SDT2BMS :: Volume #2

#143: 1 st in the final wheel

Chapter 143 1 st in the final wheel 第143章决赛第一轮 Actually, I can not be this team leader.” Ling Menglu sighed, in the beautiful pupil is revealing several points of disappointed. “其实,我可以不当这个队长的。”凌梦露叹息一声,美眸中流露着几分怅然。 Long Dangdang came back, ice-cold rejected. 龙当当回来了,被冰冷的拒绝回来了。 Long Dangdang shakes the head, in the look brings firmly, is not good. She is not really suitable to be the leader. The previous time when confronts with the dead spirit army, I discovered this point. As the team leader, must have the resolution, but actually must listen to others' opinion. That time, she is a team leader, you are a deputy team chief, is, from beginning to end, has she asked your opinion? From beginning to end, she acts arbitrarily, according to her idea directs all completely. Such team leader, I do not feel relieved. If only I arrives fortunately, but I cannot hand over in such person hand the air-to-air safety. You and she are different, although you the talent is outstanding, but the character is not strong, intelligent actually knows the onset and retreat, at crucial moments can actually not hesitate all bravely stepping forward, with you in the same place, we are steadfast.” 龙当当摇摇头,眼神中带着坚决,“不行。她真的不适合做带头人。上次在与亡灵大军对阵的时候,我就发现了这一点。作为团队领袖,必须有决断,但却绝不能听不进别人的意见。那一次,她是队长,你是副队长,可是,从始至终,她询问过你的意见么?从始至终,她都是独断专行,完全按照她个人的想法来指挥一切。这样的团队领袖,我是不放心的。如果只是我自己到还好,但我不能把空空的安危交到这样的人手中。你和她不一样,伱虽然天赋卓绝,但性格却不强势,聪明却又知进退,在关键时刻却能不惜一切的挺身而出,和你在一起,我们踏实。” Is listening to his words, in the ice Monroe eyes disappointed vanished gradually, in the beautiful pupil flashes through wipes the extraordinary splendor, on the elegant face blushes to fly upwards, „do I have such?” 听着他的话,凌梦露眼中的怅然渐渐消失了,美眸中闪过一抹异彩,俏脸上红晕飞升,“我有这么好吗?” Has.” Long Dangdang is lowering the head, calm is making own judgment, therefore he has not discovered the change on ice Monroe expression. “有的。”龙当当正低着头,冷静的做出着自己的判断,所以他并没有发现凌梦露表情上的变化。 Ice Monroe somewhat charming say/way: You vindicated to others like this, perhaps others also arrange. Although others are very outstanding, but you also want persuasively. Never expected that you are such person.” 凌梦露有些娇羞的道:“你这样对人家表白,人家还没准备好呢。虽然人家很优秀,但你也要婉转一点嘛。没想到你是这样的人呢。” Long Dangdang raised the head startled, what we said is a matter?” 龙当当愕然抬头,“咱们说的是一个事儿么?” Ling Menglu coughs, on the elegant face blushes removes fast, you are also good, brave, has the brain and resolute, moreover always has the card in a hand, lets your partner and you in the same place, always has the energy. Actually, you are the team leaders more appropriate than me, after all, you are a knight. What a pity you do not protect the knight, otherwise was better.” 凌梦露咳嗽一声,俏脸上红晕快速褪去,“你也挺好的,勇敢、有脑子、果决,而且总有底牌,让你的伙伴和你在一起的时候,始终都有底气。其实,你做团队领袖比我更合适呢,毕竟,你是骑士。可惜你不是守护骑士,不然就更好了。” In overwhelming majorities hunt for in the demon group, protecting the knights is most important that as the probability of team leader is also biggest. Because protects the knight to withstand/top forever in the forefront, blocks existence of powerful enemy, various of clearest enemy change. 在绝大多数猎魔团中,守护骑士都是最重要的那一个,作为团队领袖的概率也是最大的。因为守护骑士永远都是顶在最前面,挡住强敌的存在,最清楚敌人的各种临阵变化。 The Long Dangdang forced smile said: We do not blow mutually. Cousin! If the Zisang colored glaze glimmer is not willing with us with the team, we to consider how the following group made. Tang Leiguang, met, Cai Caijuan to enter initially first eight, this means, the first round, they did not have the means to be chosen. But so long as they each other choose, the second round of choice about the team, we do not have the opportunity to select their.” 龙当当苦笑道:“咱就别互吹了。表姐啊!如果子桑琉荧不愿意和我们同队,那我们就要考虑一下接下来的组团怎么弄了。唐雷光、初遇、蔡彩娟都进入了前八,这就意味着,第一轮,他们都是没办法被挑选的。而他们只要彼此选择,第二轮选择合队,我们是没机会选中他们的。” This truly is an issue. In any case our three are the affirmations. The words of others, match, should not too be difficult. After all, can enter the tournament, is not the weak one, we choose ranking forming a team near the top as far as possible.” Ling Menglu, the beautiful pupil reveals several points of ridiculing color at this point suddenly, said: „Isn't your magician elder sister very good? This time also entered first eight, first eight on two magicians, except for Zisang are she.” “这确实是个问题。反正我们三个是肯定的。其他人的话,搭配起来,应该也不算太难。毕竟,能够进入排名赛的,都不是弱者,我们尽量选排名靠前一些的组队呗。”凌梦露说到这里,美眸突然流露出几分揶揄之色,道:“你那个魔法师姐姐不就很不错么?这次也进入了前八,前八就两个魔法师,除了子桑就是她哦。” Long Dangdang shot a look at her one eyes, said: Cousin! How did I feel in your green tea the vinegar?” 龙当当瞥了她一眼,道:“表姐啊!我怎么觉得你的绿茶里面加醋了?” Bah, you vinegar.” “呸,你才加醋呢。” Hunts for the demon group trials to play in the finals finally arrives finally. 猎魔团选拔赛最终决赛终于到来。 Six big district insulating layers that in the holy city big arena previously arranged dismantle completely, let the entire big arena complete presents. 圣城大竞技场内先前布置的六大分区隔离层全部拆解,让整个大竞技场完整的呈现出来。 In the audience position chairman's podium, the faintly light membrane blocking, is unable to see clearly internal situation. Six big temple high levels that but without a doubt, come to observe today, even is the federal high level is not infrequent certainly. Each temple will at least have a sacred hall to come to watch a sports contest. 观众位主席台上,隐隐有一层光膜遮挡,无法看清内部的情况。但毫无疑问,今天前来观战的六大圣殿高层,甚至是联邦高层绝不在少数。每座圣殿至少都会有一位圣堂前来观赛。 Today is the final stage first day, altogether will conduct four competitions, eight enter four. But eight participants who are in the final stage, could be rewarded that the respective temple issues. Can enter hunts for the demon group trials first eight, represents their outstanding naturally to be encouraged by respective temple. 今天是决赛阶段的第一天,一共会进行四场比赛,八进四。而进入决赛阶段的八位参赛者,都已经能够获得所属圣殿颁发的奖励了。能够进入猎魔团选拔赛的前八,代表着他们的优秀自然会受到各自圣殿的鼓励。 As for the quality of prize, that must look that finally ranked. After eight enter four, five, six, seven and eight ranks will defer to the competition to display the reason referee group determination, no longer conducts the competition additionally. Tomorrow is the semifinal, the day after tomorrow will play in the finals directly. Entire competition schedule arrangement unusual is compact. 至于奖品的成色,那就要看最终的排位了。八进四之后,五、六、七、八名的排位将按照比赛表现来由裁判组判定,不再额外进行比赛。明天就是半决赛,后天直接决赛。整个赛程安排的非常紧凑。 Long Kongkong is accompanying Long Dangdang and ice Monroe comes together, enters hunts for the demon group members to have the qualifications to come top 60 to watch plays in the finals finally, after all, actually they must have a look in the future oneself regimental commander are what strengths. 龙空空是陪着龙当当和凌梦露一起来的,进入排名前60的猎魔团成员是有资格前来观看最终决赛的,毕竟,他们也要看看未来自己的团长究竟是什么实力。 Eight participants as well as other hunt for the demon group trials to enter the member of tournament to gather at this time, in treated in the war zone. When war zone on the chairman's podium stand, with beforehand on the scene and different. Today these four competitions are naturally held one by one. 八名参赛者以及其他猎魔团选拔赛进入排位赛的成员此时都已经聚集在了待战区之中。待战区就在主席台旁边的看台上,和之前在场中并不一样。今天这四场比赛自然是逐一进行。 The Zisang colored glaze glimmer comes, side her, the child of samsara meets early initially, thunder sword Saint Tang Leiguang as well as white phoenix Cai Caijuan sit together. 子桑琉荧来的更早一些,在她身边,轮回之子初遇,雷霆剑圣唐雷光以及白凤凰蔡彩娟都坐在一起。 Saw that the Long Dangdang three people arrive, their vision also cannot help but concentrate. The Zisang colored glaze glimmer looks to ice Monroe, ice Monroe also looks to her, shows a faint smile. But the Zisang colored glaze glimmer is cold the face not to go immediately excessively. 看到龙当当三人到来,他们的目光也不由得集中过来。子桑琉荧看向凌梦露,凌梦露也看向她,微微一笑。但子桑琉荧却立刻冷着脸别过头去。 Ice Monroe sighed one lightly, you said right, Zisang was really stronger and stronger. Small time, actually she is not completely this. Most is tries to outdo others.” 凌梦露轻叹一声,“你说得对哦,子桑真的是越来越强势了。小的时候,其实她也不完全是这样的。最多就是好胜而已。” Long Dangdang said: Tensed and relaxed, civil and military say/way.” 龙当当道:“有张有弛,文武之道。” The Long Kongkong rapid connection, said: That is, is the cousin is good!” 龙空空迅速接口,道:“那是,还是表姐好啊!” Ice Monroe original some small depressed, immediately flies upwards by the mood that two younger male cousins' praises drive, white two people, took the lead to sit. 凌梦露原本的一些小郁闷,顿时被两个表弟的夸赞带动的情绪重新飞扬起来,白了二人一眼,率先坐了下来。 At this moment, the giant big arena center, the form appears together quietly, his appearance has no indication, the whole body covers under the black clothes on the face brings the mask. 就在这时,巨大的大竞技场中央,一道身影悄然浮现,他的出现没有任何征兆,全身都笼罩在黑衣之下就连脸上都带着面具。 The powerhouse in assassin temple? 刺客圣殿的强者么? On this does not have the half a point aura overflow, but is this, many preparation on the scene hunts for the demon group members more to be able from him to feel the constriction. 这位身上没有半分气息外溢,但越是这样,在场的众多预备猎魔团成员们越是能从他身上感受到压迫感。 The chairman's podium direction resounds the low and deep sound. 主席台方向响起低沉的声音。 First, I represent six big temples, congratulates student present, you are prepare to hunt for the member of demon group now, today, will be this final 1 st in the final wheel that will hunt for the demon group trials. Manages to adjudicate, is preparation sacred hall in assassin temple. Hopes enters eight students of finals, can fully show your strength. Opens a good head for the travel of your hunting for demon group.” “首先,我代表六大圣殿,恭喜在座的诸位学员,你们现在已经是预备猎魔团的一份子,今天,将是本届猎魔团选拔赛的最终决赛第一轮。主持裁决的,是刺客圣殿的预备圣堂。希望进入决赛的八名学员,能够充分展现出你们的实力。为你们的猎魔团之旅开启一个好头。” Does the assassin temple prepare sacred hall? Nine steps? 刺客圣殿预备圣堂?九阶? Without doubt, this is six big temples in order to play in the finals to be discrete the referee who chooses. Without doubt, nine step hero in assassin temple are the speed is absolutely quickest, in the field has anything to change also processes with enough time, prevents these top talents really from the damage. 无疑,这是六大圣殿为了决赛谨慎起见选择的裁判。无疑,刺客圣殿的九阶侠者绝对是速度最快的,场中有什么变化也来得及处理,避免这些顶级天才们真的出现损伤。 Eight enter four, first. The magic temple Zisang colored glaze glimmer, the assassin temple meets initially, admission.” “八进四,第一场。魔法圣殿子桑琉荧,刺客圣殿初遇,入场。” Announced along with chairman's podium one, the Zisang colored glaze glimmer and meets initially also stands up, from treating the war zone walks into the field. 伴随着主席台一声宣布,子桑琉荧和初遇同时站起身来,从待战区走入场中。 They and Long Dangdang in the upper half, in fact, the ballot, Long Dangdang are lucky, because he had self-knowledge, oneself met the Zisang colored glaze glimmer or meets initially, wants to win is very difficult. 他们和龙当当都在上半区,实际上,抽签来看,龙当当是幸运的,因为他有自知之明,自己遇到子桑琉荧或者是初遇,想赢都很难。 But now, he only needs curiously, the Zisang colored glaze glimmer meets to initially, actually whose strength. From the occupation, the assassin occupation restrains the magician. But in so big location, assassin without blocking, facing Zisang colored glaze glimmer like this powerful magician, is not necessarily able near body. But initially initially met when that sword that facing the dead spirit powerhouse uses, made the extremely profound impression to Long Dangdang, but does not know that he can use that move of desperate skill in today's this competition. 而现在,他只需要好奇,子桑琉荧对上初遇,究竟谁的实力更强一些。从职业上看,刺客职业是克制魔法师的。但在如此偌大的场地之中,刺客在没有遮挡的情况下,面对子桑琉荧这样的强大魔法师,也未必能近身。而当初初遇在面对亡灵强者时用出的那一剑,给龙当当留下了极其深刻的印象,只是不知道他会不会在今天这场比赛中使用那一招拼命的技能。 Quick, both sides on had arrived by location central that hero referee. 很快,双方就已经来到了场地中央那位侠者裁判两侧。 The referee has a look at both sides, the sound low and deep brings several points of hoarse, you can start to get ready. From 200 meters.” 裁判看看双方,声音低沉中带着几分沙哑,“你们可以开始准备了。距离,两百米。” But at this moment, usually rarely spoke initially met said suddenly: I admit defeat.” 而就在这时,平时很少说话的初遇突然道:“我认输。” The hero sacred hall in assassin temple obviously gawked, what did you say?” 刺客圣殿的这位侠者圣堂明显是愣了一下,“你说什么?” Initially said with the earnest repetition: I admit defeat.” 初遇认真的重复道:“我认输。” The voice of this hero clearly enhanced several points, „do you know, admits defeat directly, you can only rank eighth at the tournament.” 这位侠者的声音明显提高了几分,“你知不知道,直接认输,你只能在排位赛上排名第八。” Initially with nodding, said: I know.” Spoke these words, he retrocedes one step, to this hero referee good a ritual, then walks toward the stage. 初遇点点头,道:“我知道。”说完这句话,他后退一步,向这位侠者裁判行了一礼,然后就向台下走去。 The Zisang colored glaze glimmer from beginning to end is unemotional, saw to meet initially, the vision looked to the referee. 子桑琉荧从始至终都是面无表情,见初遇走了,目光看向裁判。 This hero seemed like stands returned to normal there, obtained slowly: Assassin temple, initially with admitting defeat, magic temple, Zisang colored glaze glimmer victory.” 这位侠者似乎是站在那里平复了一下,才缓缓得到:“刺客圣殿,初遇认输,魔法圣殿,子桑琉荧胜。” Regarding his mood, the audience absolutely are understandable, in six big temples, only then the magic temple and soldier temple are some each one two people enter first eight, but other temple one people enter. In the assassin temple, the child of samsara meets initially is this only child, now he admits defeat directly, means the assassin temple, in this time hunted for on the demon group trials to set the base. 对于他的心情,观众们绝对是可以理解的,六大圣殿之中,只有魔法圣殿和战士圣殿是各自有两人进入前八名,而其他圣殿都只有一人进入。刺客圣殿中,轮回之子初遇就是这一根独苗,现在他直接认输了,就意味着刺客圣殿在这次猎魔团选拔赛上要垫底了。 Long Dangdang they also stare slightly, did this admit defeat? Originally they also want to take a look, strongest assassin and fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents of strongest magician, but others actually admitted defeat directly. Obviously must recommend for admission to school the Zisang colored glaze glimmer is promoted at the same time, but must make her maintain at the optimum condition. 龙当当他们也都是微微一愣,这就认输了?本来他们还想看看,最强刺客和最强魔法师的一场龙争虎斗呢,但人家却就这么直接认输了。显然是要保送子桑琉荧晋级的同时,还要让她保持在最佳状态。 In the rule has not allowed to admit defeat this, but without doubt, this to the assassin temple, is unsatisfied. But they also take child of no means this samsara obviously. 规则上并没有不允许认输这一条,但无疑,这对刺客圣殿来说,是不满意的。但他们显然也拿这位轮回之子没什么办法。 President Taiwan was also silent, the Zisang colored glaze glimmer returned to treat in the war zone, has not left, but sat in the previous position. 主席台方面也是沉默了一下,子桑琉荧则是自行回到了待战区之中,并没有离开,而是在先前的位置上坐了下来。 Separated for several minutes, in the chairman's podium spreads the sound, eight enter four, second. Knight temple Long Dangdang, confrontation, soldier temple woof Changxin. both sides enter the stadium to prepare.” 足足隔了几分钟,主席台上才重新传出声音,“八进四,第二场。骑士圣殿龙当当,对阵,战士圣殿汪常欣。双方入场准备。” The Long Dangdang long body, not far away, woof Changxin also stands up. Two people look to each other, Long Dangdang selected to her, woof Changxin is also nods returns salute, in tandem, walks into the sports field. 龙当当长身而起,不远处,汪常欣也是站起身来。两人看向彼此,龙当当向她点了下头,汪常欣也是颔首还礼,一前一后,走入比赛场地之中。 Long Dangdang deeply inspires slightly, by own mood as far as possible stays quiet. woof Changxin strength he has witnessed with own eyes, saw how she defeats Long Kongkong. To achieve the success of this competition, to him is not an easy matter. However, he must whole-heartedly. If cannot enter including first four, payout of his doing right by cousin? Without oneself and air-to-air appearance, the cousin and Zisang colored glaze glimmer they have completed to form a team. 龙当当微微深吸气,让自己的心情尽可能的保持平静。汪常欣的实力他是亲眼见证过的,也看到了她是如何战胜龙空空的。想要获得这场比赛的胜利,对他来说绝不是一件容易的事情。但是,他必须全力以赴。如果连前四名都进不了,他又怎么对得起表姐的付出呢?如果没有自己和空空的出现,表姐和子桑琉荧他们早就已经完成组队了。 both sides decide in the assassin temple hero referee body advance party, each other expressed best wishes. 双方在刺客圣殿侠者裁判身前站定,彼此致意。 From, 100 meters, preparation.” The mood of hero as if had returned to normal. “距离,一百米,准备吧。”侠者的情绪似乎已经恢复了平静。 Referee, please wait a bit.” Long Dangdang says suddenly. “裁判,请稍等。”龙当当突然开口说道。 The vision of hero looks suddenly to him, sinking sound said: „Do you also want to admit defeat?” From his asked that can hear, regarding admits defeat he who meets initially to have the mood. 侠者的目光骤然看向他,沉声道:“你也要认输?”从他这一问就能听得出,对于初遇的认输他是有情绪的。 Long Dangdang shakes the head, said: No, I do not admit defeat, I want to ask, I am a knight, but also is a magician. In initial distance, whether can adjust.” 龙当当摇摇头,道:“不,我不是要认输,我只是想问一下,我是骑士,但也同时是魔法师。在初始距离上,是否可以有所调整。” Hero obviously stares, even if this situation he is nine step powerhouses is also first meeting. Is the knight is a magician? What situation is this? 侠者明显一愣,这种情况哪怕他是九阶强者也是第一次遇到。即是骑士又是魔法师?这是什么情况? His subconscious turning head looks to the chairman's podium. 他下意识的扭头看向主席台。 Some woof often/common joyful being astonished looks to opposite Long Dangdang, in the tranquil firm and resolute look were many color of several points of doubts. 汪常欣有些讶异的看向对面的龙当当,原本平静坚毅的眼神中多了几分疑惑之色。 President Taiwan separated for one minute, has the sound to resound, both sides participation distance, 150 meters.” 主席台方面足足隔了一分钟,才有声音响起,“双方参赛距离,一百五十米。” Long Dangdang nods to woof often/common joyful slightly expresses best wishes, then turns around to walk toward the distant place. woof Changxin eyes narrow the eyes, also turns around to walk toward the distant place. 龙当当向汪常欣微微颔首致意,然后转身向远处走去。汪常欣双眼微眯,也随之转身向远处走去。 both sides are separated by 150 meters to stand firm, Long Dangdang is gazing at the opponent in distant place, his heart is gradually quiet. Reason that has the request to the distance, is the advantage of his very clear opposite party. The upfront spells hardly, he definitely is not woof Changxin opponent, although he does not know why woof often/common can have the so powerful strength joyful. But attacks intermediate-range, is the opposite party on the other hand is short. But not only oneself knight, is a magician. Only enhances strong points and avoids weaknesses, this has the possibility of winning. 双方相隔一百五十米站定,龙当当注视着远处的对手,他的心渐渐沉静下来。之所以对距离有要求,是他很清楚对方的优势。正面硬拼,他肯定不是汪常欣的对手,虽然他也不知道为什么汪常欣能够拥有如此强大的力量。但中远程攻击,相对来说是对方所欠缺的。而自己不只是骑士,也是魔法师。唯有扬长避短,这场才有获得胜利的可能。 Competition starts!” “比赛开始!” Announced along with hero referee one, imposing manner of both sides almost also increases. 伴随着侠者裁判一声宣布,双方的气势几乎是同时攀升。 The woof often/common joyful double pupil instantaneously becomes bright, she in battlefield and usually peaceful that she as if radically is two person, in this flickers, her look instantaneously became bright, the aura of whole person also selected for promotion crazily. Tip of the toe place, before instantaneous to/clashes, even has not released own big club, left foot treads the place the instance, even treads out one to thunder in the ground , the whole person is similar to the shell of magic cannon to be common, directly soars the Long Dangdang direction to flush away, is ordinary just like the terrain flight. 汪常欣双眸瞬间就变得明亮起来,战场上的她和平时安静的那个她仿佛根本就是两个人似的,在这一瞬,她的眼神瞬间就变得明亮了,整个人的气息也随之疯狂拔升。脚尖点地,瞬间前冲,甚至都没有将自己的大槌子释放出来,左脚踏地的瞬间,甚至在地面上踩出一声轰鸣,紧接着,整个人就如同魔法大炮的炮弹一般,直奔龙当当的方向冲去,宛如贴地飞行一般。 Long Dangdang stands in same place has not moved, but along with bright of his pupil, three forms, appears side him respectively. Each is he, but in the eye is actually glittering the different color gloss. Wind, fire and water, in addition the light of his main body. Altogether four Long Dangdang set up in an array, steady standing there. 龙当当站在原地没有动,但是伴随着他那眼眸的明亮,三道身影,分别出现在他身边。每一个都是他,但眼中却闪烁着不同颜色的光泽。风、火、水,加上他本体的光。一共四个龙当当一字排开,稳稳的站在那里。 If in the beforehand competition, these separates Long Dangdang will also be regarded the clone skill, then, at this time in four Long Dangdang mouths starts to recite the incantation together, the chairman's podium treats the war zone, as if became solidified instantaneously. The Zisang colored glaze glimmer stood up suddenly the body. 如果说在之前的比赛中,这些分离出来的“龙当当”还会被当成分身技能的话,那么,此时当四个龙当当口中一起开始吟唱咒语的时候,无论是主席台还是待战区,瞬间就仿佛变得凝固了似的。子桑琉荧更是猛然站起了身。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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