STSBAFGG :: Volume #26

#2597: Plunders the Emperor Clan background, full, flourishing Yurong...

This stir origins the universe Immortal War, drops the curtain. 这场轰动起源宇宙的不朽战,就此落下帷幕。 After the news spreads, can say that vibrated ten big star. 消息传出后,可以说震动了十大星界。 Li people, this lineage/vein prosperous incomparable Ancient Emperor Clan, this easily destruction. 黎族,这一脉鼎盛无比的古之帝族,就这样轻易覆灭。 Star Territory that the Li people are , the innumerable life destruction, the blood changed into the Milky Way, flows in the universe. 黎族所在的星域,无数的生灵覆灭,鲜血化为了天河,流淌在宇宙之中。 The innumerable skeleton, floats in Star Territory. 数不清的尸骸,漂浮在星域之间。 Those who make one shock, Li people three old falling from the sky. 更让人震撼的是,黎族三老的陨灭。 That is true supreme expert, even if in Emperor Realm, absolutely is not mediocre. 那可是真正的至强者,哪怕在帝境中,都绝对不是凡俗。 But by cloud Saint Emperor Palace various ancestor, the domineering town/subdues was actually killed. 但却被云圣帝宫诸祖,强势镇杀。 Those who make people with amazement is, participates in this Immortal War, but also is not cloud Saint Emperor Palace complete ancient ancestor. 更让人骇然的是,参加这场不朽战的,还并非云圣帝宫的全部古祖。 In other words, Emperor cloud Saint Palace, but presented some ancient ancestor level characters, annihilated the Li people thoroughly. 也就是说,云圣帝宫,只是出现了一部分古祖级人物,就彻底湮灭了黎族。 This lets the person, to the ultimate influence, had the deep awe. 这更让人,对终极势力,产生了深深的敬畏。 That emperor fights , since origins the universe modern times, biggest war that erupts. 那场帝战,也是起源宇宙近代以来,所爆发的最大大战。 Afterward some people went to the view to regard, discovered that universe deep place was hit caves. 后来有人去观视,发现那宇宙深处都被打得塌陷了。 One big piece is the jet black space turbulent flow, with the debris of shatter stack-up, is unable to heal for a very long time. 一大片都是漆黑的空间乱流,与破碎层叠的空间碎片,久久无法愈合。 Intensity that the conceivable that emperor fights. 可以想象那场帝战的激烈程度。 Hence, origins the universe all parties influence, to Emperor cloud Saint Palace, had a brand-new understanding. 至此,起源宇宙各方势力,对云圣帝宫,有了一个全新的认识。 The prestige, arrived at a degree that is inconceivable. 其声望,更是到达了一个难以想象的程度。 Even if with and three lives the palace for the Xuanyuan clan of ultimate influence, was the quilt pressed. 哪怕是同为终极势力的轩辕一族和三生殿堂,都是被盖压了下去。 Emperor cloud Saint Palace, becomes the dragon head of deserving! 云圣帝宫,成为了当之无愧的龙首! Has the exaggerating hearsay to flow out. 更有夸张的传闻流出。 Said even if a Xuanyuan clan and three lives the palace to put together, Emperor cloud Saint Palace also absolutely not empty. 说哪怕轩辕一族和三生殿堂加在一起,云圣帝宫也绝对不虚。 It can be imagined, Emperor cloud Saint the prestige of Palace went to what kind of situation. 可想而知,云圣帝宫的声望达到了何等地步。 Moreover, Emperor cloud Saint Palace to crusade against governing demon palace odd/surplus evil goes, justifiable. 而且,云圣帝宫是为了讨伐御魔殿余孽去的,名正言顺。 All influence, not only has not censured, instead also believes, Emperor cloud Saint Palace, is really eliminating the disaster for the origin universe. 各方势力,不但没有非议,反而还认为,云圣帝宫,是真的在为起源宇宙肃清祸乱。 The reputation was instead better. 名声反而更好了。 After this Immortal War finished. 在这场不朽战结束后。 Emperor cloud Saint Palace is also starts the battlefield cleanup, the resources of processing Li people. 云圣帝宫也是开始打扫战场,处理黎族的资源。 This Immortal War, Emperor cloud Saint Palace also has some losses. 这场不朽战,云圣帝宫也是有一些损失。 Immortal War, even if a domineering side, after all meeting deceased person, some losses. 不朽战,哪怕是再强势的一方,终归还是会死人,有些损失。 But compared to the Li people, that loss simply is not anything. 但相对于黎族,那损失简直不算什么。 Also, in comparison, the resources that harvested from the Li people, was extremely terrifying. 再说了,相比之下,从黎族所收获的资源,是极为恐怖的。 The war, is always the method of enrichment. 战争,从来都是发家致富的手段。 Also obtains one of the wealth ways most quickly. 也是最快获得财富的方式之一。 The Li people, as side Ancient Emperor Clan, its collection background can be imagined. 黎族,身为一方古之帝族,其珍藏底蕴可想而知。 Various Emperor ancient soldier/weapon, and even accurate immortal tool. 各种古兵帝器,乃至准仙器 Ancient medicine treasure medicine sage medicine, half elixir. 还有古药宝药圣药,半仙药。 Even, the Li people also elixir, hides in side covert small world, Palace was excavated by Emperor cloud Saint. 甚至,黎族还有一株仙药,藏在一方隐蔽的小世界里,被云圣帝宫发掘出来了。 Scripture Depository of Li people, various immortal scripture ancient scroll, ancient heaven merit, scrip­tures note wait/etc, innumerable. 还有黎族的藏经阁,各种仙经古卷,古老天功,经文札记等等,数不胜数。 That scroll sutra that Emperor cloud Saint Palace collects, although are more than Li people. 云圣帝宫所收藏的那种经卷,虽然比黎族还要多。 But they do not dislike many, is plunders the collection of Li people. 但他们可不嫌多,将黎族的收藏也都是搜刮一空。 Arrived finally, various resources that Emperor cloud Saint Palace collects, almost packed sea of clouds dragon boats. 到最后,云圣帝宫所搜集到的各种资源,几乎装满了一艘艘云海龙舟。 Sea of clouds dragon boat, but there is a broad space, finally was crowded. 要知道,云海龙舟内部,可是有广阔的空间,结果都被塞满了。 Obviously the background of Li people deep. 可见黎族的底蕴有多深厚。 Actually, strict, if Immortal War starts, hostile influence, even if ruins the background, will not make the opposite party obtain. 其实,严格来说,若是不朽战发动,敌对的势力,哪怕毁掉底蕴,都不会让对方得到。 Because, Emperor cloud Saint Palace Immortal War, raises extremely suddenly. 但因为,云圣帝宫这场不朽战,掀起得太过突然。 Even the Li people were hit one to be caught off guard. 连黎族都是被打了一个措手不及。 Therefore many treasure have not ruined with enough time, finally all cheap cloud Shengdi Palace. 所以很多宝贝都没来得及毁掉,最后全都便宜了云圣帝宫。 Naturally, Emperor cloud Saint Palace does not keep everything for oneself. 当然,云圣帝宫也不是吃独食的。 These coordination together take action influences, such as hot clan, wind clan, Other Shore palace, big summer wise reign, jade cauldron business pledge and other influences. 那些协同一起出手的势力,如火族,风族,彼岸道宫,大夏圣朝,玉鼎商盟等势力。 Also all gained full, returns home with a full load. 也皆是赚了个盆满钵满,满载而归。 These influences, to Emperor cloud Saint Palace, is more intimate. 这些势力,对云圣帝宫,也是更加亲近。 Although on outwardly, is not the dependency. 虽然明面上,不是附庸。 But actually could not miss many. 但其实也差不了多少了。 It can be said that these influences unite in together, is Emperor cloud Saint the big boost of Palace. 可以说,这些势力联合在一起,也是云圣帝宫的一大助力。 Even listens to the snow building, plundered many treasure in secret, Emperor cloud Saint Palace is also default, has not prevented. 甚至听雪楼,都是暗中搜刮了诸多宝贝,云圣帝宫也是默认,并没有阻止。 Because listens to the snow building situation to be after all special, is the influence in darkness, Emperor cloud Saint Palace is not good on to make anything outwardly. 因为听雪楼毕竟情况特殊,是黑暗中的势力,云圣帝宫不好明面上做什么。 outside world also believes, listens to the snow building, received Emperor cloud Saint the money of Palace, is willing take action in this war. 外界也都认为,听雪楼,是收了云圣帝宫的钱,才愿意在这一战中出手的。 All hence, is settles down. 一切至此,也算是尘埃落定。 As for Jun Xiaoyao. 至于君逍遥这边。 Brings Li Xianyao and Dongfang Aoyue in him, after leaving the Li people ancestor star . 在他带着黎仙瑶东方傲月,离开黎族祖星后。 Then has expert of hear of snow buildings in secret, stressed a crazy woman who acted like a madman the sob. 暗中便是有听雪楼的强者,抓来了一个疯疯癫癫哭泣的疯婆子。 flourishing Yurong. 正是殷玉蓉。 flourishing Yurong, is an elegant beautiful woman. 殷玉蓉,本来也是一个雍容华贵的美妇人。 However at this moment, is actually the inadequate appearance, the tears nasal mucus sticks a face. 但是此刻,却是不成模样,眼泪鼻涕糊一脸。 Before, Li Heng has not gone out of the place of immortal losing. 之前,黎衡没有走出仙遗之地。 flourishing Yurong is then deeply grieved, almost collapse. 殷玉蓉便是悲痛欲绝,几近崩溃。 But now, the Li people thorough destruction, flourishing Yurong could be said as the radical collapse. 而现在,黎族彻底覆灭,殷玉蓉可以说是彻底崩溃了。 She sees Li Xianyao to stand side Jun Xiaoyao. 她看到黎仙瑶站在君逍遥身边。 In the eye first is flashes through wipes the deeply ingrained hatred. 眼中先是闪过一抹刻骨的恨意。 Right, flourishing Yurong hates Li Xianyao. 没错,殷玉蓉恨黎仙瑶 Why, can Li Xianyao go out of the place of immortal losing, Li Heng actually cannot walk? 为什么,黎仙瑶能走出仙遗之地,黎衡却走不出来? Why, doesn't Li Xianyao protect Li Heng? 为什么,黎仙瑶不保护黎衡? It can be said that flourishing Yurong wishes one could, with the Li Xianyao life, trades Li Heng the life. 可以说,殷玉蓉恨不得,拿黎仙瑶的命,换黎衡的命。 In any case she is also cheap of that woman. 反正她也是那个女人的贱种。 However now, the desire of seeking livehood, has pressed the hatred in heart. 但是现在,求生的欲望,压过了心中的恨意。 flourishing Yurong sees Li Xianyao, immediately cries. 殷玉蓉见黎仙瑶,立刻哭哭啼啼起来。 Immortal Yao, saves mother!” “仙瑶,救救娘!” She knows, Li Xianyao and Jun Xiaoyao relate the sworn friend. 她知道,黎仙瑶君逍遥关系莫逆。 If perhaps Li Xianyao the opens the mouth, Jun Xiaoyao also really can forgive her life. 黎仙瑶若开口,说不定君逍遥还真能饶她一命。 Jun Xiaoyao looks at this clown, then looked at Li Xianyao. 君逍遥看着这小丑,转而看了看黎仙瑶 The Li Xianyao complexion said indifferently: Shut up, you do not match to be my mother!” 黎仙瑶面色冷漠道:“住口,你不配做我娘!” Called your mother, was to my biological mother's insult!” “叫你娘,是对我亲娘的侮辱!” Li Xianyao, cuts off thoroughly, no longer has the slight connection with them. 黎仙瑶,彻底斩断过去,不再和他们有丝毫瓜葛。 Hears this saying, flourishing Yurong stares, then screamed. 听到这话,殷玉蓉一愣,而后尖叫起来。 Li Xianyao, your cheap that does not have the conscience!” 黎仙瑶,你这个没有良心的贱种!” But at this time. 而这时。 . 啪地一下。 Dongfang Aoyue flung a flourishing Yurong numerous slap in the face directly, almost wipes out her. 东方傲月直接甩了殷玉蓉一个重重的耳光,差点把她头都打掉。 flourishing Yurong that fresh side beautiful face, swelled up high, a blue and purple piece. 殷玉蓉那张本来生的极美的脸,高高肿起,青紫一片。 The corners of the mouth were broken, blood directing current. 嘴角都被打破了,鲜血直流。 you......” “伱……” flourishing Yurong head humming sound. 殷玉蓉脑瓜嗡嗡的。 „Do you want to see your son?” “你想见你的儿子?” The Dongfang Aoyue tone, has the type pale, if frost indifference. 东方傲月语气,有种淡若冰霜的冷漠。 What, is my son also living?” “什么,我儿子还活着?” flourishing Yurong pupil stares in a big way, is staring at Dongfang Aoyue. 殷玉蓉瞳孔瞪大,盯着东方傲月 Right , is living, do you want to see him?” Dongfang Aoyue light say/way. “没错,也算是活着吧,你要见他吗?”东方傲月淡淡道。 Naturally, I want!” flourishing Yurong impatient say/way. “当然,我要!”殷玉蓉迫不及待道。 The Dongfang Aoyue corners of the mouth, reveal wipe the ice-cold smile. 东方傲月嘴角,露出一抹冰冷的微笑。 Is front this virulent woman, killed her mother. 就是面前这个恶毒的女人,害死了她的娘亲。 How to punish, is not overrated. 怎么惩罚,都不为过。 Dongfang Aoyue, and refers to for the sword, then point(s)! 东方傲月,并指为剑,而后点出! Immediately, kills the pig sad and shrill squeal to resound. 顿时,杀猪般凄厉的尖叫声响起。 flourishing Yurong, obtained with her son Li Heng, same treatment. 殷玉蓉,得到了和她儿子黎衡,一样的待遇。 Putting to death by dismemberment of being cut to pieces! 千刀万剐的凌迟! Blood splash! 鲜血飞溅! The Jun Xiaoyao complexion is light. 君逍遥面色淡淡。 Li Xianyao sees this, avoids the vision slightly, but has not said anything. 黎仙瑶看到这,微微避开目光,但也没有说什么。 Dongfang Aoyue complaining for a long time and hates, to need a venting channel. 东方傲月长久以来的怨与恨,需要一个发泄的渠道。 The injustice has the head, the debt has Lord. 冤有头,债有主。 Should this woman repay! 是该这女人偿还的时候了! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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