RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1389: Delivers you to leave

Real? That was good!” “真的吗?那太好了!” Nangong Wan first is one happy, then as if thought of anything, examined in void, somewhat scruple asking: 南宫婉先是一喜,接着似乎想到了什么,在虚空中查看了一圈,有些迟疑的问道: He......” “那他……” To extinguish kills Gu Huojin, his full play Samsara Principle, compelled Gu Huojin divine soul, integrated the Heavenly Dao thoroughly.” Han Li sighed slightly, said. “为了灭杀古或今,他全力运转轮回法则,逼出了古或今神魂,彻底融入了天道。”韩立微微叹息一声,说道。 Nangong Wan hears word, the vision trembles slightly, in the eye socket somewhat is also moist. 南宫婉闻言,目光微微一颤,眼眶中也有些湿润起来。 Sees only it and refers to at an own forehead point, immediately pulls outward, the virtual light person's shadow was pulled together immediately. 只见其并指在自己眉心一点,随即向外一扯,一道虚光人影随即被扯了出来。 The Han Li vision swept then to recognize, that Gan Rushuang only remained virtual image that the remnant soul, its transformed was very weak, such as the jack-o'-lantern swayed generally erratically, must dissipate shortly. 韩立目光一扫便认了出来,那正是甘如霜仅剩的一点残魂,其所幻化出的虚影十分微弱,如鬼火一般飘摇不定,眼看着就要消散开来。 At this time, void float on an incomplete thing, the dark red ray flashed suddenly, the similarly wisp of remnant souls grazed. 这时,虚空中悬浮着的一块残缺物件上,忽然暗红光芒闪动,同样有一缕残魂飞掠而出。 Han Li brow slightly pressed, in the eye flashes through wipes the surprised color, the discovery was that Disc of Six Paths of Samsara really also has to survive an corner/horn, the info clerk a Samsara Palace Master wisp of remnant soul. 韩立眉头微蹙,眼中闪过一抹惊讶之色,就发现是那六道轮回盘竟然还有残存一角,收纳了轮回殿主的一缕残魂。 The soul shadow is also illusory, after may depart, welcomed immediately to Gan Rushuang divine soul, lifted the hand to pull her shoulder. 其魂影同样虚无缥缈,可飞出之后,就立即迎向了甘如霜神魂,抬手挽住了她的肩头。 Both snuggle mutually, turned round to look at Nangong Wan and Han Li together, on the face reveals wipes the happy expression. 两者相互依偎,一起回身看了一眼南宫婉韩立,脸上露出一抹笑意。 Looks after Jiuzhen for me, from now on Heaven and Earth will not regret......” is indistinct, in Han Li sea of consciousness as if resounded the Samsara Palace Master sound. “代我照顾九真,自此天地无憾……”隐约间,韩立识海中似乎响起了轮回殿主的声音。 Does not wait for him to reply, that two forms have lifted off slowly, the light completely becomes more and more gloomy, finally such as a wisp of smog dissipation in Heaven and Earth. 不等他答话,那两个身影就已经缓缓升空,光满变得越来越暗淡,最终如一缕烟雾般消散在了天地间。 My bit.” Han Li replied in the heart silently. “我会的。”韩立在心底默默答道。 To them, is this good result?” Nangong Wan depends on the shoulder of Han Li, on the face the facial expression is somewhat sad, opens the mouth to ask. “对他们来说,这算是个好的结局吗?”南宫婉靠着韩立的肩膀,脸上神情有些哀伤,开口问道。 Han Li hears word, does not know how for a while should answer, but shakes the head gently. 韩立闻言,一时也不知道该如何作答,只是轻轻摇了摇头。 At this moment, his brow suddenly slightly one pressed, turns head to look to Demon Lord, opens the mouth saying: 就在这时,他眉头忽然微微一蹙,扭头望向魔主,开口道: „Is Fellow Daoist Shi, so seriously impatient? We just life and death can't, treasure the opportunity that this lives with great difficulty shoulder to shoulder?” 石道友,当真就如此迫不及待?我们刚刚并肩生死一场,难道就不能珍惜这好不容易活下来的机会?” Nangong Wan hears word, is busy at turning head to look, sees Demon Lord not to know when had arrived at the Heaven-Wielding Bottle body side quietly, grasped it in the hand, brow tight pressed. 南宫婉闻言,也忙扭头看去,就见魔主不知何时已经悄然来到了掌天瓶身侧,将其抓在了手中,眉头不禁紧蹙了起来。 Fellow Daoist Han made a mistake a matter, I and you unite, does not oppose the action of Gu Huojin. Conversely, I approve of his view actually very much, only he achieved compared with me pitifully early this step.” Demon Lord had restored the human form, said indifferently. 韩道友弄错了一件事,我与你们联合,并非是反对古或今的行动。相反的,我倒是很赞同他的看法,只可惜他比我更早做到了这一步。”魔主已经恢复了人形,淡然说道。 Han Li looked at him, said to Nangong Wan: Also must make you first go back, then waits for me first-grade.” 韩立看了一眼他,对南宫婉说道:“还得让你先回去,再等我一等。” You yourself were careful.” After Nangong Wan hesitates, the decision believes Han Li, nods to say. “你自己小心。”南宫婉一阵迟疑后,还是决定相信韩立,点了点头道。 Will not be long.” Han Li is saying, waved to open the silver light gate, returned to Flowering Branch Paradise Nangong Wan again. “不会太久的。”韩立说着,挥手打开了银色光门,重新将南宫婉送回了花枝洞天 Powerhouse ascended to heaven step by step, how many disaster disasters experienced, for can't do as pleases? May have the Heavenly Dao oppression top of the head, presses the person not to gasp for breath. The fellow daoist left arm swallows for the Heavenly Dao, isn't so, does not want to throw off this weary day?” Demon Lord has not prevented the action of Han Li, the single finger day, said proudly. “强者步步登天,经历了多少劫难灾殃,为的不就是能从心所欲?可偏偏有个天道欺压头顶,压得人喘不过气来。道友左臂为天道吞噬,不就是如此,难道就不想掀翻这惹人厌烦的天?”魔主没有阻止韩立的行动,单手指天,傲然说道。 Once had seen in the ordinary old book does as pleases does not pass moment, does not know that Fellow Daoist Shi has heard? Under the Heavenly Dao criterion, the powerhouse from may do as pleases. But if everyone vies for supremacy not to defend the Heavenly Dao, how could it not be this world takes a Primordial Chaos disorder, did not have ordinary spark, did not have on the mountain gathering of beautifully dressed people, did not have the space bright moon in the sky, does this world have taste really?” Han Li asked with a smile. “曾在凡俗古籍中看到过一句‘从心所欲不逾矩’,不知石道友听没听说过?天道准则之下,强者自可从心所欲。可若人人争强而不守天道,这世间岂不要一片混沌无序,没了凡俗星火点点,没了山上繁花锦簇,没了天上皓月当空,这世间还有甚滋味?”韩立笑着反问道。 Never expected that Fellow Daoist Han this grade of fierce and ambitious, womanly compassion of this asylum world weak one?” Demon Lord laughs to say loudly, among laughter reverberation Heaven and Earth, prolonged. “没想到韩道友这等枭雄,还有这庇护世间弱者的妇人之仁?”魔主放声大笑道,笑声回荡天地间,经久不绝。 Can hit?” Han Li closes with a smile, asks. “非打不可?”韩立一笑置之,问道。 Cannot hit, is Fellow Daoist Han you refuses stubbornly to be possible. At present you will damage too heavily, do not kill you at this time, I in the future not relieved day.” Demon Lord wear a look of happy expression, sound such as cold frost, saying every single word or phrase. “不是非打不可,是韩道友你非死不可。眼下你损伤太重,此时不杀你,我日后再无安心之日。”魔主面带笑意,声如寒霜,一字一句的言道。 When the voice falls, its body draws back slightly backward one step, actually banged into the one/1st level/layer space ripples directly, vanishes directly does not see. 话音落时,其身躯微微向后退开一步,却是直接撞入了一层空间涟漪,直接消失不见。 Han Li is expected, body Time Principle fluctuations ripples to open, a palm wields, outside the body surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5 km) void , the time circulation stagnates instantaneously. 韩立对此早有所料,身上时间法则波动荡漾而开,一掌挥出,身外方圆万里的虚空,时间流转瞬间凝滞。 His vision revolution, saw that a void region split a small slit, lifting the hand was a sword punctured. 他目光一转,就看到虚空中一处区域裂开了一处微小缝隙,抬手便是一剑刺了出去。 Only listens to "Zī la" sonic-electronics to resound, the golden electric light jumped together instantaneously injected that slit. 只听“滋啦”一声电鸣响起,一道金色电光瞬间迸射入了那处缝隙。 The time of freeze flows again, in that slit hears one to thunder, blasts open void immediately. 紧接着,冻结的时间再次流淌起来,那处缝隙中传来一声轰鸣,虚空顿时炸裂开来。 It seems like you were the real injury heavy......” at this time, a voice made a sound from Han Li suddenly behind. “看来你是真的伤势不轻……”这时,一个嗓音忽然从韩立身后响了起来。 When Han Li also without enough time then, the silver light the overhead has passed through together, powerful power of Space Principle covers layer upon layer, imprisoned him directly same place. 韩立还来不及回头时,一道银光已经当头贯下,强大的空间法则之力层层笼罩,直接将他禁锢在了原地。 As they go together!” “随着他们一起去吧!” explosive roar resounds, the Demon Lord five fingers like the hook, above demon Qi winding, are glittering the silver cold light, grasped toward the Han Li head directly. 一声爆喝响起,魔主五指如钩,上面魔气缠绕,闪烁着银色寒光,直接朝着韩立头颅抓了过来。 Han Li previously cut to kill Gu Huojin that sword, almost found time his all power of magical principle and immortal spirit strength, at this moment is not really able to give way to traffic. 韩立先前斩杀古或今那一剑,几乎抽空了他所有的法则之力仙灵力,此刻是真的无法避让开来了。 When these thousand honored laws, before his body, suddenly the golden light flashes through together, a huge incomparable golden beetle flies to shoot baseless, hit toward Demon Lord. 就在这千钧一法之际,他的身前忽然一道金光闪过,一只巨大无比的金色甲虫凭空飞射而出,一头朝着魔主撞了上去。 Bang a dull thumping sound transmits, the Demon Lord whole person was hit directly. “砰”的一声闷响传来,魔主整个人直接被撞了回去。 After keeping off this fatal strikes Golden Child, turns round then toward the void tear and bite, forcefully on that matter power of Space Principle Han Li pulling apart. 挡下这致命一击后的金童,回身便朝着虚空一阵撕咬,硬生生将韩立身上那层空间法则之力给扯断了开来。 Devourer Golden Immortal...... Dao Ancestor.” After Demon Lord stands firm body figure, called out with amazement. 噬金仙……道祖。”魔主稳住身形后,惊讶叫道。 He only knows that the Han Li body side the Devourer Golden Immortal companion, actually thinks year to year inadequately this insect already advancement Dao Ancestor, but in the previous war, Devourer Golden Immortal has not made an appearance from beginning to end, why Samsara Palace Master does not know, has not informed his matter. 他只知道韩立身侧常年有一噬金仙陪伴,却不成想此虫已经进阶道祖,而先前大战中,噬金仙从头至尾都并未露面,轮回殿主也不知为何,并未告知他此事。 The Demon Lord injury is not serious, but previously to extinguish killed the Gu Huojin consumption is also huge, collaborated facing Han Li and Golden Child, he did not feel oneself had many odds of success, but has become the water and fire with the Han Li potential at present, if cannot today except for him, after waiting for it to restore the strength, the situation will be only worse. 魔主的伤势不算重,但此前为了灭杀古或今消耗同样巨大,面对韩立金童联手,他不觉得自己有多少胜算,可眼下已经与韩立势成水火,若是今日不能除了他,等其恢复实力之后,情况只会更糟。 He looks in a hand was gripping tightly the small bottle subconsciously, in the palm a silver glittering. 他下意识看了一眼手中紧握着的小瓶,掌心中一阵银光闪烁。 The small bottle bottle mouth place silver is together luminous, the innumerable silver gassed threads overflow, submerged his palm. 小瓶瓶口处一道银光亮起,无数银色光丝从中流溢而出,没入了他的掌心。 Demon Lord both eyes the circle opens the eyes immediately, in the eye flashes through wiping the pleasantly surprised facial expression that is hard to conceal. 魔主双目顿时圆睁,眼中闪过一抹难以掩饰的惊喜神情。 He only feels powerful incomparable power of Space Principle, is following the small bottle to flood into his within the body unceasingly, making its some debts the dantian place be full again. 他只觉得一股股强大无比的空间法则之力,正顺着小瓶不断涌入他的体内,让其有些亏空的丹田处再次充盈起来。 Haha...... Heaven helps me too, Heaven helps me too......” Demon Lord cannot bear says with a smile carefree. “哈哈……天助我也,天助我也……”魔主忍不住畅快笑道。 Han Li sees that is actually not accidental/surprised, in fact the palm of his cage in sleeve, is pinching magical formula rapidly. 韩立见状,却是丝毫不意外,事实上他笼在袖中的手掌,正飞速掐着法诀 Previously entered the space in small bottle, although he cannot small bottle refined, actually have the deep relation with it, separating the spatial stimulation of movement naturally is not the issue. 先前进入小瓶内的空间,他虽然没能将小瓶炼化,却与其结下了深厚联系,隔空催动自然不是问题。 At present is not Demon Lord is absorbing power of Space Principle independently, but is Han Li is controlling the small bottle, thursts down his within the body. 眼下并非是魔主在自主吸取空间法则之力,而是韩立正操控着小瓶,强行灌输进他体内。 Quick, Demon Lord then could not smile. 很快,魔主便笑不出来了。 He discovered, as more and more power of Space Principle gush out, inside mixed silk threads the strength of Primordial Chaos Principle, starts to drill unexpectedly toward his within the body. 他发现,随着越来越多地空间法则之力涌出,里面混杂着的丝丝缕缕的混沌法则之力,竟也开始朝着他的体内钻去。 When he wants to prevent, already without enough time. 等他想要阻止时,已经来不及了。 Han Li, you......” 韩立,你……” In his mouth said half a word words, started in all directions the ballooning from top to bottom, Primordial Chaos light group broken bodies, tore the fragment its body one after another. 他口中才说出半句话,浑身上下就开始四处鼓胀,一道道混沌光团接连破体而出,生生将其身躯撕扯成了碎片。 Sees only in the middle of the fragment, the silver light/only condenses on miniature eight steed carriage that becomes together, sits silver divine soul villain/tiny person, under controls the carriages and horses to flash, wants to flee. 只见碎片当中,一道银光凝聚而成的微型八骏车驾上,坐着一个银色的神魂小人,驾驭着车马一闪之下,就欲遁逃。 You cannot get away...... is acquainted, makes me deliver you a regulation.” Han Li sighed one lightly, said. “你走不了的……相识一场,还是让我来送你一程吧。”韩立轻叹一声,如此说道。 Under finishes speaking, the one/1st level/layer time fluctuation ripples have rippled, stagnates void again, eight steed carriage were imprisoned void in middle, is entirely still. 话音刚落下,一层时间波动涟漪已然荡漾开来,虚空再次凝滞,八骏车驾被禁锢在了虚空当中,纹丝不动。 Han Li is slightly not affected, takes a step, arrived quickly nearby. 韩立丝毫不受影响,迈步而过,很快来到了跟前。 His absorbs to start eight steed carriage and Demon Lord divine soul, in the surface the facial expression has not changed, but twists gently, that silver carriage and divine soul changed into the one/1st level/layer indistinct luminous spot all, dissipates in invisible. 他一手将八骏车驾魔主神魂摄入手中,面上神情没有丝毫变化,只是轻轻一捻,那银色车驾神魂就尽数化为了一层缥缈光点,消散于无形。 Han Li looks all around, looks all around is void a confusion, somewhat has mixed feelings. 韩立环顾四周,看着周遭虚空一片混乱,心情有些复杂。 After the moment, he takes back the vision slowly, lifts hand one move, in the small bottle received into hand, caressed above the familiar trace again gently, the mind was gradually stabilizing. At this time, the vein on small bottle dark green leaf blade shone a golden ray suddenly, silk threads power of Time Principle flows, converged Han Li within the body slowly, such as the clear spring of sweet lie is moistening each immortal aperture of his body. 片刻后,他缓缓收回目光,抬手一招,将小瓶重新收入手中,轻轻摩挲着其上熟悉的纹路,心神逐渐安定了下来。这时,小瓶墨绿叶片上的脉络忽然亮起一阵金色光芒,丝丝缕缕时间法则之力流淌而出,缓缓汇入韩立的体内,如甘洌的清泉滋润着他身体的每一处仙窍 Han Li exhausted gradually sweeps off, the ray in eyes is also getting more and more bright. 韩立一身疲惫逐渐扫去,双眼之中的光芒也越来越明亮。 He even can feel, the Primordial Chaos Principle influence complementary waves are gradually abating, the disrupted Heavenly Dao is also back on the stock rail gradually, Heaven and Earth eliminates, all slowly are restoring the original vitality. 他甚至能够感受到,混沌法则的影响余波正在逐渐消退,被扰乱的天道也在逐步重回正轨,天地肃清,一切都在慢慢恢复本来的元气。 When he raises head to look, trace that say/way void fissure that in the top of the head chop, has not actually closed slightly. 只是当他仰头望去,头顶上自己劈出的那道虚空裂痕,却丝毫没有弥合的痕迹。 There seems like the time to stagnate, the space freeze, the samsara does not ford, meets mostly forever such as spans together in True Immortal World all will of the people head scars, becomes the proof of this eternal disaster. 那里似乎时间停滞,空间冻结,轮回不涉,多半永远会如一道横亘在真仙界所有人心头上的伤痕,成为这场万古祸事的证明。 Stave Central Earth Immortal Territory is impossible to return to original feature again, most areas collapse destroys, many other regions had fallen thoroughly void in the previous battle, had turned like the Southern Small Continent group same losing domain. 破碎的中土仙域已经不可能再回归本来面目,大部分的疆域都已经彻底崩毁,另有不少区域在先前的交战中落入了虚空,已经变成了如同小南洲界群一样的失落界域。 However, here originally rich Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, after the Heavenly Dao revolution returns is normal, in fills, wants comes to cross again 1 million years later, these scattered crushed stone dust mostly will gather, concentrates again a small-scale mainland, as mystical place, returns to in world a certainly. 不过,这里本就浓郁的天地灵气,在天道运转重归正常后,也在重新填补回来,想来再过个百万年之后,那些分散的碎石尘埃多半会重新聚拢,再次凝成一座小型大陆,作为一处绝地秘境,重归于世。 If here is ordinary, other affected border areas, were also restored in gradually the training. 如此处一般,受到波及的其他界域,也在逐渐修养恢复中。 ( Mortal wanted big ending immediately, I will renew some over the two days) (凡人马上要大结尾了,我这两天会多更新一些哦) :.: :。:
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