SQRIJWTFIP :: Volume #5

#421: spirit plant on the shelf

Regional Super Administration Bureau, the breakthroughs of all members were stopped urgently, need the breakthrough of resources to be postponed, can break through, encourages to conduct breaks through. 各地超管局,所有成员的突破被紧急叫停,需要资源的突破被暂缓,可以自行突破的,鼓励进行自行突破。 This, suddenly the momentum that flies to enter courageous, slowed down all of a sudden. 这一下,突飞勐进的势头,一下子就放缓了下来。 Talent A and S level after all in a few, these talents is high, a while ago can break through had broken through, remaining mostly is the talent misses one or the people of several scales, is waiting for the breakthrough eagerly, now suddenly by card lord. 天赋a和s级的毕竟在少数,这些天赋高的,前段时间能突破就都已经突破了,剩下的大多都是天赋差一个或几个档次的人,就眼巴巴等着突破,现在突然被卡主。 Is suspended in midair, making them exceptionally sad. 不上不下的,让他们异常难过。 However in these person actually hearts also some expectation, the difference of talent, when they usually cultivation already very obvious feeling. 不过这些人其实心中也有了预料,天赋的差异,在他们平时修炼之时就已经非常明显的感受到了。 Immortal achievement gold/metal pill needs the good spirit root talent, the martial arts big probability is also no exception. 仙道成就金丹需要好的灵根天赋,武道大概率也不会例外。 Really, finally as they expected. 果然,最后结果不出他们所料。 Person who at present in Super Administration Bureau and military, the martial arts strength reach the second-order peak, truly part, but a level and above, in part, occupy the proportion is not actually high. 目前超管局和军方中,武道实力达到二阶巅峰的人,确实有一部分,但a级及以上的,在这一部分中,所占比例其实不高。 Two side influences, do not defer to the talent to elect the person completely. 两方势力,同样不是完全按照天赋选人的。 The factor when the disposition, talent and perception, loyal and other factors are two side influences choose person can consider, the talent extremely high person, the disposition is generally bad, even if such person trains, the big probability will still become the supercilious look wolf, will therefore not train generally emphatically. 心性、天赋、悟性、忠诚等因素都是两方势力选人时会考虑的因素,天赋极高的人,心性一般非常差,这样的人就算培养出来,大概率也会成为白眼狼,所以一般不会着重培养。 The military is so, before their resources were numerous, the martial arts talent height was to them unimportant, so long as were loyal to the military enough, the resources that they had, can definitely pile a person to the second-order peak forcefully. 军方更是如此,之前他们资源众多,武道天赋高低对他们而言不重要,只要对军方够忠诚,他们拥有的资源,完全可以将一个人硬生生堆到二阶巅峰。 The resources in any place are the hard currency, now this stage is also so. 资源在任何地方都是硬通货,现在这个阶段也是如此。 Enhances the martial arts to tie pill success ratio heavenly material, is the resources, the present is only because this method just appeared, numerous influences were hit an unexpectedness. 提高武道结丹成功率的天材地宝,也是资源,现在只是因为这种方法刚出现,众多势力都被打了个猝不及防。 Waits after a period of time, at the rich degree of Blue Star resources, the military and Super Administration Bureau can collect enough enhancement to tie pill success ratio the resources. 等过段时间,以蓝星资源的丰富程度,军方和超管局都能收集到足够的提高结丹成功率的资源。 However essential, is these days. 不过关键,也是在这段时间。 Gods World at all not possible to Blue Star so many time, the previous invasion has almost led to the disaster, Zhou Yuquan is very difficult to imagine, if opposite invades again, how here should defend. 神灵世界根本不可能给蓝星这么多的时间,上一次入侵已经差点酿成灾祸了,周玉泉很难想象如果对面再入侵一下,这边应该如何防守。 High price can be increased to tie the resources that pill leads to the folk collection.” “高价向民间收集能够提升结丹率的资源。” Came back to think the countermeasure from the research institute in the office silent Zhou Yuquan a meeting, 从研究所回来就一直在办公室想对策的周玉泉沉默了一会, Thought of an idea: Now this news has not proliferated, collects as soon as possible these resources, these valuable resources, in immortal cultivation in gate or ordinary cultivator hand, being far from taking the value in our hands to be big.” 想到了一个主意:“现在这条消息还没有扩散,尽快将这些资源收集起来,这些珍贵的资源,拿在修仙宗门或者普通修炼者手中,远远没有拿在我们手中价值大。” Gods World possibly invades momentarily again, despicable despicable.” 神灵世界随时都可能再次入侵,卑鄙就卑鄙了吧。” Yes.” “是。” Follows to nod in his assistant, on the face has not revealed to despise, instead is one should early such expression. 跟在他身旁的助手点点头,脸上没有露出鄙夷,反而还是一副早应如此的表情。 The assistants temporarily leave, telephones to assign the duty in out of the door. 助手暂时离开,在门外打电话交代任务。 As the Zhou Yuquan assistant, he is No. 4 character of outside imperial capital Super Administration Bureau besides Mo Jiaying and Chi Jianshu, when order that in arranging Zhou Yuquan issues, with ease he even can instruct moves two deputy directors. 作为周玉泉的助手,他是帝都超管局除了莫嘉颖池建树之外的四号人物,在布置周玉泉下达的命令时,他甚至可以轻松指示的动两个副局长。 Here, he arranged the order that Zhou Yuquan issued, just hung up the telephone, the telephone in hand made a sound again, he fixed the eyes on looked, the person that just he related. 这边,他将周玉泉下达的命令布置了下去,刚挂断电话,手中的电话就再次响了起来,他定睛一看,还是刚刚他联系的这人。 Is under the person has the detail not to understand? This understanding ability also was too rather bad, in his heart is thinking, while is frowning to connect the call. 难道是下边人有细节没听懂?这理解能力未免也太差了,他心中一边想着,一边皱着眉头接通电话。 Leadership, you made the matter that I handle begin to materialize a moment ago, Qingmu Sect is selling, spirit plant that altogether 13 types increase gold/metal pill success ratio . Moreover the exchange quantity does not limit.” “领导,你刚才让我做的事情有眉目了,青木宗在卖,一共十三种增加金丹成功率的灵植,而且兑换数量不限。” Assistant mouth stretch/open to become o character: 13 types?! How they will have so many types!” 助手嘴巴都张成了一个“o”字:“十三种?!他们怎么会有那么多种类!” This I am not clear, but you landed the unusual alliance to search for Qingmu Sect to see.” “这我也不清楚,不过你登陆超凡联盟搜青木宗就能看到了。” The assistants hang up the telephone, the landing unusual alliance, searches Qingmu Sect hastily, dazzling spirit plant appears in him all of a sudden at present. 助手挂断电话,连忙登陆超凡联盟,搜索青木宗,一下子琳琅满目的灵植就出现在了他的眼前。 These spirit plant are Qingmu Sect hangs on the unusual alliance trades, the sold commodity are getting more and more, naturally needs an integration the seemingly official point account number. 这些灵植都是青木宗挂在超凡联盟上贩卖的,卖的商品越来越多,自然需要一个统合的看起来正式一点的账号。 floating leaves and Inedia pill above the list, the sales volume leads, in addition has low level spirit plant of other functions, the price is inexpensive, but also almost infinitude supply, therefore recently the average per person spirit plant ownership is getting bigger and bigger, spirit plant was quick the cultivator family even average person family necessary. 浮空叶和辟谷丹在列表之上,销量遥遥领先,另外还有其它各具功能的低级灵植,价格不贵,还几乎无限量供应,所以近段时间人均灵植拥有率越来越大,灵植都快成了修炼者家庭甚至普通人家庭的必备之品。 13 promotion martial arts gold/metal pill condense the success ratio spirit plant, in newest on the shelf that column, its effect, such clear swayed in that no concealing meaning. 十三种提升武道金丹凝聚成功率的灵植,在最新上架那一栏中,其功效,就这么明明白白的摆在那,没有一点掩饰的意思。 Because the price is the mutual consultation reason, therefore these spirit plant other sales volume several spirit plant are not high. 由于价格是互议的原因,所以这几种灵植的销量没有其它几种灵植高。 But even so, under the reputation that Qingmu Sect treats both the young and old honestly, these 13 spirit plant, have sold twenty respectively. 但即使这样,在青木宗童叟无欺的名头之下,这十三种灵植,已经各卖出去了二十几个。 „ It is not good! “不好! Looks effect that Qingmu Sect marks flagrantly, an assistant eyeball tread, does not feel wonderfully. ”看着青木宗明目张胆标出来的功效,助手眼珠子一蹬,顿感不妙。 He takes the cell phone to enter the office hastily, presents inside content to Zhou Yuquan watches. 他连忙拿着手机进入办公室,将里面的内容呈递给周玉泉观看。 Looks at the above content, Zhou Yuquan was happy and worried, has mixed feelings, somewhat could not speak all of a sudden. 看完上面的内容,周玉泉又喜又愁,心情十分复杂,一下子都有些说不出话来。 Happy has Qingmu Sect to do that explained that they definitely have the method to train large number of promotion martial arts to tie pill success ratio spirit plant, had these spirit plant, can promote Super Administration Bureau and military peak battle efficiency quantity rapidly. 喜的是有青木宗这么做,说明他们肯定有方法培养出大量提升武道结丹成功率的灵植,有了这些灵植,就可以快速提升超管局和军方巅峰战斗力数量。 What worries, the Qingmu Sect so approach, projected on above his soft rib simply all of a sudden, keeping him from rejecting, moreover was exposed by Qingmu Sect, before he thought covertly collected the idea of heavenly material also to fail thoroughly. 愁的是,青木宗这般做法,简直一下子打到了他的软肋之上,让他根本无法拒绝,而且被青木宗这么曝光,他之前想的偷摸收集天材地宝的想法也彻底落空了。 This also means, he had fallen into at this time passively, was very difficult saying that Qingmu Sect can take advantage. 这也就意味着,他此时已经陷入了被动,很难说青木宗会不会趁火打劫。 He sighed one finally: 他最后感叹了一句: Mutual consultation? This is not does not know the price, but is waiting for us to swallow the bait then picks up the phone, dialed to Lin Yi. “互议?这不是不知道价格,而是在等着我们上钩呢然后拿起电话,给林易拨了过去。 Without the means that the bait was too to him essential, even if knows that others take the bait to fish, he must bite. 没办法,鱼饵对他来说太关键了,就算知道人家拿着鱼饵在钓鱼,他也得咬上去。 After one minute, the negotiations ended, he hangs up the telephone, sighs again. 一分钟后,谈判结束,他挂断电话,再次叹了一口气。 spirit plant, spirit plant, is spirit plant, the spirit plant transactions of so many type give him, I really do not feel relieved.” 灵植,灵植,还是灵植,如此多种类的灵植交易给他,我是真的不放心啊。” Promotion martial arts tie pill success ratio spirit plant, exchanges two same equivalents spirit plant, the key is, spirit plant that is used to exchange must after the Qingmu Sect examination, Qingmu Sect have, does not support the exchange. 一株提升武道结丹成功率的灵植,兑换两株同等阶的灵植,关键是,所有用来兑换的灵植必须经过青木宗检测,青木宗自身有的,不支持兑换。 The request said that was high, said low was not low, the key in cannot repeat on. 要求说高不高,说低也不低,关键还是在不能重复上。 The spirit plant quantity that Qingmu Sect has now are many, in addition before Super Administration Bureau, twenty had completed the exchange personally, available second-order spirit plant, were less. 青木宗现在拥有的灵植数量非常多,再加上在超管局之前,已经有二十几个人完成了兑换,可供选择的二阶灵植,就更少了。 However the Super Administration Bureau resources are many, moreover is not really good, but can also be loaned out from the military place, to complete, is not the difficult matter. 不过超管局资源不少,而且实在不行,还可以从军方处借调,要想完成,也不是什么难事。
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