SDT2BMS :: Volume #2

#146: Emperor witch Diwu

Chapter 146 Emperor witch Diwu 第146章巫谛巫帝 Hunts for the demon group trials quarterfinals to enter to the competition of lower half. First changed the referee, that hero referee was previously replaced by a magician. 猎魔团选拔赛四分之一决赛进入到下半区的比赛。首先就换了裁判,先前那位侠者裁判被一位魔法师替换。 When saw this referee enters the stage, when Long Dangdang and Long Kongkong in war zone stare slightly. Because enters the stage is not others, is the listening respectfully of purple day dance wind, the magic temple prepares sacred hall, the Long Dangdang teacher. 当看到这位裁判出场的时候,待战区中的龙当当龙空空都是微微一愣。因为出场的不是别人,正是风之聆听者紫天舞,魔法圣殿预备圣堂,龙当当的老师。 The purple day dance wears the azure magic robe, in light falling sports field. An unemotional appearance. 紫天舞身穿青色魔法袍,轻飘飘的落入比赛场地之中。一副面无表情的样子。 Ice Monroe and lunar motion walk into the location, before arriving at the purple day dance body, facing stands. 凌梦露和月离走入场地之中,来到紫天舞身前,面对而立。 Two females first to purple day dance good a ritual, then looks to each other. 二女先向紫天舞行了一礼,然后才看向彼此。 The purple day dance said: Pastor temple ice Monroe, confrontation, magic temple lunar motion. From 200 meters. In view of the fact that the pastor professional characteristics, in ten minutes do not contribute are announced win.” 紫天舞道:“牧师圣殿凌梦露,对阵,魔法圣殿月离。距离两百米。鉴于牧师职业特点,十分钟内不输将被宣布获胜。” Yes.” Two females salute again. “是。”二女再次行礼。 The lunar motion looks at the ice Monroe's vision somewhat strange, „after that day has seen you, knows that you are the famous spirit furnace temple goddess. No wonder Long Dangdang said that must win over the element saintess with the team. However, actually he is when the knight or is the magician! I have never thought that his magic is so unexpectedly fierce, but also is skilled in many elements.” 月离看着凌梦露的目光有些奇异,“那天见过你之后,才知道你就是大名鼎鼎的灵炉圣殿神女呢。难怪龙当当说是要争取元素圣女同队。不过,他究竟是当骑士还是当魔法师啊!真没想到,他的魔法竟然这么厉害,还精通多种元素。” Ling Menglu smiles saying: He is primarily the knight. Magician we need the person. Moreover does not plan with Zisang with the team. I favor you.” 凌梦露微笑道:“他还是以骑士为主吧。魔法师方面我们还是需要人的。而且已经不打算和子桑同队了。我看好你哦。” Listened to her such saying, the lunar motion immediately the eye one brightly, asking that a face jumped for joy: Real?” 听她这么一说,月离顿时眼睛一亮,一脸雀跃的问道:“真的吗?” Ling Menglu smiles to nod, on the elegant face full is the sincere color, naturally is the real you livelihood same splendor spirit furnace is not and ding-dong the spirit furnace can each other coordinate? The spirit furnace combines that is rare, let alone you were very stronger! Is the lunar motion elder sister, willing to be our teammates?” 凌梦露微笑点头,俏脸上满是真诚之色,“当然是真的伱的日月同辉灵炉不是和当当的灵炉能够彼此配合么?灵炉组合那可是不可多得的,更何况你本来就很强啊!月离姐姐,愿意做我们的队友吗?” Wants and want. You remember that elects me!” Lunar motion excited say/way. “愿意、愿意。那你们记得选我啊!”月离一脸兴奋的道。 Purple day dance somewhat speechless looks at these two girls, this is an arena, chatted enough to go to the position.” Ice Monroe and Long Dangdang particular relationship, he already, or was patient. 紫天舞有些无语的看着这两个姑娘,“这是赛场,聊够了就去站位吧。”要不是凌梦露和龙当当的特殊关系,他早就要不耐烦了。 Does not hit, does not hit, I admit defeat.” Saying that the lunar motion smiles, then respectful bows to the purple day dance, turns around to walk. “不打了、不打了,我认输。”月离笑眯眯的说道,然后恭敬的向紫天舞鞠了一躬,转身就走。 Purple day dance one dull, ice Monroe spits the tongue, grinning say/way: Purple teacher my called defeating the enemy without fighting, fierce?” 紫天舞一呆,凌梦露吐了吐舌头,笑嘻嘻的道:“紫老师我这叫不战而屈人之兵,厉不厉害?” Speechless of purple day dance face, good and evil I am also the magic temple? Your convergence point. Gets down.” 紫天舞一脸的无语,“好歹我也是魔法圣殿的好吗?你收敛点。下去吧。” Magic temple lunar motion admits defeat, pastor temple ice Monroe wins.” “魔法圣殿月离认输,牧师圣殿凌梦露获胜。” Long Dangdang and Long Kongkong they in treating the war zone listened not to arrive on to say anything, the purple day dance announced that the sound of time will pass on. 龙当当龙空空他们在待战区是听不到场上在说什么的,只有紫天舞宣布时候的声音会传出来。 The two brothers look lunar motion feeling pleased got down, then hears the purple day dance to announce her to admit defeat, was somewhat shocked at once. 哥俩看着月离喜滋滋的就下来了,然后就听到紫天舞宣布她认输,一时之间都不禁有些惊呆了。 What situation is this? 这是什么情况? The lunar motion returns to treat the war zone, after them side, but also feeling pleased said to Long Dangdang: Speech must keep a promise.” 月离回到待战区,在经过他俩身边的时候,还喜滋滋的向龙当当道:“说话要算数哦。” Looks at her well satisfied appearance, Long Dangdang turns head to look to Long Kongkong, what did I say?” 看着她那一副心满意足的样子,龙当当扭头看向龙空空,“我说什么了?” Long Kongkong look somewhat strange looks at him, said: How I know that what you did say? Matter don't who yourself are know? Your doing right by cousin?” 龙空空眼神有些古怪的看着他,道:“我怎么知道你说什么了?你自己做的事情自己不知道吗?你对得起表姐吗?” Go away!” “滚!” Ice Monroe also got down, Long Kongkong rushes to move forward to meet somebody, a face concerned say/way: Cousin, are you all right? I have never thought that my brother unexpectedly is the dregs male, you leave are sad I, although cannot be victorious he, but I can help you scold him.” 凌梦露也下来了,龙空空赶忙迎上去,一脸关切的道:“表姐,你没事吧?真没想到,我哥竟然是个渣男,你别难过我虽然打不过他,但我可以帮你骂他。” Ice Monroe puzzled looks at him, what are you saying?” 凌梦露一脸疑惑的看着他,“你在说什么啊?” Long Kongkong natural say/way: Wasn't the lunar motion claimed my brother? Then because felt sorry to admit defeat to you?” 龙空空理所当然的道:“不是月离夺走了我哥吗?然后才因为对你歉疚而认输了?” Ling Menglu shows the whites of the eyes, said: Small age your thought is so complex, psychological drama so many? You want. I told her, hopes that she can become us to hunt for the member of demon group, her oneself admitted defeat.” 凌梦露翻了个白眼,道:“小小年纪你怎么思想那么复杂,内心戏那么多?你想多了。我只是告诉她,希望她能成为我们猎魔团的一份子,她就自己认输了。” „......, Aiyu, the brother you do not clutch my ear, did I make a mistake was not good?” “呃……,哎呦,老哥你别揪我耳朵,我错了还不行吗?” „Amn't I the dregs male?” The Long Dangdang ice-cold sound in Long Kongkong was clutched steadily in the ear resounds. “我不是渣男吗?”龙当当冰冷的声音在龙空空被揪长了的耳中响起。 Eight enter four, the competition is also left over last. But this last, admits defeat to come to an end by white phoenix Cai Caijuan on own initiative. Thunder sword Saint Tang Leiguang is promoted. 八进四,比赛还剩下最后一场。而这最后一场,以白凤凰蔡彩娟主动认输而告终。雷霆剑圣唐雷光晋级。 The complete four competitions, in fact only hit, moreover used for 20 seconds finished. 全部四场比赛,实际上只打了一场,而且还只是用了二十秒的时间就结束了。 Hunts for the demon group trials, the quarterfinals, the overall competition schedule, altogether used from all sides for ten minutes, when whole time are also the player walk into the sports field consume. Three admit defeat, a quick victory. This is hunting for the demon group trials historical, without a doubt was the extremely rare situations. 猎魔团选拔赛,四分之一决赛,整体赛程,前前后后一共用了十分钟,大部分时间还都是选手走入比赛场地时耗费的。三场认输,一场速胜。这在猎魔团选拔赛的历史上,毫无疑问都是极其罕见的情况了。 It is not serious! This is the appraisals of many powerhouse, is not a little serious, but this is also the rule permits in the range. 太不严肃了!这是很多强者的评价,是有点不严肃,但这也是规则允许范围内的。 The semifinal confronted also comes out since the conclusion of quarterfinals. 半决赛对阵也随着四分之一决赛的结束而出炉。 Tomorrow, Long Dangdang and Zisang colored glaze glimmer, ice Monroe and Tang Leiguang, will come out first two that enters plays in the finals finally. 明天,龙当当与子桑琉荧,凌梦露与唐雷光,将决出进入最终决赛的前两名。 Ding-dong! What do you have to Zisang also prepare meal?” Asking that on the road of return trip, ice Monroe smiles. “当当啊!你有没有给子桑也准备个套餐啥的?”回程的路上,凌梦露笑眯眯的问道。 Long Dangdang somewhat helpless say/way: What is the meal?” 龙当当有些无奈的道:“什么叫套餐啊?” Ling Menglu said: You today to that woof Changxin prepares! Isn't that the meal? Complete pointed. woof often/common has not displayed joyful from the start, let your quick victory. This type, you , if there is means to take Zisang, we basically can elect the person smoothly.” 凌梦露道:“你今天给汪常欣准备的那种啊!那不就是套餐么?完全针对性的。汪常欣压根就没发挥出来,就让你速胜了。这种好,你要是有办法拿下子桑,咱们基本就能顺利选人了。” Long Dangdang shakes the head saying: Does not have the means. She controls six types of elements, was too comprehensive. She is a magician, from the beginning 200 meters distances will take the cushion. This has surpassed the Saint to direct the control area of spirit furnace. But she will definitely not make me be close to her 50 meters range. Enters 50 meters, I possibly have the opportunity to attempt with towing to draw her. But should be very difficult. Only can attack the problem one manifestation at a time.” 龙当当摇头道:“没办法的。她掌控六种元素,太全面了。她是魔法师,一开始会有两百米的距离作为缓冲。这已经超出了圣引灵炉的控制范围。而她也肯定不会让我接近到她五十米范围内的。进入五十米,我可能有机会尝试用牵引去拉她。但应该很难。只能见招拆招。” Ling Menglu said: You do everything possible, strives to create a miracle.” 凌梦露道:“那你就尽力而为吧,争取创造个奇迹。” Creation miracle? Originally the cousin you do not favor my brother!” Long Kongkong inserted a blade in the one side. “创造奇迹?原来表姐你也不看好我哥啊!”龙空空在一旁插了一刀。 Stirs up trouble? Useless. Ding-dong knows that my intention, is ding-dong?” Cousin's attractive big eyes winked winking toward Long Dangdang. “挑事儿啊?没用的。当当知道我的心意,是不是当当?”表姐漂亮的大眼睛朝着龙当当眨了眨。 What is your intention?” Long Kongkong asked. “你的心意是啥?”龙空空问道。 Ice Monroe shoves open him, „can that tell you?” 凌梦露一把推开他,“那能告诉你吗?” Long Kongkong smiles, said: Is looks like me to my goddess that type? Fei Shui does not flow the bystander field, the cousin! You are so beautiful, the cheap bystander is inferior to the cheap person on one's own side! We do not have the blood relationship in any case.” 龙空空嘿嘿一笑,道:“是不是像我对我女神那种?肥水不流外人田,表姐啊!你这么美,便宜外人不如便宜自己人啊!反正我们也没血缘关系。” You shut up! When you I am the cargo?” Ling Menglu ill-humored saying. The beautiful pupil shot a look at Long Dangdang one subconsciously, actually discovery this fellow looks like being all right person , to continue. “你闭嘴!你当我是货物吗?”凌梦露没好气的说道。美眸下意识的瞥了龙当当一眼,却发现这家伙就像是没事儿人似的,继续走着。 In this time, cool breeze Xu Ran is coming together. Three people of subconscious looks concentrate, but the next quarter, they saw clearly the future, immediately relaxes. 正在这时,一道清风徐然而来。三人下意识的都眼神一凝,但下一刻,他们就看清了来者,顿时放松下来。 Come is not others, is the listening respectfully of purple day dance wind. 来的不是别人,正是风之聆听者紫天舞。 Ding-dong, follows me.” Throws down these words, strong winds raise, the cling he and Long Dangdang body are flutter to go. “当当,跟我走。”丢下这句话,一阵狂风升起,卷住他和龙当当的身体就已是飘飞而去。 Long Kongkong rubs the eyes, cannot bear say: This knows the purple teacher, I think that is carries off a girl to be one's wife. The cousin are you nervous?” 龙空空揉了揉眼睛,忍不住道:“这要不是认识紫老师,我都以为是来抢亲的了。表姐你慌不慌?” Flusters your big end of ghost. Walks, went back.” Although ice Monroe somewhat is also surprised, but wants to come to be related with the combination magic that today's Long Dangdang uses, carries off his purple day dance let alone, will not naturally think anything. “慌你个大头鬼。走啦,回去了。”凌梦露虽然也有些惊讶,但想来应该是和今天龙当当所施展的组合魔法有关,更何况带走他的还是紫天舞,自然也不会多想什么。 Teacher, what matter?” Long Dangdang somewhat surprised looks at teacher. “老师,什么事啊?”龙当当有些惊讶的看着身边的老师。 The expression of purple day dance seems somewhat serious, said: I lead you to see my elder. This elder also watches your competition today, should quite approve. How his character said that is somewhat strange. But has the aloof position in the magic temple , he should with my master ancestor be in the peer the person. Is the peak powerhouse in magic temple. Wields one of the magic temple three big divine tools. Later after seeing him, you must keep respectful, asked that anything answered anything. Naturally, you do not use extremely anxiously. If can settle on by him, must have your advantage.” 紫天舞的表情显得有些严肃,道:“我带你去见一位我的长辈。这位长辈今天也看了你的比赛,应该是比较认可的。他的性格怎么说呢,有些古怪。但在魔法圣殿中有着超然地位,算起来,他应该和我的师祖是同辈中人。乃是魔法圣殿的最顶尖的强者。执掌魔法圣殿三大神器之一。待会儿见到他之后,你一定要保持恭敬,问什么就答什么。当然,你也不用太过紧张。要是能被他看中,肯定少不了你的好处。” Long Dangdang somewhat surprised say/way: Previous time goes to the knight temple, the owner mediated the magic temple palace Lord to reach the agreement, let my natural growth, until can complete the request of moon/month of bright sea spirit furnace to say my home to return to again?” 龙当当有些惊讶的道:“上次去骑士圣殿,堂主说和魔法圣殿殿主已经达成协议,让我自然成长,直到能够完成月明沧海灵炉的要求再说我的归宿么?” The purple day dance shakes the head, said: Has not related with these. This senior asked you to go by individual status. Moreover, even owner and palace lord, to this still no means.” 紫天舞摇摇头,道:“和那些没关系。这位前辈是以个人的身份叫你去的。而且,就算是堂主和殿主,对这位也没什么办法。” In the Long Dangdang heart moves slightly, even don't the sacred hall owners have the means? That definitely was a great person. 龙当当心中微动,连圣堂堂主都没办法?那肯定是大人物了。 At the same time was saying around the purple day dance body azure light suddenly becomes powerful, covered the line of sight of Long Dangdang. Long Dangdang can only feel that the speed is speeding up, but where was not clear. 一边说着紫天舞身体周围的青光突然变得强盛起来,遮盖住了龙当当的视线。龙当当只能感觉到速度在加快,但却并不清楚是到了什么地方。 About after one minute, the surrounding azure light restrains gradually, Long Dangdang discovered, oneself was led in a room by the teacher. 大约一分钟之后,周围的青光渐渐收敛,龙当当发现,自己被老师带到了一个房间之中。 This is an octagonal shape room, all around has eight windows, at this time or in the morning, the sunlight sprinkles the room, bringing to be warm and beautiful. 这是一个八角形状的房间,四周有八扇窗户,此时还是上午,阳光洒落房间,带来温暖与明媚。 On the surrounding wall pure white, in the ground inscribes the magnificent pattern, these patterns are unusual, send out the light purple halo, Long Dangdang even cannot be feeling their element attribute. 周围的墙壁上一片素白,地面上则铭刻着瑰丽的花纹,这些花纹非常奇特,散发着淡淡的紫色光晕,龙当当甚至感觉不出它们的元素属性。 The purple day dance is drawing the Long Dangdang stand one side, then bows to salute toward the ground central purple light mark. Long Dangdang rushes also to follow the teacher to salute together. 紫天舞拉着龙当当站到一旁,然后朝着地面中央的紫色光纹躬身行礼。龙当当赶忙也跟随老师一同行礼。 The next quarter, the light purple halo condenses quietly, condenses together the human form unexpectedly, just started seems somewhat illusory, but after several seconds, has actually changed into the essence completely. 下一刻,淡淡的紫色光晕悄然凝聚,竟然就那么凝聚成一道人形,刚开始的时候看上去还有些虚幻,但几秒过后,却已经完全化为实质。 How does this is achieve? The Long Dangdang pupil contracts slightly, this has surpassed his cognition to the magic. 这是怎么做到的?龙当当不禁瞳孔微微收缩,这已经超出了他对魔法的认知。 After your body element is the certain extent, you are the element, the element are you. However, this is very to you difficult to achieve, because the sole attribute can let itself, when element enough purely.” The somewhat low and deep voice resounds. “当你的身体元素化达到一定程度之后,你就是元素,元素就是你。不过,这对你来说恐怕很难做到,因为只有单一的属性才能让自身在元素化的时候足够纯粹。”有些低沉的嗓音响起。 What appears in Long Dangdang and in front of the purple day dance is a stature wears existence of purple magician long gown slenderly. At this time, he is speaking, while lifted head magic cape, revealed the original appearance. 出现在龙当当和紫天舞面前的是一位身材修长身穿紫色魔法师长袍的存在。此时,他一边说着话,一边掀开了头上的魔法斗篷,露出了本来面貌。 Purple day dance respectful say/way: Has seen Emperor witch under the crown.” 紫天舞恭敬的道:“见过巫帝冕下。” The Long Dangdang first response looks to the opposite party. When he saw the when facial features of front this magician stares slightly. This old seniors in purple day dance mouth seems like unexpectedly is extraordinary young. 龙当当第一反应是看向对方。当他看到面前这位魔法师的面容时不禁微微一愣。这位在紫天舞口中的老前辈看上去竟是出奇的年轻。 He seems like is also about 20 -year-old appearances, has a deep purple short hair, the look is quite handsome, double-fold eyelid and big eye, long eyelash, some oval faces of feminization, if cannot clear sees his Adam's apple, even is very easy to mistakenly recognize the female him. His that handsome look is slightly pale, a pair of purple eye pupil profound just like the clear nighttime sky. When Long Dangdang and his look to the time of looking at, felt immediately own soul as if must be swallowed by him, the whole person fell into the delay, forgot saluting. 他看起来也就是二十岁左右的样子,有着一头深紫色的短发,相貌极为英俊,双眼皮、大眼睛,长长的睫毛,有些女性化的瓜子脸,如果不是能够清晰的看到他的喉结,甚至都很容易将他错认成女子。他那英俊的相貌略显苍白,一双紫色的眼瞳深邃的犹如澄澈夜空。当龙当当和他的眼神对视时,顿时感觉到自己的灵魂仿佛都要被他吞噬了似的,整个人都陷入了呆滞,忘了行礼。 Profound, endless void, as if there is innumerable world to enhance one another's beauty. All seem clear, all as if very fuzzy. Long Dangdang only thought that own all were being swallowed by this void, integrate. 深邃,无尽的虚空,仿佛有无数的世界在交相辉映。一切似乎都很清晰,一切又似乎都十分的模糊。龙当当只觉得自己的一切都正在被这虚空吞噬,融入其中。 Well! A body multi- soul? Only has a consciousness. Good unusual feeling.” Light, pulls back from that just like dreamland general void in Long Dangdang. “咦!一体多魂?却只有一个意识。好奇特的感觉。”一声轻咦,将龙当当从那宛如梦境一般的虚空中拉回。 On the witch handsome face is revealing the color of doubts attentively, as if in pondering anything, but this time Long Dangdang, in the innermost feelings actually filled shock, he does not know that the witch just made anything to oneself attentively. 巫谛英俊的面庞上流露着疑惑之色,似乎在思考着什么,而此时的龙当当,内心之中却充满了震撼,他根本就不知道巫谛刚刚对自己做了什么。 Come, little fellow, before you, uses to make me have a look in that clone technique that in the competition uses.” The witches said attentively. “来,小家伙,把你之前在比赛中用的那种分身术用出来让我看看。”巫谛如是说道。 Yes.” Long Dangdang ray twinkle, three forms appear side him respectively, seemingly is different besides the color of eye, other aspects seem exactly the same. “是。”龙当当身上光芒闪烁,三道身影分别出现在他身边,除了眼睛的颜色看上去有所不同之外,其他方面都显得一模一样。 In witch Diyan the profound purple glittered, on the face revealed an interested feeling, said: Spirit strength is the body, the spirit is the nuclear. Interesting, is seriously interesting!” 巫谛眼中深邃的紫色闪烁了一下,脸上流露出一丝饶有兴趣的感觉,道:“灵力为体,魂灵为核。有趣,当真是有趣啊!” At the same time saying, his body seemed rocking gently, side him, presented a exactly the same witch unexpectedly attentively. It seems like also just like entity general clone, is clone of Long Dangdang has the wonder of equally good results from different methods unexpectedly, what is only different, witch clone of attentively, the eye pupil color is like his main body. 一边说着,他的身体仿佛轻轻的晃动了一下,在他身边,竟然也出现了一个一模一样的巫谛。看上去也是宛如实体一般的分身,竟是和龙当当的分身有异曲同工之妙,唯一不同的是,巫谛的分身,眼眸颜色和他本体是一样的。 Spirit strength builds the body, dividing the soul controls me is also good. But this is the part of my Lord God knowledge dividing, wants to achieve such losing concentration boundary, at least needs to break through nine steps to have the god knowledge, and god knows stably, oneself control is extremely good. I thought that you should also cultivation the law of imaginary heart losing concentration, but just crossed the threshold. Is a minute/share of soul in your body born?” “灵力筑体,分魂掌控我也行。但这是从我自身的主神识之中分出来的一部分,想要达到这样的分神境界,至少要突破九阶拥有神识,并且神识稳固,自身掌控极强才行。我看你应该也是修炼了幻心分神之法,只不过才刚刚入门。你这身体里的分魂是自行诞生的?” Long Dangdang honest say/way: I don't know either, after probably I cultivate/repair to be the certain extent appeared.” 龙当当老老实实的道:“我也不知道,好像是当我修为达到一定程度之后就出现了。” Witch attentively say/way looking pensive: These three that presents together, is one by one appearance?” 巫谛若有所思的道:“是一起出现的这三个,还是逐一出现的?” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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