SHMS :: Volume #21

#2072: Selects heavenly light 1

Chen San leads them to enter a dwelling, like the catching up corpse inn western Hunan, two giant doors are opening, Ye Shaoyang catches up with the corpse to stand in gate behind, can avoid being shone by the sunlight, if were been too long by the sunlight illumination, the corpse absorbs yang qi is too many, easy rotten, cannot drive away again. 陈三带他们走进一家宅院,就像湘西的赶尸客栈一样,两扇巨大的门打开着,叶少阳赶着尸体站在门的后面,可以避免被阳光照射到,如果被阳光照射太久,尸体吸收阳气太多,容易腐烂,不能再驱赶。 In the house no one lives, but the pots and pans have. Altogether two rooms, to corpse herder and corpse labor preparation, Ye Shaoyang make the Cui Yun bed, oneself try to find the solution, but Cui Yun loved dearly Ye Shaoyang to walk for night, gave a pretext the oneself fear, kept in Ye Shaoyang the room actually, two people rested a bed, Cui Yun was somewhat shy, is lying down motionless by the wall, Ye Shaoyang will not certainly harass her. 宅子里没人住,但是锅碗瓢盆都有。一共有两个房间,是给赶尸匠和尸工准备的,叶少阳翠云睡床,自己想办法,但是翠云心疼叶少阳走了一夜,借口自己害怕,硬是把叶少阳留在房间里,两人同睡一张床,翠云有些羞涩,靠墙躺着不动,叶少阳当然也不会骚扰她。 Took a night of road, two people are very tired, quick also fell asleep. 走了一夜的路,两人都很累,很快也就睡着了。 A Ye Shaoyang sleep/felt awakes, day already greatly bright, he gets out of bed outside to look, from the sun, is noon. In the kitchen in next door broadcasts dingdong the sound, in the past looked, Cui Yun is preparing food in the kitchen, sees Ye Shaoyang, sent regards, complained here pots and pans are unclean, oneself hit the laundering from the well several, this started to prepare food, making Ye Shaoyang first wash, later can serve a meal. 叶少阳一觉睡醒,天已经大亮,他起床到外面去看,从日头来看,已经是中午了。隔壁的厨房里传来叮叮当当的声音,过去一看,翠云正在厨房做饭,见到叶少阳,问候了一声,抱怨这里的锅碗瓢盆都不干净,自己从井里打水洗了好几遍,这才开始做饭,让叶少阳先去洗漱,待会儿才能开饭。 Although on the mouth complained, but Ye Shaoyang can see happiness on her face, as a managing a household woman, she most adept does the house job, originally also thinks that oneself useless she, can prepare food for Ye Shaoyang, oneself also feels very satisfied. 虽然嘴上抱怨,但是叶少阳看得出她脸上的开心,作为一个持家的妇女,她最拿手的就是干家务活,本来还以为自己没用的她,能够为叶少阳做饭,自己也感到很满足。 Ye Shaoyang first went to behind the front gate to inspect several corpses, was in good condition, this felt relieved. 叶少阳先去院门后面检查了几具尸体,都是好端端的,这才放心。 Chen San still sleeps soundly in the oneself room, Ye Shaoyang outside heard the resounding snoring sound, oneself to go to kitchen help/gang Cui Yun to overcome the hand. Although this dwelling has the pots and pans, but without the food, was good because of two people from Daoist Zhang there lane many dry rations, Cui Yun discovered the meter/rice to put into the pot to cook a meal, steamed some salt meat and sausages above, the food also not ripe, smelled that fragrant flavor that the meat fragrance and rice mix sent out. 陈三还在自己的房间熟睡,叶少阳在外头就听见了响亮的鼾声,自己去厨房帮翠云打下手。这个宅院虽然有锅碗瓢盆,但是没有食材,好在两人从张道长那里弄了不少干粮,翠云找出米下锅煮饭,在上面蒸了一些咸肉和香肠,饭还没熟,就闻到肉香和米饭混合发出的那种香喷喷的味道。 Chen San also smells the fragrance in the oneself room, awoke hungrily, after waiting for the food to be good, Cui Yun helps them fill a bowl with rice, wolfs down. 陈三自己的房间也闻到香味,饿醒了,等饭好之后,翠云帮他们盛饭,都是狼吞虎咽。 Chen San straight boasts Cui Yun is virtuous , indicating that oneself catches up with the corpse each time, is two big masters, no one will prepare food, meets not to have the place of inn, eats the dry rations to assemble directly, has not eaten such delicious meal on the road. 陈三直夸翠云贤惠,表示自己每次赶尸,都是两个大老爷们,没人会做饭,遇到没有客栈的地方,就直接啃干粮凑合,从没在路上吃过这么好吃的饭菜。 Cui Yun is been very happy, thought that oneself that he praised also had the function. 翠云被他夸的很是开心,更加觉得自己也是有作用的。 Three people first finished eating the food, Chen San put out one bottle of liquor, with Ye Shaoyang the salt meat and sausage, drinks, two people chatted. Before Ye Shaoyang inquired him, actually was also daoist, moreover was Complete Perfection daoist, was the Guandong person, long ago grew hair noisily, generally speaking, no matter officers or bandit soldier, after seizing a place, besides the drawing recruit, making the common people enjoy the cool air, not really person how. 三人先吃完饭,陈三拿出一瓶酒,跟叶少阳就着咸肉和香肠,喝起酒来,两人闲聊起来。叶少阳打听到他以前其实也是道士,而且是全真道士,是关东人,早年闹长毛,一般来说,不管是官兵还是匪兵,在占领一个地方之后,除了拉壮丁,让老百姓纳凉之外,是不会真的把人怎么样。 First does not need, no matter secondly wants to seize a place to encourage the common people to revolt, must have the support of common people. In the modern history, has slaughtered the common people, only then the Mongolian cavalries and Qing dynasty Mongolians, have not worked as people the Han people, moreover hugs is snatching the psychology that a ticket walks, does not matter anything the popular sentiment. 一来是没有必要,二来不管是想占领一个地方还是想鼓动百姓造反,一定要得到老百姓的支持。近代史上,屠杀过百姓只有蒙古铁骑和满清鞑子,根本就没把汉人当人,而且是抱着抢一票就走的心理,无所谓什么民心不民心的。 However even the Mongolian and Mongolian, will basically not move to a person, that is the monk and said that because the Mongolian Qiu Chujiu passing on the dao in Mongolia, won Genghis Khan's trust, although cannot prevent south the Mongolian armies to invade, but the Genghis Khan oneself belief Taoism, basically did not make the soldier destroy daoist monastery. 不过就算是蒙古人和鞑子,对一种人也基本上不会动,那就是僧和道,蒙古人因为丘处机在蒙古传道,得到成吉思汗的信任,虽然没能阻止蒙古大军南侵,但成吉思汗自己信仰道教,基本上不让士兵毁道观 The Mongolians believe in Buddhism, Shunzhi Emperor oneself am the devout Buddhist, therefore after entering the pass, went south to attack Southern Ming time, was maintains the respect to daoist monastery of temple all the way, generally will not feel embarrassed monastic. 鞑子信佛,顺治帝本人更是虔诚的佛教徒,所以入关之后,南下打击南明的时候,一路上也是对寺庙的道观保持尊重,一般不会为难出家人 Chen San is the Guandong person, can talk, at this point, shifting to a new subject said: Only then grows hair, is the lunatic, is not right, is the locust, anything snatches! Initially after seizing our local area, male and female all separated, even the couple was not good, said that what God did not permit, those met secretly, all spanked.” 陈三是关东人,很能侃,说到这里,话锋一转说道:“只有长毛,一个个全都是疯子,不对,是蝗虫,什么都抢!当初占领我们当地之后,把男的和女的全都分开住,就算是夫妻也不行,说什么上帝不允许,凡是偷偷见面的,全都打屁股。” Ye Shaoyang one hear, crooked the mouth awry said: What spanks to have?” 叶少阳一听,歪了歪嘴说道:“打屁股有什么?” Has anything, the day, you have not caught up, that dozen of buttocks hit with the stick, has projected on the meat to be all rotten, only remains two leg bones, the hit person rather beheads not to be hit again, that meat rotten is like the sausage that we ate, minces “有什么,天呐,你是没赶上过,那打屁股可是用棍子打,一直打到肉全烂了,只剩两条腿骨,打的人宁愿斩首都不愿意再被打下去,那肉烂的就跟我们吃的这香肠一样,剁碎了的” Ye Shaoyang is clamping a sausage to eat in the mouth, hears the Chen San words, the chewed movement is stiff immediately, the staring expression is looking at Chen San strangely. 叶少阳正夹了一块香肠在嘴里吃,听见陈三的话,嘴嚼的动作立刻僵硬了,直勾勾的表情怪异地望着陈三 Chen San looks at his appearance, knows clearly the speaking incorrectly words, said with a smile: You eat you to eat, what you eat is the sausage, is not the person buttocks meat.” 陈三看他的样子,也明白知道说错话了,笑着说道:“你吃你吃,你吃的是香肠,不是人屁股肉。” He did not say that the buttocks meat is good. Ye Shaoyang one hear, where can also eat up, spits the sausage, the big mouth gasps for breath, looks in the tray the ruddy sausage, did not have the appetite again. 他不说屁股肉还好。叶少阳一听,哪里还吃得下,将香肠吐掉,大口喘气,看着盘子里红扑扑的香肠,再也没食欲了。 Chen San is impolite, is eating the meat, is drinking Little Nine , to continue to tell: These grow hair to be possible really is not the things, plunders the common people, unexpectedly even our daoist monastery also they seized, looks for our headmaster to ask for money, at that time compared this to be chaotic, in daoist monastery where has what money, all gives them, but also insufficiently their stopper gap between teeth. Grew hair said that our headmaster hid is not willing money, was in a rage selected heavenly light him 陈三却不客气,吃着肉,喝着小九,继续讲述:“这些长毛可真不是东西,搜刮老百姓,居然连我们道观也呗他们占领了,找我们掌教要钱,当时比这还乱,道观里哪有什么钱啊,全给他们,还不够他们塞牙缝的。长毛们就说我们掌教是把钱藏起来不肯给,一怒之下把他点了天灯” Ye Shaoyang one hear, knits the brows saying: Selects the heavenly light, the head opens the mouth, pours into the lamp oil and wick, then burns?” 叶少阳一听,皱眉说道:“点天灯,就是把头上开口,灌入灯油和灯芯,然后把人烧死?” Chen San cold snort/hum two: Your this fever one must die, grows hair a heavenly light, may compared with this cruel, it is said is their what heavenly father invention, shears the wound person whole body, then soaks a day in the cylinder, making the lamp oil plunge the person body, that bubble, white and shiny ruddy sees the salt meat on table, at present one says brightly: That color, with this has steamed salt meat 陈三冷哼两声:“你这烧不了一会就得死,长毛点的天灯,可比这残忍,据说是他们那个什么天父发明的,把人全身上下割出伤口,然后泡在油缸里一天,让灯油浸入人身体,那泡出来的呀,白花花红扑扑的”一眼看到桌上的咸肉,眼前一亮说道:“那颜色,就跟这蒸过的咸肉似的” Your younger sister!” “你妹啊!” The sausage cannot eat, Ye Shaoyang is chewing the salt meat, hears these words, really could not bear act crazy. I said what you are intentionally is, the murder torture is so painful and serious matter, don't be always good with my analogy!” 香肠不能吃了,叶少阳正在嘴嚼咸肉,听到这句话,实在忍不住发飙了。“我说你是成心的是吧,杀人酷刑这么沉痛而严肃的事情,你不要老是跟我这比喻行不行!” Chen San ridicules embarrassed: My this did not fear that you hear insufficiently clearly.” 陈三不好意思地讪笑:“我这不是怕你听得不够真切吗。” I do not need to listen is so clear, I knew what's the matter on the line! Does not kill me is not I kills people, I know that does clearly! You said quickly, if you chaotic analogy, I do not listen again!” “我没必要听那么真切,我知道怎么回事就行了!又不是杀我也不是我杀人,我知道那么真切干啥!你快说,你要是再乱比喻,我可不听了!” Chen San has to say formally downward, „after person the lamp oil soaks, then hangs upside down, digs two holes on the sole board, puts in the wick, can select, at this time the person like an oil lamp, has burnt, it is said the average person burnt to the small calf died, but our headmaster has been burnt to the thigh dies, now remembers that picture, I was the whole body shiver 陈三只好正儿八经地往下说,“人被灯油浸泡之后,然后倒吊起来,在脚底板上挖两个洞,放入灯芯,就可以点了,这时候人就像一盏油灯,会一直烧下去,据说一般人烧到小腿肚子就死了,但我们掌教一直被烧到大腿才死唉,现在想起那画面,我还是浑身颤抖” ( Was sorry that was later, three chapters offer) (抱歉更晚了,三章奉上) ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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