PWE :: Volume #14

#1313: Comfort

Farthach, city main mansion. 法尔撒奇,城主府。 Ye Cang is cooking, from the world update secret system meat juices cooked in soy bean sauce put out one lump the odor vine surrounded the chest meat of queen ant, the odor flavor directly to be filled the entire city main mansion in uncapping instantaneously. 叶苍烹制着,从一坛新版秘制酱汁中拿出一坨被恶臭藤困住蚁后的胸脯肉,恶臭的味道直接在开盖的瞬间就弥漫了整个城主府。 Windowing!!! It is not good!! Draws back!!” The Meynos eye could not open, brought the document file directly in the protection of guard another business location of street Sage PaleSnow, was this in the secret weapon of development to Holy Church? This flavor was too terrifying..” “开窗!!!不行!!退出去!!”美诺斯眼睛都睁不开了,直接带着文件档案在护卫的保护下去了另一个街道的办公地点“苍雪贤者,这是在研制对圣教庭的秘密武器吗?这个味道太恐怖了。。” Ye Cang holds back tears, the nose crowds the fragrant flower, starts the holding down meat slice, in the fair meat is the jet black as black ink, the sound that cuts as if in creak the sob, three types of Slime BOSS body fluid, grasps the great demon eyeball, the spider BOSS eyeball, like beating the egg breaks generally pours into inside juice to hit, puts in the pot to receive the euryale ferox juice, cuts various mushrooms to cast into while convenient, joins cooking wine Black Dragon to kill, the update meat juices cooked in soy bean sauce little continue to receive the juice to receive thickly, finally drenched on the code good black sliced meat, high temperature the sound like wailing from hell, then took out Zombie BOSS The resin oil of refinement mixed the animal BOSS fatty oil, puts in the hot pot to heat up, casts into Fire Element and Thunder Element crystal core is broken, sees only thunder fire sad and shrill making noise, drenches the oil! 叶苍忍住眼泪,鼻子塞满芬芳之花,开始按住肉切片,原本白皙的肉里面都是漆黑似墨,切下去的声音仿佛在咯吱的哭泣般,将三种史莱姆的BOSS体液,手持巨魔眼球,蜘蛛BOSS眼球,如同打鸡蛋一般弄破灌入里面的汁水打均,放入锅里收芡汁,顺便切好各种蘑菇撒入,加入料酒黑龙杀,新版酱汁少许继续收汁收浓,最后淋在了码好的黑色肉片上,高温的嗤嗤声如同来自地狱的哀嚎,接着取出僵尸BOSS提炼的尸油混合了动物BOSS的脂肪油,放入热锅加热,撒入火系雷系晶核碎,只见雷火凄厉的作响,淋油! Congratulations, you've completed while going along God Rank Dark Cuisine, please name!” 恭喜你完成一道次神级黑暗料理,请命名!” Buddhist ritual procedures of queen ant chest meat Ye of specially-made meat juices cooked in soy bean sauce resin oil.” “尸油之叶氏特制酱汁之法式蚁后胸脯肉。” Ye Cang looked at the effect fierce, so long as were ate for the first time can obtain 5% reduces the wound permanently, 5% permanent attributes, moreover other effect durations also for a long time are seven natural days very much, the most important thing is refuse stubbornly to vanish, picked gently swallowed a saliva together, the smoke color that braved was strange erratically, as if saw the paternal grandmother waved to oneself in the distant place, put in the mouth slowly, the entrance's first feeling was tender, the tenderness, then slid, very sliding, was similar to jumps the sugar to blast out instantaneously, but the might wanted to be bigger, along with a similar eruption. The odor of type, the stench, the after explosion wound of full mouth pours into, that flavor doubles again, the tongue cannot move, the whole body starts to tremble to twitch gradually, as enters the belly, like one string of firecrackers from mouth along to belly, even arrives at the intestines still to explode finally, but after past, felt that has not abated, at this time feels is the mouth to the firecracker of intestines penetration length like exploding in unceasing exploding, simultaneously along with that extreme odor and stench, painful, disgusting, odor, stench, on straight brain. 叶苍看了看效果非常厉害,只要是第一次吃就可以获得5%的永久减伤,5%的永久属性,而且其他效果持续时间也很久长达七个自然日,最重要的是死不会消失,轻轻夹起一块咽了口唾沫,冒起的烟颜色非常诡异不定,仿佛看到了奶奶在远处向自己招手,缓缓放入嘴里,入口第一感觉是嫩,非常之嫩,然后是滑,非常之滑,紧接着瞬间如同跳跳糖般炸开,不过威力要大很多,伴随着一种同样的爆发式的恶臭,腥臭,满口腔的爆炸伤口灌入后那种味道再次翻倍,舌头根本动弹不得,全身开始渐渐发抖抽搐,随着入肚子,如同一串鞭炮从嘴顺到肚子,甚至最后到肠子还在爆,而过去之后感觉并没有消退,此时给人的感觉就是嘴巴到肠子贯通长度的炮仗如同爆不完般在不断的爆,同时伴随着那种极度的恶臭与腥臭,痛,恶心,恶臭,腥臭,直上大脑。 Lost the consciousness Ye Cang to withdraw from the game, rinsed rinsing mouth to the restroom, arrived at Cao Cao's room to look that was similar to the high-school student played in the bedroom the appearance, deeply took several second-hand smoke to three people of center, spat coming out enthusiasm say/way comfortably crisp...” 失去意识的叶苍退出了游戏,到厕所漱了漱口,来到曹操的房间看着里面如同高中生在卧室玩般的样子,到三人中央深吸几口二手烟,舒服的吐了出来畅然道“爽。。。” Closes the door leaves in three people of speechless looks. 关上门在三人无语的眼神中离开。 Ye Cang returned to the game, hurries to ask the people to taste, numerous head skin feeling numb looks at that plate of writing food, read makes the biochemical the gadget, but the effect was hard to reject, Little Ye Tian was seen by Ye Cang, the people hurried to push the trial meal it.. Little Ye Tian shivers picks one. 叶苍回到了游戏,赶紧叫来众人品尝,众人头发麻的看着那盘写作食物,读作生化的玩意儿,但效果难以拒绝,小叶天叶苍看到,众人赶紧将其推出来试餐。。小叶天颤抖的夹起一块。 Very exciting..” The Ye Cang's words made fiercer, put in the mouth that Little Ye Tian shook slowly, fell to the ground instantaneously, the pain was unusual.. The people hold breath cold air, has so many experiences and resistant Little Ye Tian of biochemical experiment also supports was less than 4 seconds.. “很刺激的这个。。”叶苍的话让小叶天手抖的更厉害了,缓缓放入嘴里,瞬间倒地,痛苦非常。。众人倒吸一口凉气,已经有了那么多生化实验的经历和抗性的小叶天也只是支撑了不到四秒钟。。 Elder Brother, recently Holy Church had no sound, now ate too wasted, will change tomorrow.” Zhang Zhengxiong braces oneself to say. “哥,最近圣教庭没什么动静,现在吃太浪费了,改明儿吧。”张正雄硬着头皮说道。 Yes, yes..” The Lin Le fierce nod, others echo, FlameEmperor and CloudDragon nod slowly. “就是,就是。。”林乐猛不已的点头,其他人纷纷附和,炎皇云龙都不禁缓缓点头。 All right, the material my some are, first additional this permanent state, eats quickly, delicious that next time I will improve again, this time is a little unpalatable..” Ye Cang said with a smile. “没事,材料我有的是,先加这个永久状态,都快吃,下次我再改良的更好吃,这次是有点难吃。。”叶苍笑道。 Ha!? Is a little unpalatable!? ThornyRose looks that Little Ye Tian is saying father blurry, Lele, everyone.. You must remember me..” 哈!?有一点难吃!?刺玫看着小叶天迷糊的说着“父亲,乐乐,大家。。你们要记得我啊。。” ThornyRose decides at heart, in the next quarter! The game cannot make him bump the cooking discipline absolutely, cannot absolutely! Eats up one, my God!! Vomits!! My mouth!! My intestines!! Forces Offline/Log out.. 刺玫心里打定主意,下一季!游戏绝对不能让他碰烹饪学科,绝对不能!吃下一口,我的天!!呕!!我的嘴巴!!我的肠子!!强制下线。。 The people after one suffer forces Offline/Log out, withdraws from the game, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, hurries to smoke. 众人都在一番折磨后强制下线,退出游戏,刘备,孙权,曹操,赶紧抽烟。 I do not want to hit this labor..” Sun Quan covers the mouth, making an effort to want the smog seals in the mouth. “我不想打这份工了。。”孙权捂住嘴巴,使劲想把出来的烟雾封在嘴巴里。 Yeah, this time, when this season plays, did not hit this labor, the wages were high, but...” Liu Bei sighed, the smoke of coming out one step second-hand changed three not to give up a waste immediately forward again. “哎,就这一次吧,等这一季游戏完,就不打这份工了,工资是高,但。。。”刘备叹了口气,出来的烟立马一步向前再次二手变三手丝毫舍不得一点浪费。 Makes any also ratio to receive this to suffer..” Cao Cao is smiling bitterly, the cigar that cannot smoke forever attracts throughout is burning. “做什么也比受这个折磨好。。”曹操苦笑着,那根永远抽不完的雪茄始终吸燃着。 The manor withdraws from the people of game to arrive at three people of rooms to take the second-hand smoke immediately. 庄园退出游戏的众人立马来到三人房间吸二手烟。 You pull out a bit faster!! Insufficiently attracted!!” Wu Na exclaimed. “你们抽快点!!不够吸了!!”吴娜吼道。 Liu Bei hurries to give XV, Little Wang, SpyingBlade fumes pulls out, lets the smoke that can pull out thickly, otherwise insufficiently attracts them to attract.” 刘备赶紧给XV,小王,刃觑都发烟“能抽的都抽,让烟浓点,不然不够吸她们吸。” SpyingBlade said with a smile I not to pull out..” 刃觑笑道“我不抽。。” Pulls out!!” Gongsun Qian and Fang Ci sink to shout. “抽!!”公孙倩方赐沉喝道。 The SpyingBlade forced smile received to start to pull out.. 刃觑苦笑接过开始抽了起来。。 The Cold Moon strange opening gate looks that in immerses is smoking smoke, takes the second-hand smoke, heard that three smoke vapid saying I know this manor is very strange.. But.. I am under polite asking, you in what are you doing?..” 冷月奇怪的打开门看着里面沉醉在抽一手烟,吸二手烟,闻三手烟毫无生气的说道“我知道这个庄园很奇怪。。但。。我还是礼貌的问下,你们在干嘛。。” Is a long story.” Wu Na forced smile. “一言难尽。”吴娜苦笑。 Cold Moon enters deeply inspires, coughing out of breath cough cough, cough cough, later told me, the minor cannot smoke...” 冷月进入深吸一口气,咳的上气不接下气“咳咳,咳咳,以后告诉我吧,还有未成年人不能吸烟。。。” drawing is feeling desperate Little Ye Tian and Fang Ci left room not!!!!” 拉着顿感绝望的小叶天方赐离开了屋子“不!!!!” Li Family. 李家 FlameEmperor puts out the floral water to spurt own nose and mouth, then swallows, relaxes suddenly, but the quick that nausea came, repeats immediately again, nearby younger sister visits him that.. Elder Brother.. You. All right, recently you a little..” 炎皇拿出花露水喷自己的鼻子和嘴巴,然后咽下去,猛然松了口气,但很快那股恶心又来了,立马再次重复,一旁的妹妹看着他“那个。。哥哥。。你。没事吧,最近你有点。。” A little what?” FlameEmperor asked. “有点什么?”炎皇问道。 Strange.. Once for a while will arrive at my room... With my perfume.. Incense stick|Fragrant atmosphere.. Such spurts..” “奇怪。。时不时都会到我的房间。。。拿我的香水。。香氛。。那样喷。。” Is a long story, this bottle of I first take away to use, later makes one buy newly for you.” FlameEmperor said to leave, leaves behind the cousin who is blushing. “一言难尽,这瓶我先拿去用,之后让人给你买新的。”炎皇说罢离开,留下红着脸的表妹。 VastSea. 沧海家。 VastSea looks that looks for the air fresh medicinal preparation CloudDragon knitting the brows say/way to stop immediately!!” 沧海看着立马去找空气清新剂的云龙皱眉道“停!!” Then did the total information open a silk stockings female image what you to see?” 然后全息打开了一个丝袜果女的影像“你看到了什么?” „A fruit female?” “一个果女?” What does your look dodge?” “你眼神躲闪什么?” Immoral..” “伤风败俗。。” Why you will feel immoral.” “为什么你会觉得伤风败俗。” CloudDragon looks VastSea like looking at average person politeness looks she understands immediately I understood, many thanks your VastSea.” 云龙看着沧海如同看普通人般礼貌的看着她顿时明白了“我明白了,多谢你沧海。” Goes out for a walk.” The VastSea smile said. “出去走走吧。”沧海微笑道。 CloudDragon leaves two people bedrooms, then looks at the bedroom gate, really some he instructs me is the wisest decisions, oneself seek to evade comfort unexpectedly, looking at the mountain is the mountain, how the fruit female? Also isn't the person? Oneself were too superficial.. Many thanks you. VastSea. 云龙离开两人的卧室,回头看着卧室门,果然有他指导我是最明智的决定,自己竟然寻找逃避安慰物,看山是山,果女如何?还不是人?自己太肤浅了。。多谢你。沧海 VastSea heard CloudDragon to walk, opened the hidden compartment drawer to put out in the suction nozzle that the fruit juice of hundred times of concentrations made an effort to rinse mouth immediately, then swallowed down, is squeezing in ultra thick chewing gum to catch one's breath, muttering this was insufficient, but also needed many contemplates.” 沧海听到云龙走了,立马拉开暗格抽屉拿出百倍浓缩的果汁使劲的吸入嘴里漱口,然后吞下去,在塞入一把超浓口香糖缓过气来,喃喃道“这样还不够,还需多加冥想。” Will pull out the paper to draw slowly. 缓缓将抽纸拉了过来。
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