STSBAFGG :: Volume #26

#2594: Cuts Li Saint, the town/subdues seals Nascent Spirit, feeling relaxed of Li Xianyao

Ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) Spiritual God Dharma Body, stands erect in Jun Xiaoyao behind. 万丈神灵法身,矗立于君逍遥身后。 All over the body the strength of winding around golden belief. 通体缭绕金色的信仰之力。 Probably trillion all living things, regarding that golden Dharma Body, are extolling, pays homage, pray! 像是有亿万众生,围绕着那尊金色法身,在赞颂,膜拜,祈祷! Boundless fearsome, sufficiently shock and awe universe boundless strength, proliferation. 一股无边可怖,足以震慑乾坤苍茫的力量,扩散而出。 Here is the Li people ancestor tomb, the world rule is special. 要不是这里是黎族祖陵,天地规则特殊。 That wisp of aura, crashes ten thousand li (0.5 km) mountains and rivers sufficiently. 那一缕气息,就足以压垮万里山河。 Jun Xiaoyao Spiritual God Dharma Body! 正是君逍遥的神灵法身 You are......” “你这是……” Li Saint at this moment, the eye pupil is shivering slightly. 黎圣此刻,眼瞳都是在微微颤抖。 That vast golden Dharma Body, is born just like Divinity. 那浩瀚的金色法身,宛如神祇降世。 Is winding around the fuzzy golden fog. 缭绕着模糊的金色雾霭。 But can see its facial features vaguely, is just the same as Jun Xiaoyao! 但依稀可以看出其面容,和君逍遥一模一样! This what's the matter? 这到底是怎么回事? Li Saint is completely ignorant. 黎圣完全是懵的。 How Jun Xiaoyao will have so powerful Dharma Body. 君逍遥怎么会有如此强悍的法身 Let alone Li Saint is dumbstruck. 别说黎圣发懵。 Dongfang Aoyue, the Li Xianyao two females, saw ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) golden Dharma Body that Jun Xiaoyao stands erect behind. 东方傲月,黎仙瑶两女,看到君逍遥身后矗立的万丈金色法身 Also is grins with ear to ear surprised. 亦是吃惊地合不拢嘴。 They are Jun Xiaoyao relate the close woman, knows that he has the card in a hand that many have not appeared. 她们都是和君逍遥关系密切的女人,知道他有着诸多未曾显现的底牌。 But this card in a hand, was a little rather unexpected. 但这底牌,未免有点出乎预料了。 May be called king Zha! 堪称王炸! Jun Xiaoyao, the complexion is light. 君逍遥,面色淡淡。 Generally speaking, he will not use Spiritual God Dharma Body. 一般来说,他不会动用神灵法身 First, because, saved the strength of belief before, was not quick, but use Spiritual God Dharma Body, the strength of consumption are too many, cannot easily waste. 一是因为,之前积攒信仰之力,本就不快,而动用神灵法身,耗费的力量太多,不能轻易浪费。 Second, because, Jun Xiaoyao does not want to form the dependency on Spiritual God Dharma Body. 二是因为,君逍遥不想形成对神灵法身的依赖。 Therefore, only if must offer a sacrifice, otherwise Jun Xiaoyao will not use. 所以,除非是必须要祭出,不然君逍遥绝不会动用。 From end the law immortal boat, after obtaining the strength of magnanimous belief . 在从末法仙舟之中,得到了海量的信仰之力后。 Will not have the situation that the strength of belief is insufficient actually. 倒是不会出现信仰之力不足的情况。 Even, but can also assist Spiritual God Dharma Body to further strengthen the transformation. 甚至,还可以辅助神灵法身进一步强化蜕变。 Now the time is too short, therefore Spiritual God Dharma Body still had not transformed completely. 只是现在时间太短,所以神灵法身尚没有完全蜕变。 However even so, still enough terrifying. 不过就算如此,也足够恐怖了。 Copes with severely wounded Li Saint, absolutely does not have the issue. 对付一个重伤的黎圣,完全没有问题。 Things.” “身外之物而已。” Li Saint cold snort/hum, but eyeground wipes dignifiedly, actually betrayed him. 黎圣一声冷哼,但眼底的一抹凝重,却出卖了他。 Right?” “是吗?” Jun Xiaoyao offers a sacrifice to one thing again. 君逍遥再度祭出一样东西。 That is the sword that a overflows radiantly, is sending out prestige of the share of gorgeously unsurpassed sovereign. 那是一柄璀璨流溢的剑,散发着一股巍然无上的皇者之威。 Carves the stars, carves the mountains vegetation. 一面刻日月星辰,一面刻山川草木。 On the sword hilt inscribes the emperor to say the writing, as if holds this Swordsman, then grasped the world authority. 剑柄上刻有帝道文字,仿佛掌此剑者,便是掌握了天地权柄。 Human Sovereign Sword! 正是人皇剑 Golden Spiritual God Dharma Body, grasps golden Human Sovereign Sword. 金色的神灵法身,手持金色的人皇剑 That aura, was more terrifying, is gorgeously unsurpassed, sends out even the heaven for the powerful aura that it trembles! 那股气息,更加恐怖了,巍然无上,散发出连苍天都为之震颤的强悍气息! At this moment, the bonus is Emperor Realm, must submit to his Jun Xiaoyao under foot! 这一刻,饶是帝境,都要在他君逍遥脚下臣服! The corner of the eye of Li Saint twitched ruthlessly. 黎圣的眼角狠狠抽搐了一下。 Jun Xiaoyao naturally cannot delay again, the figure and Spiritual God Dharma Body fusion, then said to Dongfang Aoyue. 君逍遥自然不会再拖延,身形与神灵法身相合,而后对东方傲月道。 proud moon/month, I have said that must accompany you to take the road of this final revenge, together.” “傲月,我说过,要陪你走完这最后的复仇之路,一起吧。” Dongfang Aoyue hears word, the eye pupil also touches. 东方傲月闻言,眼眸也是触动。 She must with her man together, end the passing all enmities! 她要和她的男人一起,终结过往的一切仇怨! Bang! 轰! Their take action. 他们出手了。 Golden Spiritual God Dharma Body, palm Human Sovereign Sword, really seems like Human Sovereign Xuanyuan Great Emperor to reappear world. 金色的神灵法身,手掌人皇剑,真的像是人皇轩辕大帝再现世间。 That aura mighty waves, making one tremble. 那股气息波澜,令人震颤。 Human Sovereign Sword, blooms golden sword qi, if the vastness rushes generally. 人皇剑,绽放出金色的剑气,若汪洋一般澎湃。 Before Jun Xiaoyao, Human Sovereign Sword , the brand mark about Chu Xiao, has erased all. 君逍遥之前,已经将人皇剑中,关于楚萧的烙印,尽数抹除。 Therefore this sword now, is the thing of without owner, can be utilized by him. 所以此剑现在,是无主之物,能被他所运用。 Jun Xiaoyao, although is unable to display the Human Sovereign Sword prestige energy. 君逍遥自身,虽然无法发挥出人皇剑的威能。 However Spiritual God Dharma Body. 但是神灵法身可以。 Another side, Dongfang Aoyue also stimulates to movement the emperor body, even if aura not compared with Spiritual God Dharma Body, but also is the power and influence rushes. 另一边,东方傲月也是催动帝身,纵使气息不比神灵法身,但亦是威势澎湃。 Two people collaborate, kill to Li Saint. 两人联手,杀向黎圣 Laughable!” “可笑!” Li Saint angrily roars. 黎圣一声怒吼。 He by two young man juniors, will be compelled so the situation. 没有想到,他会被两个后生小辈,逼到这般地步。 Li Saint used the big technique of Li people, the universe seemed like must invert, the emperor said that principle turbulently, was found in the world. 黎圣施展出了黎族的大术,乾坤都像是要颠倒,帝道法则汹涌而出,遍布天地间。 However is useless. 然而都无用。 Spiritual God Dharma Body, stimulates to movement Human Sovereign Sword, a sword cuts to fall, as if cut a big world. 神灵法身,催动人皇剑,一剑斩落而下,仿佛划开了一个大世。 The golden say/way god mark flows, fills the entire world. 金色的道则神纹流淌,弥漫寰宇。 The Li Saint method, was torn instantaneously. 黎圣的手段,瞬间就被撕裂了。 The sword glow turnover, resembles must let this Li people ancestor disintegration. 剑芒吞吐,似是要让这片黎族祖地都崩碎。 But at this time, this ancestor imperial mausoleum, suddenly had the inexplicable strength to emerge, enforcement in Li Saint body. 而这时,这片祖地陵寝,忽然有莫名的力量涌现,加持黎圣身上 „Did ancestor read the strength?” “先祖念力吗?” The Jun Xiaoyao look is light. 君逍遥神色淡淡。 Here is the burying place of Li people ancestors, during is dark, will have the so-called hoping strength with reading the strength, enforcement in Li Saint body. 这里是黎族先人的葬地,冥冥之中,也会有所谓的愿力与念力,加持黎圣身上 But what's the big deal? 但那又如何? Jun Xiaoyao at this moment, the god demon is difficult to keep off! 此刻的君逍遥,神魔难挡! Then is these ancestors of Li people are resurrecting at this moment. 便是黎族的这些先人都在此刻复活。 Jun Xiaoyao must kill to put on all! 君逍遥也要杀穿一切! Spiritual God Dharma Body rushes brilliance, every action and every movement, the universe trembles. 神灵法身光辉澎湃,一举一动,乾坤震颤。 Li Saint is wounded again, even had the meaning of running away at heart. 黎圣再度受创,心里甚至有了逃遁之意。 Although this is the absolute shame. 虽然这是绝对的耻辱。 But Li Saint, after all is also a being adaptable to the situation character. 黎圣,毕竟也是一个能屈能伸的人物。 Only then living, has the scrubbing shame possibility. 只有活着,才有洗刷耻辱的可能。 But how Jun Xiaoyao may give him this opportunity. 君逍遥怎么可能会给他这个机会。 He and Dongfang Aoyue collaborates, is of one mind. 他与东方傲月两人联手,心有灵犀。 The Spiritual God Dharma Body lord murders, but Dongfang Aoyue, then controls the emperor body, detains the Li Saint escape route. 神灵法身主杀伐,而东方傲月,则操控帝身,拦阻黎圣退路。 Arrived finally, Li Saint whole body bloodstained. 到最后,黎圣浑身染血。 Human Sovereign Sword cuts to fall across the sky, cuts the Li Saint half body directly broken! 人皇剑横空斩落而下,直接将黎圣半边身子都斩碎! It can be said that even if the Li Saint peak, cannot shoulder facing Jun Xiaoyao Spiritual God Dharma Body. 可以说,哪怕是黎圣巅峰时期,面对君逍遥的神灵法身都扛不住。 Let alone causes heavy losses to the condition. 更别说是重创状态。 Therefore Li Saint has not supported several moves, the whole person was cut directly broken by Human Sovereign Sword, a little bit emperor blood pounds to fall, buries to pound the innumerable holes this piece. 所以黎圣没撑过几招,整个人直接被人皇剑斩碎,一滴滴帝血砸落而下,将这片葬地砸出无数窟窿。 But, Li Saint Nascent Spirit escapes, wants to run away. 而其中,黎圣元神遁出,想要逃遁。 Spiritual God Dharma Body finds out the golden palm, blocks the sky, if a side vast golden color vault of heaven, is one is grasping directly to Li Saint Nascent Spirit. 神灵法身探出金色的手掌,遮天蔽日,若一方浩瀚的金色苍穹,直接是对着黎圣元神一把抓去。 Bang! 轰! Li Saint Nascent Spirit, caused heavy losses again, aura dispirited! 黎圣元神,再度遭到重创,气息萎靡! But Jun Xiaoyao, has not chosen extinguishes directly kills. 君逍遥,并没有选择直接灭杀。 Because, he must Li Saint Nascent Spirit, give Dongfang Aoyue. 因为,他要将黎圣元神,交给东方傲月 Gives you.” Jun Xiaoyao said. “给你。”君逍遥道。 Dongfang Aoyue, Nascent Spirit of Li Saint dispirited, seals into the soul vessel. 东方傲月,将黎圣萎靡的元神,封入灵魂容器之中。 Li Saint Nascent Spirit is still struggling fiercely, but obviously, does not have the turnaround power again. 黎圣元神依然在剧烈挣扎,但显然,再无回天之力。 Meanwhile, in that vessel, another Nascent Spirit. 同时,在那容器中,还有另一道元神 Li Heng. 正是黎衡。 Also remains one person.” “还剩一人。” Dongfang Aoyue said. 东方傲月道。 Why does not know, she at this moment at heart, unexpectedly not real feelings. 不知为何,她此刻心里,竟是有一种不真实的感觉。 Probably dream for a long time, soon must regain consciousness general. 就好像长久以来的梦,即将要苏醒一般。 That is blood-color, dream of revenge. 那是一个血色的,复仇的梦。 flourishing Yurong this woman, I have sent the person in hear of snow buildings to capture alive in secret.” “殷玉蓉这个女人,我已经暗中派听雪楼的人去活捉了。” When the time comes, lets their family reunion.” Jun Xiaoyao said. “到时候,让他们一家团圆。”君逍遥道。 Dongfang Aoyue nods. 东方傲月点点头。 At this time, Li Xianyao also walked. 这时,黎仙瑶也走来。 The sisters of these two life disputes, look at each other at this moment speechless. 这两位命途纠葛的姐妹,此刻相顾无言。 The Li Xianyao complexion, brings the paleness of pinnacle as before. 黎仙瑶的面色,依旧带着极致的苍白。 Jun Xiaoyao sees that said: Immortal Yao, the you soul came under some influences, but unobstructive.” 君逍遥见状,道:“仙瑶,伱的灵魂受到了些许影响,不过无碍。” I fall the soul of spirit ancestors to smelt that Li people, change into pure soul power, supplements the strength of your soul.” “我将那黎族降灵的先人之魂熔炼,化为精纯的魂力,补充你的灵魂之力。” Moreover, here also has the soul crystal, can help you thoroughly restore.” “另外,我这里还有魂晶,可以助你彻底恢复。” Hears Jun Xiaoyao these words. 听到君逍遥的这些话。 Li Xianyao is looking at him with clear such as the eye pupil of jade. 黎仙瑶只是用澄澈如玉的眼眸望着他。 Xiaoyao, you cared like this, actually for me, or...... she?” 逍遥,你这样的关心,究竟是为了我,亦或是……她?” Jun Xiaoyao hears word, is slightly silent. 君逍遥闻言,微微沉默。 She?” “她?” Nearby, does not know that the situation Dongfang Aoyue, in the eye flashes through doubts. 一旁,不知情况的东方傲月,眼中闪过一丝疑惑。 Sees Jun Xiaoyao like this, Li Xianyao throws suddenly, showed a pale smile. 看到君逍遥这样子,黎仙瑶忽然扑哧一下,露出了一个苍白的微笑。 This is reserved Li Xianyao, until now shows, liveliest gentle happy expression. 这是性格内敛的黎仙瑶,迄今为止所露出的,最活泼温柔的笑意。 She lifts the white hands, strokes the Jun Xiaoyao pretty profile. 她抬起玉手,抚摸君逍遥俊秀的侧脸。 Xiaoyao, I have wanted to understand, intertwines these, has what significance?” 逍遥,我已经想明白了,纠结这些,有何意义呢?” I care about you, cares you, recognized that you are only that my this lifetime meets.” “我在意你,把你放在心上,认定你是我这辈子遇到的唯一。” Has these, was then enough.” “有这些,便足够了。” Right. 没错。 Li Xianyao wants to understand. 黎仙瑶想明白了。 In she most desperate moment. 在她最绝望的关头。 Still is Jun Xiaoyao appears, comes to save her. 依然是君逍遥出现,前来拯救她。 She has been content. 她已经知足了。 What Jun Xiaoyao love is she, status that also or her Jiang Shengyi is reincarnated, probably is unimportant. 君逍遥爱的是她,亦或是她姜圣依转世的身份,好像都不重要了。 Li Xianyao cares, is at this moment, Jun Xiaoyao looks that her wipes gently. 黎仙瑶在意的,是此时此刻,君逍遥看着她的一抹温柔。 Some Monarch so, foot! 有君如此,足矣! 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