RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1782: Essential 2 people

When knew oneself possible and that evil reputation remoteness, once when destroyed envy Strega (Witch) of half world had the complicated relations, person how to think at heart? 当得知自己可能和那恶名远扬,曾经毁灭了半个世界的嫉妒魔女有千丝万缕的关系时,人的心里会怎么想? If changes into the common people, perhaps will collapse desperately. 如果换成普通百姓,恐怕会绝望崩溃吧。 If makes others know this matter, not only oneself can carry to kill, own family member will also be killed together. 要是让别人知道这件事,不仅自己会背杀死,就连自己的家人也会一同被杀。 Only if, first begins before beginning, first gives to get rid of others, then leads the family member to escape, joins Strega (Witch) to teach, a road arrives black. 除非,在动手之前自己先动手,先将别人给干掉,然后带着家里人逃跑,加入魔女教,一条路走到黑。 Joins Strega (Witch) to teach, may not die. But does not join Strega (Witch) to teach, certainly so-called righteous person killing. 加入魔女教,不一定会死。但不加入魔女教,就一定会被所谓的‘正义人士’给杀死。 This is the present way of the world, ignorant way of the world. 这便是如今的世道,愚蒙的世道。 Therefore until now Xie Ming will also sigh, really owes to love Millie after was such treated, has not walked into the evil way. 所以直到现在谢铭也会感叹,真亏爱蜜莉雅在被那样对待后,还没有走入邪道啊。 If oneself and like Millie being same age, will definitely retaliate. 要是自己和爱蜜莉亚同龄,肯定是会报复的。 Xie Ming can accept because of the inequality that the mistake receives, but will not withstand the unfounded evil intention. 谢铭可以接受因为过错而受到的不公平,但绝不会承受毫无理由的恶意。 This ideological difference, is the education brings. Because no one teaches to love Millie these, therefore she can only go to passive withstanding, using the good instinct to ponder. 这种思想上的不同,是教育所带来的。因为从来没有人教过爱蜜莉雅这些,所以她只能去被动的承受,用自己善良的天性去思考。 But vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades are different, even if he before is in the high school that approves certainly to discontinue studies, but he has at least had the normal education. 但菜月昴不一样,哪怕他在过来之前处于绝赞的高中辍学中,可他至少接受过正常的教育。 But his parents, his home education environment, quite good. 而他的父母,他的家庭教育环境,也相当的不错。 Therefore the person with this world is different, although he has listened to look repeatedly news that envies Strega (Witch) Satella, but at heart actually not too many third dimensions. 所以和这个世界的人不同,他虽然已经多次听过看过嫉妒魔女莎缇拉的消息,但心里其实并没有太多的真实感。 Actually did this with fear that the ghost is a truth. 其实这就和怕不怕鬼是一个道理。 Now the hatred and dislike of common people's to envying Strega (Witch), actually stem from hatred that Strega (Witch) teaches. Several hundred years ago by envy Strega (Witch) of seal, what has been able to make to them? 如今百姓对嫉妒魔女的憎恶和厌恶,其实都是出自于对魔女教的憎恶。几百年前就已经被封印的嫉妒魔女,能对他们做什么? The white whale, the multi- rabbits and blacksnake this bring the three big demon beasts of disaster, as well as continuously destroys the world to cause Strega (Witch) of tragedy to teach, is the source that the present hates. 白鲸、多兔、黑蛇这带来灾难的三大魔兽,以及不断破坏世界造成惨事的魔女教,才是如今憎恨的源头。 Originally Xie Ming to these matter not too many ideas, by the graveyard, found the Strega (Witch) factor after Aggie Donner there the truth, this line then all strings together. 原本谢铭对这些事情并没有太多想法,直到在墓所,从艾姬多娜那里找到魔女因子的真相后,这根线便将所有的一切都串了起来。 Pleiades, you do not need to show that expression.” Xie Ming tranquil saying: I said is the fact, if you do not believe me even to show looks at the scene to you.” “昴,你不需要露出那种表情。”谢铭平静的说道:“我所说的都是事实,你若不信的话我甚至能当场证明给你看。” Reason that I without any scruples here said this matter, was not because wanted to destroy your daily life.” “之所以我会毫无顾忌的在这里说出这件事,并不是因为想要破坏你日常的生活。” But is I believes these two on the scene, not because of this matter, but has had a new look to you.” “而是我相信在场的这两位,都不会因为这件事而对你有所改观。” Right, Seine Ha Luti, poor|Fei Luti.” “对吧,莱茵哈鲁特,菲鲁特。” Un .... To be honest, Pleiades can be connected this with that remote existence unexpectedly, making me very surprised.” “嗯....说实话,昴居然会和那么遥远的存在有着关联这点,让我十分惊讶。” Seine Ha Luti shows a faint smile: But Pleiades isn't he misdemeanor has not done? Such being the case, is not enough to separate friendship between me and Pleiades depending on this.” 莱茵哈鲁特微微一笑:“但昴他不是什么坏事都没有做吗?既然如此,光凭这点不足以断开我和昴之间的友谊。” Snort, what this waste material is, but also who is clearer than me?” “哼,这个废材是什么样,还有谁比我更清楚吗?” The poor|Fei Luti shows the whites of the eyes: Prepares food not to do clearly, will do laundry not, will fold the clothes unable. Can his, do to have an accident?” 菲鲁特翻了个白眼:“做饭做不明白,洗衣服也不会,叠衣服也不会。就他这样,能做出什么事来?” I also thought that envies Strega (Witch) to elect this fellow unexpectedly, is the eye has problems.” “我还觉得那个嫉妒魔女居然选上这家伙,是不是眼睛出了问题呢。” Hey, can say that lets my affected words!” Be that as it may, vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades rubbed own nose as before: You two fellows are really .... “喂,能不能说些让我感动的话啊!”话虽如此,菜月昴依旧揉了揉自己的鼻子:“你们两个家伙真是....” Felt at ease?” “安心下来了吗?” „!” “啊!” Vegetable/Dish moon/month Pleiades pat the thigh: I do not close Strega (Witch) that anything does envy, I am I, I am vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades!” 菜月昴一拍大腿:“我可不关什么嫉妒不嫉妒的魔女,我就是我,我就是菜月昴!” In addition, anything is not!” “除此之外,什么都不是!” Un, I then said.” “嗯,那我就接着说了。” Xie Ming smiles , to continue saying: Then I must say with you, is I before the matter that catching the multi- rabbits knows.” 谢铭笑了笑,继续说道:“接下来我要和你们讲的,是我在捕获多兔之前所得知的事情。” Matter about Strega (Witch) ..... “关于魔女们的事.....” ----- ----- Seven big original sin Strega (Witch), the Strega (Witch) factor, hides behind the history, controls being concocted Strega (Witch) that Strega (Witch) is teaching ..... 七大原罪魔女,魔女因子,躲藏在历史背后,操控着魔女教的虚饰魔女..... This depth bombs were thrown completely by the Xie Ming one breath, 这一个一个的深水炸弹被谢铭一口气全部丢出来, The exploded poor|Fei Luti and vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades somewhat spoke not words. Even if Seine Ha Luti, could not bear pinch the forehead. If said this saying was not Xie Ming, conversion was others, they may think that the opposite party was insane. 已经炸的菲鲁特和菜月昴有些说不话。哪怕是莱茵哈鲁特,都忍不住捏了捏眉心。要是说出这话的不是谢铭,换成是其他人的话,他们可能会觉得对方疯了。 Envying Strega (Witch) Satella regards to investigate the years of enormous evil person in this everyone, said proofless the true big evil person has someone else. 在这所有人都把嫉妒魔女莎缇拉当成究极大恶人的时代,毫无证据的说真正的大恶人另有其人。 Some people do not believe that his words, will only regard the lunatic him or shield to envy the Strega (Witch) Strega (Witch) believer. 根本不会有人会去相信他的话,只会把他当成疯子或者袒护嫉妒魔女魔女教徒。 But Xie Ming annihilates a biggest flag that Strega (Witch) teaches now, his whereabouts make people not possible to think that he can teach with Strega (Witch) is the jackals from the same lair. 谢铭现在可是歼灭魔女教的最大的一面旗帜,他的行迹让人不可能认为他会和魔女教是一丘之貉。 Is concocted Strega (Witch), Pandora .... “虚饰魔女,潘朵拉....” Eye of Rhine Luti one bright: So that's how it is, I understood. In this case, all could convince.” 莱因哈鲁特的眼睛一亮:“原来如此,我明白了。这样的话,一切就说得通了。” Yeah?” “哎?” Hey, Rhine Luti, your fellow cannot .... The vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades corners of the mouth pulled out pulling out: In just obtained the new divine protection.” “喂喂喂,莱因哈鲁特,你这家伙不会....”菜月昴嘴角抽了抽:“在刚刚又获得了新的加护了吧。” Un, Pleiades really understand me.” “嗯,昴真了解我啊。” Rhine Luti smiles: „The name of new divine protection was called divine protection of inference, can speculate the result through the known information rapidly, and can accurately judge the genuine and fake.” 莱因哈鲁特笑了笑:“新出现的加护的名字叫‘推理的加护’,可以通过已知的情报迅速推测出结果,并且能准确的判断真假。” „......” “......” Then, Xie Ming somewhat was speechless. This fellow opens hangs, really does not conceal. However at this moment, he was also disinclined to complain, continued to say downward. 这下,就连谢铭都有些无语了。这家伙开挂,真的是一点都不掩饰啊。不过事到如今,他也懒得吐槽了,继续向下说道。 „The deaths of all big crime Strega (Witch), the back more or less has to be concocted the Strega (Witch) shadow. Therefore I guessed initially, is concocted the Strega (Witch) goal is to absorb the Strega (Witch) factor of big crime Strega (Witch) within the body, to complete own some goal.” “所有大罪魔女的死亡,背后或多或少都有着虚饰魔女的影子。所以我初步猜测,虚饰魔女的目的是吸收大罪魔女们体内的魔女因子,以完成自己的某种目的。” But made her not think that was envies the Strega (Witch) Satella violent to walk.” “但令她没有想到的,便是嫉妒魔女莎缇拉的暴走。” „The Strega (Witch) factor violent of Satella within the body walks, thus makes Satella have second named envied Strega (Witch) the personality. This personality suppressed Satella, swallowed other Strega (Witch) Strega (Witch) factors, then the violent walked to swallow half world.” 莎缇拉体内的魔女因子暴走,从而让莎缇拉出现了第二个名为‘嫉妒魔女’的人格。这个人格压制住了莎缇拉,吞噬了其他魔女魔女因子,进而暴走吞噬了半个世界。” Xie Ming tranquil saying: Finally such as everyone knows, envies Strega (Witch) by the sage, beginning generation of sword Saint and dragon god common seal.” 谢铭平静的说道:“最终如大家知道的一样,嫉妒魔女被贤者、初代剑圣、龙神共同封印。” In the long seal, the consciousness of Satella gradually got the winning side. Out of some goal, but summoned from his world Pleiades.” “在漫长的封印之中,莎缇拉的意识逐渐占据了上风。出于某种目的,而将昴从他的世界召唤了出来。” However with Satella look almost exactly the same loving Millie, the hometown also received led to want Si teach and blacksnake the attack of being concocted Strega (Witch), in loving the Millie Magic Power/Charm violent walked, the forest was frozen completely, became the dense/woods of present ice knot.” “而和莎缇拉的相貌几乎一模一样的爱蜜莉亚,家乡也受到了率领着强欲司教和黑蛇的虚饰魔女的袭击,在爱蜜莉亚的魔力暴走中,森林被全部冻结,变为了现在的冰结之森。” According to loving Millie said, is concocted Strega (Witch) to call her for key, opens in the incorruptible dense/woods some by seal the key of black iron gate.” “根据爱蜜莉亚所说,虚饰魔女称呼她为‘钥匙’,打开冰洁之森中某个被封印的黑色铁门的钥匙。” About this matter, few that too we understand, therefore does not ponder these for the time being. We need to do, only has a matter.” “关于这件事,我们了解的太少,所以就暂且不去思考这些。我们需要做的,只有一件事。” Discovers behind that to do being concocted Strega (Witch) of matter, then gets rid of her.” “找出那个背后一直搞事的虚饰魔女,然后干掉她。” Deals with the fellow who this excelling goes for the plot, the best way is to then disregard her plot, builds aspect that she has to make a move, compelling her to come.” “对付这种擅长搞阴谋的家伙,最好的办法便是无视她的阴谋,营造出她不得不出手的局面,逼她现身。” This is, my time must sentence publicly another reason of multi- rabbit.” “这便是,我这次要公开处刑多兔的另一个原因。” Rhine Luti, vegetable/dish moon/month Pleiades.” “莱因哈鲁特,菜月昴。” Xie Ming looks to two people: Must achieve this thing, I need your help.” 谢铭看向两人:“要做到这件事,我需要你们两人的帮助。” You whether successfully to compel to be concocted the Strega (Witch) key.” “你们是能否成功逼出虚饰魔女的关键。”
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