SRW :: Volume #3

#249: Scoreboard change

Chapter 249 scoreboard change 第249章积分榜变更 By the lush shrubbery, Zhang Yuanqing sees beyond the front twenty meters, two groups of people are confronting. 透过茂盛的灌木丛,张元清看见前方的二十几米外,有两拨人正在对峙。 And one group of people, are the youth men and women, a combination of additional humanoid monster. 其中一拨人,是青年男女,加一个类人型怪物的组合。 The youth wear the vest, stature tall and straight strong, grasps a sharp dagger ; The female appearance is charming, the fingertip is pinching a small and exquisite yellow bronze mirror. 青年身穿背心,身材挺拔健硕,手持一把锋锐匕首;女子则容貌妩媚,指尖捏着一面小巧玲珑的黄铜镜。 But that monster, the whole body covers the black to interweave, the knee inflection, the forehead two whiskers, the back has the elytrum that the insect is in sole possession. 而那怪物,浑身覆盖黑色交织,膝盖反弯,额头两根触须,后背则有昆虫独有的鞘翅。 Similar to the cockroach person who the erectness walks. 类似于直立行走的蟑螂人。 At this time, obscenely the whole face smiles is staring at the young girl of confrontation, said: 此时,正满脸淫笑的盯着对峙的少女,道: The gu that I fuse, has the intense multiplication desire, the small woman appearance of this island country (Japan) is really handsome, I believe later, can be pinnacle enjoyment.” “我融合的这只蛊,有强烈的繁衍欲望,这岛国的小娘们模样真俊,我相信待会儿,会是一场极致的享受。” Grasps the youth of dagger, the pupil dark red, cold sound said: 手持匕首的青年,瞳孔暗红,冷声道: I felt, cuts her attractive head, is pinnacle enjoyment.” “我觉得,割下她漂亮的脑袋,才是一场极致的享受。” By immoral and bloodthirsty two vision are staring at young girl, wears the jk uniform/subdue, the sailor gets the white clothing, the black check short skirt, the black check bow tie, side Kouxiao the leather shoes, the black crosses the knee sock. 被淫邪和嗜血两道目光盯着的少女,穿着jk制服,水手领白衣,黑格子短裙,黑格子领结,方口小皮鞋,黑色过膝袜。 In her behind, is two is backing on the tree trunk, is pale, lip pale youth. 在她身后,是两名背靠着树干,脸色发青,嘴唇苍白的青年。 This is the assorted youngest daughter high-school student overpowers the seduction. Zhang Yuanqing sizes up on this island young girl repeatedly, instead to she elegant clear cheek, does not care. 这是什么女高中生制服诱惑.张元清在这位岛国少女身上反复打量,反而对她秀美清纯的脸蛋,不甚在意。 Asano cool double grasps to grasp the island blade, is sipping the lip, she shakes the hand of blade to be as stable as the rock of Gibraltar, like experienced swordsman, but her tight expression, exposed intense of innermost feelings. 浅野凉双手持握岛国刀,抿着嘴唇,她握刀的手稳如泰山,如同经验丰富的剑客,但她紧绷的表情,暴露了内心的紧张。 The blade in Asano cool hand, stems from the island present age to hammer the blade Grandmaster, a Kuzuhara really work. 浅野凉手里的刀,出自岛国当代锻刀大师,藤原真一的作品。 The blade famous ice mortal form, blade long 71 cm, the knife has the natural ice crystal trace, function armor piercing and frost, every was cut by this blade, the cold air enters the body, the blood coagulation, light slow-acting, heavy freezes dead. 刀名冰魄,刃长71cm,刀身有天然的冰晶纹路,功能“破甲”、“冰霜”,凡被此刀斩中者,寒气入体,血液凝固,轻则行动迟缓,重则冰冻而死。 It is said when this arrives at birth, surrounding area dozens meters all things were frozen. 据说此到出世时,方圆数十米的一切事物都被冻结。 The casting master of this blade, the Kuzuhara real feeling of saint boundary bachelor said, icing the mortal form was he in recent years, one of the most satisfied works, had the unusual boundary peak quality. 此刀的铸造师,圣者境学士的藤原真一感慨说,冰魄是他近年来,最满意的作品之一,拥有超凡境巅峰的品质。 Then turns head by 500 million island state currencies, sold to Asano's cool father. 然后扭头以五亿岛国币,卖给了浅野凉的父亲。 To virtual environment traveler/ascetic number not many island countries, a treasured sword of unusual boundary peak, truly is the almighty troops of going smoothly everywhere. 对于灵境行者数量不多的岛国来说,一把超凡境巅峰的宝刀,确实是无往不利的神兵。 But at this moment, such an almighty troops, is actually not able to bring the slight security sense to Asano coolly. 但此刻,这样一件神兵,却无法给浅野凉带来丝毫的安全感。 She two companions, step on the trap that opposite witchcraft master arranges behind carelessly, in the body poison poisonous emanations from insects, in a short time is unable to fight, as of a Asano plutocrat successors is cool, because of the reason of item, depressed the toxin in within the body. 她身后两名同伴,不慎踩中对面巫蛊师布置的陷阱,身中蛊毒,短时间内无法战斗,作为财阀继承人之一的浅野凉,因为道具的缘故,压下了体内的毒素。 But also therefore, has to face three people alone. 但也因此,不得不独自面对三人。 Before Asano enters coolly slaughters the transcription, in the family/home the elder thousand urges ten thousand injunctions, the mainland virtual environment traveler/ascetic is numerous, official, cultivates, the evil organization loose, the good and bad people mixed up, slaughters the transcription difficulty to be the hell pattern. 浅野凉进杀戮副本前,家中长辈千叮咛万嘱咐,大陆灵境行者众多,官方、散修、邪恶组织,鱼龙混杂,杀戮副本难度属于地狱模式。 In the peers is Asano of outstanding person to be cool, enters with the cautious and vigilant mentality slaughters the transcription, has not profaned, but she has not thought, enters the transcription one hour, came across the life and death crisis. 同辈中属于佼佼者的浅野凉,怀着谨慎、警惕的心态进入杀戮副本,不曾轻慢,但她万万没想到,进副本才一个多小时,就遇到了生死危机。 What is worse, the island virtual environment traveler/ascetic number is scarce, she has been aided very much difficultly. 更糟糕的是,岛国灵境行者数量稀少,她很难得到援助。 Six people, altogether are 13.5 point overalls. Zhang Yuanqing holds troops , to continue to look on, simultaneously summoned the blood wild rose silently, making her close up toward here. 六个人,总共是13.5点积分.张元清按兵不动,继续旁观,同时默默召唤血蔷薇,让她往这边靠拢。 After more than ten seconds of confrontation, grasped the woman of bronze mirror as if to seize the opportunity, suddenly raised up the bronze mirror, the photo was cool to Asano. 经过十几秒的对峙,手持铜镜的女人似乎抓住了机会,突然竖起铜镜,照向浅野凉。 Meanwhile, cockroach person and pupil dark red youth, one on the left and other on the right, the young girl in converging attack foreign country. 与此同时,蟑螂人和瞳孔暗红的青年,一左一右,夹击异国他乡的少女。 Asano cool pupil instantaneous delay, dull standing in same place, falls into the illusion. 浅野凉瞳孔瞬间呆滞,呆愣愣的站在原地,陷入幻境。 In her skirt pocket, flutters two to cut out the fine paper dog. 她裙子口袋里,飘出两只裁剪精致的纸犬。 Scoffs ~ 嗤~ Two paper dog self-ignitions, a filled the air light smoke drum, changes to two length of body two meters big dogs, the enemy who about plunging of making threatening gestures attacks. 两只纸犬自燃,弥漫的青烟一鼓,化作两只体长两米的大犬,张牙舞爪的扑向左右来袭的敌人。 Type god! 式神! The island country (Japan) inherited since old times, the method of using the spirit body, after the modern times, was lost, appears until the virtual environment traveler/ascetic, until the island country (Japan) presents the nightwalking god, heavy sends out this magic arts newly-opened. 岛国自古传承的,役使灵体的手段,近代后就失传了,直到灵境行者出现,直到岛国出现夜游神,才重新开发出这种法术。 Two dog class spirit body ranks are too low, prevented the enemy moment unexpectedly, the change makes the cold wind to dissipate. 两只犬类灵体等级过低,竟是阻挡了敌人片刻,变化作阴风消散。 But short and intense fighting, is eradicates the illusion exactly the condition, the pupil of Asano cool delay restores the miraculous glow, her turning around without hesitation, drops out two companions, escapes in the reverse direction. 但短暂而激烈的打斗,恰是破除幻境的条件,浅野凉呆滞的瞳孔恢复灵光,她毫不犹豫的转身,抛下两名同伴,朝相反方向逃去。 Sees that the cockroach person back elytrum of opens, some internal two's high thin airfoil extensions, buzz, starts strong winds fully, rises straight from the ground, pursuit island country (Japan) young girl. 见状,蟑螂人背部的鞘翅打开,内部足有两人高的薄翼伸展,嗡的一声,掀起一股狂风,拔地而起,追击岛国少女。 But the charming female and youth, as if gave him the prey, arrives slantingly by before the tree bottom two young people, chose one respectively, makes a move to settle, obtains three overalls. 而妩媚女子和青年,似乎把猎物让给了他,走到斜靠在树底的两名年轻人面前,各自选了一个,出手了结,获得三点积分。 The crowded trees like the stockade, do not help the flight, but his cockroach person by the keen speed, shuttles back and forth to fluctuate in boughs, after more than ten breath, then caught up with the prey. 密集的树木如同栅栏,不利于飞行,但他蟑螂人凭借灵敏的速度,在一根根树干间穿梭浮动,十几个呼吸后,便追上了猎物。 Dashes about wildly Asano to be cool, sudden sharply checks, small skirt under effect of inertia, fierce, just like attractive lotus leaf. 狂奔中的浅野凉,突然一个急刹,小裙子在惯性作用下,猛的一荡,宛如漂亮的荷叶。 She caused a move of back thrust, toward punctures the ice mortal form behind. 她使了一招回马枪,朝身后刺出冰魄。 Her time grasps unusual is exquisite, almost falls down in the enemy exactly own instance, gave the opposite party a aggressive back thrust. 她时机把握的非常精妙,恰是在敌人几乎扑倒自己的瞬间,给了对方一个凶悍的回马枪。 The motorcycle that this time witchcraft master, such as speeds along high-speed, facing the sudden obstacle, does not have the possibility of dodging. 此时的巫蛊师,就如一辆高速飞驰的摩托车,面对突然出现的障碍物,根本不存在闪避的可能。 Covers entirely the ice crystal trace the knife, stabbed smoothly the enemy. 布满冰晶纹路的刀身,顺利刺中了敌人。 But in the next quarter, the cockroach person was shattered like the illusory image. 但在下一刻,蟑螂人如幻影般破碎。 This is only together the false appearance of imaginary technique manufacture. 这只是一道幻术制造的假象。 Humming sound!” “嗡嗡!” The fluttering sound transmits from the top of the head, along with enduring compared with the gale of helicopter propeller. 振翅声从头顶传来,伴随着堪比直升机螺旋桨的强风。 A shadow soars to the heavens to fall, jet black bone sharp claws, thorn to young girl back. 一道黑影冲天而降,漆黑的骨质利爪,刺向少女后背。 In the cockroach person eyes is glittering the fierce ominous light. 蟑螂人眼里闪烁着狰狞的凶光。 To him, half-dead and dies, but is not cool, can divulge the desire, not because the greedy girl body, will be timid and hesitant. 对他来说,半死不活和死而不凉,都可以宣泄欲望,不会因为馋女孩身子,就束手束脚。 Whish ~ “哗~” The sharp claws successfully prick the girl back, actually stirred the limpid water current, the Asano cool half body turned into the water, the immunity physics injury. 利爪成功刺入女孩后背,却搅起清澈的水流,浅野凉半个身子变成了水,免疫物理伤害。 This is a frogman. 这是一个水鬼。 After to shoulder passively fatal has struck, Asano cool footsteps one wrong, rushes toward left several steps, spreads out, then, her look flashes through wipes decidedly, brandishes a sword to cut to a body side microphanerophyte. 以被动扛过致命一击后,浅野凉脚步一错,向左奔出数步,拉开距离,接着,她眼神闪过一抹决然,挥刀斩向身侧的一株小乔木。 ~ bucket thick microphanerophyte breaks instantaneously, drops down slowly, makes a big sound. 咔嚓~水桶粗的小乔木瞬间断裂,缓缓倒下,制造出不小的动静。 The Asano cool willow eyebrows are but actually vertical, scolds to say tenderly: 浅野凉柳眉倒竖,娇叱道: Must die dies together!” “要死一起死!” The voice falls, in the airtight virgin forest, blew strong winds. 话音落下,密不透风的原始森林里,刮起了一阵狂风。 The dense and numerous branch wave in the strong winds, like threatening tree monster, the surrounding trees, as if lived. 密密麻麻的枝丫在狂风中舞动,如同张牙舞爪的树妖,周围的树木,仿佛活了过来。 No, truly lived. 不,确实是活了过来。 A Asano cool behind megaphanerophyte, the tree trunk protrudes a face slowly, the face opens eyes, eyeball rumble moves, dense stares at Asano to be cool, mutters: 浅野凉身后的一株大乔木,树干缓缓凸出一张人脸,人脸睁开眼,眼珠子“咕噜”一动,森然的盯着浅野凉,喃喃道: Ate you, ate you ~ “吃了你,吃了你~” Meanwhile, faces appear from the surrounding tree trunk, 12 faces, they are always staring at four live people on the scene, exudes the neat muttering sound: 与此同时,一张张人脸从周围的树干浮现,总有十二张脸,它们盯着在场的四个活人,发出整齐的喃喃声: Ate you, ate you ~ “吃了你们,吃了伱们~” ! 啪! The vine that is growing the green leaf, pulls out toward the Asano cool overhead, was truncated by her blade. 一根长着绿叶的藤蔓,向着浅野凉当头抽来,被她一刀削断。 The Asano cool fair fingers/tiger mouth, cracks immediately, blood long class/flow. 浅野凉白皙的虎口,顿时崩裂,鲜血长流。 More vines, just like the whip, just like the tentacle, brushing in all directions, in the meantime, the sturdy tree root drill the broken soft rotten soil, entangles to four live people. 更多的藤蔓,宛如鞭子,宛如触手,四面八方的抽打而下,同时,粗壮的树根钻破软烂的泥土,缠向四名活人。 In a twinkling, the virgin forest of sight of green scallion scallion, changed to step by step the murderous intention restricted area. 霎时间,绿意葱葱的原始森林,化作了步步杀机的禁地。 Four virtual environment travelers, the tumbling avoidance brushes from time to time, from time to time prances to avoid the winding, is thrown into confusion, is surrounded by perils, so long as they display the stance of breaking through besieges, will encounter tree monsters crazy counter-attack. 四名灵境行者,时而翻滚躲避抽打,时而腾跃避开缠绕,手忙脚乱,险象环生,而只要他们表现出冲破围攻的架势,就会遭到树妖们疯狂的反扑。 Asano coolly is most relaxed, the passive skill of frogman, shared the partial pressure for her. 浅野凉是最轻松的,水鬼的被动技能,替她分担了部分压力。 What a pity the frogman of unusual boundary, can only let some bodies water, therefore can only share the pressure, cannot make her run out of the tree monster the encirclement ring. 可惜超凡境的水鬼,只能让部分躯体“化水”,所以只能分担压力,不能让她借此冲出树妖的包围圈。 Perishes together using the matters needing attention and enemy? Very intelligent, but how she concluded that these tree monsters do meet no difference attack to present everyone? She had definitely tested before, or has had similar bitter experience 利用注意事项和敌人同归于尽?很聪明,但她怎么料定这些树妖会无差别攻击在场所有人?她之前肯定实验过,或者有过类似的遭遇 Zhang Yuanqing of distant place witnesses this, had not acted, silently waiting. 远处的张元清目睹这一幕,仍没出手,默默等待。 „!” “啪!” The physical quality weakest charming female, carelessly, was selected the shoulder by the vine, the clothes splits instantaneously, bruised and lacerated. 身体素质最弱的妩媚女子,一个不慎,被藤蔓抽中肩膀,衣服瞬间裂开,皮开肉绽。 Her body does not stand steadily, before staggering, rushes. 她身子站立不稳,踉跄前奔。 Opportunity! 机会! Zhang Yuanqing seizes the time finally, stealth condition he, runs out fast, arrives at the charming female near, summoned to rupture the pistol, touched off the trigger. 张元清终于抓住时机,隐身状态的他,快速冲出,来到妩媚女子近前,召唤出爆裂手枪,扣动扳机。 The tree root of emerging as the times require, with the rattan that brushes in all directions, when covered the Zhang Yuanqing action, the created bush sways the sound that are unable to hide. 破土而出的树根,和四面八方抽打的藤条,掩盖了张元清行动时,造成的灌木摇晃等无法藏住的动静。 Bang bang bang. 砰砰砰. The women seemed like the overhead are knocked a stick, after the head was small supine, beautiful hair raised. 女人像是被人当头敲了一棍,脑袋小幅后仰,秀发扬起。 The bullet lifted her skull, carries over the red and white liquid, toward splutters in all directions. 子弹掀开了她的头盖骨,带出红白液体,向着四面八方溅射。 Ding! You struck to kill an imaginary technique master, obtained 6 overalls.】 【叮!您击杀了一名幻术师,获得六点积分。】 Another side, the cockroach person wells up the boundless gloom at present, the two whiskers of his forehead tremble, probably received some signal. 另一边,蟑螂人眼前涌来磅礴的阴气,他额头的两根触须一颤,像是接收到了某种信号。 At once, he sees one to wear the gorgeous bridal clothes, is covering embroidery happily the demoness of character veil, is standing thickly such as in the gloom of black fog, walks slowly. 旋即,他看见一个身穿华美嫁衣,罩着绣“喜”字盖头的女鬼,站着浓如黑雾的阴气中,缓缓走来。 In the eye screens the bridal clothes demoness instantly, the cockroach person back surges a chill in the air, is not the psychological chill in the air, but is the substantive coldness , he discovered that oneself lost to the leading power of body, the hands and feet is stiff, no longer is itself. 眼里映出嫁衣女鬼的刹那,蟑螂人脊背涌起一阵寒意,不是心理上的寒意,而是实质性的寒冷,紧接着,他发现自己失去了对身体的主导权,手脚僵硬,不再属于自己。 His right hand lifts slowly, the five fingers gather, lift to the temples near, such as peer military salute. 他的右手慢慢抬起,五指并拢,抬到太阳穴边,如同行军礼。 Only the nightwalking god can see, he is pasting a bridal clothes demoness behind, the pale delicate hand, is grasping his wrist/skill. 只有夜游神能看见,他身后贴着一个嫁衣女鬼,苍白秀气的手,正握着他的手腕。 The next second, is growing the five fingers of sharp sharp claws, pricked the temples ruthlessly. 下一秒,长着尖锐利爪的五根手指,狠狠刺入了太阳穴。 The cockroach person amber brown vertical pupil of enlarges instantaneously, subsequently is lax, the body falls to the ground loudly. 蟑螂人琥珀色的竖瞳瞬间放大,继而涣散,身躯轰然倒地。 Ding! You struck to kill a witchcraft master, obtained 3 overalls.】 【叮!您击杀了一名巫蛊师,获得三点积分。】 Solves the physical quality weakest imaginary technique master, Zhang Yuanqing summons the red dance shoes, opens the second shape, the dark red glimmer interlocks to dance in the air, binds the both feet. 解决掉身体素质最弱的幻术师,张元清召唤出红舞鞋,开启第二形态,暗红微光交错飞舞,裹住双脚。 Thump thump thump. He in whipping of blotting out the sky, flashes the revolutions to organize, meets no resistance, rushes fast holds youth who grasps the dagger. 噔噔噔.他在铺天盖地的鞭打中,闪转腾挪,如入无人之境,快速奔向持握匕首的青年。 Saw with own eyes no strength to hit back that two companions die, youth cutting, knows own this is the snipe freshwater mussel contends, benefitted as the third party in a dispute, conceives to quit at heart immediately. 眼见两名同伴死的毫无还手之力,青年“切”了一声,知道自己这是鹬蚌相争,被人渔翁得利,心里立刻萌生退意。 In his eye shines scarlet, appears two distortion strange rune/symbol writing. 他眼中亮起猩红,浮现两枚扭曲怪异的符文。 Enemy who that pursuit comes, expression instantaneous delay. 那追击而来的敌人,表情瞬间呆滞。 The idiots, wait to pull out the youth to jump by the vine jump, evade the winding of tree root, is sideways to avoid brushing of vine, runs away toward the encirclement ring outside. 白痴,等着被藤蔓抽死吧青年腾身跃起,躲过树根的缠绕,又侧身避开藤蔓的抽打,朝包围圈外逃窜。 dá dá. 哒哒哒. The sound of footsteps has not actually stopped. 身后的脚步声却没有停下来。 The youth stare, cannot bear turn head to look, perfectly round that the eyes stare, probably damn generally. 青年一愣,忍不住扭头看去,双眼瞪的滚圆,像是见鬼了一般。 That sneak attack misleading, the whole face delay, actually agile did not reduce despicable obviously, the attack of well-turned avoidance vine and tree root. 那个卑鄙的偷袭者明明中了蛊惑,满脸呆滞,却敏捷不减,姿态优美的避开藤蔓和树根的攻击。 This. Saw with own eyes that both sides are away from have been close, the youth has to depress at heart vacant and lying trough angry, accelerated immediately, rushed to this stretch of danger zone edge. 这.眼见双方距离已经接近,青年只好压下心里的茫然和“卧槽”的恼怒,当即加速,冲到了这片危险地带的边缘。 Suddenly, his back one cool, subsequently the body loses the control, the hands and feet non-stop directing, such straight standing on the spot. 突然,他背脊一凉,继而身体失去控制,手脚不停使唤,就这么直挺挺的站在原地。 I was taken possession. The youth realize oneself situation immediately. 我被附身了.青年立刻意识到自己的处境。 He collects the spirit, condenses the will, attempts spirit body that drives away takes possession, recaptures the body leading power, a vine pulled out, pulls out in his back of the head, the scalp to split open that pulls out, the blood drops along the hair. 他收束精神,凝聚意志,试图驱赶附身的灵体,夺回身体主导权啪,一根藤蔓抽了过来,抽在他后脑勺,抽的头皮开裂,鲜血沿着头发滴落。 !!! 啪!啪!啪! More and more vines brush in the chest, back , the waist abdomen and head youth, pulls out the blood person him. 越来越多的藤蔓抽打在青年的胸口、后背、腰腹、脑袋,把他抽成血人。 The Zhang Yuanqing spirit body homing, lifts the muzzle, catches up before the youth has not died, a round of bullet hit back of the head, settles the life. 张元清灵体归位,抬起枪口,赶在青年没死前,一发子弹命中后脑,了结性命。 Ding! You struck to kill a misleading monster, obtained 6 overalls.】 【叮!您击杀了一名蛊惑之妖,获得六点积分。】 Not far away, saw that this Asano is cool, dumbfounded, nearly forgot the attack of avoidance vine. 不远处,看到这一幕的浅野凉,目瞪口呆,险些忘了躲避藤蔓的攻击。 Did three evil occupations, die? Is the entire process less than one minute? Who he is, too a Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning that five lines of pledges rose recently? 三个邪恶职业,就这么死了?整个过程不到一分钟?他是谁,太一门的赵城隍,还是五行盟最近崛起的元始天尊 Is too other young expert? 或者,是太一门别的年轻高手? Asano cool heartbeat such as crazy, startled and all. 浅野凉心跳如狂,又惊又俱。 Good, increased 15 overalls all of a sudden, it seems like defends the foreword occupation to brush a minute/share of correct way, first makes the evil occupation kill with the camp traveler/ascetic, then jumps shovel to eliminate deceitfully wickedly. Zhang Yuanqing transfers the muzzle, aims at a nearby tree monster to touch off the trigger. 不错,一下子增加了15点积分,看来守序职业刷分的正确方式,是先让邪恶职业杀死同阵营行者,然后再跳出来“铲奸除恶”.张元清调转枪口,对准附近的一株树妖扣动扳机。 The bullet explodes the gulf on the tree trunk, exploded rottenly that fierce face. 子弹在树干上炸出深坑,炸烂了那张狰狞的脸。 In the tree trunk flows out the dark red blood, that face expression solidified, lost the intelligence, like common woodcarving, but was quick, tree trunk another side highlighted the same face, the anger roars: 树干里流出殷红的鲜血,那张脸表情凝固,失去了灵性,如同寻常的木雕,但很快,树干另一侧凸显出一样的人脸,愤怒咆哮: Ate you, ate you ~ “吃了你,吃了你~” The vine and tree trunk flee to Zhang Yuanqing. 藤蔓和树干窜向张元清 It seems like only then cut the tree, or burnt, can solve the wooden monster. Sees that Zhang Yuanqing gave up the thought that continues to open fire, but has not summoned the Yin-Yang law robe burning down tree monster. 看来只有把树砍了,或者烧了,才能解决掉木妖.见状,张元清放弃了继续开枪的念头,但也没召唤阴阳法袍焚烧树妖。 He does not plan to get rid of these tree monster receiving in exchange overalls. 他不打算干掉这些树妖换取积分。 This transcription was very strange, presents the self-contradictory information cue, the poster prompt cannot use the flame and cutting tool, but the hiker suggested that he put Mt. Huoshao. 这个副本很奇怪,出现了自相矛盾的信息提示,告示牌提示不能使用火焰和刀具,而登山客却暗示他放火烧山。 According to his experience, this should be a camp chooses. 按照他的经验,这应该是一次阵营选择。 Puts Mt. Huoshao, that is the camp of hiker. 放火烧山,那就是登山客的阵营。 Observes the matters needing attention, then chose this mountain. 遵守注意事项,则是选择了这片大山。 According to the virtual environment said that the city of choice losing, is the hiker camp, should be the wise action, but Zhang Yuanqing felt, should not such early choice camp. 根据灵境介绍,选择遗失之城,也就是登山客阵营,应该是明智之举,但张元清觉得,不应该这么早选择阵营。 Therefore rather gives up the overall. 所以宁愿放弃积分。 By his strength, does not need to gain the overall by the body trial danger, making the evil occupation do, he shears the fragrant-flowered garlic later again. 以他的实力,没必要以身试险获取积分,让邪恶职业去做,他后期再割韭菜。 After wants to understand, the Zhang Yuanqing spirit body has the hole again, simultaneously issues the instruction, making the red dance shoes bring the mortal body to run out of the tree monster encirclement ring, but his spirit body, then before arriving at several corpses, strips the mortal body residual soul, with the strength of package moon, carries over this stretch of danger zone. 想明白后,张元清再次灵体出窍,同时下达指令,让红舞鞋带着肉身冲出树妖包围圈,而他的灵体,则来到几具尸体前,剥离出肉身残留的灵魂,以太阴之力包裹,带出这片危险地带。 Saves me, saves me, please do not walk, saves me “救救我,救救我,请不要走,救救我呀” The Asakusa wild clear fine cheek, covers entirely anxiously, in the look is full of the plea. 浅草野清纯精致的脸蛋,布满焦急,眼神里充满恳求。 As island person, your correctly seeking help way, should not be bows, while said: Ali are many, screws up the maternal aunt dead the spirit body of Zhang Yuanqing to shoot a look at her one eyes, at a moderate pace flutters. 身为岛国人,你正确的求助方式,不应该是一边鞠躬,一边说:阿里阿多,搞砸姨妈死么张元清的灵体瞥她一眼,不紧不慢的飘走。 When this miss died, he comes back to tidy up the remnant soul again. 等这姑娘死了,他再回来收拾残魂。 He soon in the distant place, found oneself mortal body, the spirit body homing, after accompanying the red dance shoes danced a dance, Zhang Yuanqing opens the scoreboard. 他很快在远处,找到了自己的肉身,灵体归位,陪红舞鞋跳了一支舞后,张元清打开积分榜。 1: flatter one, witchcraft master, 3 levels, 89 points 【一:阿一,巫蛊师,三级,89分】 2: Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, nightwalking god, 3 levels, 80 points 【二:赵城隍,夜游神,三级,80分】 3: Conceited, frogman, 3 levels, 75 points 【三:唯我独尊,水鬼,三级,75分】 4: Sun Miaomiao, nightwalking god, 3 levels, 73 points 【四:孙淼淼,夜游神,三级,73分】 5: Nine leak the fish: Scouts, 3 levels, 68 points 【五:九漏鱼:斥候,三级,68分】 6: Jiang Jingwei, hot master, 3 levels, 60 points 【六:姜精卫,火师,三级,60分】 7: I am assigned by me not by the day, imaginary technique master, 3 levels, 55 points 【七:我命由我不由天,幻术师,三级,55分】 8: Yuan Ting, nightwalking god, 3 levels, 50 points 【八:袁廷,夜游神,三级,50分】 9: The world is all white, the monster of misleading, 3 levels, 44 points 【九:天下皆白,蛊惑之妖,三级,44分】 10: White tiger long live, scouts, 3 levels, 40 points 【十:白虎万岁,斥候,三级,40分】 This group of fellows, if really has the camp to choose, chose the City of Camp losing especially completely, did not kill the tree monster, was only the murder, was impossible to save to such high overall.” “这群家伙,如果真有阵营选择的话,特么全部都选择遗失之城阵营了,不杀树妖,只是杀人的话,不可能积攒到这么高的积分。” Zhang Yuanqing examines the following list, found own ranking. 张元清查看后续名单,找到了自己的排名。 22: Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, nightwalking god, 3 levels, 20 points 【22:元始天尊,夜游神,三级,20分】 Routine looked at pass/test Ya ranking: 习惯性的看了一眼关雅的排名: 70: pass/test Ya, scouts, 3 levels, 6 points 【70:关雅,斥候,三级,六分】 She is also living well, where also does not know, oh, hopes that can find her as soon as possible. Zhang Yuanqing is thinking at heart, suddenly notices to close elegant below: 她还活着就好,也不知道在哪里,唉,希望能尽快找到她.张元清心里想着,忽然注意到关雅的下面: 71: The world turns over to the fire, hot master, 3 levels, 5 points 【71:天下归火,火师,三级,五分】 This fellow “这家伙” Without a doubt, the world turned over to the fire to discover what clue mostly, not, but his strength, was impossible only to arrange 71. 毫无疑问,天下归火多半发现了什么端倪,不然以他的实力,不可能只排71名。 I through with hiker's dialogue, discover the contradiction, the world turns over to the fire not to know that with what method, the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city effort is very strong, he aimed at surpassing flatter words, will not worry these. Sun Miaomiao and Yuan Ting are also. As for the fine health/guard, has not thought so many probably, un, I must find her as soon as possible.” “我是通过和登山客的对话,才发现矛盾的,天下归火不知道用了什么方法,赵城隍好胜心很强,他以赶超阿一为目标的话,就不会顾虑这些。孙淼淼和袁廷也是.至于精卫,大概没想这么多,嗯,我也要尽快找到她.” „The words of evil occupation, do not care about the camp to choose mostly, even if detected that has the contradiction, will not care, does the overall to finish up, the overall is most important “邪恶职业的话,多半是不在乎阵营选择的,就算察觉出有矛盾,也不会在乎,搞积分就完事了,积分最重要” Zhang Yuanqing is thinking at heart, close your eyes, swallows the five spirit bodies in within the body silently. 张元清心里想着,闭上眼,默默吞噬体内的五个灵体。 He must have a look at these people in the information that in the transcription harvests, particularly matters needing attention. 他要看看这些人在副本里收获的信息,尤其是注意事项。 According to his speculation, collects all matters needing attention, should be able to speculate perhaps something, can try to find out the main line of outer layer, making clear really has two different camps. 根据他的推测,凑齐所有注意事项,应该能从中推测出一些东西,没准能摸索出外层的主线,搞清楚是不是真有两个不同的阵营。 Five remnant souls change to the strength of pure soul, such as the mountain torrent floods into knows the sea, is washing out the Zhang Yuanqing self- will. 五道残魂化作纯粹的灵魂之力,如山洪般涌入识海,冲刷着张元清的自我意志。 Various types of memory fragments, flashing through like a revolving door. 各种记忆碎片,走马灯般的闪过。 Zhang Yuanqing complexion one white, felt the soul tear ache, as Zhang Yuanqing the self- cognition, under not own memory washout, faltered. 张元清脸色一白,感受到了灵魂撕裂般的疼痛,作为“张元清”的自我认知,在不属于自己的记忆冲刷下,出现动摇。 PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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