SBPE :: Volume #16

#8850: Chapter 8850

Dark demon beast clan main bodies want to be bigger than human, therefore the mine tunnel starts is also quite big. 黑暗魔兽一族大多数本体都比人类要大许多,所以矿洞开的也相当大。 Although Lin Yi is going against a body of dark demon beast clan, but after melting the shape, compared with normal person slightly tall and strong, walks in the mine tunnel, feels very spacious! 林逸虽然顶着黑暗魔兽一族的身体,但化形之后也就比正常人稍微魁梧一些,走在矿洞中,就觉得很是宽敞! But ability of divine sense survey was further compressed, radius more than ten about 20 meters are the limits. 只不过神识探测的能力进一步被压缩,半径十几二十米左右就已经是极限了。 In the dark mine tunnel, the only function is meets the corner and so on naked eye difficult and position, can understand slightly ahead of time. 在黑暗的矿洞之中,唯一的作用就是遇到转角之类肉眼难及的位置,可以稍微提前了解一下。 Better than nothing! 聊胜于无吧! In the mine tunnel channel several hundred meters distance, two people entered to a quite open section, has about about 600-700 square meters spaces. 在矿洞通道中走了数百米距离,两人进入到一处比较开阔的地段,大约有600-700平方米左右的空间。 Before here, should be the chaotic morion ore mining point, in the ground is also scattering the fragment of some coal ores. 这里以前应该是混乱黑晶矿石的开采点,地面上还散落着一些黑金矿石的碎块。 Sima Yi, is not a little right! Is more careful!” 司马逸,有点不对劲!小心一些!” Follows Dania behind Lin Yi to open the mouth to remind suddenly low voice. 跟在林逸后边的丹妮娅忽然开口小声提醒。 She really thought actually not has anything is not right, but according to plan, should to having anything is not right appears is right! 倒不是她真觉得有什么不对劲,而是按照计划来看,也该到有什么不对劲出现才对! Only if has no arrangement without the soul, or does not have the information that the soul has not received her to give! 除非是森兰无魂没有任何安排,或者是森兰无魂没有收到她传递的信息! But these two points are unlikely, Dania does not have the soul regarding is very confident. 但这两点都不太可能,丹妮娅对于森兰无魂还是很有信心的。 Actually does not need Dania to remind, Lin Yi really detected some are not right! 其实不用丹妮娅提醒,林逸是真的察觉到有些不对劲了! After entering this not too big nor too small space, was weakened to be suppressed in witch Linghai to extreme divine sense thoroughly, is unable to extend directly! 进入这片不大不小的空间后,本就被削弱到极点的神识彻底被压制回巫灵海中,直接无法延伸出去了! Said that not too accurately, exactly said that divine sense can still extend, so long as leaves the body, will annihilate not to have the trace immediately. 这么说不太准确,确切的说,神识依然可以延伸出去,但只要离开身体,就会马上湮灭无踪。 Probably was suppressed in the witch spirit sea is unable the exsomatize general- both favor from the result likely almost, is completely essentially different! 就好像被压制在巫灵海中无法离体一般-两者从结果上看好像差不多,本质上却完全不同! Energy fluctuation of chaotic morion mineral lode dissipation come out, not this terrifying ability, therefore inside very obvious this has the trick! 混乱黑晶矿脉散逸出来能量波动,并没有这种恐怖的能力,所以很明显的这里边有猫腻! Un, I also discovered, but the issue is not big, is not the difficult to deal with opponent! Is anxious!” “嗯,我也发现了,不过问题不大,并不是什么难对付的对手!没必要紧张!” The Lin Yi smile turns head, seemingly relaxed very: Except for annihilating divine sense ability, other aspects are not probably dangerous, you should know that what the opponent was?” 林逸微笑回头,看起来轻松的很:“除了湮灭神识能力,其他方面好像并不如何危险,你应该知道对手是什么了吧?” Annihilates divine sense? Does the shadow bite the god lion?” “湮灭神识?暗影噬神狮么?” Dania after all is big shot of dark demon beast clan, hears to annihilate the divine sense characteristics, immediately thinks the shadow bites the god lion. 丹妮娅毕竟是黑暗魔兽一族的大佬,听到湮灭神识的特征,马上就想到了暗影噬神狮。 Although other ethnic groups have similar ability, but can be sent come out by without the soul should be the shadow bites the god lion. 虽然还有其他族群也有类似的能力,但能被森兰无魂派出来的应该就是暗影噬神狮了。 Has the possibility! Before I also met the shadow to bite the god lion, therefore was very ripe to this feeling!” “有可能!以前我也遇到过暗影噬神狮,所以对这种感觉还挺熟!” The Lin Yi corners of the mouth have the smile, selects the fondly remembering meaning. 林逸嘴角带着微笑,还有那么点怀念的意思。 Meets again, almost forgot also the shadow to bite the god lion, has had five years of making with! 要不是再次遇到,差点忘了还有一个暗影噬神狮,和自己有过五年之约! What a pity, the vice- island does not know when can leave, that five years approximately must retract from an engagement mostly...... 可惜,副岛这边不知道什么时候才能离开,那个五年之约多半要爽约…… On the other hand, by presently Lin Yi's strength, words that keeps an appointment, that shadow bites the god lion to kneel absolutely! 话说回来,以现在林逸的实力,去赴约的话,那暗影噬神狮绝对要跪! Initially to let that shadow bit the god lion is not born in five years, now looks like, so long as Lin Yi can go back, that shadow bit the god lion born is the same. 当初是为了让那暗影噬神狮在五年之内不出世,如今看来,林逸只要能回去,那暗影噬神狮出不出世都一样了。 „Do you meet the shadow to bite the god lion? Should you also know their great strength? The shadow bites the ethnic group quantity of god lion to be scarce, the entire ethnic group adds, total also several hundreds.” “你遇到过暗影噬神狮?那你也应该知道它们的强大吧?暗影噬神狮的族群数量稀少,整个族群加起来,总数也不过数百而已。” The Dania look is dignified: If here really has the shadow to bite the god lion, we best or hurry to leave are quite good! In this place, even I, still not necessarily dare saying that can win a shadow to bite expert of god lion steadily, even if the actual rank of opposite party is lower than me is also the same!” 丹妮娅神色凝重:“如果这里真的有暗影噬神狮,我们最好还是赶紧离开比较好!在这种地方,即便是我,也未必敢说能稳胜一个暗影噬神狮的高手,哪怕对方的实际等级比我低也一样!” You and shadow bites the god lion to do, should understand their characteristics? Annihilating divine sense is only one of the talents, can integrate ability that in the shadow sneaks, is actually more fearful!” “你和暗影噬神狮打过交道,应该了解他们的特性吧?湮灭神识只是天赋之一,还有能融入暗影之中潜行的能力,其实更加可怕!” Shadow bites a god lion clan, it can be said that the inborn killer, in mine tunnel environment, is suits them to display the ability particularly!” “暗影噬神狮一族,可以说是天生的杀手,尤其是在矿洞这种环境下,更是适合他们发挥本领!” Perhaps we spoke, the shadow bit expert of god lion to ambush behind us, the preparation initiated must kill struck!” “或许我们说话的时候,暗影噬神狮的高手就已经潜伏在我们背后,准备发起必杀的一击了!” Dania in this honk toot toot the explanation, Lin Yi without delay, the demon is also biting the sword finally in the hand, returns to a sword to delimit directly! 丹妮娅还正在这嘟嘟嘟的解释呢,结果林逸二话不说,魔噬剑在手,直接返身一剑划出! In the midair resounded the slight metal to hand over the engine knock, the demon bites the sword to stagnate flickered , to continue to fall, finally actually did not encounter any barrier again! 半空之中响起轻微的金属交击声,魔噬剑停滞了一瞬,继续下落,最终却再没有碰到任何障碍! The back also really has the sneak attack! 背后还真有偷袭! The Jade Pendant space has the early warning, but is very weak, obviously thought that back sneak attack even hit Lin Yi, is still very difficult to pose the threat. 玉佩空间有预警,不过很微弱,显然觉得背后的这次偷袭即便命中林逸,也很难形成威胁。 Therefore the early warning seems like a small prompt, is passing scuffling! 所以预警就好像是一次小小的提示,透着敷衍了事! Really is the shadow bites the god lion! Here fights to us is very disadvantageous! Sima Yi, we hurried first to remove to say again!” “果然是暗影噬神狮!在这里战斗对我们很不利!司马逸,我们赶紧先撤出去再说!” The Dania whole body ties tight, adopts the defense stance, is taking a fast look around the surroundings vigilantly, and moves the body quietly, after entire, backs on behind Lin Yi! 丹妮娅浑身紧绷,摆出防御姿态,警惕的扫视着周围,并悄然移动身体,将整个后背靠在林逸背后! Above the battlefield, can hold the back junction to the opposite party, was equal to entrusting the life, what represented was the highest trust! 战场之上,能将后背交托给对方,等于是将性命都托付出去了,代表的是最高的信任! Naturally, Dania this to win Lin Yi completely, the shadow bites the god lion in any case is a person on one's own side, most puts on an act, real thing. 当然了,丹妮娅这完全是为了取信林逸,反正暗影噬神狮是自己人,最多装装样子,不会动真格。 After Lin Yi is feeling, bears the soft warm touch, in the heart actually some sends slightly coolly! 林逸感受着后背上柔软温暖的触感,心中却有些微微发凉! The shadow bites talent ability of god lion annihilates divine sense, but in the chaotic morion mineral lode everywhere is the chaotic fluctuations, the chaotic demon beetle releases the chaotic divine sense fluctuation of come out, similarly will be bitten the god lion to annihilate by the shadow! 暗影噬神狮的天赋能力是湮灭神识,而混乱黑晶矿脉中到处都是混乱波动,混乱魔甲虫释放出来的混乱神识波动,同样会被暗影噬神狮湮灭掉! Dark demon beast that this type may be called the chaotic demon beetle natural enemy, why can have in the presently chaotic morion mineral lode? 这种堪称混乱魔甲虫天敌的黑暗魔兽,为什么会出现在混乱黑晶矿脉中? If a dark demon beast clan must arrange the guard here, should not be absolutely the shadow bites the god lion! 如果黑暗魔兽一族要在这里安排守卫,也绝对不该是暗影噬神狮! To get down following this mentality, why does the shadow bite the god lion to have presently here? Whom can aim at? The words did not say that what meaning begins to attack directly is? 顺着这个思路想下去,暗影噬神狮为什么会出现在这里?是要针对谁?连话都不说直接动手攻击又是什么意思? Lin Yi and Dania admittedly became Wanted Criminal of dark demon beast clan, but the transmission of news is not absolutely quick, the present stage should, only then these barracks know this matter. 林逸和丹妮娅固然成了黑暗魔兽一族的通缉犯,但消息的传递绝对没有那么快,现阶段应该只有那些驻扎地知道这件事。 Scatters the small tribe in desolated land not to know, therefore Lin Yi and Dania passed by the small tribe time, will also be entertained respectfully. 散落在荒芜大地上的小部落都不知道,所以林逸和丹妮娅路过小部落的时候,还会受到恭敬的招待。 In the chaotic morion mineral lode, will receive the message ahead of time, therefore saw that Lin Yi does launch the attack? 混乱黑晶矿脉中,会提前收到消息,所以看到林逸就发动攻击? Is impossible! 不可能! Normally, whether or is not here guard, saw that two dark demon beast clan expert appear, how this/should first come out said how many words chat? 正常情况下,无论是否是这里的守卫,看到两个化形的黑暗魔兽一族高手出现,怎么都该先出来说几句话聊聊的吧? The sneak attack, can only show that this is early deliberate! 偷袭,只能说明这是早有预谋! Then the issue came! 那么问题来了! The premeditation that who arranges? Lin Yi temporary decision coming chaotic demon mound, who can be ready ahead of time? 谁安排的这个预谋?林逸临时决定过来混乱魔丘,谁能提前做好了准备? Small tribe that before passed by? 之前路过的小部落? Has this possibility, but small tribe even immediately gives the message, still not necessarily informs in the appropriate person hand with enough time, must make the arrangement not to mention beforehand! 有这个可能,但小部落即便马上传递消息,也未必来得及通知到合适的人手里,更别提还要事先做好安排了!
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