SGD :: Volume #3 Volume 3

#170: 100,000 miles road treads the journey!

When the purchase material, motion stiff cultivator, arrives at side Luo Li, he looks to Luo Li good long while, then comes saying: 在收购材料的时候,一个行动僵硬的修士,来到洛离身边,他看向洛离足足好半天,然后过来说道: Luo Li, you are Luo Li!” 洛离,你是洛离!” This cultivator speech is stiff, resembles the puppet to be the same, Luo Li looks to him, said: You are......” 修士说话僵硬,就好像木偶一样,洛离看向他,说道:“你是……” Looks, Luo Li in great surprise, said immediately: You are divine wood sect that old cultivator!” 看着看着,洛离顿时大惊,说道:“你是神木宗那个老修士!” This person Wood Spirit sect that old cultivator, the Myriad Beasts sect attack, his Flight speed was slow at that time, the whole person changes to the wooden stake, sinks to Great Earth, but dug out by the Myriad Beasts sect, breaks out! 此人正是木神宗那个老修士,那时万兽宗侵袭,他飞行速度缓慢,整个人化作木桩,沉入大地之中,但是被万兽宗挖出,劈开! Luo Li thinks that he died, the previous time patches law, but also saw his losing zhuo ww.. Does the curtain fen suppress to suffice the dou cow? br 洛离以为他死了,上一次去修补法阵,还看到了他的遗篧ww.。幌氲剿够钭牛?br …… …… That old cultivator heaved a deep sigh saying: „ Lucky, we had divided Shenmu luckily at that time, at crucial moments, I can only enable to go out the Secret Technique parasitic big law, resides temporarily in Shenmu, in order to lived by luck. 那老修士长叹一声说道:“幸运啊,幸好当时我们分了乌神木,在危机时刻,我只能使出门中秘法寄生大法,寄身乌神木中,借以侥幸的活了下来。 However henceforth I no longer was a person, turned into a wooden monster, the boundary also dropped to Qi Refinement first, can only the gravity head start to cultivate! 不过从此我不再是人了,变成了一个木妖,境界也跌落到炼气第一层,只能重头开始修炼! Luo Li, has a matter, I want to ask you, my Storage Bag loses, my stony broke, Spirit Stone does not have, but I want to return to the Shenmu sect, lacks winds around, do you look to borrow me hundred Spirit Stone? ” 洛离,有个事情,我想求你,我的储物袋丢失,我身无分文,一个灵石都没有,可是我想回归神木宗,缺少盘缠,你看能不能借我一百灵石?” Said that this saying, this old cultivator ashamed not being able to raise the head, really does not have the means that he lends money to Luo Li! 说完这话,这个老修士惭愧的抬不起头,实在没有办法,他才向洛离借钱! Luo Li said: Minor matter, does anything borrow, taking, was not using also!” 洛离说道:“小事,什么借不借的,拿着,不用还了!” Then, Luo Li hands over Storage Bag, inside thinks of five hundred Spirit Stone, protects oneself talisman! 说完,洛离递过去一个储物袋,里面装着五百灵石,还有一些护身符箓 That old cultivator received Luo Li Storage Bag, said: Obligation did not say thanks. I am called ancient wood, in the future will repay surely!” 那老修士接过洛离储物袋,说道:“大恩不言谢。我叫做古木,将来必定报答!” Luo Li said: You are living well, thanked what, oh, what a pity! Read the slave to be tender!” 洛离说道:“你活着就好,谢什么谢,唉,可惜了!念奴娇死了!” Old cultivator asked: „Did they die? How do you live?” 修士问道:“他们都死了吗?你是怎么活下来的?” Luo Li said: Read the slave to be tender, the grandson was good their two to live, our running away nightfall forest, struck to kill the pursuing troops of Myriad Beasts sect, lived by luck! Living, is not really easy!” 洛离说道:“就念奴娇死了,孙佳他们两个都活了下来,我们逃入黑森林,击杀了万兽宗的追兵,侥幸活了下来!活着,真不容易啊!” Old cultivator heaved a deep sigh. Said: Yes. Lives is not being really easy!” 修士长叹一声。说道:“是啊。活着真不容易啊!” Old cultivator leaves, Luo Li harvests Merit of Virtue one on him, achieves 36! Cannot think that he also lived finally, really the world hero are countless. No one can underestimate! 修士离开,洛离在他身上又收获善功一个,达到36个!想不到他最后还活了下来,果然天下英雄无数。谁也不能小看! Luo Li continues to purchase the material. Finally Spirit Stone remaining 1000. This must remain is making the travel expense, Luo Li no longer purchases, returns to Cave Dwelling. Practices one not to have the absurd day brightness sword, then has rested well for night! 洛离继续收购材料。最后灵石就剩下1000了。这必须留着做路费了,洛离不再收购,回归洞府。修炼一会无妄天慧剑,然后好好的休息了一夜! Next morning, Yao Meng knocks on a door, spreads a big news! 第二天一早,姚猛就来敲门,传来一个大消息! Brother Luo Li, the bastard, Flame Devil Sect that group of bastards, they simply do not have sect gate to be extinguished!” 洛离老弟,混蛋啊,炎魔宗的那帮混蛋,他们根本没有宗门被灭!” Luo Li is one startled, said: What did you say? Wasn't Flame Devil Sect disillusioned?” 洛离就是一惊,说道:“你说什么?炎魔宗不是被破灭了吗?” Yao Meng said: „ Swindler, one group of big swindlers, the demon gate does not have the good person! 姚猛说道:“骗子,一群大骗子,魔门没有好人! Mountain Gate on their volcano, completely are the empty shells, deceived people, then from exploding, the Myriad Beasts sects had been deceived. 他们那火山上的山门,完全是虚壳,骗人的,然后自爆了,就连万兽宗都被骗过。 Actually their true Mountain Gate, hide under the volcano, sends without the wound, when the war ended, that Mountain Gate emerges the volcano, sends without the wound, the disciples has not died several! ” 其实他们真正的山门,隐藏在火山底下,毫发无伤,等到大战结束,那山门浮出火山,毫发无伤,弟子都没有死几个!” Luo Li grows the one breath, said: Indeed, how that flame demon Old Ancestor escapes, has not led several disciples, they hid radically, simply has not died!” 洛离长出一口气,说道:“我说呢,怎么那炎魔老祖逃出,没有带几个弟子,他们根本都藏了起来,根本没有死!” Yao Meng said: Yes, yes, four schools of alliances, the common onset and retreat, fruit bearing this Flame Devil Sect are perfidious, oneself evade! This group of bastards, bastard! Despicable villain!” 姚猛说道:“是啊,是啊,四派联盟,共同进退,结果炎魔宗背信弃义,自己偷逃!这帮混蛋,王八蛋!卑鄙小人!” Luo Li shakes the head, said: No, not only the fight evades, their planning are farther, they maintain the strength, after the Myriad Beasts sect is shattered other schools, won left here, they reappeared, at this time Chang Prefecture on remaining their Side Door, they must monopolize Chang Prefecture!” 洛离摇摇头,说道:“不,不只是战斗偷逃,他们的算计更远,他们保存实力,等到万兽宗破灭其他门派之后,胜利了离开这里,他们重新出现,这时昌州就剩下他们一家旁门,他们要独占昌州!” Yao Meng said: „, Brother, you said was too right, was too right, is reasonable, reasonable!” 姚猛说道:“啊,老弟啊,你说的太对了,太对了,有道理,有道理!” Luo Li said: Was right, how you discovered that Flame Devil Sect sect gate also in?” 洛离说道:“对了,你们是怎么发现,炎魔宗宗门还在的?” On Yao Meng face one red, said: That fight had ended, the remaining three large amount gates, must divide equally the Flame Devil Sect Spirit Meridian mineral resource, the flame demon refuse to accept, but their Mountain Gate , should not be divided equally, therefore they float off Mountain Gate, protected the original Spirit Meridian mineral resource!” 姚猛脸上一红,说道:“那个战斗结束了,剩下的三大宗门,要平分炎魔宗灵脉矿藏,炎魔不服,但是他们山门不在了,就要被平分,所以他们重新浮起山门,护住了原来的灵脉矿藏!” Luo Li is speechless immediately, Flame Devil Sect is atypical, this other three large amount gates are very probably atypical! However, no matter this Luo Li matter. 洛离顿时无语,炎魔宗不地道,这其他三大宗门好像也很不地道!不过,这不管洛离的事情。 Luo Li thinks, the transmission goes to Ice-Fire Sect, sees the Zhang Lu fellow apprentices, simultaneously said goodbye with them. 洛离想了想,传送前往冰火宗,去看望张璐师兄弟,同时和他们道别。 Zhang Lu several people are also living, but tiger is injured, blind an eye, jiliè that obviously at that time fought. 张璐几人都还活着,不过虎子受伤,瞎了一只眼睛,可见当时战斗的jiliè。 After war, they have the harvest, tiger because of brave and fierce, settled on by Ice-Fire Sect Sect Master, receives for the disciple, reaches the sky in a single bound. Zhang Lu is also the sensibility quite a lot, breaks through Qi Refinement Late Stage, enters Qi Refinement Great Perfection, soon can attack the Foundation Establishment boundary. 大战过后,他们也都有收获,虎子因为勇猛,被冰火宗宗主看中,收为弟子,一步登天。张璐也是感悟颇多,突破炼气后期,进入炼气大圆满,不久就可以冲击筑基境界。 The people meet once more, happy, arrives at the restaurant, has drunk liquor well, Luo Li and they says goodbye in this, oneself must leave Chang Prefecture Continent! 众人再次相见,高兴不已,来到酒楼,好好的喝了一顿酒,洛离在此和他们告别,自己要离开昌州大陆了! Delivers Fellow Daoist, treads the journey, keeps mouth shut two tears, the ear resounds the camel bell sound, the road is endless, the fog is misty,......” “送道友,踏征程,默默无语两眼泪,耳边响起驼铃声,路漫漫,雾蒙蒙,……” In the Zhang Lu seeing off singing sound, Luo Li leaves Ice-Fire Sect slowly, said goodbye, friends! 张璐的送行歌声中,洛离缓缓离开冰火宗,再见了,朋友们! Luo Li returns to Swallowing Heaven Cult, remaining silently waited for, waits for the summon of Time Immemorial Sect. 洛离回归吞天教,剩下的就是默默等待,等待混元宗的召唤。 This war, Luo Li harvests quite a lot, obtains the innumerable Spirit Beast materials, besides these materials, that patching law, three too clear air/Qi extinguishing Divine Lightning also on Luo Li, nobody gathers, the old beggar gives the Swallowing Heaven Cult inheritance of Luo Li! 这次大战,洛离收获颇多,得到无数的灵兽材料,除了这些材料,那次修补法阵,三颗太清一气灭度神雷还在洛离身上,没有人收取,还有老乞丐送给洛离吞天教传承! This in an instant a day passed, in mark that suddenly Senior Sister Ruotong leaves behind, transmits Divine Transmission: 就这样转眼一天过去了,突然若彤师姐留下的印记中,传来一个神念: „When Luo Li, the preparation, in the morning, Sun will raise tomorrow, Swallowing Heaven Cult transmission place set!” 洛离,准备出发,明天清晨,太阳升起之时,吞天教传送阵处集合!” Luo Li grows the one breath, knows oneself must walk, he goes to the Swallowing Heaven Cult main shrine, wants with the old beggar Yang Se farewell! 洛离长出一口气,知道自己要走了,他前往吞天教主殿,想和老乞丐杨色告别! Arrives at the main shrine entrance, Luo Li has not entered, shakes the head, the old beggar wholeheartedly wants to leave behind itself to be his apprentice, oneself did not say goodbye, so as to avoid he was sad! 来到主殿大门口,洛离没有进入,摇摇头,老乞丐一心想留下自己做他徒弟,自己就不告别了吧,免得他伤心! Thinks of here, Luo Li has not entered, but distant has bowed three bows. Is the farewell says goodbye! 想到这里,洛离没有进入,只是遥遥的鞠了三个躬。算是告别再见! If predestined friends, his year faces one another in the rivers and lakes! 若是有缘,他年相望于江湖! Luo Li leaves, in the main hall in that distant place, the old beggar sees the form that Luo Li vanishes, heaved a deep sigh! 洛离离开,那远处的大殿中,老乞丐看着洛离消失的身影,长叹一声! Yang Se said nearby him: Father, should not be sad! This is the fate!” 杨色在他一旁说道:“爹,别伤心了!这是缘份!” The old beggar said: Yes, yes, the fate, is predestined friends does not have the share! What a pity, such good child. Oh! Swallows day of sect Temple is too small. Cannot retain like this big God! Cannot detain, cannot detain!” 老乞丐说道:“是啊,是啊,缘份啊,有缘无份!可惜了,这么好的孩子。唉!吞天宗庙门太小了。留不住这样的大神!留不住啊,留不住!” Yang Se said: „ Has been a pity, was really a pity! golden scaled fish does not belong in a small pond, encountering wind and cloud, transforming into dragon! 杨色说道:“可惜了,真是可惜了!金鳞本非池中物,一遇风云便化龙 Said goodbye. Brother. In the future we will meet! ” 再见了。老弟。将来我们会相遇的!” Next morning. Luo Li arrives at a Swallowing Heaven Cult transmission law place, silently waiting! 第二天清晨。洛离来到吞天教的传送法阵处,默默等待! When Sun raises, in instantaneous transmission presents one person. Luo Li takes a quick look around, is very familiar, was initially one person in Time Immemorial Sect reinforcements, but this talented person is the Foundation Establishment boundary! 太阳升起之时,瞬间传送阵中出现一人。洛离一眼看去,十分熟悉,正是当初混元宗援军中的一人,不过此人才是筑基境界! This person of young, about two 18 nine years old, the