SH :: Volume #10

#903: Expands the member!

Diving of shadow it snake Hokage()” 火影之潜影之蛇()” Caba... Caba......” “卡巴…卡巴……” The red hair youngster who wears the black robe walks on the track silently in the forests, the look is delicate, the look is actually empty incomparable. 一个身披黑袍的红发少年默默走在林间小道上,相貌清秀,眼神却是空洞无比。 The vision according to the skin of his radiance, no slight defect, looks like the perfect artware, actually no vitality/angry. 眼光照在他光华的皮肤上,毫无任何瑕疵,就像是完美的艺术品,却没有一丝的生气。 Goes out secretly, controls Ninja World......” “走出幕后,掌控忍界吗……” White Zetsu looks at present makings imposing Ye Long dull, suddenly slow speechless. 白绝呆呆地看着眼前气质凛然的叶龙,一时间呐呐无语。 Regarding three mahatma places, are actually not many, although really wants, years that he who White Zetsu knows has permanent ancient distant, when the birth memory is actually incomplete, knows the information that Akatsuki Uchiha Madara knows at most. 对于三大圣地,白绝知道的其实也不多,虽然真要算起来,他存在的岁月恒古悠远,诞生时的记忆却是残缺不全,顶多知宇智波斑知道的情报。 As for powerful like Uchiha Madara, has not had the idea of sacred place, can also see him to harbor to sacred place discrete and dreaded. 至于强大如宇智波斑,也从来没有打过圣地的主意,可以见得他对圣地也怀着谨慎和忌惮。 White Zetsu only knows, three mahatmas have the huge secret absolutely, understands three mahatmas as well as all history only probably only then Black Zetsu, that fellow will not tell White Zetsu is too many. 白绝只知道,三大圣地绝对有着巨大的秘密,唯一了解三大圣地以及一切历史的大概就只有黑绝了,那个家伙可不会告诉白绝太多。 Since you have such powerful strength and confidence, why can look for me? To eliminate me, by this Uchiha Madara?” “既然你有这么强大的力量和信心,为什么要找上我呢?难道是想消灭我,以此宇智波斑吗?” Does not think clearly, White Zetsu directly asked that can be eliminated as for oneself, he really does not care actually! 想不明白,白绝就直接问了出来,至于自己会不会被消灭,他倒是真的不太在乎! I, if really must end Uchiha Madara and his so-called plan, how also needs to use you, I want to make you my informer.” “我要是真要终结宇智波斑和他所谓的计划,又怎么需要利用你呢,我只是想让你成为我的眼线罢了。” The Ye Long light say/way, „ Uchiha Madara awakened Rinnegan, if obtains the new life, becomes ten Jinchūriki again, can indeed walk sideways in this Ninja World. 叶龙淡淡道,“宇智波斑觉醒了轮回眼,若是获得新生,再成为十尾人柱力,在这个忍界的确可以横着走了。 But his plan will absolutely not succeed, has too many people to gaze at him in secret, finally was also only wasted effort. ” 但他的计划绝对不会成功的,有太多人已经在暗中注视着他,最终也只是竹篮打水一场空了。” Ye Long looks at wooden firm the White Zetsu earnest say/way, is not everyone despairs about this world, is not everyone is willing to lead a befuddled life as if drunk or dreaming in the illusory world, therefore Uchiha Madara can definitely with entire Ninja World for the enemy, in addition the ambush in strength in secret, odds of success.” 叶龙看着木牢中的白绝认真道,“不是所有人都对这个世界绝望,也不是所有人都愿意在虚幻的世界醉生梦死,因此宇智波斑必然会和整个忍界为敌,加上潜伏在暗中的力量,胜算缪缪。” It seems like you are really familiar with Uchiha Madara, as the matter stands that old man also is really nothing odds of success. “看来你是真的对宇智波斑了如指掌,这样一来那个老头还真是没有任何胜算的。 What relations but... this and do I have? I only cross am the product that Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path) makes. ” 可是…这和我又有什么关系呢?我只过是外道魔像制造出来的产物罢了啊。” White Zetsu does not care saying that to him, who rules Ninja World finally, does not have the direct stake with him. 白绝不在意道,对他而言,谁最终统治忍界,和他也没有直接的利害关系。 Hehe, if Uchiha Madara were defeated, Infinite Tsukuyomi was interrupted, ten strength by the seal, you can die with all clone instantaneously, not?” “呵呵,如果宇智波斑失败了,无限月读被中断,十尾之力被封印,你和所有的分身都会瞬间死去,不是吗?” Ye Long said with a smile, ants, in addition dragged out an ignoble existence, lived is enjoying the sunlight, wasn't good?” 叶龙笑道,“蝼蚁尚且偷生,活着享受阳光,难道不好吗?” Really is the bad analogy, your bastard!” “真是糟糕的比喻啊,你这混蛋!” White Zetsu uncomfortable say/way, but has not refuted this point. 白绝不爽道,但也没有反驳这一点。 Can live well, will no one suicide intentionally? 能够好好活着,谁也不会故意寻死不是吗? So long as you stand this side me in secret, achieves the agreement with me, I can also give you more!” “只要你暗中站在我这一边,和我达成约定,我还可以给予你更多!” Sees this, Ye Long added a fire, tool that „ present you just let the person to urge, but if I can make you have the genuine body, thus asked the demon alike control thoroughly, became the independent life, enjoyed own life. 见此,叶龙又加了一把火,“如今的你只不过是任人驱使的工具罢了,可若是我能够让你拥有真正的身体,从而彻底拜托魔像的控制,成为独立的生命,享受自己的人生。 Such life, won't you have the slight expectation? ” 这样的生活,你难道也不会有丝毫的憧憬吗?” What? Are you earnest?!” “什么?你是认真的?!” At this moment, careless White Zetsu is finally excited, is staring at the eye of Ye Long stubbornly, opened the mouth. 这一刻,一项漫不经心的白绝终于激动起来,死死盯着叶龙的眼睛,张大了嘴巴。 Asked the control thoroughly, became the living person! 彻底拜托控制,成为活生生的人! Such seduction may be too big. 这样的诱惑可太大了。 If really can realize, took up does not represent...... to realize the pleasure of normal feed and excretion?! 如果真的可以实现,拿起不就代表着……自己可以体会正常的进食和排泄的乐趣了?! If Ye Long will read the plan, expression at this moment will be very certainly splendid...... 如果叶龙会读心术,此刻的表情一定会很精彩…… Deal!” White Zetsu incomparably said simply. “成交!”白绝无比干脆道。 That settled, later you did the matter that you should do to be good as before, but provided the information to me when needed, according to me said did.” “那就说定了,以后你依旧干你该干的事情就好了,只是在需要的时候给我提供情报,按我说的去做。” Will not make you bring death.” “不会让你送死的。” Ye Long supplemented, then both hands tie seal slowly, blooms in Ye Long both hands by the technique type of pure spiritual force quantity construction slowly, 叶龙又补充了一句,然后双手缓缓结印,一朵由纯粹的精神力量构筑的术式缓缓在叶龙双手间绽放, Printed the White Zetsu forehead, vanishes does not see. White Zetsu only thought that a brain heat, spiritual absent-minded, seemed anything, definitely is unable to detect. 印入了白绝的眉心,消失不见。白绝只觉得脑子一热,精神一阵恍惚,好似多了些什么,又完全无法察觉。 Do not attempt to betray me, that is the stupidest behavior, will only make you fall from the sky thoroughly.” “不要妄图背叛我,那是最为愚蠢的行为,只会让你彻底陨落。” The Ye Long earnest say/way, untied the fetter of Mokuton (Wood Style) later. 叶龙认真道,随后解开了木遁的束缚。 If ordinary White Zetsu, this soul seal this too many value, is not incomplete because of the ordinary White Zetsu soul, in fact they are retarded child, the necessity that simply has not controlled thoroughly perhaps, the brand mark stimulation of movement, the spirit was carried to disappear slightly. 如果是普通的白绝,这种魂印更本没太多价值,因为普通白绝的灵魂都是残缺不全的,事实上他们就是“低能儿”,根本没有彻底控制的必要,或许稍稍烙印催动,精神被背泯灭了。 However at present this main body different, as if there is nearly complete consciousness and soul, like the thought of normal person, and was controlled other clone by him. 但是眼前这个“本体”不同,似乎有着近乎完全的意识和灵魂,如同正常人的思维,并由他操控了其他所有分身 Probably like this exists specially, Ye Long also only knows him and Uzumaki both. 像是这样的特殊存在,叶龙也只知道他和“漩涡头”两者而已。 How then needs me to do now , to continue to monitor Uchiha Madara?” “那么现在需要我怎么做呢,继续监视宇智波斑吗?” Turns over a new leaf the seduction was too big, White Zetsu entered into the spirit instantaneously. “重新做人”的诱惑太大了,白绝瞬间进入了角色。 Does not need, so long as you assist Obito well, favoring Nagato was good,... you leads me to go to your lairs as for Uchiha Madara directly, I need first to make one to mediate with him.” “不需要,你只要好好辅佐带土,看好长门就行了,至于宇智波斑…你直接带我去你们的巢穴吧,我需要和他先做一个了断。” The Ye Long loud and clear say/way, in the look eye seems the invisible flame to burn, when the time comes, you carried off Obito on the line.” 叶龙掷地有声道,眼神眼中似有无形的火焰在燃烧,“到时候,你把带土带走就行了。” Does not have the issue.” “没问题。” White Zetsu is laughing and playing to escape into the land, how will not really be able to master you to know so many......” 白绝嬉笑着遁入大地,“真搞不懂你怎么会知道这么多……” Another side, Obito returned to the Uchiha Madara lair scared, looks indifferently the rickets the body is sitting there as before, moves has not moved Uchiha Madara, such as you hope, I came back.” 另一边,带土失魂落魄地回到了宇智波斑的巢穴,漠然地看着依旧佝偻着身体坐在那里,一动都没有动过的宇智波斑,“如你所愿,我又回来了。” What's wrong, have you thought through?” Uchiha Madara light say/way. “怎么,你已经想通了吗?”宇智波斑淡淡道。 Do not say with me uselessly these!” “别和我说那些没用的了!” The Obito anger exclaimed, „did you as if have the expectation early? The present world to me is the hell, told me to change all these means!” 带土怒吼道,“你似乎早有预料?现在的世界对我来说就是地狱,告诉我改变这一切的办法吧!” Means, naturally have.” “办法,自然是有的。” Uchiha Madara has not cared about the Obito attitude slightly, the corners of the mouth showed a meaningful happy expression gradually...... 宇智波斑丝毫没有在意带土的态度,嘴角渐渐露出了一丝意味深长的笑意…… Long time, Obito is looking at Uchiha Madara dull, what, unexpectedly this way?!” 良久,带土呆呆地望着宇智波斑,“什么,居然还有这种方式?!” Right, this saves the method of the world only.” “没错,这是唯一拯救全世界的方法了。” The Uchiha Madara scarlet eye pupil is staring at Obito, does not have the dispute, without the pain, without the death, everyone can all that oneself want, isn't this perfect world?” 宇智波斑猩红的眼眸凝视着带土,“没有纷争,没有痛苦,没有死亡,每个人都能得到自己想要的一切,这难道不是完美世界吗?” Naturally, to complete this plan needs to put in the huge sacrifice, the Ninja World person will not understand your, can you really for this final dream, break off with your familiar Old World?” “当然,为了完成这个计划需要付出巨大的牺牲,忍界的人不会理解你的,你真的能为了这个最终的梦想,和你熟知的旧世界决裂吗?” „...... Does not have the issue!” “……没问题!” Obito coldly is staring at present this old man. 带土冷冷凝视着眼前这个苍老的男人。 This plan, will die absolutely many many people, perhaps also includes the companion who once he treasured. 这个计划,绝对会死掉很多很多人,或许也包括了曾经他珍视的同伴。 Once according to this plan conducts, he is beyond redemption, without the means turned head. 一旦按照这个计划进行,他就已经万劫不复,没有办法回头了。 But to see Lin again, all these are worth! 可是为了再见到琳,这一切都是值得的! In that world, without is painful and sad, these people of dying will also understand finally his! 在那个世界里,没有痛苦和哀伤,那些死去之人最终也会理解他的! Very good, shortly after I have assigned, in entrusts to you finally.” “很好,我已经命不久矣,在最后就将一切托付给你吧。” Uchiha Madara laughs, he knows that oneself succeeded! 宇智波斑大笑,他知道自己成功了! He saw in the Obito eye the profound darkness, that is for the thing of loving, does not hesitate with the entire world for renouncing of enemy! 他看到了带土眼中深邃的黑暗,那是为了所爱之物,不惜和全世界为敌的决绝! Words said, White Zetsu that fellow hasn't returned to the base? Should not travel secretly?” The Uzumaki male is separated from Obito, flexure the head was saying. “话说,白绝那家伙怎么还没有返回基地啊?该不会偷偷跑路了吧?”漩涡男从带土身上脱离下来,挠着脑袋道。 Snort, your some inferior trash, independently decide.” “哼,你们些个劣等的垃圾,一个个都那么自作主张。” Uchiha Madara cold -ly snorted and said, he had known the dissipation of Black Zetsu, but does not care. 宇智波斑冷哼道,他已经知道了黑绝的消散,但并不是太在意。 Because in his opinion, Black Zetsu is just his will product, died the restoration and that's the end! 因为在他看来,黑绝只不过是他意志的产物,死了再造就是了! I came back, spot Sir!” “我回来了,斑大人!” Finishes speaking, White Zetsu from underground drilled, battlefield cleanup abandoned time.” 话音刚落,白绝就从地下钻了出来,“打扫战场废了一点时间。” Un......” “嗯……” Uchiha Madara does not doubt him, the preparation continues to confess something, then, he can fall into the permanent deep sleep. 宇智波斑不疑有他,准备继续交代一些事情,然后,他就可以陷入永久的沉睡了。 However at this moment, the entire lair shivers suddenly fiercely, the rock detritus comes down from the top of the head unceasingly, as if has anyone to use the wide scope attack to sweep this region, lets the Uchiha Madara complexion big change! 然而就在这时,整个巢穴突然剧烈地颤抖起来,岩石碎屑从头顶不断崩落,似乎有什么人在用大范围攻击扫荡这篇区域,让宇智波斑脸色大变! Idiot, should you not direct others?!” “白痴,你该不会把其他人引过来了吧?!” Uchiha Madara exclaimed lowly, although his layout was almost completed, but this was the biggest secret, cannot be known Akatsuki. 宇智波斑低吼道,虽然他的布局差不多完成了,但是这本来就是最大的秘密,决不能被人知 Moreover... here is placing Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), cannot have any accident/surprise absolutely. 而且…这里可是安置着外道魔像,绝对不能出现任何意外。 How possibly is I the spot Sir, I move under the place, no one can trace me.” “怎么可能是我啊斑大人,我可是在地底下移动的,没有人能追踪我。” On the face of White Zetsu cannot see any expression, instead aims at Obito and Uzumaki male, even were tracked, still only possibly because of them.” 白绝的脸上看不出任何表情,反而指向带土漩涡男,“即使被人跟踪,也只可能是因为他们两个。” Sufficed! Goes to investigate the situation to me, Obito, you will be in the future the hope of this world, will not contain the matter, will first find the place to hide.” “够了!给我出去探查一下情况,带土,你是未来这个世界的希望,不容有事,先找地方藏起来。” Uchiha Madara coldly said, immediately White Zetsu submerges again underground, the Uzumaki male also attaches again on Obito, that powerful strength returned to the body all of a sudden, making Obito have the capital that and common Kage level powerhouse fought! 宇智波斑冷冷道,随即白绝再次没入地下,漩涡男也再次附着在带土身上,一下子那股强大的力量又回归了身体,让带土也有了和一般影级强者一战的资本! In a while, the shake as if stopped, but suddenly bang a loud sound, the vault in lair imposing came by a copious great strength, the azure ray incline, breaks the arm to sprinkle together along with the innumerable White Zetsu clone remnant value. 没过多久,震荡似乎停止了,而突然“轰”的一声巨响,巢穴的穹顶被一股沛然巨力轰烈开来,一道青色的光芒倾斜而下,伴随着无数白绝分身的残值断臂一起洒落下来。 Spot Sir walks quickly, the strength of enemy is above the imagination!” “斑大人快走,敌人的实力超乎想象!” Only had White Zetsu of half body to remind one, then in within the body azure light spread, entire cracked, changed to detritus everywhere. 一个只剩下半边身体的白绝提醒了一句,然后体内青光蔓延,整个崩裂开来,化作了满地的碎屑。 „Is this... the Senjutsu aura?!” “这是…仙术的气息?!” Who is?” Uchiha Madara look one cold, is just thinking how to shift Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), a sound makes his figure stagnate, Uchiha Madara, I know you in inside!” “到底是谁?”宇智波斑眼神一凛,正想着如何转移外道魔像,一个声音却让他身形一滞,“宇智波斑,我知道你在里面!” The Ye Long sound conveys from the above, Uchiha Madara raised the head slowly, sees a black robe, the complexion also brings Ye Long of mask to fall gently slowly, stands in him at present. 叶龙的声音从上方传来,宇智波斑缓缓抬头,就看到一身黑袍,脸色还带着面具的叶龙缓缓飘落下来,站在了他的眼前。 You are also living, spot!” “你果还活着啊,斑!” Is gazing at this legendary powerful man, in the Ye Long heart is also excited trembling nearly. 注视着这个传奇般的强大男人,叶龙心中也是激动的近乎颤栗。 Perhaps at present this old male strength ten have not saved one, by far is not his opponent, but in the Ye Long heart harbors as before, to memory , the respect and awe of that peerless powerhouse! 或许眼前这个苍老的男子实力已经十不存一,远远不是他的对手,但是叶龙心中依旧怀着,对记忆中,那个绝世强者的一丝尊重和敬畏! ............ “…………” Uchiha Madara has not spoken, White Zetsu and Obito have fled urged by Uzumaki male. 宇智波斑没有说话,白绝带土早已经在漩涡男地催促下逃离了。 Facing at present this aura like vast ocean immeasurably deep mysterious existence, they stay behind are also only the cannon fodders. 面对眼前这个气息如同汪洋大海般深不可测的神秘存在,他们留下也只是炮灰。 Even if feeble hence, the spot does not need anybody to be a drag on his. 哪怕衰弱至此,斑也不需要任何人来拖他的后腿。 Is you?!” “是你?!” The spot sizes up Ye Long earnestly, in the eye socket scarlet Sharingan is glittering the monster different ray. 斑认真打量着叶龙,眼眶中猩红的写轮眼闪烁着妖异的光芒。 Ye Long notices the spot at this time only then Sharingan, another eye socket seems like spatial. 叶龙注意到斑此时只有一颗写轮眼,另一个眼眶似乎是空的。 But Uchiha Madara is staring under the Ye Long mask stubbornly that pair of scarlet Sharingan, sent out sneering of disdaining, hehe, I know who probably you were.” 宇智波斑则死死盯着叶龙面具下那一双猩红的写轮眼,发出了不屑的冷笑,“呵呵,我大概知道你是谁了。” The spot coldly said,you were that long in Uchiha Ryū that Ninja World played tricks? 斑冷冷道,“你就是那个很早以前就在忍界装神弄鬼的宇智波龍吧? I do not know where you obtained this eye, but Uchiha Clan may not have your not to know the so-called fellow, your stealthy mouse! ” 我不知道你是从哪里获得了这双眼睛,但是宇智波一族可没有你这号不知所谓家伙,你这鬼鬼祟祟的老鼠!” Obviously from the beginning, Uchiha Madara believes firmly that Ye Long at all is not the person of Uchiha. 显然从一开始,宇智波斑就确信叶龙根本不是宇智波之人。 „The Uchiha reputation is very at least scary, not?” “至少宇智波的名头很唬人,不是吗?” The Ye Long light say/way, the light shell the mask on face, is really being the greeting on first meeting, Uchiha Madara, I have not thought that before you are also living, followed that two young wizard to find here with great difficulty, making me be startled!” 叶龙淡淡道,轻弹着脸上的面具,“真是久仰啊,宇智波斑,我以前也没想到你还活着,一路跟着那个两个小鬼才好不容易找到这里,让我大吃一惊呐!” What goal do you have?” “你到底有什么目的?” Uchiha Madara coldly said, he did not prepare saying that because will seem very passive. 宇智波斑冷冷道,他原本并不准备这么说,因为会显得很被动。 However Uchiha Madara discovered oneself really could not completely understand that the present person, in the mask and one and common the black robe to square features, makes his investigation have achieved nothing unexpectedly. 然而宇智波斑发现自己真的看不透眼前之人,对方脸上的面具和一身并不起眼的黑袍,居然让他的探查一无所获。 He does not prepare to open the mouth to guess that the status of opposite party, such only will also be more passive. 他也不准备开口猜测对方的身份,那样也只会更加被动而已。 Did not matter, you will also be killed by me in any case here.” “无所谓了,反正你也会被我杀死在这里。” Sees Ye Long not to reply, Uchiha Madara sneers, the back linked to be bewitched the alike pipeline to inject the sufficient energy to him, let his imposing manner greatly hold! 叶龙并不回答,宇智波斑冷笑一声,背后链接着魔像的管道已经给他注入了足够的能量,让他身上的气势大盛! Also delayed time a moment ago. 刚才也只是拖一丝时间而已。 Uchiha Clan, even if degenerates again, should not be tarnished by your such ants.” 宇智波一族哪怕再堕落,也不应该被你这样的蝼蚁玷污了。” Even if feeble hence, the last years of life, Ye Long has faced the spot that is earnest to feel as before huge constriction, seems like facing the vast corpse mountain blood sea, desperate blood-color purgatory! 哪怕衰弱至此,已经风烛残年,叶龙面对着认真起来的斑依旧感到了巨大的压迫感,就好像是面对着一望无际的尸山血海,令人绝望的血色炼狱! That solely is not the fantasy that the powerful spirit forms, is the spot army horse life, slaughters produces innumerably, belongs to the huge air/Qi field of superior! 那不单单是强大的精神形成的幻想,更是斑戎马一生,杀戮无数而产生的,属于至高强者的庞大气场! Hehe, big tone, Uchiha Madara.” “呵呵,好大的口气啊,宇智波斑。” By opposite party one one mouse, one one ants, Ye Long is also furious. 被对方一口一个“老鼠”,一口一个“蝼蚁”,叶龙也是大为光火。 Really with the impression, except for Senju Hashirama, Uchiha Madara cannot have a liking for anybody. 果然和印象中一样,除了千手柱间,宇智波斑看不上任何人。 But his choice accidental/surprised, was seen through the status, bumps into own plan, Uchiha Madara does not allow anybody to go on living! 而他的选择也不出意外,被人识破了身份,撞见自己的计划,宇智波斑决不允许任何人活下去! Dies, day demons!” “去死吧,天罗刹!” Two people are almost close, Uchiha Madara took the lead to act. 两人几乎近在咫尺,宇智波斑率先出手了。 In the middle the pattern in that scarlet Sharingan changed instantaneously, formed just like the flowers general design, three butterfly wing flower petals interwined rapid rotation, a hidden in the shade huge spiritual force quantity like sharp blade, ruthlessly to the Ye Long inner world! 之间那颗猩红的写轮眼之中的花纹瞬间变化,形成了宛如花朵一般的图案,三片蝴蝶翅膀般的花瓣交织在一起快速旋转,一股阴翳庞大的精神力量如同一道道利刃,狠狠扎向叶龙的精神世界! „Is this... Mangekyo Sharingan?!” “这是…万花筒写轮眼?!” Ye Long is startled, but quick clearly became aware. 叶龙大吃一惊,不过很快就明悟了。 This naturally is not spot own eye, if remembers that right, this is dozens years ago eye that female powerhouse who Uchiha Clan that suppressed the rebellion. 这自然不是斑自己的眼睛,如果记得没错,这是几十年前宇智波一族那位镇压了叛乱的女性强者的眼睛。 That pair of beautiful Sharingan only had one it is said that because this female shinobi displayed Shintou Izanami in the past, defeated displayed the he/she evil that enemy. 那双美丽的写轮眼据说只剩下了一只,因为当年这位女忍者施展了伊邪那美,战胜了施展伊邪那支的敌人。
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