RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1788: Rem's sense of crisis

Does not want .... Does not want! Help! Seine Ha Luti! Saves me!” “不要....不要!救命!莱茵哈鲁特!救我!” Damn! Damn damn! This rabbit how .... Seine Ha Luti!” “该死!该死该死!这兔子怎么....莱茵哈鲁特!” It... it is eating my finger!!!!!” “它...它在吃我的手指!啊啊啊啊!!!!” From starting to have nearly two hours, Sun has chased to the sky peak involute, arrived in one day the hottest time. 距离开始已经有了近两个小时,太阳已经逐渐伸到了天空顶端,来到了一天里最热的时间。 But the audience under stage and Challenger, only feels the whole body ice-cold. Although is perspiring, but that is not stays behind because of the temperature, because fears and anxious. 但台下的观众和挑战者们,只感觉到浑身冰冷。虽然在流汗,但那并不是因为温度而留下的,而是因为恐惧和紧张。 On me my also line this idea, when the third Challenger was rescued by Seine Ha Luti, then eliminated completely. ‘我上我也行’这个想法在第三名挑战者被莱茵哈鲁特救出来的时候,便完全打消了。 That is extremely famous squad of one in the adventurer industry, has completed the task of many punitive expedition powerful demon beast. But even prepares the completely safe squad like this, still turned into the present appearance. 那是一名在冒险者行业中极为出名的小队,完成过不少讨伐强大魔兽的任务。但就算是这样准备万全的小队,也变成了如今的模样。 The side waist of team leader gnawed off a meat, almost died. Others were short of the finger either, either was short of the toe or the thigh, the meat on arm. 队长的侧腰被咬掉一块肉,差点死掉。其他人要么少了手指,要么少了脚趾或者大腿,胳膊上的肉。 The agreement from most started to arrange, only if oneself chose to call for help gives up, otherwise Seine Ha Luti will not act. 协议从最开始就定好了,除非自己选择呼救放弃,否则莱茵哈鲁特不会出手。 However fortunately, conducted the present not to present that type dead to knock finally by the multi- rabbits gnawing a clean youth. This lets love Millie was short guilty much. 不过还好,进行到现在并没有出现那种死磕到最后被多兔给啃了个干净的愣头青。这让爱蜜莉雅心里的愧疚少了不少。 In loving the Millie ponder logic, these people are because are injured. If oneself do not agree to do this matter, then they will not be injured. 在爱蜜莉雅的思考逻辑里,这些人都是因为自己受伤的。如果自己不同意搞这种事情,那么他们也不会受伤。 This logic, Xie Ming actually too does not approve. 这种逻辑,谢铭其实并不太认同。 Has so many to learn from another's mistakes obviously, but this group of people as before also in unceasing challenges, Challenger does not see the reduction completely, is this for what? 明明有着那么多前车之鉴了,但这群人依旧还在不断的去挑战,挑战者完全不见减少,这是为了什么? Also is not because corrupt? 还不是因为贪? Thought that has the front these people to reduce the quantity of multi- rabbit, then keeps final then certainly to succeed. 觉得有前面这些人去削减多兔的数量,那么留到最后的自己便一定能成功。 Therefore the injury of Challenger another side of the auditorium, lying down accepts the knight to roll the treatment knights who treats on the ground, has not caused them to flinch, instead starts to pray oneself arrange behind some as far as possible. 所以在观众席另一侧,躺在地上接受骑士团的治疗骑士们治疗的挑战者的伤势,并没有引起它们退缩,反而开始祈祷自己尽量排得更后面一些。 On the contrary because of the audience and civilians who the curiosity comes, had diverged many. 反倒是因为好奇而过来的观众和平民,已经散去了好多。 This bloody battlefield, has gone beyond their tolerance range is too many. Besides the fear, was only left over the nausea at heart. 这种血淋淋的战场,已经超出了他们的承受范围太多。心里除了恐惧之外,就只剩下了恶心。 Looks that a rabbit the scene that the finger of person chews slowly, really sought novelty. After going back, perhaps they take several days unable to eat up the meat. 看着一只兔子将人的手指慢慢嚼碎的场景,实在太猎奇了。回去之后,恐怕他们要好几天都吃不下肉。 What? Could not eat the meat, that was all right. 什么?原本就吃不起肉啊,那没事了。 As for these wanted the fellow who stepped on other Challenger to select the fruits of victory, Xie Ming to say that they want is too many. 至于那些想要踩着其他挑战者摘取胜利果实的家伙,谢铭不得不说他们想太多了。 The strength is also insufficient, cannot with the multi- rabbit same mitosis, think unexpectedly picks the peach behind the fight in which several people take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out? 实力也不够,也不能和多兔一样有丝分裂,居然还想着在车轮战后面摘桃子? This is really is also thinking peach. 这还真是在想peach。 Xie Ming, loves Millie and bluish green green jade silk, is naturally impossible to accompany this crowd of Challenger on the stage. After leaving behind several advice, then returned to the breathing place under stage. 谢铭、爱蜜莉雅和碧翠丝,自然不可能一直在台上陪着这群挑战者。在留下几句劝告后,便回到台下的休息处了。 Loves Sir Millie, Sir Xie Ming, bluish green green jade silk Sir, good work.” “爱蜜莉雅大人,谢铭大人,碧翠丝大人,辛苦了。” Rem also returned to the breathing place similarly, was three people various but actually one cup of tea. 雷姆同样也回到了休息处,为三人各倒了一杯茶。 Rem you were also laborious.” “雷姆你也辛苦了。” Xie Ming beckons: Do not be busy at work in that you also come to sit a while with us together.” 谢铭招了招手:“别在那忙活了,你也过来和我们一起坐一会儿吧。” Yes, that... Rem was disrespectful.” “是,那...雷姆就失礼了。” Because knows the Xie Ming character, therefore Rem has not shirked, sat Xie Ming side accordingly. 因为知道谢铭的性格,所以雷姆也没有推脱,应声坐到了谢铭的旁边。 Since knows that Ram likes Lods Var, but also received that heavy wound after Lods Var, she has not then revealed what good complexion to Lods Var again. 自从知道拉姆喜欢罗兹瓦尔,还为了罗兹瓦尔受了那么重的伤后,她便再也没有对罗兹瓦尔露出个什么好脸色。 When does not prepare food, perhaps Ram and Fred Lica in the same place, she will do one for Lods Var specially special starter. 如果不是做饭时,拉姆和弗雷德莉卡在一起,恐怕她会专门为罗兹瓦尔做一份‘特殊餐点’。 Rem's disaffection, Ram naturally was feels, has discussed this matter with Rem especially. 雷姆的不满,拉姆自然是感受到了,也和雷姆特地讲过这件事。 But in this time, Rem refuted to reject Ram firmly. 但在这次,雷姆非常坚定的反驳拒绝了拉姆。 Elder sister Sir likes anyone, is the matter of elder sister Sir, Rem does not have the right to interfere. However, asked elder sister Sir do not interfere with the power of Rem repugnant person.” “姐姐大人喜欢什么人,是姐姐大人的事,雷姆没有权利进行干涉。但是,也请姐姐大人不要干涉雷姆讨厌人的权力。” Rem...” “雷姆...” Sir Lods Var .... No, Lods Var he handles the matter that Rem is unable to forgive forever, he planned the Rem most important two people.” “罗兹瓦尔大人....不,罗兹瓦尔他做了雷姆永远无法原谅的事情,他算计了雷姆最重要的两个人。” Even if the final result is good, but this does not represent the matter that he handles to be forgiven.” “哪怕最终的结果是好的,但这并不代表他所做的事情就能得到原谅。” „, Rem never will at least forgive his.” “至少,雷姆是永远不会原谅他的。” The abnormal affection, is naturally impossible to gain others 's understanding. Even if Xie Ming lends a hand to assist, but his ultimate goal, is to retaliate Lods Var. 畸形的恋情,自然不可能得到他人的理解。哪怕谢铭出手相助,但他最终的目的,是为了对罗兹瓦尔进行报复。 In comes back after the Saint territory, Rem then expressed the intention that oneself resigned to Lods Var. 在从圣域回来后,雷姆便向罗兹瓦尔表达了自己辞职的意向。 Lods Var naturally does not have any did not agree that the right of Saass family/home essence is to turn over to love Millie in any case now, he now merely is a goon, sign surface. 罗兹瓦尔自然没有什么不同意的,反正现在梅扎斯家实质的权利是归爱蜜莉亚所有,他现在仅仅是一个打手,一个牌面而已。 This is the contract that establishes, seal carves the contract in Lods Var soul. Even after he dies , the soul transforms again, this contract also has the binding force as before. 这是立下的契约,印刻在罗兹瓦尔灵魂上的契约。哪怕他死后再次灵魂转换,这份契约也依旧有着束缚力。 Naturally, perhaps Lods Var has ability that gets rid of this contract. But at that time, he is unimportant. 当然,或许罗兹瓦尔有着摆脱这份契约的能力。但在那个时候,他在不在也不重要了。 Before he gets rid of the contract, likes Millie then being able truly to have own secondary roles, no longer depends on Saass. 在他摆脱契约之前,爱蜜莉亚便能真正拥有自己的班底,不再依托于梅扎斯。 However because of Ram's action, before two sisters' relations indeed is inferior . 不过因为拉姆的行动,两姐妹的关系的确是不如以前了。 At least superficially is this. 至少从表面上来看是这样。 Some changes, were exchange between Ram and Rem were short, not like the small farce that before coordinated, Xie Ming that as well as... Rem stuck. 有的改变,就是拉姆和雷姆之间的交流少了,没有像以前那样配合的小闹剧了,以及...雷姆更加黏的谢铭了。 After all in Rem's words, then yes: Rem now is Sir Xie Ming the exclusive maid, Rem's is Sir Xie Ming all.” 毕竟用雷姆的话来说,便是:“雷姆现在已经是谢铭大人专属的女仆,雷姆的一切都是谢铭大人所有。” Un, spoke this saying time, Elsa in side. 嗯,说这话的时候,艾尔莎在旁边。 Perhaps is Elsa's joining, gave her a sense of crisis? Also or after is bluish green green signs the contract, somewhat envies bluish green green? 或许是艾尔莎的加入,给了她一点危机感?又或者是和碧翠斯签订契约后,有些羡慕碧翠斯? Until now, Rem's small look also has a look at bluish green green jade silk to grab the small hand of Xie Ming lower hem corner once for a while. 直到现在,雷姆的小眼神还时不时看看碧翠丝抓着谢铭衣角的小手呢。 In the morning has bothered?” “上午有没有累到?” No, not related .... “不,没有关....” The words just told only half, Rem changed a statement suddenly: Un, Rem was somewhat tired, needs Sir Xie Ming to give some rewards.” 话刚说到一半,雷姆突然改口道:“嗯,雷姆有些累了,需要谢铭大人给一些奖励。” Hears this saying, bluish green green jade silk took a look at Rem, curls the lip. Likes Millie not responding actually all of a sudden, asking of some worries. 听到这话,碧翠丝瞅了眼雷姆,撇了撇嘴。倒是爱蜜莉亚一下子没反应过来,有些担心的问道。 Rem, doesn't matter? What has me to help?” “雷姆,没关系吧?有什么我可以帮上忙的吗?” No, loves Millie, Rem are not related.” “不,爱蜜莉亚,雷姆没关系。” Rem shakes the head: Only needed Sir Xie Ming to touch Rem's head, Rem can restore.” 雷姆摇了摇头:“只需要谢铭大人摸摸雷姆的头,雷姆就能恢复过来了。” „, This .... Yeah?” “啊,这样就....哎?” Sir Xie Ming.” 谢铭大人。” The manages has not loved Millie again, Rem raised the head slightly, in the limpid pupil is only reflecting a form of Xie Ming person. If catches the cherry color lip to open slightly, said in a soft voice. 没有再管爱蜜莉亚,雷姆微微抬起头,清澈的瞳孔中只倒映着谢铭一个人的身影。如染上樱色的嘴唇微微张开,轻声说道。 Can give Rem some, reward?” “能给雷姆一些,奖励吗?” ....... “.......” Hey, bluish green green, you pinched my meat. 喂,碧翠斯,你掐到我肉了。 The corner of the eye twitched, Xie Ming understands finally why the female pursued the male only to separate a gauze. When you do not dislike the situation of opposite party, offensive also really few individuals who the opposite party initiates such initiative powerful can withstand. 眼角抽搐了一下,谢铭终于明白为什么女追男只隔了层纱了。当你并不讨厌对方的情况,对方发起这样主动强力的攻势还真没有几个人能顶住。 Let alone, this young maid attractively, treats you to sympathize gently, diligently, the stature is very good. 更何况,这小女仆长得又漂亮,对待你温柔又体贴,又很努力,身材还好。 Un, Rem very diligently.” “嗯,雷姆很努力了。” Touches Rem's head gently, Xie Ming said with a smile: Worthily is my exclusive maid.” 轻轻摸了摸雷姆的脑袋,谢铭笑着说道:“不愧是我的专属女仆。” Un ~ “嗯~” Probably Koneko equally initiative rubs the palm of Xie Ming, Rem is narrowing the eye: Un ~ Rem will continue to try hard.” 像是小猫一样主动的蹭着谢铭的手掌,雷姆眯起眼睛:“嗯~雷姆会继续努力的。” When the time comes, asking Sir Xie Ming to continue to reward Rem?” “到时候,请谢铭大人继续奖赏雷姆好吗?” Good......” “好......” Was feeling the change in within the body, and lines of sight of nearby two some thorn people, the Xie Ming corners of the mouth twitched several, helpless replied. 感觉着体内的异动,以及旁边两道有些刺人的视线,谢铭嘴角抽搐了几下,无奈的回答道。 Newest website: 最新网址: Note: If you noticed that after this chapter content is the security wrong content and this book breaks and other issues to register, 注:如你看到本章节内容是防盗错误内容、本书断更等问题请登录后
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