STH :: Volume #12

#1172: Ten magnificence of ten thousand years ago

In ice-cold starry sky...... Neijia dense dog piece, limitless, the pound wards off to be magnificent, is bringing boundless constraining, from far to near, making the Saint complexion snow white. 冰冷的星空中......那甲黑压压一犬片,无边无际,磅辟而壮观,带着无边的压抑,自远而近,让圣人脸色都雪白。 The universe unusual length and breadth, Hao often does not have the end, humanity, even if can cross, the entire life also moves in the limited region. 宇宙非常广袤,浩常没有尽头,人类即便可以横渡,一生一世也不过在有限的区域内活动。 Facing this unknown dark universe, oneself is extremely tiny, not worthy of mentioning, is almost hard to meet anything in Star Domain, dry lonesome is the eternal subject. 面对这未知的黑暗天宇,自身太过渺小,微不足道,在星域中几乎难以遇到什么,枯寂是永恒的主题。 However, today this ordinary case was broken, their sees shocks extremely, after sobriety, from the beginning cool to foot. 但是,今天这一常例被打破,他们的所见极其震撼,待到清醒后又从头凉到了脚。 Their depot ship groups are how huge and grand, is at this time compared with the big piece steel and iron jungle of that opposite shore, actually appears very small and weak, cannot be regarded anything. 他们的母舰群何其巨大与壮阔,可是此时与那对岸的大片钢铁丛林相比,却显得很弱小,算不得什么。 That is a giant ship group, each is very grand, minimum over a thousand zhang (3.33 m), but the maximum tens of thousands zhang (3.33 m), cross the universe, dense and numerous, blots out the sky! 那是一片巨大的舰群,每一艘都无比壮阔,最小的都有上千丈,而最大的则几万丈,横贯天宇,密密麻麻,铺天盖地! Floats to cross in the universe, does not know that many years, they already engraved the mark of time perpetual flow, is not obsolete is immortal throughout, since old times existed forever. 在宇宙中漂渡,也不知道过去了多少年,它们早已镌刻上了时间长河的印记,不过时始终不朽,自古长存。 Really...... Is they!” Shivered including the Ancient Saint sound. “真的......是他们!”连古圣的声音都颤抖了。 The fleet of ice ridge is more magnificent than their depot ship groups with the pound wards off, cannot look at the end, invincible overlord who this can sweep away the universe! 冰脊的舰队比他们的这片母舰群更为壮观与磅辟,一眼望不到尽头,这才是可以横扫宇宙的无敌霸主! Although the most battleship was gloomy, the gloss was not that brightly burnished, but that dignity and that imposing manner, that immortal Great Dao trace have not faded particularly, was flowing as before, sends out to be possible suppress Nine Heavens and Ten Earths supreme divine might. 尽管大半的战舰都已暗淡,光泽不是那么锃亮了,但是那种威严、那种气势还在,尤其是那不朽的大道痕迹并未褪色,依旧在流动,散发出可镇压九天十地无上神威 This is the eternal magnificence, is a civilized crystallization of peak Era, once the diameter swept away Six Directions and Eight Desolates, in the universe that in they can achieve the name Venerable, the war flag, submits to all. 这是永恒的辉煌,是一个绝巅时代的文明结晶,曾径横扫六合八荒,在他们所能达到的宇宙中称尊,战旗所向,无不臣服。 However when still, they again do not have a life to fluctuate, becomes death aura heavy, looks, just like an ancient grave. 然而时至今只,他们却再也没有一丝生命波动,变得死气沉沉,一眼望去,宛若一片古老的坟墓。 This is an Desolate lonesome, is a misery, all magnificent, all past events participated in funeral ceremony in the dust of history, lonely floats to cross in the universe. 这是一种荒寂,更是一种凄凉,所有辉煌,所有的往事都被送葬在历史的尘埃中,孤独的在宇宙中漂渡。 This is one crowd of terror boundless spirit ships, such long years, making the person discuss the ship discoloration, facing them such as to the god of death, such as resist Evil Spirit of Hell breaking away shackles. 这是一群恐怖无边的幽灵船,这么漫长的岁月来,让人谈船色变,面对它们如对死神,如对抗地狱挣开枷锁的恶灵 Ten ten thousand years ago, their brilliance ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), founded unprecedented prosperous times, that was big Era of Longxing, bear the invincible god splendor! 十万年前,他们光辉万丈,开创了一个前所未有的盛世,那是一个隆兴的大时代,普熊了无敌的神辉! However, along with their ending, after years reappears, they became the death and frightened synonym, frightens universe Star Sea. 然而,随着他们的落幕,时隔一段岁月后再现,他们成为了死亡与恐惧的代名词,震慑宇宙星海 No one knows that had anything, Zeng Jing non- enemy warship group, after an expedition, enters the universe Star Sea deep place, forever stepped the dead end, once more when enter the world then became the ghost ship. 谁也不知道发生了什么,曾径的无敌舰群,在一次远征、进入宇宙星海深处后,永远的踏上了绝路,再次出世时便成为了鬼船。 This is a nightmare, the invincible emitting light transformed into the shadow of death, first time discovered that their depot ship groups rushed to observe rashly, finally became the god of death follower, became their part. 这是一场噩梦,无敌的辉光蜕变为死亡的阴影,第一次发现他们的母舰群贸然闯过去察看,结果成为了死神的追随者,成为了它们的一部分。 Therefore, Everlasting Main Star Ancient Saint was alarmed, the result 11 Saints go, all has not to return! 为此,永恒主星古圣都被惊动了,结果11位圣前往,皆有去无回! After the long years pass by, when people see them once more, discovered that 11 Saint's warships also became part. 当漫长岁月过去后,人们再次见到它们时,发现11位圣人的战船也成为了其中的一部分。 But at that time passed 20,000 years , the latter common people thought that the dangerous period passed by, even if in the ship group had the terrifying life to be in charge past, at the present should also already depart, can reveal the truth. 而那时已过去了20000年之久,后世人觉得危险期过去了,即便昔日舰群中有恐怖生灵入主,而今也应该早已离去了,可以揭开谜底了。 However, the nightmare is continuing, the fearful past events repeatedly are performing, four Ancient Saint mount this ship group, silent, accompanied them to vanish in the jet black universe deep place together, has not come back again. 然而,噩梦在延续,可怕的往事在重复上演,四位古圣登上这片舰群,无声无息,随同他们一起消失在了漆黑的宇宙深处,再也没有回来。 50,000 years later, it appeared, does not have the end point, does not have the beginning, does not know where crosses floating, in vanguard that in the void universe flaneries. 50000年后,它又出现了,没有终点,没有起点,不知飘渡向何方,在虚空宇宙中漫无目的的前行。 At that time, after the Everlasting Main Star all overlord learned, making ten Sage go hand in hand, blocked their ways in the ice-cold universe, thorough ship group. 那个时候,永恒主星的各方霸主得悉后,令十位圣贤联袂而去,在冰冷的天宇中拦住它们的去路,深入舰群。 But, the nightmare is still continuing, had not finished! 可是,噩梦依然在延续,并未结束! Ten Sage vanished, is similar to the predecessor is gone forever. 十位圣贤都消失了,如同前人般一去不返。 That time, the Everlasting Main Star person flew into a rage, set out large quantities of ruinous weapons, was not willing to reveal the strange and fearful truth, started has been possible to ruin the attack of Star Domain. 那一次,永恒主星的人急眼,出动了大批毁灭性的武器,不愿去揭开诡异而可怕的真相了,发动了可毁掉星域的攻击。 That is one lets the person have one's hair stand on end scene, light beam that the seed planet, Sun and other heavenly bodies ruin sufficiently, is basic any function. 那是一场让人毛骨悚然的场面,足以籽行星、太阳等诸多天体毁掉的光束,根本起不到任何作用。 This piece of spirit ship Without Beginning does not have finally, floating of being not aware of fatigue crosses, all Great Dao Divine Artifact and branch Martial Saint light is useless to them, an opposite strange fluctuation proliferation, participates in the attack Mother Ship became fine powder, changed into the cosmic dust, the person has not escaped. 这片幽灵船无始无终,不知疲倦的漂渡,所有大道神器、科武圣光都对它们无用,相反一种奇异的波动扩散,参与攻击的母船都成为了齑粉,化为了宇宙尘埃,未有一人逃生。 The fearful past events, making the Everlasting Main Star person innermost feelings terrified, for 100,000 years, they penetrate the universe excavation, once met their 14 times, appears in different Star Domain, was separated by did not know many galaxies, how was very difficult to imagine them to arrive. 可怕的往事,让永恒主星的人内心惶恐,100000年来,他们深入宇宙采掘,曾相遇它们14次,出现在不同的星域,相隔了也不知道多少星系,很难想象它们是怎样到达的。 Last time meets is four ten thousand years ago, that is distanced the unimaginable border galaxy to see that in one, then again has not appeared hereafter from them, this thinks that vanished in that bleak universe front. 最后一次相见是四万年前,那是在一个相距不可想象的边沿星系见到的,从此后它们便再也没有出现过了,本以为消失在那荒凉的宇宙前沿了。 Who once thinks that the Ancient spirit ship appeared! 谁曾想,上古的幽灵船又出现了! According to like the past, their secluded and lonely fish ancient Ru one, 100,000 did not have what change, death aura heavy, the living evaded to draw back. 依如过去,它们的幽寂鱼古如一,100000来没有什么变化,死气沉沉,生者避退。 Avoids, for its shunt path!”, Is terrified is spreading, is ugly including the Saint complexion, was this piece of fearful ghost ship their ancestor silent swallowing. “避开,为它闪开道路!”,惶恐在蔓延,连圣人都脸色难看,就是这片可怕的鬼船将他们祖先无声的吞噬了。 Nobody can prevent, until now, they will not forget in years past tragedy, only if ancient gods resurrecting, otherwise came up only to be driven to death after suffering an injustice. 没有人可以阻挡,时至今日,他们不会忘记昔年的悲剧,除非古代的神明复活,不然上去只能枉死。 This is a steel and iron jungle of piece of ice ridge, was a piece of death grave, can ruin Ancient Saint, swallowed to destroy all Powerhouse. 这是一片冰脊的钢铁丛林,更是一片死亡的坟墓,可以葬送古圣,吞毁所有强者 Ten ten thousand years ago, Zeng Jing was a magnificent summit, what of expedition looks has met, why turned into this appearance?” “十万年前,那曾径是一个辉煌之巅,远征的强看到底遇上了什么,为何变成了这个样子?” This is the questions of all people, but nobody can explain from ancient to present. 这是所有人的疑问,可是自古至今都无人能解答。 Even, where they must go, actually to past conquer anything, is unable to research, because had not left behind the tip clue in the past, this batch of invincible ship groups take a long journey quietly. 甚至,他们昔日要去何方,究竟要征服什么,都无从考证,因为当年并没有留下点滴线索,这批无敌的舰群是悄悄远行的。 „...... 100,000 years passed by, we have not been able to reveal the truth, such long years passed by, perhaps there has not had anything.” “难道......100000年过去了,我们还不能揭开真相吗,这么漫长的岁月过去了,也许那里并未有什么了。” Younger generation distance that time was too remote, has the young and vigorous youth unable to bear the curiosity in heart, wants to become exploration hero who rips open the dense fog. 年轻一代距离那个时期太遥远了,有血气方刚的青年忍不住心中的好奇,想成为撕开迷雾的探索英雄。 Who dares to act rashly, executes!” “谁敢妄动,就地格杀!” Ancient Saint ordered personally, is the formidable person is in the heart heavy, in the past destruction Ancient Sage were few, middle many most certainly colorful public figures. 古圣亲自下了命令,越是强大的人越是心中沉重,当年覆灭的古之圣贤还少吗,当中不乏最绝艳的人士。 Five ten thousand years ago ten Saint, held the matter already to pass, years to level all mentalities to land, finally all has not extinguished! 五万年前的十位圣人,就是抱着事情早已过去、岁月抹平了一切的心态登陆上去的,结果还不是全灭! In the past, this batch of ship groups were formidable to the what kind situation, looks at the gauge chess, vast often, grandly to peak, is collection da has gathered really the past Everlasting Main Star unit strength very much?” Some nobilities could not bear palpitate, have had such question. “当年,这批舰群到底强大到了何等地步,看规棋来说,真的很浩常,壮阔到了极致,难道是集龘合了昔日永恒主星的个部战力吗?”有的王侯都忍不住悸动,发出了这样的疑问。 This ship group was really too magnificent, such as dark cloud gland Six Directions and Eight Desolates, heavy smothery came, including four great captains had 20,000 zhang (3.33 m) fully, were too more than now Mother Ship Yao Hongwei, was crowded around by the dense and numerous ship groups in the center. 这片舰群真的是太壮观了,如乌云般压盖六合八荒,沉重的让人透不过气来,其中有四艘巨船长足有20000丈,比当今的母船要宏伟太多了,被密密麻麻的舰群拥簇在中心。 The spirit ship that if this piece existed forever since old times is a giant, then their this batch of expedition ship groups are only a dwarf, is unable compare. 如果说这片自古长存的幽灵船是一个巨人,那么他们这批远征舰群只是一个侏儒,根本无法并论 In the past, our Everlasting Main Star accumulated really very much brightly, perhaps Sheng Jibi fades is Heaven and Earth supreme truth, was unable to continue watching including Heaven. “当年,我们永恒主星真的很积煌,也许盛极必衰是天地至理吧,连上苍都看不下去了。 Ancient Saint is looking at that four giant hull, the face whiten, said some Ancient past events, letting the people have to the holding breath keel air/Qi. 一位古圣望着那四艘巨大的船体,脸色苍白,说出了一些上古往事,让人们不得不倒吸脊气。 In that now age, Everlasting Country's has been the greatly strengthened prosperous times firmly, life Ancient Star can present three Great Saint is very magnificent in a now age, but ten ten thousand years ago, this Star Domain person has actually made the breakthrough, broke the habit. 在那今年代,永恒国度的确达到了极强的盛世,一颗生命古星能够在一今年代出现三位大圣就很辉煌了,而十万年前,该星域的人却实现了突破,打破了常态。 Does not know that actually whether is seven Great Saint, said that can add on several again, in brief surpassing the ancients and dazzling contemporaries, went to E shocking situations. 不知究竟是否为七位大圣,还是说可以再加上几名,总之震古烁今,达到了E个骇人听闻的地步。 The people said that if no accident, may be born in that Era gods! Finally...... Does not realize. 人们说,若无意外,可能会在那个时代诞生一位神明!最后......未能如愿。 That expedition, is four Great Saint leads to go, at present that piece of shrouding the heavens and hiding the earth the center of ghost ship, that four 20000 ten feets in length grand Mother Ship is the Great Saint's exclusive Saint ship. 那次远征,就是四位大圣带队而去的,眼前那片遮天盖地的鬼船的中央,那四艘长达20000丈的宏伟母船就是大圣的专属圣船。 Anything, Mother Ship of four Great Saint levels, four Great Saint commanded the ship group expedition in the past, this is how to the high terror strength! Like this with lifting withering away, finally became the spirit ship?” “什么,四艘大圣级的母船,当年有四位大圣统率舰群远征,这是多么至高恐怖的战力啊!就这样跟跷的消亡,最终成为了幽灵船?” Many people shock, was shocked to this result, in the Ancient Saint heart bitter and astringent, middle had the direct line ancestors of their few people, the inexplicableness of die. 许多人震撼,对这个结果表示震惊,古圣们心中苦涩,当中有他们个别人的直系祖先,殒落的不明不白。 The huge ghost ship was having the death aura, blots out the sky from them at present, nobody dares to go forward, can only observe ancestor's magnificent relic. 庞大的鬼船带着死亡气息,铺天盖地从他们眼前而过,没有一个人敢上前,只能远观祖先的辉煌遗物。 Suddenly, some people call out in alarm: Spurts, is not right, what that is, in four Great Saint Ancient Ship, what thing has tied up by huge iron chain?” 突然,有人惊叫:“喷,不对,那是什么,在四艘大圣古船间,以巨大的铁索捆住了什么东西?” Various Mother Ship cannot scan that region, there has the strange fluctuation to send out, can pull taut to inquire about. 各种母船都不能扫描那片区域,那里有诡异的波动散发出,可以扯住一切探寻。 Nobilities stand outside Mother Ship, depends the courage to look into the distance, he observed the inexplicable scenery by the clairvoyant. 一位王侯站在母船外,仗着胆子眺望,他以天眼通观测到了莫名的景物。 But, the distance was too far, in the fuzzy dark universes, distance between any heavenly bodies regarding humanity, is unattainable unmeasurable with. 可是,距离太远了,在模糊的黑暗宇宙间,任何一段天体间的距离对于人类来说,都是遥不可及与无边际的。 Before some!” “靠前一些!” An ancestor Saint has also discovered the situation, making Mother Ship fly forward, does not dare to approach, is only looking into the distance of long-distance range. 一位祖圣也发现了情况,让一艘母船向前飞行,不敢接近,只是远距离的眺望。 That is......” many Powerhouse runs out of the spaceship, looks out into the distance in void, the pupil opens and closes, the ray of light bunch submerges the front together. “那是......”许多强者都冲出宇宙飞船,在虚空中远眺,眸子开合间,一道道光束没入前方。 Ye Fan also left the battleship, stands on the hull, watches to the distant place, his source deva-eye is how clear and bright, saw the inside story all of a sudden, immediately shakes. 叶凡也离开了战舰,站在船体上,向远方观看,他的源天眼何其明锐,一下子看到了内情,顿时一震。 Is huge ancient coffin!” Ancient Saint loses the sound track. “是一口巨大的古棺!”一位古圣失声道。 From approached a big section, people frightened and astonished looking into the distance, finally clear saw the marvelous sight. 距离又靠近了一大段,人们恐惧而又惊异的眺望,终于清晰的见到了奇景。 Four Great Saint Ancient Ship, occupy a side separately, unexpectedly is the locked giant inner and outer coffin, floats to cross in the universe. 四艘大圣古船,分别占据一方,竟然是锁着一口巨大的棺椁,在宇宙中漂渡。 ancient coffin does not know that is what builds, like gold but not gold, like stone but not stone, like wood but not wood, the material quality is unclear, plain, but great changes, passed through the long years that is hard to imagine in the perpetual flow of time. 古棺不知为何物筑成,似金非金,似石非石,似木非木,材质不明,古朴而沧桑,在时间的长河中度过了难以想象的漫长岁月。 Four thick chains tie up in its above, its imprisonment in four Great Saint Mother Ship's center, appears incomparable counter Heavenly Monster is evil! 四根粗大锁链绑在它的上面,将其禁锢在四艘大圣母船的中央,显得无比的逆天妖邪! Although the inner and outer coffin is very giant, but compared with four Great Saint Ancient Ship, actually appears very small, however the people look forward, all of a sudden has actually neglected four Great Saint ships, in the eye, only then it. 棺椁虽然很巨大,但是与四艘大圣古船相比,却显得很小,然而众人向前望去,却一下子忽略了四艘大圣船,眼中只有它。 In the ice ridge universe, it is only, one fearful aura exist, had proven it is the lead who Between Heaven and Earth eternally unchangings! 在冰脊的宇宙中,它才是唯一的,有一种可怕的气息存在,证明了它是天地间永恒不变的主角! Ancient Saint flutters saying: „For 100,000 years, my Everlasting Star Domain once the diameter successively 14 discoveries represented the death the spirit ship, but every time can only look among four Great Saint ships is a darkness, such as that boundless mysterious void, cannot completely understand that cannot think we suddenly have seen at the present through, or it has revealed the portrait!” 一位古圣颤声说道:“100000年来,我永恒星域曾径先后14次发现代表死亡的幽灵船,可是每一次都只能望到四艘大圣船间是一片黑暗,如那无垠的神秘虚空,不能看透,想不到而今我们竟然看穿了,或者说它自己露出了真容!” Another Ancient Saint expression grave start to talk, said: Then, the ancestor expedition, set out four Great Saint in the past, for it?” 另一位古圣神色凝重的开口,道:“这么说来,当年我们的祖先远征,出动了四位大圣,就是为了它?” „Do they excavate the spoils of war that and or obtains are this huge ancient coffin?” Ancient Saint like this was talking to oneself. “他们采掘、或者说得到的战利品就是这口巨大的古棺?”古圣都在这样自语。 Ye Fan looks at that mysterious Ancient Celestial Coffin, in the heart the surging dreadful rough sea waves! 叶凡看着那口神秘的上古天棺,心中涌起滔天巨浪! Since vanishes dark, there all obvious, could pass searched, has spelled, I observed, revealed this Archaic fearful truth!” Nobilities said. “既然黑暗消失,那里的一切都可见了,也许可以过去一探了,拼了,我去察看一下,揭开这远古的可怕谜底!”一位王侯说道。
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