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#2052: Nuwa stands in line

Chapter 2052 第2052章 Nuwa stands in line 女娲站队 Reason that in Real World, eight trigram / gossip passes on quickly, is mainly in the curiosity in people heart, but disseminates speed to be quickest by eight trigram / gossip of celebrity. 现实世界中,八卦之所以传得那么快,主要还是处于人们心中的好奇心,而其中又以名人的八卦传播速度最快。 Regarding Great Desolate plane, Dongfang Yu naturally was a big celebrity, Empress Nüwa similarly so. 对于洪荒位面而言,东方玉自然是一个大名人了,女娲娘娘同样如此。 Raises suddenly certainly suggested that Dongfang Yu and Nuwa between them do have the unknown personal relationships? This attracted certainly the attention of countless person. 乍然间准提暗示东方玉女娲两人之间有不为人知的私情?这当然是吸引了无数人的注意。 If Old Ancestor Ming He as well as the town Yuan child and the others, hear raises after the analysis of this matter certainly, secretly nod(ded), thought the analysis that raises certainly is indeed logical and reasonable. 冥河老祖以及镇元子等人,听到准提关于这件事情的分析之后,都暗自点头,觉得准提的分析的确是入情入理啊。 If not for he analyzes this matter, but could also not discover between Dongfang Yu and Nuwa really possible exist(ence) such relations. 若不是他分析这件事情的话,还真发现不了东方玉女娲之间可能存在着这样的关系呢。 Naturally, there is other person regarding this matter, is holding the completely different feelings, for example Three Pure Ones they, completely were different regarding the feelings of this matter. 当然,也有别的人对于这件事情,抱着完全不同的感想的,比如说三清他们,对于这件事情的感想就完全不同了。 Mr. Dongfang and do Nuwa have relations unexpectedly? I have thought he and Houtu (Mother Earth) are one pair, this matter does Houtu (Mother Earth) know?”, The exceedingly high founder regarding this matter, is hugging curiously, naturally , some suspicions. 东方先生女娲居然有关系吗?我一直以为他和后土是一对呢,这件事情后土知不知道?”,通天教主对于这件事情,抱着好奇,当然,也有一些猜疑。 This is impossible, initially the human race matter, Dongfang Yu had obloquied the senior brother and Nuwa, the primitive day Venerable regarding this matter, is shaking the head of secretly, expressed that does not believe. “这不可能的,当初人族的事情,东方玉可是大骂了师兄和女娲一趟”,原始天尊对于这件事情,是暗自的摇了摇头,表示不相信的。 So looks like, on this day are the below eight sages, divided into three associations?” Dongfang Yu and Nuwa that relatively speaking, the father cares about have the personal relationships words, to influence that this sage aspect has. “如此看来,这天下的八位圣人,共分为三个团体吗?”,相对而言,老子更在意的还是东方玉女娲有私情的话,对于这圣人局面所造成的影响。 Three Pure Ones is an association, naturally did not need saying that received and instructed with proposes two certainly is Meng was not out of focus, similarly was an association. 三清是一个团体,自然无需多说,接引和准提两个一直是孟不离焦,同样是一个团体。 Also thinks Wu Yan and Houtu (Mother Earth) are an association, Nuwa is all alone, now looks like, their three people similarly are an association. 本来还以为武岩和后土是一个团体,女娲是孤身一人的,现在看来,他们三个人同样是一个团体啊。 „Is the first under heaven sage, really the strongest sage? Nuwa and Houtu (Mother Earth) two females both are the sages, he is actually surrounded by beautiful women, strength not to mention, at least some aspect, he indeed is......”, naturally, some people who other sages could not compare secretly admired Dongfang Yu's to be lucky in love. 天下第一圣人,果然是最强的圣人吗?女娲后土两位女性都是圣人,他却左拥右抱的,实力强不强暂且不说了,至少在某个方面而言,他的确是其他圣人比不了的……”,当然,也有的人暗自佩服东方玉的艳福的。 Bastard, raises him so to fabricate a rumor certainly unexpectedly......”, Nuwa of Wa imperial palace, naturally also heard the words that has raised certainly, this made her mood very complex. “混蛋,准提他居然如此造谣……”,娲皇宫的女娲,自然也听到了准提的话了,这让她的心情十分的复杂。 Regarding this matter, caused the losses in oneself reputation, was right, but why does not know, Nuwa that Nuwa should lose one's temper discovered that oneself heart anger, as if is not intense. 本来对于这件事情,造成了自己名誉上的损失,女娲应该是非常动怒的才对,可是不知为何,女娲发现自己心头的怒火,似乎并不怎么强烈。 Dongfang Yu static looks raises certainly, look ice-cold exceptionally. 东方玉静静的看着准提,眼神冰冷异常。 oneself is the matter that because the spirit bead died comes, didn't expect, certainly was actually raised makes a false countercharge, suggested that oneself and Nuwa have the personal relationships, shifts everybody's attention by this. 自己是因为灵珠子身亡的事情才来的,没想到,却被准提反咬一口,暗示自己女娲有私情,以此来转移大家的注意力。 It seems like, 120,000 years passed, raised your strength to oneself to have certainly very much self-confidently, today my hand was itchy, but also hopes that you and I compared notes......”. “看来,120000年的时间过去了,准提你对自己实力很有自信了啊,今日我手痒了,还希望你和我切磋切磋……”。 The Dongfang Yu's vision falls the body that raises certainly, rubbish, the palm extends, at once God-Slayer Spear appears in the Dongfang Yu's palm, startled day murderous aura sends out from God-Slayer Spear. 东方玉的目光落在准提的身上,没有废话,手掌一伸,旋即弑神枪出现在东方玉的掌心之中,惊天的杀气从弑神枪上散发出来。 I, I am disinclined to begin with you, if you have any words, spoke frankly and that's the end......”, looks at the Dongfang Yu's look, felt fearful murderous aura on God-Slayer Spear sending out, in worried one certainly suddenly, reflective backlash some. “我,我才懒得与你动手,你若是有什么话,直说就是了……”,看着东方玉的眼神,还有感受到弑神枪上所散发出来的可怕杀气,准提心里一突,反射性的后退了些许。 although 120,000 years passed, but raises certainly will actually not forget that initially oneself and father they collaborated, unexpectedly could not hit Dongfang Yu, was strongest by strength card sage strength, this matter raises certainly will not forget. 虽然120000年的时间过去了,可是准提却不会忘记,当初自己和老子两人联手,居然都打不过东方玉,以力证道的圣人实力最强,这件事情准提绝不会忘记。 Mr. Dongfang, some words said well that I and others all is a sage, when is the world model, how could frequently take action, if my junior brother has anything spoke incorrectly the place, I apologized to you for him and that's the end......”, nearby receiving and instructing, on the face was also hanging the genial smiling face, has gone forward hurriedly several steps, worked as good-hearted person's persuasion in the middle several. 东方先生,有话好好说,我等皆为圣人,当为天下表率,岂能动辄出手,若是我师弟有什么说错了的地方,我代他向你道歉就是了……”,旁边的接引,脸上也挂着和善的笑容,急忙上前了几步,在中间当老好人的劝说了几句。 He makes very lowly the stance, making people really embarrassed the dead bar to get down. 他把姿态摆得很低,让人还真不好意思死杠下去。 What's wrong? Receives and instructs you also to want together take action? If so, your two together take action......”, but, Dongfang Yu actually receiving and instructing the face meaning, start to talk said. “怎么?接引你也想要一起出手吗?若是如此的话,你们两个一起出手吧……”,只是,东方玉却并没有给接引面子的意思,开口说道。 So-called puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person, but, Dongfang Yu has hit today, the look is tranquil and firm, absolutely does not have the feeling of slight maneuver leeway. 所谓伸手不打笑脸人,可是,今天东方玉就打了,神色平静而坚定,完全没有丝毫回旋余地的感觉。 Also does not wait to receive and instruct start to talk to answer, Dongfang Yu said: Receives and instructs, your two pour are the division of labor are clear, raises certainly always everywhere queers, you? Always adopts a low attitude the appearance, investigated embarrassed, then, your sang red painted-face one to sing the white face, the advantage occupying, me told you, today you gave up any idea of that got by under false pretences. 也不等接引开口作答,东方玉跟着说道:“接引,你们两个倒真的是分工明确啊,准提总是到处得罪人,你呢?总是摆出一副低姿态的模样,让人不好意思追究,然后,你们一个唱红脸一个唱白脸的,就把好处给占了,我告诉你,今天你们休想蒙混过关”。 Dongfang Yu's these words, let pay attention to here big energy, the thoughts slightly are moving, careful ponder Dongfang Yu's words, pondered that a next these years receives and instructs with the actions that raises certainly, as if Dongfang Yu said completely right. 东方玉的这句话,让许多注意着这边的大能,心思都微微一动,再仔细的思考一下东方玉的话,思考一下这么多年来接引和准提的所作所为,似乎东方玉说得完全没错啊。 Raises each time certainly queered, receives and instructs to adopt a low attitude the appearance, or pays the small price, investigated embarrassed. 每次准提得罪了人的时候,接引都会摆出一副低姿态的模样来,或者是付出一点小小的代价,让人不好意思追究。 Since the Dongfang Yu's words, it can be said that have exposed have received and instructed for these years continuously the camouflage. 东方玉的话,可以说是揭露了接引这么多年来一直以来的伪装了。 Receives and instructs on the face the genial smiling face, received slowly got up, vision serious was staring at Dongfang Yu, said: So looks like, can the meaning of Mr. Dongfang begin not to be possible today?”. 接引脸上和善的笑容,也慢慢的收了起来了,目光严肃的盯着东方玉,道:“如此看来,东方先生的意思今天就是非要动手不可了?”。 Dongfang Yu does not have the words that the reply receives and instructs, but God-Slayer Spear grasps in the hand, the lance point aimed has received and instructed with raises them certainly, replied the words of receiving and instructing with the motion of oneself. 东方玉没有回答接引的话,只是弑神枪抓在手里,枪尖指向了接引和准提两人,用自己的行动回答了接引的话语。 Was pointing at nose by Dongfang Yu with God-Slayer Spear, received and instructed did not have the escape route, silent a moment later, slightly nod(ded): „, The common people said that Mr. Dongfang is the first under heaven sage, surpasses other all Sheng by strength card your strength, today, I with raise the junior brother to collaborate certainly together, have a look at the Mr. Dongfang cultivation base for 120,000 years, has the manager to enter!”. 东方玉弑神枪指着鼻子了,接引也已经是没有退路了,沉默了片刻之后,微微点头:“也罢,世人都说东方先生天下第一圣人,以力证道的你实力远超其他诸圣,今天,我与准提师弟一起联手,看看东方先生修为120000年来,是否有所长进!”。 Snort, you collaborated them to collaborate, say of pleasant to hear......”, along with receiving and instructing the words fell, Dongfang Yu's mouth cold snort/hum, saying of curling the lip. “哼,你们两人联手就两人联手,说得那么好听……”,随着接引的话落,东方玉的嘴里冷哼了一声,撇撇嘴的说道。 Wait/Etc.......”. “等等……”。 Saw that a Dongfang Yu person of strength must fight to receive and instruct with alone proposes their times certainly, suddenly, together clear sound sound. 只是,眼看着东方玉一人之力就要独斗接引和准提两人的时候,突然,一道清脆的声音响了起来。 In Void a radiant ray appears, this is the Karmic Virtue ray. 虚空之中一阵璀璨的光芒出现,这是功德的光芒。 Meanwhile, Nuwa figure appeared from Void, stands side Dongfang Yu's exactly, stands with Dongfang Yu shoulder to shoulder. 与此同时,女娲身形虚空之中出现了,恰好站在东方玉的身旁,与东方玉并肩而立。 This matter, relates to spirit bead under my place after all, I pour also hope to raise the senior brother to give me certainly an explanation......”. “这件事情,毕竟关系到我座下的灵珠子,我倒也希望准提师兄能给我一个解释……”。 During the speeches, the Nuwa red embroidered ball also took, has indicated oneself and standpoint of Dongfang Yu altogether onset and retreat with the motion. 说话间,女娲的红绣球也拿了出来,用行动表明了自己东方玉共进退的立场。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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