SRW :: Volume #5

#418: Killing two birds with one stone

Enters the young men and women in shop, is a match from the semblance extremely, the male student is tall and straight, the makings are mystical, belt/bring evil charm extremes. 进店的年轻男女,从外表来看极为般配,男生挺拔英俊,气质神秘缥缈,又带点邪魅狂狷。 The female students are the rare beautiful women, traced the eyebrow, drew the informer, curled the eyelash, let originally the attractive five senses, even more fine has god. 女生更是少见的美人,描了眉,画了眼线,卷了睫毛,让本就漂亮的五官,愈发的精致有神。 The cheek of round billows is clever, is joined to the peaceful makeup, then also had the little governing elder sister's charming sex appeal. 圆澜的脸蛋乖巧甜美,配上澹妆,便又有了小御姐的妩媚性感。 The vision of frightened Son of Heaven, plunders in the young woman face, focused on the male student. 恐惧天王的目光,在年轻女人脸庞一掠而过,聚焦在了男生身上。 Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning? 元始天尊 His solemn face revealed wiped the happy expression, the corners of the mouth shoulders gently, like seizing the cat of mouse. 他冷峻的脸庞露出了一抹笑意,嘴角轻轻挑起,如同逮住老鼠的猫。 Sees the evil occupation of Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning appearance/portrait to be many, defending the foreword occupation are more. 见过元始天尊真容的邪恶职业不少,守序职业更多。 As the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, stands in that a handful person of most peak, the frightened Son of Heaven wants to know that the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning appearance, a difficulty does not have. 作为灵境行者中,站在最巅峰的那一小撮人,恐惧天王想要知道元始天尊的样貌,一点难度都没有。 Luck is good!” “运气不错!” He is staring in the mirror, young people who stops the footsteps suddenly, quite joyful talking to oneself. 他凝视着镜子里,骤然停下脚步的年轻人,颇为愉悦的自语。 „!!!” “!!!” The Zhang Yuanqing brain is the exclamation mark! 张元清满脑子都是感叹号! With the increase of jurisdiction, he no longer has been the initial rookies, tops in the major evil organizations( control), he has almost read the material and portrait. 随着权限的提升,他早已不再是当初的菜鸟,各大邪恶组织里的高层(主宰),他几乎都看过资料和肖像。 Except for the appearance unpredictable nihility sect, the spirit can meet the Son of Heaven and god of three big branch and soldier bishop, he deeply in mind. 除了外貌变化莫测的虚无教派,灵能会三大分会和兵主教的天王、神将,他都深深记在脑海里。 Therefore, Zhang Yuanqing recognized the frightened Son of Heaven. 所以,张元清一眼就认出了恐惧天王。 This Son of Heaven's head, exactly the same in this time appearance and picture, handsome, solemn and graceful, two signboard -type tremella fuciformis nails. 这位天王之首,此时的容貌与照片里的一模一样,英俊、冷峻、优雅,还有两枚招牌式的银耳钉。 Frightened Son of Heaven? Why he here, I will window-shop, met the fear especially?! 恐惧天王?他为什么会在这里,我逛个街,特么就遇到了恐惧?! The Zhang Yuanqing complexion is slowly pale, the adrenalin rises dramatically, the forehead seeped the pea-sized beads of sweat. 张元清脸色缓缓苍白起来,肾上腺素飙升,额头沁出了豆大的汗珠。 His heart bang bang jumps crazily, probably wants the excess load explosion. 他的心脏砰砰狂跳,像是要超负荷爆炸。 Zhang Yuanqing plants day perishes I also the sense of desperation, and unprecedented sense of crisis, before this sense of crisis exceeds him, all, the S level transcription and Pure Yang palm teach to seize the shed crisis, far inferior this time. 张元清有种“天亡我也”的绝望感,以及前所未有的危机感,这种危机感胜过他之前遇到的一切,S级副本和纯阳掌教夺舍危机,都远不及这次。 This is the evil occupation of half god level. Even if frightened Son of Heaven anything has not done. Hu-hu, hu-hu 这可是半神级的邪恶职业。哪怕恐惧天王什么也没做。“呼哧,呼哧” His breath aggravates quietly, the mood explodes in the mind. 他的呼吸悄然加重,情绪在脑海里爆炸。 Stops does here?” Sister-in-law/Little aunt puzzled draws the nephew to enter the shop, comes in!” “停在这里干嘛?”小姨困惑的拉着外甥进店,“进来呀!” But how no matter she makes an effort, Zhang Yuanqing is entirely still, vision stubbornly is staring at the left front whole body mirror. 但不管她怎么使劲,张元清纹丝不动,目光死死的盯着左前方的全身镜。 Leaves here, immediately. Under the life instinct urges, Zhang Yuanqing is drawing the sister-in-law/little aunt, retrocedes step by step. 离开这里,马上.求生本能驱使下,张元清拉着小姨,一步步后退。 Suddenly, the back as if hit the wall, blocked the escape route. 突然,后背似乎撞到了墙壁,阻断了退路。 Well, what's the matter?” Jiang Yuer also encountered the similar situation, her vacant looks does not have the wall that has not made clear the condition completely the appearance. “咦,怎么回事?”江玉饵也遇到了同样的情况,她茫然的看着不存在的墙,完全没搞清楚状态的模样。 Zhang Yuanqing deeply inspires, „” hits a sound to refer. Jiang Yuer and guide together are uneven the delay, the look are empty. They were attracted. 张元清深吸一口气,“啪”的打一个响指。江玉饵和导购员齐齐呆滞,眼神空洞。她们被魅惑了。 Then, Zhang Yuanqing tightens the muscle, lowers the head, the youth before toward whole body mirror, bows: 接着,张元清绷紧肌肉,低下头,朝着全身镜前的青年,躬身: Has seen the frightened Son of Heaven.” “见过恐惧天王。” Frightened Son of Heaven undulating un, at this time, his attention has returned to itself on, is sizing up the button, smooths the fold of neckband, pats dust that does not have, like an ordinary guest. 恐惧天王澹澹的“嗯”一声,此时,他的注意力已经回到自己身上,正打量着纽扣,抚平领口的褶皱,拍去不存在的灰尘,如同一个普通的客人。 Zhang Yuanqing sinking sound said: 张元清沉声道: „The frightened Son of Heaven, you should not suppose to ban, should not restrict our freedoms. Naturally, does that is also your freedom.”... “恐惧天王,你不该设下禁制,不该限制我们的自由。当然,这么做,也是你的自由。”… Hears these words, originally sloppy carefully examines the frightened Son of Heaven of new clothing, lifts the pupil, looks to Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning in mirror, his expression changes cold Dan, said with a smile: 听到这句话,原本散漫的审视新服装的恐惧天王,抬起眸子,看向镜子里的元始天尊,他的表情一改冷澹,笑道: Interesting.” “有意思。” Then, he raised the hand to hit a sound to refer. 说完,他扬起手打了个响指。 Only listens to „”, covered the ban outside clothing store vanishes. 只听“啪”的一声,笼罩在服装店外的禁制消失了。 Frightened day Wang Wei said with a smile: 恐惧天王微笑道: Departure is your freedom, anybody cannot restrict others' freedom in any way, I appreciated your words very much. However, walking is your freedom, killing you are my freedom.” “离开是你的自由,任何人都不能以任何方式限制别人的自由,我很欣赏你刚才的话。不过,走是你的自由,杀你是我的自由。” Recognizes “重新认 Knows the soldier bishop, frightened Son of Heaven. You? ” 识一下兵主教,恐惧天王。你呢?” Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning.” Zhang Yuanqing has not hidden, because this does not have the significance, he said in a low voice: 元始天尊。”张元清没有隐藏,因为这没有意义,他低声道: Please let them leave, they are only the average people.” “请让她们离开,她们只是普通人。” This is also your freedom.” Frightened day Wang Weiwei nods. “这也是你的自由。”恐惧天王微微颔首。 Zhang Yuanqing looks immediately to the sister-in-law/little aunt, said in a low voice: Sister-in-law/Little aunt, goes home.” 张元清当即望向小姨,低声道:“小姨,回家去。” The vision dull sister-in-law/little aunt is carrying hold/container hold/container, turns around to go out. 目光呆滞的小姨拎着包包,转身出门。 The guides also under the imaginary technique influence of Zhang Yuanqing, get off work to leave ahead of time. 导购员也在张元清的幻术影响下,提前下班离开。 At once is the bankers and another three guides, successively leaves the store. 旋即是收银员和另外三名导购员,陆续离开商店。 , good, delayed a time somewhat. Zhang Yuanqing thought, he has not been idling, using time that in the guide and sister-in-law/little aunt successively leave, he branches out half consciousness, arrives to blood wild rose within the body, informed Guan Ya own bitter experience. 呼,不错,多多少少拖延了点时间.张元清心想,他也没有闲着,利用导购员和小姨陆续离开的时间里,他分出一半意识,降临到血蔷薇体内,把自己的遭遇告知了关雅 Guan Ya will inform Fu Qingyang. 关雅会通知傅青阳的。 Then what to do? Bows the head in greeting directly, shouts loudly forgives, sang loudly one to forgive my life unconventional love to seek the favorable impression of frightened Son of Heaven freely?” “接下来怎么办?是直接纳头便拜,高呼饶命,还是高歌一曲原谅我这一生放荡不羁爱自由来博取恐惧天王的好感?” In material said, frightened strange, being subject to changing moods, without the demon eye is so tenaciously biased, facing demon eye, so long as will not do the misdemeanor not dead, but fear that will fear the Son of Heaven not to eat this set obviously “资料上说,恐惧性情古怪,喜怒无常,没有魔眼那么偏执固执,面对魔眼,只要不做坏事就不会死,但恐惧天王显然不吃这套” In the Zhang Yuanqing brain the thought racing, is thinking deeply about the countermeasure. He discovered sorrowfully, at present except for waiting rescue, no idea. 张元清脑子里念头急转,思索着对策。他悲哀的发现,眼下除了等待营救,没有任何办法。 The method of self-help almost does not have, several best quality goods items on princess, even in the goods column, is impossible to resist the frightened Son of Heaven. 自救的手段几乎没有,几件极品道具在郡主身上,即便在物品栏,也不可能抵挡恐惧天王。 Moreover, the frightened Son of Heaven comes to him, the sense of purpose is very clear, demon Mr.'s that method, without the conflicts of interest meets by chance, perhaps is effective, at present is difficult to say. 另外,恐惧天王就是冲他来的,目的性很明确,魔君的那套方法,在没有利益冲突的时候偶遇,或许管用,眼下却难说。 When he launches the brainstorm, the frightened Son of Heaven leaves the whole body mirrors, the fingertip caresses has hung the clothing on clothes rack, spoke thoughtlessly saying: 在他展开头脑风暴之际,恐惧天王离开全身镜,指尖抚过挂在衣架上的服装,随口说道: Buys the clothes?” “来买衣服?” ? Zhang Yuanqing gawked, is, yes.” 啊?张元清愣了一下,“是,是啊.” This clothes are good, is very suitable your makings.” The demon eye Son of Heaven takes down a casual suit, lost, said: Key of Takamagahara where?” “这件衣服不错,很适合你的气质。”魔眼天王取下一件休闲西装,丢了过来,道:“高天原的钥匙在哪里?” Zhang Yuanqing does not dare to meet, does not dare not to meet: On my Yin corpse.” 张元清不敢接,又不敢不接:“在我的阴尸身上。” The frightened Son of Heaven looks at his one eyes, is the truth, have you entered Takamagahara?” 恐惧天王看他一眼,“是真话,你进过高天原了?” Zhang Yuanqing expression intense nod. 张元清表情紧张的点头。 What does inside have?” The frightened Son of Heaven asked. “里面有什么?”恐惧天王问道。 I said a moment ago key not on body, he said is the truth, did the frightened Son of Heaven have the polygraph ability? Asked about the situation in my Takamagahara, avoid oneself did run again? The abacus hits real good, but to me, is the opportunity Zhang Yuanqing mental ability of protracted time revolves the limit, the surface is maintaining the respectful stance, the situation in Takamagahara, 1510 descriptions.... 刚才我说钥匙不在身上,他说是真话,恐惧天王有测谎能力?询问我高天原内的情况,省得自己再跑一趟?算盘打的真好,不过对我来说,是拖延时间的机会张元清脑力运转到极限,表面维持着恭敬姿态,把高天原里的情况,一五一十的描述了一遍。… Bronze god tree?” The frightened Son of Heaven congealing eyebrow talked to oneself. “青铜神树?”恐惧天王凝眉自语。 That seems like the bachelor related goods of musician.” Zhang Yuanqing is emboldening to say. “那似乎是乐师和学士相关的物品。”张元清壮着胆子说。 If no polygraph ability frightened( item), he can say insincerely: Xu Fu has not comprehended its mystery, seems like a trivial thing. 如果不是恐惧拥有测谎能力(道具),他会假意说:就连徐福都没有参悟它的奥秘,似乎是件没有价值的东西。 The fear has not responded him. 恐惧没搭理他。 Zhang Yuanqing thinks, asked: „The Son of Heaven, you know Wa sovereign. Xu Fu record mentioned, the treasure in Takamagahara, is Wa sovereign remains.” 张元清想了想,又问道:“天王,您知道娲皇吗。徐福记事里提到,高天原里的宝物,是娲皇所留。” On the one hand is the curiosity obligation, on the other hand to delay time. 一方面是好奇心驱使,另一方面是为了拖延时间。 Currently speaking, the frightened Son of Heaven is the plan obtains by illegal purchase the Takamagahara information from his here, therefore has not killed people immediately. 目前来看,恐惧天王是打算从他这里套取高天原信息,所以没立刻杀人。 The frightened Son of Heaven has not responded him, as if disdained to say with Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. 恐惧天王还是没搭理他,似乎不屑和元始天尊多说。 Zhang Yuanqing thinks, said: 张元清想了想,道: Naturally, replied me, was your freedom.” “当然,回不回答我,是您的自由。” The frightened Son of Heaven is then seeing him, said with a smile: 恐惧天王这才正眼看他,笑道: Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, you understand me very much, I like your speech way.” 元始天尊,你很了解我嘛,我喜欢你这种说话方式。” , He said: 顿了顿,他说道: Wa sovereign in the legend, is Nüwa, was the ancient cultivator to an ancient times period powerhouse's name, has not been clear about her rank.” “娲皇在神话传说中,就是女娲,是古代修行者对远古时期一位强者的称呼,目前还不清楚她的等级。” Was Nüwa the ancient cultivator? Grass, that 女娲是古代修行者?艹,那 Is Pangu is also? Zhang Yuanqing knows that the legend was another history of ancient cultivator, but the mythical characters heterogeneous confusion, the fictionalized character were too many, being hard to judge that which were exist, which were the later generation fabricate. 盘古是不是也是?张元清知道神话传说是古代修行者的另一种历史,但神话人物驳杂混乱,虚构的人物太多,难以判断哪些是真实存在,哪些是后人杜撰。 Now determined character who has really: Wa sovereign! 现在确定了一个真实存在的人物:娲皇! Zhang Yuanqing said: You, you need the Takamagahara key, I am willing to give to the frightened Son of Heaven, I and Son of Heaven are the same, longs for the freedom.” 张元清说道:“您,您需要高天原钥匙吗,我愿意献给恐惧天王,我与天王一样,都渴望自由。” No, you do not long for!” The frightened Son of Heaven is staring at him, smiles saying: “不,你不渴望!”恐惧天王凝视着他,哂笑道: Your itself/Ben is free, discusses what hope? I in your eyes, have not seen any to the free hope. The world's most people are not free, but most people think oneself are free, therefore they do not long for the freedom, you are also the same.” “你本就是自由的,谈何渴望?我在你眼里,没有看到任何对自由的渴望。世上大部分人都不自由,但大部分人都以为自己是自由的,所以他们并不渴望自由,你也一样。” True hope free person, so long as to look, knows that was the friend, on gave me this feeling, was demon Mr .” “真正渴望自由的人,只要对上眼神,就知道是知己了,上一个给我这种感觉的,是魔君。” Pitifully, he to pursue the freedom, has returned to Spirit Territory, although dies a worthy death, but I actually lost a friend.” “可惜啊,他为了追逐自由,已经回归灵境,虽死得其所,但我却失去了一个知己。” Zhang Yuanqing hear sinks at heart, this means that oneself give what is desired, obtains some appreciation and favorable impressions of frightened Son of Heaven at most, but is impossible to make him give up the bottom line. 张元清听的心里一沉,这意味着,自己投其所好,顶多获得恐惧天王的些许欣赏和好感,而不可能让他放弃底线。 Originally initially demon Monarch did not flicker by the mouth artillery the frightened Son of Heaven, but depends on the makings? 原来当初魔君不是靠嘴炮忽悠了恐惧天王,而是靠气质? If truly, a few words can seek the favorable impression of frightened Son of Heaven, making him turn sex-madly, that also looked down on this half god 确实,如果一句话就能博取恐惧天王的好感,让他变成“花痴”,那也太小瞧这位半神了 The Zhang Yuanqing thought fluctuates, asking of unexpected happening: „ Why didn't you help the homicide the crafty eye judge? By your strength, is not difficult. 张元清念头起伏,鬼使神差的问道:“那您为什么不帮他杀了诡眼判官?以您的实力,不难吧。 The frightened Son of Heaven takes off clothes conveniently, is pasting the chest, is sizing up to the whole body mirrors, undulating say/way: 恐惧天王随手摘下一件衣服,贴着胸口,对着全身镜打量,澹澹道: What control demon Monarch is the degeneration chalice, the crafty eye judge dies with does not die, cannot change the reality. The degeneration chalice is a very special rule class item, even I, am still helpless.” “控制魔君的是堕落圣杯,诡眼判官死与不死,都改变不了现实。堕落圣杯是一件非常特殊的规则类道具,就算是我,也无能为力。” Realizes this point, I gave up the idea of killing the crafty eye.” “正是意识到这一点,我才放弃了杀诡眼的想法。” How Fu Qingyang has not come, no, how the hegemons have not come, saves a life Zhang Yuanqing to feel quickly oneself were about unable to support, he did not have the topic.... 傅青阳怎么还不来啊,不,盟主们怎么还不来啊,快来救命啊张元清觉得自己快撑不住了,他没话题了。… In he racks brains to seek for the topic, the frightened Son of Heaven took out one black pennant that is drawing blood-color rune/symbol writing. 就在他绞尽脑汁寻找话题时,恐惧天王取出了一面绘着血色符文的黑色小旗。 Ended the Zhang Yuanqing complexion one white, the adrenalin rises dramatically. 完了张元清脸色一白,肾上腺素飙升。 Time are not much.” The frightened Son of Heaven coldly said: “时间不多了。”恐惧天王冷冷道: Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, I must curse you, in a month, if you cannot save the demon eye Son of Heaven, I cursed you dead like a dog.” 元始天尊,我要诅咒你,一个月内,如果你救不出魔眼天王,我诅咒你不得好死。” The black pennant launches suddenly, wipes the black light to infiltrate Zhang Yuanqing within the body. 黑色小旗霍然展开,一抹乌光打入张元清体内。 Then, the frightened Son of Heaven takes out a knight long sword, lost: Then.” 接着,恐惧天王又取出一把骑士长剑,丢了过来:“接着。” Zhang Yuanqing was forced to receive the long sword. 张元清被迫接过长剑。 The frightened Son of Heaven said: 恐惧天王说道: Leans on the sword, swore, the rescue demon eye, the cursed matter, through any way, was not transmitted for telling anybody. Does not eliminate the curse. “拄剑,立誓,绝不把营救魔眼、遭受诅咒的事,通过任何方式,传递给告诉任何人。绝不消除诅咒。 I only give you ten seconds, in ten seconds did not say, you die.” “我只给你十秒,十秒内不说完,你死。” Zhang Yuanqing instantaneous scalp tingles, is leaning on the sword, the sinking sound said: I, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning swore, the idea of rescue demon eye, the cursed matter, in any way, was not transmitted to anybody. Does not eliminate the curse.” The frightened Son of Heaven satisfies nods: 张元清瞬间头皮发麻,拄着剑,沉声道:“我,元始天尊立誓,绝不把营救魔眼的想法、遭受诅咒的事,以任何方式,传递给任何人。绝不消除诅咒。”恐惧天王满意点头: Remembered, so long as you disclosed to anybody, so long as you try to eliminate the curse, the strength of pledge before you will eliminate the curse will kill you.” “记住了只要你向任何人透露,只要你试图消除诅咒,誓言的力量会在你消除诅咒前杀死你。” Then, he takes out the cell phone: Come, a additional good friend, rescues the demon eye time, there is an issue to consult me by all means that the cooperation is happy.” 说完,他取出手机:“来,加个好友,营救魔眼的时候,有问题只管请教我,合作愉快。” Go away *** the cooperation is happy, your ***!! The Zhang Yuanqing face twists, but very honest extraction cell phone, increased the good friend of frightened Son of Heaven. 滚***合作愉快,你个***!!张元清面孔扭曲,但又很老实的取出手机,添加了恐惧天王的好友。 The frightened Son of Heaven revises Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning the note, the cell phone takes back in the pocket, said: 恐惧天王把备注修改成“元始天尊”,手机收回兜里,又道: „The key of Takamagahara you first remain, I do not want to go abroad temporarily, the island country (Japan) was too far. The information that the bronze god sets up, I also need to investigate.” “高天原的钥匙你先留着,我暂时不想出国,岛国太远了。青铜神树的信息,我还需要调查。” The implication, is the thing that in Takamagahara does not have him to want temporarily, was disinclined to run. 言外之意,就是高天原里暂时没有他想要的东西,就懒得跑了。 The frightened Son of Heaven looked at a clothing store front door, said: Has another chance to meet.” 恐惧天王看了一眼服装店大门,道:“后会有期。” Then, bypasses opens 说罢,绕过张 The Yuan clear moved toward the door directly. Was right.” He stops the footsteps in the entrance. 元清径直走向店门。“哦对了。”他在门口停下脚步。 The Zhang Yuanqing muscle tightens: What does the Son of Heaven have to instruct?” 张元清肌肉绷紧:“天王还有什么指示?” The frightened Son of Heaven referred to the register, said: Remembers that helps me pay.” 恐惧天王指了指收银台,道:“记得帮我买单。” Zhang Yuanqing: „.?” 张元清:“.?” He departs with stride, the form disappears in the Zhang Yuanqing field of vision. 他大步离去,身影消失在张元清视野里。 Lives, lives by the wall that the Zhang Yuanqing both legs became tender, the chest fluctuates, fierce respite. 活,活下来了张元清双腿发软的靠在墙上,胸口起伏,剧烈喘息。 No fight, he actually as if overdrew the energy obviously. 明明没有任何战斗,他却彷佛透支了精力。 A being survivor of disaster joy and lingering fear turn well up. 一股劫后余生的喜悦和后怕翻涌上心头。 The frightened Son of Heaven has not killed me, wants to use me to rescue the demon eye? Although the zoo is the rule class item, but by his strength, rushing to the zoo should not be the difficult matter. 恐惧天王没杀我,是想利用我救魔眼?动物园虽然是规则类道具,但以他的实力,闯动物园应该不是难事啊. Oh, in this half god eyes, so-called peerless talent Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, actually is also a little friend, is not the threat, otherwise, has choked to death me in the cradle the disparity is too big. 唉,在这位半神眼里,所谓的绝世天才元始天尊,其实也就是小朋友,根本算不上威胁,不然,早就把我掐死在摇篮里了差距还是太大了。 Oh, then has to rescue the demon eye, one month. How I must think to rescue the demon eye well, hiss, matter, once exposes, official certainly altruism the place of taking shelter, frightened this move of really killing two birds with one stone. 唉,这下不得不救魔眼了,一个月的时间.我得好好想想怎么救出魔眼,嘶,事情一旦败露,官方绝无我的容身之处,恐惧这招真特么的一石二鸟。 Really, can command the soldier bishop, again how rare and beautiful flowers, is not a fool. 果然,能统帅兵主教,再怎么奇葩,也不是傻子。 Numerous Fu Qingyang who the train of thought that he sees a white clothing, walked from the shop. 思绪纷呈间,他看到一身白衣的傅青阳,从店外走了进来。 At this moment, Zhang Yuanqing almost throws to Young Master money the bosom, beat his chest to say with the small fist: The devils, how you come! 这一刻,张元清差点扑到钱公子怀里,用小拳头捶他胸口说:死鬼,你怎么才来! Fu Qingyang relents frowns subsequently: 傅青阳松了口继而皱起眉头: Fear has to you make anything.” “恐惧有对你做什么吗。” Primordial Beginning must the stand of entire tail here, no doubt is the good deed, but is unreasonable. 元始全须全尾的站在这里,固然是好事,但不合理。 Zhang Yuanqing shakes the head: 张元清摇了摇头: I told him, the key of Takamagahara was not on me, he as if had the polygraph item, believed. I promise him, delivers the Takamagahara key, he let off me. “我告诉他,高天原的钥匙不在我身上,他似乎有测谎道具,相信了。我答应他,上交高天原钥匙,他就放过我了。 Added, waits to rescue the demon eye, making me work with being bewitched eye well.” “还说,等救出魔眼,让我好好跟着魔眼做事。” Fu Qingyang complexion sinks: I thought that he wants dead.” 傅青阳脸色一沉:“我看他是想死。” Deeply looks at Zhang Yuanqing, had not asked again, at once says: 深深看一眼张元清,没再多问,旋即道: Outside market covered the thick fog, the palace lord blew off the mist to spend a time, now chased down the demon eye.” “商场外笼罩了浓雾,宫主吹散雾气花了点时间,现在追杀魔眼去了。” No wonder the frightened Son of Heaven said that the time are not much. Zhang Yuanqing is suddenly enlighted. 难怪恐惧天王说时间不多了。张元清恍然大悟。 Marshal did not come, hasn't she acted?” Some Zhang Yuanqing vitality/angry. “元帅不是来了吗,她没出手?”张元清有些生气。 He is the person of white tiger soldier numerous, as the marshal, actually does not care about his life. 他好歹是白虎兵众的人,作为元帅,竟然一点都不关心他的死活。 Marshal ambushes in the zoo, to guard the frightened Son of Heaven to lure the enemy out of his stronghod.” Fu Qingyang said that you inform is prompt, when I receive the Guan Ya call, the dog elder your here situation, has fed back to the palace lord, otherwise must wait for the moment again.” “元帅埋伏在动物园,以防恐惧天王调虎离山。”傅青阳说,“你通知的还算及时,我接到关雅电话时,狗长老已经把你这边的情况,反馈给宫主了,不然还得再等片刻。” Zhang Yuanqing was shocked immediately: I do not have the notice dog elder.” 张元清顿时愣住了:“我没通知狗长老啊。” …… …… Arrived examines 到进行查看
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