SMIJ :: Volume #30

#2901: Be careful

Fengyuan True Immortal has the rich experience, knows that his some were then busy. 丰原真仙有着丰富的经验,知道他接下来有的忙了。 Conquering and seizes Ascending Heaven Star District each macrocosm is only the first step. 征服和占领登天星区各个大世界只是第一步。 Then, must according to the Spirit Space Immortal Realm law, establish the rule of cultivator in each macrocosm, establishes the cultivation civilization...... 接下来,要按照灵空仙界的法度,在各个大世界建立起修真者的统治,建立起修真文明…… When necessary... 在必要的时... Young marquis, you get up a bit faster, was one's turn us to go on patrol.” “小侯爷,您快点起来吧,轮到我们巡逻了。” Where is my is at?” “我这是在哪啊?” Qin tiger sat blurry, felt that cool whiz whiz, outside whistling is also blowing the gale, immediately at heart strange. 秦虎迷迷糊糊的坐了起来,感觉身上凉嗖嗖的,外面还呼呼的刮着大风,顿时心里一阵奇怪。 Aiya the young marquis, you were how blurry, we in military compound. This double-hour is one's turn us to stand sentry , military law handling, the old marquis cannot protect you now.” “哎呀小侯爷,您怎么迷糊了,我们在军营啊。这个时辰轮到咱俩放哨,再不起,军法处置啊,现在老侯爷也护不了你了。” What?” “什么?” Qin tiger opened the eye to look, saw only this time to stay in a tent, at present is soldier who put on skin armor. 秦虎睁开眼睛一看,只见自己此时正呆在一个帐篷里,眼前是个穿着皮甲的小兵。 In him is thinking that the opens the mouth asked anything time, suddenly a headache wants to crack, a huge information flow broke in his mind, after several seconds, he knows that oneself passed through. 正在他想张口问点什么的时候,忽然一阵头痛欲裂,一股巨大的信息流冲入了他的脑海,几秒钟之后他知道自己穿越了。 He from a modern special soldier, passed through one also to call on Qin tiger the young marquis, was the Capital City seven big young tyrant's heads! 他从一名现代特种战士,穿越到了一名也叫秦虎的小侯爷身上,乃京城七大恶少之首! But this time named Yu towards/dynasty, historically does not exist greatly. 而这个叫大虞朝的时代,历史上根本就不存在。 Qin tiger the ancestor was greatly one of the Yu Kaiguo four Duke 28 marquises, three months ago the father died of illness, Qin tiger the hereditary rank of nobility, became the new champion marquis. 秦虎的祖上是大虞开国四公二十八侯之一,三个月前父亲病逝,秦虎袭爵,成了新一任冠军侯。 Qin tiger was spoiled by the parents since childhood, did not like studying, did not like practicing martial art, played constantly, makes merry, runs amuck Capital City. 秦虎从小被爹娘宠坏了,不爱读书,不爱习武,一味玩耍,吃喝玩乐,横行京城。 Grew up in the family/home to make him receive to have a change of heart, then set a marriage, the bride's side was the young lady of Chen Guogong family/home, named Chen Ruoli, the prestigious family was demure, outwardly refined and inwardly intelligent. 长大了家里想让他收收心,便定下了一门亲事,女方是陈国公家的大小姐,名叫陈若离,名门闺秀,秀外慧中。 This Qin tiger to others was ferocious, but pretty such as flower the fiancee to this was obedient, regarded like the treasure. 这个秦虎对别人都是穷凶极恶,可偏偏对这位貌美如花的未婚妻百依百顺,视如珍宝。 But the matter left on Miss Chen of this friends from childhood. 可事情偏偏就出在了这个青梅竹马的陈大小姐身上。 According to the memory of Qin tiger, he entered the palace to pay respect to current dynasty Chang'an princess with the fiancee on that day, the princess and Chen Ruoli is intimate since childhood, then the arrangement banquets. 根据秦虎的记忆,那天他携未婚妻入宫参拜当朝长安公主,公主与陈若离从小相好,便安排饮宴。 But Qin tiger drank the fragment afterward, waking up time, the person had arrived at the imperial edict prison of domestic protection. He was informed the alcoholic intoxication to sexually harass the princess, the intention illegal matter. 可后来秦虎喝断片了,醒来的时候,人已经到了内卫的诏狱。他被告知醉酒调戏公主,意图不轨之事。 Stranger in behind, Chen Ruoli submitted a written statement to impeach the fiance Qin tiger 72 illegal matters unexpectedly, each article had depending on having the evidence. 更诡异的在后面,陈若离竟然上书弹劾未婚夫秦虎七十二条不法之事,桩桩件件有凭有据。 Qin tiger seemed liked a sudden thunderclap at that time general, cannot believe own ear simply...... 秦虎当时好似五雷轰顶一般,简直不敢相信自己的耳朵…… The imperial decree got down quickly, reading was active in Qin tiger the ancestor, the capital crime may exempt, the suffering was difficult to escape, is sent to frontier service Youzhou, before the army worked, retains the title, lightened a punishment and watched subsequent behavior. 圣旨很快就下来了,念在秦虎祖上有功,死罪可免,活罪难逃,发配幽州,军前效力,保留爵位,以观后效。 However after Youzhou, he was arranged on frontline quickly- vanguard greeting listens to use. 但是到了幽州之后,他很快就被安排上了前线-先锋帐前听用。 These things after the brain of Qin tiger, he have basically wanted to understand, this should be a snare. 这些事情在秦虎的脑子里过了一遍之后,他基本上就想明白了,这应该是个圈套。 Because Chen Guogong has wanted to break an engagement with him. 因为陈国公早就想和他退婚。 Qin Family and Chen are the politics married, both want to build stronger and bigger, Qin tiger who then comes except for was a playboy, had almost no merit to speak, can say that lost completely the face of champion Hou Residence. 秦家和陈家本来就是政治联姻,两家都想做强做大,而后来的秦虎除了是个纨绔,几乎一无是处,可以说把冠军侯府的脸都丢尽了。 All previous champion marquis, is the hero character, has the incomparable influence in the army, may arrive at this generation, had/left simply not to get up the battlefield waste. 要知道,历代冠军侯,都是英雄人物,在军中有无可比拟的影响力,可偏偏到了这一代,出了个根本没上过战场的废物。 https:// https:// The old marquis living time, Chen Guogong gives back to the face, the old marquis died, Chen Guogong has a falling out, performed a mourning hall to break an engagement unexpectedly. 老侯爷活着的时候,陈国公还给面子,老侯爷死了,陈国公翻脸无情,竟然上演了一幕灵堂退婚。 But Qin Hushen loved Chen Ruoli, did not permit, but Chen Ruoli has actually loathed about his young tyrant. 但秦虎深爱陈若离,死活就是不允,而陈若离对他这个恶少却早已非常厌恶。 Therefore a disaster, arrives! 于是一场祸事,就此降临! Regarding Chang'an princess, that was simpler, she was Qin tiger male cousin's cousin, so long as Qin tiger died, the huge family property of champion Hou Residence, naturally scolded this male cousin's body entirely. 至于说长安公主嘛,那就更简单了,她是秦虎堂兄的表妹,只要秦虎一死,冠军侯府的庞大家产,自然悉数落到这位堂兄的身上。 These influences, accord to his need, act in collusion, united like this rapidly got up......, 这几股势力,各取所需,沆瀣一气,就这样迅速的联合了起来……, Really enters the noblestem deep as sea, wants who he dies, but also are really many. 果然是一入侯门深似海,想让他死的人,还真多呀。 Qin'an, you said that we do look for the place back back to be in fashion?” “秦安,你说咱们找个地方背背风行吗?” Under the bright moonlight shines, the crude north wind brings the grating whistling tone, passed over gently and swiftly the spacious wilderness, flashes on and off to extinguish clear(ly) that several flares blow, just like innumerable is cutting the skin of person the throwing knife. 明亮的月光照耀下,粗暴的北风带着刺耳的哨音,掠过空旷的原野,把几只火把吹的明明灭灭,更犹如无数把飞刀切割着人的皮肤。 „It is not good the young marquis, will be handled by the military law.” “不行啊小侯爷,会被军法处置的。” Qin tiger and Qin'an necking in shrank the foot is braving the wind, ran from the military camp, stepped on the heavy/thick snow to run forward. 秦虎和秦安缩头缩脚的顶着风,从营寨中跑出来,踩着厚重的积雪向前跑。 Emaciated Qin' one does not pay attention, threw off by the gale directly. 瘦弱的秦安一不留神,直接被大风掀翻了。 Two relieving a garrison sentries see them to come out, the looking at each other sinister smile, held two snows to extinguish the bonfire of heating, then went inside in the tent. 两名换防的哨兵见他们出来,相视阴笑,捧了两把雪把取暖的篝火灭了,而后钻进了帐篷里。 The mother, even the soldiers gave to buy, wants to freeze to death the father! 娘的,连小兵都给收买了,想冻死老子! This is the scale very small military camp, the probably 20 tents, the surroundings surround with the carriage, the surrounding Cheval antler without the arrangement, the nearby is topographically flat , without the danger may defend, looked would have no plan to be stationed for a long time. 这是个规模很小的营寨,大概有二十座帐篷,周围以马车环绕,外围连拒马鹿角都没有排列,附近更是地势平坦,无险可守,一看就没打算长期驻扎。 According to the memory of Qin tiger previous generation, here was stationed about 200 people, they are Yu towards/dynasty Zhengbei General Li Qin Xianfengying. 根据秦虎前世的记忆,这里驻扎了大约两百人,他们是虞朝征北将军李勤的先锋营。 But the goals of this time Li Qin 20,000 armies are Yu towards/dynasty old enemy in border, eastern Liaoning country. 而此次李勤两万大军的目标则是虞朝在边境上的宿敌,辽东国。 „, The young marquis, you said that we can also live?” The Qin'an entire body rolls up in the snowy area, the lip and face are blue, the speech is also worn out, as if will die momentarily. “咳咳,小侯爷,你说我们还能活着回去吗?”秦安整个身体蜷缩在雪地上,嘴唇和脸都是青的,说话也是有气无力,仿佛随时都会死。 Qin tiger sighed, Qin'an was purely is implicated by oneself, but if the matter developed according to this, they must die without doubt. 秦虎心里叹了口气,秦安纯属是被自己连累的,而事情若是照此发展下去,他俩是必死无疑的了。 These want who he dies, has not tormented to death him in the deliberation hall, under the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator in the military compound hits the staggering blow, puts in order him. 那些想让他死的人,在朝堂上没整死他,就在军营里下黑手打闷棍,把他往死里整。 But Qin tiger was not the person of sitting waiting for death, this obvious framed matter, he cannot conclude. 可秦虎绝不是坐以待毙之人,这明摆着就是被人陷害的事儿,他可不能干休。 The life is endless struggling strove for saving, just wait, the father not only need go on living, will also return Capital City, does accounts with you. 人生本来就是无休止的挣扎求存,等着吧,老子不但要活下去,还会杀回京城,与你们算算账。 Qin'an, we go out, how many paper money brought?” “秦安,我们出门的时候,带了多少银票?” Did not have the paper money, my body only had 22 money. On the imperial decree said that we are sent to frontier service to be sent to frontier service, the family property prohibits.” “没有银票了啊,我身上只有二十两银子。圣旨上说了,我们是充军发配,家产封禁。” Qin'an this year is only 16 years old, was Qin tiger the personal book child, long was very emaciated, extremely has suffered, looked remains the one breath. 秦安今年才16岁,是秦虎的贴身书童,长的很瘦弱,早已经不堪折磨,看上去就剩一口气了。 Actually Qin tiger was also no better, Xianfengying marched for these days every day 30 li (0.5 km), the dry/does work was, built roads through the mountains with the water bridging, chopped firewood to light a fire, trenches to carry water, build military camp. 其实秦虎也好不到哪里去,这几天先锋营每天行军30里,干的工作就是,逢山开路遇水搭桥,砍柴烧火,挖沟挑水,搭建营寨。 But the fellows of these two soft and fair skin, what condition every day and several hundred tall earthen mounds do eight treat in the same place can be? 而这两个细皮嫩肉的家伙,每天和几百个五大三粗的丘八待在一起会是什么状况? Definitely does the most tired work, has the worst food, by most poisonous hitting, by the biggest air/Qi...... 肯定是干最累的活儿,吃最差的饭,挨最毒的打,受最大的气…… Qin tiger estimated, his predecessor was possibly suffered dead while still alive. 秦虎估计,他的前身可能就是被活活折磨死的。 Also is his punishment is deserved. 也算是他罪有应得吧。 This pain, needs him shoulder now, words that cannot shoulder, he will also die. 只是这份苦,现在必须要他扛下去了,扛不住的话,他也会死。 Gives me.” “给我。” Qin Huxiang, he must first try to preserve the life of Qin'an, then tried to find other solution. 秦虎想好了,他必须先设法保住秦安的命,然后再想别的办法。 But must maintain life is actually not difficult, the simplest method bribes, as the saying goes money talks, this means that although is primitive, but forever easy-to-use. 而要保命其实也不困难,最简单的方法就是行贿,俗话说财能通神,这个办法虽然原始,但永远都好使。 But now this situation, he not possible to bribe the senior official, because no one dares to touch on slightly with him. Also did not have money. 但现在这种情况,他不可能去贿赂高官,因为没人敢跟他沾边。再说也没钱。 Therefore in his mind thought of a person, hundred husband long Li Xiaokun. 所以他的脑海里面想到了一个人,百夫长李孝坤。 Also is the member in Xianfengying at present. https:// wants to look at the newest chapter content, please download to read novel app, does not have the advertisement to read the newest chapter content free. The website does not update the newest chapter content, the newest chapter content in has read the novel APP renewal. 也就是目前先锋营的一把手。https://想要看最新章节内容,请下载好阅小说app,无广告免费阅读最新章节内容。网站已经不更新最新章节内容,最新章节内容已经在好阅小说APP更新。 Because various issue addresses change to invite everyone collect the new address to avoid becoming lost 由于各种问题地址更改为请大家收藏新地址避免迷路 The homepage version chapter content is slow, please download to read novel app to read the newest content 网页版章节内容慢,请下载好阅小说app阅读最新内容 Please withdraw transfers the code page, please download to read novel app to read the latest chapter. 请退出转码页面,请下载好阅小说app阅读最新章节。 Provides the quickest Sect Master immortal road renewal for you newly, Chapter 2901 careful free reading. https:// 新为你提供最快的掌门仙路更新,第2901章小心免费阅读。https://
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