RMJTIIW :: Volume #10

#938: abnormal movement

Great Ruins, somewhere in palace. 大墟,某处宫殿内。 The palace area is very big, the surrounding area have several the hundred zhang (333 m) size fully, the ground is spreading the quiet green floor tile, four sides wall is also the similar color, making in the palace fill with gloomy and cold strange aura. 宫殿面积很大,方圆足有数百丈大小,地面铺着幽绿色的地砖,四面的墙壁也是同样颜色,使得殿内充满了一股阴冷诡异的气息。 The palace midpoint, is towering a square shape altar stage, three person's shadows are standing on the stage. 宫殿正中央,耸立着一座四方形状的祭坛高台,三个人影正站在台上。 This person of E Kuai mediation, Madame Six Flower and eagle nose man standing one on the left and other on the right in side. 这居中之人正是厄脍,六花夫人与鹰鼻男子则一左一右的侍立在旁。 In sacrificial altar nearby ground this moment piece, was in confusion made many gulfs, in the pit scattered many puppet fragments, obviously experienced a fierce combat, finally the nature is self-evident. 祭台附近的地面上此刻一片狼藉,被打出了不少深坑,坑内散落了不少傀儡残片,显然经历了一场激战,结果自然不言而喻。 E Kuai has not paid attention to the surroundings, the vision is looking at the sacrificial altar peak. 厄脍没有理会周围,目光望着祭台顶端。 The sacrificial altar peak presents the circular, smooth smooth, above covered entirely dense and numerous stars rune, composed complex stars magical array. 祭台顶端呈现圆形,光滑平整,上面布满了密密麻麻的星辰符文,组成了一个复杂的星辰法阵 The stars magical array center, is inserting a blood red thing. 星辰法阵中央,插着一根血红色的东西。 This thing submerges in the sacrificial altar most probably, cannot see concretely is where. 此物大半没入祭台内,看不到具体是何处。 The dazzling white light sends out from stars magical array, forms a white light beam, protects to be one of them firmly that blood-color thing. 耀眼的白光从星辰法阵内散发而出,形成一个白色光柱,将那血色事物牢牢守护在其中。 Fellow Daoist Six Flower.” E Kuai looked at Madame Six Flower one. 六花道友。”厄脍看了六花夫人一眼。 Madame Six Flower hears sound complies with one, on sacrificial altar fast busy, places the stars restriction set up array appliances around magical array, simultaneously takes out Star Billows Pen, portrays fast outside magical array. 六花夫人闻声答应一声,在祭台上飞快忙碌,将一枚枚星辰禁制布阵器具安插在法阵周围,同时取出星澜笔,飞快在法阵外面刻画起来。 Bustled about the most double-hour, he stops the hand, impressively outside stars magical array on sacrificial altar, arrange/cloth array restriction. 足足忙碌了大半个时辰,他才停下手,赫然在祭台上的星辰法阵外,又布了一道阵法禁制 After the Madame Six Flower mouth mumbled, counted on the fingers, a white light projected from his fingertip. 六花夫人口中念念有词后,屈指一点,一道白光从其指尖射出。 Outside altar magical array revolves suddenly, humming sound the rotation, said that the spoken parts light projects, submerges in the white light beam on sacrificial altar. 祭坛外面的法阵骤然运转,嗡嗡转动,道道白光从中射出,没入祭台上的白色光柱内。 These white lights are not intense, but submerges in the white light beam, the light beam runs into the difficult adversary to be common immediately, is defeated and dispersed fast, reveals inside blood-color thing. 这些白光并不强烈,但一没入白色光柱中,光柱立刻遇到了克星一般,飞快溃散,露出里面血色事物。 Hehe, Fellow Daoist Six Flower really lives up to reputation, so easily then broke open this star light merak great array.” E Kuai sees with own eyes this scenery, satisfied saying with a smile. “呵呵,六花道友果然名不虚传,如此轻易便破开了这星光天璇大阵。”厄脍眼见此景,满意的笑道。 City Lord overpraised, but please be quicker, this counter- merak great array is under my hurried arrange/cloth, quick will then expire.” Madame Six Flower humble, said. 城主过奖了,不过还请快些,这反天璇大阵是我匆忙布下,很快便会失效。”六花夫人谦逊了一句,说道。 E Kuai hears word nods, body figure moved was on the sacrificial altar, walked toward that blood-color thing. 厄脍闻言点头,身形一动便登上了祭台,朝着那血色事物走去。 A mark on sacrificial altar has not expired, was trod by the E Kuai under foot, immediately probably receives anything to stimulate to be the same, sends out the dazzling white light, as if innumerable light arrows shoot at E Kuai. 祭台上的阵纹并未失效,被厄脍脚下一踏,立刻像是受到什么刺激一样,散发出耀眼白光,仿佛无数光箭射向厄脍 These white lights approach the E Kuai body, is then dim immediately, belongs to tranquilly, cannot prevent his footsteps slightly. 只是这些白光一靠近厄脍身体,便立刻黯淡下去,归于平静,丝毫没能阻挡他的脚步。 E Kuai leisurely strolls to walk, several steps arrive by that white thing, puts out a hand its to hold, then makes an effort to previous. 厄脍信步而走,几步走到那白色事物旁,伸手将其抓住,然后用力向上一拉。 The blood-color thing blooms the dazzling blood light, raises slowly upwardly. 血色事物绽放出耀眼血光,缓缓向上升起。 At this moment the entire altar rumble rocks immediately, the surrounding main hall is also shivering. 此刻整个祭坛立刻隆隆晃动,连带着周围的大殿也颤动不已。 E Kuai does not pay attention to the ambient condition slightly, the complexion is serious, above the arm appears intermittently the profound aperture ray, as if pulls out this blood-color thing, to him is not relaxed. 厄脍对周围情况丝毫也不理会,面色严肃,手臂之上隐现玄窍光芒,似乎拉出这血色事物,对他来说也不轻松。 The blood-color thing gradually pulled out, is actually-and-a-half foot things, is only the above blood light is extremely bright, does not see clearly. 血色事物逐渐被拉出,却是一根半尺长的事物,只是上面血光太过明亮,看不清楚。 After this thing last point pulled out, bang a disruption sound appears, all white lights on sacrificial altar are all dim, the above mark also turned into the grey. 此物最后一点被拉出后,“砰”的一声碎裂般的声音浮现,祭台上的所有白光尽数黯淡,上面的阵纹也变成了灰色。 The blood light on blood-color thing also dissipates all, reveals original feature, is actually-and-a-half foot ancient keys, all over the body blood red, as if manufactures with some ancient jade. 血色事物上的血光也尽数消散,露出本来面目,却是一根半尺长的古旧钥匙,通体血红,似乎用某种古玉制作而成。 On the key appears intermittently tiny incomparable rune, seems like not ordinary object. 钥匙上面隐现一枚枚细小无比的符文,看起来并非凡物 Second.” E Kuai looks in the hand the key, in the mouth is muttering said. “第二枚了。”厄脍看着手中钥匙,口中喃喃说道。 Congratulates City Lord.” The eagle nose man congratulated. “恭喜城主。”鹰鼻男子恭贺道。 A Madame Six Flower face is indifferent, without speech. 六花夫人则一脸淡然,没有说话。 ...... …… Meanwhile, in Great Ruins somewhere underground jet black cavern. 与此同时,大墟某处地下的漆黑洞窟中。 In cavern top stone wall inscribed blood-color traces, spread across, composed huge incomparable magical array. 洞窟顶部的石壁上铭刻了一道道血色纹路,纵横交错,组成了一个巨大无比的法阵 The faint trace blood light sends out from magical array, illuminated the jet black space some, can see in the ground under magical array indistinctly, stood person's shadows. 丝丝血光从法阵中散发而出,将漆黑空间照亮了些许,隐约能看到法阵下的地面上,站立了一个个人影。 These person's shadows are dense and numerous, has extended the field of vision end, does not know many. 这些人影密密麻麻,一直延伸到了视野尽头,不知多少个。 Blood-color magical array of cavern peak suddenly glittered fiercely two, then extinguishes thoroughly, in the entire underground cavern fell into the endless darkness thoroughly. 洞窟顶端的血色法阵忽的剧烈闪烁了两下,然后彻底熄灭,整个地下洞窟内彻底陷入了无尽的黑暗。 However at this moment, a person's shadow eye that the ground stands suddenly flashes, was up two white lights brightly, the head of hanging down lifted slowly. 不过就在此刻,地上站立的一个人影眼睛忽的一闪,亮起两点白光,低垂的脑袋缓缓抬了起来。 As if introduction, these person's shadow eyes in underground cavern are one after another bright, in an instant the entire cavern was shone the innumerable point white lights, as if the stars in nighttime sky flash. 仿佛是一个引子,地下洞窟内的那些人影眼睛一个接着一个明亮,转眼间整个洞窟被亮起了无数点白光,仿佛夜空中的星辰闪动不已。 ...... …… Regarding these accidents that the underground has, Han Li and Shi Chuankong two people of natures know nothing. 对于地下所发生的这些变故,韩立石穿空二人自然毫不知情。 This time they, the square deep place under altar were still exploring. 此时的他们,仍在祭坛下的广场深处探索着。 The area of this square is too big, two people explored for quite a while, finally found a secret temple in the deep place. 这座广场的面积实在太大,二人又足足探索了大半天,才终于在深处找到了一座隐秘神殿。 The temple hundred zhang (333 m), lays on top of one another by the giant black long and narrow stone high all over the body, external not many sculptured ornaments, but closely is closing in two leaves of giant stone door, relief a piece of strange nighttime sky celestial chart. 神殿高不过百丈,通体以巨大的黑色条石垒砌而成,外在并无多少雕刻装饰,只是紧紧关闭着的两扇巨大石门上,才浮雕着一片陌生的夜空星图。 Brother Lì, I bet in this bedstone palace, must have the powerful puppet before strength far surpass, do you believe?” Shi Chuankong looks to the relief in stone door, asked with a smile. 厉兄,我赌这座石殿之内,必有实力远超之前的强大傀儡,你信不信?”石穿空望向石门上的浮雕,笑着问道。 Did not bet with you, the gambling won no profit, losing is unlucky, not cost-effective......” Han Li shakes the head to say. “不跟你赌了,赌赢了没什么赚头,赌输了更是晦气,不划算……”韩立摇了摇头道。 Two people came, to search for many vestiges to construct, mostly had achieved nothing, ran into some puppets along the way, the strength was not powerful, quick was tidied up by them. 两人一路而来,搜寻了不少遗迹建筑,大多都是一无所获,沿途还遇到了一些傀儡,实力都不如何强大,很快就都被他们收拾了。 Han Li looks seems betting nature big Shi Chuankong at present, always felt where before he has , seemed different, this slight change, did not say the outward appearance or the cultivation base aura, but is an unexplained feeling. 韩立看着眼前好似赌性不小的石穿空,总觉得他有什么地方和之前似乎不一样了,这种细微的变化,并非是说外观或者修为气息,而是一种说不清道不明的感觉。 In reason Han Li heart clear, but, catches up, he has not raised again, no matter how in any case Shi Chuankong thinks, Violent Space Talisman this account, Han Li in heart. 原因韩立心中清楚,只是之后一路赶来,他再也没有提过,反正不管石穿空怎么想,‘暴空界符’这笔账,韩立是记在了心头。 Walks.” Disorderly state of mind of Han Li in regardless heart, said. “走吧。”韩立抛开心中杂乱心绪,说道。 Then, when he first step walks up, holds down single-handed a leaf of heavy/thick stone door, makes an effort to push backward. 说罢,他当先一步走上前去,单手按住一扇厚重石门,用力向后一推。 Prosperous rumble......” “隆隆隆……” Gets up along with sound of the huge friction, that leaf of stone door draws back backward, reveals together the opening of two people width, inside is pitch-dark, transmits stale aura. 伴随着一阵巨大的摩擦之声响起,那扇石门向后退开,露出一道两人宽窄的口子,里面黑漆漆的,传来一阵陈腐的气息。 After Han Li slightly sizes up, is grasping that white sickle single-handedly, moved sideways. 韩立略一打量后,一手握着那柄白色弯刀,闪身走了进去。 Shi Chuankong follows, with. 石穿空紧随其后,也跟了进去。 Among two people enter, by temple stone wall on leaping one shines one group of flame, subsequently on the stone cistern along wall spreads two firing lines, illuminated the entire temple. 两人方一进入其内,神殿两侧的石壁上就“腾”的一下亮起一团火苗,继而沿着墙壁上的石槽蔓延开两道火线,将整个神殿照亮了起来。 In the air also fills a somewhat sweet greasy flavor, as if smell of that fat combustion. 空气中随之弥漫开一股有些甜腻的味道,似乎正是那油脂燃烧的气味。 Under the flame shines, Han Li sweeps the entire main hall, the ground in discovery in not far away before their two people, the construction has a not too big nor too small rectangular basin, inside pool of water is dry, an above horizontal longitudinal frame two white stone arch bridges. 在火光映照下,韩立一扫整个大殿,就发现在他们两人身前不远处的地面上,修建有一座不大不小的长方形水池,里面池水已经干涸,上面一横一纵架着两座白色的石拱桥。 Above all around stone wall, is carving all kinds of anthocephalus chinensis designs, the line is also gently clear three-dimensional, middle is mixing with some type unusual animals designs, seems like very fine gorgeous. 四周的石壁之上,雕刻着各式各样的团花图案,线条柔和却又清晰立体,当中夹杂着一些各式异兽图案,看起来十分精致华美。 In the temple end place, is setting up the 7 - 8 place dark statue, to two, all are the postures of standing. 在神殿尽头处,立着七八座黑乎乎的石像,其中正对着的两个,皆是站立之姿。 And the left side statue, is a tall demon race man, a short hair soars to the heavens tall Shu, lives like a monkey, outside fang raised, the body puts on jet black demon armor, in the hand is also leaning on a purple black simultaneous/uniform Meichang stick. 其中左侧的雕像,是一名身材高大的魔族男子,一头短发冲天高竖,生得尖嘴猴腮,獠牙外凸,身上穿着一件漆黑魔甲,手里还拄着一根紫黑色的齐眉长棍。 That stick son arm is thick or thin, above carved to fill the thunder clouds trace, seemed like with the statue material quality as if different. 那棍子不过儿臂粗细,上面雕刻满了雷云纹路,看上去与雕像材质似乎并不一样。 In its right side statue, is a physique slender human race female, the appearance carves extremely beautifully, the facial features facial features are very nimble and resourceful, the body coat belt/bring flutters, seemingly seems the flying high governing wind, lifelike. 在其右侧的雕像,则是一名体态纤细的人族女子,容貌雕刻得极美,眉眼五官十分灵动,身上衣带飘飞,看起来好似正凌空御风,栩栩如生。 His both hands hold in the chest front, in the palm holds one with the blood red key of its palm almost/the same size, under shine of flame, reflects the crystal stone ray. 其双手捧在胸前,掌心之中托着一枚与其手掌差不多大小的血红色钥匙,在火光的映照下,折射出晶石般的光芒。 In their below first positions, but also the distinction single knee partly is kneeling three halberd-wielding warrior, the appearance is all exactly the same, says the upper part that the muscle is sticking out, seemingly felt the strength feeling. 在他们二人的下首位置,还分别单膝半跪着三个执戟力士,容貌全都一模一样,坦露着肌肉隆起的上半身,看起来充满了力量感。 Han Li two people look at each other one, simultaneously the stone steps before along body walked downward, arrived at the basin edge, before sizing up a lower part of the body, respectively the dry basin, stepped onto that to opposite stone arch bridge one after the other. 韩立两人对视一眼,同时沿着身前的石阶向下走去,来到了水池边缘,各自打量了一下身前干涸的水池,一先一后走上了那座通往对面的石拱桥。 Two people arrive on the basin central arched bridge, suddenly feeling body Xiadade trembles slightly, in the heart is slightly one tight, about examined one hastily, actually discovers and has no difference. 两人走到水池中央的拱桥上,忽然感觉身下大地微微一颤,心中皆是稍稍一紧,连忙左右查看了一眼,却发现并无什么异样。 Huā lā lā......” at this moment, under the bridge obvious fluent sound passed on suddenly the carelessly. 哗啦啦……”就在这时,桥下突然有一阵不慎明显的水流声传了出来。 When Han Li lowers the head looks toward that side, bottom of the discovery basin seems like spring, is having the water current to overflow, quick spread in the entire basin. 韩立低头朝着那边望去时,就发现水池底部似乎有一处泉眼,当中正有汩汩水流从中溢出,很快就蔓延到了整个水池中。 This is......” some Shi Chuankong also doubts said. “这是……”石穿空也有些疑惑道。 Somewhat strange, we first that side the past said again.” Han Li knits the brows to say. “有些古怪,我们还是先过去那边再说。”韩立皱眉说道。 It finishes speaking, that Huā lā lā the fluent sound does in a big way suddenly, the speed of pond bottom spring water spout speeds up suddenly, quick filled up the most place basin. 其话音刚落,那股“哗啦啦”的水流声忽然大作起来,池底泉水喷涌的速度骤然加快,很快就填满了大半座水池。 Meanwhile, white mist also the water surface that from turning welled up ascended, covered the surroundings. 与此同时,一股股白色雾气也从翻涌的水面上升腾了起来,将周围笼罩了进去。 The Han Li heart has a feeling, looks up toward the above, sees above the temple vault, is having the white ray of twinkle star to flash, seems like a piece of bright celestial chart. 韩立心有所感,抬头朝着上方望去,就见神殿穹顶之上,正有星星点点的白色光芒闪动,看起来似乎是一片灿烂星图。 His brow is slightly pressed, faces forward to take together one step with Shi Chuankong. 他眉头微微蹙起,与石穿空一起朝前迈出一步。 These step takes, before the body, unexpectedly is suddenly change of the seasons, arrived in a splendid palace. 这一步迈出,身前竟是陡然间物换星移,来到了一座富丽堂皇的宫殿中。 All around hears the musical sound that the intermittent Chinese musical instruments play, the pretty female who wears the magnificent all colors women's clothing, or is holding the both arms before the plentiful chest, either lifts the top of the head instead to hold a white jade pipa after the neck, plays, while is swaying from side to side the waist, is dancing the dance of sudden foreign land character and style. 四周传来阵阵丝竹管弦奏响的音乐声,一个个身着华丽五彩衣裙的貌美女子,或在丰腴的胸脯前正抱着双臂,或举过头顶在颈后反抱着一把白玉琵琶,一边弹奏,一边扭动着腰肢,跳着急剧异域风情的舞蹈。
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