selected had the person of certain research in the spirit plant domain, since these people were defeated, that explained attainments of Qingmu Sect in spirit plant aspect, really immeasurably deep. 不用问都知道,超管局既然敢试探,肯定选用了在灵植领域有一定研究的人,既然这些人都失败,那说明青木宗灵植方面的造诣,真的深不可测。 Yes, what a pity, so profound attainments, but limits in a small lot gate, if our Super Administration Bureau grasps, what worried that the spirit plant industry is not developed.” “是的,可惜,如此高深的造诣,只是局限在一个小宗门之中,如果是我们超管局掌握,何愁灵植行业不发达。” Zhou Yuquan is the sincerity considered for the country. 周玉泉是真心为了国家考虑。 Under drive of Qingmu Sect, spirit plant has fallen the common populace, if there is specially big progress in the spirit plant domain, that really can benefit everyone. 青木宗的带动下,灵植已经下落到了寻常大众,如果在灵植领域有特别大的进展,那真的是可以惠及千家万户的。 Military third-order strange looked at Zhou Yuquan: You also really can think, ok, I should also walk, remembers after training spirit plant, has one of our military, the basket that moreover, this time you hold, I will also report, make concrete myself your and above explain.” 军方三阶怪异的看了眼周玉泉:“你也是真敢想,行了,我也该走了,记得培养出来灵植后有我们军方的一份,另外,这次你捅下的篓子,我也会上报,具体你就自己和上面解释去吧。” Saying, him is flying to escape to leave. 说着,他飞遁离开。 Zhou Yuquan shakes the head, all spirit plant that will trade returned to the imperial capital. 周玉泉摇了摇头,将交易来的所有灵植送回到了帝都。 ...... ...... The big imperial capital, the inch of land worth an inch of gold, the spiritual energy recovers particularly, after contracting the defense scope, as the recognized China safest city, the house price of imperial capital and peripheral region, is rises the unprecedented altitude. 偌大的帝都,寸土寸金,尤其是灵气复苏,收缩防御范围之后,作为公认的华国最安全的城市,帝都及周边区域的房价,更是涨到了前所未有的高度。 Did not say exaggeratingly, a price of previous 34 small city mansions at present the restroom in imperial capital region, can arrive. 不夸张的说,目前帝都区域的一个厕所,都可以抵的上三四线小城市一座豪宅的价格。 But in the land price so odd imperial capital, the big regions was actually sphered by the high courtyard wall, among has the large expanse of low construction, more regions, then spacious incomparable, does not have any construction exists. 但就是在地价如此离谱的帝都,却有一大片区域被高高的院墙围住,其内有成片低矮建筑,更多的区域,则空旷无比,没有任何建筑存在。 The courtyard wall peripheral region, does not have a high-rise construction, very lonesome and quiet secret obviously. 院墙周围区域,同样没有一座高层建筑,显的十分幽静隐秘。 Here is the imperial capital research institute is. 这里就是帝都研究所所在。 Peng Pengpeng!” “彭彭彭!” Since the imperial capital interrupts presents martial arts gold/metal pill, the imperial capital research institute in the courtyard wall, once for a while has to stroke the sound to spread. 自帝都间断出现武道金丹之后,帝都研究所所在院墙之内,就时不时有击打声传出。 In the open area of research institute, just consolidated boundary several martial arts gold/metal pill martial artist, under researchers' leadership, is making at sixes and sevens movement. 研究所的空地上,刚巩固完境界的几个武道金丹武者,在研究人员的带领下,做着乱七八糟的动作。 Side each martial arts gold/metal pill martial artist, has many ten researcher who wears the white uniform/subdue revolves, these researcher some data recording, some lift the computer to calculate, some are responsible for guiding. 每个武道金丹武者身边,都有不少十个身着白色制服的研究员围绕,这些研究员有的记录数据,有的抬着电脑进行计算,有的负责引导。 Deng Wenbo in the underground laboratory, with proliferating the camera of entire research institute is watching the training progress. 邓文博在地下实验室,用遍布整个研究所的摄像头观看着训练进度。 He knits the brows from time to time, from time to time jumps for joy, from time to time discussed with side several experts, from time to time the researchers transmit the instruction upwards, looks very busy. 他时而皱眉,时而雀跃,时而和身边的几个专家商量,时而向上方研究人员传达指令,看起来十分繁忙。 Research progress how?” Suddenly, the familiar sound resounds in the ear together. “研究进度如何?”突然,一道熟悉的声音在耳边响起。 Deng Wenbo does not need turn head to know that was Zhou Yuquan came, after all Zhou Yuquan walked the front door to come, some people have notified. 邓文博不用回头都知道是周玉泉来了,毕竟周玉泉走大门进来的,已经有人通报过了。 Martial arts gold/metal pill's various body functions have tested, draws the conclusion initially, its physical quality, no matter in strength, speed or reaction and other aspects, in big grandmaster martial artist over five times.” “武道金丹的各项身体机能已经测试完毕,初步得出结论,其身体素质,不管是在力量、速度还是反应力等方面,都在大宗师武者五倍以上。” Moreover, martial arts gold/metal pill martial artist intuition unprecedented strengthening, I being called martial arts intuition.” “另外,武道金丹武者的直觉得到了前所未有的强化,我将之称为武道直觉。” Said, has really pursued with the wild fruit recently, traded the source switch over, reading aloud the timbre were many, the Android apple may.】 【讲真,最近一直用野果追更,换源切换,朗读音色多,安卓苹果均可。】 Martial arts intuition?” “武道直觉?” Some Zhou Yuquan doubts, before this is him, has not contacted words and expressions: Everyone after the cultivation, its intuition will obtain the strengthening of certain extent, you summarize martial arts intuition words and expressions specially, is what unique element its has?” 周玉泉有些疑惑,这是一个他之前没接触过的词语:“所有人在修炼之后,其直觉都会得到一定程度的强化,你特意总结出武道直觉这个词语,是其有什么特殊之处吗?” Right, the chief you looks.” “没错,局长你看。” Deng Wenbo had not first explained that but adjusts a picture to make Zhou Yuquan watch. 邓文博没有先解释,而是调出来一个画面让周玉泉观看。 In the picture center is standing just broke through shortly after martial arts gold/metal pill martial artist, he was used the special material to be blindfolded and stop up the ear, even nose by powerful clip gripping. 画面上正中站着的一个刚突破没多久的武道金丹武者,他被用特殊材料蒙住了眼睛、堵住了耳朵,连鼻子都被强力夹子给夹住。 His rear area is three about 50 meters grasps the submachine guns as well as two about 200 meters lies on the ground, uses the soldier of sniper's rifle. 他的后方是三个五十米开外手持冲锋枪以及两个两百米开外趴在地上,使用狙击枪的军人。 Five people of different positions, open fire interrupted, even also motion fire, but was hoodwinked martial artist of sense, very relaxed avoids all bullets completely, even also induces the position that five people concrete were, arrives at five people of sides to overpower five people fast one by one. 五人不同方位,间断开枪,甚至还移动射击,但被蒙蔽了感官的武者,非常轻松的将所有子弹全部躲开,甚至还感应到了五人具体所在的位置,快速来到五人身边将五人挨个制服。 „Is this martial arts intuition?” “这就是武道直觉吗?” Zhou Yuquan somewhat shocks, this truly is a very strong ability. 周玉泉有些震撼,这确实是一种十分强大的能力。 Was deceived the sense to have such effect, if the intuition and sense synchronization, that its real effect, will be terrifying. 被蒙住了感官就有如此效果,要是将直觉和感官同步,那其真实效果,将会非常恐怖。 Yes, Chief Zhou, the martial arts intuition, its biggest role, is thinks that the danger evades, martial arts gold/metal pill martial artist after awakening martial arts intuition, can detect beyond very far distance in view of own crisis, thus avoids by far, considerably increased their survival capability.” “是的,周局长,武道直觉,其最大的作用,就是觉险而避,武道金丹武者在觉醒了武道直觉之后,在很远的距离外就能察觉到针对自身的危机,从而远远避开,大大增加了他们的生存能力。” On Deng Wenbo face is somewhat excited, he has the premonition, martial arts road, if can continue, where will not compare an immortal difference to go. 邓文博脸上有些兴奋,他有预感,武道这条路如果能继续走下去,不会比仙道差到哪里去。 Strengthens the path of physique, will present so the effect, pours also in the common sense.” “增强体质的路子,会出现这般效果,倒也是在常理之中。” Zhou Yuquan is also very gratified, martial arts gold/metal pill martial artist is more powerful, his pressure can also be smaller. 周玉泉也是很欣慰,武道金丹武者强大一些,他的压力也可以小一些。
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