RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1394: Feathers (Grand Finale)

Han Li recited backwards from the end standing of both hands in the midair, in the vision had one to recall. 韩立倒背双手的站在半空中,目光中带着一丝追忆。 Intermittent gentle sea breeze blows to come, in the wind is smuggling the rich salty wet smell. 一阵阵轻柔的海风拂面而来,风中夹带着浓郁的咸湿气味。 Nearby here South Heaven not border and coastal, in the past he and Zi Ling departed from a Luo Hou abdomen, then arrived here. 这里正是天南附近的无边海,当年他和紫灵从一头罗睺腹中飞出,便是来到了这里。 Here spiritual energy is deficient, but Han Li divine soul exceptionally is comfortable, leaves home probably many years of traveller far from home, experiences a lot of ups and downs outside whets, finally returned to the missing for a long time hometown general. 此处灵气非常匮乏,但韩立神魂却异常舒坦,就好像离家多年的游子,在外历经坎坷磨砺,终于回到了思念已久的家乡一般。 That is stability in a mind, is place that any place is unable to replace. 那是一种心灵上的安定,是任何地方都无法取代的地方。 Han Li deeply breathed several, does not have to treat here, body figure under vanished in the original position in a flash, then appeared in a mountain range midair. 韩立深深呼吸了几口,却也没有在这里多待,身形一晃之下消失在了原处,然后出现在一片山脉的半空。 This is one piece does not calculate that big mountain range, important mountain peak connected region that including more than ten sizes vary, is quite noticeable. 这是一片不算高大的山脉,其中有十几座大小不一的险要山峰相连的区域,颇为引人注目。 Various mountain peak places constructed many checkpoint dark cards, often is strong the form turnover that installs to dress up, was occupied by a ordinary martial arts world school. 山峰各处修建了不少关卡暗卡,不时有劲装打扮的身影进出,却是被一个凡俗武林门派占据。 This mountain Celestial Rainbow Mountain, but occupies this place also Seven Mysteries Sect, are many people who he is familiar with here, when Doctor Mo, Zhang Tie, youngster...... 此山正是彩霞山,而占据此地的也正是七玄门,很多他熟悉的人都在这里,墨大夫,张铁,少年时的自己…… In a small valley near Seven Mysteries Sect disciple room, a solemn-looking black clothes youngster is brandishing in the hand the long blade, is practicing a knife skill. 七玄门弟子房附近的一座小山谷中,一个面容冷峻的黑衣少年挥舞着手中长刀,正在练习一门刀法。 This youngster, is Li Feiyu. 这个少年,正是厉飞雨 Heaven-Wielding Bottle has lost, Han Li while this last chance, decides to return, finally looks at this childhood good friend. 掌天瓶已失,韩立趁着这最后的机会,决定返回过去,最后看一眼这个童年好友。 Li Feiyu brandishes in the hand the long blade, the blade wind howls, the cold light rises from all directions, hidden has the sound of wind and thunder, has the power and influence. 厉飞雨挥舞手中长刀,刀风呼啸间,寒光四起,隐有风雷之声,颇具威势。 His clothing had been soaked by the sweat, grasps the arm also inflammation of blade, has not actually stopped the rest, still clenched teeth to practice. 他的衣衫已经被汗水浸透,握刀的手臂也一片红肿,却没有停下休息,仍旧咬牙练习。 Han Li sees this, the secret nod, the Li Feiyu knife skill was so outstanding in the past, taking Essence Extraction Pill is a reason, more important reason, but also with such as turns round one day laborious practice unable to separate. 韩立看见此幕,暗暗点头,当年厉飞雨的刀法如此出众,服食抽髓丸是一个原因,更重要的原因,还与如复一日的辛苦练习分不开的。 Meanwhile, in his hand the small bottle is getting more and more pale, remains the strength to be few. 与此同时,他手中小瓶越来越淡,所剩力量已经无几。 A Han Li vision revolution, lifts the hand to pinch finger joints with the thumb. 韩立目光一转,抬手掐诀一点。 Projects from his fingertip together black light, flashed submerged the Li Feiyu forehead that passed, practiced Li Feiyu of blade not to detect that laboriously any difference, still continued to sway the sweat. 一道黑光从他指尖射出,一闪即逝的没入了厉飞雨的眉心,辛苦练刀的厉飞雨并未察觉到任何异样,仍旧继续挥洒着汗水。 Han Li shows a faint smile, will return to the reality, the brow tip selects suddenly, looks toward below. 韩立微微一笑,正要返回现实,眉梢突然一挑,朝着下面望去。 A facial features ordinary black skin youngster is going out from God Hand Valley, goes toward the valley outside, on the face full is the vacant facial expression, as if beyond patrolling thing. 一个面容普通的黑肤少年正从神手谷中走出,朝着谷外而去,脸上满是茫然神情,似乎在神游物外。 Isn't that his younger self ? 这不正是少年时的自己吗? In the Han Li heart moves, the vision proceeds to extend. 韩立心中一动,目光往前延伸。 In the ground in youngster front not far away, Heaven-Wielding Bottle calmly lies down there, waits for is discovered. 少年前面不远处的地面上,掌天瓶静静躺在那里,等待着被发现。 According to the step path that the following youngster walks judged, this time, should unable to discover Heaven-Wielding Bottle, as if directly from jar bypass...... 只是根据下面的少年走路的步伐轨迹来判断,这次的自己,应该发现不了掌天瓶,似乎会直接从瓶子旁路过…… The Han Li intention rotation, raises legs a foot empty to kick. 韩立心念转动,抬腿一脚虚踢。 Buries moves in Heaven-Wielding Bottle of ground slightly, displaced several cuns (2.5 cm) distance silently toward left. 埋在地面的掌天瓶微微一动,无声无息向左偏移了几寸距离。 Aiyu!” Of youngster hold breath cold air, is holding own foot, sat on the ground. “哎呦!”少年的自己倒吸一口凉气,抱着自己的脚丫子,坐在了地上。 Han Li sees with own eyes this, the corners of the mouth shows a smile. 韩立眼见此幕,嘴角露出一丝笑容。 At this moment, his hand the jar turns finally thoroughly transparently, inside strength consumption completely, bang a disruption. 就在此刻,他手中瓶子终于彻底变成透明,里面的力量消耗殆尽,嘭的一声碎裂。 Space and time passageway emerges out of thin air in Han Li behind, but one power of time one volume, swallowed his body. 一个时空通道韩立身后凭空出现,一股时间之力一卷而至,将其身体吞了进去。 Beyond the Heavens Territory, Nangong Wan and Golden Child stand there, in the eye had an anxiety faintly. 天外域,南宫婉金童站在那里,眼中隐隐都有了一丝焦急。 At this moment, two people of front not far away void turns like the wave wells up, appears space and time passageway. 就在此刻,二人前方不远处虚空如同水波般翻涌,现出一个时空通道 a person's shadow departs from inside, is Han Li. 一道人影从里面飞出,正是韩立 Nangong Wan and Golden Child see him to appear, look the happy expression, immediately welcomes. 南宫婉金童看到他出现,面露喜色,立刻迎了上来。 ...... …… When moves to the world to be easy, the time passes, in an instant did not know many ten thousand years. 时移世易,光阴流逝,转眼间不知过去了多少万年。 Black Earth Immortal Territory, on the ascended stage several hundred ascended magical array are revolving, sends out rays, by each ascended magical array stands to receive and instruct cultivator. 黑土仙域,飞升台上数百个飞升法阵正在运转,散发出一圈圈的光芒,每个飞升法阵旁都站着一个接引修士 Black Earth Immortal Territory following connects is not knowing that many lower realm border areas, magical array often shines, transmits people of the ascended, was received and instructed cultivator to direct in the continuous construction of distant place. 黑土仙域下面连接着不知多少下界界域,法阵不时亮起,传送出一个个飞升之人,被接引修士引到远处的一片连绵建筑内。 On the ascended stage a magical array ray greatly is suddenly bright, the direct impact on the day, a facial features solemn black clothes youth of appears in magical array. 飞升台上一个法阵光芒突然大亮,直冲向天,一个五官冷峻的黑衣青年在法阵内浮现而出。 This person of half body burned black, obviously was difficult passed the tribulation of ascended, at this moment be at the unconscious condition. 此人半边身体焦黑,显然非常艰苦才度过了飞升之劫,此刻处于昏迷状态。 The youth are still gripping tightly a black long blade in the hand of bleeding, two as if long in one. 青年还在流血的手紧紧握着一柄黑色长刀,二者似乎长在了一起。 Black Blade covered entirely the crack at this moment, above inscribed two pictographic ancient Chinese characters “Feiyu”, Black Blade is immortal artifact, seems like innate immortal artifact, although the knife covers entirely the crack, still sent out astonishing blade intent. 黑刀此刻布满了裂纹,上面铭刻了两个象形古字“飞羽”,黑刀是件仙器,似乎是先天仙器,刀身虽然布满裂纹,仍旧散发出惊人的刀意。 By this magical array stands to receive and instruct cultivator, is the white hair middle-aged man, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards clear vision, the demeanor is quite beautiful, pitifully two temples are only graying, the corner of the eye also covered entirely wrinkles, although the appearance is only the middle age, actually an exceptionally old feeling. 法阵旁站着一个接引修士,是个白发中年男子,剑眉明目,风仪颇美,只可惜两鬓已经斑白,眼角也布满了一道道皱纹,样貌虽然只是中年,却给人一种异常苍老的感觉。 He sees the black clothes youth, looks the color of surprise, lifts the hand to wield. 他看到黑衣青年,面露诧异之色,抬手一挥。 A white light departs from the white hair man hand, covers on the black clothes youth, the youth wound of heals fast, comes quickly soberly. 一道白光从白发男子手中飞出,笼罩在黑衣青年身上,青年身上的伤口飞快愈合,很快清醒过来。 Sobers, the black clothes youth looks Black Blade immediately to the hand, in the eye reveals a deeply regretting color. 一清醒过来,黑衣青年立刻看向手中黑刀,眼中露出一丝痛惜之色。 „Below Gao Sheng, welcome fellow daoist ascended to Black Earth Immortal Territory.” The white hair middle-aged man stands in the one side, said with a smile. “在下高升,欢迎道友飞升黑土仙域。”白发中年男子站在一旁,含笑说道。 „Below Li Feiyu, comes this from Northern Wind World ascended.” The black clothes youth sizes up toward the surroundings secretly, looks the surprised color. “在下厉飞羽,是从北风界飞升来此。”黑衣青年朝着周围暗暗打量,面露惊奇之色。 Li Feiyu......” Gao Sheng was startled. 厉飞羽……”高升怔了一下。 „Below name why not proper?” Li Feiyu saw the Gao Sheng facial expression, the vision flashed. “在下的名字有何不妥吗?”厉飞羽看到高升的神情,目光闪动了一下。 Not improper, is only the name of fellow daoist, looks like with True Immortal World great expert very much, only missed a character, that Senior is the rain of raining, the fellow daoist is the feather of feather.” The Gao Sheng facial expression gets back, says with a smile. “没有不妥,只是道友的姓名,和真仙界一位大能很像,只差了一个字,那位前辈是下雨之雨,道友是羽毛之羽。”高升神情恢复过来,笑道。 „, That but actually was really skillful.” The Li Feiyu brow tip moves, said. “哦,那倒真是巧了。”厉飞羽眉梢一动,说道。 Did not say this, Fellow Daoist Lì your luck is very good, Black Earth Immortal Territory is one of the True Immortal World liveliest Immortal Territory, True Immortal World first sect Mantra Sect is situated in this, this Gao Mantra Sect receiving and instructing immortal envoy, this gate most welcome fellow daoist such lower realm ascended cultivator, does not know that Fellow Daoist Lì can be interested in joining this?” Gao Sheng bore the impulsion of divining by the eight diagrams, makes the invitation with a smile. “不说这个,厉道友你的运气很好,黑土仙域真仙界最繁华的仙域之一,真仙界第一宗门真言门更坐落于此,高某正是真言门的接引仙使,本门最为欢迎道友这样的下界飞升修士,不知厉道友可有兴趣加入本门?”高升忍住了卜卦的冲动,笑着做出邀请。 „Below just ascended True Immortal World, what matter about did not know, joins sect rashly, seems not quite appropriate, does not know whether Immortal Envoy Gao to illustrate the True Immortal World situation below?” Li Feiyu gawked, asking of maintaining composure. “在下刚刚飞升真仙界,对什么事情都不了解,贸然加入宗门,似乎不太合适,不知高仙使能否为在下解说一下真仙界的情况?”厉飞羽愣了一下,不动声色的问道。 This should be, the True Immortal World area is limitless, is divided into Immortal Territory that several thousand sizes vary, Black Earth Immortal Territory is one of them, various Immortal Territory area big astonishment, ordinary immortal its life are unable to go out of Immortal Territory finally. As for cultivation base realm of immortal, Golden Immortal Supreme Unity, Great Encompassing Dao Ancestor, three thousand Great Dao, principle Supreme, each realm needs to spend as the saying goes for several million years, is more than ten million years can achieve, my Mantra Sect Heavenly Venerable Han is Great Encompassing Realm great expert, is the True Immortal World first person of being worthy of the reputation, since......, right, just now with that and your name similar great expert that Fellow Daoist Lì said is Heavenly Venerable Han.” Gao Sheng talks about that Heavenly Venerable Han, in the surface reveals the complex color, has respectable, there are other mood. “这个是应该的,真仙界面积无边无际,分成数千个大小不一的仙域,黑土仙域乃是其中之一,各仙域面积都大的惊人,普通仙人终其一生也无法走出一个仙域。至于仙人的修为境界嘛,有道是‘金仙太乙,大罗道祖,三千大道,法则至尊’,每个境界都需要花费数百万年,乃是上千万年才能达成,我真言门韩天尊便是一位大罗境大能,也是名符其实的真仙界第一人,不过自从……哦,对了,方才和厉道友说的那位和你姓名相似的大能就是韩天尊。”高升谈及那韩天尊,面上露出复杂之色,有尊敬,也有其他的情绪。 Heavenly Venerable Han? Immortal Envoy Gao did not say that Senior did call Li Feiyu?” Li Feiyu surprised asking. 韩天尊高仙使不是说那位前辈厉飞雨吗?”厉飞羽惊讶的问道。 Heavenly Venerable Han ascended Immortal World, used the alias of long-term Li Feiyu in the past, therefore Li Feiyu, is his second name.” Gao Sheng said. 韩天尊当年飞升仙界,用了很长时间厉飞雨的化名,所以厉飞雨,算是他的第二个名字。”高升说道。 Why doesn't know this Heavenly Venerable Han full name?” Li Feiyu hears this words, the nod, in the heart produced a curiosity to this Heavenly Venerable Han slowly, asked. “不知这位韩天尊全名为何?”厉飞羽听闻此话,缓缓点头,心中对这位韩天尊产生了一丝好奇,问道。 „The Heavenly Venerable Han given name is on under Han stands.” Gao Sheng toward a void submissively ritual. 韩天尊名讳是上韩下立。”高升朝着虚空拱手一礼。 Han Li......” Li Feiyu muttered said that in the surface showed the strange facial expression. 韩立……”厉飞羽喃喃说道,面上露出奇异的神情。 This name, why does not know, gives him a very familiar feeling. 这个名字,不知为何,给他一种很熟悉的感觉。 Keeps silent! Heavenly Venerable Han is extremely lofty in the True Immortal World prestige, reveres not saying that if made one listen, only feared that will stir up disturbance.” Gao Sheng lowers the sound to say immediately. “噤声!韩天尊真仙界声望极其崇高,尊名直呼不得,若是让人听了去,只怕会惹起一场风波。”高升立刻压低声音说道。 Yes, many thanks immortal envoy direction.” Li Feiyu hears word one startled, looks toward the surroundings, sees with own eyes no one to notice, this relaxes, submissively thanks say/way. “是,多谢仙使指点。”厉飞羽闻言一惊,朝着周围望去,眼见没有人注意到,这才松了口气,拱手谢道。 „After Fellow Daoist Lì, pays attention to this matter on the line.” Gao Sheng beckons with the hand. 厉道友以后注意一下此事就行。”高升摆摆手。 Immortal Envoy Gao, this Heavenly Venerable Han, since is Great Encompassing Realm great expert, why can be the True Immortal World first person? immortal envoy just did not say that Dao Ancestor is highest realm?” Li Feiyu also asked immediately. 高仙使,这位韩天尊既然是大罗境大能,为何会是真仙界第一人?仙使刚刚不是说道祖是最高境界吗?”厉飞羽随即又问道。 Regarding this Heavenly Venerable Han, he does not know why has the urgent understanding desire. 对于这位韩天尊,他不知为何有种迫切的了解欲望。 Heavenly Venerable Han is True Immortal World in history, the character of most legend, 'A Mortal’s Cultivation Journey to Immortality; the Resurgence of Turbulent Events; Shuttling through Space and Time; the Reversal of Samsara' is he who said. About his deeds, said that last three days and three nights cannot say, later discussed not lately, we first went to that side ascended palace, registered the status of fellow daoist.” Gao Sheng hehe said with a smile. 韩天尊乃是真仙界有史以来,最为传奇的人物,‘凡人修仙,风云再起,时空穿梭,轮回逆转’便是说的他。关于他的事迹,说上三天三夜也说不完,以后再谈不迟,我们还是先去那边的飞升宫吧,将道友的身份登记下来。”高升呵呵笑道。 All, but depending on the Immortal Envoy Gao arrangement.” The Li Feiyu nod said. “一切但凭高仙使安排。”厉飞羽点头说道。 Therefore, Gao Sheng leads Li Feiyu, flies toward distant place that palace. 于是,高升引领厉飞雨,朝着远处那片宫殿飞去。 ...... …… A Black Earth Immortal Territory mountain valley, a small stream winds to wind through, under beautiful sunlight complementing, shadowy, fine spring day, lonesome and quiet exceptionally. 黑土仙域一处山谷,一条小溪蜿蜒流过,明媚阳光映衬下,绿树成荫,鸟语花香,幽静异常。 The mountain valley deep place has several bamboo builds garrets, in a pavilion outside garret is sitting in a circle several person's shadows, a person wears the ordinary azure robe, mortal who probably does not have magical power, is Han Li. 山谷深处有数间竹子搭建的阁楼,阁楼外的一处凉亭内围坐着几个人影,其中一人身上穿着普通的青袍,好像一个没有法力的凡人,正是韩立 Sitting that a white robe female snuggles in side, is actually Nangong Wan. 一个白袍女子依偎的坐在旁边,却是南宫婉 Huge Samsara Principle fluctuates to send out from her, has achieved Supreme Unity Realm Peak, only has the one pace from Great Encompassing Realm. 一股庞大的轮回法则波动从她身上散发而出,已经达到了太乙境巅峰,距离大罗境也只有一步之遥。 A fresh-faced little girl with upright pigtail somewhat limps to gather round two people to move, is pursuing several exquisite wood/blockhead kitten puppies, the cat dog four hooves of these wooden flutter, as if the living creature is moving, the mouth sends out meow meow, the tearful cry, teases the doll giggle to keep laughing. 一个头扎冲天辫的粉嫩女娃有些蹒跚围着二人跑动,追逐着几只精巧的木头小猫小狗,那些木质的猫狗四蹄翻飞,仿佛活物跑动着,嘴里更发出喵喵,汪汪的叫声,逗得女娃咯咯笑个不停。 In the pavilion also two, Daoist Crab and Zi Ling sit facing each other by a stone table, is playing weiqi, Han Li and Nangong Wan observe in the one side. 凉亭内还有两人,蟹道人紫灵在一个石桌两侧相对而坐,正在下着围棋,韩立南宫婉在一旁观战。 Daoist Crab sits on a wheelchair at this moment, half void near body strange integration, looked like with the initial Old Ancestor Chen Tuan situation very much, but among his facial expressions actually full was tranquil, no anxiety. 蟹道人此刻坐在一个轮椅上,半个身体诡异的融入附近的虚空,和当初的陈抟老祖情况很像,只是他的神情间却满是平静,没有一丝焦躁。 He begins such as flies, the black mole in hand occupies the checkerboard central big region. 他落子如飞,手中的黑子已经占据了棋盘中央一大片区域。 A Zi Ling purple long skirt, graceful slim and graceful, cultivation base also promotes much, has achieved Great Encompassing Intermediate Stage realm. 紫灵一身紫色长裙,娉婷袅娜,修为也提升不少,已经达到了大罗中期境界 Her white is not weak, defends four corner/horn firmly, and forms the potential of surrounding to the black mole in central region. 她的白子也不弱,牢牢守住四角,并对中央区域的黑子形成包围之势。 Inside and outside the pavilion filled serenely, the fallen sunlight particularly is also gentle. 凉亭内外充满了安详,落下的阳光也分外柔和。 At this moment, the Han Li vision moves suddenly, the corners of the mouth show a smile. 就在此刻,韩立目光突然一动,嘴角露出一丝笑容。 „Did husband, what matter have?” The Nangong Wan most attention places on fresh-faced little girl, actually also detected that the change of Han Li facial expression, looked. “夫君,发生了何事?”南宫婉大半注意都放在粉嫩女娃身上,却也察觉到韩立神情的变化,看了过来。 It’s nothing, a reincarnation of old friend, ascended to Black Earth Immortal Territory.” Han Li optional saying with a smile. “没什么,一个久违故人的转世,飞升到了黑土仙域。”韩立随意的笑道。 Since is the old friend reincarnation of husband, may want me to inform younger sister Yuan Yao, making her try to look after one or two/just a little?” Nangong Wan said. “既然是夫君的故人转世,可要我通知元瑶妹妹,让她设法照拂一二?”南宫婉说道。 His previous life is a being stronger person, in this life seems like so, does not need to interfere with his life, in the future will be predestined friends, will meet.” Han Li shakes the head, said. “他前世便是一个要强之人,这一世看起来还是如此,不必干涉他的生活了,日后有缘,自会相见。”韩立摇摇头,说道。 Nangong Wan hears word, nods, looking pensive. 南宫婉闻言,点点头,若有所思。 At this moment, the beautiful sky is suddenly gloomy, Black Earth Immortal Territory started to hike up the heavy snow rarely. 此刻,明媚的天空突然阴暗起来,黑土仙域难得开始飘起了大雪。 In the Han Li standing still snow, the body falls full white before long. 韩立静立雪中,不一会身上落满一片白色。 He catches the eye to look, the vision penetrates layer upon layer the space, entire Black Earth Immortal Territory, periphery several Immortal Territory situations get a panoramic view. 他抬眼望去,目光穿透层层空间,整个黑土仙域,还有周围的数个仙域的情况都尽收眼底。 Limitless Immortal World, day rises the sunset, the white clouds dark green dog. 无边无际的仙界,日升日落,白云苍狗。 After the moment, Han Li shuts the eyes, puts out the one breath, blows the snowflake to flutter about, like feathers. 片刻后,韩立闭起双眼,吐出一口气,吹得雪花纷飞,如同飞羽。 ( A Immortal World book ends) (仙界篇全书完) ...... …… Perhaps forgot behind the language to rest some time, but the new book and mortal follow-up news will be forgetting the language 忘语后面恐怕要休息一段时间了,但新书和凡人后续消息会在忘语
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