SMIJ :: Volume #30

#2903: New enemy

Originally, when Ascending Heaven Star District, Fengyuan True Immortal they make a move to cope with Taiyi World, does not need clone of white Yang Heaven Immortal to begin personally. 原本,在登天星区内部的时候,还有丰原真仙他们出手对付太乙界,不用白阳天仙的分身亲自动手。 What a pity, Fengyuan True Immortal they are extremely incompetent, unexpectedly could not take Taiyi World, making him leave Ascending Heaven Star District. 可惜,丰原真仙他们太过无能,居然一直拿不下太乙界,让其离开了登天星区 Is good because, he also has other method to be used to cope with Taiyi World. 好在,他还有别的手段用来对付太乙界 After the great whale monster god leads the Myriad Monster World monster clan leaves Myriad Monster World, does not dare in Ascending Heaven Star District to stay, left directly. 巨鲸妖神率领万妖界的妖族离开万妖界之后,不敢在登天星区停留,直接就离开了。 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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