SDT2BMS :: Volume #3

#262: Blazing the angel to arrive

Chapter 262 blazing the angel to arrive 第262章炽天使降临 What was the ancient times casts a spell?” Listened to the ice Monroe's words, Long Kongkong to ask curiously. “什么是远古禁咒?”听了凌梦露的话,龙空空不禁好奇问道。 Ice Monroe sinking sound said: Ancient times cast a spell the powerful magic of the ancient times spreading. Before is the temple federation establishes, at least has over 15,000 years history. These ancient times magic majority are incomplete. The federation has always been making efforts to the characteristics that studies these reason casting a spell, thus reappears the human world its improvement. I listened to the grandfather to say this casting a spell, in the process of research, has not thought has really completed unexpectedly. Even so, still at least needs many saint joint efforts, but must have possibly to complete with the aid of the powerful equipment. Today must see, is really......” at this point, in her beautiful pupil full is the exciting color. 凌梦露沉声道:“远古禁咒是从远古流传下来的强大魔法。是圣殿联邦建立之前的,至少有一万五千年以上的历史。这些远古魔法大多数都已经残缺不全。联邦一直致力于研究这些缘故禁咒的特性,从而将其完善重现人间。我听爷爷说过这个禁咒,一直是在研究过程中的,没想到竟然真的已经完成了。就算如此,也至少需要多位圣者合力,还要借助强大的装备才有完成可能。今日得见,真的是……”说到这里,她的美眸之中已经满是激动之色。 Walks from the light gate along with that huge form, the entire sky was also exaggerated the golden color, blotted out the sky the gray air current that comes also to stagnate, when touches that golden ray, just like receives an electric shock generally backward the retraction. 伴随着那巨大的身影从光门中走出来,整个天空都随之被渲染成了金色,原本铺天盖地而来的灰色气流随之一滞,在碰触到那金色光芒的时候,犹如触电一般向后回缩。 That golden form becomes really concentrates to be clear gradually, he is a look handsome blonde man appearance, wears the golden mail-armor and helmet, the back has six pieces of pure white wings, goes out along with him step by step, the entire sky filled with the sacred aura, as if had the delightful music from the sky to reverberate, lets present the aura of all human also to promote 10%. 那金色身影渐渐变得凝实清晰起来,他是一名相貌英俊的金发男子模样,身穿金色甲胄,背后有六片洁白的羽翼,伴随着他一步步走出,整个天空都充满了神圣的气息,仿佛有悦耳的乐声在空中回荡,让在场所有人类的气息都随之提升了10%。 Six wings flaming the angel! 六翼炽天使! This blazing in the angel hand to raise a big sword, steps forward step by step void, is centered on his body the golden light that bursts out outward also spreads and expands, to gray air current suppression that gray-black skeleton head releases in the past. 这位炽天使手中提着一柄大剑,一步步虚空跨出,以他身体为中心向外迸发出的金光也随之蔓延、扩张,向那灰黑色骷髅头释放的灰色气流压制过去。 In the ground was also exaggerated by the golden light, the golden light place visited, the body of low rank dead spirit lifeform breaks up in abundance, after their bodies break up , the dead spirit energy of being born did not have to be taken back with enough time is purified in that golden ray. 地面上同样被金光所渲染,金光所过之处,低阶亡灵生物的身体纷纷崩解,它们身体崩解后诞生的亡灵能量还没来得及被收回就在那金色光芒之中被净化了。 Sees this, hunting for demon on observation post revealed the exciting color. The federation really found the method of solution dead spirit energy. This is most important! 看到这一幕,瞭望台上的猎魔者们都不禁流露出了兴奋之色。联邦真的找到了解决亡灵能量的方法了。这才是最重要的啊! Although the Long Kongkong Yuan whorl spirit furnace can also swallow the dead spirit energy, but present he is extremely small and weak, in such battlefield, so huge dead spirit energy is not he can solve. But at this moment, along with this arrival that blazing the angel, resisted the dead spirit lifeform most troublesome issue as if to solve. If so, destroys completely the dead spirit state to be just round the corner. 龙空空的元涡灵炉虽然也能够吞噬亡灵能量,但现在的他还太过弱小,在这样的战场上,如此庞大的亡灵能量根本不是他所能解决的。而此时此刻,伴随着这位炽天使的降临,对抗亡灵生物最麻烦的问题似乎就要解决了。如果是这样的话,灭掉亡灵国度指日可待。 Six wings flaming the angel to forward step by step, the powerful aura oppresses step by step, his vision is staring at the gray-black skeleton head of distant place, the back six pieces of pure white wings open slowly, the sacred bright aura in air instantaneously becomes intense, the back Jiyang city was exaggerated the golden color. 六翼炽天使一步步向前,强大的气息一步步压迫,他的目光凝视着远方的灰黑色骷髅头,背后六片洁白的羽翼缓缓张开,空气中的神圣光明气息瞬间变得强烈起来,就连背后的吉阳城都被渲染成了金色。 If weighs this six wings to flaming the angel with the spirit strength, what level he can be? Long Dangdang is calculating in the heart secretly. It is difficult to limit, this seems not the pure spirit strength issue, unified the prestige energy of strength of the world. Six wings flaming the angel are only the casting a spell magics that the summon comes, hopes that it can maintain some time. 如果用灵力来衡量这位六翼炽天使,他会是什么层次?龙当当在心中暗暗地盘算着。很难界定,这似乎已经不是纯粹的灵力问题了,还有结合了天地之力的威能。六翼炽天使只是召唤而来的禁咒魔法,希望它能够多维持一些时间吧。 The low rank dead spirit lifeform collapse in ground, their dead spirit energies were purified in abundance, had been close to retrocede to the battlelines of human army here two kilometers scopes rapidly, pulled open three kilometers again, but the low rank dead spirit lifeform within that kilometer range like wiped off by the eraser unexpectedly, was purified in the huge sacred energy. 地面上的低阶亡灵生物大片大片的崩溃,它们的亡灵能量被纷纷净化,原本已经接近到人类军队这边两千米范围的阵线迅速后退,重新又拉开到了三千米而那一千米范围内的低阶亡灵生物竟是如同被橡皮擦擦掉了似的,在庞大的神圣能量之中被净化。 Roar-” low and deep roaring sound sends out from that giant gray-black skeleton livestock. Next flickers, it began supinely, opened big mouth. “吼-”低沉的咆哮声从那巨大的灰黑色骷髅头口中发出。下一瞬,它仰起头,张开了大嘴。 In its exaggerating opening mouth that flickers, the low rank dead spirit lifeform of ground no longer moves forward, instead breaks up in abundance, does not wait to be purified, massive dead spirit energy aura recycling, by resorption to that gray-black skeleton livestock. That dead spirit army all over almost dropped down in the moment over 1/3. 在它夸张的张开嘴的那一瞬,地面的低阶亡灵生物不再向前移动,反而是纷纷崩解,不等被净化,大量的亡灵能量气息回收,被吸回到那灰黑色骷髅头口中。那漫山遍野的亡灵大军几乎是在须臾之间就倒下了超过三分之一。 The dead spirit lifeform of big piece also blooms the brilliant, terrifying aura also ascends. The surplus dead spirit lifeform not only have not become emaciated, instead because of 1/3 disappearances, but as if hit the spirit. 大片的亡灵生物随之绽放出夺目光彩,恐怖的气息随之升腾而起。剩余的亡灵生物不但没有变得孱弱,反而因为三分之一的消失而似乎重新打起了精神。 At this moment, a strange sound appears in the battlefield. 就在这时,一种奇异的声音出现在战场上。 Treads, treads......” slow and rich rhythmical image. Must describe that the words of this sound, that seems like......, hoofbeat! “踏踏踏,踏踏踏……”缓慢而富有韵律感。非要形容这种声音的话,那似乎是……,马蹄声! Six wings flaming the angel brow slightly wrinkle, stopped the figure of leading the way, vision staring to big mouth that gray-black skeleton head opens. The vision of people also follows his gaze to look, sees only that gray-black skeleton head big mouth this type, all over the body jet black, in the eye pupil glittered Malaysia of scarlet colored light flame to walk slowly, its horse's hoof is treading void, that strange sound was from this. Every one step takes, in the air will have one group of gray flame to continue its horse's hoof. 六翼炽天使眉头微皱,停下了前行的身形,目光凝视向那灰黑色骷髅头张开的大嘴。众人的目光也伴随着他的注视看去,只见那灰黑色骷髅头大嘴这种,一匹通体漆黑,眼瞳中闪烁着赤红色光焰的大马缓缓走了出来,它的马蹄踏着虚空,那奇异的声音就是由此而来。每一步迈出,空中都会有一团灰色火焰承接着它的马蹄。 But conducts the back in this big tall horse, is sitting well a knight. A whole body is covering the black mail-armor and helmet, grasps the knight of heavy sword. What is strange, above the nape of the neck of this knight does not have the head, has, is only a black royal crown. 而在这高头大马背上,端坐着一名骑士。一名全身覆盖着黑色甲胄,手持重剑的骑士。诡异的是,这骑士的脖颈之上并没有头颅,有的,只是一顶黑色的王冠。 With its appearance, six wings flaming the angel the look obviously become dignified, lifted the golden heavy sword in hand slowly. 伴随着它的出现,六翼炽天使的眼神明显变得凝重起来,缓缓抬起了手中的金色重剑。 What is that? Has the record?” Long Dangdang asked to ice Monroe. “那是什么?有记载吗?”龙当当向凌梦露问道。 Ling Menglu at this time is also eyeful shocks, shaking the head fast, does not have, before had not presented this headless knight.” 凌梦露此时也是满眼的震撼,飞快的摇摇头,“没有,以前从来没有出现过这种无头骑士。” „, This side world was born unexpectedly the frightened king, kept you not to.” Six wings flaminged the angel to answer to the question of Long Dangdang unexpectedly, the mouth spat the criticism/human language. The next quarter his back six wings flap suddenly, in the sky, leaves behind the empty shadow that a series of pure white wings transformed become. Giant golden sword glow has separated the sky, cut open that gray-black energy air current, directly soars the frightened king who goes out of the gray-black skeleton livestock to divide to cut to go. “没想到,这一方世界竟然诞生出了恐惧君王,留你不得。”六翼炽天使竟是给龙当当的这个疑问做出了解答,口吐人言。下一刻他背后六翼猛然拍动,天空中,留下了一连串洁白羽翼幻化而成的虚影。一道巨大的金色剑芒已经割裂天空,也割开了那灰黑色的能量气流,直奔从灰黑色骷髅头口中走出的恐惧君王劈斩而去。 The frightened king does not have the head, before cross below nightmare demon horse actually suddenly to/clashes, in it initiates the sprint in an instant, its body the body of frightened king is rising dramatically rapidly. The surroundings massive dead spirit energies swarm to enter, pour into to the body of that frightened king. Distance of both sides also pulls closer rapidly. 恐惧君王没有头,跨下的梦魇魔马却是猛然前冲,在它发起冲刺的刹那间,它的身体连带着恐惧君王的身体都在飞速暴增。周围大量的亡灵能量蜂拥而入,注入到那恐惧君王的身体之中。双方的距离也随之迅速拉近。 Works as-” “当-” The terrifying bellow resounds through the world. This thunders, made human army have the short confusion for the first time, cultivated/repaired nearly lost the hearing for weak occupation suddenly, swayed is unable the coming to a stop figure. 恐怖的轰鸣声响彻天地。这一声轰鸣,第一次让人类军阵这边出现了短暂的混乱,修为较弱的职业者一时间险些失去了听力,摇摇晃晃的无法站稳身形。 But this time sky, in that flash that both sides collide, had been divided into the golden color and black two parts unexpectedly, distinguishes right from wrong. 而此时的天空,在双方碰撞的那一瞬间,竟然已经被分成了金色和黑色两部分,泾渭分明。 Two giant heavy swords because of not colliding to separate, instead like sticking in one, the strong impulse was sweeping across each other. Six wings flaming the angel slightly to be as if in the upper hand, the golden ray engages in factional strife downward. 两柄巨大的重剑并没有因为碰撞而弹开,反而如同黏在了一起似的,强大的冲击力席卷着彼此。六翼炽天使似乎略占上风,金色的光芒向下倾轧。 But that nightmare demon horse actually catches up suddenly, the gray-black flame of under foot ascends, dead spirit energy racing wells up of surge on, the help frightened king forcefully is steady blocked six wings to flaming the angel that sword. 但那梦魇魔马却猛然发力,脚下的灰黑色火焰升腾而起,彭湃的亡灵能量奔涌而上,硬生生的帮助恐惧君王还是稳稳的挡住了六翼炽天使的那一剑。 The both sides aura engages in factional strife, continued for more than ten seconds follows a deafening bellow crack to separate. 双方气息倾轧,足足持续了十几秒的时间才伴随着一声震耳欲聋的轰鸣声炸响分开。 Six wings flaming the angel back six wings to flap, the strength of huge sacred light condenses to go to it, its figure actually skyrockets, directly soars the upper air to soar. In the process of soaring, the sky cloud open/start fog has lifted, the ray of Sun bathes on him, his aura also rapid enhancement and promotion. 六翼炽天使背后六翼拍动,庞大的神圣光明之力向它凝聚而去,它的身形却是扶摇直上,直奔高空飞腾而起。在飞腾的过程中,天空云开雾散,太阳的光芒沐浴在他身上,他的气息也随之飞速增强、提升。 The frightened king as if felt anything, without the half a point stopped, stimulates to movement the cross under nightmare demon horse also to soar, directly soars six wings to flaming the angel to pursue, both sides increased quickly several kilometers upper air. 恐惧君王似乎感受到了什么,没有半分停顿,催动着跨下梦魇魔马也是腾空而起,直奔六翼炽天使追去,双方很快就攀升到了数千米的高空。 The frightened king does not dare to make six wings flaming the angel to gather the strength, but six wings flaminged the angel to course the upper air to be worried about the both sides powerful collision it affected the human soldier in ground. 恐惧君王是不敢让六翼炽天使蓄力,而六翼炽天使将它引向高空是为了担心双方过于强大的碰撞影响了地面上的人类战士。 Lifts off along with two big powerhouses, the war in ground has not actually stopped. That gray-black skeleton head eye socket fire of dark-red soul beats, took a fresh look to the human army, the dead spirit lifeform in ground looked like inexhaustible general, initiated the charge again. 伴随着两大强者升空,地面上的战争却并没有停止。那灰黑色的骷髅头眼眶中的暗红色灵魂之火跳动,重新看向了人类大军这边,地面上的亡灵生物就像是无穷无尽一般,再次发起了冲锋。 The frightened king is anything, human does not know, but, they actually look helplessly that frightened king blocked six wings to flaming the angel unexpectedly. 恐惧君王是什么,人类这边并不知道,但是,他们却眼睁睁的看着,那恐惧君王居然挡住了六翼炽天使。 Although does not know how the frightened king forms, but the obvious six wings flaminged the angel unable to invest into the fight of ground during temporarily. 虽然不知道恐惧君王是如何形成的,但显然六翼炽天使暂时无法投入到地面的战斗之中了。 The magic division releases the magic again, but this time, the dead spirit army, starts to have a lot of gray-black mist to fill the air, blocks the sky to spread generally, what attribute magic, once will touch that gray-black air current with disintegrating, is unable to cause the damage to the dead spirit army. Under that gray-black air current covers, the battle efficiency of dead spirit army is actually continues to increase sharply. 魔法师团再次释放出魔法,而这一次,亡灵大军这边,开始有大量的灰黑色雾气弥漫而出,遮天蔽日一般蔓延过来,无论是什么属性的魔法,一旦碰触到那灰黑色气流都会随着冰消瓦解,无法对亡灵大军造成伤害。而在那灰黑色气流笼罩之下,亡灵大军的战斗力却是持续激增。 Leaves of light gates open on the broad plain, the summon master regiment of summon master temple started, in doors of the space, type different summon lifeform appeared one after another, welcome to the dead spirit army. But magic division's here magic is continuing as before, the Jiyang city direction, came from pastor temple the light of purification continues to burst out. 一扇扇光门在广阔的平原上开启,召唤师圣殿的召唤师军团发动了,一扇扇空间之门中,一只只种类不同的召唤生物纷纷出现,迎向了亡灵大军。而魔法师团这边的魔法依旧在持续,吉阳城方向,来自于牧师圣殿的净化之光持续迸发。 However, the light of purification cannot purify these gray-black mist completely, can only make the potential of its impact alleviates some. 不过,净化之光并不能完全净化那些灰黑色雾气,只能让其冲击之势变得缓解一些。 The people on observation post understand, if both sides no longer continue to send out the high-end strength, quick must enter the fight that engages in hand-to-hand combat. 瞭望台上的众人明白,如果双方不再继续派出高端战力的话,很快就要进入短兵相接的战斗了。 The terrifying kings and six wings in sky flaming the angel, is the absolute top strength, perhaps the spirit strength of its reassignment, must over 500,000. This level, does not have many in the entire temple federation. The dead spirit state really has so powerful existence, it seems like wants to rout the opposite party, is not an easy matter. 天空中的恐怖君王和六翼炽天使,都是绝对的顶级战力,其调动的灵力,恐怕要在五十万以上了。这种层次,在整个圣殿联邦也没有多少。亡灵国度竟然已经有如此强大的存在,看来想要击溃对方,绝不是一件容易的事情。 The only good news is, six wings flaming the angel really to have the ability of purification dead spirit energy, keeping that dead spirit energy no longer from contending. 唯一的好消息是,六翼炽天使确实是有净化亡灵能量的能力,让那亡灵能量不再无法抗衡。 Fight of both sides, is absolutely frigid regarding the dead spirit army. At least has over 100,000 dead spirit armies to perish to the present from commencing of action. However, their quantities seem like actually increase steadily as before. 双方的战斗,对于亡灵大军来说绝对是惨烈的。从战斗开始到现在至少已经有超过十万的亡灵大军殒灭了。但是,它们的数量看起来却依旧是有增无减。 Temple federation, although seemingly has no casualty, but the magic division, summoned the division, was in the pastor temple powerhouses as for Jiyang top is actually consuming continually. Actually double the other side is who has not said in such continued consumption unable to resist at present. Obviously, both sides have retained, not whole-heartedly. 圣殿联邦这边,虽然看起来没有什么死伤,但魔法师团、召唤师团,乃至于吉阳城头上的牧师圣殿强者们却在持续消耗。双方之中究竟是谁会在这样的持续消耗中无法抵抗目前还不好说。很显然,双方都是有所保留的,都没有全力以赴。 Upper air, can see at this time, only then the golden color and black collision, keep separating again, could not see clearly six wings to flaming the fight of angel and frightened king what degree. But from them from the situation in ground, was unable to affect the ground at present temporarily. 高空方面,此时能够看到的,只有金色与黑色的不停碰撞,再不停分开,根本看不清六翼炽天使和恐惧君王的战斗到了什么程度。但从他们目前距离地面的情况,暂时还无法影响到地面。 The summon lifeform could not have resisted the dead spirit lifeform of advancing uninterruptedly gradually, the magic division also needs to catch one's breath, the spirit strength that restores to consume. 召唤生物已经渐渐抵挡不住前赴后继的亡灵生物了,魔法师团也需要缓口气,恢复消耗的灵力。 The Land Dragon knight in knight temple rolled the knights who the land thorn dragon conducted the back finally to start to raise the carbines in their hand, the both sides heavy infantry regiments also prepared meeting the enemy. 骑士圣殿的地龙骑士团大地棘龙背上的骑士们终于开始提起了他们手中的骑枪,两侧的重步兵军团也做好了迎敌的准备。 After more than ten seconds, the blockade that jet black skeleton's first broke through the summon lifeform all over the body, charged into the federal army. The dead spirit lifeform fearful places, that is fierce has not feared, or they do not know that anything is the fear. Even if facing the mighty force, it is only a small skeleton, initiates the charge as before full power, charged into the human army. 十几秒后,一只通体漆黑的骷髅第一个冲过了召唤生物的封锁,冲向了联邦大军。亡灵生物还有一个可怕的地方,那就是悍不畏死,或者说,它们根本就不知道什么是恐惧。哪怕是面对千军万马,它只是一只小小的骷髅,也依旧全力发起冲锋,冲向了人类大军这边。 Bang!” Before the Land Dragon knight rolls a knight suddenly flushed, initiated a less than ten meters short distance sprint. Carbine dividing in ruthlessly hand on the body of that black skeleton. Smashing that its body strikes against. “砰!”地龙骑士团一名骑士猛然前冲,发起了一个不到十米的短距离冲刺。手中的骑枪狠狠的劈在了那黑色骷髅的身上。将它的身体拍击的粉碎。 The dead spirit energy also recycles backward, but the Land Dragon knight rolled also initiated the charge in this moment. 亡灵能量随之向后回收,而地龙骑士团也在这一刻发起了冲锋。 The fight of freezing will never suit the knight, the rewiring knight is with light packs the knights is the same. The terrifying impulse erupts in this moment full power, 500 land thorn dragons gallop, the land thunders. 原地不动的战斗永远不适合骑士,无论是重装骑士还是轻装骑士都是一样。恐怖的冲击力在这一刻全力爆发,五百大地棘龙奔腾起来,大地轰鸣。 They look like the tide to be common, breaks in dead spirit army. Meanwhile, the brown ray bursts out from the land thorn dragon under foot, the talent magic that 500 land thorn dragons release just like dissolves as one unexpectedly. Each knight and on the land thorn dragon was covered by that brown ray. The place visited, the dead spirit lifeform becomes slow, but the land thorn dragon actually continues to increase speed. Looked like the hot blade to cut into the butter to break in the dead spirit army generally directly. Positive surging forward like tide common dead spirit army, unexpectedly directly attacked cutting. 他们就像是潮水一般,冲入亡灵大军阵中。与此同时,土黄色的光芒从大地棘龙脚下迸发而出,五百大地棘龙释放出的天赋魔法竟是犹如溶为一体似的。每一名骑士和大地棘龙身上都被那土黄色光芒所覆盖。所过之处,亡灵生物变得迟缓,而大地棘龙却持续提速。就像是热刀斩入牛油一般直接就冲入了亡灵大军之中。正面汹涌澎湃如同潮水一般的亡灵大军,竟是直接被冲击的切割开来。 Worthily is the knight temple reputation illustrious Land Dragon regiment, but acts, showed the strong battle efficiency. 不愧是骑士圣殿声名赫赫的地龙军团,只是一出手,就展现出了强大的战斗力。 But also at this moment, the dead spirit army seemed like received the order, unexpectedly was fast separated to the both sides, from that gray-black mist, ran out of one crowd of figure incomparably gigantic dead spirit lifeform, their heights about ten meters, body extremely plump. Whole body as if by fat stack, but to become like, the skin presents for the dead grey. The head only has the one-eyed, around the body is also spreading the dark green mist and dust, quantity only then more than 100, but actually batters welcomed toward the land thorn dragon knight group. 但也就在这时,亡灵大军似乎是接到了命令,竟是快速的向两侧分开,从那灰黑色雾气之中,冲出一群身形无比硕大的亡灵生物,它们的身高都在十米开外,身体更是极为的肥硕。全身仿佛是被脂肪堆积而成似的,皮肤呈现为死灰色。头上只有独眼,身体周围还蔓延着暗绿色的烟尘,数量只有一百多,但却横冲直撞的就朝着大地棘龙骑士团迎了上来。 The body of land thorn dragon is very huge, but surpasses ten meters big fatty actually to appear some insufficiently to look facing these heights. Without a doubt, this was a new dead spirit lifeform puts above the battlefield. 大地棘龙的身体就已经很庞大了,但面对这些身高超过十米的大胖子却显得有些不够看。毫无疑问,这又是一种新的亡灵生物投入到了战场之上。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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