SR :: Volume #13

#1215: Big sprayer

In the mountainous region, energy Concise Essence is rich, various flowers and plants are bright with many colors, the flower petal blooms spurts the thin rosy cloud. 山地中,能量精粹浓郁,各种花草五光十色,花瓣绽放间喷薄云霞。 On the mountain wall is crawls full Lingteng, some bright red clear, there is a golden light to be shining, if these spirit canes still horned dragon winding around good luck. 山壁上更是爬满灵藤,有的鲜红晶莹的,也有金光灿灿,这些灵藤犹若一条条虬龙缭绕瑞气。 Even if the rock and dead wood, transpiration Purple Mist, fills the essence. 即便是岩石与枯木等,也都蒸腾紫雾,弥漫精华。 Can come here Evolver not one ordinary generation, from Golden Body to Divine King is the top powerhouse in respective level. 能够来到这里的进化者没有一个平凡之辈,从金身神王都是各自层次中的顶尖强者。 Reason that organizes to become the grand meeting, wants to make this group of rare talents each other know, understood mutually, later they are doomed to be the powerful characters of various clans. 之所以组织成为盛会,也是想让这群奇才彼此结识,相互了解,以后他们注定都会是各族的强力人物。 Now knows, deepens the understanding, has the advantage to each one. 现在结识,加深了解,对各自都有好处。 However, stemming from the habits of various clans, this banquet scene is somewhat strange, some people wear the formal clothes to come, gentle, courteous restrained, but some people are very rough, put on battle armour to come, the ice-cold metallic luster is fearful. 不过,出于各族的习性,这宴会现场有些怪异,有人穿着礼服而来,文质彬彬,有礼有节,而有些人则很粗犷,穿着战甲而来,冰冷金属光泽慑人。 When these people appear in together, grasps the high foot wine glass, each other talked, mutually when understanding, that appeared some alternatives. 当这些人出现在一起,手持高脚酒杯,彼此交谈,相互认识时,那就显得有些另类了。 And, many monkey this, whole body is the golden color grows hair, if still the ferocious beast talent, does not pay great attention to individual measuring appliance, can change from the adult not to do. 其中,不乏猴子这样,浑身都是金色长毛,犹若凶兽般的天才,不怎么注重个人仪表,能化形成人也不去做。 Monkey, you looks, a moment ago have the pretty girls of Vermilion Bird clan by your this furry appearance fearing, direct polite departure, you been able the limelight image.” Peng Wanli is discontented. “猴啊,你看,刚才朱雀族的靓女又被你这毛茸茸的样子给惊住了,直接礼貌性的离开,你能不能注意点形象。”鹏万里不满。 Because, monkey with his wool claw directly feeding thing, but also the seeing somebody off spirit peach, result that Vermilion Bird clan young girls cannot endure warmly, took in the mind peach to moisten the monkey wool, found an inferior excuse to run. 因为,猴子用他那只毛爪子直接取食物,还热情地送人灵桃,结果那朱雀族少女吃不消,担心灵桃上沾了猴毛,找了个蹩脚理由就跑了。 monkey the tooth, said: „To know the friend in this situation, the difficulty is very big, you have not seen Cao De that lunatic, whom sees to spurt anyone, saw anyone to bite one, we walk with him in the same place, you said that several do dare to collect?” 猴子呲牙,道:“在这种场合下想结识友人,难度很大,你们没看到曹德那疯子嘛,见谁喷谁,看到谁都要想咬一口,我们跟他走在一起,你说有几个敢凑过来的?” Peng Wanli and Xiao Yao lightly were also sighing, big such as fought, felt that this Cao De was the unhealthy person broken falls completely, seeing let his heart not happy creature, managed him to come from any formidable race, spurted directly. 鹏万里萧遥也都在轻叹,头大如斗,感觉这曹德完全是破罐子破摔,看见让他心头不舒畅的生灵,管他来自什么强大种族,直接就喷。 Jin Lié and Three-Headed Divine Dragon Yun Tuo and the others, really cannot bear him, by seeing stars that he spurts, turns around to walk directly, avoids to one side. 金烈三头神龙云拓等人,实在受不了他,被他喷的眼冒金星,直接转身就走,躲避向一边。 Because, they feel lose face too, this highly improper? 因为,他们感觉太丢人,这成何体统? They indeed intentionally are aiming at Cao De, intends to profane, uses the method to humiliate, but this fellow does not press the common sense to play a card completely, making him not be feeling well opens spurts! 他们的确在故意针对曹德,有意轻慢,施展手段折辱,可这家伙完全不按常理出牌,让他不爽就开喷! Jin Lié and Yun Tuo touch with the hand, on the face a spittle, the fellow does not fear disgraced, is spurting on the quarter of an hour not to bring to stop to them, grumble endless. 金烈云拓用手一摸,脸上一层唾沫星子,那家伙也不怕丢人,对着他们喷上一刻钟都不带停的,磨叽个没完没了。 Therefore, they could not bear, turn around to run, can't with him to spurting, one fight? That also too lost face. 所以,他们受不了,转身跑了,总不能跟他对着喷,一顿掐架吧?那也太丢人了。 However, that Cao De does not fear disgraced! 但是,那曹德不怕丢人! As for Kun Long, raised the blade several times, the hand is trembling, finally also maintains total silence, is repulsed to go. 至于鲲龙,数次提刀,手都在发抖,最后也一语不发,败退而去。 That Jin Lin, one was spurted and ridiculed by Chu Feng crazily, air/Qi wants to kill people, she has very serious cleanliness/mysophobia, hurries to scratch on the shining white cheek to be splattered on saliva, almost spat up blood, was screaming fleeing to the wilderness. 还有那金琳,被楚风一顿狂喷与奚落,气的都想杀人了,她有十分严重的洁癖,慌忙去擦莹白面颊上被喷溅上的口水,几乎呕血,尖叫着落荒而逃。 even/including Piqi best Xiao Yao cannot bear, goes forward to console. 连脾气最好的萧遥都受不了,上前去劝解。 Brother, was almost good, do you also want to practice in the battlefield, the people who can offend almost offended light, don't tell me do you want to absorb Merging Dao Herb to travel?” “兄弟,差不多就行了,你还想不想在战场上修行了,能得罪的人都差不多得罪光了,难道你想吸收完融道草就跑路?” Chu Feng thinks little, said: My this goes all over the world rational, spurts, no, they who said are dumbfounded, had not seen that each and every one did shut up?” 楚风不以为意,道:“我这是有理走遍天下,喷,不,说的他们哑口无言,没看到一个个都闭嘴了吗?” Damn goes all over the world rational! 见鬼的有理走遍天下! Does not want to urge him including Xiao Yao and Peng Wanli, only wants to leave his distant point. 萧遥鹏万里都不想劝他了,只想离他远点。 Shortly, Chu Feng was finally peaceful, does not find fault, starts to talk with the person happily. 不久后,楚风终于安静了,不去找茬儿,开始和人愉快交谈。 However, the monkey eye was red, Chu Feng gathered with his sister, expression that called one to ripple, the whole face smiled, talked to his sister really happy. 然而,猴子却眼睛都红了,楚风跟他妹妹凑到了一起,表情那叫一个荡漾,满脸是笑,跟他妹妹“相谈甚欢”。 Might as well makes him spurt person!” The look of monkey mouth air/Qi is bad, piles the arm to pull the sleeve to rush. “还不如让他去喷人呢!”猴嘴气的眼神不善,摞胳膊挽袖子就要闯过去。 Peng Wanli consoles: Ok, is with great difficulty peaceful . Moreover, your elder brother Mi Hong very much has not hoped that their two are intimate, takes a walk? You mix any chaotic!” 鹏万里劝解:“算了,好不容易安静下来,再者说了,你哥弥鸿不是很希望他们两个多亲近,多走动吗?你掺什么乱!” The monkey indignation, did not say: Since you said, simply your older sister, Golden Winged Peng Race most famous Princess introduced considers as finished to him!” 猴子不忿,道:“既然你这么说,干脆将你姐姐,金翅大鹏族最出名的公主介绍给他算了!” Peng Wanli has a golden long hair, is very handsome, now the complexion is awkward, said: "cough, she scholarship in some restricted area, by the words that her strength reveals itself, Cao De does not dare to approach. ” 鹏万里拥有一头金色长发,很英俊,现在脸色尴尬,道:“咳,她在某一禁地中学艺呢,以她的实力出世的话,曹德也不敢接近啊。” monkey rolls the eyes, said: Fart, so long as you dare to introduce, you looked Cao De he does dare to approach, his welldoing, so long as you mentioned, he guarantees will shout that immediately you called the brother-in-law.” 猴子翻白眼,道:“屁,只要你敢介绍,你看曹德他敢不敢接近,就他那德行,只要你提及,他保准会立刻喊你叫舅子。” elder brother-in-law, what did you say?” Chu Feng walked. 大舅哥,你说啥呢?”楚风走了过来。 monkey is dumbfounded immediately, this called chatty, has drawn fire to oneself, Cao De this shouts him? This bastard! 猴子顿时目瞪口呆,这叫一个腻歪,怎么引火烧身了,曹德这是喊他呢?这个王八蛋! Peng Wanli wants to smile, then quick expression solidified. 鹏万里想笑,然后很快表情就凝固了。 Cao De warm notified him, said: Péng brother, I heard a moment ago, do you have the elder sister's scholarship in the restricted area? Do you want to introduce to me? Good, I have liked the outstanding beauty female tyrant, later you were my wife's younger brother!” 曹德热情的跟他打招呼,道:“鹏兄,刚才我都听到了,你有个姐姐在禁地中学艺呢?你想介绍给我?太好了,我就喜欢国色天香的女暴君,以后你就是我小舅子了!” The Peng Wanli cheek twitch, wants to hit the person very much, who wants to introduce to you? Visits you now this not reasonable appearance, where can push to the fiery pit the elder sister! 鹏万里面皮抽动,很想打人,谁想介绍给你?看你现在这不靠谱的样子,哪能将姐姐向火坑里推! Chu Feng said: Or we are doubly related, Xiao Yao do you have the sisters? Also introduced that gives me. Dao Race is the world first five in strongest ethnic group, wants to come in your clan to would several names moving the world peerless pearl?” 楚风道:“要不咱们亲上加亲,萧遥你有姐妹吗?也介绍一个给我吧。道族是天下前五内的最强族群,想来你们族内总会有几个名动天下绝世明珠吧?” Has, the background is one by one big, successor in Dao Race was too terrifying, you can overtake an absolute value!” monkey called out. “有,一个比一个来头大,道族内的传人太恐怖了,你能追上一个绝对值!”猴子叫道。 Go away!” The Xiao Yao good nature wants to hit monkey. “滚!”萧遥这么好脾气都想打猴子了。 As for fights with Cao De, he wants not to think, feared after being punched, was spurted face saliva again, then also in the presence of everyone shouted his wife's younger brother. 至于跟曹德掐架,他想都没想过,怕被揍一顿后再被喷一脸口水,然后还当众喊他小舅子。 monkey, Peng Wanli and Xiao Yao saw suddenly, Chu Feng is unexpectedly peaceful, has not spurted the person again. 猴子鹏万里萧遥忽然看到,楚风居然安静下来,没有再喷人。 Afterward, he is a face smiling face, is very gentle, turns toward Divine King to walk on own initiative, precisely world first five strong clan core successor in Li Family! 随后,他更是一脸笑容,很是平和,主动向着一位神王走去,正是天下前五强族内的黎家的核心传人 But that Divine King is also moves the world, now has not traded the list, already in world first ten Great Divine King sort! 而那位神王也是名动天下,现在还没换榜呢,就已经在天下前十大神王排序内! Wants knows, some seniorities and path of cultivation years remote Divine King, were not the accident/surprise died, was became Heavenly Venerate, Li Jiuxiao was so young, can rank is higher! 知道,有些资历深、修道岁月久远的神王,不是意外死去了,就是成为了天尊,黎九霄这么年轻,已经能够排名更高了! This is domineering Divine King, all parties want to win over him. 这是一个强势神王,各方都想拉拢他。 Divine King Li, has heard so much about you, today meets, is really fortunately!” Chu Feng one thinks highly, quite polite, lets nearby many person surprise, did this big sprayer change? 黎神王,久仰大名,今日相见,真是有幸!”楚风一番恭维,相当的客气,让附近许多人都诧异,这大喷子怎么变了? Was the Li Jiuxiao abnormal, he just heard, whom this Cao De caught to nip anyone, when sees Cao De walked, he also in solid one startled, thought this Lunatic Cao for the abundant eyeball, must spurt him. 就是黎九霄都感觉异常,他方才听说了,这个曹德逮谁咬谁,见到曹德走过来时,他还着实心中一惊,以为这曹疯子为了博眼球,也要喷他呢。 Although he does not care about small Golden Body Cultivator, but, if were spurted in the presence of everyone, that face was also too ugly. 虽然他不怎么在意一个小金身修士,但是,如果当众被人喷,那面子也太难看了。 He has not thought, this Lunatic Cao will regard with a special fondness to him, such polite. 他没有想到,这曹疯子会对他另眼相看,这么的客气。 "Um, you are good, character generation of another person. ” Li Jiuxiao opens the mouth, this is real soul talk, in his opinion, Cao De cannot withstand again, is better than 10,000 times Ji Dade. “嗯,你不错,比德字辈另外一人强多了。”黎九霄开口,这是真心话,在他看来,曹德再不堪,也比姬大德好10000倍。
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