SQRIJWTFIP :: Volume #5

#418: Compromise

Loves the net, the spiritual energy recovery: I only think peaceful farming 恋网,灵气复苏:我只想安静的种田 Also not possible to dig to him. 况且,也不可能给他挖动。 When he wants while the person of Qingmu Sect has not responded, convinces He Sai the method to contribute. 他就是想趁青木宗之人还没反应过来之时,说服何赛将法门贡献出来。 Has not thought, the Qingmu Sect person, actually responded such rapidness. 只是没想到,青木宗的人,竟然反应如此之快。 Even Lin Yi of self-torture in the mountain has gone into action personally. 甚至连一直在山里苦修的林易都亲自出马。 Actually what Zhou Yuquan cannot think, Lin Yi does not appear for He Sai, but collects the breath for him on the treasure. 其实周玉泉想不到的是,林易不是为了何赛而出现,而是为了他身上敛息的宝物。 Lin Yi divine conscious confessed that is powerful, in BS City as well as nearby region have the big sound slightly, can the earliest possible time discover. 林易神识自认已经非常强大,BS市内以及附近区域稍有大的动静,都能第一时间发现。 So powerful divine conscious, Zhou Yuquan can actually sneak the rear area as before with ease. 这般强大的神识,周玉泉却依旧可以轻松潜入后方。 This is well-meant, if next time a little will be slightly malicious, will take large-scale weapon anything, under concealing of this type of thing, Lin Yi does not know oneself can detect to the arrival of danger. 这回是没有恶意,下回要是稍微有点恶意,带上点大型武器什么的,在这种东西的掩饰下,林易都不知道自己能不能察觉的到危险的到来。 Therefore, since saw, must do to understand this method. 所以,既然看到了,就必须将这种手段搞明白。 If the merit law, that attains, finding the way to decode, if the magic weapon, similarly attains. 如果是功法,那就拿到,想办法破解,如果是法宝,同样拿到。 This thing is my personal belonging, I am unable to exchange.” “这个东西是我私人物品,恕我无法交换。” Zhou Yuquan hesitant over and over, was the rejection. 周玉泉犹豫再三,还是拒绝了。 Lin Yi can think, he can also think, this hidden breath treasure clothes, is he waits the later solution large amount of subsequent hands. 林易能想到的,他也能想的到,这隐息宝衣,就是他留待以后解决大宗门的后手。 He has experimented, loads in a lot of blasting explosive storage bag, then puts on the hidden breath treasure clothes, can shield unusualness to a certain extent the dangerous sensation. 他早就试验过,将大量炸药装入储物袋中,然后披上隐息宝衣,能一定程度上屏蔽超凡者的危险感知。 To shield completely, naturally is not realistic, but can shield part, is commendable. 要想全部屏蔽,当然不现实,但能屏蔽一部分,已经非常难能可贵了。 Is mean to the strength, the dangerous sensation not strong person, cannot escape, is powerful, dangerous sensation strong person, even if had a premonition that will have the danger soon to approach, emits divine conscious, is unable to detect the origin of danger. 对实力低微,危险感知不强的人而言,根本逃不脱,实力强大,危险感知强的人,就算预感到有危险即将来临,放出神识,也无法察觉到危险的来源。 Might be considered as existence of divine tool. 堪称是神器的存在。 This treasure, Zhou Yuquan is not naturally willing to hand over. 这种宝物,周玉泉自然不肯交出去。 Martial arts third-order mean a boundary incessantly, is our human strengthens the hope of strength.” “武道三阶不止意味着一种境界,更是我们人类增强自身实力的希望。” Before Lin Yi repeated Zhou Yuquan, had said the words, on the face have the mischievous smile: „Before Chief Zhou, said so have a strong sense of righteousness, how, is one's turn itself, shrank.” 林易复述了一遍周玉泉之前说过的话,脸上带着促狭的笑容:“周局长之前说的如此大义凛然,怎么,轮到自己,就缩回去了。” Isn't the hope of human? In order to hope, let alone contributes personal belonging, contributes the wholeheartedly, shouldn't be?” “不是人类的希望吗?为了希望,别说贡献出自己一份私人物品,就是将自己全身心贡献出去,不也是应该的吗?” The Zhou Yuquan complexion is not quite attractive, before was he takes the principle of righteousness to press others, he has been in the moral high ground to occupy a commanding position, now was coped by the similar method, he discovered that this method had disgusting person how. 周玉泉脸色不太好看,之前都是他拿大义压别人,他一直处于道德制高点居高临下,现在被同样的方法对付,他才发现这种方法是有多么的恶心人。 Hears here, originally also some tendency Super Administration Bureau He Sai, on the face are also reveals wipes the disappointed color. 听到这里,本来还心向超管局一些的何赛,脸上也是露出一抹失望之色。 Before with he discussed that the pomposity of saying, added that no matter anything requested to comply, as far as possible will be satisfied, now this side set a request, to Zhou Yuquan, to achieve very with ease. 之前和他谈的时候,说的冠冕堂皇,还说不管什么要求都可以答应,都会尽量满足,现在自己这方提出了一个要求,对周玉泉来说,要想做到非常轻松。 But Zhou Yuquan actually rejected directly, before the sentiment, makes itself in the lake. 周玉泉却直接拒绝了,感情之前就是在湖弄自己呢。 When let others offer, is one's turn itself actually shrinks, this Zhou Yuquan, really misread him before. 让别人奉献,轮到自己时却缩回去了,这周玉泉,之前还真看错他了。 Zhou Yuquan naturally also saw the disappointed color on He Sai face, in the heart the secretly thought/passage is not wonderful, some words truly conflicts that he said that but he really does not hate to hand over this precious valuable clothes. 周玉泉自然也看到了何赛脸上的失望之色,心中暗道不妙,他前后说的话确实有些冲突,但他实在不舍得将这珍贵宝衣交出去啊。 Sees Zhou Yuquan not to reply, saying that Lin Yi pretends not to care about: 周玉泉一直没有回答,林易假装不在意的说道: All right, since Chief Zhou does not want even if, you can definitely study slowly, knows in any case martial arts gold/metal pill this name, you should still understand the following approximate direction, so many people, tried several months or several years should also try.” “没事,既然周局长不愿意就算了,你们完全可以慢慢研究,反正知道了武道金丹这个名字,你们应该也明白了后续的大致方向,这么多人,试个几个月或者几年时间应该也就试出来了。” fellow daoist Lin, I want to break through the method sincerely, except for this goods that collects the breath, other goods, you can raise although.” 林道友,我是诚心想要突破法门,除了这个敛息的物品,其余物品,你尽管可以提。” Zhou Yuquan does not give up , to continue to say. 周玉泉不放弃,继续说道。 Hehe.” “呵呵。” Lin Yi sneers: My words place this, either with your goods exchange that collects the breath, your oneself study either.” 林易冷笑一声:“我的话放在这,要么用你这个敛息的物品交换,要么你就自己去研究吧。” The Lin Yi attitude is not quite good, because his mood is very bad. 林易的态度不太好,因为他的心情十分糟糕。 The Zhou Yuquan collecting breath method brought the thick threat feeling to him, this threat feeling, lets yearn calm and steady his heart is very anxious. 周玉泉的敛息手段给他带来了浓浓的威胁感,这种威胁感,让一直向往安稳的他内心十分不安。 The divine conscious sensation to Zhou Yuquan that dense fog general condition, in the heart of Lin Yi fantasized that unavoidably in the future Qingmu Sect at the scene in the radical explosion ascending to heaven. 神识感知到周玉泉身上那迷雾一般的状态,林易的心中就不免幻想到日后青木宗在剧烈爆炸中升天的情景。 If Zhou Yuquan continues to insist, in the Lin Yi heart even jumped some not good idea. 如果周玉泉继续这么坚持,林易心中甚至都蹦出了一些不好的想法。 Dies a chief, Super Administration Bureau will not have broken down. 死一个局长,超管局还不会垮。 You!” “你!” The Zhou Yuquan eyes are dignified, he felt aura of death. 周玉泉双眼凝重,他感受到了一股死亡的气息。 He somewhat regretted suddenly, after oneself obtain the news, is extremely excited, all alone crashed in the Qingmu Sect region rashly. 他突然有些后悔,自己得到消息之后太过激动,以至于孤身一人莽撞的冲进了青木宗的地域。 Before was he of member sect gate, understands instantaneously his own current situation, breaking through the method was only a excuse, Lin Yi most cares, was on him this valuable clothes. 之前就是宗门修士的他,瞬间明白了他自己当前的处境,突破法门只是一个借口,林易最在意的,还是他身上这件宝衣。 Even if he gives up trading, may be unable to leave the Qingmu Sect region safely. 就算他放弃交易,可能也无法安然离开青木宗地域。 As for the resistance, in the Zhou Yuquan heart just raised the thought of fleeing, arrives at the peripheral region on the sensation, besides the Heaven Wood Daoist and Lin Yi, two third-order fluctuations. 至于反抗,周玉泉心中刚一升起逃离的念头,就感知到周围区域,除天木道人和林易外,还有两道三阶波动。 Four third-order, become a square shape, deadlocks direction that he fled. 四个三阶,成一个方形,锁死了他逃离的方向。 Lin Yi narrowed the eye, saying that coldly: Chief Zhou , if not want to trade, performing to leave.” 林易眯了眯眼,冷冷的说道:“周局长要是不想交易,尽可以离开。” I want to walk actually, your stance, how do I walk?! 我倒是想走,你这个架势,我怎么走?! Zhou Yuquan complexion one stiff, cursed angrily in the heart crazily. 周玉泉脸色一僵,在心头疯狂怒骂。 He really cannot think through, even did Super Administration Bureau, still only train until now three third-order immortal cultivator including him, how Qingmu Sect had four immortal cultivator? 他实在想不通,就算是超管局,到现在为止也只培养出了包括他在内的三个三阶修仙者,青木宗到底是怎么拥有四个修仙者的? In the old book has not recorded Qingmu Sect this large amount existence! 古籍里也没有记载有青木宗这种大宗门的存在啊! !” “呼!” Zhou Yuquan pondered the moment, sighs layer on layer/heavily: Trades, I trade.” 周玉泉沉思了片刻,重重叹了一口气:“换,我换。” The form compared with person, after Zhou Yuquan is not really able to imagine he was killed, Super Administration Bureau leaves him, with condition of Qingmu Sect thorough opposition. 形式比人强,周玉泉实在无法想象他被杀死后,超管局离开他,又和青木宗彻底对立的状态。 Lin Yi wants, gives him. 林易想要,就给他吧。 Hears this saying, on the face of Lin Yi immediately cloudy to clear: Good, Chief Zhou for human in the future, abandoning the empirical ego is greatly I, is our example.” 听到这话,林易的脸上立刻多云转晴:“好,周局长为了人类未来,舍小我为大我,是吾辈榜样。” „The Lin Yi elder you left is shabby I, the thing gave you, but this matter, I remembered.” 林易长老你就别寒碜我了,东西给你,不过这次事情,我心里记下了。” The Zhou Yuquan words, the soft belt/bring thorn, fellow daoist Lin did not shout that changed into the Lin Yi elder directly. 周玉泉的话,软中带刺,林道友也不喊了,直接换成了林易长老。 Saying, he takes off outside gray coat oneself throwing over, seems like very normal clothes, but after Zhou Yuquan takes off, Lin Yi on instantaneous sensation to Zhou Yuquan sending out third-order aura outside. 说着,他将自己的披在外面的灰色外套脱下,看起来十分正常的一件衣服,但周玉泉脱下之后,林易就瞬间感知到了周玉泉散发在外的三阶气息。 This clothes named hidden breath treasure clothes, can hide the aura, the actual result, before the forest elder thinks, sensation.” “这件衣服名为隐息宝衣,可以隐藏气息,实际效果,林长老想必之前也感知到了。” «Immortal Wooden Irony of fate» 《仙木奇缘》 Zhou Yuquan throws the valuable clothes to Lin Yi, Lin Yi receives with ease, the subconsciousness searches gently into with divine conscious, if truly searches the dense fog. 周玉泉将宝衣抛向林易,林易轻松接下,下意识用神识轻轻探入,确实如探迷雾。 Lin Yi have not put on, but makes the Heaven Wood Daoist put on, puts on, the third-order aura in courtyard vanished. 林易没有自己穿,而是让天木道人穿上,一穿上,院子中的三阶气息就消失了一道。 Can have a person the sensation to here, but is unable the sensation to the special details. 能感知到这里有个人,但就是无法感知到具体情况。 When independent employment, truly obviously, but if wears the valuable clothes to mix in the crowd, divine conscious thick sweeps, could not detect the clue. 单独使用时,确实明显,但如果身着宝衣混在人群之中,神识粗粗一扫,根本发觉不了端倪。
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