SMIJ :: Volume #38

#3780: Requesting reinforcements

In the past Meng Zhang planned the demon revered that tuo the time, the opposite party was all alone, the side did not have the companion coordination and shields. 当年孟章算计魔尊那陀耶的时候,对方是孤身一人,身边没有同伴配合和掩护。 The demon reveres that tuo fame to be very big, is prevailing and victorious, does not say that by far stems from the prestigious family, has not obtained end the inheritance of law Lord rank, in the strategic places of these concealment regarding negative space knows limitedly. 魔尊那陀耶名气很大,战绩辉煌,却远远称不上出自名门,更没有得到过末法主级别的传承,对于反空间中那些隐匿的险地所知有限。 But the Meng Zhang present four opponents, Sky Pantheon that three deities did not say that in the lid the deity stems from the earth-mother god department, similarly carries the wise inheritance. 孟章眼前的四名对手,天神殿那三位天神不说了,盖内天神可是出自地母神系,同样身负高明的传承。 He the understanding negative space possibly cannot compare Meng Zhang, absolutely will not be few, the grasped relevant information definitely reveres that tuo more than the demon. 他对反空间的了解可能比不上孟章,却绝对不会少,掌握的相关信息肯定比魔尊那陀耶更多。 Luckily Meng Zhang prompt balance, without old trick heavy. 幸好孟章及时权衡,没有故技重施。 Otherwise, he really uses negative space to plan the present opponent, will be defeated mostly did not say, moreover may seize the chance to tie down by the opponent. 否则,他真的利用反空间算计眼前的对手,多半会失败不说,而且还有可能被对手趁机缠住。 Now, both sides are at the stalemate, to him, is actually a good deed. 现在,双方处于对峙状态,对他来说,其实是一件好事。 His condition is really not good, the present is only the outwardly strong but inwardly weak. 他的状态实在是不好,现在只是外强中干。 If the opponent found out his details, perhaps does not need to wait for the reinforcements, will kill again. 如果对手摸清楚了他的底细,恐怕根本不用等待援军,就会再次杀过来。 When the time comes, even if Meng Zhang can run away promptly, the spirit occupies star district Spirit Clan to be doomed absolutely. 到时候,孟章就算能够及时逃走,灵居星区灵族绝对在劫难逃。 Meng Zhang and Tai Miao stand, eyes covetously, the posture of momentarily again making a move. 孟章太妙站在一起,一副虎视眈眈,随时会再次出手的架式。 In fact, he has been stabilizing the injury, to recover diligently. 实际上,他已经在努力稳定伤势、恢复元气了。 Really must make him make a move with the same step to battle, he did not have that ability mostly. 真要让他出手和同阶交战,他多半没有那个能力了。 In the lid the deity they were a little daunted by the Meng Zhang previous performance, cannot help but overestimated its strength. 盖内天神他们有点被孟章此前的表现吓住了,不由自主的高估了其实力。 The most important thing is, the spirit occupies the star district Spirit Clan life or death, is important to Meng Zhang, relates to the stability of endless alliance. 最为重要的是,灵居星区灵族的存亡,对孟章来说非常重要,关系到无尽联盟的稳定。 But in the deity regarding the lid them, that was not anything, was mainly used to divert the Meng Zhang tool. 可是对于盖内天神他们来说,那就不算什么了,主要是用来牵制孟章的工具。 both sides on are away from remote void confrontation like this, each other in the heart plans respectively . Moreover the petty action is in secret unceasing. 双方就这样隔着遥远的虚空对峙,彼此心中各有算计,而且暗中小动作不断。 Also that side Taiyi World, order that after receiving Meng Zhang transmits, immediately depends on to make the line. 再说太乙界那边,在收到孟章传来的命令之后,立即就依令而行。 Taiyi World stopped the advance, stopped occupied star district also to have a place of distance in the distance spirit. 太乙界停止了前进,停在了距离灵居星区还有一段距离的地方。 Niu Dawei according to the order of Meng Zhang, related fell feather sect Heyu really to teach, said that Meng Zhang is attacked by earth-mother god department, is urgently needed their aid. 牛大为按照孟章的命令,先后联系了落羽宗和玉真教,说孟章遭到地母神系的攻击,急需他们的援助。 Falls the feather sect that side to prepare in view of the action of Buddhism, took too many manpower. 落羽宗那边正在准备针对佛门的行动,占用了太多人手。 However, after receiving requesting reinforcements of Niu Dawei, sends out Immortal Venerable to come as far as possible the reinforcement. 不过,在接到牛大为的求援之后,还是尽量派出仙尊过来增援。 Regarding the earth-mother god department, falls the feather sect that side really not to dread. 对于地母神系,落羽宗那边还真不怎么畏惧。 The jade really teaches the high level to hope through being on good terms Taiyi World, becomes friends with heavens Immortal Venerable. Now Meng Zhang by the earth-mother god is the attack, they will naturally provide the help actively. 玉真教高层本来就希望通过交好太乙界,结交到乾元仙尊。现在孟章被地母神系攻击,她们自然会积极提供帮助。 Sky over the Taiyi World two palace doors opened. 太乙界上空的两座仙门开启了。 A immortal gate to falling the feather sect, a immortal gate really teaches to the jade. 一座仙门通往落羽宗,一座仙门通往玉真教。 In a while, two sect gate reinforcements arrived at sky over Taiyi World through the immortal gate. 没过多久,两家宗门的援军就通过仙门来到了太乙界上空。 When Meng Zhang requests reinforcements, in the lid the deity they are also requesting reinforcements. 孟章求援的时候,盖内天神他们同样在求援。 From occupies the star district very remote Gueret god emperor spirit, received their requesting reinforcements. 距离灵居星区非常遥远的盖雷神帝,收到了他们的求援。 In the Gueret god emperor heart is unsatisfactory, criticizing in the lid the deity they are the waste. 盖雷神帝心中大为不满,暗骂盖内天神他们都是废物。 Enough four deity late stage powerhouses, ambushes beforehand, unexpectedly cannot take Meng Zhang, was really extremely incompetent. 足足四名天神后期的强者,还是事先埋伏,居然都拿不下孟章,实在是太过无能了。 The earth-mother god is that side regarding taking Meng Zhang, recaptures to cover the soil deity the god body incident to attach great importance to. 地母神系那边对于拿下孟章、夺回盖壤天神的神躯一事十分重视。 The Gueret god emperor this time joins to process this matter voluntarily, but issued the written pledge to fulfill a military order. 盖雷神帝这次主动请缨处理此事,可是立下了军令状的。 Naturally, he under the pretext of coping with Meng Zhang leaves that side Hengling star district, actually has the plan. 当然,他以对付孟章为借口离开横岭星区那边,其实是另有打算。 He arranges in the lid the deity they to come ambush Meng Zhang, he himself by coping to be above mundane thoughts the excuse of Immortal Venerable, separated with them early. 他安排盖内天神他们前来埋伏孟章,他自己则是以对付绝尘仙尊的借口,早早和他们分开了。 Although because Meng Zhang was cursed relates, the destiny is low, is the luck is not too bad. 孟章虽然因为遭到诅咒的关系,气运低落,可是运气还不算太坏。 If this time were the Gueret god emperor participated personally to his ambush, even if there is Tai Miao to assist, he was hard to escape. 如果这次是盖雷神帝亲自参与了对他的埋伏,就算有太妙相助,他都难以逃脱。 Naturally, the Gueret god emperor this time because of oneself private affair, missed the best time of coping with Meng Zhang, does not know, can regret. 当然,盖雷神帝这次因为自己的私事,错过了对付孟章的最佳时机,不知道以后会不会后悔。 His time had not actually found to be above mundane thoughts Immortal Venerable. 他这次其实并没有找到绝尘仙尊 Now received the lid requesting reinforcements of deity, his private affair also almost processed, happen to caught up, joined to cope in the Meng Zhang ranks. 现在收到盖内天神的求援,他的私事也差不多处理好了,正好赶过来,加入对付孟章的行列之中。 To him, Meng Zhang must process, otherwise is the interior is not good to explain to the god. 对他来说,孟章是必须处理掉的,要不然对神系内部不好交待。 Sky over Taiyi World, fell the feather of feather sect to live meat dishes True Immortal that Immortal Venerable and jade really taught from two palace doors to put on. 太乙界上空,落羽宗的羽生仙尊、玉真教的肴真仙尊先后从两座仙门之中穿出来。 The feather lives Immortal Venerable is falls the feather sect well-known powerhouse, the achievement Immortal Venerable many years, is the out-and-out Daoism old seniors. 羽生仙尊是落羽宗知名强者,成就仙尊多年,是不折不扣的道门老前辈。 Meat dishes True Immortal with Meng Zhang, when Hengling star district has had to do. 真仙尊和孟章在横岭星区的时候就打过交道。 At that time, she and Meng Zhang were the same, was cultivation base of Heaven Immortal second boundary. 当时,她和孟章一样,都是天仙第二境的修为 So many years passed by, her cultivation base also a level higher, the success promotion is Immortal Venerable. 这么多年过去了,她的修为同样更上一层楼,成功晋升为仙尊 It seems like that Meng Zhang cultivation base is progressing rapidly, others have not been idling. 看来,孟章修为在飞速进步,别人也没有闲着啊。 Although meat dishes True Immortal was new promote Immortal Venerable, broke through to the time of Heaven Immortal third boundary also after Meng Zhang. 真仙尊虽然是新晋仙尊,突破到天仙第三境的时间还在孟章之后。 But she as sends cultivator greatly, accepted the wise inheritance, in the devoted direction of senior. 可是她身为大派修士,接受了高明的传承,还有门中前辈的悉心指点。 Her cultivation base has consolidated, the battle efficiency is not weak, is qualified Immortal Venerable. 她的修为早就已经稳固,战斗力不弱,已经是一名合格的仙尊了。 After the feather lives Immortal Venerable and meat dishes True Immortal appears, has not entered Taiyi World, but waited in immortal gate nearby Niu Dawei talked simply several. 羽生仙尊和肴真仙尊出现之后,并没有进入太乙界,只是和等候在仙门旁边的牛大为简单交谈了几句。 The position that Taiyi World is at now from occupies star district is not far spirit. 太乙界现在所在的位置距离灵居星区已经不远了。 After the feather lives Immortal Venerable and meat dishes True Immortal finds out occupies the star district position spirit, quick rushes to that side. 羽生仙尊和肴真仙尊问明灵居星区的位置之后,很快就赶往那边了。 At their speeds, on the road has not delayed, quick arrived at the destination. 以他们的速度,路上没有耽搁什么时间,很快就来到了目的地。 They have not concealed the whereabouts and aura, appearance swaggering in occupied star district spirit. 他们没有掩饰行迹和气息,大摇大摆的出现在了灵居星区 They come, Meng Zhang and Tai Miao overtake with them immediately converge together. 他们一现身,孟章太妙立即赶过去和他们汇合在一起。 Such rapidness that the reinforcements of enemy come, stemmed from the lid greatly the deity their estimate. 敌人的援军来的如此之快,大大出乎了盖内天神他们的预计。 They hope uses to occupy star district Spirit Clan to divert Meng Zhang spirit, waits for own reinforcements to rush. 他们原本希望利用灵居星区灵族牵制住孟章,等待自家的援军赶到。 Now the reinforcements of one's own side have not arrived, the reinforcements of enemy side actually first came, the situation reverses, their situations all of a sudden became bad. 现在己方的援军还没有到,敌方的援军却先来了,形势扭转,他们的处境一下子变得糟糕了。 The present is four pairs four, both sides is the same. 现在是四对四,双方人数相同。 But as a result of the inherent advantage of Immortal Dao to Shintoism/Divine Dao, generally, the late stage deity cannot fight Immortal Venerable. 可是由于仙道对神道的固有优势,一般情况下,后期天神斗不过仙尊 In the enemies has three Immortal Venerable, the Tai Miao this Ghost Deity strength is not weak. 敌人之中有三名仙尊,太妙这名鬼神的实力也并不弱。 In the lid in deity their hearts had the meaning of flinching immediately. 盖内天神他们心中立即就有了退缩之意。 Naturally, ambushed the Meng Zhang failure not saying that but also sneaked away at a critical juncture, afterward the earth-mother god was that side will definitely not forgive them lightly. 当然,伏击孟章失败不说,还临阵脱逃,事后地母神系那边肯定不会轻饶了他们。 Thinks the Gueret deity the brutal method, in the lid the deity started hesitant, does not dare to run away immediately. 一想到盖雷天神的残酷手段,盖内天神就开始犹豫了,不敢立即逃走。 Actually, Meng Zhang their side advantages in the deity imagination like the lid are not big. 其实,孟章他们那边的优势也不像盖内天神想象中那么大。 Meng Zhang basically has no battle efficiency now, is only good-looking but useless goods, is completely the outwardly strong but inwardly weak. 孟章现在基本上没有什么战斗力,只是一个样子货,完全是外强中干。 The feather lives Immortal Venerable, although is established Immortal Venerable, the rank is high, old, is the battle efficiency is not very outstanding. 羽生仙尊虽然是老牌仙尊,辈分高,岁数大,可是战斗力并不算特别出众。 Meat dishes True Immortal as new promote Immortal Venerable, but also is slightly immature, the battle efficiency can only say can pass, is not worse than the average levels of same step powerhouse.( This chapter ends) 真仙尊作为新晋仙尊,还略显稚嫩,战斗力只能说过得去,并不比同阶强者的平均水平差。(本章完)
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