PE :: Volume #35

#1813: Return

Senzu Bean, this naturally was Dongfang Yu the thing that wanted to obtain, walked randomly All Heavens and Myriad Realms these many years, the life and death crisis of Dongfang Yu bitter experience there are numerous similar cases, Senzu Bean has played the enormous role. 仙豆,这自然是东方玉很想要获得的东西了,游走诸天万界这么多年了,东方玉遭遇的生死危机不知凡几,其中仙豆发挥了极大的作用,。 Definitely can say , if no Senzu Bean exist(ence), perhaps Dongfang Yu already died above the crossed over All Heavens and Myriad Realms journey, has almost exhausted to this time Dongfang Yu hand in Senzu Bean, Senzu Bean that the Korin god takes regarding Dongfang Yu, naturally was gives opportune help general. 完全可以说若是没有仙豆存在,东方玉或许早就死在穿越诸天万界的旅途之上了,到了这个时候东方玉手中的仙豆几乎完全耗尽,卡琳神拿出来的仙豆对于东方玉而言,自然是雪中送炭一般了。 But, did Senzu Bean cultivate some?”, Looked at these Senzu Bean in oneself hand, some Dongfang Yu surprise asked to the Korin god, was only several, although are many, but are not many. “不过,仙豆只是培植出来了这么一些吗?”,看了看自己手中的这些仙豆,东方玉有些诧异的对卡琳神问道,只是十几颗,虽然不少,但是却也不多了。 Um, the cultivation of Senzu Bean is not that simple matter, let alone, the present range you leave, but also less than one year......”. “嗯,仙豆的培育不是那么简单的事情,更何况,现在距离你离开的时候,还不到一年的时间……”。 At this time the Korin god absolutely did not have to be the dignity of god, to trough fish head bean curd Tang Kuangdui, saying that hear Yantou did not lift. 这个时候卡琳神完全没有了身为神的尊严了,正对着一盆鱼头豆腐汤狂怼着,闻言头也不抬的说道。 Volume, this but actually is also......”, the words of Korin god make Dongfang Yu stare slightly, at once selects nod(ded). “额,这倒也是……”,卡琳神的话让东方玉微微一愣,旋即点点头 although regarding oneself said that left Dragon Ball plane to be very long, was regarding this plane, oneself this time came back, but left the time of more than half a year, Frieza was killed is also only last year matter. 对于自己而言虽然说离开龙珠位面已经很久了,可是对于这个位面而言,自己这次回来的时候,不过离开了大半年的时间罢了,弗利萨被杀也只是去年的事情而已。 Hurried under wants to cultivate massive Senzu Bean to come out, obviously is the impossible matter, now the Korin god can put out several, wants to come is his entirety stores goods. 匆匆忙忙之下想要培育出大量的仙豆出来,显然是不可能的事情,现在卡琳神能拿出十几颗,想来已经是他的全部存货了。 Master many thanks!”, Dongfang Yu measured with the eye approximately, then knew this inside thought of 12 Senzu Bean, in addition oneself also remaining, now inside oneself also 13, have poured also well, treating a matter seriously after these Senzu Bean accepted, Dongfang Yu start to talk to the Korin god expresses gratitude, the mouth also earnest name Korin god was a master. 多谢师父!”,东方玉大致目测了一些,便知道了这里面装着12颗仙豆,再加上自己本来还剩下的一颗,现在自己手里头还有13颗了,倒也不错,郑重其事的将这些仙豆收下了之后,东方玉开口卡琳神道谢,嘴里也认真的称呼卡琳神为师父。 Although strength of present Korin god to Dongfang Yu completely is not anything, but in the past the Korin god to the guidance of oneself, making oneself learn strength of Dragon Ball plane system, this benevolence, Dongfang Yu may forget never. 虽说现在的卡琳神的实力东方玉而言完全不算什么,但是当年卡琳神对自己的教导,让自己学会了龙珠位面体系的力量,这份恩情,东方玉是永远都不可能忘记的。 You do not need to thank me, must say the entire Earth person, even is the entire universe people must well thank you, I also feel for you proudly. “你不用谢我,要说起来全地球的人,甚至是全宇宙的人都要好好谢谢你呢,我也为你感觉到自豪”。 As the Dongfang Yu's words Korin god is actually beckons with the hand saying that its thoughts that does not lift all place in front on a oneself red-roast fish obviously. 随着东方玉的卡琳神却是头也不抬的摆摆手说道,它的心思显然全都放在自己面前的一条红烧鱼上面。 Looks at the appearance of Korin god, Dongfang Yu cannot help but slightly smiled, so long as it can eat happily is OK. 看着卡琳神的模样,东方玉不由得微微笑了笑,只要它能吃得高兴就可以了。 Crossed a moment later, several fish feast that Dongfang Yu takes had all been eaten to eat all one's food by the Korin god, sees only a Korin god well satisfied appearance, lies down on a oneself not far away sofa, sends out a satisfied sigh. 过了片刻之后,东方玉拿出来的几份鱼类大餐全都被卡琳神吃光了,只见卡琳神一副心满意足的样子,躺在自己不远处的一个沙发上,发出一声满足的叹息。 Master, do these fish also suit your taste?”, Looks at the appearance of Korin god, Dongfang Yu also thinks very happy, start to talk asked. “师父,这些鱼还合你的口味吧?”,看着卡琳神的模样,东方玉也觉得很高兴,开口问道。 Naturally, I for a long time have not eaten these many fish very much, hear speech/words, the Korin god has selected nod(ded). “当然,我已经很久都没有吃到这么多的鱼了”,闻言,卡琳神点了点头 Regarding Dongfang Yu this Disciple, it completely is 120 satisfaction, looks like in it, did oneself this whole life handles the most meaningful matter, perhaps accept Dongfang Yu this Disciple? 对于东方玉这个弟子,它完全是120的满意,在它看来,自己这辈子做得最有意义的事情,或许就是收下了东方玉这个弟子吧? If the master you likes eating, later I do let you every day to eat to be good?”, Looks at the appearance of Korin god, Dongfang Yu smiled slightly, start to talk asked to the Korin god. “如果师父你喜欢吃的话,以后我让你每天都能吃到好不好?”,看着卡琳神的模样,东方玉微微笑了笑,紧接着开口卡琳神问道。 „? Every day can eat?”, Heard these words, the Korin god sat from the sofa immediately, look splendid was staring at Dongfang Yu. “啊?每天都能吃得到?”,听到这番话,卡琳神立马从沙发上坐了起来,眼神熠熠生辉的盯着东方玉 However the brilliance in look was also dim, shakes the head saying: Ok, this Kami's Lookout very high, even if I wants high and low one expenditure is very long is very long, every day gets down to buy the fish to be unworthy, buys as for your daily help me, I do not hope that your time all consumes in this. 但是紧接着眼神中的光彩却又跟着黯淡了,摇摇头说道:“算了吧,这卡林塔非常的高,就算是我想要上下一趟也得花费很久很久,每天下去买鱼根本不值得,至于你每天帮我买,我也不希望你的时间全都耗费在这里面”。 No, Master, does not need you to get down personally the purchase, same does not need me to help you every day, but is method of getting it over and done, regarding the words of Korin god, Dongfang Yu shook the head to say. “不,师父,不需要你亲自下去购买,同样的也不需要我每天帮你,而是一劳永逸的方法”,对于卡琳神的话,东方玉摇了摇头说道。 During the speeches the Dongfang Yu simple construction Space Transmission Gate to Kame House, having made the Korin god experiment personally the mystery of this Space Transmission Gate Magic. 说话间东方玉简单的架构了一个通往龟仙屋空间传送门,让卡琳神亲自试验了一下这空间传送门魔法的神奇。 The nature, regarding Dongfang Yu and Korin god's arrival, Master Roshi they extended enormous welcome. 自然,对于东方玉卡琳神的到来,龟仙人他们是表示了极大的欢迎的。 At once, Dongfang Yu then said: I can construct a gate, this Magic portray on the gate, to a fixed place, later master your high and low tower only needed to open the gate to walk probably to be OK. 旋即,东方玉这才说道:“我可以建造一个门,大概就是将这个魔法刻画在门上面,通往一个固定的地方,以后师父你上下塔只需要打开门走出去就可以了”。 „? Real?”, Had realized personally the mystery of Space Transmission Gate, heard Dongfang Yu's this words, Korin god eyes has shone immediately. “哦?真的吗?”,亲自体会过空间传送门的神奇,听到东方玉的这个话,卡琳眼睛立马亮了起来。 If this is really the case, later oneself wants to eat the words of fish, indeed will facilitate many. 如果真的是这样的话,以后自己想吃鱼的话,的确会方便很多啊。 To Dongfang Yu, vanished in time upper limit although that other plane stayed, how long wants to treat waits for a long time, but, no matter how Dongfang Yu actually at least needs to treat full one year. 东方玉而言,在其他位面停留的时间上限虽然已经消失了,想待多久待多久,可是,不管如何东方玉却至少需要待满一年的。 Even if present Dongfang Yu is counted initially eliminated time in the Trunks universe, was several months, how since must treat again full one year, Dongfang Yu can only remain, might as well helped the Korin god construct Dimensional Gate while this opportunity. 现在的东方玉即便是算上当初在特南克斯的宇宙消灭沙鲁的时间,也不过是几个月的时间罢了,既然再怎么样也要待满一年,东方玉只能留下来了,趁此机会还不如帮卡琳神建造一个次元门 Regarding present Dongfang Yu, the space Magic comprehending nature was more profound than before much, after collecting again has constructed the material that Dimensional Gate needed, quick, Dongfang Yu has then bustled about Kami's Lookout here. 对于现在的东方玉而言,空间魔法的领会自然比以前要深刻得多了,再收集了一些建造次元门所需要的材料之后,很快的,东方玉便在卡林塔这里忙碌了起来。 Even, Dongfang Yu construction not only also the transmission gate of simplex channel, but has established the transmission gate of multi-direction channel. 甚至,东方玉建造的还不只是单向通道的传送门,而是建立了多向通道的传送门。 In the transmission gate has a knob, the indicator aims at three directions separately, these three directions separately are representing Kame House, the metropolis, but also bounded king Divine Realm, so long as sways from side to side the knob, making the indicator appear on the fixed color, can transform the Dimensional Gate destination, this unusual convenient. 传送门上有一个旋钮,指针分别指向三个方向,这三个方向分别代表着龟仙屋,大都市,还有界王神界这边,只要扭动旋钮,让指针出现在固定的颜色上面,就能转换次元门的目的地,这非常的方便。 From now henceforth, the people in these places can also through Dimensional Gate, arrive at Korin god here to treat as the stopover station. 从今以后,这几个地方的人也可以通过次元门,来到卡琳神这里当做中转站了。 Really very mysterious!” Experiment that the Korin god passes and out several Dimensional Gate, after playing greasily, this satisfied point nod(ded), with a smile said. “果然非常的神奇啊!”,卡琳神进进出出的试验了好几趟次元门,直到玩腻了之后,这才满意的点点头,笑着说道。 Really, had this Dimensional Gate, later oneself wants to go to the metropolis to buy the fish to eat, looked like in oneself entrance same facilitates simply. 果然,有了这个次元门,以后自己想去大都市买鱼吃,简直就像是在自己门口一样的方便了。 Naturally, these days Dongfang Yu's time not only also pure is constructing Dimensional Gate this aspect, Dongfang Yu also in exercise oneself strength well. 当然,这些日子东方玉的时间也不只是单纯的在建造次元门这方面而已,东方玉也在好好的锻炼自己力量 Since Dongfang Yu has experienced Becit's synthesis after on the same day, Dongfang Yu had also found the goal that continued practice to get down. 自从当日东方玉见识了贝吉特的合体之后,东方玉也算是找到了继续修炼下去的目标了。 Under the Super Saiyan 2 greatly complete shapes, the energy value is 360,000 entire, but now under the Dongfang Yu Super Saiyan 2 shapes does not borrow the gene shackle's words, has been about 330,000 degrees, in other words, is away from the Super Saiyan 2 greatly complete situations, Dongfang Yu bad is also only about 30,000 energy values. 超级赛亚人2大圆满的形态下,能量值是360000整,而现在东方玉超级赛亚人2的形态下不借用基因锁的话,已经达到了330000左右的程度,也就是说,距离超级赛亚人2大圆满的地步,东方玉差的也只是30000左右的能量值罢了。 This looks like in Dongfang Yu, seems away from was not far. 这在东方玉看来,似乎距离已经不远了。 these days, the Dongfang Yu's center of gravity also has a large part to place in the practice matters concerned, not only after having consolidated the oneself stimulation potential, strength that promotes, similarly also well and Son Goku|Sun Wukong also has Vegeta they to compare notes, borrows their strength to take the hone, has promoted oneself strength well. 这些日子,东方玉的重心也有很大一部分都放在修炼的事宜上,不但巩固了一下自己激发潜能之后提升的实力,同样也好好的和孙悟空还有贝吉塔他们两个人切磋,借用他们的力量作为磨刀石,好好的提升了一下自己实力 although to Dongfang Yu, Son Goku|Sun Wukong and Vegeta initially enters the Super Saiyan 2 boundaries now, from the energy value perspective, strength was worse than a level Dongfang Yu, but no matter how they are the Super Saiyan 2 levels, they collaborate to launch the attack to Dongfang Yu the words, pours can become the threat to other party. 虽然东方玉而言,孙悟空贝吉塔现在不过是初入超级赛亚人2的境界罢了,从能量值方面来看,实力东方玉差了一个层次,但不管如何他们都是超级赛亚人2的层次,两人联手对东方玉发动攻击的话,倒还是能对他造成威胁的。 Therefore, day such Tenten/every day passed, among three Saiyan day and night fight and comparing notes, made respective strength have very big promotion. 因此,日子就这么一天天的过去了,三个赛亚人之间没日没夜的战斗和切磋,也让各自的实力都有了很大的提升。 The day, quick such passed, time also Tenten/every day approaches toward one year of deadline. 日子,很快就这么过去了,时间也一天天的朝着一年的期限靠近。 Along with these days practice, the energy value under Dongfang Yu habit, has been 24560 degrees, promoting although not to be big, but can consolidate oneself now in the strength foundation, obtains some promotion again, was enough to Dongfang Yu. 随着这些日子修炼,东方玉常态下的能量值,也已经达到了24560的程度,提升虽然不大,但是能巩固自己现在实力的基础上,再得到一些提升,对东方玉而言已经是足够了。 Naturally, more than half a year, Dongfang Yu also watched the Majin Buu seal situation, Majin Buu has placed naturally unable to work loose in the seal, God-Slayer Spear inserted on its forehead as before, fearful worked off anger to wreak havoc Majin Buu body. 当然,这大半年来,东方玉也关注了一下魔人布欧的封印情况,魔人布欧身处在封印之中自然是挣脱不出来的,弑神枪依旧插在它的脑门上,可怕的杀气肆虐魔人布欧身体 These work off anger as if a giant stone mill, in obliterates vitality unceasingly, looks like in Dongfang Yu, perhaps in ten years about eight years appearances, as if can not have the Majin Buu vitality complete grinding completely. 这些杀气仿佛一尊巨大的石磨,在不断的磨灭布欧的生命力,在东方玉看来,或许再过了十年八年左右的样子,似乎就能完全将魔人布欧的生命力全部磨没了。 The time of shortly departing was getting more and more near, Dongfang Yu thinks that arrived at Bulma's family, start to talk invited Dr. Brives husband and wife and oneself leaves this plane together. 眼看着离去的时间越来越近了,东方玉想了想,来到了布玛家一趟,开口邀请布里夫博士夫妻自己一同离开这个位面 No matter how, Dongfang Yu hopes in the middle of Real World, Bulma can reunite with oneself family member(s). 不管如何,东方玉还是希望在现实世界当中,布玛能和自己家人一起团聚的。 Invited regarding Dongfang Yu's, Dr. Brives actually shook the head, said: Bulma although is also our child, but this Capsule Corporation similarly is our child, Bulma with you in the same place, we felt relieved very much, but, if we walked, this Capsule Corporation sooner or later a little can change beyond all recognition. 只是,对于东方玉的邀请,布里夫博士却摇了摇头,道:“布玛虽然也是我们的孩子,可是这个胶囊公司同样是我们的孩子,布玛跟着你在一起,我们都很放心,可是,如果我们都走了的话,这胶囊公司迟早有一点会面目全非的”。 Dr. Brives two husband and wife words are any meaning, Dongfang Yu are certainly clear, after persuading several, looks at Dr. Brives the look firm appearance, Dongfang Yu does not have the means that no longer said anything. 布里夫博士两夫妻的话是什么意思,东方玉当然明白,劝说了几句之后,看布里夫博士神色坚定的模样,东方玉也没有办法了,不再多说什么。 Finally inquired their husband and wife two have any words to need oneself to take to Bulma, later, Dongfang Yu then summoned Plane Elevator to leave Dragon Ball plane. 最后询问了一下他们夫妻两个有什么话需要自己带给布玛的,之后,东方玉这才召唤出位面电梯离开了龙珠位面 This Dragon Ball plane also has to continue the crossed over jurisdiction in any case, therefore does not part forever but actually. 反正这龙珠位面还有继续穿越的权限,所以倒也不是永别。 As Dongfang Yu's summoned, Plane Elevator appeared from Void, covered Dongfang Yu in directly. 随着东方玉的召唤,位面电梯虚空之中出现,直接将东方玉笼罩在其中。 Their husband and wife two were waving to Dr. Brives, the Plane Elevator lift-off, changes quickly vanishes in the midair illusory...... 对着布里夫博士他们夫妻两个挥了挥手,位面电梯升空而起,很快化作虚幻消失于半空中……
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