RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1675: Royal crown VS throne

........ “........” Looks at the form unceasingly staggered two young girls, feels is howling unceasingly, but storm, Miku somewhat disorderly looks to Xie Ming: „Is this, the appointment of teacher?” 看着身影不断交错的两位少女,感受着不断呼啸而过的暴风,美九有些凌乱的看向谢铭:“这,是老师的约会?” I had not said is the appointment.” “我可没说是约会。” Xie Ming light saying: I said I had approximately, was you understands for the appointment.” 谢铭淡淡的说道:“我只是说我有约了,是你理解为了约会。” Happen , can also make you know everyone. Also can feel, true fight.” “正好,也能让你来认识一下大家。也可以感受一下,真正的战斗。” „...... Yoshino ~ ~ ~ “......四糸乃~~~” Hey!” “噫!” Originally worry looks that above Yoshino had a scare by this sound, quickly hid Xie Ming behind, the right hand grasped the Xie Ming lower hem. 原本担心的看着上空的四糸乃被这声音吓了一跳,急忙躲到了谢铭的身后,右手抓紧了谢铭的衣摆。 Good... good fearful ..... “好...好可怕.....” Yes, four floss silk I also felt, Miss Miku you are quite fearful.” “是呢,就连四糸奈我也觉得,美九小姐你好可怕啊。” Oh ..... is really excessive, I want to fight to relate with everyone. Right, Kaguya, Yuzuru.” “唉.....真是过分啊,我只是想和大家打好关系而已。对吧,耶俱矢,夕弦。” Also is two winds has delimited, Kaguya and Yuzuru also hid the Xie Ming side. 又是两道风划过,耶俱矢夕弦也躲到了谢铭的身边。 Thanked... Xie Ming, this woman what's the matter?” “谢...谢铭,这个女人是怎么回事啊?” Approval. Teacher Xie Ming, this woman unusual danger. Hopes Teacher Xie Ming can remove the danger as soon as possible.” “赞成。谢铭老师,这个女人非常的危险。希望谢铭老师能够尽快将危险排除。” ....... “.......” Although if we had known, comes to be the Miku belt/bring such a result. But is seeing this, Xie Ming cannot bear want to complain. 虽然早知道,将美九带过来会是这么一个结果。但在看到这一幕,谢铭还是忍不住想要吐槽。 You said that your greedy families' body, the good and evil also makes an undersurface time. 你说你馋人家的身子,好歹也做一下表面功夫啊。 Ok, do not be noisy.” “好了,都别闹了。” A Xie Ming such saying, everyone also rested to stop. But after Miku such a noisy, worry in Yoshino several people of heart indeed were short. 谢铭这么一说,大家也都歇停了下来。但经过美九这么一闹,四糸乃几人心中的担忧的确少了很多。 Perhaps this is the Miku goal. Naturally, if some people responded slowly, believes that she did not mind absolutely ate the tofu of beautiful young girl. 或许这就是美九的目的吧。当然,如果有人反应慢了,相信她也绝对不介意吃个美少女的豆腐。 This time Tobiichi Origami, appearance installment is not beforehand AST standard ordinary Equipment, but has it of huge external armor. 此时的鸢一折纸,身上的显现装置已经不是之前的AST制式的普通装备,而是有着庞大外挂装甲的it。 This is DEM deposits the experiment body in AST warehouse, according to the material of registration, the laboratory technician who experimented this body initially after for a half hour, becomes the disabled person directly. 这是DEM存放在AST仓库中的实验机体,根据登记的资料,当初试验这台机体的实验员在使用半小时后,直接成为了废人。 Because it to magician's load was really big, the human brain is unable to continue to conduct that huge computation load. 因为它对魔术师的负荷实在是太大了,人脑根本无法持续进行那么庞大的计算量。 In other words, this was one has decided the fight of good time. Waited till the time, Tobiichi Origami will then lose the combat capability directly. 也就是说,这是一场早就已经决定好时间的战斗。等到了时间,鸢一折纸便会直接失去战斗能力。 Tobiichi Origami also know this, therefore prepares to put together own all in this limited time. 鸢一折纸自己也知道这点,所以才准备在这有限的时间中拼上自己的一切。 The both hands external giant gun tube is outputting spirit strength bombing crazily, but these light beams in engaging in fierce battle by Tohka hand were killed Duke ( Sandalphon ) to break out either directly, either was opened to the derivative by the spirit strength movie screen. 双手外挂的巨大炮管正在疯狂的输出灵力炮击,但这些光束要么是被十香手中的鏖杀公(Sandalphon)给直接劈开,要么就是被灵力障壁给偏导开。 But two people fight spaces, by Xie Ming with space barrier limiting. In order to guard against two people fight complementary waves to cause the oversized destruction, is too noticeable. 而两人的战斗空间,也被谢铭用空间屏障给限制住了。以防两人的战斗余波造成过大的破坏,太引人注目。 However told a truth, Xie Ming did not think that Tobiichi Origami can exceed Tohka. 不过说句实话,谢铭并不觉得鸢一折纸能够胜过十香 First, although her present it is most Equipment that she can start, but puts on that Pan Dragon to have a big disparity with Ellen on. 首先,虽然她现在的it已经是她能入手的最装备,但和爱莲身上穿着那身‘潘德拉贡’还是有着不小差距的。 But the Origami operative technique can arrange to arrive at the world leader, but all -round strength comes to see with Ellen still has many disparities. 折纸的操作技术虽然能够排到世界前列,但综合实力来看和爱莲还存在着不少差距。 After all one is the pure blood magician, one is the artificial magician. 毕竟一个是纯血魔术师,一个是人工魔术师。 Then, the issue came. Wears Pan Dragon can Ellen exceed present Tohka? 那么,问题来了。身着‘潘德拉贡’的爱莲能够胜过现在的十香吗? Answer whether. 答案是否。 Because present Tohka is the most flourishing condition, the spirit strength channel that Xie Ming and she establishes will only absorb her violent to walk sending out, not controllable spirit strength. 因为现在的十香是全盛的状态,谢铭和她建立起的灵力通道只会吸取她暴走散发的,不可控制的灵力。 Tohka is first elf that undergoes the Xie Ming field training. She joins to the time of Xie Ming is in mid April, but now has entered in October/ten months. 况且,十香是第一个接受谢铭战斗训练的精灵。她加入到谢铭家的时间是四月的中旬,而现在已经进入十月。 Had been trained a half year of Tohka by Xie Ming strongly? This matter perhaps only then a Xie Ming person knows. 已经被谢铭训练了半年的十香有多强?这件事恐怕就只有谢铭一个人知道。 With the Xie Ming words, so long as is not and between the opponent has some aspect to have the desperate level the disparity, then present Tohka can break off the wrist with the opposite party. 谢铭的话来说,只要不是和对手之间有某方面存在绝望级的差距,那么现在的十香都能和对方掰掰腕子。 Therefore, 所以, Although is somewhat cruel to Tobiichi Origami, but she is impossible to defeat Tohka. Even if .... She used that thing. 虽然对鸢一折纸来说有些残忍,但她不可能打败十香。哪怕....她使用了那个东西。 Tobiichi Origami naturally does not know that Tohka has undergone the training of Xie Ming, even if she knows that this matter, will not give up. 鸢一折纸自然是不知道十香已经接受过谢铭的训练,不过就算她知道这件事,也不会放弃。 Tohka has only undergone a half year of field training, but she steeled oneself for revenge for five years. 十香只接受过半年的战斗训练,可她可是卧薪尝胆了五年。 Her five years compared with a half year of opposite party? 难道说,她五年的时间比不过对方的半年? Yes, compared with the fight technology, Origami definitely exceeds Tohka, this point is without a doubt. Six months, Xie Ming cannot teach a technique powerhouse to come out. 是,比起战斗技术,折纸肯定是胜过十香,这一点是毋庸置疑的。半年时间,谢铭也教不出一个技法强者出来。 .... The sentence is not of pleasant to hear, Tohka is not the type of brain fight. She fights, depended is the talent and instinct. 况且....说句不好听的,十香并不是属于动脑战斗的类型。她战斗起来,靠的全是天赋和本能。 Therefore Xie Ming teaches her fight skill, is not a technique, but is the control. 所以谢铭教给她的战斗技巧,并不是技法,而是控制。 Control to oneself spirit strength. 对自己灵力的控制。 The Tohka biggest shortcoming, is the forms of defensive action is really unitary. Besides using to engage in fierce battle to kill Duke conducts to cut to strike, is the spirit strength of long-distance range cuts to strike. 十香最大的缺点,就是攻击方式实在过于单一。除了用鏖杀公进行斩击外,便是远距离的灵力斩击。 Simply speaking, the Tohka sword technique school is summer Ji eight cuts. 简单来说,十香的剑术流派就是夏姬八砍。 Then, is the Tohka elf ability so simple? How possibly. Solely the attack represents, is the pinnacle. Tohka gave the seal that strong ability. 那么,十香的精灵能力就那么简单吗?怎么可能。攻击单一所代表的,是极致。只是十香自己将那个强大的能力给封印了起来而已。 Because she does not want to harm others truly. 因为她不想真正伤害到他人。 The oneself strongest ability to the seal, will then directly cause Tohka to become the weakest elf in ability. Un, is not right, the second elf from the bottom. 将自己最强的能力给封印,便直接导致了十香在能力方面成为了最弱的精灵。嗯,不对,倒数第二的精灵。 If the elf civil war, most walks dragging a lame leg forever is Nia. Because of her angel: nie considers zhi ( Ratziel ), cannot have an effect on the elf. 如果是精灵内战,最拉跨的永远是二亚。因为她的天使:嗫告篇帙(Ratziel),对精灵起不了作用。 Moreover in controlling spirit strength, Tohka is also the elves works as a row of reciprocal. 而且在控制灵力方面,十香也是精灵们当中排倒数的。 If learning control own strength, Tohka did not have possibility is not careful well very much the school breaking. She also knows this issue, therefore follows every morning the Xie Ming exercise. 如果不好好学习控制自己的力量,十香很有可能一个不小心就把学校给震碎了。她自己也知道这个问题,所以每天早上都跟着谢铭锻炼。 With the Xie Ming same place, practices usually inspires. Bit by bit starts to increase the spirit strength, until increasing to own spirit strength cannot control quickly stops, later starts. 谢铭一起,练素振。一点一点开始增加灵力,直到增加到自己的灵力快控制不住的时候停下,随后开始。 Each cutting strikes time, must use own full power to limit. If failed, punishes itself little to eat a soy flour bread. Regarding Tohka, nothing was more fearful than this penalty. 每一次的斩击,都要动用自己的全力去限制。如果失败,就惩罚自己少吃一个黄豆粉面包。对于十香,没有什么比这个惩罚更可怕了。 But even if such condition, Tohka insisted for a half year.( Mainly is because Xie Ming will reward her to eat a soy flour bread once for a while, otherwise her violent walked early.) 但哪怕是这样的条件,十香坚持了半年。(主要是因为谢铭时不时会奖励她吃一个黄豆粉面包,不然她早暴走了。) But the training result, is she control to the spirit strength has then been able to arrange to the degree in the elf ranks ranking among the best. Compares in other elf huge spirit strength, becomes her second advantage. 而训练结果,便是她对灵力的控制已经可以排到精灵行列中数一数二的程度。相较于其他精灵更为庞大的灵力,成为了她第二个优势。 Why ..... “为什么.....” Looks the light beam that Tohka easy cutting oneself project full power, feels in the brain the labor pain that starts to have, the Tobiichi Origami mood is starting not to stabilize. 看着十香轻而易举的斩开自己全力射出的光束,感受着大脑内开始出现的阵痛,鸢一折纸的情绪开始不稳定起来。 Why you must prevent before me, Yatogami Tohka!” “为什么你要阻挡在我面前,夜刀神十香!” Because you are creating a scene! Tobiichi Origami!” “因为你是在无理取闹!鸢一折纸!” Cuts open again bombs together, before under the actuation of spirit strength Tohka rushed to the Origami body, engages in fierce battle cutting that kills Duke is relentless in the Origami optional domain, strikes to fly it. 再次切开一道炮击,在灵力的驱动下十香冲到了折纸身前,鏖杀公毫不留情的斩在了折纸的随意领域上,将其击飞。 What you understand!?” “你又懂什么!?” „! Yes! I am anything do not understand!” “啊!是啊!我是什么都不懂!” In the crystal purple pupil emits anger, the spirit strength is enhanced suddenly, a hand direct racket flew bombing of Origami, another hand grasped the weapon draw to keep off the spirit strength light sword. 水晶般的紫眸中冒出一丝怒意,灵力猛然增强,一只手直接拍飞了折纸的炮击,另一只手握着武器平挡下了灵力光剑。 But the matter I know! Tobiichi Origami you are doing the wrong thing now!” “但有一件事我还是知道的!鸢一折纸你现在正在做错事!” Is brandishing the great sword, turned round to cut the pure white gun tube, later the left hand made a fist pounds loudly in the optional domain, then joined again engaged in fierce battle to kill Duke punctured suddenly. 挥舞着巨剑,回身斩开了纯白色的炮管,随后左手握拳轰然砸在随意领域,然后又再次接上了鏖杀公的突刺。 I do not know that who my parents are! However I understand why you will care about this matter! Because, if some people injured Xie Ming, I to am unable to control itself similarly angrily!” “我不知道自己的父母是谁!但是我明白你为什么会那么在意这件事!因为,如果有人伤害了谢铭的话,我同样也会愤怒到无法控制自己!” But, Xie Ming has taught me! Even again how angry, cannot injure cares about own person!” “但是,谢铭教过我!就算再怎么愤怒,也不能伤害在乎自己的人!” However the matter that Tobiichi Origami, you handle now, cares about your person in the injury!” “而鸢一折纸,你现在做的事情,就是在伤害在乎你的人!” Who cares about me!? What qualifications you have to care about me!?” “谁在乎我!?你有什么资格在乎我!?” Because I regard the friend you!!” “因为我把你当成朋友!!” „!!!!!” “!!!!!” Although you arrogant, venomous tongue, do not ask for happily, all day long in the head does not know is thinking anything. However, you are my schoolmate! I want to become the friend with you!!!” “虽然你傲慢、毒舌、不讨喜,成天脑袋里不知道在想些什么。但是,你是我的同学啊!我想要和你成为朋友啊!!!” Bang!!” “轰!!” The stop of flash, making Origami solid received Tohka one to divide again. although it strengthened the optional domain promptly, but she these was inlaid the ground to oneself. 一瞬间的停顿,让折纸结结实实的接下了十香一记重劈。it虽然及时加强了随意领域,但她还是被这一下给自己镶进了地面。 .... “咳....” The vibration adds on the load, making Origami unable to bear cough a blood. 振荡加上负荷,让折纸忍不住咳出了一口血。 „......” “......” In the eye flashes through a guilt, Tohka falls the ground slowly: Tobiichi Origami, do not hit again.” 眼里闪过一丝愧疚,十香缓缓落到地上:“鸢一折纸,别再打了。” I .... Really does not want to fight with you.” “我....真的不想和你战斗。” ........ “........” I... never want to fight with you, Yatogami Tohka. 我...又何尝想和你战斗,夜刀神十香 But, does not fight, does not seek for the truth, what can I also make? What do I live the significance in this world am? What was I in the past that five years? 但,不战斗,不去寻找真相,我还能做什么?我活在这个世界上的意义是什么?我过去那五年是什么? Initially looks the pledge that the fragment of sea of fire and parental body made what was? What in the heart the anger and are the hatred of flaming combustion? 当初看着火海和父母身体的碎片立下的誓言是什么?心中熊熊燃烧的愤怒和仇恨又是什么? Yes, I am clear. No matter you, are others, you are the good people, is the good people. The present that the issue that the space shakes has solved, you can definitely worry-free going on living in this world. 是啊,我非常清楚。不管是你,还是其他人,你们都是好人,都是善良的人。空间震的问题已经解决的现在,你们完全可以在这个世界上无忧无虑的活下去。 But, I? 但,我呢? What to do should I? How should I go on living? 我又该怎么办?我又该怎么活下去? I .... Only then this survival method.” “我....只有这种生存方法啊。” Does not resolve hatred in this heart, did not find the past truth, I did not have the means and you passed the student life together, will look in the future to! 不将这心中的仇恨化解,不找到当年的真相,我是没有办法和你们一起度过学生生活,看向未来的啊! the optional domain production installment of it had the breakdown, a gun tube was destroyed, the load also borders on the limit. But the opposite party, body does not have any injury, the physical strength has almost not lost. it的随意领域生成装置出现了故障,一个炮管被摧毁,负荷也濒临极限。而对方,身上没有任何伤势,体力也几乎没有损耗。 The losing battle, seems to have decided. But, the teacher has not stopped. 败局,似乎已经定了。但,老师并没有喊停。 Also yes .... That is a teacher, can't he possibly detect that thing? 也是....那可是老师,他怎么可能察觉不到那个东西? Teacher .... Definitely does not hope oneself use this. But, I must retrieve itself, finding the truth was good. 老师....肯定不希望自己使用这个吧。但,我必须要找回自己,找到真相才行。 Sorry, Teacher.” “对不起了,老师。” Will hold the pure white gem in pocket to take, it according to own chest. The next quarter, the gem then such as the water integrated own within the body generally. 将揣在兜中的洁白宝石拿了出来,将其按在了自己的胸口。下一刻,宝石便如水一般融入到了自己的体内。 In that instance, Tobiichi Origami as if heard some existing sneering. 在那一个瞬间,鸢一折纸似乎听到了某个存在的冷笑。 Tobiichi Origami! You!!” 鸢一折纸!你!!” .... ..... 啊....啊啊啊..... The strength is changing own whole body, the sources of human body all powers, the heart is changing, the blood vessel is changing, the fresh blood is swallowing, is eliminating human that obsolete weak blood. 力量正在改变自己的全身,人体一切动力的源头,心脏正在改变,血管正在改变,新血正在吞噬,淘汰着人类那老旧薄弱的血液。 The consciousness under the impact of strength, is absent-minded. But a little Origami at heart is only clear, oneself are transforming. 意识在力量的冲击下,已经恍惚。但唯有一点折纸心里清楚,自己正在蜕变。 Oneself, are becoming inhuman. Becoming existence that... once most loathed. 自己,正在成为非人。成为...自己曾经最为厌恶的存在。 Holy ray, the pure white of battlefield photo. But goes out in the light source, is a bride. 圣洁的光芒,将战场照的一片洁白。而在光源中走出的,是新娘。 Like the flowers beautiful pure white big skirt of being in full bloom, the silver mild-mannered sending silk and float casts light upon in head golden royal crown mutually. Under the royal crown is linking, is snow white veil that the light composes. 如同盛开的花朵般美丽的洁白大蓬裙,银色柔顺的发丝和悬浮在头上的金色王冠互相照映。王冠下连着的,是光组成的雪白头纱。 Body driven by spirit strength, gently float above ground. The eye pupil that dangles slightly, as if disperses a light corpuscle slowly. 身体在灵力的驱动下,轻轻悬浮在地面之上。微微垂下的眼眸,似乎缓缓散出点点光粒。 Puts on the nuptial dress the angel. 穿着婚纱的天使。 Tobiichi Origami. 鸢一折纸 ........ “........” Everyone, was exclaiming in surprise, surprisedly in the change of Origami. Because of that boundless aura, is with the strength same thing of their within the body, the spirit strength of elf. 所有人,都在惊叹,惊讶于折纸的变化。因为那磅礴的气息,正是和她们体内的力量相同的东西,精灵的灵力。 Although Xie Ming and they have explained that they are human, because under some condition, by all chief criminal origin elves turning into elf. 虽然谢铭和她们都说明过,她们原本都是人类,只是因为在某种状况下,被一切的罪魁祸首始源精灵给变成了精灵。 But, understands to turn over to the understanding, in the heart will be inevitably more or less will have some suspicions. 但,理解归理解,心中必然或多或少会有些许怀疑。 But now, the people will not suspect again. 可现在,众人已经不会再怀疑了。 Because of living example, in their at present. 因为活生生的例子,就在她们的眼前。 Tobiichi .... Origami ..... 鸢一....折纸.....” Being able not help got hold of engaged in fierce battle to kill Duke, the Tohka sound sounded somewhat sad. But, the look actually became firmer. 情不自禁的握紧了鏖杀公,十香的声音听起来有些悲伤。但,眼神却变得更加坚定了。 Oneself, must prevent her. 自己,必须要阻止她。 Yatogami Tohka.” 夜刀神十香。” Oneself, must defeat her. 自己,必须要打败她。 Origami raised the head slightly, the right hand reaches the sky, summoned in a soft voice. 折纸微微抬起头,右手伸向天空,轻声呼唤道。 Extinction angel ( Methratton ).” “绝灭天使(Methratton)。” As if overhangs Sun above blue sky from that several light beams were arriving at the Origami side instantaneously. That is the feather shape tall and slender object, is a bit like reaches as high as the float artillery in the world. 仿佛是来自那高挂于蓝天之上的太阳,数道光束在瞬间来到了折纸的身边。那是羽毛状的细长物体,有点像高达世界中的浮游炮。 But the float artillery, is impossible to do like fine gorgeous. Each feather is carving the mysterious trace, glittering. 但浮游炮,绝不可能做的像那样精细华美。每一道羽毛都雕刻着神秘的纹路,金光闪闪。 Feather automatic encirclement, float on the Origami royal crown veil, composed a bigger royal crown. 羽毛自动的环绕成一圈,悬浮于折纸的王冠型的头纱上,组成了一个更大的王冠。 Yatogami Tohka, you still remember the teacher had told that story?” 夜刀神十香,你还记得老师曾经讲过的那个故事吗?” What?” “什么?” Kills the Evil Dragon the formidable, because of drenching dragon blood turned into the new Evil Dragon.” Origami tranquil saying: If, only has to turn into the elf to defeat the elf.” “杀死恶龙的勇者,因为淋到了龙血而变成了新的恶龙。”折纸平静的说道:“如果,唯有变成精灵才能打败精灵。” „, I do not cultivate the behavior.” “那么,我就不做人了。” ........ “........” Tohka is silent, holds up the weapon in hand slowly, the sword refers to the opponent. 十香沉默着,缓缓举起手中的武器,剑指对手。 Under the control of spirit, head royal crown starts to revolve, Origami light saying: Now, starts the true fight.” 在精神的操控下,头上的王冠开始旋转,折纸淡淡的说道:“现在,开始真正的战斗吧。” Extinction angel ( Methratton ) sun ( Shemesh )!” “绝灭天使(Methratton)・日轮(Shemesh)!” Originally composed the feather of royal crown to launch under the order upwardly smoothly, formed a hollow gold/metal link. In revolving, innumerable light corpuscles, as centrifugal force crazy sprinkling to the Tohka whole body. 本来向上组成王冠的羽毛在命令下平整展开,形成了一个中空的金环。在旋转中,无数的光粒随着离心力疯狂的洒向十香的周身。 But Tohka dealing method, is the foot heel stamps. 十香的应对方法,便是脚后跟一跺。 Engages in fierce battle to kill Duke ( sandalphon )!” “鏖杀公(sandalphon)!” The golden throne drilled from the ground instantaneously, keeps off in the Tohka front. The next quarter, washes light corpuscle bombing of type, submerged Tohka in the flame. 金色的王座瞬间从地面钻出,挡在了十香的面前。下一刻,洗地式的光粒轰炸,将十香淹没在了火光之中。 But this dreadful flame, in next quarter then by spirit strength sword air/Qi dividing into two. The black hair young girl explodes like the flying arrow shoots at Origami, engaged in fierce battle to kill the Duke sword sharp accurate thorn in the gold/metal links. 但这滔天的火焰,在下一刻便被灵力剑气给一分为二。黑发少女如离弦之箭般爆射向折纸,鏖杀公的剑尖准确的刺在了金环中间。 Bang!!!!” “轰!!!!” The spirit strength interlocks the air wave of eruption, underwent a partial stingy treatment for Earth. 灵力交错爆发的气浪,为地球做了一个局部刮皮治疗。 Has not ended!” “还没完!” The right foot treads layer on layer/heavily on the spirit strength movie screen of production, both hands grasp the sword hilt to make an effort to brandish upwardly. Originally, Tohka wants taking advantage of this defense that changes to open Origami. 右脚重重踏在生成的灵力障壁上,双手握着剑柄用力向上挥舞。本来,十香是想借着这个变招挑开折纸的防御。 But, has not actually attacked the feel of goal completely. 但,却完全没有攻击中目标的手感。 Extinction angel day wing ( Malakh ).” “绝灭天使・天翼(Malakh)。” The faint sound, spreads from the Tohka back. Only made a movement of lost/carrying sword with enough time, the spirit strength light beam that the feather projected then hit completely the Tohka back. 淡漠的声音,从十香的背后传出。只来得及做了一个负剑的动作,羽毛射出的灵力光束便全部命中了十香后背。
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