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#1168: Old friends present

Obstructs the day 1116, obstructs the day main text Chapter 1116 old friend present 遮天1116,遮天正文第1116章故人现 Playbill on man sends silk pitch-black, like the waterfall, hangs loose thickly in the front with behind, in the eye whether there is stars completely vanish, is profound and fearful, just like Monster God( high-quality writing first round, performs in %). 海报的上的男子发丝乌黑,浓密如瀑,披散在胸前与背后,眼中有无尽的星辰幻灭,深邃而慑人,宛若一尊妖神(高质量文字首发,尽在%)。 Although is only side one, but can actually make people feel that swift and fierce, the face such as the blade truncates, likely is the Archaic Divinity reincarnation, is enormous and powerful in its behind Purple Qi, formidable. 虽然只是一个侧面,但却能够让人感受到那股凌厉,脸如刀削,像是上古神祇转生,在其背后紫气浩荡,让人生畏。 Southern Monster Qi Lin! 南妖齐麟! Ye Fan quite surprised, has not thought Gladiator that enters the war can be he, was too unexpected, this is the Big Dipper old friend. 叶凡相当的惊讶,没有想到参战的一位角斗士会是他,太出乎意料了,这是北斗的故人。 Central Sovereign, Southern Monster and western Bodhisattva...... back then excelled by far the younger generation, is most certainly the colorful person, heard the Southern Monster news after many years in this. 中皇南妖、西菩萨......想当年冠绝年轻一代,是最为绝艳的人,时隔多年在此听闻到了南妖的消息。 This person is very formidable, one after another 99 undefeated, are called Monster God, may be called a myth!” “这个人很强大,接连99场不败,被称作妖神,堪称一个神话!” Before huge stone gate before Colosseum, many people for are surrounding the playbill, discussion in a soft voice, said Southern Monster some situations. 角斗场前的巨大石门前,许多人为在围观海报,轻声的议论,说出了南妖的一些情况。 He will welcome the most essential war, if can the full 100 undefeated, then have the qualifications to aspire to seize the strongest body, becomes in that sequence.” “他将迎来最为关键的一战,如果能够满100场不败,便有资格问鼎最强体了,成为那个序列中的一员。” „After three day, must observe, not fault-tolerant, can definitely be Dragon-Tiger strives for hegemony, must have the shocking war, will have the peerless powerhouse person to block him mostly!” “三日后一定要来观战,不容错过,肯定会是龙虎争霸,必有惊世一战,多半会有绝世强者人阻击他!” Southern Monster when Big Dip­per Star Domain had the posture of having god-given wisdom absolutely, Dao Severing occurred endured with Archaic the phenomenon of Monster Emperor and theory, making Wan Yao prostrate oneself. 南妖北斗星域时绝对拥有天纵之姿,斩道时发生了堪与上古妖帝并论的异象,让万妖膜拜。 At the present, he is in Everlasting Main Star, still mixed the wind and cloud, obviously is a super fierce role, making the common people pay attention. 而今,他身在永恒主星,依然搅动了风云,显然是一个超级厉害的角色,让世人都在关注。 Does not know that he gives loyalty to a family, fights for oneself, the origin has been very mysterious, is unable to look up his details( high-quality writing first round, performs in %).” “不知他是效忠于一个家族,还是为自己而战,来历一直很神秘,无法查到他的底细(高质量文字首发,尽在%)。” Evidently is the strongest soldier who Great Clan trains, some people are hiding his all in secret.” “看样子是一个大家族培养出的最强战士,暗中有人在隐藏他的一切。” Also perhaps the slave who catches from Foreign Domain. Otherwise whose close fighting, will want the life and death to fight a decisive battle like this immediately 100 th.” “也说不定是从域外抓回来的奴隶。不然谁会这样拼战,马上就要生死决战第100场了。” The life and death fights a decisive battle 100, this is a proud success, since the winning streak, really resounding, what a pity always nobody can unearth the secret of Monster God. 生死决战100场,这是一个骄人的战绩,连胜至今,着实一场轰动性的,可惜始终无人能挖掘出妖神之秘。 Ye Fan understood that before Colosseum, this is pastime of rulers, is the major nobilities juniors most loves. Often dispatches own war to favor to fight. 叶凡角斗场前了解到了很多,这是统治者们的消遣,是各大王侯子弟的最爱。常遣出自己的战宠去争锋。 Every one time will drag in lots of people, because will follow has various plate mouths. Whom bets to win who loses, ante each time is the day quantity. 每一次都会兴师动众,因为将伴随有各种盘口。赌谁胜谁负,每次的赌金都是天量的。 This was a death athletics, the one who entered Colosseum to decide was the life and death, has carelessly destroy both body and soul slightly, in nobody is willing to enter. 这是一种死亡竞技,进入角斗场决的是生死,稍有不慎就会形神俱灭,没有人愿意入内。 The ordinary person will not participate. Because this was too brutal, this is athletics stage of Great Influence strength showdown, goes on an expedition by the respective formidable servant, many disputes solves. 一般的人不会参与。因为这太残酷了,这是大势力对决的竞技台,以各自的强大奴仆去征战,许多纠纷等都藉此解决。 Naturally also has the peculiar circumstance, some people to discipline oneself, or are going on stage for the soaring duel fee. Participates. 当然也有特殊情况,一些人为了磨练自己,或者为了高昂的决斗费而登场。参与进来。 The high risk has the high repayment, underground black village and other hopes had the Cultivator admission of standard, hopes for the celebrity showdown, therefore does not hesitate to ask for the sky-high price. 高风险自有高回报,地下黑庄等希望有水准的修士入场,更期盼名人对决,因此不惜开出天价。 Can inspire the thing of powerhouse. Before nothing else but was the peerless beautiful woman, Holy Artifact and others, then came to link the strongest evolution fluid became the rewards, has concerned more powerhouse. 能够引动强者的东西。以前不外乎是绝代美女、圣器等,而后来连最强进化液都成为了奖励,牵动了更多强者的心。 Therefore, Colosseum was getting more and more fiery, every time has great war of component, inevitably is Clouds rising in the ten directions, many nobilities arrive at the scene to observe. 故此,角斗场越来越火热了,每一次有分量的大战,都必然是十方云动,许多王侯都亲临现场观战。 This time duel winner will obtain the evolution fluid of third stage! 这一次的决斗获胜者将会得到第三阶段的进化液! Monster God will attack hundred undefeated myths, widely-noted. The reward was naturally rich, attracted ancient family participation. Many people will certainly concentrate on the plate mouth. 妖神将冲击百场不败神话,举世瞩目。奖励自然非常丰厚,吸引了很多古老的家族参与。许多人必将投注盘口。 Three day, many Cultivator have thought in a flash the scene observes. But is actually difficult to get a ticket, spends money like it is going out of style is unavailable, the Colosseum seat had already filled, was carved up by all nobilities. 三日转瞬即过,诸多修士都想到现场观战。可是却一票难求,一掷千金都不可得,角斗场座位早已满了,被各方王侯瓜分。 Ye Fan stares on helplessly does not have idea, even if he has various treasure no matter uses, is hard to buy a ticket, not having the means to go. 叶凡干瞪眼也没辙,即便他有各种宝贝不管用,难以求购一票,没有办法进去。 The Colosseum entrance assembled a large quantities of person, longs for a ticket, but in cannot enter the person, suddenly in Ye Fan eye one bright, saw Qi Meng, she also observed unexpectedly, it can be imagined today this fought the influence( high-quality writing first round, performs in %). 角斗场门口围聚了一大批人,都是渴望一票而不能入内的人,突然叶凡眼中一亮,见到了齐萌,她竟然也来观战了,可想而知今日这一战的影响(高质量文字首发,尽在%)。 He gathers up to come immediately, passes message in secret, stirs up Qi Meng surprised, side Qi Yaoguang appears, was against wolf blocks him likely. 他立刻凑上前来,暗中传音,惹得齐萌一阵惊讶,旁边齐耀光出现,像是防狼般将他挡住了。 Boy I warned you, do not have the idea of my posterity!” “小子我警告你,别打我后人的主意!” Senior, has not thought that such quickly has met, helping me handle a ticket.” Ye Fan said with a smile. “前辈,没有想到这么快又相见了,帮我搞定一张票吧。”叶凡笑道。 Qi Family came 67 people, the final bad luck egg is black a face, unclear does not hope has handed over own ticket, has given Ye Fan, the indignation of full belly, does not dare to manifest suddenly concerned about the old ancestor's face, depressed trend avenue. 齐家来了67人,最终一个倒霉蛋黑着一张脸,不清不愿的交出了自己的票,送给了叶凡,满肚子的怨愤,碍于老祖的面子不敢发作,郁闷的走向大街。 In this place you must to me honestly, do not stir up trouble surely!” Qi Yaoguang urged. “在这个地方你千万要给我老实点,不要惹事!”齐耀光叮嘱道。 Colosseum is broad, the midpoint is together stone platform, is the half breaks the mountain likely, the section is smooth, smoothly like the mirror, it is reported that this is Archaic Great Saint cuts, firm enough, inscribes the immortal god mark. 角斗场恢宏巨大,正中央是一块石台,像是半截断山,切面平整,光滑如镜,据传这是一位上古大圣切出来的,坚固足够,刻有不朽的神纹。 As for the audience, sits in a circle around stone platform, the front has the peerless Grand Array protection, does not need to be worried that various attack technique laws clash, observing that can feel at ease. 至于观众,都围坐在石台周围,前方有绝世大阵守护,不用担心各种攻击术法冲出来,可以安心的观战。 Here is primarily lithical, various types of seats, guard rails, platform builds by the stone, is retaining a primitive aura, passes is sending a pressure. 这里以石质为主,各种座位、护栏、平台等都是以石筑成,保留着一种原始的气息,透发着一种威压。 Among the Archaic years, common Saint at this showdown, here ground has dyed Holy Blood, absolutely is sacred place.” Some people discussed low voice. 上古年间,常有圣人在此对决,这里的地面染过圣血,绝对是一处神圣之地。”有人小声议论。 great war has not started, all nobilities already took a seat, in huge Colosseum, full house, is fully occupied, each has the status and origin person. 大战还未开始,各方王侯早已就坐,巨大的角斗场内,座无虚席,人满为患,每一个都是有身份与来历的人。 Ye Fan enters with Qi Clan separatedly, and its seat happen to their back rows, although is also neighboring, but nobody thought that has anything to relate. 叶凡是与齐族分开进入的,且其座位正好在他们的后排,虽然也相邻,但没人觉得有什么联系。 This brothers whether to change a seat, my family Lord has the matter and Qi Meng Miss discussed.” A youth said that hints by look, making him get up. “这位兄弟能否换个座位,我家主人有事与齐萌小姐相谈。”一个青年说道,以眼神示意,让他起来。 Fortunately, Ye Fan happen to does not sit in the Qi Meng rear area very much, avoids the both sides acquaintances vigorously, actually also some people walked. 很不凑巧,叶凡正好坐在齐萌的后方,极力避免双方相识,却也有人找上门来了。 He looked at this person, although is a servant, but has actually achieved Dao Severing Realm, looks following the position that it walks, on not far away another row of seat, the mild-mannered and cultivated young people nod to him and Qi Meng. 他看了一眼此人,虽然是一个奴仆,但却达到了斩道境,顺着其走来的方位看去,不远处另一排座位上,有一个温文尔雅的年轻人正在对他与齐萌点头。 Sorry, I do not want to trade.” “对不起,我不想换。” You......” in this youth eyes the light beam projects, is very astonishing, is super expert, has not thought rejection that Ye Fan wants not to think. “你......”这个青年眼中光束射出,很是惊人,是一个超级高手,没有想到叶凡想都不想的拒绝了。 Might as well, Zhao An comes back.” Not far away, the man of that white clothing scholarly said. Resembles does not want to cause trouble, his eye is very bright, cultivation base is uncommon. “无妨,赵安回来。”不远处,那个白衣儒雅的男子道。似不想生事,他的眼睛很亮,修为不凡。 This is Zhao Qingchuan, a famous powerhouse, in the younger generation extremely rich, magnificent, and reputable( high-quality writing first round, performs in %). But Zhao Family and Cao Family are ordinary, is Everlasting Main Star side nobilities, is most top Great Influence strength.” Qi Meng frowns, she and Zhao Qingchuan not occurred together. Why doesn't know him to be able today so? “这是赵晴川,一个声名远播的强者,在年轻一代中极富盛名(高质量文字首发,尽在%)。而赵家曹家一般,都是永恒主星的一方王侯,是最顶级的大势力。”齐萌蹙眉,她与赵晴川并无交集。不知他今日为何会如此? According to his status, is the unusual person dares to disobey absolutely. Is one of younger generation eminents, at the present this...... He is probing my status!” In the Ye Fan heart moves. “依照他的身份来说,绝对是少有人敢拂逆。身为年轻一代中的翘楚之一,而今这样......他是在试探我的身份!”叶凡心中一动。 Good!” Qi Meng nods. “不错!”齐萌点头。 Ye Fan is a new face, regarding often the person who Colosseum appears and disappears, was too strange, at the present dares to reject Zhao Qingchuan. Disclosed many news. 叶凡是一个生面孔,对于常在角斗场出没的人来说,太陌生了,而今敢拒绝赵晴川。透露出了不少讯息。 Corner/Horn fought to start!” “角斗开始了!” In the stage, leaps light screens, covers that huge stone platform, avoids great war affecting observing. The light screen is clear, is the Archaic Great Saint quarter the law mark, the absolute safety is reliable. 高台上,腾起一片光幕,将那巨大的石台笼罩,避免大战波及到观战者。光幕晶莹透明,是上古大圣刻下的法纹,绝对安全可靠。 Vast such as the half breaks the mountain on stone platform. A young man appears, the black hair shawl, body becomes the bronze, very strong powerful. The pupil is sharp, he just like Monster God, there is one special makings. 浩大如半截断山的石台上。一个年轻的男子出现,黑发披肩,肌体成古铜色,非常的强健有力。眸子犀利,他宛若一个妖神,有一种特别的气质。 This body and Southern Monster are without change, what a pity Ye Fan is unable to penetrate the Great Saint light screen Divine Consciousness, cannot induce its aura, was unable to make the judgment finally. 这具身体与南妖一般无二,可惜叶凡无法将神识穿透大圣光幕,不能去感应其气机,还不能最终做出判断。 great war started!” 大战开始了!” In Colosseum resounds a noise, another Gladiator enters the stage, on the body covers demon marks. The silver-haired shawl, including the pupil is the silver. It is the powerful, just a appearance. Leaves behind several remnant shades, kills to Monster God. 角斗场中响起一片嘈杂声,另一个角斗士出场,身子上覆盖有一条条魔纹。银发披肩,连瞳孔都是银色的。很是强势,刚一出现。就留下几道残影,扑杀向妖神 Silver pupil, unexpectedly is the silver pupil!” “银瞳,竟然是银瞳!” No wonder, I know that Monster God's 100 th great war will be blocked, unexpectedly was this person leave the mountain, the expenditure big price can please move him.” “难怪,我就知道妖神的第100场大战会受阻,竟然是这个人出山了,得花费多大代价才能请动他。” This is King of Great Accomplishment, the entire life only defeat, able to move unhindered the east region more than 100 years, only make concessions to Saint, fearless any Dao Severing person, once had killed several half Saint. 这是一个大成王者,生平仅有一败,纵横东部地域100多年,只对圣人退让,无惧任何斩道者,曾杀过数位半圣。 It is reported that when hundred years ago select the strongest physique, he fails to be elected because of the accident, is regretfully lost to the match, is very regrettable. 据传,百年前选拔最强体质时,他因意外而落选,惜败给对手,很是遗憾。 Everybody can chip.” Under various earth plate mouth reminder. “各位可以下注了。”各大地下盘口提醒。 After the silver pupil strikes, backs up rapidly, confronts with Monster God, no longer gets rid, obviously they already the familiar Colosseum rule, must to the time that numerous nobilities honored guests chip. 银瞳一击之后迅速倒退,与妖神对峙,不再出手,显然两人早已熟悉角斗场的规则,要给众多王侯贵客下注的时间。 After a piece is noisy, Colosseum returns to normal, many people have chipped, great war will start formally. 一片嘈杂过后,角斗场重新恢复平静,许多人都下注了,大战将正式开始。 This is a primitive showdown, does not draw support from machine armor, does not have the war tool, by As­cetic's method great war, regarding the Everlasting Main Star person, thought that especially warm-blooded( high-quality writing first round, performs in %). 这是一场原始的对决,不借助机甲,没有战争工具,是以苦修士的法门大战,对于永恒主星的人来说,觉得格外热血(高质量文字首发,尽在%)。 Because, from the ancient times to the present, they have relied upon outside, almost did not have Ascetic, this occupation is about to become extinct. 因为,从远古到现在,他们一直仰仗外器,几乎没有苦修士了,这个职业都快绝种了。 They once had heard, ancestor time, Ascetic by fleshly body shredder armor, the great war world, what a pity such age has elapsed, various types of formidable war tools became their choices. 他们曾听闻过,祖先时代,苦修士肉身撕裂机甲,大战天下,可惜那样的年代逝去了,各种强大的战争工具成为了他们的选择。 In Colosseum, various types of light beams dance in the air, fierce great war eruption, Monster God, if, is reincarnated just like Archaic Monster Lord, is supernaturally brave irreversible. 角斗场内,各种光束飞舞,剧烈的大战爆发,妖神如其名,宛若上古妖主转世,神勇不可挡。 The Ye Fan secret estimation, Southern Monster definitely has taken the evolution fluid, moreover more than once, otherwise impossible as tyrannical as this step. 叶凡暗暗估测,南妖肯定服用过进化液,而且不止一次,不然不可能强横到这一步。 Silver pupil god is also fierce, after is certainly summit Dao Severing person, had the absolute superiority on Realm, is more powerful than Southern Monster. 银瞳亦神猛,毕竟是一个绝巅斩道者,在境界上占据了绝对的优势,比南妖强盛。 Their great war, various Secret Technique proliferation, is the As­cetic's method, this is fighting of fleshly body buried treasure, the people who looks at turn one's thoughts toward a loved one dizzily. 两人大战,各种秘术层出不起,都是属于苦修士的法门,这是肉身宝藏的争锋,看的众人神驰目眩。 Very powerful, they develop sooner or later to be able unarmed to tear into shreds Ancient Saint machine armor like this!” 好强大,他们这样发展下去早晚有一天可以徒手撕碎古圣机甲!” Southern Monster was too formidable, Realm does not have the silver pupil to be high, actually may with it resisting with all one's strength, be really inconceivable, must know in silver pupil several Dao Severing invincible existence!” 南妖太强大了,境界没有银瞳高,却可与之力敌,实在不可思议,要知道银瞳几可谓斩道中无敌的存在!” The people discussed in a low voice, intense attention. 人们低声议论,紧张的关注。 Puff!” “噗!” No one has thought that merely after 200 rounds, Monster God strokes peerless, almost stands to divide the silver pupil, the silver blood splash, this match flew horizontally, does not have strength of the war again. 谁也没有想到,仅仅200回合后,妖神绝世一击打出,将银瞳几乎立劈掉,银色的血液飞溅,这位对手横飞了出去,再无一战之力。 "Ah...... won, is so quick, 100 winning streaks! ” “啊......胜了,这么快,100场连胜!” Heaven, my divine nature mineral, pressed on the body of silver pupil!” 天啊,我的那块神性矿物,压在了银瞳的身上!” At this moment, in Colosseum presents another young man, brings to smile to the people waved, said: Everybody calm down a bit, wants to know that the Monster God origin, he wins streak hundred until today, I thought that had the qualifications saying that he...... From mysterious Ancient Star! I anticipated that on this day was very long, in waiting for him creates magnificently, the truth told everybody, he was only one in that Ancient Star formidable bloodlines, there also had! I think that you know what I was saying, understands that my meaning, I had demonstrated to everybody through him that mysterious Ancient Star terrifying value, the compatriots who I want to present could not repress, do some people want to expedite?” 就在这时,角斗场中出现另外一个年轻男子,带着笑向众人挥了挥手,道:“各位静一静,想知道妖神来历吗,直到今日他连胜百场,我才觉得有资格说一说了,他......来自一颗神秘的古星!我期待这一天已经很久了,一直在等待他创造辉煌,实话告诉各位,他只是那颗古星强大血脉中的一种,那里还有更多!我想,你们知道我在说什么,明白我的意思,我通过他向各位展示了那颗神秘古星的恐怖价值,我想在场的同胞都按捺不住了吧,有人想远征吗?” The first chapter, summon monthly ticket, I am erupting, invited under everybody enthusiasm, to some inspirations. 第一章到,呼唤月票,我在爆发,也请大家热情下,给些鼓舞。 . . . ( to be continued ) 。(未完待续) Obstructs the day 1116, obstructs the day main text Chapter 1116 old friend presently to renew! 遮天1116,遮天正文第1116章故人现更新完毕! 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