SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#435: Static Brahma female: When I ate to the full said again!

Originally...... you.” “原来……你们都在。” The Qin Muling look is startled, pours does not feel the accident/surprise. 秦沐凌神色微怔,倒也不觉得意外。 Only looks at their expressions, was the lord of Origin Star Palace has negotiated with them, the concrete process does not need to give unnecessary detail, oneself present can also the freedom to come and go, explain that among any case them reached the compromise. 只看她们的表情,想必是始源星宫之主已经和她们谈判过了,具体过程无需赘述,反正自己现在还能来去自由,就说明她们之间达成了妥协。 azure luminary immortal reveres the look to take a look at him complex, the good talent to be asking in a soft voice: Muling, does the female cultivate/repair the alliance...... should not to do right by your place?” 青曜仙尊神色复杂地打量着他,好一阵才轻声问着:“沐凌,女修联盟这边……应该没有对不住你的地方吧?” Qin Muling slight nod: Naturally, from beginning to end, you wait me to be good, this point mother Yong doubted.” 秦沐凌微微点头:“当然,自始至终,你们待我都非常不错,这一点母庸置疑。” That, what if we in the future and that had to conflict, which you will stand in one side?” “那么,如果我们将来和那位起了什么冲突,你会站在哪一边呢?” The big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme pupil wave circulation, asked this most essential question. 宫主紫诗韵眸波流转,问出了这个最关键的问题。 „......” “……” The Qin Muling look slightly stiff, silent the moment was saying: So long as there are me, among you should not have the too big conflict, small contradictory can always sit to discuss.” 秦沐凌神色微僵,沉默了片刻才说着:“只要有我在,你们之间应该不会发生太大的冲突,小矛盾总是可以坐下来商量的。” Bright Yellow Palace clothes, solemn graceful Mu Yinghua touched own lower abdomen gently, is asking calmly: If really occurrence? For example, if will she want to rob our daughters in the future? How will you do?” 一袭明黄宫裳,端庄优雅的牧盈华轻柔地摸了摸自己的小腹,平静地问着:“如果真的发生了呢?譬如说,如果她将来想要抢走我们的女儿?你会怎么做?” Qin Muling knits the brows: How possibly? If she dares to do this, that did not care about my feeling completely, what consequence will have, believes that she will understand.” 秦沐凌不由皱眉:“怎么可能?她若是敢这样做,那就是完全不顾及我的感受了,会有什么样的后果,相信她自己会明白的。” The lord of Origin Star Palace is impossible so not wisdom, at the Qin Muling present level, has definitely been able to affect the destiny fate of nearby person. 始源星宫之主不可能如此不智,以秦沐凌现在的位阶,已经完全可以影响身边人的气运命数。 Offended him, the price is very possible is the destiny outflow completely. Whatever what can unable to take such consequence greatly. 得罪了他,代价很可能是气运流失殆尽。任凭什么样的大能都承担不起这样的后果。 Arrived that time, by Mu Yinghua cultivation realm, not necessarily compared with lord of inferior many Origin Star Palace. Qin Muling own strength also cannot be underestimated, wants to pinch out this symptom to be very easy. 况且到了那时候,以牧盈华修为境界,未必就比始源星宫之主逊色多少。秦沐凌自己的实力也不容小觑,想要掐灭这种苗头很容易。 The skirt clothes like the snow, the noble bright-colored static Brahma female nod the head slightly: So long as there is your such attitude, we basically can feel relieved, said in any case no matter how, can avoid this all-out war, after all is the good news.” 裙裳如雪,高贵明艳的静梵天女微微颔首:“只要有你这样的态度,我们基本上就能放心了,反正不管怎么说,能够避免这场全面战争,终归是好消息。” So long as can confirm that Qin Muling will hold a bowl of water steady, they have nothing to worry, regardless of the lord of Origin Star Palace once had the big benevolence to him. 只要能确认秦沐凌会一碗水端平,那她们就没什么可顾虑的,无论始源星宫之主曾经对他有多大的恩情。 At least currently they are Qin Muling decided but not yet announced dao companion, Mu Yinghua have his daughter, but the lord of Origin Star Palace actually is also not. Chip component of both sides, which is the lighter and which is the heavier is clear. 至少现在她们都已是秦沐凌的内定道侣,牧盈华还有了他的女儿,但始源星宫之主却还不是。双方的筹码份量,孰轻孰重一目了然。 Therefore Qin Muling in fact must be partial to the female to cultivate/repair alliance some, something do not need to speak, understood understands. The commanding general of Origin Star Palace wants instead to surpass them in this aspect, that also had waits. 所以秦沐凌实际上是要偏向女修联盟一些的,有些事情无需明言,懂的都懂。始源星宫之主将来想要在这方面反超她们,那还有得等了。 Such being the case, do we cultivation now?” “既然如此,那我们现在去修炼吧?” In the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme beautiful pupils wave light Lian is colorful, the white delicate arms pull the Qin Muling waist border gently, gently beautiful such as in the voice of sounds of nature were many little shy. 宫主紫诗韵美眸间波光潋艳,玉臂轻轻挽住秦沐凌的腰际,柔美如天籁的声线里多了几许羞涩。 „...... Wants the same place?” “难道……都要一起吗?” Qin Muling somewhat saw Mu Yinghua and static Brahma female scruple, pours can also understand their thoughts. Has Origin Star Palace to advocate peace the invisible threat of ten day fox, various females must do everything possible to consolidate and promote with him the sentiment. 秦沐凌有些迟疑地看了看牧盈华和静梵天女,倒也能理解她们的心思。有始源星宫之主和十尾天狐的无形威胁,诸女必须得想方设法巩固、增进和他之间的感情。 Naturally is the same place!” “当然是一起!” beautiful face/color Weihong static Brahma female congealing sound said, the clear smooth delicate hands made an effort to pull Qin Muling slightly: 丽颜微红的静梵天女凝声道,晶莹柔滑的纤手微微用力挽住了秦沐凌: We are not truly able to undertake to lose your consequence, regardless of the present or in the future, therefore...... our young my dear, you should not make our disappointed?” “我们确实无法承担失去你的后果,无论现在还是将来,所以……我们的小郎君,你应该不会让我们失望的吧?” Ok, that this!” “行吧,那就这样!” Qin Muling sighed gently, this matter had no truth to say, oneself can have today, was they together the result that tried hard to pay, therefore in situation in one's power, he naturally cannot make them regret. 秦沐凌轻轻叹了口气,这种事情本就没什么道理可讲,自己能有今天,是她们共同努力付出的结果,所以在力所能及的情况下,他自然不会让她们心存遗憾。 Mu Yinghua stroked a gorgeous skirt swayed gently, curled upwards buttocks very to leave the seat perfectly round, the ruddy full cherry lips opened lightly, is smiling gently: I this time struggled on the disagreement/not with elder sisters, the outside also many things must process, Muling you cultivation with them well!” 牧盈华轻轻抚弄了一下华美的裙摆,浑圆翘挺的臀儿离开了座椅,红润饱满的樱唇轻启,温婉地笑着:“我这次就不和姐姐们争了,外面还有好多事情得处理呢,沐凌你就和她们好好修炼吧!” Qin Muling nods, therefore azure luminary immortal reveres three female to support him, during the light shadow twinkles, four people are place in the resting palace inner palace. 秦沐凌点点头,于是青曜仙尊三女过来拥住他,光影闪烁间,四人已是身处寝宫内殿里。 The exquisite silk curtain deep place, the weak flowered beautiful jade embroiders the bedside, as each article gorgeous skirt clothes Chinese-style clothing bellyband falls in the place, three plentiful soft and smooth, inverted the beautiful tender body of all living things to support him, the following fluttering flags scenery, said for the bystander insufficient...... 锦绣帐幔深处,凋花美玉绣床边,随着一件件华美的裙裳中衣肚兜滑落在地,三具丰腴柔腻、颠倒众生的绝美娇躯拥住了他,接下来的旖旎风光,不足为外人道…… ...... …… Has not known how long, embroidered engaging in fierce battle between beds to come to the end finally, Qin Muling lies down in the middle, the look is slightly lax, as if still immersed in previously that graceful and smooth beautiful stimulated in the side happy experience of difficult word. 不知过了多久,绣床间的鏖战终于告一段落,秦沐凌躺在中间,眼神略微涣散,似乎仍旧沉浸在先前那飘飘欲仙、畅美刺激难言的极乐体验中。 „...... Is the bastard, what thinking?” “……坏蛋,在想什么呢?” beautiful face blushes, azure luminary immortal that in the beautiful pupils Qi Yun overflows reveres to bend down to gaze at the bosom beautiful youngster, the white hands has been caressing his face gentle, the greasy sound is asking. 丽颜羞红,美眸间绮韵流溢的青曜仙尊俯身注视着怀里的美少年,玉手柔媚地抚过他的脸庞,腻声问着。 Qin Muling blinking pupil, in a soft voice saying: Since had come to an arrangement with their two, enemy who then we possibly face, only then other these super influences?” 秦沐凌眨了眨眼眸,轻声说着:“既然已经和她们两个谈妥了,接下来我们可能面临的敌人,就只有其它的那些超级势力了吧?” Un, this is the affirmation.” “嗯,这是肯定的。” The buddhist image dignified static Brahma female duck sits on his body, the waist swayed, with her movement, the phoenix ornamental hairpin gold/metal Buyao rich rhythm that such as the silver temples send is rocking, voice gentle soft glutinous: 宝相庄严的静梵天女正鸭子坐在他的身上,蛮腰款摆,随着她的动作,如云鬓发上的凤钗金步摇富有节律地晃动着,嗓音柔媚软糯: Although on outwardly uneventful, but with the lapse of time, your secret more and more can learn greatly, perhaps present they, have been connecting to collude secretly, planned that takes the secretive action to you!” “尽管明面上风平浪静,不过随着时间的推移,你的秘密会被越来越多的大能所获悉,现在的他们,或许已经在暗地里串联勾结,打算对你采取不可告人的行动呢!” Origin Star Palace and monster imperial state had known the Qin Muling status, although other super influence high levels have not happened together with Qin Muling, their information networks are not eat without working, sooner or later will understand the truth. 始源星宫与妖皇国度已经知晓了秦沐凌的身份,其它的超级势力高层虽然和秦沐凌没有交集,不过他们的情报网络也不是吃干饭的,迟早会明白事情的真相。 By that time, one cultivated/repaired all -out war of alliance to be then inevitable in view of the female. Moreover is all super influences joins up the action mostly. 到了那个时候,一场针对女修联盟的全面战争便不可避免了。而且多半是所有超级势力联合起来行动。 Un, this is the affirmation.” “嗯,这是肯定的。” Qin Muling is saying: You will not make them accomplish, right?” 秦沐凌说着:“不过你们是绝不会让他们成事的,对吧?” Big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme side holds is feeding him to eat the soft hail, smiling typical: Naturally, regardless of they have many to participate greatly, will be doomed complete wipe-out!” 宫主紫诗韵一面捧着喂他吃雪子,笑意盈盈地道:“当然,无论他们有多少大能参与进来,都注定会血本无归!” So many super influences join up the concerted action, is it may be said that unprecedented, many influences in the past or the sworn enemy, wanted to put down the enmity jointly to cope with the female to cultivate/repair the alliance, but also was really not such easy. 如此多的超级势力联合起来一致行动,可谓前所未有,有不少势力过去还是死对头,想要放下仇怨共同对付女修联盟,还真不是这样容易的。 Qin Muling thinks to ask: Said that I not am quite clear, is vast at the upper boundary length and breadth, at present actually also how many family/home super influences?” 秦沐凌想了想问着:“说起来我还不太清楚,以上界的广袤浩瀚,目前究竟还有多少家超级势力?” Static Brahma female say/way: This is not top-secret, by information news that the Buddha territory pure land collects, lasts the inheritance until now Confucian orthodoxy influence from immemorial, feared that does not have the millions. And recognized, achieved the super influence threshold should have 49.” 静梵天女道:“这个不是什么绝密,以佛域净土收集来的情报消息,从太古之时存续传承至今的道统势力,怕不有数以百万计。其中公认的、达到了超级势力门槛的应该有四十九家。” In these 49 super influences also included certainly the god phoenix palace, the Buddha territory pure land, monster imperial state, Origin Star Palace, Taichu said the palace. 这四十九家超级势力里面当然也包括了神凰宫,佛域净土,妖皇国度,始源星宫,太初道宫。 As for Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, although had possibility that grows into the super influence, but currently does not belong to one of them. 至于云梦天宫,虽然具备了成长为超级势力的可能性,但目前并不属于其中之一。 And Taichu said that the strength of palace has declined sharply, moreover just cultivated/repaired the alliance to sign the ceasefire agreement with the female, their high levels are unlikely also to have the thoughts to do the matter. But antique witch boundary/world always grasps the attitude of standing aloof from the world, not necessarily will participate in this matter. 其中太初道宫的实力已经大幅衰退,而且刚刚和女修联盟签了停战协议,它们的高层不太可能还有心思搞事情。而太古巫界向来秉持与世无争的作风,不见得会参与此事。 Tathagata one, the female cultivates the powerful enemy who the alliance needs to face in the future, should be the remaining 43 super influences, moreover they will have the enormous probability series to collude to one. 如来一来,女修联盟未来需要面对的强敌,应该就是剩下的四十三家超级势力了,而且它们会有极大的概率串联勾结到一块。 Stable running many years of novel app, compare favorably with old version to pursue book divine tool, old bookworms using trading source App , 【稳定运行多年的小说app,媲美老版追书神器,老书虫都在用的换源App,】 After all these can not be silly greatly, once understands Qin Muling status, which super will influence naturally also know the female to cultivate/repair the strength growth of alliance quickly, is not can contend alone. 毕竟那些大能都不傻,一旦明白了秦沐凌的身份,自然也会知晓女修联盟的实力增涨之快、已不是哪家超级势力能够单独抗衡的。 In addition, the upper boundary first-class second-class Confucian orthodoxy influence, the Immortal Court god toward, the secret organization, the clan and tribe state also has many. The strength that they put together also cannot be underestimated. 除此之外,上界一流二流的道统势力,仙朝神朝,秘密组织,部族国度都还有不少。它们加在一起的实力倒也不容小觑。 Finally, some strength immeasurably deep loose cultivator big energies, have to cut actually three corpse incarnations, and even cultivating of three corpse normalizing are. They usually mostly were the condition that shunned the world to live in seclusion, the conduct low key, little went out to take a walk extremely, however in the future facing innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus like this peerless chance, difficult insurance not to act. 最后,还有一些实力深不可测的散修大能,同样有着斩却三尸化身,乃至三尸归一的修为。他们平素大多是避世隐居的状态,行事低调,极少外出走动,但是在将来面对先天鸿蒙造化青莲这样的绝世机缘时,也难保不会出手。 Therefore, the female cultivates the enemy who the alliance needs to face in the future, conceivable is what kind of fearfulness, even in addition Origin Star Palace and monster imperial state, was very difficult to say assurance that must win. 所以,女修联盟未来需要面对的敌人,可以想象是何等的可怕,就算是加上始源星宫与妖皇国度,都很难说有必胜的把握。 If I can help magnificence Xi, is supply blue they soon to visit three corpse normalizing the boundaries, the future pressure will be smaller, is this?” “如果我能够帮助华熙,柔蓝她们早日踏足三尸归一的境界,未来的压力就会小多了,是这样吧?” Qin Muling is hesitating asking, oneself present is Quasi-Saint Emperor, is capable of helping them go a step further. 秦沐凌沉吟着问道,自己现在是准圣帝君,已经有能力帮助她们更进一步了。 Naturally, completely Ok.” “当然,完全可以。” azure luminary immortal reveres to kiss him, smilingly is saying: If us has the enough many apex big energies, in addition the innate primordial chaos most precious object of corresponding quantity, whatever what enemy is a cinch!” 青曜仙尊亲了亲他,笑眯眯地说着:“如果我们这边拥有足够多的顶尖大能,再加上相应数量的先天鸿蒙至宝,任凭什么样的敌人都不在话下!” Qin Muling is complying: This is not the issue, the innate primordial chaos most precious object needs to go to the chaos void deep place to seek, in hope time with enough time!” 秦沐凌答应着:“这个不是问题,先天鸿蒙至宝需要去混沌虚空深处寻找,希望时间上来得及吧!” He looks at the beautiful tender body that various female attracted enchantingly, asking: Your present should cultivation realm, be very difficult to continue to promote?” 他看了看诸女妖娆魅惑的绝美娇躯,又问着:“你们现在的修为境界、应该很难继续提升了吧?” In normal condition is truly difficult,” “正常情况下确实很难,” The big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme rubbed his face with the soft hail, the voice is hoarse: Has you, can promote little, moreover can increase the accumulation, when your future cultivation realm will catch up with us, will also be more obvious to our boosts.” 宫主紫诗韵用雪子蹭了蹭他的脸,嗓音沙哑柔媚:“不过有你在,还是可以一点点地提升的,而且还能增加积累,等你日后的修为境界追上我们了,对我们的助力也会更加明显的。” Good, I understood.” “好的,我明白了。” Qin Muling knows how things stand at heart, oneself and their situations are actually different, does not need to depend upon to cut actually the ways of three corpse incarnations to prove saying that but must proceed in an orderly way the promotion. Then, is a bit like in the legend in a strength card method. 秦沐凌心里有了数,自己和她们的情况其实不一样,不需要依靠斩却三尸化身的方式来证道,但也是要循序渐进提升的。说起来,有点类似于传说中的以力证道手段。 Yeah, elder sister you good? Should change me?” “哎,姐姐你好了没有?该换我了吧?” Nearby azure luminary immortal revered to turn the snow greasy smooth tender body discontentedly, put out a hand to push the static Brahma female, do not look that this Buddhism can usually act with constraint greatly noblly, not the holy image that could be deceived, tossed about when Qin Muling was actually endless, simply was speechless. 旁边的青曜仙尊不满地扭了扭雪腻柔滑的娇躯,伸手推推静梵天女,别看这佛门大能平时一副矜持高贵、不容亵渎的圣洁形象,在秦沐凌身上折腾起来时却是没完没了,简直是令人无语。 What to be anxious? Others have not eaten to the full!” “急什么?人家还没吃饱呢!” Static Brahma who the beautiful white skin slightly incarnadine dizzy, the beautiful pupil flatters the intent class/flow wave female charmingly angry white her eyes, adjusts the sitting posture slightly , to continue to act ecstatically. 雪肤微染红晕,美眸媚意流波的静梵天女娇嗔地白了她一眼,略微调整一下坐姿,继续乐此不疲地动作着。 ...... …… The outside world is one month passes in an instant, when Xue Bingxuan, Qi Yalan, Tong Ying Emperor Monarch and other Senior Sisters waits to be depressed, Qin Muling finally went out of the resting palace inner palace. 外界转眼间已是一个月时间过去,当雪冰璇,祁雅澜,彤樱帝君等一众师姐们都等得郁闷时,秦沐凌终于走出了寝宫内殿。
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