STSBAFGG :: Volume #30

#2999: Chaos Yuan spirit whereabouts, Dragoness sea, if vacant

Before Jun Xiaoyao, to the so-called divine ability method, actually does not care. 君逍遥之前,对所谓的神通手段,其实是不太在意的。 After all his enough, the graces, are the great divine ability might. 毕竟他本身足够强,举手投足,就是大神通的威力。 But now, to this chaotic four day, Jun Xiaoyao really had the interest certainly. 而现在,对这浑沌四绝天,君逍遥是真有兴趣了。 This Primal Chaos Physique to phenomenon, he needs cultivation succeed! 这一混沌体异象,他必须要修炼成功! Regarding his combat capability improvement, will have the enormous help! 对于他的战力提升,将有极大帮助! However, regardless of other, the light is these four big chaos Yuan spirits, is world extremely rare existence. 不过,其他不论,光是这四大混沌元灵,皆是世间极为罕有的存在。 The rare degree, is rarer than it elixir. 其稀有程度,比之仙药都要少见。 This actually trouble. 这倒是一个麻烦。 Jun Xiaoyao, or not cultivation. 君逍遥,要不就不修炼 Wants cultivation, wants cultivation to great accomplishment. 修炼,就一定要修炼大成 Therefore, such as a Yuan black ink this, the shoddy chaos four days, Jun Xiaoyao disdains certainly. 所以,如元墨这等,拙劣的混沌四绝天,君逍遥是不屑的。 Chaos Yuan spirit......” “混沌元灵……” Jun Xiaoyao muttered subconsciously. 君逍遥下意识喃喃。 But nearby sunset hears, looks to Jun Xiaoyao. 而一旁的桑榆听到,看向君逍遥 Young Master, what chaos Yuan spirit did you say?” 公子,你说什么混沌元灵?” „Do you know?” Jun Xiaoyao watched a sunset. “你知道?”君逍遥看了一眼桑榆。 The sunset selected the small head to say. 桑榆点了点小脑袋道。 Some of some of our source master also old books, recorded many world treasures, before the sunset remembers, has probably seen such record.” “我们源师也有一些古籍,其中记载了诸多天地奇珍,之前桑榆记得,好像见过此等记载。” Jun Xiaoyao thinks, thought is also. 君逍遥一想,觉得也是。 The source master is widely traveled, the excavation robs a grave, seeks the source finger-pressing, seeks for various treasure, naturally also has the records about many rare thing. 源师走南闯北,挖掘盗墓,寻源点穴,找寻各种宝贝,自然也有关于诸多稀有之物的记录。 Before such as Su koi that likes treasure hunting, there is a today material treasure name list year to year in the body. 就如之前喜欢寻宝的苏锦鲤,也有一本天材地宝名录常年在身。 Then has a chaos Yuan spirit record where?” Jun Xiaoyao inquired. “那在何处有混沌元灵的记载?”君逍遥询问。 The sunset also said truthfully: Actually, the sunset is unable to determine that in the old book records, is whether correct.” 桑榆也是如实道:“其实,桑榆也无法确定古籍上记载的,是否正确。” Had once looked, said that...... said in too the ancient star Chen sea, seemingly had presented the trail of deep prison thick ice.” “只是曾看过,说……说在太古星辰海,貌似曾经出现过冥狱玄冰的踪迹。” Too ancient star Chen sea?” “太古星辰海?” Jun Xiaoyao stares. 君逍遥都是微愣。 Such skillful? 就这么巧的吗? However thinks is also, Jun Xiaoyao felt, oneself harvested so many Son of Destiny. 不过想想也是,君逍遥觉得,自己收割了那么多气运之子 It is existence that has great destiny extremely. 本身就是一个拥有极大气运的存在。 Did not say wishes coming true, at least works, is smooth. 不说心想事成,至少做什么事,都顺风顺水。 Such thinks, probably is not incomprehensible. 这样一想,好像也不是不能理解。 As the matter stands, in too the ancient star Chen sea, must inquire actually, paid attention to some clues.” Jun Xiaoyao said. “这样一来,在太古星辰海,倒是要打听一下,留意一些线索了。”君逍遥道。 He planned, but wants to cross too the ancient star Chen sea at the maximum speed, then south goes boundless. 他原本计划,只是想以最快的速度横渡太古星辰海,然后去南苍茫。 Now looks like, but must stay some date and time in too the ancient star Chen sea, inquires. 现在看来,还得在太古星辰海停留些许时日,打探一番。 However is good because, Jiang Tailin gave him the sea sovereign command of Sea Imperial Family, in too the ancient star Chen sea should some functions, could help him. 不过好在,姜太临给了他沧海皇族的沧海皇令,在太古星辰海应该有些作用,或许能帮到他。 Later, Jun Xiaoyao is and sunset, takes the flying boat to depart. 之后,君逍遥便是和桑榆,乘坐飞舟离去。 As for writing off the consequence of Yuan black ink. 至于抹杀了元墨的后果。 Jun Xiaoyao does not care. 君逍遥并不在意。 From the attitude of Yuan black ink. 从元墨的态度来看。 If he really went to mix a day of clan along with the Yuan black ink. 若他真的随元墨去了混天族。 most likely (80%) will also be mixed a day of clan to covet. 八成也会被混天族觊觎。 After all true Primal Chaos Physique, chaos essence and blood and chaos source. 毕竟真正的混沌体,还有混沌精血和混沌本源。 Regarding having chaos bloodlines mixes a day of clansman, the attraction is fatal. 对于拥有混沌血脉的混天族人来说,吸引力是致命的。 This matter is only an interlude. 此事只是一个插曲。 Jun Xiaoyao continues to go forward toward too the ancient star Chen sea. 君逍遥继续朝着太古星辰海前进。 Meanwhile, in another void. 与此同时,在另一处虚空。 The boundless large ships cross the star space. 有一艘磅礴的楼船横渡星宇。 The entire large ship, is very broad, the hull proliferates rune, is glittering stars divine glow. 整座楼船,十分恢弘,船身遍布符文,闪烁着星辰般的神芒 Above the large ship deck, is standing a female. 在楼船甲板之上,站着一位女子。 The female stature selects extremely high, the curve is proud. 女子身材极为高挑,曲线傲人。 Wears the dark blue long skirt, if the star light interweaves. 身着深蓝色的长裙,若星光交织而成。 Black hair similarly is the blue color, sends among the silk to have a pair of silver dragon corner/horn, appears extremely fine magnificent. 一头青丝同样是蓝色的,发丝间有一对银色的龙角,显得极为精致华丽。 The female face is fair, the forehead a little dragon shape mark, the five senses such as the jade carve, passing one share is chilly. 女子面庞白皙,眉心有一点龙形印记,五官如玉雕琢,透着一股子清冷。 A pair of beautiful pupil, like the starry sky, is glittering magnificently the radiant star splendor, making one take a quick look around, as if perishing in. 一双美眸,瑰丽如星空,闪烁着点点璀璨的星辉,让人一眼看去,仿佛沉沦其中。 If Dragoness sea! 正是龙女海若! Young Master......” 公子……” Is looking into the boundless starry sky, the sea, if near the lip twittering, in the star pupil brings to wipe the meaning of missing. 眺望着茫茫星空,海若唇边呢喃,星眸中带着一抹思念之意。 Since previous time breaks the empty city, because relations in clan, therefore Dragoness sea, if, has to temporarily leave Jun Xiaoyao, returns to stars Dragon Clan. 自上次断空城后,因为族里的关系,所以龙女海若,也是不得不暂时离开君逍遥,回到星辰龙族 Regarding Jun Xiaoyao, Dragoness sea , if there is worry day and night. 对于君逍遥,龙女海若日夜都有惦念。 That emotion is very complex, admires, there is a worship. 那种情感很复杂,有仰慕,也有崇拜。 Probably the respect, the worship, with the love that the faint trace hidden links. 像是尊敬,崇拜,与丝丝隐藏的恋慕结合在一起。 Jun Xiaoyao this grade of character, world is only. 君逍遥这等人物,世间唯一。 Can have some happening together with him, the sea, if had felt oneself are very lucky. 能与他产生些许交集,海若已经觉得自己很是幸运。 When has the time to seek for Young Master?” If the sea muses to say. “什么时候才有时间去寻找公子呢?”海若不由暗想道。 Before she was also makes one inquire the news, knew the situation, Jun Xiaoyao in the day edict immortal toward. 之前她也是让人打探消息,得知了情况,君逍遥在天谕仙朝。 But in the clan does not want to let, if leaves. 但族里并不想让海若离开。 But this time, sea, if leaves in the clan, is because has the important matter. 而这一次,海若之所以离开族里,也是因为有重要事情。 In sea, if the thoughts pull when Jun Xiaoyao body. 就在海若心思牵在君逍遥身上时。 The destruction atmosphere, the inopportune sound resounds together. 一道破坏气氛,不合时宜的声音响起。 Sea, if, what you are thinking?” “海若,你在想什么?” Sends the man to walk blue, the forehead also has silver dragon corner/horn, is extraordinary. 一位蓝发男子走来,额头同样有银色龙角,气质不凡。 Stars Dragon Clan Dragon Son, Ling business, had also once come in the empty city before. 正是星辰龙族龙子,凌商,之前也曾在断空城现身过。 It‘s nothing.” “没什么。” Sees Ling business, the sea, if the slightly frowning beautiful woman, on the face is also appears wipes the meaning of slighting. 见到凌商,海若微颦娥眉,脸上也是浮现一抹冷淡之意。 Ling business did not mind, but said with a smile. 凌商也不介意,只是一笑道。 This time, we rush to too the ancient star Chen sea, to Sea Dragon the old Dragon King birthday greetings of imperial family, sea, if you may probably display well.” “这一次,我们赶赴太古星辰海,给海龙皇族的老龙王贺寿,海若你可要好好表现啊。” If the sea the vision is indifferent, cast a sidelong glance slantingly Ling business eyes. 海若目光冷漠,斜睨了凌商一眼。 Your this saying what meaning?” “你这话什么意思?” The ice business stares intentionally, then said: Right, possibly was in the clan forgot and you said.” 凌商故意一愣,而后道:“对了,可能是族里忘了和你说。” At the birthday feast of this Sea Dragon sovereign Elder Dragon King, will have the first ancestor Dragon Clan life to appear.” “这一次海龙皇族老龙王的寿宴上,会有始祖龙族的生灵出现。” Perhaps is that wants to accept you for the character who concubine's Sir sends out.” “说不定就是那位,想要纳你为妾的大人所派出的人物。” Therefore, you must display well, the attitude amiably, do not look like now is so desolate, will make first ancestor Dragon Clan unhappy.” “所以,你要好好表现,态度谦和一点,不要像现在这般冷淡,会让始祖龙族不喜。” What?” “什么?” If the sea star pupil, the expression concentrates. 海若星眸一顿,表情微凝。 This matter, before coming, in the clan indeed has not said with her. 这件事,来之前,族里的确没有和她说过。 The ice business sighed slightly: Sea, if, do not blame in the clan, after all told you, you will also possibly resist.” 凌商微微一叹道:“海若,你也别怪族里,毕竟告诉你,你也可能会抗拒。” Moreover, many, for my stars Dragon Clan considers.” “而且,多为了我星辰龙族着想。” That is of first ancestor Dragon Clan ten tyrant clans, even/including Hailong the imperial family wants to be separated from the abyssal sea scale clan, joins first ancestor Dragon Clan.” “那可是十霸族之一的始祖龙族啊,连海龙皇族都想脱离海渊鳞族,加入始祖龙族。” This time you, if it is not dealt with properly, unlucky , is not only you, will implicate stars Dragon Clan.” “这次你若处理不好,倒霉的不仅是你,甚至会连累到星辰龙族。” Therefore, you think well.” “所以,你好好想想吧。” Ling business shakes the head, departs. 凌商摇了摇头,也是离去。 If sea if complies with to become concubine of that first ancestor Sir Dragon Clan. 如果海若答应成为那位始祖龙族大人的妾室 That entire stars Dragon Clan, can benefit, perhaps the opportunity joins first ancestor Dragon Clan. 那整个星辰龙族,都能得到好处,或许还有机会加入始祖龙族 If sea if not comply, that somewhat was troublesome. 如果海若不答应的话,那就有些麻烦了。 Now Ling business, the entire stars Dragon Clan principle of righteousness, presses in the sea, if body, forcing her to make the choice. 现在凌商,把整个星辰龙族的大义,都压在海若身上,逼迫她做出选择。 If the Dragoness sea the white hands pinch tightly, the joint is exuding the azure. 龙女海若玉手紧捏,骨节都是泛着青色。 She is very reckless, looks for Jun Xiaoyao directly. 她很想不顾一切,直接去找君逍遥 But feels this, will bring the trouble to Jun Xiaoyao absolutely. 但又觉得这样,绝对会给君逍遥带来麻烦。 After all the opponent, is first ancestor Dragon Clan. 毕竟对手,可是始祖龙族啊。 Even if in ten Tyrant clan, is that type is quite prosperous, overbearing existence. 哪怕在十霸族中,都是那种极为鼎盛,霸道的存在。 Also only then cloud clan and other Tyrant clan, can not hold in the mouth first ancestor Dragon Clan. 也就只有云族等霸族,能不叼始祖龙族 If although the sea knows, Jun Xiaoyao has the extremely uncommon origin and background, but does not want to give such big trouble to him. 海若虽然知道,君逍遥有极为不凡的来历和背景,但也不想给他添这么大一个麻烦。 She is nipping the lip slightly, that always brings the light chilly haughty jade face, at this moment is actually reveals to wipe rare vacant and no use. 她微微咬着唇,那张总是带着淡淡清冷骄矜的玉颜,此刻却是流露出一抹罕见的茫然与无助。 Young Master, sea how, if should do......”( this chapter ends) 公子,海若该怎么做……”(本章完)
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